The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY G, 1031 Tliomw Gain's were guest* of Charles Springer Siturday night. M«. Ettiel Swain spent Tuesday Kith Mrs. Maude Springer. Mr. and Mrs Albert Hawkins iiavc moved In this vicinity. Mrs. H. U. Shancyfelt spent etopped. Th« proper play *6uld be to lead the queen of epade$ and overtake Ui the dummy with -the kln&, thereby still retaining control oJ the spade sull. A small diamond Is reutrned Irom dumniy, and when East plays the ten, declarer Society Calendar i Mrs. IfeQ. Pattou is having toe Wednesday Bridge club. Mrs.,fYancls Carpenter Is entertaining tha -uew weekly contract club. .-:•..-• The .Parent-Teacher association ol the'. Sudbury school »'i!l meet at the school at 3:15 p. in. The .executive board of the Junior High School Parent-Teacher association Is meeting at the school at 3:30 p. m. The Delphian chapter Is meeting ' ding having been solemnized Wed- nesdny, December 31. The attracllvc bride, wl.o Is thc ! daughter of Ur. and' Mrs. Msuiley | A. Portls, of. Detroit,' was reared j In this city and has many rela- j tivcs here. Later she attended Gal- '• loway college at Scarcy, Ark., when her family resided at Lepanlo an i they moved to the. Michigan city, several years ago. She. spent n v/e?k Bits of N Mostly Personal lEngageinent Story "Just a Joke" Thursday afternoon with Mrs. H. finesses the queen which, holds, The | ace of diamonds'Is returned'by declarer and then a small diamond which East wins with the Icing. Eist S. io. 1 I'.. J. I'.man au:l Mrs. II. Davis hint- gone to Memp.iii at the Hotel Noble. • . Thursday Mrs! p. P. Moss is hostess to (lie Mid-Week'; Bridge ciub. The-Young Matrons club.Is meeting with Mrs. Victor Bray. , The' Elliott- Fletcher chapler oJJJ''" 1 the United. Daughters of the Con-' 4 -"' ill meet at the . here bsforc the CKrtBfwns holidays for her first visit since going north, 1 • ' • Execiitlvc Hoard .'•'..'•' Tii'e' Woman's auxiliary of tno First'Presbyterian 'church liai its for a f.vo days stay. Allen Btankenshlp, ot ltcnu:lt. a visitor m tin; city lust cvc- Imng. I 'Mis, Charics Wyllc is In Msn:- pbis lodrty. .- Miss Belle wiiitsltt and E. 1). Ly' lo Mcn i ls . monthly executive 1 •• Board meeting •••• -• . ,,_, . ,,. , at the'home of Mrs. rioss sicvnu " |11B for lh(; t::m ' Flyin " 1 "' i ' Monday '"• • Bt ' tllc nlllilU)rll!m - j Each of Iho 17-inernbers prcscnl ' Mrs - Alllm W;lllon wi " K0 lo ; took a dish for an appetizing menu : prior . to the- business ses- passed tcmorrow for n visit with • her dauglitcr, Mrs. lierry B, IJrooks' Jr., nnd Mr. liiouks. j Mrs. W. M. McKtnzIc nnd Mrs. Clyde Iloiilnscn «'erc visitors m I chairman ot the kit- 'Memphis Monday. i '..T. W. D.ivls, of Memphis, nnd ; M. A. Partis, ol Detroit, Mich., nrc ,Mames -H. Bro*i.T WeTt, ^ *"* Raymond Schmuck and Miss Cora, CI1CI J com Lee Colsmah as hostess's. . , '":""?,*"' f "the cl'lirchTeiir"'wVth ! "tUindlns It) bnsincjs here today. The;. Ladles Bible ^ss -of the ~ d ^ b ^ SX 2 ^ El p B f U lc , a ^ "' Hut 1 cues, that Mesdames George W. i s P rl »B s wllL ''' c llc wl " S ^" A fl '111 enter- Second Baptist church ^11 tain tiie Men's BlW'e : cl- '. and of,- flcers of the 1 Sunday school with, a party at tht.home of Mr. ah 1 Mrs. W. M. McFarland. -• VI Frldiy - / The "Dorcas Sunday, school class of the FJtnil -dkptist: church' will have its 'kumthly meeting, at tl'.c home-of t^: T. H. Hayne* at 7:30 o'clock; '.vhen the officers will be hostessss. i Saturday , There (will be a free story hour -at the Blytheville library at 10:30 A. M", Ifor children from six to ten years of ages. District Conference Will Be Held In Cily. The .entertainment of .the conference of Business and Prfifesslon- al Women's club members In district 2, to be held'.here.January 17 and 18, was takea'tip. in the meeting of the local group Monday evening. The usua Imonttily dinner nt the GoB hotel preceded the business session. Members from Jonesboro, Paragould, Plggott, Corning