The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 30, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1935
Page 4
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lofrk Travel By Interurban ! Safer and Cheaper There was'not one single passenger fatality on the Indiana Railroad System in 1934. Ride the interurban. Be safe—and save at ly&c a mile, round trip. INDIANA RAILROAD SYSTEM RAVEL NTERURBAN CHEAPER I'ETTV THIEVKBV. of Clothing Taken From . O. Smith Home During Night. Petty thievery continues to occur in Tipton according to re• ports made to Cihef of Police Jones Tuesday morning. Some thief made a good haul at the home of E. O. Smith on Green street. Monday evening, taking a basket of clothes which had been set on the porch to he taken np when he worked on his car had left with the men. Shortly after they left - Mr. Campbell heard a car which had been parked near the intersection of the alley and'Jackson street and believes they made their getaway in the machine. Mr. Campbell had a five-gallon can and a length of hose for his overalls and feels that he is cheated in the trade. He was able to furnish a fair description of the pair and Chief of Police Jones by (lie person doing the weekly was questioning some suspects wash. .Mr. Smith had thrown two j Tuesday regarding the matter, army blankets over the basket and these wore also taken. Geurjre Campbell of South Main street walked into . his garage shortly before S:flO o'clock Monday night, with the intention of getting his car to vi.-it a doctor's Touch Funeral, The late home of N. M. Pouch on North Kast street was filled to capacity Monday afternoon, when loving friends and relatives gath- office. Ho encountered two men in ! ored there to pay their last re- the garage and asked thorn what they were doins there and one stated they had just stopped in out of tin' cold. They left hurriedly and in walking around the cur in the dark, Mr. Campbell stumbled ovnr a five-gallon can filled with znpolino which had liecn drained from his tank. The can and hose were left by the would- be thieves and Mr. Campbell later found that a iu-w pair of overalls he had purchased to slip on spci-ts to this splendid man whose death occurred Friday. The body lay surrounded by beautiful floral offerings, tributes to the high esteem in which he was hpld by all. Rev. II. U. Pcarcy conducted the services which were followed by burial in the Fairview cemetery. JJECO.OH CONVENTION. Children Will Be Entertained at State Meeting. Indianapolis, April 30.—American Legionnaires and Auxiliary members are invited to load Junior and Sister Into the back seat of the family car and bring them along to the convention of the Indiana department in Indianapolis August 24 to 27. All children of visiting members of the two organizations will be taken care o£ under a special play - and - visit program being worked out by Ralph Moscr, chairman of arrangements for the state gathering of Sons of the American Legion. Preliminary plans call for the outfitting of downtown playgrounds with the latest in equipment, for the distraction and delight of the young hopefuls. Design selected by the badge committee headed by the notable architect, Robert Frost DaggeU. promises one of the most beautiful convention medals in the history of the Legion. Principal feature is the statue, "Pro Patria," which stands on the south steps of the main building of the world war memorial, about which the convention will center. Flag-enfolded, the heroic figure of ;> youth is shown with arms uplifted in the finest frenzy of sacriii- cial devotion. The yearbook, containing the annual reports of the Legion and its auxiliary bodies and handsomely illustrated, features on its front cover, in blue and gold, the main memorial building. Federal Grand Jury Names 43 Persons in Suit at Chicago. WOMEN ARE INCLUDED cil 30. — Indict- Muvril to Alcnnilriii. •\ol In Washington:. April 30.