Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 29, 1956 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1956
Page 15
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1'jjG ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE FIFTEEN MONDAY EVKMNO 6:00—(4) News—Ed Koath (ii) Weather—Puppets (36) Film Feature 6:05— Ci) Sportfl— Inghain 6:10—(4) Weather—Carmidiael 6:15— <4i Lcs Paul & Mary Ford (TO News—John Koedel Clfi) News—John Daly f5::?0— (-J) Political—Democratic i; : ;;0_(4) Robin Hood-When a scientist claims that he can him pewter into goid for money, Robin sdts out to disprove it. (5) Frankie Carle (36) News, Weather—Hayward. 6:40—(36) Bowling News - France 6:4. r >—(5) News — diet Huntley and David Brinkley who covered the conventions now share the newsoasting duties of this show. (36) Political—Democratic 7:00—(4) Burns and Allen — Ronnie in order to join a f rat or- illy must sfifnd Ihr entin- d.iy doing the opposite of what lie For Fast TV Service your set In our shop in the iiloriiiiiK. f'ick tip brlore 6 P. M. Square Deal Shop 720 K. UriiHihvnv I'll. 5-fltll WE REPAIR «, !))• Malif el RADIOS. 1 V». \\\ Mil RS. DRTT R« GAS and i;i.H Tltlf KAXdl.N taut mil Drprndahlp Srrrl* r \\t Art Al Clii», \ t Your Jel'phont DIAL 1-7MI WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES »S01 STATi: ST Al TON CALL 3-3500 P H 1 3 5 0 0 Television Service ALL MAKES KXPKKlb.NCKD TECHNICIANS Guaranteed PaitJ and Tubes Milo Wells, Inc. 2613 Stale P H 3 3 5 0 0 ALUMINUM St«rm Wlndowt, Door*. Air Matl TIII-O-Mlllr ALUMJM.'M Jtl«oil» Door I'"" thl'k POKl'H KNCUOStltE Imleotl* Dfltiblr Hanc Hindovr f re* OtlwAtrt ORXAM£XTAL IKON KAIU.NGS—COLUMNS ALUMINUM A\VNlN<iS N* Dvwa PtrmrDl. 3« Met, Cox's Home Supply Co. North Allan IB lh« K'dlt %-I.MI Re>. t.ix On TV! with John /V. Jonei normally docs. (5) Sir Lanrolot. Lancplot helps out Kin.t' Mark in his be- j seigcr) castlp with^ sr'Crpf l)Httlp ; plan from King Arthur in "Winged Victory". i Ifli College MatVipmatirs. I C',6) Orirnt Express — Ad- : vf.'Mtnrp scries on film. " M i si Boy". ! 7::'iO—cn Talrnt Scouts— Arthur. Godfrey. (5) Stanley — Stanley (ol- ' lows the old adage — clothes niakrs the mnn as he tries to bn i a big pxecutivp. i I3fi) Political — Adlai K. ' Stevenson and Senator John F. Kennedy speak in Boston. 7: 4!i — (9 1 General Psychology — "The Psychology of Efficiency in Study". 7: ').">— (5) Political— Republican 8:00— Ml I Love Lucy — Lucy helps a Venetian gondolier they met on thr>ir European trip when i he comes to N'PW York seeking i ln'lp in Im-.-ilinp a San Francisco addii'sv j (Til Medic. ! t:\Ri Bishop Slipfii spewks of people in Pakistan, the Tonya Island and New Guinea. i g.?,0_Mi necemlyr Rrido — In an attempt to s-~.ll the HenMi.v.v, Ivnii", I.ily r-itn- up huvi.'ii; .'( h-' 1 ! 1 '" tiini tiui'-t he rno\ed to ni;'ili fi vv.i\ f^r a n"\v frct'wax'. i >\> JJaluTt .Mojilfiomcry — i "One Hnpht Day" stars Sidney ! Biacknicr, Storj 1 conc"rns the ; president of a dniR finn who returns from an illness to find : many changes in the business. j 'Hi Your Health j <.';(ii Movie — Hugh Beau-i mont ;ind Man, 1 Beth Hughes; .star in tiie mysiery "The Lady Onifesse.s". 9:C(l_i.ii studio On" — Tension mounts in a rani)) of western bottlers on their way to Oregon as Indian tomtom's beat in the . n.^ht. "American Primitive". ; ii-ti "Shakespeare on TV— "Tiie Death of Richard HI and; Kmr-r^/nre of Henry VII". ! ?:'.'."