The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 7, 1967 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 7, 1967
Page 4
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pgglSSfpp^ "'"' i^^ Mrt, Fwttml stnricts biU Twsdoy for Carl J. Nt If •*•* ol C»«r Lake also a *an»r pwst, Mrs, Vorland, R«w*f, Sttsan. aad *ti* *«ff» *t few Ctty; PM hrmtjt fa*** Mr*. Jatt Brig""**and seas ofGoM- Mat Jl* *«w dawr f*Ntc Cfcristeas ettsiaj at fa* Herbert Tlral*Qtat repeated vows at St Joe December 28 ST. JOE-Miss Gcorfia Ural, tetter of Mr. aad Mrs. Rteh- srd G. TM of SL Joe, became tbe Bride of Mart Eftert, SOB of Mr. sai Mrs. Irria EBwrt of Botesa, km, at a dca*4e rfec eereawoy heMat IfcSO Vt*esOaT. December 28. at Ik* SL Josephs CataoBe Chuck a SL Joe. Tbe Rev. L. C. Sfchaaarhrr officiated aad rcaff fl* anptial mass. Tat bride, fires IB marriage by ber tatter, vac attired ia a floor tearlk fow «f bridal safe aad Ch«r bee *ttt ffitedbodfe eradaated from Girriraa School at Alfona. She also from Miakato Com- CoOepe at Maakaia, Mias. Tbey are employed by Finaers Resional Cooperative of Fort Dodgs. Follcrriaj a weddsij trip Q2roae& soataera aad eastern states, they vOI be at bota* on a farm near Hodman, km. Sasd Stadk> Paoto : a can late, _ Tae aea aad waist after A-Bae attrt fettered carat lac* vfefle ter posfl ftfl fcfl ftwa a fraily •eteife von* fold o _ W^J ^» ^^u KuB* <Kd^BP« *. •KilDQBMHBVZiiK^m ftr ChrisflMS TBOH-Mr. and Mrs. Oar- ease Anderson entertained at a nuaflj gatheriax and sapper Ckristffias ere, Goests were Mr. aad Mrs. Seteer Aadtr- f4aw|wstsCartttaMtfttO» Marvta JWsoa hwfi* w*re Mr. HA Urs. Barry Htlsoa aid lam- fly of ««M*r Ohf; Mr. aad Mrs. Jfeat JWsaa efFort Dodge: Mr. aaa Mrs, Haas Kelsea aad family of Btairstwrf; Mr. aad Mrs. Cart LarsaB of Omaha, Sebw Miss Leto aad Miss Alice Kelsoa of Des Moines, aad El- o»r Nelsoa of Eafle Grove. Mr. aad Mrs. LaYerne Claude aad ehSdree left Thursday tor a several days' visit over me Christmas holidays with relatives ia wooster, Ohio. Mr. aad Mrs, Henry Vinaece, Jr. aad Marti Jo of Laurel, Md_ arrived Thursday tor a two weeks' vis8 at the Maarke 01- soa aad Henry Vtonece ST. homes. Mr. aad Mrs. Bob Flattebo aad chOdrcB of Rockfcrd, m, spent several days over the week end at tbe Lyle Stowe home and wift relatives at Eagle Grove. Mr. aad Mrs. Hi Berkland spent Christmas evecinf at the hone of Mrs. Clara FevoM at FortDodfe. Dtnaer goests Christmas eve at 8te John Vorrle home were Dr. aad Mrs. J. E. Yoaaj; of Moltoe", DL; Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Vorrie aad famQy; and Everette aad Norbert Vorrie. Mr. aad Mrs. Kenneth Mfckel- sa and firls. Dr. aad Mrs. Jlifford Mfckelsoa and firls of Webster Ctty; Mr. and Mrs. BUI Hansoa and twtodaataters of Fort Dodfe; Mr. aad Mrs. KeithMfck- elson and famQy; and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gels of Eagle Grove were crests Christmas eve at the borne of Mrs. Mabel Mkkel- soa. St. Jot Ml tokhg NotiMfll Giord troiiiig ST. JQE-Rfchard Hathe. SOB of Mr. aad Mrs, Delmar Plathej Ahrta Bormann, soa of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Bormann; and Howard KohBaas, son of Mr. aad Mrs. Raymond Kntilhaas. left Otis week tor Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., fear their six months' military trabtiaf. They_are mem- it the parental Kraose home. RJcbard Vorbnd coaM not b» present as he was still a patient at the Mercy Hospital In Masai _ ClTY-Mrs. Carrie Cit ? rwoperate* from i of GllnKM* Ctty, Mr, and Mrs. Earl Erkksoa.R,A 1 SkauR- stad and Mrs. Harold Jensen, an of RurafcokS; and Mr. aad Mrs. Theodore Tufte -jf Ottawa, tH, mended fvneril services tor Carl J. Helgesc* at the Em-nets- barf Lutheran Church at Em- Rtetsborf TaescUy afternoon. Mr. and M.-s. DcmM Day, Mr. aad Mrs. Deoall Wiemers, Pamela and Arttwna Frank, aad Mr. aad Mrs. Armoo Frank celebrated Mr. and Mrs. Frank's 36tt aaniversary »t the Starlite in Fort Dodgt 'Friday eventaf, December 30. Mrs. Ethel tk<rin is spendtaf tbe holidays at the home of her son and family. Mr. and Mrs, Howard Hogan oi Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jensen and family were guests Christmas day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hamersly spent Christmas week end with their daughter and family. -•*— r r—y.