—Pat Sour or Dill Pickles, small jar lOc McGraws' Food Store Harrison. Mississippi's senior senator, wants the world to know he is in politics and not baseball. He denied yeste'rday a published report »hat he was being sought as the czar of baseball to succeed Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilson and daughter, Evelyn, removed Monday from the Mel Justus double on North Independence street where they have resided for some time, to Alexandria, where Mr. Wilson recently opened a new theater. Evelyn Wilson will, remain in Tipton until the close of school. «** stl "i cnt "' tlle scv enth grade here. THIRD DEATH. Chicago, Api; nients charging! -lu persons with using the mailsjto defraud in promotion of the fictitious Sir Francis Drake estate were returned by i j a federal grand, jury todav. Four women! were included among those {indicted in the scheme which allegedly cost investors in a dozen states more i than a million dollars in the past two months. Star Witness in Hollywood Mys- i tery Is Dead. i 1 ' : ! ' i (By United Press). Hollywood, April 30. — deathsj-were charged against the film colony's strange murdef mystery today as investigators sought to link "other crimes" with the baffling case. '. | "Hen^y E. Bolte, 39, law professor, djed-in a hospital, second victim! of William M. Howard, formeij naval reserve ensign, who shot auid killed Paul Wharton, dress designer, pumped two bullets into Bolt's body and ; then committed suicide. i Bolte's death left investigators without a witness upon whom Victory in 13-Year-Old Fight for Water Rights of the Colorado River. PROJECT IS PLANNED HOUDDK? <X>MPANIH8. Absolute Abolition. Will Probably ' Not Be Accompliahea; (By United Presa). Washington, April 30.—^Modift- catioh of the adminiatration'a original plan to abolish all utility holding companies within five Phoenix, Ariz., April 30. — A they could depend to clear up jtwo-fold development program was many j mysterious circumstance!.-; [planned for southwestern .Arizo- HEAUKM KOK I-MILl'HK. .MIA <'<>nii»romiKi v .Not Kovurrd at White House (.'ontV.ri'iico. Washington, April :10.— hopes of a compromise to insure speedy passuge of XKA extension legislation appeared headed f'-r failure today when a v.'hiu- IIDHSI- conference of senators broke ul> without ri-ai-hin- that have been uncovered ill connection with the tragedy. Captain Morris J. Stensland said he had counted on the lav.' r.a today as a result of the state's victory in Us 13-year-old battle over Colorado river rights. Plans wove already under way professor's testimony to establish for transforming the vast soutu- a definite motive Tor the doubl<;| west area j nto a rich agricultural murder and suicide which is be-1 district as a result of the United lieved to have followed a qUarr.?! j states supreme court's decision, betwefji Wharton and Howard i dismissing t ], e government's ac- over nioney. Investigators awaited the ' tion to prevent Arizona from in- ro ~ jterfering with construction of the suits of an inquest, called for to " i> ar ker ,j am . . morrow morning, in the hope that | James ' R . Moore, special 'coun- wiiiifssjfs summoned to the Jn-; stl £or the Colorado river commis- quiry may provide additional evi-; sion _ outline(l a program involv- d^uce which could !»,- nsort as ai, ns agTi cu!tiiral . a , ld navigation foundation I'm- continuing the in- i dc . velo , lmelU s from, the state. He pointed onl, that construction of the Parker dam would particular can furnish informa-1 h .^ diVKrlcA milUons ot gallons tion on certain criminal «,srs i)i. ()( Co[oni(Io river water to C a.\\- foria. although it rightfully he- vestigation. u! believe that one person i:i Hollywi-ml. relating to I"i'K--.v . witliout •-..arlnnp « Bre ,.n,«nt. an<l roWw ry. which have piiwl, d U]e j oug Iloth Democrat,,. :uut Ropubh- us ... ( , (p , ain St . onslanil , aid . | tabHshed rule of riparian rights. can senators aH^de.l the meet,,,, wi.n.^cs who 'will b, called "^ ' .. L L* ..' P rnn D{thc r at which I'lvsid'-nt Koosevi It called in Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins and NUA .Chairman Donald It. RiL-hju-rg. Faced with possibility of ;i bitter .fiirlit (ivcjr the extension question. it was siifi^i'sti'd tluit congress e.vlend. Die present :H'' to March 1 of IK xt year instead of to June 1C, 1!K',7. :is; proposed in th«5 tentative bill in senai." committee. However. Chairman P;it Harrison of the linancc commit- Attorney Tom Kane of Xohles- ville was transacting business in the Tipton circuit court Tuesday. DON'T BUY ANY REFRIGERATOR UNLESS IT HAS THESE ESSENTIALS tee said that tlje conferoes \vir.'