The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 14, 1967 · Page 6
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 6

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1967
Page 6
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*f.w RtU-AWms Mf •§ tMit •/ Sen** F« **MI> .Wfftfwf, Or. OWN* J- AWM. st» el Mr. •** Mr> Tier. Tfce CWtWe) p <•*« e Ftfcrwwy , Caff/., *•» *• A&r*»* of ., tr-raW -f Of-flfe) COM*? G*»*fw/ K*»fital af Celtf., eW »ef*r WM •M.a/ayW mt • »««• »rt H«rk«r G-»*fo/ M«*|,fl«J -t LM A-fefe*. C./lf. Sfc- w«» •mtl*T*4 AJrftwM ** U.K. 5f.w.*w*ss f*r *• ••*» -if*' •onffcf JM* f*miMfW ?{••>• Arty »» 4e »r?re»f»i awcm? uafil Or. A.V.M ft • fr*.Wf» »f LofWc Coffef* ef D*c«r*»S, MCwivW • rf*fTM ia *.Wfci»*> ef *• MWrcvl Co/f*** af U-f»wr»Jr)> ** I***. I*-* Cffy. H« /oiaW KM U.S. Amy, rtef • jr»*r of iiifwauJt?* at Or.»9* Cownfy CM- era* Me.«4t-f «t Ore-*.. C./if., AvfMt 16, 7965. N« rafaraW * _»• i*rtM lefOefwiwW •*•* • 13 *»o«r* tevr ef eWtjr m Kor- M» *l.fte»W «f 0,«J*W, C- Worn*. •*§§§! .nonce or 5»g 1 2»*k2 >T ITT Or HPMBOLDT, IT CMTADt KKAX. ESTATE M*al«» I* hanky «lv*a that •>• Cs*» Cw*ja*Il af *»• City at •aokwJkiv. Iw-a- aiopaa** to **I1 all the) elsya rtehl. UU. aad kawataat ta ** fallow la« d**>4 raal aatat* attma»»d la a* erf •w»VaMt. ta H Pate*! i. ••glutot at a pokmt • ta* mat Its* of IJta ••••I, walea »*>•»* ia a* ta*) lk* •! «wmM4 tltk KM* kvnrM* Kloek* *• •»• City ef w*>Mt, lowal tkeaoe aavth tha w»at Uaa at ISta aaeaat itO fa**) thaaaa *a*t K iaWwaUr to the waat af is* atreet (I.I faot to tha »a*t Ika* of th* a<taa- ••« O. a. Ml^eray Ma. 1(9: •>•).«• a**ta mfn nilaait* ly SM 9a»t alone «h* waat lh»* •TaaM O. aVBlvhway Ma. 149 • »waat aa *h* aonh Itae Be> rreaklfai. MUe. .. Bllek. Dick Co., Xrt* « ---------Beok Bn».. fad. Am K»p ..... -----------Boea* BUak Book Co.. Pell Book*.. --------- Brodheed-Ctmtt. te4. Arte B»».... ..i.^J.__. Bmkr. Merria. b»<J. AHe Exp. ----------- BaKr, LodTC*. Cortatn* -----------Bailer. Jo**pl> A Cc., Fimeee Filter* ------Beker ead Teylot Co.. Librmrr Booke ------- Benoa'e Kd. Senric*. Celle«e Eat. Teet — BeeUer-Cudr Co.. HUE A Soleaee ----BMW. Aee. Fir* Extias ------------- Beaefto Pieee, XDEA tespllee ----------Bete. Cbaaaiac L.. XDEA Soo. Stadle*.. «.]« iTl.JJ SSJ.iJ 18.40 • ST.W 4. JO J.SO I IT. 00 IT9.«* 3 .JO 14.43 1 10.0O JT.JJ a. 34 .. . TOTAI --------------- lS4.Uf .«! Bleekmaa CUuxn, ef Idk Aveaae eertk (v»ea> *e«) e««ee*e« te *e »eat Uae e< MM O. B. Bla»w» T Mo. lett _. tl* *a»e» Tl-4 feet «• •»• ateee •( ke«k«ai>«. all hi *• Cttr ef ••mheUt. at a ~, •*^->« ^f?r Nsre* Expeiue Bteauer Mitlttplleuloa Becorde. XDEA U«th SapBlle* Bttokrjra Botaaio Car* d«». Raadbook.* Bioeaa of Lector** aad Coae*rt AnUt*. Aa**a>bly , BnrrU Oil Covnuy. Caeolia* — Bell. Al,A*MB)ely .» Bveira, Cftiari**. Hlleai* . . Carlalaa**B (( Ser- vtoe. Bo* Ezp*&**.. Cron'* Ceaooo. Driver Ed. aad BM E«- 1.91 3.OO 43.0O I.3T9.IO 40.00 »0.»0 319.49 1(4.44 ca*a«r at .(ho Tt*»ha* aWlt erhl*h rk*a aaeth of ••4 a»Hg)»aa!