Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 29, 1956 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1956
Page 17
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVENTEEN At EdivardsviUe League of Women Voters To Hear-Madge* Groshong EDWARDSV1LLE — Democrat Dick H. Mudge and Republican Edward D. Groshong, candidates for (he Madison Coun- j ty state's attorney post, will be principal speakers at a candidates meeting sponsored by the Ktlwardsville league of Womrn Voters in the courthouse here Tuesday evening. Ballots Being o Delivered To Poll Officials Youth Bitten By Snake As tte Climbs Bluff Jamas Lynch, 16, East Alton- Wood River High .School junior, was treated at Alton Memorial Hospital Sunday and kept there over night for observation after IK; had been bitten by a snake while climbing the bluffs, along MrAdams Highway. Me is the j day, policemen recovered the car son o: Mr. and Mrs. Zeph I.ynr.h ] and apprehended two boys, lo and Stolen Car Recovered; Youth Held Within an hour after a sedan of Dale Noudecker of 24.50 Mills Ave. had been stolen at 10:30 p.m. Sun- 5 Members Of Jury Fail To Appear After five members of the City Court venire failed to respond j to roll call in City Court today, j although listed as duly summon-1 ed, Judge Streepcr ordered a j reeheck made by the sheriff's ( office to determine the reason ' for the absences. Four of the apparent absentees were from EDWARDSVILLE. — Madison er of 524 Ferguson Ave., Wood'niv-' 18. who had driven it into a serv-1 Granjte Ci1y the jj^ th fmn1 F , ast ' • . _ ^i_i* .» „* tu,. (nnl jif CnfiMrr ' . >. Also scheduled to appear arej County Clerk Eulalia Hotz today! Young Lynch had accompanied. ice station at the fool o£ Sering ; Alton . avel1lle - clcrk reported early 14 of the 15 county candidates! began delivering official ballots j Mr. and Mrs. Howard Getting of j He'd as driver of the car is the! this aftemoo,- that the East Al- IM the Nov. 6 general election, j and supplies for the Nov. 6 elet- i Wood River and their son, Rob-! 15-year-old buy, who, police said.! ton juror, a woman, had been They will be Introduced in eir-Uion to poll officials in the 137ierl. on an automobile trip along: has a past history of joy-riding j in court but apparently had fail- cuit court room No. 1. The j Precincts over the county. 1 McAdams highway and James' thefts since age of 11. He was last • ed to make her presence known meeting, which is open to the « Today's deliveries, including ! and Robert had left the car to ; in "trouble" with the police last One of the Granite City venire- public, begins at 8 p. m. ! binders containing records of all Groshong and Mudge will each j registered voters for reference on election day. were made in the eastern portion of the county and in Moro Township. Miss Hotz is making the deliveries in person. She will turn over ballots and supplies Friday to election judges in Alton and Godfrey answer prepared questions sub- inited by the league and Gordon Dodds, junior high school principal here, will be the Moderator. Task Forcn Day EDWARDSV1LLE — Anyone who wants his gutter cleaned, shoes shined or windows washed can have it done Saturday by contacting any young member of Tiger Town. The board of directors of that YMCA sponsored organization with a membership of approximately 150, decided to hold a task force day then and have requested all residents who have odd jobs to be performed to contact the following phone numbers: 894-R; 1373-R; 1426 and 1878R. There will be a nominal charge for any service. Some of the other specific jobs which members are willing to do include car-washing, leaf-raking and baby sitting. 