Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 29, 1956 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1956
Page 11
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEN Upper Alton News Events Hnve News or Want to Oiat? Phone S-6ft4fi a 250 word report on the hike. The explorers took the trail along the ecenie. rtock River Saturday, completing the hike in 2 CLASSES TO HAVE StlM'EB AT MARK TWAIN A potluck supper will be held Thursday, 6 p. in. for twj classes at Mark Twain School. Amending the event will be the pupils of Mrs. Lojr, Brecht find Mrs. Wanda Salmons. Fnm- ilies of the pupils also will be Kiifsts. Mothers are asked to Sanders, Bohby Jarrert, Larry j A court of honor was held and j about 7U hours. 'merit badges presented. A 50- j T hose wr , o took rear ot 2500 College Ave., Sunday. 12-31 p.m. <:AR DAMAGE!) fM A III RIFI.E SHOT Fred Henderson, 2."i21 Humbert North Alton News ParadertT Instructions Mrs. Lola Frieman, president Buxton, Michael Bloenker, received boh cat pins. Larry Orris and George I,a- Brot were received as transfers into the pa ok. Following awards were made: John Gould, wolf badge and gold arrow; Pit' Elliot I, wolf: Rodney Wecse, bear and goW nr- i-'tig a covered dish and table \rnw- Eddie Riney, Brent Gwillim, Dennis Hamhy, gold ar- service for their families. Tl-f supper is being held to acquaint parents with the school work of their children. V. MANN CAFETERIA MAV OPEN THIS WEEK Plans are being made to begin use of the new cafeteria at Horace Mann School this week. rous; Jack Montgomery, John Van Hook, silver arrows. mile hiking badge wns present- C] rrl to the Post by Patterson, They made the hike while at B Tow c part were: j nry D. Aust-l Philmont. Those members of the post honored were: Jim Seago, Eddie Plunk. Jerry Gwillim. Jeff Pinkerton, James M. Gormley. Erkford J. . . deKay, post advisor, and Eugene j block of Union street. H. Moore, assistant advisor, drove! 3 MEMBXKH OF FAMILY .,. told police Sunday thai a : of the Veterans of Foreign Wars headlight on his car apparently i Auxiliary, Post 1308. asks those wish to participate in the parade to be at Pearl and .Toe.Ming at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. The auxiliary has com- The oar was parked in the 900 Prizes for costumes were awarded as follows: Regina Wilson, most original: Carla Bed- will, prettiest and RuthMcPhail, most comical. Games were played and refreshments served by the committee. The n w troop will be assign- David j ihr explorers to Oregon and back ! |u;UT IN CAR MISHAP Terry ; O nd also took the trail. pleted decoration of a float whit-h will be entered in the! , , . , wnic,n WMI jc ,ied a number, following their parade. The women prepared | ,„„,.„.„,,„„ ,„,,„„ School and neighborhood friands. They were masked and costumed and played games with prizes being awarded. The open stairway was decorated with a huge "spiderweb" and spider, and a ghost. Miss Pat Bryant of Fosterburg, sister of Mrs. Savula, assisted in directing the games and serving doughnuts, cookies and beverages. Fmnke, Charles Lewis, Tom On the return trip to Alton i Alton family received minor in- Fessler, Dave 7-ernay. Mark Pat- the post members slopped at I j u , r j es j n an automobile accident terson, Dave Horn, Stove John- ; Ottawa to visit the grave of; Saturday ofterncxjn on Bunker Three nicmbers of an Upper Reived the tood at slmda^ j «*«™«on today. son. 'William D. Boyce. foun.ler of ! roa( ] m . ar Brighton. Five cubs were awarded one-! Movies inrluderl scenes from: the Boy Snouts of America. A Henry Ht-ndrickson. 44. Scott year service pins. Four birthday books were awarded. Meeting closed with Dens 2. 