> «• aloak (• te Ike) *»•«•. Caltoa* **»*»«•• *• tho Tawm at •••fc.Ut; ••M ia tha wwal rt«*t-af-»ay teM Of O. >. Hlcheray l(tl «hws>a« a*»*h**«»»ilj alaaa the) wa*t rljhs al way Uae> at «. a. Mafhway 1*9 ta • fo*t ml hw«tam*BB w«a« ta •he) rabit •fhaafeate*. alt 1m •Jh*) CMr of slaaahaUt, Ioe*«| ill. Myaa* fat th* mrto. I with oaa*^aao* te> ha •attolalai we*«. aa4 «ha* •MV Ow*jB*>U •' ••** ettr *M*H at *• eitjr affie* t* •Mr at 8100 o-elock a.m. (M (Ah 4ay of Feknanr. fa* the 'arum at ooa- aaah anaaaal. k*aria« Ati.r ifitf a* Catlatoa Suiwart Mn- ale Co.. Maaio C • C Eadlo ft TV. Eaalpateat aad Bo- nalr* Caroaiol* Cviaaaoa. Sab*)Ctrlgtto*. . r -. n Coaat to Coaat Star*. Ca*ta4ial So vp I lee.. Cody**), Horn* Ee. SupalUs Colnhla m*oord«, §10^0,^40 ., . Caaxmaateatloaa Caalaoer- s»« Co.. iater-Co.> Syatass ._: 4,143.34 Coaapt-oa Hosa* Library nrie*. Book *«.«4 4T.»0 59.33 IJi-iT Coag-r*** tonal Dlae*t. aaaaeriDttaa ----------Oron Ed»c*Uoa*l 8*r- viaa, r*rof* * * loaat Book* • Per tod t- «al* »aai-«l«H, loera frtf-t «-4»-l Can*** Coe*- aaay. Frelgat Cbar- ••• _,_— ^_~—«.._,-..-— «- — . Caesaaltea* oa Diaj- aoeiUo Beadiag TeaU, TtU* I sUadia* A° CeaUr fw Applied Beae-asca ta Eaaca- l*n»t**aioaal Ca*k-Caart I , . CarSexrVa* Boone Valley teams roll over West Bend 48-38 and 60-56 C«*to4l».t *»••«••»,, Ottte* Bo* f^^fc^A ItwtwhAettA t4l iMhe^AA uoaaa bnUBwari «e BOB*** paced Ae BOOM Valley |trla to t «e-3» *giffrer Weat Bead. Qurovffe t coM-eVwtiaj, error" fttted coaJwt, bet rn.ii.nrt OH win throojt KM asstetaaee from tbecwtrd*. A KMboter aed free throw by Doem Erdmaa tad a bank- snot by Mary Stercaaaa gave BV a 5-1 lead wffi> two minutes too* la tbc itrae. West Bead ranted back to IJ>«f** d .10** beJote two loot soots toy Dooaa care BV a 18-10 lead after fee first quarter. BOOM Valky built t*p a 14- 1S eaaaka twniad tae abootiax of Donna. West Bead (tea scored time buckets In the elociat 1:1? OX ffW Belli tO D*CtU wii*"*^ e»^*XX_. Boon* Valley's nerds, Ktrea Bottto. Lois Ltrdal, and Jeri Erdman, placed treat defeaa* ta tb* third quarter. They held toe West Bead forwards to two foals and two free throws white fear BV players wen scoring for a 36-tt margin after (he period. BVs grants coatiaued their fine play despite tte tooling out of Karen Benin. Dooaa pumped IB ten more points tor a total of 36, aad Becky Klasae added a lajTa> to rooad oat BVs scoriae and taake toe final score, 48-tt. The loss was West Bead** 3*tt to t row, but BV had some trying moments. The play of Brt guard* aad the natural M unexpoaed talent of the forward* palled oat the victory. Boom Valley now owns a 9-1 record. A fine second half effort enabled Boone Valley's boys ID defeat West Bend, 60-5«, last Tuesday night. Kent Swinson gave BV a 1-0 lead, but West Bend raced away to a 6-1 lead. A comWnatkn of numerous missed shots and fundamental errors by BV kept West Bend ahead, 12-8, after the first period. West Bend was able to cling to its lead as BV missed six of nine fm throws. Dave Berkenes, Keat Swansea, and Randy Ha&sen combined tor 12 of BVs IS second quarter points, as BV trailed, 27-23 at intermission. Jim SchkuU's 10 point production m the third quarter spurred Boone Valley to a 44-41 lead after the period. BVs semi-press, occasional fast break, and tight defense contributed greatly in overcoming After Kent Swanson put BV ahead, 46-43, with a banksboL Dave Bertenes got hot and swished In 12 points