The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 22, 1981 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 22, 1981
Page 5
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Sunday, November 22,1981 — The Salina Journal Page ft Readers write to the Editor The ERA isn't vague After reading Carolyn Simm's letter In Sunday's paper, I felt an urgent need to write and share my feelings and views about the ratification of the ERA. Throughout her letter Carolyn Simms hinted about "a piece of information", "alarming facts", and "legal ramifications of the ERA", but not once did she share any useful facts. She said enough to arouse apprehension and suspicion but never flatly stated any real facts as to why she was shuddering. The ERA is not vague and ill-defined. Section I will guarantee us equality of rights. Doesn't the U.S. Constitution state that all men are created equal? Section II states that 'Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article." Nothing new, the wording was taken from Section 5 of the 14th Amendment. The same measures are found in the 13th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, and 25th Amendments. Vague and ill-defined? The 14th Amendment was adopted in 1868. Its Equal Protection Clause demands protection from sexual discrimination. We have the Equal Pay Act, the Civil Rights Act, but states and courts, in practice, do not enforce these laws and will not until there is governmental authorization for equal rights. The ERA will guarantee that "The equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the U.S. or by any state on account of sex". The U.S. Constitution reads "that all men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights,", that among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Women had to fight for the right to vote! Women had to fight for protection from sex discrimination? Why? The Constitution states "that all. men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights". Aren't women included under this classification? Don't women have "certain inalienable rights-"? We desperately need the ERA to guarantee our individual rights which we should already have under the Constitution. How would passage of the ERA cre- ate "more big government, less freedom, more taxes and inflation"? The American dream and parts of American reality stem from the principle that government and state power must be checked and have specific limitations. The Constitution, our system of checks and balances, our Bill of Rights, all secure this principle. Since the writing of our Constitution, this protection has been increased and adjusted to meet changing conditions of times and needs. We need to reassert and strengthen our individual rights and constitutional protection before they diminish and exist no more! Mentioned in her letter was the undermining of traditional and God-given family existence and implied that the ERA will be the cause. Throughout history the structure and form of the family has changed and will continue to change and evolve to meet the changes of social and economic processes. We also have to deal with technological and ecological changes that affect our lives, whether we realize it nor not. The feminist movement is not the cause of these changes but is a result of the displacement that American women are facing today. We arc living in an age of vast scientific and technological accomplishments, of rapidly developing knowledge, of spreading and unfolding consciousness, of a sudden burst of creativity. Such dramatic changes are bound to bring about some changes in our traditional principles and precepts and values, no matter how desperately we may want to hold on to them. People that oppose the ERA are doing so with masked threats and implied danger. These methods are so very effective! The letter made me realize how crucial it is to reach people and clear up facts and expose distortions aimed at the ERA. - MARY POWELL, 2141 Mars; LEILA STREET, 1329 Winona; WANDA LYNN, 114 W. Kirwin; KIM HARRIS, 500 S. Phillips; RITA ALBRIGHT, 1016 W. Ash; CHARLENE LAUDENBACH, 459 S. Clark; LISA LANTZ, RR#1 , Salina; CATHY CHERRY, 604 Rocket; GLORIA TAYLOR, 521 N.E. 7th; LINDA HOOK, 636 McAdams. Thanks DEAR EDITOR: I would like to take the time tot thank the staff of Haw- thorne School. Many parents do not thank our teachers for the time and effort they spend working with our children. I really do appreciate all the things you are doing with my children. My