Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on March 18, 2004 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 2004
Page 12
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12 - THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 2004 TIME OUT ACROSS 1 Thick slice S Volcanic flow 10 Doctor's office 12 Valuable furs 13 Steal cattle 14 Freight haulers 15 Sasquatch cousin 16 Gloomy 18 However 19 Inanuproar 23 Enemy 26 Coffee server 27 Rumple 30 Colorado trees 32 Board 34 Trousers go-wlth 35 Walk the beat 36 Climax 37 Wire measure 38 PC maker 39 Coming 42 Successful at-bat 45 El Dorado loot 46 If a nickel... 50 Mud bricks 53 Like Instantly (2 wds.) 55 Citrus fruits 56 Makes steel 57 Chores 58 A famous 500 Answer to Previous Puzzle u M A S I L U R L All RC EC P IN IY L I D A N A R 0 Y DOWN 1 2 3 4 Fishtail Itemize Mischief Cartoonist — Keane 5 Spoil 6 Desert nomad's robe 7 Facile 8 Waiter's offering 9 Sec'y 10 Howl 11 Fragrant woods 12 Mo. bill 17 Physicist's particle 20 Camo wearer STUMPED? Call for answers • Touch-tone or rotary phone 95e per minute (900) 226-4344 code 000 21 Reddish antelope 22 Devoted following 23 Scale notes 24 Job-safety org. 25 Heroic tale 28 Exotic wrap 29 Arrogant person 31 Columnist — Bombeck 33 European airline 35 Basketball moves 37 Cosmonaut space lab 40 Antarctic ice shelf 41 Compare 42 Quit 43 Notion 44 Selleck and Jones 47 Retained 48 Lawyer, briefly 49 Hairstyles 51 — choy 52 Annapolis grad 54 Pal in Dijon 3-18 © 2004 by NEA, Inc. Puzzlers THE LEARNING CHALLENGER by Robert Bamett DIRECTIONS: A. Using each "Chaos Grid" number with its letter one time, arrange the numbers with their letters for the "Order Grid" so each vertical column, horizontal row, and two diagonals each ADD to numbers inside thick lined cells. B. Some correct numbers with their letters have been put Into the "Order Grid" to get you started. Also, above the "Order Grid" is a "Decoded Message" clue. C. After you have solved the "Order Grid" doing as direction "A" says, put the letters from horizontal rows, from left to right, under "Decoded Message" and make words to form the answer. CHAOS GRID 13 N 51 A 0 L 88 C 31 C -23 A -14 A 37 A 70 I -9 J 64 A 4 M 22 A 57 D 82 M 43 R CLUE: IN PERU ORDER GRID 22 A 43 R 64 A 57 D -ET 129 129 129 129 «£• mum mzm MEM mt&m DECODED MESSAGE: ANSWERS IN NEXT EDITION © 2004 Robert Bamett Answers to Previous Learning Challenger A TRITE EXPRESSION . 24 A 20 T 20 P 21 S 16 T 25 E 2O R 24 I 19 R 18 E 22 E 26 O 26 22 X 23 S 14 N 3/17/2004 Run in papers of Thursday, March 18,2004 CELEBRITY CIPHER by Luis Campos Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from'quotations by famous people, past and present Each letter In the cipher stands lor another. Todays due: P equals Ft "YKL MWF X NLL XY, XS FTZ MWHY YKL PWXHDTM, FTZ VTYYW EZY ZE MXYK YKL PWXH." - CTOOF EWPYTH PREVIOUS SOLUTION - "Whenever I wanted to know what the Irish people wanted, I had only to examine my own heart." - Eamon de Valera (c) 2004 by NEA, Inc. 3-18 THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by Henri Arnold and Mike Argirlon Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. RUJOR ' S ^ S ' \ \ S 2004 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ISTUE C "\ \ J ^^ V. / ' LOSTCY 7"S \ / ' S s ^ f \ \ j ROTHEX f S s / f. ^\ \^ J . No, nol If you take Fourth Street to Grand you'll save 10 minutes y- IB THE GOOP AT THIS, Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Answer here: ' S s / <* S s / f ^\ s / ' ^S s s <* \ \ / r ^\ ^ j f \ \ / ' \ \ J f ^\ \ / Yesterday s (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: YOUTH PLUSH NOGGIN NEWEST Answer: He was a good doorman because he knew