in four and a half minutes. His scoring spree ballooned BVs lead to 60-48 with 2:17 remaining:. West Bead then out-scored BV. 8-0, for the final score of 60-56. BVs victory was its fourth In a row and seventh in ten contests. Boot* Valley's teams take part In the North Star Conference Tournament January 13->1. GIRL'S SCORING Boo*. ValUy 4« PC PT Tr» EreWn, D 1) M 36 St*v»n»o t St»v*n«c*i. M J I S KU»i*. B 1 0 2 CW»», A. 1 0 2 Prltipp. S. \ 0 J Borrockl, R. 0 I 1 TOTALS 16 16 48 W,n B.nd 38 PC PT TP Gri*n»ti, B 5 7 17 Doyt*. L. 6 1 13 Wittj, L 2 26 M*y.r, S 022 TOTALS 13 12 M BOYS* SCORING Boon. Vall«>> 60 PC FT TP B*rV»n*i, 0 10 3 23 Swanjon, K. . — 6 3 15 Schipull ., 5 3 13 Rvodl., D 204 Horstm. R. 1 13 Gim.r, D 1 0 2 TOTALS 25 10 60 B.nd 54 FG FT TP Collini, C 10 6 26 Blair 5 0 10 Wirti, R. 4 08 Jon*», M -215 Banwort, K. 2 04 Cellini, T. 0 1 1 TOTALS 23 8 54 P»4*r«*R>* CHI** Nr> vie*. Bu* K«B»n**.. Petra*. Milan. Trayal Ktr>»ns* ........ . ........... Petty Cash, Ml«o»ll*n»oua ......... rtnk Supply Company, Cuttotilal Mid Bns Pt»H Paper Company, Offlfie Surplle* ........ Prime Kleotrlo, it*.10 1.64 904.50 S8.0S •18.TT .09T.19 094ios Speed reading class graduated Thursday vie*. NDKA History Book* --------- ....... ........ a lea PT»M. XDBA Ba- cyclep»31a & Films Kicel Prtstiac. Office Expense — . ----- Fl*h*r. RJUKS. Mite at* ---------------Fara and Bon* Dl»- trlbattnt. Csutodlal Kqutp»eat ------------ Farft*r~Bock*s Co.. U*.U aad Rn«* ------Film C*at*r, lae., Film .-..,. .............. .. Follett P.bllahlnt Co.. SsaaUh Test* -------Fuller-* Uphol***nr. S*rrle«* ............. . ---- Foi*t. Klohard. Mil**t* ..... ----------Fitch. Jo*. *»»•*••* ........... __ ..... F*aroa PublivhlaB. lac., Textbook*. _ ...... „ ---- FerfiMOn Harxiwar*. T.4S 440.15 37.00 180.95 15. 5T S50.00 T.JO JS.2J 4.05 34.00 5».00 5.80 U.95 100.44 Ltodiart Ch*v.. Bus. Custodial. Dr. Ed. Expense Logue Oil Co.. Bus Expense Lalag Auto Electric. Custodial aad BBS Expense • Larsoo Drags, First Aid Supplies . Latt*. J. S. and Soa. XDEA aad Title I Ckaawe Co., la*.. Caatawlal K«Bl»- *v*r •«-* *£«.*«f.£"**,' tlkttaa: Da*»hM *|. i.M 10.00 TO. 10 2t.»3 41.10 »a.M «M.»0 Frmalt. K. C.» In*tnc- tlooal Supplies ... — First National Back. Gal* Re**arc&. Publications 33.00 Gay lord Bros., Equipment ..- 339.80 General Typewriter Exchange, Service* — 13.00 Gran oar. Harold. General Board Expenses 13.00 Gehrlag. Don, Custo- dlal Supplies.___.._. S.«l Clan g, Comraay, « • .->..,••<•<. Textbook* f-..— "35.81 Huaboldt Motor Sal**, Bu* Expense 90.00 Hamboldt Bo* A**o- clatlon, Tranaporta- H 111 top (( Service, Cn*• tod lei A Bu* Ex- pea** , _.-..._. ioa.aa Rot Lunch Fund. Relsr- bor** Iper* a, Flee.. 83.OT Hadar Athletic MJg. Co., Physical Education Equipment 9 IT.93 Hank*, Arloa, kill* eg* (3.00 Banff Sporting Good*, Physical Education Equipment 319.54 Hoenahel, Jack, General Board Expen** 9.00 Hogan'*, Phyalcal Education Supplies 933.00 HOB* Lumber Store, Custodial Suppll**.. 36.3S Ron*yw«ll. lao., El*o- trlcal Equipment-..-. 41.00 Horn Book Company, Subscription 10.10 Houghtoa MUtlta Co.. Library Book* 31.41 Humboldt. City of. Water Bill. Fir* Ex tin g- uUher. i.