son is eight years old and has a learning disability; however he does not feel bad or dumb because of this and I feel this is because of all the staff members and their, attitudes toward helping him to learn in a variety of ways. He has been provided an educational program that fits his needs. I would like to thank Kent Trimmell, Lyn Ryan, Marilyn Wright, Mrs. Rupe, Mrs. O'Neal, Mrs. Counter and the Principal, Lois Gay, for all their extra special help. - JERRY JONES, 2728 Melanie Lane. May each of us choose wisely, well SIR: Our nation has set aside one day each year for us to be thankful. But ought we not to have a spirit of gratitude through all the days? We have so much, and enjoy it so little. We have every thing except a grateful heart. Do we appreciate the opportunity to live in this good country? Of course, it is not perfect, as all of us are often painfully aware. But, in mankind's long struggle to develop better government, this is the best so far. Of every hundred people born in this world, only six are born in the United States. We are one of the six. Do we give thanks for the privilege of living here? Each of us ought to accept a responsibility to help make our country, and our government better, having qualities of moral tightness and genuine integrity. The government is made up of people. We will have a better government when we have better people. In the meantime, let us be grateful for all that we have, and earnestly push toward a better country. Do we really appreciate this unique opportunity to be a human being with all the vast potential that is open to us? We have aU the resources of human personality at our disposal, to use as we choose. We can fritter away our resources on instant satisfactions, such aa drugs and exccessive personal freedoms, which leave a person with nothing of real value. In fact, he ends up with much less than he had when he started. Or, we can use our resources to build a life that will be filled with permanent, long-term satisfaction — a life that will look good to us, and also to others. We can even make it be such a life as will win the approval of God, Himself, as He seeks individuals to be citizens in "A Kingdom wherein dwel- leth righteousness". But the choice is up to each one ... No one can choose for us. Each one of us can elect, or choose, to make our own best self to be ruler in that area that is given to us. Someone has said, "The choices we make are the hinges of destiny". May each of us choose wisely and well. Let us be grateful that we have a chance to choose. — ALFRED COOK, Agra. We just don't want to be raped, robbed DEAR SIR: Now John McCormally has been joined by smiling Richard Reeves on their ostrich farm of gun controllers. Messing up a half page in this fine paper, Reeves is appalled by the fact that millions of citizens, like you and me, are arming themselves. Neither McCormally, who fought the war down to the last typewriter, nor Reeves has addressed the real issue: The lack of law enforcement in all parts of this land. Reeves cites some suspicious surveys conducted by George Gallup (who picked Dewey to beat Truman) to support his plea for gun control. Why these writers have such a visceral feeling about guns is beyond me. Also, they don't seem to realize that the National Rifle Association is made up of people who simply don't want to be raped, robbed or murdered, just like you and me. — ROGER BILLINGS, Delphos. Appalled by Gideon article DEAR SIR: I was shocked with your November 8th article in reference to removing the Gideon Bible from the schools. With the world revolving in a vicious circle, I don't understand how we can dispose of things we need most in life. Our children today grow up in a society that exposes them to drug abuse and alcoholism, only to mention a couple of areas of concern that aid in juvenile delinquency. I think the possession of the Bible should be a matter of choice for a boy or girl and not the choice of the Board of Education. You stated it is illegal to pass out the Gideon Bibles, but if I may refresh your memory, God's law came about long before the law of the land and they should be honored and obeyed, too. I feel great sorrow and pity for those staff members involved in the decision of banning the Gideon Bible from our schools, and I hope and pray many Christians will take a stand against those who want to remove the Gideon Bible. - BILL LEPPING, 2064 Roach. (Editor's note: The Journal article didn't say it was illegal. .It said