5 Edwardsville AreaResidents Enter Hospital EDWARDSVILLE — One birth was recorded at St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, fi\-e Edwardsville area residents were admitted and six patients were dismissed over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. George Gibson o' 718 Stolze St., are the parents of a nine pound 14 ounce baby boy born at 4:08 a.m. Sunday. The couple have four other children. Mrs. Gibson is the former Marcella Funston of Bethalto. climb the bluffs at time of the April when, according to police mishap. records, he admitted eight joy- Fearing that the reptile that j "des in as many stolen vehicles, bit the boy was of a poisonous variety, he was taken immediately to Alton Memorial Hos- ipital for treatment. He was per- Police said the case against the boy with the joyriding penchant will be referred to a parole officer, and meantime is under hives- j men was reported to be ill nnd under care ; i o doctor. Another was found to have been erroneously listed as served. And by Townships, after visiting the Tri- Citics area Thursday and making deliveries Wednesday in Wood River and Foster Town- ; body lodged in his throat: Jeff milled to leave the hospital this j tigation by a county probation of. rr<orning. Other patients treated at the hospital and then dismissed in- 1 p.m. only two absentees remained to be accounted for. Members cf the jury were dismissed for today when it became . necessary to reset trials of Roy ' K ' pr - i Kenneth Hill. 21, and James V. The 18-year-old boy. who said he i Aldrjch ]6 jointly indicted for had no knowledge the car «'asj armed roD ber y o l Brown Motor ships. Her schedule includes visits Tuesday to Collinsville, Nameoki and Chouteau Townships, and final deliveries Saturday to the nine precincts in EdwardsvilJe Township. Tigers To Have Mock Election eluded Earl Johnson, 29. ot 223 stolmii was rp ] ease d by police tot Ljne offi( . f , Hnd a]so for a minor Lamport St.. who had a foreign nis p; ,rents. He wrote a statement: burglary. for the police telling how his younger acquaintance picked him up for a ririe about 10:35 p.m telling him he had borrowed the automobile from a neighbor. He told how the two drove to Bethallo, Moro. Fosterburg and then back to Upper Alton so he could get his driver's license before they went further. At time of arrest, be said, they had left their home to go to the News of Grains Most Prkes Hold Range His<h Low Close Prev.Close Wheat Dec 2.35'i 2.34 2.34 1 2-<» '2.34-" s Mar 2.40% 2.39 2.39'i-^ 2.39*, May 2.40^ 2.39"* 2.39 ? v'U 2.39', Jly 2.30'* 2.29% 2.30-29"., 2.30 Sep 2.32% 2.31% 2.31 ".i-"s 2.31'i Corn Dec 1.37 s ji 1.37 1.37 1.37 Mar 1.42 ;! 9 J.4H& J.- May 1.45'.a 1.45 1.45 Jly 1.46'i 1.46U 1.4fP:i 1.46U Sep 1.447J, 1.44', 1.44V.< 1.44' s Oats Dee .80' z .79?i .SO .SOU Mar .81:» .81 .81VU .81-^ May .81»* .SO 3 ; .SO 7 * .SI Jly ,76'.i .75'.4 .75'» .im Sep .7H :; » .76 :1 s .7fi n s -"G's Rye ' Dec 1.59',-i 1.57 1.59'.r57 1.57" 4 Mar 1.63*4 1.60 : ?4 1.61',i-'4. 1.62 • May 1.64 a i 1.61'4 1.62-61% 1.62U Jly 1.58 : !i 1.56V* 1.5fi 3 4 1.57U Soybeans : Nov 2.44-4 2.40"4 2.41'-'.', 2.44 i 2.50',., 2.46'4 2.4KV47 2.4!) i 2.54'.', 2.50'i 2.51 U-V, 2.53 ! 2.57U 2.53 2.53 ;t t-54 2.56 f cows 11.00-13.00; few down to 10.50; canner and cutter cows 7.5010.50; largely 8.00 up with shelly; Sheep 2.300; good to prime mostly good and choice wooled lambs 17.50-20.50; rest not estab- , lished. kinds down from 7.00; utility anrlj_ — commercial bulls 11.00-13.00; good! Would End Political Parties heavy fat bulls 12.00 down; can-1 JAKARTA, Indonesia /P—Presi- ner and cutter bulls 8.50-11.00; i dent Sukarno called today for an goixi nnd choice vealers 19.00-lend to political parties in Indo- 19.0(1; good and choice slaughter i nesia. Many viewed the speech as calves 15.00-16.50; standard and j Sukarno's first move to set him- good 11.00-11.00. 