Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 12, 1953 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1953
Page 7
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Priscilia Society Meets at Raritan RARITAN — Twelve members answered roll cnll at the recent meeting of the Priscilla Society held In the home of Mrs. Kenneth Lyon. Mrs. Keilh Corzatt led the devotional period. ( The nqxt meeting Is to be with Mrs. Robert Oliver Thursday. Mrs. Frank Waddill entertained the members of the bridge club at her home Thursday evening. Mrs. Maggie Grate, Mrs. Elmer Livermore and Mrs. Henry Gregory won prizes. LaHarpe Birth* LaHARPE — The following births have been reported at the Mary Davicr Hospital: daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gilpin of Pontoosuc; son, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Judd Jr. of Lomax; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Max Ebert of Media, and daughter to Mr. and Mrs. James Rich of Burnside. BctterCough Relief When new drugs or old fail to help your cough or chest cold don't delay. Creomulsion contains only safe, helpful, proven ingredients and no narcotics to disturb nature 's process. It goes into the bronchial system to aid nature soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please or your druggist refunds money. Creomulsion has stood the test of many millions of users. CREOMULSION _ CJU,, M4tf A^,, transitu SIDE GLANCES By Gnlbrnitfj "I guess you could call my dad a fatalist. Whenever I break something he's been expecting me to, he heaves a sigh of relief!" READ THE WAN'. ADS IN THE DAILY REGISTER MAIL Officers Take Station* At Home Bureau Meeting at Wooclhull WOODHULL — Mrs. Grace Ma her was hostess to seven mem bers and six guests Wednc .vla> afternoon at a meeting of Clover Unit Home Bureau. Response ( 0 roll call was answered by an experience for "Tricks and Treats." Mrs. Miles Taylor gave Hie health lesson. And the safety )/•..;. son was presented by Mrs. v,<) Youngren. Newly elected officer took their stations. A district meet., ing will be held at the Alpha Baptist Church Nov. 3 at 2 o 'clock. The Lions Club meeting held at the Presbyterian Church basement, where future winter meetings will be held. Different projects which mu :hl be taken up by the club were mentioned during the business session with president, Kermit Bro line, in charge. Sgt. Stanley Nel son of the state police force gave a talk on different kinds of auto mobile drivers who violate traf fice laws. Members of the Wimodatisi' Class of the Presbyterian Sunday School served the 18 persons at ,-, dinner preceding the meeting. Mrs. Helen Gildemesiter entertained members of the Social Circle Society of the Presbyterian Church Thursday afternoon. The assisting hostesses were Mrs Grace Maher and Mrs. Grace Brown. Devotions were led by Mrs. Anna O. Swanson. Mrs. The Daily Register-Mail, Galesburg, 171. Monday, October 12 .s 1953 7 FtARiTAN— Mr. and Mrs. Elmer I.iverrnore and Mrs. Ella Pcrrine shopped in Htirlington Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Waddill, Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Abbey and «ratid(iaughter, Beth Abbey, visited Sunday in the Lyman Muggins home in Chillicothe. Mr. and Mrs. John Callow spent several days last week in the Ezra Itoss home. F/itllarpe LaMARl'l'; — Roy Byers has re- twined to )|js home at Seattle, Wash, alter a month's visit with his sister. Mrs. Josic Bradshaw. Miss Shirley Mills began her studies at. the Burlington Beauty Academy Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Abbott and baby of Norfolk, Va., have been visiting the past