Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 19, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 5
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"WAIT -TILL THE SUN SHINKS. NKLLIE," n Technicolor dmraa spanning .hnlf a century of lifo in midwestcrn America, will be at I the Grand theater Tuesday through Thursciav. Included in the cast are Jean Petels as Nellie. David Wayne, Hugh Marlowo and Albert Dekker. The film chronicles the growth of the nation through the life of a small-town barber. ' .J -Local Markets- $r.68 . $1.64 .$2.71 ... 76c $3.65 Soybeans In Pennv Price Gain Soyhenns were ii penny liighci for, the only price change on today's local grain and produce ninr- ket CJKAIN Old corn New corn Soybeans Oats (36 lbs.) Flax , Gravea (irain Company titruver, Huntington. Maple I^ill PBODUCK Sweet cream 73c No. 1 71c No. 2 690 Henneries 30c No;: 1 25c No.-,? 22c Stroight run 25c rion's, under 4','j lbs 10c Hens, 4',£! lbs. and over 13c Heavy cocks 10c Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ...Sc Sibux City Livestock 'S'lbux-Clty, May 19 (/P)—Sioux City livestock market quotations: Cattle salable 8,000; calves 100; Slalightcr steers and heifers rather" slow, parly sales about steady; opaning steer sales mostly 1100 lbs. down; cows fully steady; stockers arid feeders fairly active, firm; few sales choice yearling fed steers $32- 33..{SOr some held above $35; com- miarclal *nd good 27.80-$31; good and choice heifers $20-$32; com­ mercial'lots down to $28; bulk utHlty and commercial cows $22- 28;B0; few commercial fed ottcrings $27; canncrs and cuttefs $18-21.60"; few light canners below 16.50; medium and good stock steers 28.50$32; few sales choice 550 Hi. to 700 lbs. $35. , Hogs salable 8,000; rather .slow; barrows and gills steady to easy; .some 25 lower: .sow.s fully 25 lower; choice 1 and 3 barrows and gilts around 190-260 lbs. $21-21.50; choice 1 and 2 around 200-230 lbs. mainly 21.75-$22; 265-280 lbs. 20.50$21; 290-320 lbs. $20-20.50; choice sows around 400 llis. down $19-$20; 400-550 lbs. 17.50-19.25; wctsows discounted 50 to $1; thin light feeding sows 18.50-19.50. Chicago Livestock Chicjigo. May 19 (JPi Choic lightweight hogs bioiiglit as much UK .$2.''..2 ,'j today on the Chicago market, the highest price for thi; year and since last August, as lightweights advanced 25 to 50 cents a hundredweight. Other l )Utchpr hug .s were -steady to 25 cents higher in a fairly activ; market. The cattle niurket was steady t.i 25 cents higher except on better grades of steers which were steady to 50 cents lower. The sheep market was generally steady although the bulk of the slaughter lambs remained unsold. WEARIN— Contiuuod from page 1 reau to which he has belonged since 1926. The Wearins farm about 1,000 