The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 1, 1947 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1947
Page 3
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Hagerstown Has Sufficient Coal Hagerstown will not be caught short by John L. Lewis' six-day mourning- period for the blast victims of Centralia, 111., local coal dealers reported Monday. The city has an ample supply of the black- fuel on hand with more in transit and with warm weather coming closer by the day, no hardship is anticipated here. Local dealers said ihat even if they wouldn't get a shipment for two weeks or more they could still meet all reasonable demands. Hagerstown is so situated, they said, that coal shipped from West Virginia and Pennsylvania mines are usually on local coal yard trestles within three to four days and in customer's cellars within another dav. • NOW SHOWING « CONTINUOUS 1 To 11 P.M. FULL OF WARMTH AND LAUGHTER! SONSS YOU'LL HUM and WHISTLE LAST TIMES TODAY CONTINUOUS 1 To 11 THIS V.;;. -. jiV'. iU't ty eorge O'Brien WHISPERING TOMORROW ONLY GIRLS!..; GAGS!.. GOLD GALORE... imny treasure hunt recks th* Roctcltt! -» *KNt JEFFREYS-YVALLY BROWN •is ADRUN-MORGAN CONWAY-AUN CARNEY HUNT ST«OM8»G LAMARR SANDERS-HAYWARO Based on the novel "The Strange TOMORROW ONLY G. C. F. presents VIVIEK CLAUDE LEIGH*- RAINS in CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA' WODUCED AND DIRECTED BY wilh STEWART GRANGER Pforo Rofcjon • Francis L Sullivan l wifh DAVID O.SEIZNICK Jfs a Temptation in TECHNICOLOR *«f»a»«d thru United DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Remain 5. On the ocean 9. Head of Rom. Cath. Ch. 10. Annoy 11. Cut for insertion into a mortise 12. Qn fire 14. Frosted 15. Locust-tree 16. Measure (Chin.) 1 17. Antelope (So. Afr.) 18. Erbium (sym.) 19. Slowly (mus.) 22. Droop in the middle 1 25. Sling around 26. Young horse 29. Ostrich-like bird 31. Step 32. Grand " Chancellor (abbr.) .34. Short sleep 36. Exist 37. Permits 40. Beautified tract of land 42. American bandmaster 43. French author 44. Asterisk 45. Arabian chieftain 46. Weird (var.) 47. In North Africa, a valley (var.) DOWN L.ParticuIar 2. Quality of a sound 3. Footless 4. Yearning 5. Counting device 6. Couch 7. Man's name 8. Eagle's nest 11. Money drawers 13. Organ ot hearing 15. Indefinite article 17. Depart 20. Regret 21. Jewel 23. Division of a play 24. Gazelle (Tibet) '27. Collection of books 28. Travels by ox-cart 30. Incautious 31. Spain (abbr 32. Fuel 33. Shut Yesterday's Answer 35. Roman pound 38. Musical instrument 39. Eskers ) 40. Cougar 41. Among 43. Moisture 20 TT 47 operate as best suited to their individual requirements. For iu-' stance, go to work at 7 a.m. instead of 8 a.m., and close one hour earlier than they do. That is what used to happen. Twenty or 25 vears ago all industry began work •u 1 iu the morning, and that is what the majority of people want. The farmer objects to setting the clocks ahead, because regardless of whether they are set one hour, wo hours, or six hours ahead they •annot work their crops until after the dew has dried off. If advancing the time gives more daylight, then if a 'man gets .vungry at 9 in the morning he can just twiddle his watch up to 12 noon, and he can go home and sit down to the dinner table and it is dinner time. To, rne, personally, it makes no 26 4-1 Editors Letter Box Another Angle on Daylight Saving Editor, Morning Herald: I have been reading with quite a bit of interest the arguments concerning the so-called "daylight saving time". It is rather surprising to read the arguments presented for the adoption of the so-called "daylight saving time" by persons o£ our community who are reputed to be intelligent persons. And yet they advance the argument that it will give an extra hour of daylight for recreation, working home gardens, etc. Most all the arguments are so