The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 14, 1967 · Page 3
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 3

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1967
Page 3
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Child care cost estimated at $1,500 each per year AND "If you ilfitrt) out whit It costs to rilie Junior from birth to age 18, you'll find you hive i good slstd Investment-flome- DUce between $15,000 and $21,. 000," lay* Miss Myrtle Hewitt, eitenalon home economist, who took the figures from i survey of consumer expenditures, a research project from the U. S. Department of Agriculture and U. 8. Department of Labor, "Whether figures come out close to the top or the bottom, depends on how many children are In the family. It also reflects the family's Income bracket, "Figuring on this basts, an New livestock information * i- programs available now : Modern agriculture's need to Know about livestock markets Is increasing and the Information to supply this need is Improving rapidly in Iowa as four njew livestock Information programs have been started in the sjtate during the past 18 months according to Gene Futrell, farm economist at Iowa State University, Ames. ; The reports are on 1) direct sjtles of slaughter cattle. 2) feeder pig and feeder cattle sales, 3) wholesale meat trade, and 4) cittle on feed. ; The feeder livestock sales and wholesale meat reports are released dally (Monday through Erlday) to major wire services spid subscribing newspapers. The report on direct sales of slaughter cattle is Issued twice weekly sind is also available to all Iowa njaws media. ; The cattle on feed report comes out around the middle of each month. This report also goes to newspapers and broadcast stations. Individuals may also order it without charge. .', The market report of direct sales of slaughter cattle at Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota markets includes Information on-Volume, trade sentiment, market trends and prices. Prices- are quoted on different grades of slaughter steers, cows price, volume and quality of feeder cattle, calves and pigs sold. Until this report was begun last fall, there had been no regular and official program of price reporting on feeder sales within the state. The market report of earlot wholesale meat sales In lowacov- ers wholesale prices on earlot sales of steer, heifer and cow beef and pork. This report provides livestock feeders and processors with greater information on price conditions In the meat market and should help In estimating live animal values. The monthly cattle on feed report for Iowa gives the number of cattle on grain feed at the start of each month plus the number of cattle placed on feed and marketed during the previous month. Iowa, the leading cattle feeding state, now joins California. Arizona, Colorado. Nebraska and Texas In this service. Quarterly reports of cattle on feed have been available for these and other feeding .states for many years. The first three reports are financed under matching funds programs by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Federal-State Livestock Market News Office In Des Molnes collects and issues these reports. The cattle on feed report Is also financed by the state department of agriculture and USDA. It is released by the Iowa Crop and Livestock Reporting Service. You can get on the mailing list for this report without charge by writing to 506 Iowa Building, Des Molnes 50307. Leonard Kirchhofffs attended perk producers conference extra $630 to $1,800 per year will be needed for each child In the family. In a family with six children, $9,000 could be lived up each year Just by the kids themselves. "The average figure III this study is one of three children In a family living on i (arm In the north central region of the U. S, For the first year of life, he costs only $860 Compared to his 17th year when he totals out at $1,470 for the year- an increase of 71 percent. "Where does the money go? One of the biggest items Is food. When he's a baby, this isn't much: only $160 per year. But once that enormous teen-age appetite hits, the cost goes up to $380 per year. In 18 years, food expenditures account for $5,440. "Housing Is figured on a share basis. He pays his share not only on the annual costs of the house, but also for running and furnishing it. So with only one child in the family, his shire is high whereas with several children to divide this cost with their parents, the yearly figure Is cut quite a bit. On the aver- the housing cost runs about •v, or $5,640 for the 18 years. 