| 11.49 Huaiboldt Implement, Cu* tod 1*1 Equipment 9.33 Humboldt County Otflo*. A-V Matariala TS.OO Humboldt Printing Co.. PublUhlag 444.40 Horace Maaa Inaaraao* Co., Anaulty and Payroll 1.31T.4S Baaooek, Joan LIT* buuraao* Co., Aa- aulty §33.00 Hsmboldt Tnut and Saving* Baak, Payroll 34.tT4.IT Harooart, Brace _ World. NDEA Book* .3.14 Humboldt Sewing Coaler. Equip swat for Tltl* I _ 343.00 Hamlltoa. Don. Mileage 34.00 Hawkey* Book aad Uag- aala* Co., Library Book* 319.44 Hair >a«a*r Pabl. Co., NDEA Book* UT IT Held Muio Company. Music Book* -.- J.lfi Bowl Kirk wood. Board Coareattoa Expense 4J.11 Hakeejaa, Bodaey, Mileage 33.00 Hermitage Art Co.. lac.. Mute &.BOU** 11.0* Holcomb Mlg. Co., ate.. Cn*todl*J Sopaii** . 44.11 Holt, Biaakart * Wla- stoa. Textbook* 30.14 Howud. Verdell. i.OO Iowa t**l. IPEauTVu ..*! Iowa Penile Emplor- ••• aooartcy ComUa- • 1cm, r*CA Tax fed a* trial An* £*s»iy Co., taeiMUial Aita Cejateevaat ..—., ... tow*, fut* Catoenity, Film* ..._,—., la*t»cvA-JM**, WOE A lava r<a*t*» *wr»te*T El*cwi«ty aa4 Cev»- teva C4aU Tax Ct 14.111.14 11.29 11. Tl Latta. J. S. and Son, tastractloaal Sup- pile* J Lee Hardware. Miscellaneous Library of Congress, Library Supplies — Llacoln Electric Co.. Industrial Art* Ex- peaee — — Lowering. E. Leoae, Mileage UcFarlaad D-X. Bus Ex poos* Meagher Service Sta- tloo, Bu* Expea** .. Mickey Ford. Bu* Expense — Mid-Continent Equipment Company, Bus Expense McGraw-Hill Book Company, Title I Book* Metropolitan Supply. Chair* *ad NDEA Equipment Midland Bindery. Library Exoea** . MIdweet Shop Snppllea. todu»*l*l AH* Ex- pens*'.'...... —_— Midwest Visual Education, Tltl* I Projector aad Equipment .. 1 Metropolitan Lit* In• urano* Company, Annuity -. Charles E. Merrill. Inc., NDEA Book* McCorolok-M*th*r> Publishing Co., NDEA Book* SSS.T5 113.55 1S0.5S 30.SJ 994.S3 30T.3J 84.IT S.48 T.50 100.33 1ST.SI 135.SO 365.39 303.T« 165.OS 991.38 4TI.35 T10.4T ,411.16 JOO.OO 343.33 T4.05 McRcrle, Joyce, Mileage 33.00 Mid-Bell Music Company. Vocal aad Band Musk Expense 339.T3 Miller, B«a, Insurance, Premium 133.00 Missouri-Kansas Chemical Company, Custodial Supplies 317.37 Modern Learning Aid*. Films TS.OO Mease, Clyde D.. Travel Expenses .... 96.93 Miller Office Equlp- aieat Co., Repair of Equipment TO.63 Miller. J. F. and Son. Coal 1.J9S.05 Milton, T. F., Math Tests i 8.00 Moe Her. Hubert L 5.10 National Education Association, Library Books...^ T.05 National Geographic Society, Library Books _... 54.35 National Society for the Study of Eduoatloa, Membership Due*.... T.OO Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.. Telephone „ 883.30 Northwestern Office Equipment, Office Supplies 338.93 Mchols. Hsrold. Wrestling Mat 3,383.00 •National Council of Teachers of English. SubaorlpUoo*, ,...-... 33.00 -National Counoll ol • • ; T**cher»«of Math. . Subscription* 3.00 Sew York Tin**, NDEA Films trips .... 83.00 Nelson Inaorano* Agency, • Insurance : _. 148.31 Nyetrom & Co., Equipment NDEA 389.19 National School Board Association, Subscription _ 5.00 O. K. Rubber W«ld*r*. Prim* Refrigeration, S»t»le»* Payroll. Salaries 1ST, Paxto«, Fran*, Lumber Company, Industrial Art* Expense A Supplies S«*.