and Brjthe- vllle w.ll lattend the Saturday night and Sunday sessions at tha GolT fcotel and Woman's club when Mrs Ruth Stllwell Holder will presldi as district chairman. An Interesting program Is being arranged. i • * « Officers Take Up j New Year's Work. Officers of the woman's mission nry society in the First Mclhodls churcK took up their new work fa 1931 In the first business session o the year Monday afternoon, at th J. Denton, president; Mrs. J. E church. These will serve: Mrs. W. Critz, vice president; Mrs. M. Jont?,. recording secretary; Mrs. Herman Cross,; corresponding ^secretary; Krs. " Fred 'Warren, conference treasurer; Mrs. P. E. CoDley, assistant treasurer; Mrs. F. D. Smith, local .treasurer; Mrs, W. A. otirk- mon, superintendent, of publicity; , Mrs. Ira Gray, superintendent of study;- Mrs. W. C. Higginson. superintendent of supplies', Mrs. O. N. Hawkins, superintendent of children's work; Mrs. E. n. Gillen. superintendent of social service. Immediate plans liuilude .the care of a needy family, which is a continuation of'past work, and more cooperation with the local ited Cross.' : Mrs. W. I. Denton was selected • as the leader to represent .the group in the special prayer sen 1 ice tonight. Mrs. M. G. Goodwin wns lender of the devotional with the scripture taken from the third chapter of Phillipian. Mrs. R..N. Hill of- DIHahunty, Virginia Keck and H. Dnnl Jr., serve as a nominating ommittee for officers to be elected April and that auxiliary ns:,lv. he church In paying some bills. lass Makes IMuns. Dans for continuing the aid to needy family, remembering mcm- jers who are' 111 or out of thn city, month's vacation. M. Saliba Is seriously 111 at his home on Kentucky avenue. Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. S. Duncan an:l son, Dick, returned ycstcrdny fram a visit In Helena. Carletcn Smith Jr.. is leaving tomorrow -loi IJranham - liujhes school at Spring mil, Tenn., after spending the holidays with his nir- mprovlng the class room. a«is!in s cnl « at lhpil ' ll ° lllltll - v llt>n 'e he church In paying some bill's und | ot ' tlle he centos'.- now In progress ovir j he entire school occupied the members of the Beta Clit Sunday scroll class of the First Presbyterian church which with Mrs. R. C. Dem jr., Monday evening. Detailed plans for lurtlier assisting the family "adopted" rc- -cntly were passed upon nlong with >lans for-other nc.tlvitles In re- Mrs. Berry B. Brooks Jr.. returned to Memphis last night, after spending several days with her mother, Mrs. Allan Walton. Mi\ nnd Mrs. W. B. Tunncr returned last ulgiu from paints of Louisiana where they spent a ten days honeymoon. Mr. nnd Mrs. Otto Kochtitiky jam! Mrs. Kochlitsky's mother, Mrs. D. Hawkins Mr. Richard Powers Is visiting relatives in this vicinity this week. Mr. and Mrs. Dock Blgham were returns the king of Clubs, West thc guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ztb playing the ten. (Jatnes, Sunday. Mr A. G. Hall Albert and Roy Hall were guests 'of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Springer and family Sunday. Oldest Pewter Piece I VISALIA, Cn!., "(UP) n • i I L ," l - c ' iJ 6, UL "- '•• Deed to DUrial Lot , and Nicholas W &? oWis }4.. i iiiviiuiu? n.s.»-»uij«u\j ntiw triCa i'v| ;ntly on charges ol robbing •> uf chlr.osc social club, and the trlall'^V lAbshig. Joe Moiidc-z, Kantcn DonSi c r?prlrsnHn U'rirn trio r t the county plenty ns nuthprV<••; were forced to employ Chinese Secretary, American Bridge Lcajut membcrluB others. In taking p«rt|j. W. Morse ot St. Louis, nre. hi u Hie contest each member was jlven an Inactive member to cn- ilst lor attendance. Ii\,<tho sodnl hour which followed the business 11 was announced that ttie oltlcers nnrt teacher, Mrs. 0. M. Gray, will entertain the class at- the next, monthly weH- Irtg. New year resolutions were wrlten nnd rend aloud. The hostess served a plntc of tuna fish sundwlches. prun? pudding topped with whipped cream and hot chocolate. Louisiana