Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 20, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1952
Page 5
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—Local Corn Drops. Top Grade Eggs MarkH.— j pRo(:r:i:i )i NGs— i Contlniiid from paK «t 4 Mrs. .lames lUniion Holy Family Hosp., husp. Bcn.j.-imin Cravt-r, U'wis Mvimlen, flaronco Car- riihcrs Iowa t'hildrpii's Home SocK'iy, caro atui k<'0\i Nancy and DarroU \Va- torman Corn was lower on to&.iy a mem Kimn mai-, child wol., pub Itet and top grade eggs were a pen-1 Loslor Larson, care and ny per dozen oft on the local pro-' duce market. These weip the only two price changes. Down ras a penny per bu.shel ; Koch Brothers, supplies today's local grain mar-, child wel., pub wel 5,1.00 287,35 S7.30 Daily News Want Ads Reach Over 10,000 Readers 11.70 3.5.00 132.00 GRAIN Old corn - $1.67 New corn $1.63 Soybeans $2.71 Oata (36 lbs.) 76c Flax $3.85 , OrftVet Orain Company OnivernJSuRttngtotu Maple RIU 'i»»ODU<JE Sweet cream - .: 73c No. 1 NO. 2 Henneries .,...J.....^..........: No. 1 No., 2 Stttught run _ Hens, under 4% lbs „ Hens, 4^6 lbs. and over Heavy cbck» _ „... Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks 71c 69c 29c 26c 22c 2Bc 10c 13c 10c ....8c Sioux City Livestock Sioux City, May 20 .ff>—Livestock quotations On the Sioux City market: Cattle salable 6,500; calves 25; slaughter steers and heifers slow, limited sales yearling steers 1050 lbs. down about steady; few mature steers suitable for shipping high chotc^ and better weak; other steers very"slow; many Wds weak to low6r; early sales heifers little changed; cows strong; stockers and feeders mainly steady; scattered sales good and choice yearling steers 29.50-$34: choice 1350 lb. beeves 134.75; mostly prime 1053 lb. weights 34.50; choice 836 lb. heifers 33.60; commercial and good J26-$30j . utility and commercial cows 22.60-26.50; few to $27; can- hera and .cutters $19-$22; few light canners b'olow $17 small showing medium to.good stock steers $27$31; few 32.66J. Hogs salable. 8,000; barrows and gilts and '.sows fQlly 50; instances as much as 76 lower; fairly active at the decline; choice 1 and 3 barrows and. gilts around 190-25D lljs. 20.6O:$21; numerous choice 1 and 3 around. 200-240 lbs. 21.25 to order buyers! part deck around 226 lbs. 21.35; 260-280 lbs. $20-20.50; 290-330 lbs. 19.60-$20; some 400 lb. butchers 18.SP; sows around 400 lbs. down 18:26-i9>60i .choice light to 19.76; new $20; 400-550 lbs. 17.25-18.50. For Rent Form FOR HKNT OR SALE -Trailer house. Mrs. Edna Hoien. 1272\V. 19i-.