Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 2, 1963 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1963
Page 7
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NOTES Vacationing Soon? BE PREPARED ... for the unexpected! A snake bite emergency Is a possible everyday occurrence fo thousands of people. Are you PREPARED for such an emergency? Johnson FIRST AID KIT (every car & home should have one] * If returned unused at the end of your vacation, we will return your full purchase price. COMPACT $^50 KIT COMPACT $1 ^95 KIT l_ TRAVEL KIT... TRAVEL KIT... $395 $750 JFIrtSTAloJ WINN'S DRUG STORE Cor. Colton & Orange Redlands 793-2804 Daily 8-9 Sunday 9-5 • PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY (FREE IN REDLANDS) • FREE PARKING • FREE CUSTOM GIFT WRAPPING • S&H GREEN STAMPS Proper Protein, Vitamin Diet Aids Complexion To keep that clear, glowing, youthful complexion, be sure your daily diet is high in proteins, for these rebuild skin and body tissues. Vitamin A combats skin dry ness and Vitamin G, the "cosmetic" vitamin, are vital to a healthy skin. Make-up should be light in amount and color; rosy powders are more flattering than beige tones if you've stopped counting birthdays. In lipsticks, your best bet is pmk-red or clear red. Try new charcoal gray mascara and eyebrow pencil rather than the harsher, heaver browns nd blacks. Callus Versus Plantar ]Varfs The foot is a wonderful and in tricate part of the body which must have freedom of movement to function properly. Vihen this ability to compensate for changing positions while walking is lost — callus will form. A callus is the thickening of the outer layers of the skin anyplace on the sole of the fool. Calluses are formed only on areas of e.xcessive pressure and friction. This cause (pressure and irritation) may be due to long hours of standing and walking, improper shoes, overweight, lack of fat padding, arthritis, etc. The uncomfortable sensation of burning that frequently accompanies callus formation, is due to congestion and swelling below the callus. When the irritation is severe enough to aggravate the deeper structures, extreme discomfort is felt by the individual. Plantar warts (papillomas, ver- rucae) are frequently confused with call us formation on the sole of the foot, and vice versa. Plantar warts are caused by a virus, have a spong>' appearance, increase rapidly in size, and should be examined and treated as soon as detected. Callosities can be made painless by a proper plan of treatment. Your Podiatrist-Foot Specialist is best qualified to furnish immediate relief, and by improved, scientific methods (which may include x-ray studies) he can properly diagnose the cause of your trouble. Redlands Daily Facts Tuesday, July 2, 1963 — 7 To help her cool off and wash away sand and suntan lotion, this model heads for the shower. She brought along a kit containing a French-milled soap and a freshener, both with a citrus-fresh bouquet. Limber Up With Daily Rope Trick By ALICIA HART Beauty Editor Newspaper Enterprise Assn. The rope trick can help m.ake you supple. Elaborate equipment is not necessary. A firm known for its suntan aids has devised a series of easy exercises dons with a rope to help you shape up for summer togs. Here is one: Fold your rope in quarters. Assume a sitting position with legs together and knees straight. Your toes should be turned up and kept that way. Raise your arms over your head (upper), holding the rope taut. With your arms held straight (center), reach out over your feet with the rope. Continue to reach forward (lower), with your head down between your arms. Keep the elbows straight and scoot your hands on the floor. Try to hold the rope taut. Return to starting position with the rope over your head. Repeat the exercise slowly at least 10 times. .As with most exercises, it is the daily routine that makes the difference. V/elght Analysis Overweight people are apt to be either unhappy or immature, according to three medical researchers who surveyed the records of 1,660 people. Home Students Based on a recently completed correspondence school survey, an estimated 2.5 million Americans were home study students in 1962. ••'Sherlock" Hound's Dilemma. Going Barefoot Has Advantages Grandmother would never have done it — not with her drafty, poorly-heated house. Or maybe she would have thought it too dar ing. Let's face it though, the new emancipated woman is going barefooted with increasmg regularity, and with good reason, too. You're cooler, more comfortable and healthier, and you were built to go barefoot. Barefoot, unless you're overweight, you'll cut down on backache and headaches. You'll have to be careful, too. Until you get used to it, watch out for hot liquids and booby traps such as toys and tacks. Aside from these hazards, you'll enjoy being barefoot. Your posture will improve and you'll develop a flowing grace. Exercise Those Facial Muscles Don't deplore those age lines around eyes, cheeks and lips — Do something