«S Prentice-Hall. Ine., Profession*! Literature . S.4S Partott, Matt and Son*, withholding Statements IS.S3 Patterson Publishing, Subscription 8.00 Peterson, Barbara, Mileage 34.30 Popular Selenos. Science Club Membership ... 11ft.SO Porter Electric, Equipment 80.43 Postmaster. Envelope* .113.00 Parawax Company, Custodial Supplle*.. SJ.43 Public Affairs Committee, NDEA Social Studies Expense 3.13 Pa*** Product.-!, Inc., Custodial Suppll**-. 8J.OO Pederson, Cecil L.. Mlle.g* j.oo Plgott. Inc., Furniture 83*.00 Pocket Books, Inc., Books T.90 Reasoner, J, C.. In• surance Premium .... US.00 Rector, Cecil. Custodial Expense 43.00 Rutland Lumber Co., Equipment and Supplies *. 4 . T , Royal Typewriter Co., Title 1 Typewriter .. 343.00 R.C.A., Elementary Muslo Expen** 33.49 Rip-* Electric, Service* ST. 86 Rutland Elevator, Coal us ji Rutland, Town of, Water Rent. 01 no Rand McNally and Co.. Library- Book* « 10 Rathk*. Frank W.. Repair g.jj Ribbon aad Carbon Sup- pita*, Instructional Supplies 130.83 Schulta aad Sohulu. Examination F**s .. T.50 Shorty's Repair, Bus Expense „ 1SS.S3 Standard Oil Company, Bus Kxpenee _. S3.T1 Sand*. Cunvald, Rent of Building 900.00 Saul Studio. Tape*, Suppll** T4.43 School Library Association, Subaorl p- tloo 3.00 Stone, Bernloe, Travel Expense TS.OO Sande Conatruotton. Services 10.9SS.S3 Sielly Oil. Bu* Expen** TO.ST Schmttt Muslo Co., Vooal Mu*lo 3.09 School Form aad Supply. Utility Slip Forms _ _ t.3t Science Reeearoh Association, Subscription and Material* —. 1S6.58 Soott Foresmen Company, Book* and NDEA Supplies 891,43 Senrfoe Saw Company, Industrial Art* Ex- pen*e „.._ _... j.7g Smith Inaurano* Company, Premium 188.00 Society for VUual Ed. uoatloa, K) Book* iS. r ..,il. Scholastic Migaal Inc., Instructional Material* 13.00 Sear*, Roebuck and Company, Equipment... 38.90 Stale College) of Iowa, Consultative Service* _. 13.00 Stromberg Hydrautlo Book*, Or. Ed. Equipment _ 49.93 TMrty students of th* P«r« eepttv* R««dinf D6relopm«nt Class r*oelv«d their certlnctte* of |T»ihrtitl<« !rora tlrtlr Instructor, Robert M. SJ«« of Fort Dooge TTiursdkjrerenlnc.Janu&rjr 12. tt the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Martin of Humboldt. All of thest students have Inv proved their speed considerably without harming the comprehension of what they hare read. The vast majority have earned double speed awards and many even triple speed awards. This mean* they read two or three times faster than when they started the course and still are able to recall what they read as well as when they were reading much slower. Robert 9uw, instructor, Is an English and music teacher at Northwest Webster Consolidated School In Barnum, Iowa. He has taught In private and public schools for approximately 25 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls, and Bachelor and Masters De- grees In Muslo from Drake University. Des Molnes. He hu taught the reading course In Alfona. Fort Dodge, Storm Lake, Breda, LeMars and Barnum M well as at Humboldt. He plans on offer Ing the course in Humboldt again at some future date as he feels that Humboldt Is a community that wishes to Improve itself and because the cooperation given him by the schools, newspaper and other groups was excellent. Students that graduated were Bob Johnson, Tom Stewart, Kenny