-!x-S Chicago Livestock 'Chicago, May 20 (ffl—The hoK market was slow and uneven today bringing gonaral price reductions of from BO to 7S cents on all weights. Cattle were Jess active than recently- with choice and prime steers aver.,1,100.pounds dull.and weak. ^Slaughter lambs were 'steady to strong. Truman Speaks At West Point West Point, N. Y., May 20 (/P>- Prcaldent Truman and hundreds of other -American and foreign nota­ bles'converged on the United States tniUt'ary. academy today to help celebrate the Point's 150th anniversary. "The President spoke this aftor- nooit at.,a jubilee convocation, the flndl mi^jor event In the academy's sesqMicAftt'enhial observando. Gen. Omar N. Bradley, chairman of "the joint chiefs of staff, also spoke. . Oen. Matthew B. Rldgway, on route from his former Far East corhmand in Tokyo to his,new post as Allied commander in fluropc, accompanied the President.. Small ocean ships moving up the Columbia river can dock in Idaho at Lewiaton. keep, Darwin Orris Lutheran Ho .sp., hosp. Mrs Fern Hutchinson Mourit.sen & Knud.sen. uroc. R. R. Kno,\. Rose .Reed 75.38 Vance R. Noe, supplies soc. wel. office 12.75 Mrs. Fred O'Dell, care .Nancy and Karen Harr G0..50 Peoples Natural Gas Co., gas R. R. Kno.\ 8.57 Dr. J. L. Powers, med, Mrs. James Honnon 48.25 State Dept. Soc. Welfare emergency relief fund 93.11 State Dept. of Soc. Welfare aid to the blind fund 63.39 State Dept. of Soc. Welfare aid to the viepcndent children (324.50 Mrs. Joe M. Tonderum, care and keep Louis Range 43.00 Vandy '.s Market, groc. Mrs. James Hennon 53.11 Biitterfield Produce, feed county Lirm 44.90 Oair Clarke, cattle co. farm 1.140.00 H. A. DeWall, feed co. farm 101.79 Esthervilie Drug, mod. CO. farm 10.15 Fire.stono Stores, tires, tubes, chloride, co. farm '66.20 Gillett Nursing Home, care and keep Lottie Cole 10.00 Golden Sun Milling Co.. feed CO. farm 199.15 Hall's Wallpaper, paint CO. farm ' 61.09 Earl Hyer, labor co. farm 108.00 Iowa Elec. Light and Power Co., lights co. farm 52.84 Louis Krier. oats co. farm 159.12 U 'Uthold -Tibbetts, cloth ing Neal Paul.son 2.23 Montgomery Ward Co., lavatory co. farm 31.01 Mouritsen & Knudscn, • groc. CO. farm 92.31 Ole A. Olsen, oats, co. farm 105.47 J. C. Penny Co., supplies CO. farm 12.83 George Peterson, repairs CO. farm 1.20 Ronald Prior, repairs CO. farm 12.00 Ringsted Implement, farm machinery, co. farm 3,325.05 Wallingford Co-op. feed and grinding, co. farm 75.77 Wallingford Locker Plant processing meat, co. farm 12.75 Wogen's Appliance, Skel gas, CO. farm 15.00 Young & Torre.son, battery charge co. tarm .75 Anderson Refrigeration Service, labor and supplies, CO. farm 7.04 Johnnie Johnson, seed . corn. CO. farm 76.20 On motion of Ellerston, .second of Finn, the monthly report of B. T. Roach, County Home Steward, was approved. All voted "Aye." On motion, the Board adjourned to meet April 29, 1952. C. E. CONRAD, Chairman CORWIN B. kfilTH, County Auditor April 29. 1952 Boqrd met pursuant to adjourn ment with all members present as follows: C. E. Conrad, E. I. Ellerston, and Nelll L. Finn. It was moved by Finn, seconded by Ellerston that Emmet County bear 60% of the expense of installing two culverts between 1st and 2nd Ave. S. on West South St. and between 1st and 2nd Ave. S. on West South 2iid St.. Estherville, Iowa. AH voted "Aye." On motion the Board adlourn- ed to meet May 2nd and May C. E. CONRAD, Chairman COPWIN B. KEITH, County Auditor FLOORS SHABBY? Make them look like new, at low cost. Rent .1 -Sander from Ward.i. MOXTnOMERY WARll E.sthcrvillo. la. 191-2-S FOR RENT -2-bedroom house, excellent location. Available Juno 15. Edith Bennett. Ph. 7«SW. ]91-tf-5 FOR RENT—Two sleeping rooms for men. Close In. Lovctta Conklin. Ph. 528. 