3 4 and 5 presenting puppet skits. Refreshments were served. A tentative opening date of | BROWNIE TROOP Thursday has been set by James M. Casper, principal. School lunches will follow a pattern laid down by the U. S. Buromi of Human Nutrition. The lunchroom are entirely self sup-j porting, which includes a five- cent a plate subsidy from the HAS HALLOWEEN PARTY Brownie Troop 167 had a Hal- trip also was taken to Starved Rock State Park. Each explorer will receive a Hendrlckson, 15, and Karen Hendrickson, all of 3427 Gillham ,Ave.. were treated at. St. Jo- the big hike. Patterson presenter each boy will a neckerchief slide mndn of rattlesnake skin near the close of the program.' This was taken from n snake which they had killed at Phil->M. -rOE RCHOREBLR monl. | "AS SfRPRISE PARTY Parents of the members pre- > W. Joe Schoreder, 1206 MMton, ( I0 nt teeth knocked out. hronze medal for completing the! sn ph's Hospital. trail. 1 The elder man had nils and meeting at the Center. Special Booster Meeting Robert Ele, president of the Booster Club, has announced that a special meeting of the club will be called for 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Shelterhouse, and urges all members to be present. The discussion will center Revival Opens The Rev. LeRoy Geiger of Money Still Missing No trace of $500 lost Friday by a delivery man of Rain and Rain market has been found, a bruises. 'Scott had similar in-1 around a proposcd new heatin juries and Karen, 1], had two j , , f th she i t erhouse. i ii'.: iitjv* ufiiviy VJt--i£,t-t *-n i ., Maryville opened a week's ^.j spokesman at the market sa:d vival meeting Sunday at Bethany Baptist Church. He had as his sermon topic, "Greatness of Jesus." Each evening -will be keyed to specific organizations of the church. Tonight will be WMU IJIIMVIlH'lJ*»JlJJlJIIH>'.I*t<»«i* , , ... loween mrtv last week at the sented a gift tn Patterson in Rri., was surprised with a par-; 1< J • ' . • _ j * »t L. :_ .••«*••, I* f • • Cunrl .»» r*» rn»* t Mr* 1« hntlrtt* f\f I government. Cost of the lunch will be 30 cents. HALLOWEEN PARTY AT CL'RDIK TONIGHT luo classes of Curdle Heights home of a leader, Mrs. James Fields, 3515 Coronado Dr. The girls were masked and priz- PS wrre awarded. Games were played. A supper was served. .iy evening in honor Another car wns invoked he mishap. in I THIEYKS STEAL CAR appreciation of his work. A buffet supppr was served by Mrs. Seago, Mrs. Paul Pierce, Mrs. Jane Pinkerton, Mrs. Charles Plunk. Mrs. T. Franke Jie is a member ai Alton High I o( ' ]jj f , p| oyd jj a uhe 1 and Mrs. Dave Horn. 'V his IKIh birthday. Five members of the Future j VRim ,, A , : ,,,. ; (iAnAnE Farmers of America, of which : Thk , vps hroko inlo thn garagc ki a! the home of Mrs. Gertrude' Allen of Milton road. Classes are those of Mrs. Edward Hat ten Jiinke. and Mrs. Walter Other leaders present were ™ r ' *' rs - " ilv " '"""• Srho ° l 'heir instructor and club, ,, 726 K _ Rroat|wav am , slole a Mrs Charles Ruedin, and Mrs. j "»T EVENTS AT advisor Paul Blacser and the| m!iG cnnvi , rt i hle whirh v , as re . Ilarvev Simmons and Mrs. JoeiMALN MKTHOI1IST 1 director of music. LeRoy )• riU, ( . ovom) , |n hom . )a|Pr jn , hc m Chrisfan i Midweek .service of M?in Street «ere among the guests. ! block of K. Broadway. Some of the refreshments wore i Methodist Church will be held j Following a wiener roast ami; Nothirm Nvas , aken except the!._ p "^ ' in-1 cake curing, games were played. ; aulomobl , e , which was damaged j ? f p ' ',. , i f} vfi t I'Vfl I'FOJ*! f** III ^ HT AH i i *t.M * * i imittee members: Mrs. Anthony i stead of Wednesday. ! ^»n ViiTe i.inKirn AI-TO ' in RP " ing il 01)t of 1nfi Kflragc 'i Stobbs. ! nMavsh Mrs Eugene Flern- i The church will take part in CAR, nn» IAKHMJ ALHU a company spokesman said, inc Mrs' Harold Booth. ! the Halloween parade. Wcdncs-j Two young occupants of an an- ; Thieves entered bv breaking a Troop 'recently elected the fol- ! day. \ '"mobile were injured when their sma ,, (k)or ^^ ' The plant for the Shelterhouse. Brownies, Scouts Visit C'apltol Brownie Troop IBS and Girl Scout Troop 140. SS. Peter & Paul's Church, toured Springfield Saturday afternoon, and other sites. Lin- Build- Auto Co., ! ro | n Memorial. Century ing. and State Capitol. ins land all auxiliaries; Tuesday, Sunday School; Wednesday, family, with largest family being recognized; Thursday,Training Unions; Friday, Brotherhood; Saturday, Youth, with Junior and Intermediates filling one-half of the church and furnishing special music. Recognition of highest attend- today. The money apparently was lost on a return trip from First National Bank & Trust Co., when Thomas Anderson made a delivery in the Cliff-Lawton street area. Rain Baptist Church will have a Hal-1 sllpp | ipd hv (ho following com-1 Tuesday evening this we knveen parly tonight. 7 o'clock, i _,;,,_„ . The girls were accompanied 1 by Mrs. Leonard Witcher, Mrs. Francis I-andry, Mrs. Dee Dio•s. George WoellPl. Mrs. irv and Mrs. William Honip , ronl su Anll)onv - s Rain has offered a reward for the return of the money, all of which was in $10 bills. Jack Rain is the store manager. Man in Iron Lung Shoots Self Fatally WICHITA. Kan. K> - Eugene Wolcott was found shot to death Sunday in his iron lung, clutching a rifle. Floyd Smith, acting coroner, said the wound beneath Wolcott's elf-Inflicted and caus- The 34-year-old electrician had been under treatment for a paralyzing muscular disease the past three years. It reached his lungs in April and doctors said he would have to spend the remainder of his life in a respirator. Wrecked With Wlntfi Some 2,200 vessels have been wrecked In the turbulent seas off Cape Hatteras, N.C., within 400 years. Here strong winds churn the Gulf Stream as it flows north across shallow reefs. ance w ill be noted. Knters Memorial ITrmpital Melvin Dillon ol 3U}9 Alby St.,!j t . loses, Merrick will be the first retired from Standard Oil, who | Spider coach to field a winning A Winning Record RICHMOND. Va. /P - Coach Ed Merrick is keeping his fingers crossed that his University of Richmond football team has a winning season this year. If Richmond wins more games than lowing officers: Diana Malone.; At the Tuesday president; Joanellen <!ti service the i car struck a parked machine A Ixiok study started today at ,, rcr; Carolyn Boo'.h. secretary.; cussed. It will be held in the < of Mam street 30 a. in. at the church and will SEVERAL 'ATTEND ILLINOIS j church Nov. 10 starling 9 a. m. HOMECOMING SATURDAY ' The vigil is a part of the Meth-|26n Plainview Tr., was treated Several Upper Alton residents I od'.sl program of a "Crusade for j at St. Joseph's Hospital for a leg attended the Homecoming ml*-! .Souls", which will be held in j laceration and Jerry E. Trout. irou.sed a nearby resident and Miss Elaine Jenkins. 16, of thieves hv only a few minutes. continue through 'he week. It v.ill he held nightly, also, from 7 to 8; 30. WOMAX BITES XIAX l.N CALCUTTA MART A ni,m was bitten in the face The Rev. I-olard Simmons will bration at the University of Illi-jthe church Nov. s to Nov. IB. be leaching the book. • nois, Saturdav. ' This coming Sunday, Nov. 4 16, of 30" Brookside Ave., com- by a woman at a Calcutta mar- plained of a neck pain. ket, while a curious crowd look- A visitation period will be hold , Among Thursday. 