<; unabln in apree' upon this plan. . As a result ol! the failure. IIuv- rison :;aid his [commit liv: would work as speedily as possible in submitting an ffxlension hill. II" said that executive sessions would be railed to consider amendments. The necessity ! for Hpinidy action is emphasized by thn fact tlial th" present act expires June 1 (> and undue delay might result in a lapse of the act. at the 'iminest include Mrs-. Ada Wharton, foster-mother of thcj slain dress designr-ri Mrs. Hay, Wolfe,'who hud Wharton arrest-; ed on pji-aiid theft charts in cnn- j ui'ction'with the loss of intmd: Mrs. Dolon s Cln i} fitter, and Mrs. widow (if the law profossor.: Following the inqunst services: will n<! hold for \Vhtirton under the auspires of Air.iT' Sompl'' Now," he said, "we can either bring about a division oi Colorado river water, giving Arizona 3,- iiUi),<M)0 acre feet, iii addition to the water from thc'Gila riVer, or wu can seek California's •co-opdr- "','„ .ition to apply for federal funds liuancc tho proposed south-western Arizona irrigation dis- ['„„,,,..,! Urict and Colorado shipping ca- Bolle. i nal." Tho first project would proba- years to a .more lenient attitnde was indicated high congressional circles. .Advocates of the original bill, -which proposed the suppression of all 'util- ity'holding companies, suffered i set-back in President Roosevelt's Sunday night "fireside" talk. The president suggested elimination of "unnecessary" holding companies through . legislation along with other "must" matters during the present session of congress. It was said that considerable pressure had been exerted by some Democratic house members to have the president come out for fiat abolition but that he used the word "unnecessary." This was seen by some members o£ .the house interstate commerce committee, which is studying the bill, as confusing as to the ultimate scope of the president's wishes. The,bill is being split among three' sub-committees for study and changes and some members believe that it may be three weeks hefore it can come to the house floor in final form. Meanwhile, Speaker Joseph W. Byrns is attempting to speed the president's requested legislation through the house by June 15. Debate rushed forward on the controversial omnibus nankin? bill which extends political control over the federal reserve system for credit and currency purposes. Republicans, led by Rep. John B, Hollister, Ohio, ranking Republican member of the house banking and currency committee, and Rep. Hamilton Fish, New York, planned-today to renew their assaults on the controversial title two of the bill, which, Russiaville Has Beea Without lie- gal Beer for Fast Ruaaiaville lor Ute (past ^^, days has been witttpnt' legalised ^ beer although! there fare reDprtsj that the citizens who want ;thte? beverage, have been snpplieff with : the bootleg variety md the, situation fa causing; consi ierable interest among the ciUiins. • Mrs. May McDaniels, who operates a restaurant ville, had a permit and this expired April 20, since wh' in Russia-' toyaell beer on Saturday, eh time she has had no beer in the place. Mrs.' Me Daniels sent! her application to. the alcoholic 'beverage commission but the papers were returned with the explanation that all of the requirements had not beetf met. , Mrs. McDaniels did not, it Is jsaid, have at least two members ! ' « f boa McPherson's f wlifch ho once was \ ,1, J ^ ! 1'ly cost about ?5U,OUO.()00, and j they complain, grants too much member; ''the latter approximately $7,500,- j power to the government. 1000, IMoorn said.' j Speaker Byrns is hopeful the SlDKSllOW UOMANt K. OperateiJ Tuesday. Preserves foods safely at temperatures below 50° freezes plenty of ice and desserts quickly Frigidaire '35 does these things better—even in the hottest weather—because of the SUPER FREEZER Monday night) Bt-tty "Loe, nine year-old daughtdr of Mr. and Mrs. John Legg, was taken- to the | Beech wood hospital by the Leatherman ambulance and Tuesday morning a tube was placed in the left side to dra-iri the plural cavity of that lung. Reports from the hospital Tuesday were that she was doing nicely and her condition satisfactory. Governor B. B. Moeur, who oiice 'srmt troops to the dam site to •••[•alt trespassing on Arizona ter' ritory," was pleased with the su- ; preme court's decision. 'j Both the governor arid Moore ',-creed that construction on the t r ms-!,iam lie stopped until California duck-billed Ubangi rruni| an d Arizona come to terms on di- Ran Away With th- measure will pass this week and can be sent to the senate, where a hot fight. on it is expected. Territory Changed. Walter S. Hamm, a native of Tipton county, wno for several years been field man for the state A Suicide. (T.v 1,Tnitfi) I'rr-.'xV Van Wert, O..