The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 7, 1967 · Page 6
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 6

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1967
Page 6
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FARM A N [) Income tax filing deadline nearing deadttatsar* drawtagMaragaa and Norman stoklesiad, onsety exteasloa director saw, "Now is * nod ttsje to get all fern record* fc shape to preparattoa lor this who derive at toast tvo4atrds of their income from fenahv have two alternatives vhtaSttag federal tax return. For tee* oaerattag oa a calendar year basis, OK choice* are 1) File aa estimate of tax dec. ply ft**t «"in^«* OB of bcteeJaaoary IS, OMB file a final retsn aad par aay balance fcy April 17; or I) file a final ntsra aid pay the total aaoie* de* tar Febrearr 15." ^AjA^^^^A^u4 ^H^^ai^^d^ *^A* ^ • •! SMUeSDa SeggCSlS Dial BTBK ers wtfc onestioas about federal tans pick ap a copy of fbe 196* rimer's Tu Gride from the coeBty •!*•!< in« office in Baa- tnldt. Tfeis gride wffl answer geiHaas aboot turn tacoa* tax re|iiuts, R contains detsQs of ftu-nwrs aid exaaaples of how to fan amount is doe with fbe re- tare. Addtttoael federal tax forms may te obtained from the nearest Internal Revenue Service of- flee or from a local post offlot or beak. Most banks also carry state tax terms. ASC offWob to otteid oreo mooting Leonard E, Wrehtoff as] Tat- mal H*ft*n of the RamboMt *f rtettltorai Stabilisation and Conservation County Committee. Arlo J. McGowan, ASCS County office manager, and Helen M, Knutson and Lois M. David, Feed Grata Program clerks will attend a n county Central towa ASCS meeting in Des Molnes January 16 according to Leonard E. Ktrchhoff, chairman of the Humbok* County ASC Committee. Instructions tor administration of tbe 19S7 Feed Grain, Cropland Adjustment, and Pre- raeasarement Programs will be presented by tbe Iowa ASC State Committee, representatives of the ASCS State Office, and ASC Farmer FJeMmen Neel Hill and Robert Qutan. "This is our most important meeting of the rear," Chairman Klrchhoff said. "Questions answered here lead to smoother operation of all USDA Farm Programs." Commitreemen and employees from Humboldt, Kossuth, Winnebago, Hancock, Wright, Webster, Hamilton, Greene. Boooe. Story, Marshall, Guthrie, Dallas, Polk, Adair, Madison, Warren! Marlon, Clarke, Lucas, Oecatur, and Wayne counties will attend this meeting. Rtported on Iowa CoRtral Connitiity Collogo Dr. Edwin Barbour, president of Iowa Central College, Fort Dodge, la., was guest tpeaker at the Wednesday evening meeting of the Humboldt-Dakota City Lions Club. He traced the beginning of the community college movement tfnce it woj tottered by Senate File 550 of the last session of the state legislature to the present. In the center is Robert Pier. •on of Fort Dodge, head of the business department of Iowa Central College, who introduced Dr. Barbour and on the right is Tom Welch, president of the Liont Club. Mr. Pierson is a former Humboldt resident and former head of the business de. partment at the Humboldt High School.-Independent Photo. Crop production topic at annual conference Fort report their 1 by Aprfl 30. Some 10 agricultural specialists from throogboot tbe United States and Canada will present the latest J»rtilia*r and crop information from both industry and research centers at ate 19th Aannal Fertffijer and Ag Chemical Dearlers* Conference January 10-11 at the Veterans' Memorial AadHorhnn in Des Koines. Some 2,500 persons are expected to attend te two day conference whfch is open to all interested persons wkr tbe theme, "Crop Protettca. Serrices. 19*7." Oat of the MfhMgM* of the ArtUe Relents em at rv convention win be a panel dls- of the changes in ag- rintteal practices and bow they •HI aflpct farming operations. Aeeorflag to towa State ttoirer- stty Extension Agronomist Regis Toss, advances te agricultural technology are attertngaaphases ef "crop. prodoetloeUaHeOM weed control. Insect control, tm- age. tad fcrtfliiatioa. An of MvMP^H I ^MMKv •t fnra ckss topics wot be discussed by panel members, Harvey Thompson, E. P. Sylvester, Harold Gundersoo, Dean Barnes, and Voss, an ISU extension specialists. Other topics to be covered include insect and weed control problems of 1966 and recommendations for control durinf 1967; a report on agriculture of the future; increasing corn and soybean yields; the 1967 grain price outlook; and the