191-3x-5 FOR RENT—2-room, modem house, $20. Simon Frey, Estherville. 191-2X-5 FOR RENT — Room home. Oentleman Mrs. Norman Maine. in modern preferred. Ph. 384. 191-3-6 FOR RENT—Two-room house. 711 So. 12th St. Roy Bowen. 187-tf-6 FOR REINT — 3-room downstairs apartment. Olaf Twedt. Ph. 836. 187-tf-5 FOR RENT—Good sleeping room for a gentleman. Mrs. Elmer Wogen, Phone 1136. 183-tf-6 FOR RENT—Furnished or unfurnished apartment. Ph. 213W. Clarence Golla. 173-tf-5 WILL PAY you the very top on your No. 1 hricht wiwl. A. Flsh- rr. 191-6-7 NEED MORE SEED CORN— Right Now? Call nw at EMhen- vUle. I have I'lonoer in .itock for your convenience. Strong perm- inatinc t.)p quality. Got 11 now! A. B. ROSENBERGER E -Hth .-rvllle Ph.-68W6 191-2-7 WE BUY EGGS ON GRADE-Remember, the egg market Is In favor of producers who sell quality eggs. Gather them often, keep them clean, cool before casing. Phone 91 for latest market information. P. G. GRAY 191-3-7 Want To Buy J»»iinu« »«tii tiai#. For Sale WANTED—We will p.i>- 7r encti for emyily sfeed corn nnil field feed bag .5 that are In RO<HI condition. Golden Sun .Millins Co Phone 2\t6 or :'.<7. lM-2-20 KOI! >• 1! I 1. -III. I'd WANT TO BVY f.s,-,l |iu-y<-l. 14 or leinrh wt\v*l Antniv , Hanck, Polllvi-r. lii tOl -^N ro ! Un T\u>s., May '.!0. I9.Vi .^ rU!r. I.>ir». uo4«r IM »rt .^f Mar<« i. ISTI ::.'.t Lost and Found 16 LOST Tarp for |iicku \i .Iol\i\ Juhl. I'hone .•!2K.%2. i;»2-:;xl6 FOR SALE—Early Manchu soybeans. Germination 97 per cent. Ed Open. Ph. 52W6. 190-3X-7 FOR SALE—15 bu. certified Blackhawk soybeans. 98 per cent germination. Joseph Brown, 4 ml. south of Gruver. 190-8-7 FOR SALE — 18 bu. Certified Blackhftwk beans. Phone 53, City Airport. 187-6-7 FOR YOUR NEEDS IN Now and Used Machinery VIKING MOTORS Always a square deal at Viking . . . ymu- Massey-Harrls and Oliver dealer in Estherville. 179-tf-7 Personal HOT ROAST PORK SANDWICH, mashed potatoes, SOc. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 192-1-4 FRIEND, there's a trend to Fina Foam for cleaning rugs and upholstery. Martin Furniture Store 191-5-4 KEN: For goodness sake, let's pet the car radio repaired before we go on our vacation. Steve at Estherville Radio will fix it OB pood as now. Mae. 190-3-4 Notices 6 IT'S STILL GOING STRONG Our big, big stock reduction sale! Buy your gift Hems for all year while they are marked down. ESTHERVILLE HARDWARE 192-1-8 CHICKS— 1 to 3, weeks old at reasonable prices. Feeder males on time; pay when you sell them. Bargains in Kozy brooder houses. HAMILTON HATCHERT Bancroft, Iowa 17a-tf-7 Political 24 RE-ELECT E. I. Ellerston Rei)ubllcnn