'self up as a dictator. Germans now prefer filter cig* garettes. Read T«i T«ph W»nt Ada 0»tly '57 CROWN IMPERIAL YEARS AHEAD KEXKOAT MOTORS Inc. Ynuf Chrysler tmpcrlnl-Pljmonth 2«25 E. Brondwn.v 3-f778 BIG REPUBLICAN RALLY PLACE: GODFREY CIVIC CENTER TIME: 8 P.M. THURSDAY EVENING Nov. 1, 1956 Speaker: JOHN CHAPMAN—Lieulenanl-Governor LOCAL CANDIDATES TO BE PRESENT FREE-REFRESHMENTS Jan Mai- May Jly J..WVJ ATTENDANCE GIFT: An Electric Skillet rey Monroe, Hi-month-old son ot ; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Monroe of Godfrey, who incurred a lacera- i tion of his forehead in a fall from a highchair; Terrande Taul i 11, 1502 Sparks Ave., a Inecra- tion of the scalp, suffered when he ran into a barbed wire, and Robert Schlosser. son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schlosser of Rt. 1, Brighton, who sustained a laceration of a finger, inflicted by a pitchfork. Admitted to the hospital after treatment in the room was Rt. 1, Moro, who suffered laeer- tions of his hand. The injury was inflicted by a power saw. Set for trial on Tuesday's calendar are Richard James Neilson, indicted on charge of burglary; and Eo.gar Taylor, indie-t- ed on charg,: of disorderly conduct. 5 More Reports Of Hubcap Thefts Listed I EDWARDSVILLE. — High School students here will have a chance to pick their favorite presidential candidate Thursday, when a mock election is scheduled. All students will be able to! News of Stocks vote and polls will'be open f rom i _ 8 a.m. "until everyone has had! (V| OfuPt MfluPC a chance to vcfte," school of f ic j lf ldl liC l i'"""^ ials said. Arthur Apprill's sixth hour sociology class will tally the votes and the winner will be announced the following day. service station for oil, unknown- ing policemen in a patrol car had spotted the stolen vehicle j Five more reports of hubcap thefts were filed with the police Sunday. Livestock; Prices East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCK YARDS, 111. Ufi —(USDA) — Hogs .19,000: bulk mi.xed Nos 1 and 3 grade 180-260 Ib barrows and gilts 14.75-15.00; most Nos 1 and 2 grades 190-230 Ib 15.10-25; few 100 to 15.35; about 70 head mostly No 1 to 15.50; mixed grade 150-170 Ib 14.00-15.00; ' 120-140 ib 12.50-13.75; sows Nos 1 to grade 400 Ib down 14.00-50; | ROSCOE STILES' ORCHESTRA will play for your entertainment EVERYBODY WELCOME Metcalf Cage Coach at Scott EDWARDSVILLE — Lt. AdmVued~vere"mvrn"Davis of ] Geor K e Metcalf. son of Mr. and 314 Buena Vista St., Emmett I Mrs - Clyde S. Metcalf of 607 St. Moore of 312 Wolf St., Mrs. Esther-^Reed of 218 Coventry PL, Mrs. Elinor Thiems of 615 Sheridan Ave., and Miss Ella Clarkin of 411 Randle St. Dismissed were Miss Eileen Gussewelle of 721 Frederich St., Louis St., has been named coach of the basketball team at Scott Air Force Base. A star on the Edwardsville High School cage team before entering the air force, Metcalf pmpi-ppnrv - ' Motorists reporting the losses 3 in me emeifeency j an(J wpro fol i mving 1nem south j were William Bolt of 2015 Alby heavier sows mostly No 3 grade: Lawrence Sanders, 45, d(jwn Scrmg hil ,_ , _ ^ ^^ ^^ Qf 150g 1 13 .5o. 7 5; few mostly No 1 grade! -o. who suffered laeer- ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ lheft | E / Fourth st . EUjah Carpenter Bunder 350 Ib sows_to 14.75; boars was telephoned to the police by | of Edwardsville who visited Sun-; over 25 ° lb _ 9-'o-lLoO; lighter, Donald Hardbeck of 2443 Mill's , day on Maupin avenue; P. G. ; weights 15.00-50. ! Ave.. who reported he had seen i Burnett of 212a Cherry St.; and; Cattle 11,000; calves 2,000; aver-; a boy tampering with a car ' Monte Lowe of 824'i E. Fourth ' age good to low choice steers 21.00-: parked near his apartment. A