|April ^0. — The body of John Roman, '15, a beet worker, was found yesterday near a little shanty le occupied on :a farm near here,'with a bullet in his head. A verdict o( suicide will bo returned] . '• i : • Africa, tolibed /noiiriifully today. ! vision of the river water. He even! refused .to scare any chiJ-j — - *** dren or| old. ladies. I At the Diiina. Tearsldribhlud ;down his cheeks; — _ — : and lilhjd his saucer-lip. ( Brilliantly crowning a century Joe's jdusky wife, Jennie, had | Q£ ranr0ad progress, "Zephyr- eloped vith the circus wild man ! s j lver streak," aristocratic graud- from Boirnco. j son ot - the Iron Horse, comes to Dr. 13. F. Partello. who runs ! th(j ra . ]g to answer the challenge the Uba'hgi sideshow, told P° lino j oE the air. Joe wouldn't have minded loss of his wife 'BO much it" $500 savings hadn't disappeared j j,'j reani i ines matching the stream- with her. •: j lines of the airways and the road- ) Mary Agnes -Mason, small So a jwarrantiwas issued ! ' or | ways . the new speed train of the , datt g hter O £ jtr. and Mrs. Earl the wild; man from Boreno. otho'-- Bu " rll ',j gt p n . Railroad is writing a' 1 Mason of this city is confined to wise listed on the circus payroll ^^ ^^ jn railroad history. j her home with, a well developed At • ^ Chicago World's Fair, ! case o£ the measles. She is report- board of tax commissioners was j in Tipton Monday looking over f the work being done by the assessors. Mr. Hamm announced this would be his last official visit here he having been assigned new territory and. Clinton, Tipton, Howard and Hamilton counties are now under another field man. Members of the Tipton County Medisal Society will not- be (n their oflices Thursdays, _afte^- noons and evoniWs: One member of the society -will always lia available for emergency calls.— Tipton County Medical Society. _ I ic-Tu-19l! tho ; Its stainless steel sides glinting Ms !in the sunlight and its graceful Creek township, in which Russiar ville is located, on he: petition, as required by th,e 1935 i. law. The advisory board la said to be a dry one, all members being of that mind, and they say they should not bear the responsibility placed on them by, the: law The situation is <ausing concern in' several i different quarters. some of the business men that without a legalised place sale of beer Russia vi|lle will- lose trade of home ; peoplii. They als.o point out that booties king has ready started. : In any event the 0*0 al-$ situation is giving the residents o! Russiaville 1 something to discnsej and there' are all kinds of arguments for and against the sale jot beer. ; There is little change in the .condition of Mrs. Robert Pore of this' c ftr who has been a patient at Bee ijrwood pital for the past several days. noticeable Has Measles. as Calvin Bird. 27, a negro from Cartersville, fia. i where it was (Somd of the other freaks llint -j statcs it lia s been guest-to more t-d that'Jon himself had ' ieen ' Urdn lhl . po m juion people.-In the casting lugubrious oyns on aiioth- RKO . Radlo picture "The Silver Streak," showing at the Diana theater Wednesday and Thursday the train will be seen-in a spec- on eshibitlon, and! e(1 to be getting along very nicely. ' ~" er Uhanii belle with a bigseri and belter lip.) Jcnniu and thn (icorgia ''wild man" diManncarnd Saturday after an affair that had Nellie i the snake-charmer and Fcodor i the fire-eater buzzing for several weeks. ' ; i tacular dramatic role, Gift of Hooks. which makes poss/fc/e A COMPLETE lEFRKIERATION SERVICE Light jCi Drew Yellow L£ es! Cajkes Jgr-P" *^ri"v" >;! ^•E*JJ*!! *:-'i The Tipton 1'Ublic Lii)rary) has received! a much .appreciated; gift ofthlrtyAwo hooks from Frederick Smith, son: of Mr. and |Mrs. A. J. Sniith of this city who! will move soon to Mu!ncle. [ The books are; jail standard fiction an<| 'are in-; splendid cindt- tion. The el" la jiilehly apprqcfatj- ed by tie librajry officials,] as many of !the book? !n the list>-ere to have Ibeoii purchased soon for replacements. ';. jj ' , ; j Retnrneql Home. I '.- ' ; !': ; H ' - • . Miss Bertha r lloguc Vuiicral. . ; A number of Tipton people were : among -those gatlierinB- Tucsdtiy|:aftcrnoon at the Kofk I'rairie Church north ot town whore! flineral services were conducted for Omer E. Bogue.- former tan; resident !• of whosej death evening, i that'! community;, occurred . Sundajr GALA FEOCKS For the Young Miss $1.29 LANE'S ' Rev. Omer McCoi- of: Greentown fconducted the '(services, attor whichbnrial was;lW^he Albrighp cemetery! south of ^Cokomo. j jilclntlro Sejtflccs. A nnnjbor ot'Tiptjn county refl- day attefnoon whM «h«v attendr denta|wire at iln^isnapoUs M01 AT BIC REX FBI J. H. CO! Phone Hamburger, lb. Loin Steak! lb. RU Evestrain wrinkles may TOU LP0K -*f« . , :.'' • Last I Xour last see one of the year, about QeneStrat "t£ ITou'U Also

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