week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Grate Gertrude Gamel presided. The sum of $10 was realized at the market, table sale. A sum was paid toward the fhurch budget. Refreshments were served by the ho:.tosses during the social ho'.r Quality and Economy... St. Joseph ASPIRIN SAVE MOST—200 TABLETS 790 e *o £f °*ioihai. Advertised by AMOS WANW en tht Mtmi M9I0 SHOW, Su»4<>$. Cif and In UH'tOOK • COLLIII'S • MIM JOURNAL for Rub-Down and Massage AKO-RK ^ RUBBING ALCOHOL Soothing, invigorat- j ing body-rub. Ideal L (or relieving stiff! aching muscles.' Pitt REG.49c 2 FOR 50 No Faster-Acting Aspirin Made Stock Up Now I ASPIRIN Fast dissolving. Full 5-grain tablets go to work tor you the minute you tike them. lOOTallftt REG.54< WEDNESDAY thru SATURDAY OCT. 14, 15, 16, 17 Mulfi-Forpoft Antiseptic end Mouth Wash 2 FOR 55 Kills germs on eon- Uct when used full sbength. Meal mouth wish, gargle, breath ejeodoruer and enulti-eurpose antiseptic. Fall Plat REG. 79 c Hub? Beef Mcuthwath KIENZO ANTISEPTIC Don't lit bill broth spoil your chirm. Use trill famous mouthwash morning end night. En|oy Mi _ _ _ spicy cinnamon flavor. *] » ling lit. 7I« PINT L III OU Klenzo HAIR BRUSHES Professional or haft- round style. Sturdy tont-lastint nylon bristles. Choice •< blue, pink or crystal handles. KG.J1.00 EACH 2 FOK SHAVE CREAM Sets up whiskers for qafck, close shaves. IMVH face Heeling cool and refreshed MlBHttSS OR UTHM REG. 59c TUBE Tttxatt PURfTEST RUBBING j ALCOHOL icoimuNO) Tin parted ruUown; relieves soreness, itiflniti caused by esercise oreipoiure. n -JAC 2for/0 c Ml lit PINT BEEF, WINE &IR0N TONIC Appetite ilimiilant. | Tf^T-^ I Ideal for convalescents. PUt • Itl SI J» INDCIO LIPSTICKS ay umm Non-oVyinj yet smear resistant... goes w evenly, stays on longer. Popular High fasHloo Shades. REG. JI.00 each Highly ».«ntej Mlnval OU PETR0F0L Heavy, unite U.S.P. Mineral Oil. Odorless, tasteless, colorless. Pitt • art Mr 2for60 c "gavxoit "Iwdy-Shova" SHAVING CREAM PusMuttoe spray lather sits u» beard for easier, (aster, smoother shaves. It eeaess. REG. )t.N 2for101 HIGH POTINCY COD LIVER OIL Pint IW. Jt .W PANOVITE CAPSULES Multiple vitamins in 1 capsule, lOCs Rtt. {lit et IIT U. 11 POLYCAPS Multiple vitamins for children, 72*s RES. $t.N JCtaS Glycerin Suppositories O . iit Tor adults or infants, 12's REG. 4J# efc III 11 SACCHARIN TABLETS Vi grain Bottle of 1000 Tablets.. .REG. Vt grain Bottle of 1000 Tablets.. .REG. $1M ADRIENNE BATH POWDER 7W ounces REG. JUS LAVENDER BODY POWDER 9 ounces REG.$IJJ THEATRICAL CLEANSING or COLD CREAM NOW... YOUR CHOICE • In lib. tins REG. }t JO 2f.1.50 2 (.1.99 2 fir 1.27 2 fir 1.09 2 fir 1.26 2i.1.26 ANALGESIC IALM 1 ounce M6. 63* 2 for M< EYELO EYE LOTION with plastic eye-cup.« us.. 111. IK 2 far 70< rUNGI-REX for athlete's, loot discomfort, IVI on, PEL 7S( 2 far 7ld HYGIENIC POWDER I ounces PIC. »i 2 far 7ld MINTHOUTEO WHITE PINE TAR comp.. a eis. M. 1*1 2 far Md MIU Of MAGNESIA leietive tod antacid, pint. PU. 43/ 2 far Md PILE OINTMENT 1 ounce m. lit 2 far 7ld REXILLANA COUCH SYRUP 4 ovxes PES. Mr 2 far lOd A, B, D I G CAPSULES lOCi PEG. 2 far f.GO WITCH HAZEL pint PCI. ill 2 for 51, GLYCERIN 3 ounces ...PEG. 75» 2 for 76* SPIRIT OF CAMPHOR 1 ounce PEG. 33r 2 for 34<f BORIC ACID Powder or Crystals, 4 ounces PEG. 37< 2 for 38* ASCORBIC ACIO TABLETS lOOmgmi., lCX)'s..«EG. 11,91 2 for t.M THIAMIN Hydrocblarlda Tablets lOmg, IOO'SPEO. Jisi 2 for 1.52 STORK NURSER complete !«. feeding unit,..PEG. 35r 2 tor 36< HALL'S I0RATED TALCUM 1 pound PEG. 59r 2 for 60d ADRIENNE COLOGNE .4 ounces PEG. Jl.25 2 lor 1.28 2..1.01 XmB PrO'Cap Adh*siv*Tap* *) , JAe less Irritation. 