potential of forages with proper fertflliation. ^^ Hofwoy Pott iots Christmas party The Norway Patriots 4-H Club members held their annual Christmas party at the Ramaeker home with a roll call of "What Christmas Food 1 Like Best" which was answered by 25 members. Three leaders, one guest and eight mothers were also present. The program included an organ solo by Susan Ramaeker; a clarinet duet by Rhonda Hippen and Marcia Olson; Christmas reading by Denise Nelson; organ solo by Julie Ramaeker; and Christmas poems by Mary Johnson. Christinas carols were sung by the members who were accompanied by Diane Vorrie. Lunch was served by Cindy Christiansen, Marcia Olson, Shelly Hippen, Kathy and Vicky Waston, Winter driving hazards; tips from extension service 'Nuts keep best cool, dry and in the dark' ABsttPtoonttiai he held st the irffl asm, O. toraor Bode ' la 0» Los Aageles Mrs. TorkalAsn were Robert de Baca. Iowa State Uaheisttj iitiatloa livestock specialist jriUjflsCTtss feeding retaras tor dollars spent lathe cattle feeding business. Hewffl show how fee selecttoa of feeder cattle, prices paid tor feeders. aad fat mmgimiH of cow herds laftoaaee the cattte bvstaess. This meting is beiag spoa- J » »_ «^^«. • AA .• W _ ~* •OfM Of DM M f TlP^M COflUBHi^ iry School AdaU Famer Class and the BeateUt Coealy Eriaa- sfcaServfc*. An parsons interested ia "Nuts store weU if they're kept where if s dark and cold and fairly dry, but light, beat and a damp atmosphere will turn nuts nncid in a hurry," says Myrtle Hewitt, extension home economist, and added, "Those that orer-parchaced nots for the holidsys-or find a good after- holiday sate on nuts, store them in the freeser, refrigerator, or even aa outside wan cupboard that might be cool enough. "Tbe freeiar would be the best place if fbe nuts most be held tor a long period of time. There would be less possibility of bacteria growth or rancidity of the oil in the rots derelop- MB* Of Mrs. Bay tBMem.CUK. Mrs. DarreD Jota- a et Mr. Earl _ Friday aad ftey vtssMMr.JW- " to Aadsboa; aad , m ia Bed Oak sad Mrs, WOferd Has- St. Jot 4-H Clib held party r ' "Nnts freeie Tery weU. Those that are left in tbe shell wffl store longer than shelled nuts erea at room temperature. Since so human hands bare come m contact with me meat of the not and the sfaen forms its on airtight container. "Processors sometimes treat shelled ness with «i^u« !•*«•*• which keeps them from turning racid tor a period of time. B is the reaction of oxygen with the Cat of me notmeat thai causes most of the staling and rancidity. That's why sealing the ants m air<ht plastic bags is sary. Vacuum packing also protects them from oxygen. "If nuts are to be frown, they need to be packaged In air- tigh containers as oxidatioo-or freeser burn-still takes place in the froxen state. "Some nuts have a better keeping quality than others. Much, of this is due to the moisture content of the nut itself. For instance, mai-a^mta QUtS DOWOO the market from Hawaii are lower in moisture than most of our common nuts. They have been stored at room temperature in the air tor a period of 20 months and have shown no degree of rancidity. Pistachio nuts are the same way. Opened and at room temperature, they showed no rancidity in 20 months' time." WnhneMOMFOMS Bethel Church United Presbyterian Ralph S. Hindman, Pastor Livermore, Iowa Sunday, Jan. 3: Morning worship, 9:45 ajn. This service will be in charge of Pastor I Strayer. Church School, ajn. The United Presbyterian Women win meet at the Lawrence "Snow covered roads, frosty windshields, and poor visibility are a few of tbe driving has- ards to be faced this winter" says Norman Moklestad, county extension director. "However," Fredrick home at 2 p,m., Wednesday, January 4. The Annual Congregational meeting of this church will be held at 7:30 p.m., Friday, January 6. Zion. Church Evangelical United Brethren Ralph S. Hindman, Pastor Lu Verne, Iowa Sunday, Jan. 8: Church School. 10 a.m.: Morning worship, 11 a.m. This service win be in charge of Pastor Keith Strayer. The WSWS win meet at the parsonage at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, January's, The lesson wUl be presented by Mrs. Fred Merkk. THE METHODIST CHURCH W. Morris Kfldal, Minister S. H. Hammer Minister of Visitation Hnmboldt, Iowa Sunday, Jan. 8: Dtvtoe worship services, 8:30 aad 10:45 a.m. Sermon by Dr. KfldaL "Say! nWorksf-; Church School^ 9:45 ajn.; MYF-s, 5:30 pjn.1 School of Missions, 7 p.m.; The Senior MYF win present a play. Monday. Jan. 9: HumboUt Sub-District Ministers meeting at Fort Dodge. 