about it; Here's an exercise that helps. Open your mouth very wide. Squeeze eyes shut and relax mouth and eyelids. Blow lips out. Do this six times. It's especially good for erasing a "puckered up" look around the mouth. Now for that neck. Stretch and pull the muscles and cords of your neck by pointing your chin from a straight-forward position up to the sky and returning to a straight-forward position again. Stretch it in all directions in a rotating movement from left to right, then rest. Reverse the movement and rest again. Repeat until muscles tire. Eventually, you should be doing this exercise for five minutes at a time. r Master DeiecfWe, "Sherlock" Hound, sat y /]ih up, before the fire, puffing his meerschaum pipe PONDERING his CASE. V/hai had happened to Henrietta Hound, his g\r\ h'lend? NOPE, she wasn't lost, strayed or siohn, tho' there was a nagging fear in the back of his mind, ^hai she could be STOLEN away from HIMi She was very much AlWB. BUT so-o-o-BEAUTIFUL! S\nce up to now, "Plain Jane" would have best described her, "Sherlock" Hound was in a DILEMMA! Her whole personaWiy had changed. Her eyes were big and bright, her ears no longer drooped, but most puizWng of all, her hair was GLOSSY, GLAMOROUS and GORGEOUS. his feet and — Hair Growers For generations, many southern European women let their hair grow for the express purpose of selling it to the American hairpiece business. It is sold by weight and quality at prices ranging from S2 to S25 per cutting. Reason Why You may have wondered why instructions for facials always encourage upward and outward strokes. These help give your facial tissues a lift. Downward strokes actually hasten downward lines and sagging tissues. De-Moth Wool should be treated for moth protection — now. How Come??? find out, said There's one way ^^^^/'J ^'^jephone num- nARLlNG," she cooed, ber. "Silly old DAR^^^^ t been to "but of course. We lu* ^here "bUT oi ."T , n„-,.tv Studio wne.= CASE CLOSED! jairs BEAUTY STUDIO 120 East State St. 793-5255 or 793-3091 INTERLOCKING RING SETS We invite you to inspect and use our shop service developed through years of experience. The quality required with the economy desired 118 E. state Phone 793-4806 • SASY, lASY mmO OH THE LOT BEHm THE SAiOH ^'^^^m: NOW! He can HEAR! Yes . . . NOW he can Hearl . . . NOW he can talk! . . . NOW he can make all the normal sounds of a happy child! . . . Thanks to electronic advances in Hearing Aids for young children. SEE US SOON ... IF YOUR CHILD HAS A HEARING LOSS. DON'T DELAY! HAROLD L PAHL Certified Hearing Aid Audioiogist (6 - 7th St. Redlands 793-5646 Resparkler A gasoline bath will bring back the sparkle of rhinestone pins. .After the pins have soaked five minutes, rub the jewelry dry with a flannel cloth. Wax Chrome A coat of wax on the chrome trim of kitchen chairs and tables will keep them from rusting. ADD MOTHBALLS TO RINSE WATER Hint for summer storage of blankets: when washing them, add a cup of mothballs or crystals to the final rinse water. This will deter moths from attacking the stored blankets. SELL IT TOMORROW With an ine-xpensive Oassified Ad Escorted Orient Tour October 2nd . . . 31 Exciting Days VISIT JAPAN, HONG KONG, MACAO, BANGKOK, SINGAPORE, HAWAII BOOK NOW - LIMITED MEMBERSHIP CLEM SERVICE Clem Lau 298 East Citrus Laura Creatura Redlands 793-2555 LEG CRAMPS? One of the most common causes of painful muscle cramps is a prolonged deficiency of calcium.* So says a famous doctor and widely-read newspaper columnist, formerly with the Mayo Clinic, and other well-known health authorities. When meals, consistently deficient in calcium, are fortified with DYNA-CAL Calcium Tablets, tormenting calcium - deficient muscle cramps can be promptly relieved. But don't confuse DYNA- CAL Tablets with ordinary calcium - phosphorus products. DYNA-CAL Tablets contain no phosphorus which frequently interferes with the absorption of calcium. And DYNA-CAL Tablets contain a special ingredient which helps fo put calcium into the blood stream quicker — bringing faster relief to cramping, calcium-starved muscles. Pleasant fo fake DYNA- CAL Tablets with calcium, glutamic acid hydrochloride, and vitamins D and C contain no drugs. They are safe, harmless, calcium food supplements. If you are suffering miserable muscle cramps, and suspect you are not getting enough calcium, ask for DYNA-CAL Tablets, today. Bottle of 90 tablets $1.50 *Other causes for muscle cramps ore entire!/ unrelated to calcium deficiency. Esther Davis HEALTH FOODS STORE 416 E. State St.. Redlands 792-2579 DOWNTOWN REDLANDS SAN BERNABDINO RIVERSIDE REDLANDS Here's A Vacafion Exfra ''Coloring Kif Lipstick by Revlon Super Lustrous No. 11 Formula in Summer Pastels SUPER VALUE $375 ^Mlht Kit of FW. Rtg. $1.25 ca. Five full lipsticlcs in each kit. The tops are attractively colored and are interchangeable. A collection that every makeup artist will want and need in her makeup wardrobe. COSMETICS - STREET FLOOR - HARRIS'

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