Candidate for Supervisor FUKl District Seventeen Years Experience Republican Primary, June 2 Your Support Appreciated 191-11-24 Sale Calendar SATl'KnAY. .MAY SI. 1:,"I0 p. m. D. 11. Gllbertson. .112 N 6lh SI . Estherville. Complete line of household furniture. Aucttoneem. F .w shier and Burns. Clork: Kmmrt Counfv State Bunk Sale ml; MHV 27. Automotive I or 1 4>r* RArb lkd <ltUoiUU dK )r UIBimuro M &Or. ivmMCuUv* inMTttoei Owatn«<) *>» an »< p«l ouM Te par wi« »« pM «»< K«r w .>rij of Mm* CA «li WtTM OROER D.«<kk<r«i>tB( rhars* - ( l&« tcT crwMl »i>f »«rT><-» chart* if r»- pllM an lakto t<) tvitly fttwt aiM 28c U rhA>Kt.l ir ao rarriM a.l.liMa of pbaa« numt»r but r .i( a4T*r«tMra •MM. Claaatnad a4 uam UtouM MMM Uwlr adrartlMinMU la UM nrat laaua ttwx i,pf*»t aiMl rapor aar arrur •( one* aa DO aDawaneaa oan V atlar UM ftrat MM* Help Wanted FOR SALE—Auto tlr.i. Cnrrlson, So, 12th tfi to •:\ l ".t2-2x -ll FOR TIRE MILEAGE hiwo wn switch tires and ohock whoel alignment to help cm down tire wear. THOMAS MOTORS i!)i-.t-n FOn SALE- lim Ford tudor. pood condition, $78.00. Domild Ki.MhiT, 5 South 3rd St. l (K )-a\-ll WANTKI"* Oiok. Apply In p .-rnon, H.ilin .t Uosl Homi-. HfM 2nd Av..V 102,1:' WA.NTKI^ 10 head entile to pnH tur.v SinuMt Frev, I'h 2W.% H>l-2x-2 (MT! 1 <I.: ' PI 1 I " tiic pi ir,- ,if I'uii! nn.l U ,il!).-ii<. 1 im'ti Miiniid >\, Ml'. « i >f \% (»n p.- r f 'I n>' ront-\ ,>»• .-I 1;>1 10 : Want To Rent u WANT TO HKNT . rn hum- To For Sale M.\v l••^••lrlVM spK< 1;., Kl:-«^.>n, U.K.'i. ^•I ^:^;.•ir<»^•^•. s TOIU:.S 1 y; \ ^!\^ i-'f :sT:\ VI- vvt .iK- I.inn S|,r-.l',k I- t «v?al-iN.; ! «. •>< 1 .1 .1,' It \'1 Jobs Wanted 4:ii!i lit ox ,! ,n< ,\r • • ••III '.'* >• \\ H'> , i.'h .1 ^:ltI I'liH v.wi y sToitr. \VANTl':i> ll.Mi". 'vrK f .M ih- H \miio»'t ui K«Uoiv»ll.- ll .'Un Sliill T.I. -I'd. .11.. \\ ..llini ;f ..i .l Loans and Ins. H > 1.1 WANTKD Farm hsnd. Slnpl.- or marili-d. l'losi< to low n. Inqulle lit nallv NeWH 11 »I .t 2 LET US take care of your outomo- tlvo needs. Bumper to liumpor service—all makes. Bee us. Robinson Motors Tontlac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll IIKI.P WANTED Mnirled man for yenr-around farm work. Mod<'n\ tenant hovmr. Write or I'ull Ted WlnliTH, Grsettlnpi'r. 1R9 6x 2 WE HAVE specialists, factory trained, for distributors, carburetors, Ignition system, front ends and general overhauling. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 1R96-I1 WANTKt^—Girl or woman to work in Coffee Shop. No oxpfr- lencfH needed. Wo tench you. Good wages plui meals and uniforms. Oardston Coffee Shop. 124-tt-2 WANTED—WaltreM. GRAETTIISGER Ladies' Aid Puts in Garden For Pastor By MRS. L. M. YOUNG A large group of women from the St. Paul's Lutheran Ladles Aid met Thursday at the parsonage and put In a neat vegetable garden which will bo available for tho use of their pastor and family when they arrive. For Sheriff Re-elect EMLET -nVITO Candidate for re-election on the Republican ticket. Primaries, Monday, June 2. 