for several days. Mrs. Alvin Huffman nnd daughter, ,'cltye Claire, have reiurind from n two weeks visit In -Princeton, Ky. Mrs. Russell Fnrr and two sons returned lo their home in Mem- that yon liand and with the queen of clubs ] opening from the West hand, make three no trump. It Is one of the greatest hands the writer has encountered mxl It strongly brings o'Jt the point that control ot a suit should be retained as long as possible. NORTH 3-X.10-9.8-4 H-7-6-5 D-a-6 C-74-3 A small club Is then led by East, declarer discarding a heart and Weit winning with the 1 jack.' The small club U returned by West to East's nine spot, declarer discarding tn c queen of hearts. West, ot course, discarding a high club and then leading the small one was done j In an endeavor to get his partner in 1 to lead a heart, but all of the vest of the tricks In declarer's hand are good—the three diamonds and the ace of hearts and ace of spades. By retaining control of the spade suit until his diamond suit was sat, the declarer his succ35sfully made three no trump. If the ace of spades had been played before the queen,- West's Jack would have bsen ct up and thtn the opponents •ould have run three clubs, a diamond and the Jack of spades. Three, more Interesting hands b)' .Ir. Edward C. Wolfe will follow Ills article. CHICAGO. (UP)-What is be-1 CC£t lieved to be the oldest piece of pew- ties were - . Ur In existence is on exhibition at Filipino and Sl» n!sh Interpreters..• i; Field Museum of Natural History. H Is an inscribed tablet bearing In i Chinese a date Indicating the year j A.D. 85. It was found in a tomb In Lo-Yang, province of Honan, China. Tills pewter is a relic of Ihe Han dynasty and Is executed as n deed, or grant, of land, for the burial )lace of /. the governor of Tung- cun, who was a great scholar highly esteemed by his contemporaries, according .to Dr. Berthold Laufer, curator of "anthropology. EAST S-7-6-J H-M». i 16 SOUTH— DEALER S— 1-5-2 H-K-84-2 B-6-4 C-Q-J- 10-2 The Blddlnr The hand was played nt auction H-s-Q.3 &-A-Q-9-7-3-2 When Frank Carideo, Notre Dame's AH-Aincricnn quarterback, was "told a nd"sou'ih"bid""onc"no" trump."'In that his engagement to marry Miss 5amc cttseS| Nortll tooit out w i tn Nena Qunrtero (above), Hollywood two spadeS| fln(i 30,^ immediately movie acirers, had been announced in Iho film capital, he branded the went to two no trump. The I'l.iy n as "n cheap attempt' to gel j West has lwo follr . car(i sllits but G cheap advertising," adding, "I j thc qllecn of cUlbs ls thc proper trl=d to be courUous. nnd tills is opcnlng . Don - t lead away fronl a what I get." M ss Quartero, in k , lf havc BnollMr goodop . n _ HollywoDd, then said thai lhe .whole ,__ Eart n ,. v . A thc encoura*in 2 thing .was "just a ing. East played the encouraging practical Joke. c|ght 5pol Thc _ c js no rea5on {or . ~- . ; jdcclarer to stay off, nnd he imme- tcrtained a number of their friends I diately wins Hie Irick with the ac2 at their home Tuesday evening. 1 ! If the declarer starts the diamond Mr. and Mrs. George Perry. who: suit from his own hand, he Is as- linve been living on Island 37-have sirred of losing at least two dla- moved back to Huffman. ''•• monds and three clubs which would phis Sunday after n two weeks vis- -Mr. and Mrs. Pete Barnes • are Mop game. The only chance he has it with Mrs. Fan's parents, Mr. and I moving from Lee Wilson plauta-' Mrs. T. H. Haynes. ! t!ou to Blylhoville. Mr. Manes 'of delicious | Mrs. Milton Summers, who Is a 1 Armorel Is taking Mr. Barries pines pntient at the Memphis Baptist ns foreman at'.the Lee hospital,-will undergo an operation | P'xce. todny. His Roik ^urly. Mrs. C. E. Wilson v.-ns hostess to Iwp tables of roric Thursday utter- noon cs|>eci;tliy complimenting Mr:i. W. S. McCnll nnd her mot.icr. Mrs. J. E. Noel, of St. Louis, who visllcri Iriemts here for n .week. Foiled plants and cut flowers adorned the living room arranged or the eight guests. Aflcr the rook games the hostess served peach ii;rprlse and (,'oEIee. Vllir Society Mcc!