acres of land. They have two daughters, Martha Jane, 4, and Rebecca Joe, 10. The children arc the fifth generation of Wearins to live on the present farm. When the United States Military Academy first opened in 1802 it had 12 cadets. The ultraviolet rays of the sun which cause sunburn are stopped by ordinary window glass. mOArS CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Previou* PuzzI* Ail Lit Up ;MOftIZONTAL }'Fuel once .'Widely used for lighting ;*'Coal oil a Electric light 12E^ist IS.Australian : ostrich 14 Continent ISMiideed 16 Thbie who • dare lI'Hurfict aODriet ai'Apger 22S«d cry 24fVicts 2«Wollhound ?7V}per 30 Runt together 12 Candle-holder 34 Crow bars 35 Popular sport atSheltered tide 37 Disorder 39 Soil from : nmoke 40'^^q8lavla'* . 41)r(irmer governor of Alfiiers 42$lv«Uer 4S Suire 49 Clear of blame 91 National Recovery Admftlntre- tlon (eb,) 82 Singing voice 53 Eager 54 Wheel tooth 65 Homed I rumlnMnt |P7Ab«tractmn| VERTICAL 1 Slash 2 Operatic solo 3 Easily aRected 4 River embanltment 5 So be it! 6 Monthly 7 Place 8 Uncovers 9 Employer 10 Italian coins 11 Fish 17 Custom 19 Exchange 23 Endures 24 Small valley 25 Toward the sheltered side 26 Item of property A N P c A c T u ? • 1 ii A R 1 V a u N B 1- • 8 i- B R O 8 T V 8 a A 8 A o a M 1 m S u E h 3 a T A P • N O N • R a R 1 R e 8 1 a A T o M a A T •>'. > s • a R A a a m B s B N T c A K !>/. T A T t. a T L. O 9 A B 8 a P A T a • u 1 T B S T R A P a p o K • • T a M a w 8 27 Nuisance 28 Homer's reputed birthplace 29 That which annoys 31 Costly fur 33 Beginning 38 Land tenure 40 Male sinftlnR voice 41 Lees 42 Car's light 43 Bar on which a wheel turns 44 Cast s ballot 46 Famous English school 47 Metal 48 Scolds SO Knock i i 6 7 n A w 15 I& r m i P * i) » k n P f f, If Daily News Want Ads Reach Over 10.000 Readers Personal WE WOULD like to expre.s.s our sincere thanks to our many kind f I tends and neighbors for their many acts and deeds of kindness, also to Dr. Collins and the nurses and Sisters at the hospital for their wonderful care and sympathy in the loss of our loving husband and father. Mrs. Adolph Brickson and children. 191-1X-4 FRIEND, there's a trend to Flna Foam for cleaning rugs and upholstery. Martin Furniture Store 191-M HOT SWISS STEAK SANDWICH, mashed potatoes. SOc. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 191-1-4 BIG GAY NINETIES MUSICAL "Walt 'Till the Sun Shines, Nellie," Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday at the Grand Theater. 