> — iji Political— Pa;pubhcan ; <i:'-y.i— i.'ii Federal Men — Walter 'ii'i'ai'a stars. "The (Jentieman Clir-r,: . j (.",*)* Reporter's Roundup, j 9:-i."i — i '.H B-'xikmark — "The Re- ; c,i\«?r>' of Family Life" by Elton The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart MONDAY USD (NRO) 550 KC RXOK (ABO) 630 liC KMOX (CBS) 1120 KC RUK (MBS) 1380 KC p. 7 8 9 10 9 o 11 12 r. M. 3 .15 JO .48 Bob Ingngm Freddv Martin New? News. Ballroom Ballroom Ballroom Tint Sports Lowell Newt: Soortt Man on thp Oo Morfian 8CHtt v One Miin's family Bob * R«v Show Henrv J ln.vior Vorhcrs Orrhit-lra Muvk* ConlrpHs Bellmom Ncv.-s Ballroom Nows News; Queen Roy (Juecn Bob Burncn Ed Murrow Newi rir.«t riv« Sporta Ueni. Commiifee Rolit. Q Lewis O'Haia NP'.VJ: Crabl* Bill Crnbk Bins Cro^by Crosby; Notebook Amos 'n Andy Ev c < of faith Newt Sport*: Alltl) D«v* Allen Soortj News: Heatter Gabriel Heatttr True Detective Election; Ftuntlty Header: On-h. Boston Orch. Critical I«>ue> First Flv« BID Crublt News NiKhl Music Ballroom Ballroom World New* Harry Fender Gil Newborn* Mrlodj- Tim* Night Miale New" Sign OU Muale Hour News; SportA New»; Tender Harry Fender Hhythm Suite Smooth Sailing Thought for Day TUESDAY John Rofdel Art's Notebook l(xla.v« Almani* AP N>wn Esrly Show Weather Karlv Show News Country Journal Salute Ozaik Varletlei Weather Jack 4i Jerrj Ncw» Jack & Jerry News Wfdlhrr lune Up dm« N r w.< Bruce Havward Weather Bruce Hayward World Kew» Rex Davl- Clockwatch«r i-port.- Jack & Jenr AP NCWJ Ed Wilson Show News Sports Nrv. t, Art' 1 * Notebook Bandstand Bruce Hayward Newi Bruce H«.v»ard World News Clockwatcher Newt Bd Wilson Newt Brcakfatt Club Arthur Godfrey Ed WILion f.'ewn Bandstand Tru« Storjt f?tri Marrlei Whispering Str«tt Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Club Howard Miller News; Wilson Kd Wilson Bandstand flevtt* NV.-.s; Hf»H<;r Carl Mrlntiie Art'* Nfttc'innk Carl Mclnttr* NV'-vs U'ratM^r Playhoust Party TOD Thirty Wendy Warren Backbtase Wit* Helen Trent Songs: Newt News: Revut Gil Ntw»om* New* Bruc« Hayward Newi: Headline! Ma Perkins Dr Malone Our Gal Sunday Jack & Jerry New? Playhouse Party Queen fnr a Day News. Hayward Bruc« Uayward Riirnt to Happlnett 2nd Mrs. Burton Nora Drake Entertainment Jack & Jerry News JV-Star Matinee Hilltop Hou^r Young'* Family Brice Hayward Strike It Rich House Party Phil Stevens Ed Wilson New« Woman tn Hou*.« Mary McBnde Carl Mclntlr* Ed Bonner Phil Stevent Matinee Ed Wilson New« Carl Mclntlr* Art's Notebook Carl Mclnnre Ed Bonner Matinee News: Matine* Matinee News; Newsom* CD Newsorn* First /ive News fought!. ^ Ocl. ].i. Earl Dcnms meets Gar- * licit Hart in a ID-round welter- n "! )ori! "£Trueblood is reviewed by Rev.; 10:-O— <4) Broken Arrow — An J i Irishman :s caught panning lor J ' go'.d on Cochhe's territory and J oniy Tom Jeffont- inloncntio.n t sa\ps In in in "Passage De- # Krviiv^ P. Ingiis. 30:00—i-li Siaxe T—Angrln Lansbury slars m "Crisis in "Kansas". Conflicting stage and med- iciil careers canst? the separation of a husband and wiU 1 . flitter Roamiii the f.'ITfd". Piasa Countr Do Trasi Soldiers ol Fonune — T-I _ t_ :i^< "Junkie Relx>l (9) Weather for You (36) News—Hayward 10:10—136.) Weather—Hayward WHICH MAN PASSIP THE N.P.