10 ajn.; AH Commissions wfll meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Jan. 10: Senior MYF Panel, 6:30 pjn.; Annual meeting of United Church Women at Congregational Church, 2 pjn.; AH church women are invited to attend. Wednesday, Jan. 11: Methodist Men Board, 7 Octal Board, • pjn. Thursday, Jan. II: W8Ci Prayer m«*ttAf to tat Royal Prayer RoomTfcsO ajt,; Matt. odM Men, «:30 he says, "driving according to the road conditions, keeping alert and following simple guidelines from Iowa State University safety specialist Norval Wardle, can make winter driving easier and sifter. "One of the most important winter driving tips is to keep good visibility. The responsibility of looking out for others falls even more on the driver during the winter. Pedestrians are bundled up, and some times are hunched over so they can't see the traffic. "On coming cars can go into skids and may slide in front of you. Automobiles approaching on side streets may skid on ice near stop signs and not be able to stop. You must also be alert for children on sleds or playing in the snow. "Make sure of good vision from the car before moving. Windows should be clear of frost and fog. Never start out with frost-cov- «Nd window! thinking that the defroster will clear them In Jutt a few mlmrtet. Those few minutes could be long wMMfh to get Involved in a (raffle mleMp, "Those (hit have tinted windows should t» particularly alert during periods of poor visibility shuoh M tog, blowing MOW or "tin as ttw tinted windshields are Just a* effective it cutting out light during periods of reduced visibility as on bright tunay day a. "In addition to keeping windows clear and staying alert, drivers should help tne other drivers to see them, When visibility Is reduced, turn on the low beam headlights. Do not use parking lights because they are designated by Iowa law to be used only by parked vehicles. Parking lights don't help the other driver anyway, as tests show that the car will be visible before the lights can be seen." Additional winter driving tips Include 1) Always have a window vent open a little to bring In fresh air. This reduces the chance of carbon monoxide as- physlatlon and will alsohelpkeep the windshield clear, 2) Do not become over-confident when using snowtlres or tire chains. While they may provide added traction for starts, uo not trust them to make a car anymore stable than regular tires at tilgh speeds. 3) Keep testing the road conditions. In Iowa wet roads can turn Icy In a matter of a few miles or minutes. 4) Be alert for patches of Ice. A common danger point Is near a stop sign where slow- moving traffic hasn't broken up the Ice and snow. Also be alert for frost and Ice on overpasses, bridges and any shaded areas. 5) Take frequent driving breaks as winter driving is more tiring, and drivers need to be particularly alert. Stop more often or trade off driving more frequently. 6) If you go Into a skid, try to maintain a constant speed and turn In the direction you are sliding. Do not use the brakes! SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE OF VETERINARY SUPPLIES INSTRUMENTS And STOCK REMEDIES CLEMENSON Prescription Pharmacy QUALITY SEED COMPANY NOW LOCATED IN THE BUILDING FORMERLY OCCUPIED BY THE MANGLE PLUMBING CO. TWO BLOCKS SOUTH OF OUR FORMER LOCATION ON EAST SIDE OF HIGHWAY 169, HUMBOLDT QUALITY SEED CO. rvice Service Guild Stady, 7 pjiu Keith Choirs: Youth,J^l nja.; Wes- 10:45 ley. 7 pjn.^ Ball, 7-30 pjn^ Chancel. 8 pjn. Friday, Jan. 13: Jussor asd Cbemb Choirs, after school. ST. JOE-The St. Joe Trojans 4-H dstt >eM their Csrist- •as party sad gift y p *"^gTI'm ceded by a pot-leek dinner Jn m, Joseph's School Han wtthBev. L.C. era, LIME NOW! i Take advantage off wiiter •oisture aid frozen ground. Wo art equipped for winter soil sanpliig. IIYBTOCK CALL ON Uf OH IN ^ ^^^^^^^^*Jr"W|HBMIWJP' w 99H^99flJf MMM MM2S* w 3324327 VISIT OUR TV and STEREO ROOM PORTABLE with stand 21* Overall Diagonal Tube Meas. 212 sq. in. viewing area. Roll-a-Round Stand Included. Finest Sound on Record THE HINSBROOK STEREO CONSOLE • 60 WATTS PEAK MUSIC POWER • BALANCED SPEAKER SYSTEM • AM/FM/FM STEREO TUNER • FINE FURNITURE CABINETRY • BEAUTIFUL CONTEMPORARY STYLING • MAGNIFICENT SOLID STATE PERFORMANCE *•• ttut to ttr

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