191-3-4 KEN: For goodness sake, lot's get the car radio repaired before we go on our vacation. Steve at Es- thervUlc Pladio will fix it as good as new. Mae. 190-3-4 rWE BUY EGGS ON GRADE—Remember, the egg market Is In favor of producers who sell quality eggs. Gather them often, keep them clean, cool before casing. Phone 91 for latest market information. P. G. GRAY 191-3-7 Political 24 KE-ELECT E. i. Ellerston Republican Candidate for Supervisor First District Seventeen Years Experlenci' Republican Primary. June 2 Your Support Appreciated For Sheriff Re-elect EMLET TVVITO Candidate for re-election on the Republican ticket. Primaries, Monday, June 2. 190-12-24 MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, dependable, well-qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 177-26-24 Maurice Oleson For Supervisor First District Successful farmer, competent, qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 178-2.'>-24 Want To Buy | Entertainment IM ^mrtU* »iai« Lost and Found Jobs Wanted ' WANT 14 or Hsuck. TO BUY Used tricycle . 16-inch wheel. Arthur ' nolliver. la 19J-2X-20 Form FOR SALE-Early Manchu soybeans. Germination 97 per cent. Ed Opelt. Ph. 82W6. U>0-3x-7 FOR SALE—18 bu. certified Blackhawk soybeans, 98 per cent germination. Joseph Brown, 4 ml. south of Gruvcr. 190-8-7 FOR SALE—Brooder house, $36. Ph. 19J6. Mack Peterson. 189 -3 -7 FOR SALE - 18 bu. Certified Blackhawk beans. Phono 58, City Alri>orl. • 187-6-7 FOR YOUR NEEDS IN New and Used Machinery VIKING MOTORS Alwaj-s a square deal at Viking . . . your Masscy-Harrls and Oliver dealer In Eathcrvllln. 170-tf-7 CHICKS—1 to 3 weeks old at reasonable prices. Feeder males on time; pay when you sell them. Bargains In Kozy brooder houses. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 173-tf-7 Bargaining in Oil Strike Resumes Today Denver, May 19 IP —Company and union representatives returned to bargaining tables today in an effort to reach contract agreements and bring' to an end the nation's 20- day oil workers' strike. Week-end talks brought numerous settlements In scattered sections of the country. A spokesman for the International oil workers union (CIO), leader of a coalition of 22 striking CIO, AFL and independent unions, estimated about 6,000 men have returned to their jobs or will do so today. Some 90,000 had walked out. Results of contract voting of some 10,000 Sinclair Oil corporation workers, members of the OWIU group, were expected during the day. Sinclair Is the only firm with which bargaining Is conducted on a nationwide basis. Plant-by-plant negotiations are underway elsewhere. The vote Is on a IS-cont hourly wage boost and Increased night shift difforcntlalB. The cultivated varieties of edible banana do not usually produce fertile seed. In recent months the Great Lakes have risen to more than four feet above normal. DEAD STOCK WANTED 2-Hour Service ESTHERVILLE 13r>0 DOLLIVKR OPERATOR SUPERIOR OPERATOR WAI.LINOFORD 80 WE PAY PHONE CHARCES Bob Wilson, Driver Farmers' Rendering Service Branch of Algona Rendering Co. 191-1-7 MR. FARMER Call our agent nearest you for prompt removal of dead stock. ESTHERVILLHl DOLLIVER GRAETTINQER WALLINOFORD SUPERIOR ARM8TRONO l%one 700 Phone 700 Phone 700 Phono 700 Phono 700 Phone 700 Estherville Rendering Service EARL TUTTLE, Driver 101-2-7 SIDE GLANCB r. M. U. t. »ri.