-- .—-.— Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Carlson and Celia Wigaas and Mrs, Annie Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilson went to Dike Sahirslay to spend Christ- m»s at tbe home of ber mother. Mrs. Minnie VofceMtft?, and rftarned home Monday. The wflsons were dtoaer pests Mi«a4»y at the honw of his fte- phew, Mr. aad Mrs. tfcryl Wtt- son *o5 fainilv, In Hampton. They enjoyed a visit with Daryl Wilson's mother, Mrs. Blanche Wilson. c*l Britt. Enroute home t!»y «iere callers at the Ray Hagie horn? in Clarion. Later ia the afternoon the Wilsons went to Llvermore, where they visited at the home of his mother, Mrs. Maude Wilson. There was a family gathering at the Glenn Wi«ns home at Tbor Christmas slay. Present *er* Mr. and Mrs. Gall Wlgans. Tommy and Lauri, of near Hardy; Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Bo- hiniK* of Helton, Kansas, and their son Roaald, of Bristol. Coaa.; Mr. and Mrs. GeraM of Fort Lw^c; Mrs. •Mt, IM; stster of Man Yield O- 1 ** E5? B ' **" flat bride. They were tejaasiesl saai-saesta, floor taafft jprnsof qnenblac S'wfth fsn$i^ tiodice •ttow i«»f<fc poatf sleeves. l larr earrM a watte atsrahoa mm wift a stajle jtm. earaa- tioa 01 tat front aid wore an wwHSar rial BoaUs, comtSm of tbe M^rfl VW^M Tf". a. a . ^^^^^ aaa TOBI naianr, COBS- wkOt Larry Qoast of BL, arolatr-Ss&-l«w of BV ami CbBtkBKkcr. of ft* bride, anted It* Jto KoBSass, bride, vtjrcacol- MTODris, OSF. •pasted Che 9. AndersoB asd Lynn; Mr. aad Mrs. Oner Aad- crsoB, Mr. aad Mrs. Larry Beck aad ctOdreB; Mrs. Karolme Aad- ersoa, Bert Aadersoa of Eatk Grove, aad Mr. aad Mrs. Larry Aadersoa aad Mark. Mr. aad Mrs. Doc Chartuna and firls spent Christmas wfln Lester Oarlesoo at Thompson. Pvt. E-Z Eajene Hirsch of Fort SOI. OUa^ is nome tar a leave aad is visttbf at the Oca Qtarlesoa home sad with his pareatx at Clarioa. Goests at a belated OaM- mas dinner at fat KeanemPaltai home Monday ««re Mr. aad Mrs. Roy Tapps of BoekveU City; Mr. sad Mrs. CUreace Mattelin of LTOOB; aad Mrs. Georf* Pomt- roy aad ehfldren of Lanress. Pa» aad Collefl Foowroy re> mated for a looker ristt wflh Mrs. M^AA ssry*dat JoaBBy*sl ..(bar ta Buabokk w)(h . Air«ttsstatdM^[raoal avfe vasptwcd by Mrs, Fo* aaTMrs. ~ _ ., Ite eato vw cat by Mxm. Mate tfcMkte asd Mrs. M Toft. WattrtMts *ere MUs Ktti ftotts. mu Katty Platt*. MM CtelMt FW»*. Miss May r, Mm MM Prt aad Mrs. Doe DeWater of Httabofctt. Mr. aad Mrs. Dal* Milter aad cafldrta of Cowrie; aad Mr. aad Mrs. Lvnsu D»- wtater aad firls we nests Christmas eve at the BOOM of Mrs. Bertta D« Water. Gmsta at a holiday diaatr at the ntMBe <sf Mrs. Christtat Aad- •rsoa Monday vm Mr.aadMrs. Lctasd Aadersoi sad fully of Wsbster Ctty; Mr. asd Mis. Boc«r AadenoB aad boys, aad Mr. Md Mrs. trrte Toahetm asd taaiUT. Bfteold Kaeknast, Mary BMW, Mr. aad Mrs. Rtehard Ktenat aad soa of Harmony, Miaa., sad Mr. aad Mrs. Floyd Kaeteajt sad taoUly of Laats- OBCO. MlBB, wre ntsts at a Hcitdsjr capntr asd fift tichaajf at ta» Arto Bnat bom* Montey , AWn of St. Jo», were visitors Thorsday at the home of Mrs. Adeline Wafaer aad family. Mr. aad Mrs. Leo F riders of Alfona were also callers at the Wafaer home Thors- day. The ErpeMiafs vere en- roote home from a 10 days' trip to Texas and rin«v»f»i« to visit relatives. Mr. sad Mrs. Robert Nelson of Lswreac«. Kaa^ vtre holiday visitors IB tat hoBM of Mrs. Nelsoa's pareats. Mr. aad Mrs. Eajtat Zeiawt aad family. Mr. sad Mrs. BeiaaU Sals sad nuaHy of Otbnnwa spent mt week ia 9t Joe aad Whittenwre witt retattves sad friends. Mr. sad Mrs. Cletas and Camay of Phoenix, sad Mr. sad Mrs. Bob RedJaf sad fsmily of Tempe, Arix., visited wtth tnttr paraots, Mr. asd Mrs. Nick E«diBfof Alfooa. Mr. sad MrsTRobert Zeimtt sad daafbtors of Cedar Falls speat lat holiday in the home of Robert's pareats, Mr. sad Mrs. Eufaai Ztlmtt sad family, aad at Cat hone of Mrs. Zeimcfs nreals, Mr. sad Mrs. Garland Bradtty, of Alfoaa. Mr. aad