10:3(1 a. m. PATTY NKIMRK HAS BIRTHDAY PARTY Mrs. W. W. • Mr • Mr street who were accompanied by Miss Carol, 411 Brent- will be a special 1 Trout, the driver, told police ef j on The woman, a former. .avmans i.nnuam. Frank Fin-i he reached down to adjust the j maidservant, met the man while j ul ' da >' afternoon at a Halloween lav of First Presbyterian Church! radio dial when the accident j shopping and demanded that he i party given at .Northbide • . « , ., ^ , a ' , n * . . ,, _j ,_ _ ! tor T4nii«A hv rnmmittpe u has been in poor health for some • team for four successive years time, entered Alton Memorial; since 10-10. Hospital over Hie weekend, in Mrs. Ed Ruckman of 3038 Al-j preparation for surgery this by St., who had been a medical i week. Savula Halloween Party Nancy Ann Savula, "i, was Sunday, where she is recuperat- j hostess at a Halloween party ing satisfactorily. Saturday night at the home ot New Troop Has Parly 'her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A new Brownie Scout Troop, j Savula, East Delmar Road. The with Mrs. Henry Reining as i guests were members of her leader and Mrs. Harris Ball aS; Secon d grade class at McKinley co-leader, was entertained Sat-t- YOUR KEY TO ft 0,1 is 3-861! 5356 State — State at Belle Pattv Neikirk observed her wood in North Alton: and Miss will speak on the "Great Hymns i happened. Owner of the parked j pay a rupee (21 cents) that he ; ler House by < of the Church". There will be i car was listed as Joseph A. Roe-' owed her. He contended it was i Hostesses we H hv rnmm i t tp P House b > c ^ mmitttt Mr... .•omen Martin the home of her parents Mr. nnd , EXPLORER POST 3 j hymns which will be discussed, j car was knocked into a yard. Mrs Hnrrv Neikirk 38-18 Ber- "AS PROGRAM SUNDAV ! Vale Christopher, church lay i STOLEN TRAFFIC SIGN k P |,,' v .\ VP " ' i Explorer Post 3 of Upper Al-'iP r der. will preside. Harvey Fourteen young guests, who ton Baptist Church was enter-; Nooner will direct the chorus. were in cosmrne, attended. Pat-'tamed with a movie at the home | FA'PLORFK POST 37 tv was 11 yean, old. ^ of Mr. and Mrs. James Seago, j TAKES PLACKHAWK TKUL 'The basement of the Neikirk 3H" Leverett Ave.. Sunday eve- 1 Nine members of Explorer , , i u ti i Htm. pnci r ,7 «nnn«nfp(i hv Milton Firp • Mrs. J. H. Jordan, 1606 Annex home was decorated in the Hal-.-niug. . j-ostji. sponsotea D> minion rue loueen motif Co-mimes were! The picture was of Post 3's Depart ment. have returned from j Ave., reported Sunday that she the traditional witches, skeletons ' activities at Philmcm Ranch, N... the Blachawk Trail which they ,' v "" d the slow ' Children sign and other familiar figures. M- last summer. | took over the weekend. [on "^ j^""- Games were played and re- T| ie gathering honored J. M. i They were required to read a RKI OHI.S 1HKI-r fi-esbments were served. j Patterson, post advisor, who took . book on ;he life of the Black- OF I-KNDKR FOUND ON ANNEX ST. Police ha\e a sign back in possession that was removed from Edwards street and Spauiding avenue Saturday. Tho<* altf-nding were: Cindy j the films. < hawk, write a 250 word book re- Emory Monroe, 321-1 Franor Ave., reported to police the theft Tho<* attending were: Cindy, ""' mms. ; MBWN. wine & -.w wuru UOUR. IL- • —.