Wind. Dave Linn. Craig Whlt- tlesey, Mrs. John Martin, Mrs. George Brandt, Patrick Martin, Jackie Savers. Shert Martin. Sue Brandt, Carol Adams, Barbara Martin, Keith Abens, Jim Sajr- ers, Dave DeGroote. Doug Linn. John Arent, Tom Watson, Scott Cody, Scott Stewart, Kirk Whlt- tlesey, Charles Adams, Don Adams, George Brandt, Tom Brandt. Mr. and Mrs.Geoe Stewart, Steven Stewart, and Paul Shaw. Singer Company, Supplies S.10 Tepner, Frank, Bus Expense 3.00 Terech Paper Company, Supplies . ... I3S.9I Thomas Jswelers, Clock Repair 13.T3 Triangle School Service, Title I Equipment 181.84 Tan Id, Peter, Assembly . 40.00 Teachers College Press, NDEA Book! and Tltl* I Book* I 1.00 Time. Ino.. Dl*t. Education Supplies 3.T3 Teacher* Collvge Press, Library Books J.OO University of California, NDEA Spanish Books.. T8.SO University of Chicago Press. Elementary School Journal 13.00 V. S. Oovn't. Printing, Library Supplies <0.00 U. S. Nsws and World Report, Magaslnes.. 30.00 W A H Coop, Bus Expense SIS.35 Welch Scientific Company, NDEA Science Materials 3S3.IO West Music Company. Equipment 1,833.4* Wilson. H. W., Subscription and Book* 313.00 Wadsworth Publishing Co., Muslo 14.9$ Weslln Company, Custodial Supplies 70.90 World Book Year Book. Library Books 11.90 Worthlngton Insurance Company, Premium . 138.00 I. Mildred P. Evan*, Secretary of the above named School Dlatrlot, do hereby certify that this report, pages 1 through t, I* * true *nd correct etatement of the proceeding* pertaining to financial matter* of the Board of **id Dt*trlot for the quarter ending December 3 1. 1985. Mildred P. Evan* Mail carrier broke bock tobogganing Charles Kelley of Spring Lak«, Mich., a former resident of Humboldt and a mall carrier In tot Spring Lake area, suffered a crushed vertebrae In a toboggan accident. He Is expected to be la the) Mercy Hospital at Muskegao, Mich., for several weeks and at home at 103 East Savidge for months alter his discharge from the hospital. His room number is 211. He is in a cast. His mother, Mrs. Mary Wheeler, also resides at Spring Lake. Mich. Bykof JanuM* A.D. 1987. Viola M. Anderson Notary 1-3T-I Mr. and Mrs. Ron Klassie and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hansen and famUy were Sunday dinner pests at the Anton Rasmussen home in Eagle Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Clancy of Lexington, Ky,, are the parents of a daughter born Thursday, January 5, 1967. They now have two daughters and a son. Mr. Clancy Is the son ol Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clancy of Uanrr. *r -• ".-*': .-.:.*• *:\. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Eajtma* of Gilmore City are the parents of a daughter. Barbara Kay, born Wednesday, January 11, 1966. at Mercy Hospital. She weighed six pounds, nine ounces. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Perry Morse and Orvllle Eastman all of Humboldt. fema Taataaf T««U " HKA Ltkwary **»h>«. Us CODY! Shoppers would FIGHT than Switch! Wt fovt o penny htrt and a nicktl thtrf, And acMMtimti it's tvtn a dlmf, Hit food i» tht bttl that we can buy, And the savingt go on all the-lime. V 7 DD V 5 ) I I M U )! M, -,-=F . 3

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