Mrs. Paol Erptldiax sad SOBS sad dsatater, JbAaa, of DBS Moiaesvis&dwithQteLr daafhstr aid sister, Stater M. UtfttsOSF, at Briar Cliff Collate Mowanr. boys of Minneapolis, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. HaroW Almond and family spent Christraasweek end wift Mrs. Almood's parents, Mr. aad Mrs. w. M. Hlatt, in Ristof City, Neb. Christmas day dinner guests at the home of Mr. aad Mrs. Richard Stamper were Mr. and Mrs. Gene Locklart of Roche star, New York; Mrs. Ethel Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stamper of Gilmore City; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Stamper and family of Humboldt; Mrs. Mary Rasraussoa of MmsoD; and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Walter of Nevada, Iowa. Afternoon and evening callers were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Davis and baby. Miss Pearl Johnson of Cedar Rapids aad Mr. aad Mrs. James Hopple of Des Moines were Christmas week-end guests at toe bora* of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rider. Miss Gladys Rider was also a Cfcristmas day guest at tbe Rider home. Mr. aad Mrs. Donald Day aad family, Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Wiemers and family, and Mrs. Margaret Frank were Christmas day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A, C. Frank aad family of Pioneer. Guests at the home of Mrs. Mary Rasmosson of Manson Monday, December 26, were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stamper and family, Mr. aad Mrs. Lloyd Davis and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lockhart, Linda Fredricf .Mx.-asd^Mri^&ott Jaas_ »ad~MriL" 'Nevada, Mr.^Jm WtamT Bemle Bjork and Mrs. Charles Krnseostlena uTand, 1 . David Axon, Olaf Lee 'and aad family of VermOlion, South f Tom of Goldfleld; aad Rev. and Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald * Mrs. C. Wilbur Efeland of Ren- Wessels and family, aad Mr. and '' " .... Mrs. Gap Janssen and Tony, an of Palmer. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wokott of Gillette Grove, towa, were Christmas week-end guests at tbs home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wolcott. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolcott and famQy were callers at the Wolcott home in the evening. Alexander of HomboWt. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Kltley of Hardv. and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kitley of Ren«ick were Christmas day guests at tbe borne of Mrs. Lyle Kitley*s sister, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Waldrop, in Fort Dodge. Lewis Jolwsoiis gvasts on December 24 HARDY-Sapper guests at the Lewis Johnson borne Christmas eve were Mr. and Mrs. Bennte Erslaad and Rick of Phoenix, Ariz.; Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Ers- laad of Austin, Minn.; and Mr, and Mrs. Jay Ersland and David of Tbor. They then went to tbe Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge to visit Mrs. Odessa Ers- laad and have a gift exchange. Mrs. Erslaad fell recently and fractured ber pelvic bone. Supper guests at the Arthur aiye home Christmas day were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson and Jana of Molcher; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houston, Nels, Mark, aad Dick, and Mrs. Roxle Johnson of Humboldt; Mr. and Mrs. Don Anderson of Ottumwo; and Mr. and Mrs. Torger Houston and Jana, and Norman Skiye of Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Andersen, a Ffttl heart attack soffered by Mr. MM R JVIM DVH vi • HARDY-Marvin Johnson Sr., W, of Eagle Grove died Monday in an ambulance enroute to a Fort tXxfee hospital. He had offered a heart attack at his nonw ami then suffered a fatal one. He »is the father of Mrs. Kenneth Vorland and Mrs. Marvin Wergeland of Hard}-. The Kenneth Vorland and Marvin Wergeland families attended the funeral, which was held at the Sandvlg Funeral Itonu in Eagle Grove Friday afternoon. Following the Interment refreshments were served at the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johnson, Carol and Alan, visited Christmas day afternoon