* TEST? TV« pix'ted, •martly-<ir»iM() m«n it tht left of court*. You c«n 4*1 «t « gUnc* . . . «nd thtt't why rKt Nintty-Ptrc*nt Tejt it to impor- Itnt. P*oplt judg» you by wlu< lK»y »• (tom«timei Hiat'i «][ they havt (• 90 on] *nd ninety p«rc«nl o( what they u« of you it what you w««r. TK« fr«U> fmith of drycleanxj clotKe* i> mort tht.i «n »»tr« roueli . . . tV» « flowtr in tK» buHonKoU. H'l tn ir\*«qral part of good grooming. TK« |4«lt of your clolHti ttttt volumti jbout th« kind of per ion you «re. In f««i, your clorlm ittw (top UHinq about you. You buy yovr clorhvi <o m«t< « good impteuion. Al you »»«r them, K«v« rhvirTdrydttnvd o(t«». A tmirr m«n t«l»l wr» to lt»p thtt ImpKiiion iresK. WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS OUR "TRUCLEEN" DRY CLEANING WILL MAKE YOUR CLOTHES 6 TIMES CLEANER ,, • Launderers • Dry Cleaners • Rug Cleaners Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service 909 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 3-8877 19 Past Master* Honored By Piasa Lodge Nineteen past masters were present as Piasa Lodge, A. F. k A. M. observed its annual past masters night Saturday. Highlighting tho event was prc?entvifiori of a 50-year pin to TS. B. Whitcomb. AUoniart, who had maintained his membership through this period in the St. Paul, Minn., lodge. The lodge 'bete had requested the Illinois Grand Ladgp to assume responsibility for tho award, and the Illinois Grand Lodge had assigned the task to Piasa. Third degree work was presented by an all-past-master staff in the afternoon. Dinner was followed by a program of entertainment which was provided by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Marth. LUTHERAN REFORMATION — More than 1,300 persons assembled at East Alton-Wood River High School for the area's tenth annual Lutheran Reformation Rally Sunday. Bowl promoters rubbed their hands in glee when they signed the BJR Seven and Atlantic Const Conferenw? Thr-y figured they had a natural and in years to' roine. they'll probably have the j top game more often than not. This >ear, howevrr. it looks like Colorado against Clemson, hardly t a match to cause palpitations. I The Bis Sevnn has a rule which prohibits a team from playing the i game tuo years in a row. That eliminates Oklahoma, which appeared last New Year's. Colorado is the logical second-place team, especially after its 16-0 triumph over Nebraska. Maryland and Duke, usually the best of the AAC, are just two more clubs these days, the Clemson seems to have scrambled to the top of the heap. So the Sugar Bowl, this time, should get the gold star as the No. 1 attraction, especially if the sponsors can line up a top team to go against Georgia Tech — say, Penn State. Up at the top of the heap, Oklahoma will go after its 36th straight victory this week. The opposition will be supplied by Colorado, which has hopes of doing nothing AT PRESS MEETING—These student members and their adviser of the "Roxette," newspaper at Roxana Senior High School, from left, Malinda Lowe, adviser Donna McCann, and Joyce Andrews, were among 800 high school newspaper and year book editors and business managers at the University of Illinois for the recent annual two-day convention of the Illinois State High School Press Association. Some 150 publications were represented. The Illinois Association of Teachers of Journalism met concurrently.—University of Illinois Newsphoto. Bare Facts LOS ANGELES /!