St. 24.00; high choice mixed yearlings ; few moments later, he called j Three of the vehicles losing 25.50; good to average choice heif- i back to say the car had been i hubcaps were 1956 models of ers and mixed yearlings 19.00- driven off while he was making j the same make. : 24.00; utility and commercial : the first report. While he still i was talking, his neighbor. Dale Neudecker walked into his NEW YORK W—The stock mar-j apartment to report it was his ket made one of its best advances- (Neudecker's) sedan that was of the month today as industrials j missing. Neudecker gave the po- headed the rise late this after- j ]j L . e a { u j] description of the ve- noon. Pivotal stocks went ahead from; fractions to two points or so. Volume was estimated at around i SPECIAL NOTICE! SENATOR Everett DIRKSEN AND OTHER CANDIDATES will be happy to meet you at a PUBLIC RECEPTION—NOV. 1 Q00(j Mineral Springs Hotel 3 TO 6 P.M. EVERYONE CORDIALLY INVITED hide. Police cars then were notified by radio to be on the i watch lor the stolen vehicle. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS S — Produce and live poultry: Eggs, wholesale grades, large extras 39-40, medium extras 2324, standards 28 - 30, unclassified 20-21, small 12-15, undergrades 1719, consumer grades, AA large 40- .ati.3. i»«ii,T »m_^un»4i auu *t»iuuv j-""- j - — - . -t - _ -_ , nitiTVia *M son of 507 N. Kansas St., Ray j of 379 points, second highest^ on! ter financial report. Bright' pros- «• A large oS-o». A meaiums^- S-.'hlueter of Rt. 4, Joseph Sohaefer of 311 N. Clay St., Mrs. James Schlemer and infant son of 237 S. Filmore St.. and Robert Brendle of 229 Buchanan St. 2,200,000 shares compared with 1,- SOO.OOO Friday. President P^isenhower's favorable medical report was credited by brokers for the market buoyancy since it was seen as adding to his prospects for re - election. Encouraging business and industrial news were other factors mentioned. played with the Scott base team j U. S. Steel was up around a Mrs. Harry McQuinn and infant j last year and amassed a total j point on the eve of its third quar- EHS Halloween Party Slated Wednesday Night EDWARDSVILLE nusl high school - The an- Halloween party will be held in the gymnasium Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. The grand march, feature of the party, will begin at 8 p.m. Prizes will be given in the following classifications: most beautiful girl, most handsome boy, best witch, best disguise, most original, best national, most comic, best group and best famous person. Afterwards there will be dancing and refreshments. Navy Conijmny Enlisted EDWARDSVILL — A special the squad. His average was 14.?j poets for steel were cited as Ihe i 2 ->- B lar S e 2S ' 30> A smaU points per game. industry's shares rose. Bethlehem, J Butter. 92 score 62-62!;., 90 The new Scott base mentor at- j Youngstown and Lukens added j score 59^-60. 89 score 5L tended Bradley University at! around two points or more, Re-j Butterfat, Mo. stations No 1 44; Peoria before entering the air j public Steel a major fraction. ; No 2 39, 111. N o 1 44, No 2 41, force and is presently Adjutant! Coppers were aided by Kenne-i Ark. No. 2 41, Ky, Tenn.-Miss. No ' colt's higher earnings as the lat- 1 43, No 2 38. ter rose more than two. j Cheese, cheddars 3S 3 i - 40^, Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line i twins 41 1 2-^», flats 40?i-4Ui, long- gained more than two as news i horns 40 3 j- 1 2, muenster 40-41. came of its 2-for-l slock spin pro-'daisies 39U - ? 4 , rindless prings (current) 45-45'i. rindless prints <60 day i 47 s 4-49 3 i, process 40-41, brick 41 l i-42',i, swiss 48^-50%, of the student squadron. Man Attempts To End Dog Fight, Is Bitten Report was given the police late Sunday afternoon that Alex McGuiggan, 64. of 901 McKinleyi posal. 