'Transportation Is also figured on the share basis and runs between $160 for the early years of a child's life to $240 for the period from ages six through 17. The total cost for the 18- year period Is $3,840. "Clothing takes the next major swatb-$2,640. The period of highest cost Is at ages 16 and 17, about $240 a year. "Some expenses involved In raising a child were not figured in this survey. Among those were the value of all services received from the government including the cost of the public school system and the maay health services provided. ..Consequently the figure for medical care and edocatka run quits small per child. Approximately $50 per year Is spent oa medical, $900 for the total 18 years. and about $40 per year Is spesi on education from elementary through high school, a total of $480? "Other costs total about $150 per year or $2,820 for all 18. included In this figure are per* sonal care, recreation, reading and other miscellaneous family expenses." Quick breads workshop for Farmerettes The regular meeting of the Humboldt Township Farmer- ettes 4-H Club was held January 9 at the home of Miriam Mackintosh with Vlcki Lempke as co-hostess. President Diane Markman presided and roll call was answered by 12 members. Illustrated talks were given by Miriam Mackintosh, "The Many Kinds of Milk at the Grocery Store," and Vickl Lempke, "Quick Ways with Sandwiches. 1 ' Sue Paeper, Vickl Lempke and Jean Zeman showed the posters of "The Four Basic Food Groups" which they had made and Diane Markman gave a talk on the second part of "A Girl and Her Figure." Slides were shown on "Effects of Pan Size and Material of Pan on Quality of Baked Products." Leaflets on milk and a guide to good eating were handed out to the members and the senior girls received a booklet on cookie recipes, Intermediate girls on cake making and Junior girls on party partner. Bingo was played for recreation with Susan Elsenbarth and Cynthia Wilson in charge. Mothers present were Mrs. Hartley Mackintosh and Mrs. James Lempke. A workshop, "Quick Breads for the Junior Girls." was discussed and will be held January 28. The next meeting will be held at the bone of Diane Markman I The market report of feeder •gs and feeder cattle and calves sold, at selected Iowa auction markets gives information on t Stomachs topic of 4-H meeting Vernon Boosters 4-H Club met Monday evening, January 2, with David Trask. There were 22 members and two leaders, Dr. Ronald Cuss and Robert Oppedahl, present. The lesson was given by Fred Hefty who talked on "Parts of Ruminant Stomach" and by Dr. Cuss who discussed '• Ruminant and Non Ruminant Stomachs." : Lunch was served by Mrs, Charley Trask. HUMBOLDT-Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Klrchhoff spent Wednesday and Thursday, January 4 and 5, in Des Molnes, Iowa, where they attended the Iowa Pork Producers' Conference at the Veterans' Auditorium. On Wednesday evening, they attended a banquet wltfctbe group at the Savory Hotel In observance of the organisation's silver anniversary. Mr. Klrchhoff was the Humboldt County winner of the Swine Producing Award In 1958. While in Des Molnes, Mrs. Klrchhoff visited a cousin, Mrs. Dennis Rock. They also visited Flower City and an antique shop. Bruce WUcox left for Scott Air Force Base, HI., after spending a 15 day leave at the home of his parents/Mr, and Mrs. Richard WUcox, of Humboldt. f Markets Qraln Quotations Jan. U, 1967 0»U. . . .H. .;.........75 Corn. .... ..;., ...... I.W Beans. . . . ... . .....2.78 SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE OF VETERINARY SUPPLIES INSTRUMENTS And STOCK REMEDIES CLEMENSON Prescription Pharmacy CO-OP FEDERAL LAND BANK LOANS Long Terma .Low interest You eon tod* up to 40 yeori to pay. SEE- GLEN E.YATES MANAGER KENNETH JASPERSEN FIELDMAN Across street from new Post OMlco _ Ground floor loco, tion 214 South 8rh Street Fort Dodge, Iowa BILL COFFEY FIELDMAN at tho Farm Bureau Bldg. in Pecohentai SAVE BABY PIGS! WITH THE NEW CASWFLL ALL STEEL ,X£*^V "FARRO-CRATE"^'^ Prevents Sow F Crushing Bqby P So»« OM, fWO M •«•» Ml* a4« Mf' I «tth tho M» CnwtM "rMtt-CNM!" Prevent! low from overlaying baby plgi at farrowing time. Hint an nil-Heel collapsible unit thai can be hung up or stored outside the farrowing houie when not in use. It'i cheaper than lumber! Don't lake chancel . . . the plgi saved will won pay for a crate. Complete farrowing setup, with connecting