««. ttt. tt MM t«niM. !•«• "You'll ftay %\ thtt piarra till you It«rn at l «Mt ent p)*«t2 What would pitopls iiy if I gave up «o •aslly?" SMORr.A ;<Honn Tluimdav. fi lo S p ra fSKYI.lNK WIl^L PAY you the very top on your No. 1 bright wool, A. Fish- i er. 191-6-7 ' NEED MORE SEED CORN Right Now? Call mc nt E .«ithiM-- vlllc. I have Pioneer In stock for .your convenience. Strong germinating, fop quality. Gel It now! I A. B. ROSENBERGER Estherville Ph. 88Wfi 191-2-7 Sale Calendar SATlUnW. .M\\ .11. 1 .lO p m. n n. Ctiibiitsiiii .u; N nui . KsthervHle lin.- of hoii Heboid fin nil lire Anoliennis Fi>. .Hhlei and Hums I'l.rk Knimel County WxxwV Sale a.l May Automotive WANTED in head cnltle to pn.t- ture Simon Krey I'h 2Wft l'.)l 2\-2 FOR TIRE Mll.K.Ar.K have us .switch lire.s and rhick wheel alignment tn help cut down lire wear. THO.MAS .MOTORS 191-,1-11 11)1 Mon .rMny I't.V.' 5 t. I*,^ at ih» iK.iii.>iiic» at > •th»i •II.i,-*> »»<)«« tt» %r\ ->l U»i\b i. lITt I 1 i of > (iftr* V p«» w .^w Thrv* Jay* 7e p»r w >M PIT* day* 1 \t r «r Oh» <»r f' rjirh •^•tltkHiai iWr P" »"r>l Minimum ad iOe nam >r* r «r n«»#cultv« tr>»mit«a aam* ad. ClaMinxl a>t< art OAIU I Mini ORt<KH n.-i.aa<i»piii« rlutrtt -t t»« ft'f CT*AU AOc »tnrio* rhartf tl r** pllM ar« ukui Pally N»*« aad ISc U rbarxfd ir ad rarrM a.idiM* i>r rbona numtxr Ml n«t aOvMiiaara DSIM. C)aMin*d ad uawi •Imuid eim% tbatr sdraniMmMiu In U M nrai law* lh*y *»p »*T and npar. aar atror *| t>aca a» n <y alK>wanc«* anar IM tint luuk Help Wanted FOR SALE The Superior nehool will leeelve bids on one tii.tS and one 19.'?9 chn.HNb. with aOpan.Henger HCIIOOI IIIIH 1<IKI- ied. Said bldn to l)e in by May 26, 1982. The Hoard reHervoH the right to reject any or all bIdH. H. E. OlHon. .secretary. lOl-l-U FOR SALE 10.^S Kord tudor. good eondition, J78.(X). Donald FlHher. 8 South 3rd St. 190-8x-ll LET US take care of your autonio- tlvo needs. Bumper to bumper service -all makeK. See u». Robinnon Motors "Ponllac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll WE HAVE 8pcclall«t». factory trained, for dlstrlbutorii, carbur- etom, Ignition system, front ends and general ovcrhnullng. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 189-8-11 Wanted Used C'iii'.s oil lu'w Cliry.slors and I'lvmotilli.s FOR SALE 1950 Chi-ysU'i- I^iyal l -door. . t»quipi)ed. A Mico oiu'. 1949 F^lymoiith l-door, lou mileage. We need used cars on new Chryslers and Plymoulhs. Donovan Motors Across from Postoffitc Estherville, Iowa 191-2-11 Loans and Ins. IS MONEY I.V MINVTRS Cash loans of $.