=. Included in the II present at t!:e meeting of the nltnr' society of the of going game Is lo find the king ol diamonds in the East hand and on, ly Sour clubs in the hand of thi Wilson i original opener. ,j'-v;l Most players would malje the mis I Huffman News •Alr. and Mrs Herman Farrls-haVojf nke of Ieading lh e ace and then moved from the Sewell to the/Me- thc queEn of 5padej This, o Kay farm. _ ,,.. , : -•'•**•• course, .would set utf-the jack'fo Ml" MMfT MVe Tltod r\fir>L- • na-- .. . . - • Read Courier News want Builds Sturdy Health Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 CINDERELLA HOSE Full Fashioned* All Silk Clear Chiffon Picot tops, French Heels A wonderful hosiery value offered in the most popular colors and all sizes Light Gunmetal Mauve Bieye Promenade Brown Leaf Mr and Mrs. Tliad Mick. have_ t , oppon( , nU nnd game would- be .-i ' nft>r?d from Promise Land lo Dt*r • •'™ -TV + Miss Elm Wnlker hns rcluriwd I Robinson's (firm, lo Cooler in resume her duties ns Buddie. Cnssldny of Number (cncher after spending the holidays was a Huffman visitor Sunday. Good Shoes and Hosiery with her parents. Jro Cassldny Jr., and Tinner Kissell were the guests nf Loin Estes ot Burdctte Monday night. Lonio Wnlker hns returned to Stnrkvllle, Miss., where he Is attending; Miss A. anil M nfter [.pending the holidays with his parents. Miss Ardith Jarbo spent Tluirs- wllh her aunt, Mrs. W. E. llnirch of the Immaculntc Conccp- Hngau. .ion Monday afternoon, at the rcc- i Mr. nnd Mrs. Lelancl Swcnt and lory, was'Mrs. J. W. Biu'llay. ot | son of Blythcville were visitors on Joncsboro, who fi visiting her 1 " " " daughter, Mrs. Frank Brewer. Dues were collected and plans made for early spring activities. To Initiate Camllil:itcs. Candidates will be Initiated into the order ot the Woctlmcn of the World hi n meeting here this evening when State Manager F. NOIV- berry, of Little Rock, will be in charge. I'iirkcr-Itlsliop Mr. anti Mrs- Frances Wilson' ot Number 8 visit etj their daughter,' Mrs. Ben White,-Sunday. ''-.;.. • Mr. and Mrs. A..'F. Bowles wns the guest of their daughter -Mrs. D!nn Williamson, • Sunday- Miss Jmie Wilson,.who has teen visiting her sister ..the '-. I»)St. .week i lered'prayer and it was" announced i Tllc marriage of Miss Violet that the new book, "The Turn To- vrard Peace" would be taken up. Hostesses for next week's social and program meeting are to be: Mesdames E. D. Ferguson. F. D. Smith, N. W. Wright, Harry Kirby, Earl Snyder, Sallie Hubler. E. B. Dickey jr., Ernest ROB, ' E. D. Gillen and W. L. Homer. • • * Circles Meet. • • . • Circles of the Woman's Missionary union'.In the First Baptist church h»gan the new year with meeting; Monday afterncon. In the first group, which met at the church, five attended. Mr_s. C. E. Welson conducted the devotion- j al taken from the 111 Psaim and' Sisliop, of Cnru'.hersvtlle. and Mr. R. G. Parckr, of Greenville, 111 , Mrs- W. E. [lagan, Thursday. Miss Dill!,; Lttliu has returned to college after spending lhe Holidays with her parents. Mr. and Mr?. W. B. Loilin. Mrs. Frank Parker Is visiting relatives this week In Memphis . . has returned to her. homo at mim- ben 8. ' ' • Mr. and Mrs. J. 'A. Hagan was the Sunday dinner' guest.- ad. the McKay hnr?. Mrs. IsohPll Forbes of Tyler is; spending this weok vyith her sis; ter, Mrs. Louise Parrls- Driver Grove Mr. ami Mrs. Isanc Langtey have MrMnd MrTV.''H.'Ylntiicid wcni moved lo Mr. C. G. Smith's farm 1 dinner guests o[ Mr. nml Mrs. P.uil! for thc coming year. . Fitzgerald, Thursday. 