> - A hearing aid supply firm encountered this problem: Where could a pocket- less member of a nudist colony carry his apparatus? The resourceful solution: Taping it to his arm. more than making a respectable showing. The Sooners won No. 35 Saturday, a whopping 40-0 victory over Notre Dame. Michigan State, the current leafier in the weekly Associated Press poll, will he out. to make amends for its 20-13 defeat by Illinois — the shocker of the season so far — and Wisconsin in the target. George Tech. No. 3 behind Oklahoma, tackles Duke aiter walloping Tulane 40-0. 11:00—(4) I."1.1 News Trout WaU-r* Unfeasible Locally | sufficient, we would have gone 11:10—141 i.Ti Weailwr Much hai-d effort and long j into a much greater detailed in- 11--jr, ^jj >j uv .« Vera Hruba' hours of work have been done j vestigation of these factors. Raiston stars" in the musical i lpvvai-ds Promoting trout fishing j - The area used in Sovnhc . rn "Lake Placid Serenade". (.">) Ray Anthony Show. (36) Weather 11:20— <3fi) Nitecap—Norman "We would be glad to talk to Unfamiliar Faces Headed For Bowl Games This Year By ED CORKIGA.V , Tlien there is the Cotton Bowl, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS j which uses the winner of the Whatever happens during the j Soutnwest Conference as the host. 12:15-<5) 12:45— Ml Weather Thought for the Day t OCT. 30th A.M. • i t it; d-i v r» UI.T! v-u -tJi »jw» (.iivj.ii - , t . .. , , ,^«Mi*i--i.t,i. >-».<.*»\.»v,n._^ <i.j i *m. i IT- .3 i. waters in the Pere Marquette i Mjesouri has , arge springs O f! remalnder of the co ' !ege footb f 11 i The favorite for this one is Texas Park area by R. 1. (Ross) Mai- L. hich we have visited nearly j season. Uiere are bound _ to bej A£Mi which got over its big ley. 63 W. Jennings Ave., Wood a , 1( and , hey are ]argcr than! 5 River. During the past year Mal-j an _ v we have j n ley has received favorable approval from hundreds if not 7:00—(4) C,<-K)d Morning — Will ] lions. thousands of sportsmen as well as public officials and organiza- some unfamiliar faces in the major bowl games on Jan. 1. Old faithful Georgia Tech should win the Southeastern Conference Rogers .1r (.ii Today—GaiTovvay S:00— 14i Capt..Kangaroo S:5r>—I4i News 9:00—(-11 Garry Mtv>i'f y.T) Dins Doup Schcol 9:r/0—i-ii Anhur GwUroy 15) Bandstand 10:00—tji Homo—Arl^iif Krancis 10:30—i4> Strike It Rich 11:00— i•}) Valiant Lady (51 Tjc Tac Doush 11:15—1)1 l>r>vt- of Life 11:30—(•!• Search for Tomorrow i5i It Could Be You 11:45—ill Guiding Light TUKS11AV P.SI. Noon—(41 Recallit and Win i5» Charlotte Peters 12:30—1.5) As the World Tui-ns 12:45—(4) News 12:50—(4) Community Album 1:00— (4 > Our Miss Brooks (5) Homenmking 1:30—(-1) House Party (5) Tennessee Ernio 2:00—(4i Big Payoff (5> Matinee Theatre — (COLOR) When his father denies him the car for an important Malley about this project as we j tjt]c and thus p]ay hos , in the would be very much interested j Sugar Bow , But beyond , he Ram . in a pul-and-take trout program i any place in this area. It cer- hurdJe, Baylor, by a 19-13 count Saturday. Remember how the Orange PARKING PROBLEMS AT ROXANA THEATRE TQNITE&TUES. Mario Lanza—Joan Fontaine "SERENADE" Color 8:59 Frank Sinatra—Phyllis Kirk "JOHNNY CONCHO" 7:30 Selected Shorts J Yet thf creation of such wa-Mainly would be popular and j ters i^rl > t leasu'nle. according toj V eiy desirable.. Isut as far as j f a response from our inquiry to| W ecan determine, conditions are 1 Sam A. Parr, adiiiini.strative as blin' Wrecks, the potential bowl teams will cause many a coach to raise an eyebrow. The fight for the home club in the Rose Bowl, for example, has . Nan, A. Parr, admm^ranve as- not sui , able in tne Pere Mar . • j sistan ,n the i-ishenes Div,,,on, aueue area." Parr concluded. Q .J S|ate Bnd SlanfoPrfJ a ^ Departmen o I Conservauon. •Parrs replv slated m part: ! 