^0 to S.100 to reor- ganlie pavnientn or to m-tlle old bllln Repay convenlint Iv, ae- eordlng to income No endom- cm Come In' IOWA {U'AUANTEE. Inc llKl-J 18 IK V s i:t> ro M \ ! ,vi: .\! rill, < > ll.*:"' : 1 a;\. t • ••'< .ii.i ii! h'.ii i si.r., r ; 11^ \'»- :\ \t, W \SVt'l^ y\yi ..IP. Wont To Rent 14 WANT TO RENT 4 h.drooni mo.l em home. To be avnllnlite In .Iiine for family Willi nioilent hv come Ph. IHI-T 14 WANT TO RENT Panlure land for seven head of cattle Pn Ill-Ol Karl Farrls 189.1x14 Services WINDOW OI.JVHS BROKEN" Wn carr>' n big stnek of itlsaa Bring In your framos, we will regime them. Prompt acrvira Commander Elevatorn. Uuntlnir- lon W. K Sei'ninnii, mnnngrr I'lKOie 4 <\va IUl-1 'I Cl'SfO.M RKC()I!l>lN'i; il..o.- f.,i youi" Hpeelal on iialtinn I'.ill VKI I 'VK ehiircli 19(1 V-'.l HCYINi; A NEW I 'Ai;" A-.U nlioni nut loan sriviii Moiillilv lepiivnient plan milli'il lo \ uor Inciinie. IOWA TRIST A .SAVlNi:.S IIA.NK IKli :i II WIC DO contract pniiil woik, .Sen un for rstimnin on i-xtiTlor and Interior painting. I'll. 1080. Riiv'a Paint Store. 18 tf 9 von PKElc'picMClM' and deriyerv, I 'h 49. P A C, Cleaners 280 If 9 BOTTLE GAS HALES SERVICE Instnllationn Regulations HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 40.181 lBl-tf -9 PETKRSON'8 Uadlntor 8erv1r», Just cast of Vandy's, 1714 Central. Experienced In nil types radiator repair. ll(V-t(-8 •I Tickets! Posters! Programs! Kor pi-oKram.s, dinntMs and meetings of all kind.s let ii.s fill your prinlinu lU 'cd.s. Estherville Daily News llU-.)-« SCREENS Repaired — Wire Replaced NEW SCREENS painted and filled if desire<l Window Glass Replaced Anderson-Schenck PL_._^ OiLC f'" pickup •none ^OS a,,,! cl.Hvery ».rvl. f*»ftoni)blf pr ITf-n IW-.TB KLNNV HI:KINKSH "Frankly I dont think th« public Ilk** your. •p««oh. Mr. Coii|r*simant" For Rent n .ooit,'; SHAunv • M IV. MI m I.', k llki n. \v .It 11. Ill I MONTt;i>MKKY \'. Vltl' l->tturMll. I« I'M .' .^ . i KOlt UKNT .' 1. .ln>.Mii H.-U-. .\ c,-H,nl liUMiifin AX-^ILAMI .lon> I n K.lllb n .nnili PI. 7«SU I'M If ••'«'•• •••• I n ,('4t '• • Ml 'i.r '.\ AN' Vr.\' ri.-,| noA ? -i : < u .uoun*| '»rrt\ wnrk Mn.t ,'1 n l.n;%nf h.^ii*. Will, »ir TVK\ Win^.ri (ir w tt irIT*"!- I«»«v WANTKr* Olrl or wtiman t« worli In Coff»« Shop mptr- l«nr« n<>«'d«l. Wa t»afh you. Ooo<1 wax'a plus m»al« and un^ forms. Onrdaton Coft«« llhop. l"OU UKNT nparlni.nt 4 Iritnce Mft '^n.l A\ '.iitlnlK riirni«h..t WAITTCD -Waltr niiiniK piu nil- . n ! S I'h M.' , ISM 4 S FOR RICNT T«o si, rplnw r.>..,nii foi mm Close in 1.