panels also available, No need for wood- < en pens. Many other advantages. Get all the facts now on this new, modern, safe way to farrow pigs. COUAPSIWJ o LOW COST • AUSTKL • POUT ABU • COMPUTI Evai Kvkor RFD 2, Phont 2689 Pocahontas, Iowa tit WAIT 'TIL SPRING Book Your Fertilizers Aid Pesticides Now! Toke Delivery During January Buy Early aid Save United Svpply of Anibei Greiilei Oi Moid CUSTOM FARM SERVICES, INC '*' IN iMttlM, ••Mill STATIX I I INI Of Ff I Bulk Delivery Griidiig and Mixing Com* in and lot us loll you about tho Coop fftd program. Wo Hovo tpfcialiitd food roprosontotivos that c«n holp yew with your hog, poultry, and coMlt footing programl Yoe May Pick Up Year Amsoy Seed Beans Nowl R CHICK I OUR I PRICifi Co OP ELEVATOR Co Itsson to bt January 16 The Home Economics Exten* slon committee announces a bread baking and roll demonstration conducted by Miss Myrtle Hewitt. Extension Home Economist from 7-9:30 p.m. January 10, In the extension meeting room. The demonstration win be free and open to the public. The building Is located one block west and one block south of the hotel with the entrance to the basement on the south side of the building. Miss Hewitt wUl Include the short cuts and up to date Information In bread procedures, various methods and varieties. Key points will be demonstrated in order for anyone Interested In working with bread dough can proceed on their own with excellent results. The meeting will start promptly at 7 p.m. Bring pencil and paper for a few notes. Kim Law new Trojans member Kim Law was accepted as a new member of the Rutland Trojans 4-H Club Wednesday evening, January 4. The club met mil After tf*flM«4lmi,Mr«, ot? tttmtmtto, full A Amftrmtimm: \\*totitoti~mitu'dir(*mii law aeconmiif ^ ai..rhi c^RMm.*** Roll otn "What C*rl*nMS food f tepk fef Avery Lflw %,* .» im?*** ._,_ |»~~J I M^L flnli bm, three leaders, a»4 eight llOOa LIKK UUD MofNrt *«fe pnsnt. AM* The Averv Good Luck 4-H Club met in the Methodist church basement January 4 with 22 mem* hers present plus the leaders and visitors. The group decided to ask Mrs. Larson to tell them about decorating cakes and to ask their mothers to the Meeting. Shelfren, Connie S« ward'and Janls Munson and demonstrations were given by Elizabeth Miller and Shirley Lanus. A gin exchange was held and the members played games. bef aed Rhonda HlpptA a*d Marcla Olton pttytrj t clarinet duet. Drain Nelson (ave A Chf istmas readlnf and Mo RMMmttr also played an organ mnitbtr. Miry Johnson resd several CkrlsMMi poems, and Christmas Cirolf •ere sung by the group, seeoffi* panted by Oune vorrle, Loneh was served by Cindy Chrlstlao- son, Marcla Olson, Shelly Hip- pan, and Kathy and Vicky Weston. .','•-., READtTHE WANT ADS LIVESTOCK NEEDS CALL ON US OR COMC1N ANYTIME SEE OUR STOCK OF DRUGS AND PHARMACEUTICALS FOR ANIMAL DISEASE CONTROL Dial 332-1873 LARSON Rexall DRUG STOW-SKOW, Inc. HUMBOLDT, IOWA TOUR DCALCM CULTIVATORS with "ADJUSTO-MTCH"* and 'UVC-LCAr Shank Action I COVER UP TO >/ 3 MORE GROUND WITH YOUR PRESENT POWER! Exclusive "ADJUSTO-PITCH" feature with Live-Action thanks makes Glencoe the top performing Cultivator in any field—with sweeps or shovels, for any crop or toil. Instant power-impact vibrations set up at the tool point by Uw "Live-Leaf spring action reduces draft and lets you cover more ground faster and easier. "ADJUSTO-PITCH" allows you to adjust shank angle for maximum performance in any of three working positions. Available also in Mounted sad Wing Models to 42'. See our display today I Ask for a demonstration. •P.HM.d and TM of r«UN. omur Hit. Co. PORTAILE ELEYATOI MFG.CO. Gloncoo, Minn. • Uoomlnflfon, M. AUCTION SALE HOUSES, GARAGE and GRAIN STORAGE lUltDING SATURDAY, JANUARY 28,1 P.M. SOUTH SIDE AGIICULTUUt ASSOCIATION INC. IIOCI HUMIOLDT, IOWA LARGE 2-STORY HOUSE $*t* on west part of block; 4 rooms and bath downstair*; 4 '«•**• and bath uptrairt. Has ba«n u»«d as 2 apartments in tho pa*t. SMAUEI HOUSi BonaaU type house). 5 rooms and hath all on an* flea*, located southeast corner and recently purchased from Mr, one) Mrs. Don Dickey. Excellent condition. Available For Inspection Jan. 23 ATTiHTION FAWilS . 61AM IINS U hint with ahwt 1QQQ »ushal capacity Mch. Hessor bottom*, stlf cleaning. ViitahU for »tora§a of toyfe*** at cm Ui JD' * 1-CAR 6AIA6I AH iwitk* moved .Hhy April 1 TiftMS: &K Pt*« GNiy tf Sslo «<•* lw« • o>t in 3MtM P*K*il tUtft*. *;, v ^;\*b y|% i> ^".fe' AGI ; jx tTrE^T ''WjAa*!

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