the INS AND OUTS Reader wonders what to do with older brother's photos of unfaithfulness , , Dear Annie: I recently went home for a family visit and discovered rather suggestive .pictures of my brother with "Sally." My broth- 'er, however, is married to "Carolyn." ; These were recent photos taken on a business trip. My brother stashed them in a drawer •at my parents' place. I came across them when •I went to search for a pair of scissors. I knew my mother would be terribly upset if she saw 'these pictures, so I took them home with me ,before they were discovered by anyone else. , What should 1 do now? Should I burn the pictures or put them back where I found them? .My brother has been through marriage counseling, but it apparently hasn't helped, and I 'doubt he would listen to my advice. Concerned Little Brother Dear Concerned: Give the pictures to your 'brother. Explain that you found the photos 'accidentally and removed them to spare your mother the anguish of seeing him with another woman. Tell him he ought to get rid of the pic- ANNIE'S MAILBOX By Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar tures or put them where they will not be discovered by anyone else. Dear Annie: This letter is for all the teenage girls whose monthly cramps are worse than most. When I was young, I was told that if I were more active, the pain would go away. It didn't. In fact, it got worse. Eventually I was put on prescription painkillers and then birth control pills. Nothing helped. In my late 20s, my husband and I decided to start a family. After a lot of tests and quite a few surgeries, doctors discovered that I have endometriosis. This is a painful disease that can cause infertility and other problems. If any young woman thinks she may have THURSDAY EVENING 3/18/04 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 1 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:001 BROADCAST CHANNELS j CD CD ca S3 O cs • m 9 m m News [Friends A News Friends A Extra (N) Basketball {College Basketball: NCAA News ffl News-Lehrer Caltes [Notidas News-Lehrer Fresh Pr. Cops ffl Raymond Raymond Frasier A King of Hill Cops ffl Will-Grace King Entertain Seinfeld Hollywood Tru Calling (N) A ffl Friends A Tournament First Round Jeopardy! [Fortune New This Old (6:55) Ventaneando Business King of Hill 70s Show Seinfeld Raymond News Will-Grace Extreme Makeover: American Idol A ffl The Apprentice (N) IB Game Day Evening Extreme Makeover (N) Dr. Wayne Dyer: The Power of Intention Callamos las Mujeres Rosemary Clooney: Girl Singer ffl Dharma 70s Show Raymond Simpsons Raymond Big Time Cops ffl Like Family Cops© Tru Calling (N) A ffl Ten O'clock News ffl (9:59)ER"Freefall"A Evening [Hollywood Primetime Thursday Affl Historias-Vida Amor Fever - The Music of Miss Experiment [Experiment Osbourne Show American Idol A © WWE SmackDownl (N) A ffl Movie: "The Pandora Project" (1998) Drew Friends A News A © Simpsons News CABLE CHANNELS AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA (5:00) "The Rare Breed" Late Night A ffl Highway Pirates ffl Even [Sister, Sis. NHL Hockey Full House NASCAR The Nanny U-PickA Full House America Designing Sabnna Mad Mad House (N) A Home Imp. Real TV A Basketball Seinfeld A Real TV A Movie: * * * x "Will Penny" (1 968, Western) Daily Show [Mad TV Affl New Detectives Sister, Sis. Timeless (N| Lizzie 7th Heaven A ffl Shark Byte Reno 91 11 Discovery Quest (:15) Movie: *** "The Rare Breed' Insomniac [South Park Barbarians: The Battle for Movie: "Motocroited" (2001) Alana Austin. U.S. Poker Champ. [SportsClr. | Gamenighl Movie: **»"Mr.Mom"(1983),TeriGarr NHL Hockey San Jose Sharks at Los Angeles Kings. (Live) Movie: "To Face Her Past" (1996) Patty Duke. Rugrats A Scare Seinfeld A Sponge Bob Tripping Friends A Star Trek: Next Gener. Oddparent [Garcia Mad Mad House ffl Seinfeld A News News ffl News© Notidero |0jos Close to You Dharma Spin City King Raymond Blind Date Ripley Will-Grace Will-Grace News ffilHk^BEIlLEEiB (1966) South Park jBanzaT A Rome (N) Sister, Sis. Boy World SportsCenter (Live) ffl Whose? Whose? "Will Dally Show Quest Kim SportsCtr. 