1 "On Aug. :-9, 1956, the district ; fineries biologist in thai area , Fishing is Big BuMiu-hs ! p i e of teams that have spent most Pleasure fishing is bip busi- j of their time in the dungeons of ness, according to a recent re- j the Pacific Coast Conference. pan in a national mgaazenc. j Southern California. UCLA and i completed a field inspection in i Statisli( . s ,. eveal that about 17 1 \yashmston all are ineligible for jthis regard. There is only oncj mUlion fishing )icenses are sojd I spring in area having a ; annually but the magazine claim- assorted subsidization infractions. , ,. „ so the Nov. 10 game between Ore- jflow. This spring is located 300 ; ed , hore are 30 mil i ion n s | ie i-. i gon State and Stanford at Palo feet north ot the caretaker s . me|> , n , he nation w |, o spcnd } Alto probably will be the big game house along Rt. 100. •. _ six nli ] lion dollars yearly. ! of the conference season. "The water flowing from the; Thjs yea ,.. s bm ' fo| . ' fishing spring created a strec.m one-1 is (our limes what it was in 1940i half inch deep and eight inches I and the number of fishing wide. The flow continued under j censes so i d have doubled since the highway bridge into the nv-| 1942i De spite the construction of er. After rains, undoubtedly a great flow would be realized; i however, even then it would not new lakes and reservoirs, the drainage of other lands, the advance of suburbs, the silting of | be large enough nor would thej some wate rs and the growing temperature remain as low as at | ij m j led access to remaining the time of the inspection which lishing w . Uers is creating a was 57 degrees Fahrenheit. ''In developing any area for) tide concluded. shortage of fishing sites, the ar- trout, the most important fac. On the brighter side, the nii- ,,,. . , , • • cases, in Illinois, the limiting currently conducting a survey factor is the supply. Unless a j with , ne goal of prov iding more constant supply of water suit-, publil , aceess to tne rivers and able lor irout is a\ ailabl-? | olnei . fis hing waters in the state. throughout the year with little i , . . . ,,..,! tor is tllO water SUppJV. In IllOSt nn ic Pnn<r>rvitinn ni>naftmpiil iw date, a farm boy rebels in the j : .. ,„:__.. .,;.. , ; ._.:. ; _.. "°' s »-on!>tnduon utpdiimem is story "Horsepower". 2:30—(4) Bob Crosby 2:53—15i Political—Democratic 3:00-(4) Brighter Day "••' Queen for H Day deviation m volume and temper- aturc. the project is bound to be 1 IHsU iJlJUll Drill 1 eaiH a failure, no matter how / able the site's other qualities; Places 2nd at DecatlU* may be. The imestigatcd stream i in no \\iiv I'omes close to hav- 4:30—1-1) Fivd Motile (5) Playhouse— Pat O'Brien stars in "Second Sight". 4:50—(4) Look, Listen, Learn 5:00-d) Mickey Mouse Club "Other considerations a s i d .; lai Wranglers Club (36i Movie—Jimmy Wakely stars in "Trail to Mexico". 