<'MHII i'i>n kiln I 'h ,^2N 191 .Tx ft FOR RENT 2 riKiin nnuhTn h '>u- !.e. $2t1 KImon I'lev. Ktillurvlll. \n 3x 8 In nusirrn pref f*rrrd I 'h 191-3 ft For Sale \0 FTlR RENT home Oentli-man Mm Norman Maine I*<1R RENT .Sleephik- looni Mm Uivinn Tnvloi. I'b lO.lO.t IWO ."l KOR RKNT Two i.Mim houne 711 H»< I3th St Roy llowrn l»T If 8 KOP. RKNT — .t-ioom ilownntiilis npnitnient Olaf T« rUt I'll IS7 If 8 KOR RKNT ilood «le,<pln>r looni for n Kenllemnn Mi» Kliiier Woiien. IMione in« l«8-lf 8 KOR RFNT Furnlshrcl or unfur ninhed npartmenl Pb •.'MW. ('birenco Oollii 1T3 tf 3 KOR RENT New front np «rt- mi>nl for married couple Inquire at Sorennen .Studio 185 If a Real Estate * l'"Olt SA1.I-: ll .,U»e,. lots r.iinniil rllil tiuU'llHl!" •lift' !•• • I IriViin ell- RIDOCT KKAI. K.SIATK I'll Hi.'iii 1,1 \:r>\t ii'i .'I' KDii ni -;.N r on M ri i I (HI,,I h. '11. ,111 r-f ii A'' N* r fpiiiKiniM I'll r;r.;i,i r.ii ,>> • I'OR SAI.I-; IIV (IW.NKI! New iliit, I., i|, (it .ro iiuos. , ^:it.' Iieiil, h, HI ItteeUi 'M Ant lnM\lM(.: out ot St .(1 < -It' ..111 pi I' tlli; M .1-' for ijotf Iv '•'il- If tv-l Ktrii,. iiU IntiiMliil mill Hill' lo flo'itii t pl«-ajif iloii'l hot hi I lij rHil Krrtnk Adiini. Il.'i N l.llh .SI I'hoiu' l8a2LW IS'I 2 It coon IlKAI. KHTATK HI'V KOR HALK 2-l..'.liooni bom-, I. R, kltchi'i). iit1ii(-l)i-it ){firiiK-. utllHy loom IIO.IMX) I,.t un show you thlM hou»e |„-f(,r,' >ijii iiuv i\ home K,ST M K R V11.L K H K, AI .T Y Ph U40 oi I63«.» 191 1 M KCIR .SAl.K l«<i*.i. f,irni hl«h No ti. ••ust I 'lurlon «oli (wi^. scsAiiin ,ta\» KIDOIT UKAt. ^•^HrATK I'h or 1T50 19> 2 !•> KOR .SAUK I.ikr tirw !«li irm i^ni,-! »arrl(li'<- f«ll m .W 8 1-1 lo • W p ni 191 4t lu l-*<1R SAI.K KIrclric t«wn mo«^r. 1-8 i^t Mrs Noi niiin Mi'rtimnil- •on I'h :iF«l 191 2« to l.lNOt.KlM \\ «• , .,o t>ilf;tit>-n up \oin h«ni^ nt iKlnloiiini ion! lo \-iu VV,' Ni-ll nnil tnaltill linoleum Kt i«n . «<' SANIIOHN KlUtNITCRK 191 1 111 n )R .HAl.K Tralt^i li<ui«.- Mr. Kilnii lloi.n tITIW 191 .t lo ('Tni.intKN-rt^TjvimATji-"* I'lilUllin's pl«lil o\'-rallc. ni* « 1 to It SrtnforUi^il T'Hiijh >vrarir\« »1 III AI»o chlUlr. n • ov.>r»ll« In St I IP'S. ri"1« or gr<*<'n> Kin's 3 « tl ^3 iiM.l Jl W .SCRIM.t'S MTOIIK 191 .1 |i» Kl)|( SAI.K Klmb'ill oprlBbI pi- nnii <',<jo.! i-oiiitlll'in I'll !t57\V MIS .MKI VMI IVtrrnsn I9l-.1» 10 hCiH HA[.y. Kiteldiilrr iiTrlB.i* loi nt .oiulltloll Will .-1,'tl uri I'ltns Ml* .l«bn (»iil,n I'l i;.'iu\ ini a ID oil! I1I>; I'litii .,o.| VVi.ll|..ip.. - il. I .I.I • ' hi ..I.' h .S.llunUx .\l >•. -•| V 'A" I,.lis .tf MiiUpni' I ' 'f 'hi |.M.' Ol .111, itvl Otilll', Olti-f .niislj.niiiiii; I..,1,1.,1ns lovi 'i.; I.CVIIIKII 'ii I'Jl 'I hi .XAVK. J.'i" W. 1,,,!.. 17 nil It Ili'A Vi. 1 .r 1.i.\lsl':(i H,t lA IKllt t St**- M J." , ml itnMlv.tiim V prh <• IW^Sn KRAUT MfSIC MTORK 191 . 