the Kansas Association of School Boards thinks it might be.) Thanks, Salina On behalf of the Knights of Columbus, Council 601, I want to thank the people of Salina and the area for making our recent Tootsie Roll Day project a real success. During the weekend of Oct. 9th and 10th, while passing out approximately $500 worth of candy, we received more than $3750 in donations for the retarded citizens association. More than 80% of these profits will be given directly to the Saline County Association for Retarded Citizens, with the remainder being sent to the state K of C council for projects that are sponsored on the state level. I wish to extend my gratitude to {he stores, shops, banks, shopping centers, etc., that allowed us in the areas around businesses. A great big thank you goes to the general public of Salina for the generosity and courtesy shown to us at this time. It was tremendous. This year, as in each previous year, we surpassed the year before. This was accomplished by the superb efforts and cooperation of all members and friends who worked so hard and so many hours on this project. — CARL STRECKER, 1216 Windsor Dr., Knights of Columbus, Tootsie Roll Chairman. Opening day The full moon smiled its light that night As we camped beside the lake, And the fire smoked cool before our eyes As we watched the embers bake. And we talked of things that we had seen and As we waited for the sun, A mist moved in from the sea of grass And hid the eager guns. The pheasants woke up early while The moon still claimed the sky- The young cock crowed from the old hedge row He sensed no danger nigh. The bird then led his harem towards the milo by the lake; Through the tall wet grass He led his flock- No chances did they take! The hunters waited through the dawn With shotguns fully loaded; Successful men with families And bellies rather bloated They'd come here to the great outdoors To see nature their own way, And make the pheasants tumble When the night turned into day The sun rose up on all of us To paint the morning sky, And as we watched God in his glory The pheasants began to die. The still-wet day was shattered By the hunters' barking guns; .410's, .12's, and .20's spoke "Pheasants, your life's done!" Now I'm riot condemning hunting- I shoot my gun too And I like to watch the sun rise And feel the early dew; But I have to stop and wonder— What if pheasants had guns, too? — DON WAGNER, Bennington. Letters Wanted The Journal welcomes letters to the editor but does not promise to print them. The briefer they are the bitter chance they have. All are subject to condensation and editing. Writer's name must be signed with full address for publication. Letters become the property of The Journal. WHILE SUPPLY LASTS Grade 'A' Turkeys C 10 To 14 Lb». 37 $49 Lb. Limit 1 With $20.00 In Other Purchases BEEF OR PORK •1.39 Grade 'A' Tom C Lb. Norbest TURKEYS TOMS 69° Lb. HENS 79° Lb. Butterball & Honeysuckle Turkeys Available Boneless HAMS only 1.69 Lb. Swift Prem. Dinner FRANKS ...99*u>.pkg. Fresh CRANBERRIES o 12 Oz. Cello Bag California RED GRAPES. Kansas YAMS T Lbs. White Russet POTATOES "a"' 1 • 19 Head LETTUCE... Red RADISHES .*£' CIVETHAHtf Snoboy Calif. Pascal CELERY. Texas Ruby GRAPEFRUIT 3 F ,, $ 1 49* 89° For May the spirit and tradition of Thanksgiving bring you. and yours closer together. We wish you all a happy day. WEEKS WILL BE CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING DAY SO ALL OF OUR FAMILIES MAY BE TOGETHER. Bestyet MUSHROOM SOUP 3 For *1 Bestyet TOMATO SOUP. 4 For 88* Bestyet CHICKEN NOODLE .3 For *1 Bestyet SALAD DRESSING 89 C Bestyet SALAD OIL '1.79 Bestyet PRUNE JUICE 99* Seneca APPLE JUICE *1.49 Carnation MILK 2 For 98* Pillsbury CAKE MIX 69° Pillsbury RTS FROSTING '1.49 Bestyet ORG. JUICE $ 1.29 Pillsbury FLOUR 79 e Ore-Ida CRISPY POT *1.19 Kell. RICE KRISPIES '1.29 Patio MEXICAN DIN *1.09 Jif PEANUT BUTTER. '1.69 Golden WAFFLES 89* Dynamite POPCORN '1.69 Krispy CRACKERS 69* Arm. Chili W/Beans 89* p.p. Wheat BREADi 79* Royal PUDDING. 3 For '1 weeks BUNS 2 For 88* Banquet FROZ. DINNERS 59* Bestyet L. Fat MILK '1.69 Kraft AMER. SINGLES '3.69 Kraft CHEEZ WHIZ $ 1.29 Strong Ht. DOG FOOD 5 FOR '1 Downy SOFTENER »3.29 Purex DETERGENT '1.49 Puffs FACIALS 79* Charmin FAMILY PAC '1.49 ONE STOP SHOP Rc-pciooor AND SAVE AT CRUSH 2 Liters Guy's Potato CHIPS 1 Lb. Bag Diet or Regular DR PEPPER 8 Pk. 16 Oz. Ctn. Salina's Complete Food-Department Store ••••••••••••••1

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