190-12-24 Ladles Aid Circle Meeta. Mrs. Clarence Clemenson and Mrs. Kenneth Jensen were co-hostesses to their Ladles Aid circle Friday afternoon at thd Clemenson home. A very large group of ladies wore present. TODATS CROSSWORD If Rodio Actress PUZZLE Answ«r to Pfviou* Puxil*^ BOilZONTAL l,«Marrat(» on "My Friend iTms" radio iKlt 11 Prayer IS Withdraw 14 PhUippic ISElvder It City in The NftUicrlands 17 Eaten away . 19 Cbmpasa point is Worthless 20 Warned morsel 22 Daze 20 Handled 25 Possessive 21 Abandon pronoun 22 Blemish 2f "Emerald I«le" 23 Ancient Irish aweary 4 High school auditorium (ab.) 5 Swiss warble fi Mississippi river dike 7.Greek letter 8 Bra«d 9Anwrs 10 Withered 12 Sea nymph 13 Pauses Begin Construction of House. " Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Clemenson have the basement excavation and concrete.basement walls ready for the construction of 0 new five- room bungalow type residence on their realdenilal lot located Just north of their present home. It la hoped to be completed In the early fall for thouse of one of the school teachere. Ketum from Arizona. Andy and Miss Bertha A-xelton returned BVlday from a winter's sojourn in Arizona. Mrs. Mamio Masters returned Friday from a several months' stay in Oregon. Her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Ericksen reside there. MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, dependable, well-qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 177-26-24 Maurice Oleson For Supervisor First District Successful farmer, competent, qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 178-28-34 Entertainment ' •BIG GAY NINETIES MUSICAL "Walt 'Till the Sun Shines, Nellie." Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Grand Theater. 191-3-1 SMORGASBORD Thursday, 6 to 8 p. m. SKTUNB 191-a-l Wanted U.sod Cars on lunv Chry.slor.s and Plymoiiths FOR SALE 1950 Chry.slor Royal l-dooi equipped. A nice one. 1949 Plymouth 4-door, low mileage. We need used car.s on 'new Chry.slers and Plymouth.s. Donovan Motors Across from Pcstofficc Estherville, Iowa 191-2-11 FOX LAKE SPECIAL ATTRACTION Friday, May 23 LEO PIEPER Direct from Trianon Saturday, May 24 POLKA QUEENS 192-3-1 SIDK OI^ANCB SO Went by iZ Flower 33M4untBin nymph 34PrUnps JlPastry SSMaHe a '' mistake 3«EsUmate •SfKer husband ' "!it —-i- Lewis MMt ••... 480«nus of ;pianUi .. 46 'StieBmir (ab.) 4tlSi)mh1er ;^ sausages SlWlthsUnd e3tsian(linNew .'^-j.York bay-. M Required, tW jler trtjendship for Irma ' undtrMOei nuDy ]|Mv«'ihomt: capital 24 Employer 27 Shrub genus 28L>ease 29 Gaelic 31 Editor (ab.) 32 Measure of area 34 Shown 36 City in Illinois 37 Narrow inlet 40 Cripples 41 Doctrine 42 Essential being 43 Rodents 44 Exclamation 46Uther 47 Allowance for waste 48 Communists 50 Consumed 52 English river IT • T.M.IiC,«.«L Cy.i»Mtr«««>»<n».tw. MONKV IN MlNl'TES V-AtV. loim- of S:V* t.i Id I. -or (tnnlie pnymmln nr In ». Itl<- old IIIIIK. Iti'iittv i-<inv<-iili-rillv, .