1 Mrs G. A. Hall nml children, W. C. Crowdcr. Turl .Inlmroii Jr., | spent Saturday with Mrs. Maude j I nnd Chnrles Crowder were business : Springer. visitors in Huffman, Tuesday. I Mr. and Mrs. Zcb Games Mr and Mrs Steele Porry nnd moved to this community. Statement of Condition of The Farmers Bank & Trust Blytheville, Ark. i at Close of Business December 31st, 1931 took place her,: yesterday with Jus- i lice L". D. Walker performing the| ceremony. Ibplisl Women Bc£in New Study Mrs. W. M. McFarland host-1 ess to Hie 11 members who attended thc missionary union of tlic Second Baptist church Monday afternoon. For the Ci-votionnl Mrs. T, Kltncs read nnrt comuien'.ed up- | en U'-: '/irst Psalm. The new mission book "The Triais cf Arkansas" was used for thc mission study con- ducicd by MIT,. Leslie Moore and prayer by Mrs. O. W. Lewis concluded the meeting. fnivily were Monday evening dinner guests of Mr. nml Mrs. Blan It. Williamson. Mr. nnd Mrs. Blllie rtny jr., en- Mr. Albert Hnll spent SnlurdflV l| night with Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hnll i nnd family. '' Henry Gtilncs, Troy Bighnm aiul Smile At Hospital A'oies 'Bonnie Shepherd, and'baby dismissed from the B'.ythcvillc hos- j pllil today. k ' Mrs. C. G. Hires led in pray:r. Miss Cordelia Wilhlle led the business session and mission study. i Mrs. T. H. Haynes read ani'^Mrs. W. J. Rodgrrs.-lormcrly Mls> commented upon the 14th chapter of John in the meeting oT circle 2, at the church, with six mcmb3rs present. After Mrs. R. L. Rceder led in prayer Mrs. Ira Crawford taught the mission lesson. .' Circle 3 met with Mrs. John Buchanan. with six members in attendance. The !lth Psalm was us:d lor the devotional with Mrs. C-. R. Nabofs In charge, followed with a prayer ty Mrs. T. E. King. Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer led the mission study. This group .will be enteitained next week by Mr?. Sam Hall. The nine hiembers and one visitor who tnet with Mrs. Rcbsrt Grime's heard Mrs. E. E. Alexander lead the devotional and Mrs. jMa- ricn. Williams the Bible study. M«. Marion Williams will entertain the group next week. • • • inclu-Portis. Announcements have boen received. here of the marriage of Miss j Mildred Davis,, fortis. of Detroit. ! Mich., to Mr.' Llvingtlcn Porter i HltkS, of -the same. city, the wed- 1 Loans and Discounts §265,083.92 Loans on Cotton 124,555.75 Overdrafts 303.24 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 7,200.00 County Scrip 1,718.98 Furniture and Fixtures 8,700.00 Banking House 140,600.00 Other Real Estate 52,090.00 Other Resources 39,600.00 Cash and Due from Banks 272,312.07 Capital Stock Surplus Fund Undivided Profits, Net Reserved for Dividend Rediscounts Bills Payable Deposits $200,000.00 40,000.00 13,025.72 20,000.00 'None None 639,138.24 $912,163.96 $912,103.90 At this season of the year it lias always been our policy to express our appreciation of the business entrusted to this institution. It has always been our aim and desire to cond\i"t an institution to rentier the greatest possible service to the com- y feys> y Q3iXi^55Bp new, pleasant, .1, tablet that relieves ordinary- hcntlnclir: mid v.ouvalgia, muscular pains and functional pains. It's excellent for Coryza —cold in thc head—nnd for Utc sovc throat that often accompanies it. Physicians have been wnlinr; prescriptions for a similar combination for year,-:. • The Dr. Miles Medical Company has standardized this well balance: 1 formula nn;l K placl In ortcr it in thc form of a stable, pnhilablc, mini-flavored tablet for home use. PncVci Siro r.c, cy ana service tO'every:cubioiiiuj. wnctuci iciigt; ui OLUCH.. ••- —— „....„....„ — ,. tude has been appreciated by the public and we want to assure you that in tne tu- ture there will be;no change in our policy of past years. We always have in mmcL ths safety of our depositors first. We. sincerely hope that the year 1931 will bring more prosperity to everyone in this community and assure you that this institution is a'cacly and willing m every way possible to assjst you to greater prosperity. To all of our new customers we extend a cordial welcome and assure, you that it shall be our aim at all times to serve you to the bestrof our ability. Heres hoping for a better 1931 than the year 1930 in every walk of lite. The Farmers

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