with her mother, Mrs. Odessa Ersland, who is a patient at the Lutheran hospital In Fort Dodge. In the evening the Johnson family visited at the Kenneth Toresdahl home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Abels, Annette and Angelique, of Kanawha; and Mrs. Minnie Proctor were dinner and supper guests Christmas day at the home of Mrs. Abel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Larson. Lloyd Smilh of Hardy; Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Brayton, Mark and Tom, of Grundy Center; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith, Carol and Dean, of Webster City; and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Swanson, Kent, Kirk, and Kim of Renwick were dinner guests Christmas day at the John Swanson home in Renwick. Mrs. Anna Baumgartner entertained relatives at a supper at her home In Renwick Christmas day evening and those present were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Werling, Cindy and Debbie, of Hardy; Mr. and Mrs. David Lundberg and Douglas of Minneapolis, Minn.: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson and Larry and Mr. and Mrs. Frank French of Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hockel and family of Harlan spent the Christmas week end at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hockel. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Michaelson and Johnny were dinner guests Christmas day at the parental John Otto home at Rolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Odland and Judy spent Christmas day at the borne of their brother and wick were dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Gudrun Andersen Christmas day. All were supper guests with the exception of Jena and Karen, Bernie Bjorklund, aad David AXOD. HenRdR Krooses Mat^aaaV^aBBl I aaiRTi HRO 25 Mr. and Mrs. Uhl Hamman and daughters of Sioux City, aad Mr*. Florence Brayton spent Christmas eve at the Glen Bray- HARDY-Mr. aad Mrs. Herman Kranse entertained at a famQy fathering at their home! Christmas day aad dinaer and sapper guests w«re Mr. and, Mrs. Raymond Myers of Hum- boMt; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Baroner of Clarion; Ronnie. Sosan, aad David Vorland of Clear Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Verto Winter, ET-; erttt Winter. Mr. aad Mrs. Ray- mood Schlpull aad family, Archie, Notestiae, Miss PtarlLockwood, Mrs. Alma Pogaley, and Mrs.' Evtlra Mack. Mrs. Richard; sister, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Odland, »t Clarion. ™ Lloyd Smith spent Chrlstmat eve at the Virgil Efwtfi home at Renwlck. , . Mr. ami Mrs. LawrenccMafV and Norman spent tn* Cnrlst* mas holidays at the home of her sister, Mr.andMrs.SamFaefre, at Hlllsboro, Ore. Mr. ami Mrs. Eldon Walter spent the Christmas holidays wltt relatives at Coletnan, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. PaulWeyerwer* supper guests Friday evening at the home of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Jamos Weyer, In Eagle Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKenna and Kathy spent Christmas day at the home of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jamteson, in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Clancy were supper guests Monday at the home of Mrs. Vernlce Jacobson In Eagle Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brock and family attended a family dinner at the parental Harry Lester home In Goldfleld. Mr. and Mrs. August Olson and Denlse visited Christmas afternoon at the home of his father, Henry Olson, at Humboldt. Debbie Meyers of Humboldt visited over the holidays at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Meyers, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Cledis Anderson and Dwlght were supper guests at the Lyle Kltley home Tuesday evening. Dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Iva McKlm Christmas day were Mr. and Mrs. Gay Stover, Tom, Jeff, and Mike, of Pocahontas; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foley and Frank Steffen of Ren- wlck; and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gist, Laurie and Gaylene. Don Rlnard, and Mrs. Iva Claude. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKenna entertained a family Christmas dinner at their home Monday, December 26. The families present were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kuehnast and family of Lanesboro, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Klehne and family of Harmony, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Prillpp, Sharon and Dennis, and Mrs. Mary McPeak of Renwick; Mr. and Mrs. Darold McKenna and family, and R. R. Blesie of Hardy. WBww IV^HwMW goffctftag to obswvt Christmas HARDV-Memlwrs oJ the L. L. Mindsajer family wlio wore home over Christmas ware Mr. and Mrs. Ray Grlndl, Scott and Steven, of St. Paul. Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pechauer and Sara of Austin, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. David Mandsager and Jana of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Rogness and family of Astoria, South Dakota; and Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mandsager and family of Iowa City, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Werllng. Cindy and Debbie, attended a family dinner Christmas day at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest werllng, at Renwick. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Kraft and Albert, and Elmer Werllng of Renwick. There was a family gathering at the Edward Anderson home In Renwlck Christmas day. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Anderson, Marcta and Paul, of Hardy; Mr. and Mrs. Willis Engh and family of Kanawha; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Anderson and Marlene of Hampton; Mr. .and Mrs. Gerald Anderson and Debbie of Council Bluffs; ami Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson, Dawn and De- nlse, of Llvermore. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle KlUey of Hardy, and Mr. and Mrs. Wayiw Peterson and family of Fort Dodge were entertained at a Christmas supper at tbe home of their sister, Mr, and Mrs. Harold Granner. ui Humboldt Monday. Christmas day dinner and lunch guests at the Raymond Schl- pull home were his brothers and sisters Including Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Schlpull and family of Graettlnger; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schlpull and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lupkes and family of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schlpull and family of Wesley; and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hefty and family uf Lu Verne. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Michaelson were supper guests at the home of Mrs. Annie Amerson too borne. Christmas eve guests at tbe Matfnn Larson borne were Mr. aad Mrs. Charles Skogerboe and family of Webb; and Mr. and Mrsv G. M. Will and Craig of Conrtth. CWrtsttnas eve guests at tbe noni4 of Mrs. Gudrun Andersen were Mr. aad Mrs. Nick Aader- •en, Brett and Bruce, of Monte- wma; Mr. and Mrs. Arne Andersen, Jena and Karen, and Olaf Lee and Tom. Halls' Hawker Q. Who coined th«.t«rnr' "Iron Curtain"? A. Winston Churchill in 1945. Q. What it a frequent la- nwnt after a fir* or ttorm? A. "It wa» only partially covered by Insurance". Insure wltk tbe Fred W. Hall Agency MS M Ave. N. HuakcMt For a Healthier "Quality You Can Taste" ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY CO. AT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE OR SUPER MARKET Tonight Mr. aad Mrs. AllM Inrto of Eajk Grove werf dteatr nesto Aader- Mr. asd Mrs. Gudmaad Aak- ssjd sow sttwted tfaolly at Uw MjMf Howard rait Pod Ttarsday Sunday UR«e DANCE FLOOR CALL ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.* FOR TUDBICOMIO your new DX dealer Floyd Johnson JaRCtlea Highways 169aRd3 HUMBOLOT.PHONE 332-3570 . . , If4 lito «• Invite y«u to stop NORODY CARES rOi YOUR CAR LIKE YOUR DX MAURI • Ui tht Mmptoto UIM of p««4ucto m SfN^OX §wpf r ftoron Gasoline, DX Boron Motor OUi, DX AntU freeze , , , DX Qutbwd Motor Oil! • in ltrvift wt il¥t-"§aftty s«rvlct, of

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