•>. ei»r\llng lt» inoniiin N,» i ^nilor-*- ern c'omi' In" IOWA r.l'AHANTKR, In.- l'»i .1 l.'S (i*> i- rti-* ^»lh ».< I. .l,.iii< il appK >n<'. » T»n»t '.,i-.i.ii Sui^l"*an\ (ton*. i.i!i.>n H»-;>, !i f.....l ml \t'f« uri.l >-M|t s.M.i; 1>I1.- V. . • K \..-»|- nl.l !,'«».I 19.1 .1 !i> Real Estate KOfl SALIC .l -iooin liotiie In lown To hi- iiKivi '.l Wlml lor ilr.lili- ttv IM. IM'l.l lli.iolil \V,-lr Palace Cafe. lOS-U-3 Services Pl.ANNI.NC la remi«li'l .viiui honn'" InvtHiluiiti- Tltli' 1 IOIIIIH wlilih eiivcr nil lypeii of hiinii' lininoviMui 'iiU. CoriNUlt u« wUli- (iiit ol)llK:iUon IOWA TltrST A .SAVINC.S HANK tli:' .'IK WR DO contract paint work. .See us for estimate on exterior and Interior piUnllnK. Ph. 1680. Itny's Paint Store. Ifttf 9 FOU FHKK JMCKtJP and delivery. Ph. 4lt. I' A G Cleaners. 2fte-lf-0 BOTTLK GAS 8ALE8-8BRVICB Inntallatlonn — FleRUlatlonii HIl.IVS CORNEn, Ph. 49J01 15l-tf-9 PETERSON'S Radiator Service, Just oajit of Vandy'i, 1714 Central. Experienced In all typca radiator repair. 116-lf-9 Tickets! Posters! Programs! Vm pi-oKrams, dlnnei-s and nnH 'tings of all kind.s lot ii.s fill ymir printinK IKH 'ds. Estherville Daily News KOU .'<AI,K Tliii" tiMHu h.uix' nn .-(l^t- itf town AH nuit*'vinl un.l tMiutpiU'-nt ni-tiili'il t»» mo»l''rntit' Ineltultil Hovil ViuUli' I'horn- nv:w i« :'\»» KOU SAI.K lt5i> atii- dirin hli.!>i- wny No 0. c'lnriur. toil. ni 'KBlnn .10 iliivx nvnorr UKAI. K.STATK I'll Iti.Ml ..t 17W< iiu M lloii«<"<. IIIIK, fill nil. luillilinK" 1 :<(•'•- 1 M If KOIt SAI.K roinnii'l rill (.•wern. itr nilUM'T UF.AI, K.STATK I 'h m.^O or 17ft (i UM 2 H KOU KKNT Olt HAI.i; Tlir I ...I rotiin hi'uwe on Mh Avf N I'rin* t'litnurnffl I 'll 17^;I..r. li'l 2\ N KOU HALF. ItY OWNK.K New Ihrcr-hiMlriKini lioiiio*. ^A* lu'dl, lii 'dl IOI-.TIIOM. Am iiiovInK OVIV iif BitVli' HO piioinK IIUH fur quIiU mill' If nol Kln '-i -nlv | Inlr.xloil nrnl iilMr lo flniim. | pli 'HHi- ilon'l Uol hi v lo ritU KiniiU ; Adiim. lin N liili HI Phone 1082IAV. 191 -.'H VOflt I.IMIIKU .NKKPS \V" *iAn fuintiih (ilnn* rtn*! n»»t^r- l.iin for v .Hii o*"*- tr.'lli*. >Ar4 fi n.-r, In%*n fornltuii- \v\\ U4i s .oii n .-..l« ("nil 4»«» fjithrr- \lll.' 1'xnintAnit'' r Mle>a (oi*. Itunllni-t .in. W K Nn-inonn. iiinnnK. I 193 I'to KOU SAI.i: I.IUK now Ii|vl<|.«l lop ^TKA iani ;t' n<n i-lfl,-.- m.vv ,^ Ml 111 « nil |. m l'<; «» HI KOU HAI.K Kti.ttl.- lnwo mii».r. I '.'noi Mr« Normnn !(• rtii«"'l- •on I'l' .MKtU Vl'V^^ in I.INOI.KfM \\'.- .mi l.rlulil-" up your tumi"' .11 iiiliitrnititi »o«l lo you. We n, II :lllil llmlnll linolrlim Kf-'" <•llnisif MANItOUN KtUNITfRK l»l .1 10 IIIIIOIIKN M OVKUAirri* I'lillilri 'liM pttilil ovrrnlU nUr« 1 III II, Hnhlurlfil Touiih W '-mmit \\ 4l» Alno . hMilr^n'i ovrulU In iilii |.i-» r .i|« oi Krr.nii Xln-n 3 «. Jt US iiiMt \\ .II'UI'I.I H .MTOUK 181 .1 10 KOU alio Ml. HAI.K Kliiil.rtll 1 looil I'otiiltllon. MnU in I'rii tiK n uprlKht )it- Ph M7W Itil ,1» 10 m«11 .N KH.S O PI 'O UTI) N IT I I'.S IN ClCVIXJN