11 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p.m. Blvd. had been bitten by a stray j quotations on eleven New York dog when' attempting to break | and the canine visitor in his Exchange issues research | . has indicated are widely held!;...__ in the Alton area, as supplied to nearby cheese 1 cent less. Fowl, heavy breeds 13-14, hybrids, barebacks and Leghorns 11. He suffered wounds to his left hand and arm, and his shirt was torn, the report shows. Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes daily at 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not (h e closing quotations): Italians Demonstrate ROME /P— Student demonstrations in favor of Hungary and j Gen. Motors .............. 47 against communism flared today all over Italy. In Rome, students Olin-Math. Chem ......... 53 3 i stoned the Soviet Embassy. | Owens-Ill .................. 67'i ! Shell Oil 11, ol( ' stags 11, ducks, white 5 Ib-and up i 21-22. small 16, dark 12, muscovy ' 10 -11. geese IS • 20, turkeys tonu j (24-28 Ib) 24'a-25, single breasted i 21-22, hens (12-16 Ib) 26-27. single i breasted 23-24. guineas, 2k Ib up ST. LOUIS—Hay (per ton): Al- 1st and 2nd cutting 16.00 Na vy recruit company of 70 men j ntion of the founding of the Navy j sinclair O jJ' 59 IS.OO, 3rd - 4th cutting 20.00 - 25.00, was enlisted Saturday — Navy j n 1775. Its personnel! were e "-|.s ocon y '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'..'.'. 56 a i i prairie (Kansas) 34.00-36.25, Tim- Day — in ceremonies in St. Louis. Known as the "Navy 181st Anniversary Company", oath of allegiance was administered by Cmdr. Stephen J. Wolff. The group was enlisted in commemor- listed from this area. The company will undei-go nine weeks of recruit training as a unit at Great Lakes Naval Training Center with time out for a 14 day leave at Christmas, it was reported. Std. Oil (Ind) 59'iiothy and clover mixed (Mo-Ill) Std. Oil (NJ) 56 78 i 25.00 - 28.00; straw, wheat 14.00- U. S. Steel 69't i 16.00. Keep it under t space i helmet! OLDS FOR '57 has a New SPAN-A-RAMIC WINDSHIELD! Boil in view... Iniide and euil Oldtmobilt'i widtr, higher windshield meant greater round-the-corntr and overhead vUlonl Ceme In Friday, Nov. 91 §•• o//tht smart tlyllng accent! en the '57 Old* I *•• IT FRIDAY, NOV. O, AT OUR SHOWROOM! WALZ MOTOR CO. 1000 E. Broadway—Alton J'hones 8-0678 RAY MOTOR CO, liclwurdsvllle Koud at Whitolttw Ave.—\V'oo.«l IWver I'bonet 4-U8U9 Attend the One in Your Area EVANGELISTIC MEETINGS OCT. 28 THRU NOV. 1 8 P. M. (C.S.T.) Alton Area Witness (or ChrUt Evangelistic Mission BEREA LUTHERAN Corner Green and Gold Sts, Alton Speaker—Eugene \V. Belu FAITH LUTHERAN Godfrey Road, Alton Speaker—George Krause ST, PAUL LUTHERAN 3rd and Beech—Wood Itlver Speaker—Hev, W, Oegner TRINITY LUTHERAN Blair and Maple, Alton Speaker—Bertwin L. Frey CONCORDIA LUTHERAN Collate Hills, HI. Speaker—Oscar E. Hcllinan HOPE LUTHERAN No. Jefferson, Jerseyville Speaker—O. Schlcblnger ZION LUTHERAN Bethalto, III. Speaker—Elmer Nuunaber MESSIAH LUTHERAN Milton and Oakwood, Alton Speaker—Arnold Wagner The »ftl< Ol Sponsored By LUTHERAN CHURCHES Greater Allot* Area You're reading this NEWSpaper So dpes practically everyone else in the Greater Alton Area. If your livelihood depends on selling merchandise or a service, this is the place to advertise it . everyone reads newspapers. Are you USING . . . Are you RECOMMENDING .. the use of this NEWSpaper to back up your sabs efforts? Serving The Greater Alton Community hi more Than 120 Years ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MEMBER ILLINOIS DAILY NEWSPAPER MARKETS WHICH SERVE 91% OF AU DOWN5TATE HOMES.

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