11 HITSINEHK OPPORTUNITIE.H IN f;i':YU)N CAROL IIROCKMAN. Roiltor Ciylon. Minn 191 IMMEDIATB nBLJVKRY 'l MxSO bungalows, t3.U4, nriictcd on foundation or hhsoment honx'. Othar sites, styles. Your plans nr ours. Froo dnllvory 100 ml Hi«n- i5ard construction. Not prnfnb. Best dry lumber. Visit FshnInK Buppty, Watdrvllle, Minn. 0|>»n 8 8 INo Hundaym. KJO-I-* ItJU RALK Vuiant lot. of 12th and Rth Av>- N K J Kennedy. Ph 121 or B»H ins IfH ACRKAHKH KOR HALK CAnOL imCK'KMAN. lUaltor Ceylon, Minn. JTO 3 « NKW 2 HKOROCM liumc. L H, l> It. Itltrhitn 'iiMt twlh. full btiscm'-nt. with «b»wi'r nnd stool. U»m lii'al. Iiiil wnli-r bratpr and itof(i>n<'r f!o«Ml north location. 2 lots Possesnlon 2 wr-ks IIIIX)I;T RKAL KHTATK I'h loao or nw KOR HALK 3 i.iilirwni iiKMl .rn boinr, (co<"l liMutU.n. Thomas ll.r.>in fhon.1 IJWJ IM9 «•« •OK .SAI.K • iirks. '.'(>.• liillfK f-nst. ' Whitr lOO-lh f,..| K'-nnflh W, .1 t I mlU' nurth 1!W 3 10 MCNDIIKDH or HALC ITKM K Our lilir utiKk rrducttoii >ith- stattr-d Thursday but Ihnro nr,. •till hundreds nf wnnd>>rful bir' Kalns on our »t\r\\-a I'uinr In nnd srn tbfs«- t;rttnd valut'd KHTHERVIU.K liARl>WARK 19<^ 2 II) m »9K HIIKKTX. «u«<l nuallly 12 tt» rnrh. Monday anil Tursday only. KMLKRH VALL'K HTORK 190: I') KOR HALK Htrrl rloth'sltn' pol- r« Call l^>r«<h'-n. Ph 71:./ 190 8 tiJ MAY KKHTIVAL VAl.UK %J70 vainx (itcnic bosket only It '^l KIIIBHTONK HTORK* IM3 I 'l KOR THK BlUDE KIrclric apitllant >-• Nut"'-, j dimr chlnifs Trirrhrnn clwks Ail IhrMc hoiiavkKt-pIng arc ^M- llM shiill nerd and want OtJiON rHOTUlC HKUVICK ill n (th m 11 OCTKOOR ilYM 81-rr TuhMUr st»-»l n play Rockt-t Hidrr f. *- tiirr mj)0 WEMTKR.V ACTO AHHOC .4T01'.« H» tf liJ Kt)R HALK Hllnhlly UJ .V.1 Vut.r nddInK marhlnc with csiwv R /i / ri »dU-f I'h 17«1\V IHATnlJ KOR HALK Two 2b.'lti«im hi,u , «.» Ph I874W l<il4 ^1.1 An .V ! I! W NPIS/JH 1X9 6« »t i KOR HALK Kour r...iii hous, 730 i N laih Hi It.iv llutst 1 «X Ix « KOR MALJC Two bt-driwiin hotisf I and lot lUiy Bowrn. 711 So 12' h 1ST.If H I FOR HALK Old n<w«pi»p<-r» th«rvlll» Dally N««w« office tW .tr». 11 ASK FOR Hi«na<rs Icr Crr.ini i'. your fuvorlt- st'.r- HA.VMKRH U-y. fRKAW <0 1»X If "i RKFRII5KRATOH HI'K<lAl S'r * H fo<jl ffuriKrr*tor !• ally priced at tlM 94 IIEJDKK EfJSCTniC CO 177 tf iO FOR HALK Hiiinll rnod<-in 2-b<d room hoin-. on two lots Oas btni linmrdlutB inssmslan , ftAWI.EIOtl PRODUtrTB Plions IS 171 tf-a FOR SALB—^room modern hotua 00 N. «tb Bt. Closa In. Rfason- •bly priced. 8«a N. J. L««. 120-lf « Haumann. Ph. 374J. E. T. 30-t /-lJ FOR HALB^-^ Ufhtnlnf roda. TT yrs, of satlaflMl matoiaora. Oall col- Uct U17J. m C lOtta St. 99*^ car, I*. Qua D. lUlh. MT^Oa-lii PAINT SPECIAL Ulttes Irileiior c;i<».ss, f|! . li.J^J jtalum u -<iiR|)leti' clium- of i-ok)i-s» Kem 'I'oiie, n'Knl :>i, 5>H4' <|t., .'t.L'i} gulk)M .\<'in.' OiUMd, \S liiti \M Kollori Anderson-Schenck \0l\ S,.. 6th 4)H> J t<)

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