700 Club The Best Damn Sports Show Period Movie: "A Woman Hunted" (2003) Premiere. Full House Tripping Full House Scare Movie: * "Wild Wild West" (1999) Will Smith. Star Trek: Next Gener. NBA Basketball: Timberwolves at Spurs Walker, Texas Ranger |JAG "Retreat, Hell" A UVFTTIU ' Tl F ! F ! K' 1|! '™P |!!SW «*a PREMIUM CHANNELS HBO 'MAX SHOW Law & Order Becker A m^mmm Movie: ***"M™.Doubtflre"(1993)'PG-13' [Scooby "New 'Radio (:45) Movie: ** "She's the One" (1996) 'R 1 Movl«: "Domestic Disturbance" Becker A ••• Extreme . Extreme Inside the NBA ffl Movie: **rSabrina" Elimidate •• 5th Wheel ••i Cosby Crossing (:10) Movie: Extreme Cosby Crossing Golden Roseanne The X-Rles 'Money Talks" (1997) Extreme Charmed "House Call" Stripperella Angel ffl 1995) Harrison Ford, ffl Osbourne Show IRocktord ••••••• Moyle: * * * "Catch Me If You Can" (2002) 'PG-1 3' ffl Movie: ** "National Security" Movie: **rHart'» War" (2002) 'R' E Hookers [ Movie: ** "Cradle 2 the Grave" (:05) Chris Isaak Show [Boxing endometriosis, please urge her to talk to her doctor about it. It could change her life. Finally Blessed with Children in Alberta, Canada Dear Alberta: Thank you for your valuable letter. Extremely painful menstrual cycles are one symptom of endometriosis, and early treatment can make a huge difference. Contact the Endometriosis Association (endometriosisas- at 8585 N. 76th Place, Milwaukee, WI 53223 for information. For a list of online resources around the globe, check out Dear Annie: I have a married son who never comes to see me. He says it's easier for me to go to his house. He will drive right past my home on his way to church or to his mother-in-law's, yet he never stops by. When a hol- rolls around, or my birthday, he'll phone and say he has a gift for me, but I have to go to his house to pick it up. I never receive pictures of his children, even when I ask for them. Of course, the situation is reversed with his wife's family. They are taken out to dinner all the time, get more presents on holidays, and he is often at their house fixing things. I can't even get him to come into my home, let alone do anything for me. I'm scheduled for minor surgery soon, and when I tried to tell him, he was too busy talking about his in-laws, and I gave up. I don't know where I went wrong. I have ceased to exist for my son and his family. The grandkids are not allowed to stay at my house, yet the other grandma gets them whenever she wants. What can I do? - Lonely Grandma Dear Grandma: How sad that your son doesn't make a greater effort to keep you in his life, but it only fuels resentment to compare your treatment with the in-laws', keeping a record of who's "winning." Can you warm up the relationship with your daughter-in-law? It might help. Meanwhile, don't rely on Sonny to be your social outlet. Volunteer at a hospital, join a health club, work for a politician, sing in a choir. Get involved and fill your life with people who will care about your welfare. Looking for the best coverage of the local arts & entertainment scene? People? Lifestyles? Sports? Business? you'll find it in the The Ukiah Your ONLY Local News Source, — Call— 468-3533 to subscribe I The Ukiah IDAIL Highest number URMAL subscribers in 4

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