1" x 5 yards REG. 3S< L W 4U W KLEARITE COMBS O , 11. RaJtaiH Men's & Ladies' drew combs IK. lOd L \%\ W 2-Qvari Vkforla HOT WATER BOTTLE Shart this boy «th a friend; you'll aett save exney I REG. $2.3? 2for240 CHRISTMAS CARDS 2 for 61< lee erndiftftnt cards witb etmlepts. PEG. (G« OIIUXE ASSOPTMENT •not 20-loldluf. metallic, and tnoa glittn mw PEG. SI 2 for 1.01 Lord So/fimora Elite Linen POUND PAPER large Rat sheets ol •Me line* eigirisita tenure... smartly ' SO sh««ts or envelopes. •EC. tit BOX 2f..8t> A0RIENNE FACE POWDER P«6. Kt 2 for «6< ILASOl HAND LOTION smoothing, trigrant, J orv, PEG. 7S| 2 for B0* •AY RUM aim HI. Sir 2 for Mr UWHOEA AFTER SHAVE LITI0N 4 ounces.. .KG. G5< 2 for I6d •AINTY DEODORANT CREAM 114 ounces ....III. 4t< 2 for 50d D0BBY PINS cards of mbburtlpoed or regular.. .PEG. ts< 2 for 11 i NYLON HAIR NETS Goodform. rrtnett or leg ..PEG. 1»< 2 for lid LINEN INK TABLETS (lite, plain and ruled... .III. tU 2 for 26 1 LINEN ENVELOPES Elite, peg of V III. »« 2 for 26< TINY TOT CLUSTER POPS 7 pops to cluster.. .III. tOr 2 for lid TOOTH BRUSHES- Xlann, nylon, 3 styles PEG. 39r 2 for 40< BABY BOTTLE BRUSH nylon PEG. tit 2 for 26< UTEHSI0N CORD 6 It. long, broem tit. lit 2 for 60* SHOE LACES black, brown or white PEG. 3f 2 for 6d QUILTED PLASTIC SCUFFS itdits' styles ...PIG. 43< 2 for SOd YORK PUSTIC BILLFOLDS men's and ladles' PEG. 51 00 2 for 1.01 PERMEOGE BLADES Double A Single edge Vs...PEG-15. 2 (or 16d ROGERS TOBACCO POUCH plastic fold up style PEG. 90< 2 for 51 d MONEY-SAVERS NOT ON OUR 1< SALE PLAN...BUT SENSATIONAL SPECIALS OFFERED DURING 1< SALE ONLY! T?svxatt falro-Heeiv* MINERAL OIL Highly refined. Odorless, tasteless, non fattening. 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Oelicious creams, caramels, / ' Metes, delicious creams, .fir** 1,19 XMAS TREE LIGHT SET 7 Wattinghouse lights teach burns independently). With clips and add-on plug. U.L approved. 12.11 Value • NOV EPSOM SALT medicinally pure, 16 on. VITAMIN B COMPLEX CAPSULES bottle ol 100 TINY TOT ANTISEPTIC BABY POWDER 4 ounces TINY TOT ANTISEPTIC BAIY LOTION ( ounce bottle SSt.000 CH0COUTE SYRUP ia handy taluhhome tia, 7 euocaa.... SSS.000 MILK CN0C0UTE BARS plain « with almonds 2 for 59' 2 for 46' 2 for 2.60 2 for 30' 2 for 58' 2 fir 23' 2 for 37' BOUQUET STATIONERY I0X 36 white vellum theeti decorated, U plain, m js> 24 envelopes. In larje RifJC cellc-inapped koa, oaf W I Hi! YAK | REXALL AMM0NUTED TOOTH PASTE 2 for 61' SALES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS - . , fl , ».th chocolate, twi of 12 2 fOT 39' DISH TOWEL Cannon Or, Fist, ««i32\„ 2 fOT 49' BATH TOWEL „ . Cannon Dry Fast, 2O'»40' 2 TOT 75' DELUXE WASH CLOTH „ . „ 0 , Cannon. 12"H2'. heavy walght 2 TOf 28' LAUREL WREATH TUMBLE! cut-fiou ; 2 for 19' TREE MWMENTS unbreakable 2 m 13' WINDPRODf POCKET UfiHTU ,. , polished chrome 2TON.SI •e*vi^»>^^"N J Many Other Articles Not Listed in This Ad for Sale! ' fflceji aubfocrt to r *dersU Tew wJutt •ppllcaila. HAWTHORNE DRUG co 1$ East Main Street Your REXAU Store Phone 4357 ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY \ BIRTHDAY PARTY BIRTHDAY FEATURE! ISanforized Cotton Flannel SPORT SHIRTS If* ' . <\ i4v CHILDREN'S RIB KNIT COTTON SLEEPERS SPECIAL! Look Mom! Here's real shirt value for boys! Handsome plaid and check patterns! Wear them with any school outfit and will take lots of wear. Styled with long sleeves, one pocket—and they won't shrink out of fit Hurry for this value. SIZES 2-18 $ 1 Cozy, warm, napped cotton that's full cut and has convenient gripper fastener* and elastic drop-seat! Tremendous value now while the supply lasts. 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