ridiculous as to amuse anyone. The sun will rise on its schedule and set on its schedule just the same, whether you set the clocks forward one minute, one hour, or one week. Man cannot change that. It is silly to think that by setting the clocks out of line you Fountain Service t Cauffman's Cut Rate 30 E. Washington St. Patent Medicines Sundrfet \ Cosmetics — Magazine! I Franklin Self Service I | 625 W. Franklin St. Ph. 4227-W | I PLENTY OF | | PARKING SPACE I I Out of the Congested Area I | Daily 9-6, Fri. & Sat. 9-9 | *STARLAND* | ROLLER RINK | I Security Road | = 1 Block from Pangborn Blvd. = | Skating Sessioni i 1 8-10:30 P.M. 1 i MONDAYS and THURSDAYS 5 f RESERVED | FOR PRIVATE PARTIES I § Sunday Matinee 2-4 P.M. f 1. Special Ratet to Partlet ,1 can lengthen or shorten the period ihe sun will shine each day. .lust consider the confusion caused by some communities observing fast time and others observing correct time. Consider the terrific expense and'wasted paper that we read about being almost unobtainable when our great railroad and transportation companies are obliged to cast away all the advertising literature, time schedules, etc., and have others printed to conform to the change in time. There is but one sensible and intelligent solution to the situation. Let clocks be correct time as intended and let industry and business CONTINUOUS 1H.M. to II P.M. THE AT WE NOW SHOWING MARK SONNY TUFTS ANNBHTH RUTHVAKKICK WILLIAM GARGAN • THOMAS GOMEZ MARY NASH • JOHN Lira Start Off With Sound Plans! ) Here at the Hagerstown Lumber Co. you'll find expert advice and help with all your planning. Our years of experience and training are at your service to help you build for comfort, convenience and permanence. Stop in this week and talk it over with us. 700 [fWDttiCK] RO. More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here is a pleasant way to overcome Joose plate ' discomfort. FAS- TEETH, an improved powder -sprinkled on upper and lower plates holds them firmer so that thev feel more comfortable. Xo gummy >?ooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Does )iot soar. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH today at iy drug store. - difference whether we ohsarve the so-called "daylight savings time" or not. Hut it is so silly, and yet our supposedly intelligeut citizens make so much ado about it. So I must say we are only kidding ourselves. We won't have any more or less daylight whether we set our clocks up or T^ack. It's just as silly as the little hoy who walke'd into the theater hack- ward, thinking the ticket-taker would think he was coming out. So why not be sensible? Sensible. The accordion was invented in 1820 in Vienna. Retailers Favor Daylight Saving The Hagerstown Retailers Bureau Lu a recent meeting voted 74 10 1 for daylight savings, Mayor Rirrhard H. Sweeney was advised in a letter received Monday from C. Robert Dean, the Bureau secretary The Mayor is also in receipt of a communication from a local industrial group that claims a cross section of 121! employes voted 121 to 5 in favor of daylight savings. The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md. Tut>Ml»>, April 1, 1947. Loans Made On Homes Since 1898 * A Natural Source For Home Financing is the Home Builders Savings & Loan Assn. 128 W. Washington St. Phone 3233 Commenting on the two letters, the Mayor said that it appears as if the citizens themselves are ljtinging the matter to a head and thai the whole question likely will be discussed at Thursday night's meeting of the Mayor and Council. Scientists estimate there are ahout 30,000 earth tremors annually. RENT A NEW CAR! and Drive It Yourself HERTZ SYSTEM LICENSE I "The World's Largest" LOW RATES - NO RED TAPE For Information and Re»ervatioiw CALL 4398 Pre-EASTER 1* DAY SALE! STARTS TODAY at 9 A. M. 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