5:30-15) Roy Rogers — "Lady Killer". '' Actually, both Stanford and Oregon State added considerably to their stature last Saturday. The 3:15-(4) Secret Storm 3:30—(4) Kdge of Night 3:45—(5) Modern Romance 4:00—(4) Gil Neusoine (5) Rass David Show Indians turned back Southern Cal 27-19 while State defeated UCLA 21-7. The situation is much the same in the Big Ten, which produces the visiting team. Michigan State in ineligible, having played in the last game there. Ohio State, the logical choice, is being punished for making life too easy for its players, and is ineligible. That left Michigan the favorite. But the Wolverines were horribly j embarrassed by Minnesota Satur- i day 20-7. And u p s t a r t Iowa i whipped Purdiir 21-20, leaving ' Minnesota and the Hawkeyes the j only unbeaten t o a m s in the h'Mgue. They meet Nov. 10, and Minnesota will be lavored. . The pias " ln -> un SeniO1 ' ! inR a suf n« ; ient supply ol water | teal " brou « ht homo tne sew)nd ; in 0 ,. dei . , 0 have trou ',_ | Place trophy in team competition 'Sunday ai Pecatur. T,.e contest j was open , o anyoj)e livjng , n ,, „. ,, ttivor* a I rout l>ro K riiin Graver Cleveland was the only Democratic' president of the United States between 1860 and 1912. and Canada. The Alton from the quality of water and g, wlp made the trip to and from its temperatures must be considered also These are gas content, turbility, mineral content and freedom from pollution. All these factors were checked bin only in a cursory manner. If the two major factors, water supply and temperature, were present, or even close to being Decatur by chartered bus. Geologists estimate that compaction of peat into coal took place at the rate of one foot every 10,000 years. Annual Halloween Dance and Party GODFREY CIVIC CENTER Wed., Oct. 31, 8:30 -12:30 Cash Prim Will Be Given Judging or 9:30 Music by Virgil Bowen's Orchestra For tUu Bunt in DANCE INSTRUCTION call ANN HALPIN, 2.9266 Alton School of Dunce 3-.M £. Uroudwuy NOW ON DISPLAY CROWN IMPERIAL »ud CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1957 KKXHOAT MOTOKS Inc. Your Chrytlcr Impcritl.plymoutb Dealer 2025 12. Broud\v»y 8-1778 Toniglit ut 8:15 I'.M. (ircgory l'c>ck, J. Joiu-h "THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT" Shown Ht 7 I'.M. Only \Vuyim Morris in "CROSS CHANNEL" T uesday anil Wednesday FAMILY NIGHTS AduKs 2,^c, Kiddli'S 'i, for 25u All-Western I'rogruiu DORIS DAY mid 1'hil (,'urcy in "Calamity Jane" Shown ut 8:20 P.M. DANE CLARK and Juno Cluy In "MASSACRE" Sliown 7:00, 10P.M. Always 2 Color Cartoons -£- Kiddies Always Free. OPEN 6:30 LAST 2 DAYS START 7:00 HOLDEN KERR TMELMA RITTER DEWEY MARTIN T/?e Proud and • Profane ARTHUR KENNEDY BETTA STJOH Sped ial HALLOWEEN STARTS WEDNESDAY YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN OI'KXS AT 6:»0 SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 TONIGHT AND TUESDAY I MIUM pillt«U GRIGORY PECK JENNIFER JONES FREDRIC MARCH MARISA PAVAN • Hi J. COB8 ANN HARDING • KEENAN WYNN GENE IOCKHAR1 UO "«J.ctO t! DARRfl F. UNUCK -ijj Wnm» lot |M Scilin V4 O.'ttlll trr j NUNNAllY JOHNSON CINEMASCOPE* COLOR l» 01 LUXt SECOND HIT Plus Cartoon—Kiddie* Free—Fw Playground OPEN' 12:15 DAILY TODAY! THRU WED. TOGETHER for the first time! M-G-M piesents mVlSTAVlSION and COLOR A SOL C. SIEGEL PRODUCTION starling , BING CROSBY GRACE KELLY FRANK SINATRA in the hilarious low-down on high lile "HIGH SOCIETY" «-LOUIS ARMSTRONG AND HIS BAND ... VS Music and lyrics by :t COLE PORTER 1:10 3:10 5:10 7:10 9:10 CARTOON "MUSEUM" OPEX VZ-Aa DAILV 30c Till 5 Then 65c. Child loc TODAY & TUES. They're Yard-Boids Now! UoGORCEY PLUS *u:io *inni HOCV.CTIOH t:'iO 3:50 6:15 8:40 Racketeer J I _*«•», BILL ELLIOTT 2:30 5:00 7:'i5 9:50 CARTOON OPEN 6:30 .'['I'jijiin TONITE & TUES, CARTOON

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