The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 4, 1997 · Page 13
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 13

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1997
Page 13
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THE SALINA JOURNAL OP-ED SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4. 1997 Bjj NONE OF THE ABOVE r e must keep alert for the sound of the other shoe dropping I Thomas tips is invisible hand to jspin 'Wheel of Fortune' •••here's an activism trick you t I should be aware of. I call it { I "freaking out the agnostics." jj You cop a position so extreme that the public balks. So why cop It at all? Because ^ Voters walk before Jhey balk. I;, Take a view that j[6es way beyond Abounds of com- jn sense but ids good on pa- 5 and few will |ipletely agree L you. But your fremism tempts *:e-sitters to le slightly in 1 direction. iey'11 try to fol- * your radical Seasoning all the way but find themselves unable to reach your ipromised Land — probably hanks to their possession of at ! east two brain cells to rub togeth- ir to generate a spark of critical ntelligence, But they'll lay down heir burden a smidge closer to \mtt ideological campsite, "that's one reason people spike JAMES TALl,EY for the Salina Journal trees and blow up bulldozers. Joe and Flo Couchpotato aren't about to join EarthPirst!, buy some C-4, and migrate to Montana. But Joe and Flo might discuss the insanity of endangering people to save trees: "Them folks is nuts, Joe." "You said it, honey." "What kinda person would do that?" "Beats me. You know, I like trees and all, but that nonsense is just plain wrong. They oughta work within the system, 'steada ticking everybody off. Like that Sierra Club outfit. Ain't we got one of their membership cards around here somewhere?" Works for the radical Greens. Works for abortion clinic bombers. Now it's working for columnist Cal Thomas and the free-market right. But Cal may be tipping his hand prematurely. Cal wants us to use the IRS scandal as an opportunity to kill income taxation altogether ("IRS reform the worst thing we could do," Oct. 1). Replace it with a national sales tax, he says. Pass a balanced budget amendment and eliminate any federal agency not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Where's that translator? Ah, yes: TH£ V/ AMD WOfAEM 'S BUT THAT'S MOT SEASoM FoR. CONCERN. TUER£ ARE MANV FACTORS INVOLVED: OF JOBS, we FAST W TAKE T7ME 7P «*S* CM.LM6H LBVSLS 0 P ««ft»»/«UTV. LET'S TAKE A LOO*. AT THE CHARTS. "The wealthy and the corporate more or less own the government. It's the "less" that bugs them. Income taxes don't hurt them now, but sure could if we ever return to a truly progressive tax. And see, the market precedes democracy. Federal agencies should compete for voter endorsement or wither away. The Founders were omnipo- tent, and all problems would be solved if we just pretend it's 1791." Advising glib solutions that serve to put "the pursuit of property" in bold print while shrinking the font of the Preamble — that's a prescription for plutocracy. The richest 10 percent of Americans control more than 60 percent of our national wealth. Their tax burden is effectively squat. Immense corporations — them merging, acquiring, downsizing, outsourcing, influence- buying, legislation-writing, revolving-door-exploiting, fraudulent artificial persons and private fiefdoms — likewise pay diddly. If Cal's right and income taxes are abhorrent to the Constitution, let him fight it out before the Supreme Court. He shouldn't court the public with a radical position seductively designed to move us closer to midrange views that — surprise! — benefit the rich and powerful. Cal says it's all "soak the rich" thinking. Yet a progressive income tax and a 50 percent corporate rate — such as America had in the 1950s — helped build up the middle class and didn't bar Big Business from creating a U.S. economic powerhouse. Current rates on the fortunate and corporate don't soak the rich. They're more like an annual sponge bath, and, just like a whiny and crafty toddler, the upper crust can easily weasel its governmental parents into skipping the scheduled wipe- down. The Founders created a Republic to govern 4 million people — less than the richest 2 percent of our nation today (who hold over one-third our wealth). They fashioned a state sans the complications of crack cocaine, automobiles, telephones, electricity, MNCs, the United Nations, television, computers and Penthouse Magazine. They were smaH enough to know things change, get trickier, and they didn't kid themselves that they knew all the answers. Rolling back government to the 18th century won't make problems that have surfaced in the 19th and 20th disappear. But it will help gut most state control over the rising plutocracy — as toothless as it is in the most crucial matters. Cal wants to kill income taxes and most federal regulation — the two best tools, if used wisely, for reigning in greedy exploitation of the citizenry. The IRS shakeup is one of those rare events that turns Congress into "Wheel of Fortune." Rourjd and round she goes. Where she stops nobody knows. \ Those who want to see the invisible hand replace a Constitutional republic designed to form a more perfect union are placing their bets and trying to rig the table. • • James Talley is a Salina editor and writer. His e-mail address is iftr TO RESPOND TO ADS, CALLs 1-9OO-737-116O '$2.19/mlnute, you must be at least 18 years of age. TO PLACE YOUR FREE AD Mail: The Salina Journal, Classified Advertising Dept., 333 S. 4th St., Salina, KS 67401 Fax: Your Ad to (913) 823-3207 E-Mail to: «R rr -ifelur FREE Message retrieval every Wednesday! 1-888-441-4419 WOMEN SEEKING MEN Adventurous Typa? #2431. I live for the next adventure, let's find one together, If you dare... Are There Any REAL MEN Lett Out There?! #2465. Big boned, big hearted, Christian woman, 35, single mother of one little cowpoke. Seeks John Wayne type, Christian man, 3O-4O. Non smoker only. Are You Lonesome Tonight? #2430. Me tool Call me for some tutll fruttl and we will rock around the clock or until the smoke gets In oureyesl , . .. Are You My Hearts Twin? #2448. Single white female, 47, 5', 115 Ibs, seeking single white professional career male, late 40's-60 who Is loving, caring, faithful. My first and last thought each day. HO -jr COMPANIONSHIP WANTED #2474. Divorced white female, 31, looking for white male 33- 45 to share good times & bad. 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