CAUOU HUOCKMAN, U. iillor ('• ylcin. Mliin 101 -x* FOU HAI.K Vmiinl lot, rorner of 12th nn<l Hlh Av.' N F. J Kin ne<ly, Ph 121 oi ftH -4, IWt If M niodrrn Thomn* 180 FOU HALK .1 l»droohi home, good loenllon. Hirem, Phone I2ft4J. FOU HAMC Two 2 be<Jroon» Imu- ii .K. Ph I674W 1914 .Inl Ave .N H W. Niliton 1 no-Ox « FOU HAIJC Two-bedroom hou «i and lot. t Roy Bowen, 711 Ho. lUth 1(17 If S l»l 3 0 SCREENS Repaired — Wire Replacwl NEW SCREENS painted and fitted if dpsirod Window Glass Replaced Anderson-Schencic Phone 265 roaKonahle fir ic*-*i for pickup and ilillvrry Hervli-e 190-3-9 FUNNV BIHI.NKHH "I'm afrftid my f«th«r to about t« co> bankrupt—I'v* tarntd •9 imwh baby-sHtlnf I'm no lengtr a dtpondonti!' FOR SAI^B—Hmoll. modern J-lmd room home, on two lotn. OM heal. Immedlnlo ijomaowlon Phono 18. 174 IfS rOR BAL.Bi—«-room mod«rn hous* on N. IKh Bt. Clo«« in. R«»«oi»- ably priced. B«* N. J. Le* 120-tf-« K<lU HAI.K Hpln.-t I.lano U" fi-i* I.'"*,,! \\\\\ uril lo I i -«p.>niihl«* l»iiil\ ill I irifi- lU ^'iuni for rfmh III «||1 ni(<(il I. rln" Write -Iw iMilmon PInno HAIFD. 1700 .Ii>hn»«n. AP>. It U-i 192 2» III GOOn l-HKD TIUK.M 4I»«2I. .1.Vi«17 Mlir>r,i Til- itnd IUIM Vt WICHTKUN At'TO AHHtX' HTOIIK, 1112 If to HAVK IflO W- hnv. one I7-liiCh RCA Vktnr lelrvUlon net. \MK>d ciUe. Hpr liiil iinnlvrr»«ry prlr*. 134080. KRAFFT MCMIC BTOHF. 191-3 10 FOR .SAI.K While 100 |l> frnl itnckn. 20t: Kenneth We»l. 2 mll''« eoni. mile north 1903 10 FOR HAI.K FriKldnIr* refrl«er«- tiir lexRAllent londlllon Will Hell on lirni" Mrn, John l)»len, Ph, IK»W, J9I-.V10 FOU HAt.»S~im«htly u»»d Victor nddlns maohlnn with can*. R«y Klrdler Ph, HfllW. l«»^T« 10 FOR HALB OUl newiip«p«r«. Ihi ty|lli> Dully .Sewn ofMee tM-tfK to APARTMENT HOUSE JIoUM' (iividi.'d into apartnienl.s. Ouiwidc cntrHno' for tipstaiis. l.«w down iiayiiu'iit. Sold on coiitnict. 5M S ^Hifh Tlth .SI, ESTHERVILLE REALTY Ph. V.m fir Hk'lK-J 192 I M I AHK FOR HnndiTii Ice Cimini at your fnvotllo utortv .SANOKUH U'K f'RKAM CO IM (f 10 RRriUQICrUTOR tlPBCtAl New, t-foot rsirrlg^ralor. Hp«M-t. ally priced &t lt»tt9«. HKIDKK KI-.ECTRIC CO. m-tflO RAWI.Eiail Baumann. PRODUCTS. K. T. Ph. 2t4J. 80-MlO FOR IIAl4e—Ugiibilac r«te. 77 yr» of MlialiMi oiMtomara. OaU col- leel laiTj. aoa K. IOUI at, fl|M»> e«r, Ik. OiM D. fUth. m-MS'li' Large Modern Home CloBt? to IkixinexK I)i.stiict ClaK hi-at. Automatic Ras water heater. Mi's. Anil>if)S«' C,*ofm'ay | 41(5 N. 5th «J (l8-J : t9J-I.*l ' Just lU More I>a>s May Sale on Ryfox Double the UHUal Quantity S.«.5<) Value lor $2.10 200 Hheeta, 100 envelopes I'rlnted with namc> and addreMi. f'^niERVlU.E DAILY NKVVS 19J-3 1<) 'If you Intiat on knoeking foul ball* into tho ttandt. I'm gonna autograph 'om fir«t!" PAINT SPECIAL Wiitcs Interior Gloss, 98^ qt., 3.29 gallon (complete choice of colom) Kern Tone, rcRUlar. Vt«< ((t.. X'£A gaikui Acme (XUiiide White. gaUon Anderson-Schenck Phone 265 106 So. 6th iio^iu

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