- ---• . Neikirk Sharon ' Smith, Sharon! New members and their par-; port, make a 20 mile hike, identi- Ave., reported to police the theft Shandrow" Bonnie* Greer Terrv enls also were gu esls - Some 46 fy 20 trees marked along the l of fender skins from his auto- Kochersperger Judy Hester jJJ attended. i trail near Ore R on. III., and write ' mobile which was parked in the dy Bertels. Sandy Leach. Karen ' Greene, Nancy Ohley. Barbara Darnell, Jackie Churchill, Marsha Leahy. Girjfi-danced in addition to the games. Patty's birthday is on Halloween. Mrs. Anna Calvert assisted Mrs. Neikirk in serving. Other adult guests were Mrs. Harold Neikirk, Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Cravens. BROWN ST. BAPTIST REVIVAL UNDER WAY Tonight will be Sunday School Night at the revival services in progress at Brown Street Baptist' Church. Dr. James Mercer, evangelist. will have as his subject, "Life's Most Popular Game". Tuesday will be Youth Night. Subject will be "How I May Know For Sure That I Am Sav- , ed." ; Wednesday will be All-Church Night. Dr. Mercer's subject will be, "Why Did Jesus Choose Judas Iscariot as One of His Disciples"? A prayer meeting is held each evening at 6:-i!i before the 7:30 service. The revival started Sunday morning and will continue through Nov, 4. CUB PACK 18 HAS MEETING, AWARDS Cub Pack 18 met at .Washington School Friday night. Forty-six parents attended. Adults and members played i games, Mr». William Sanders, Mrs. Clem Jarrett, Mrs. John Van Hook, and Mrs. William Buxton were announced as new den mothers. Richard Brunnworth, Gary FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS AT REAR* OF STORE AT JACOBY'S overnight... easily... economically... change the look of your living room! As festered n Iff! Majeiint full color pop* (kt. 15 tuut • A ip«a»I •kiiL, too, W required in the con* 1 poundinj? of yoar Doctor'* pre*crtr>iioo*. Tbi* ex»c»- ing art it utr ipcdalry. So, remember to hriog H* yo*r Doctor'! pre*criptiop«. Milton Pharmacy make a beautiful change with and she then bit him in the face. I Allton and Mrs. Cecil Zimmer- See PLYMOUTH '57 REXROAT MOTORS Inc. Voor Chrysler Imperi«l-PI) roonlll Dealer 2625 E. Broadway 3-7778 AIRLINES NEED 1 Mprt and wnm^n. 17-^. married or stn- ' gl*? to prepare for well-paid positions, { technical or non-technical, public contact Hostesses. rescrvationiMs, commu- . nicationlsts. radio operators, station 4 agents, etc. Good' pay. trax-el, Klamour, •\ security Qualify now. Girl« must be ,1 high r-chool graduates. Korean veterans 1 approved Mnil coupon to Central Insti- I tute. Box 5:!0, Alton Evening Telegraph. Age Name Address City Education Phone Bus, Phone State LANE TABLES • Your choke of blond oak, walnut or cordovan mahogany • Eltaanl Inlaid parquetry top*—glamorous satin brass legs SEE THEM IN OUR WINDOW NOW! 39 95 Other popular available in ttus No. 708 Corner Tabl* 80" t SO" « 23" HigK 59 .05 A low-slung beauty with Flight-Sweep style: Swept-Wing '57 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 2-Door. It unleashes a hurricane of power It breaks through the vibration barrier It is swept-wing mastery of motion 1238 Milton ftoad 8-0078 BUY NOW ... FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY Use Our Paved Parking Lot at Rear of Our Store, Save Steps and Time! OPEN FRIDAYS 9:00— 9;00 Other K liy Appointment Quality Home furnishings Since 1883. JACOBY'S 627-633 EAST BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS. How do you describe a car so daring in concept, so revolutionary in features and advances, so jewarding in beauty and performance? How do you explain its newness when everything aboui it is new? On display today is jusi such a car—the Swept-Wing '57 Dodge that steps you into the wonderful world of Autodynatnics, What is this wonderful world of Autodynamics? It is a world where everything « new from road w ruof to achieve absolute mastery of motion, Here's what it does in the Swept-Wing Dodge: • It unleashes a hurricane of power from a thundering new aircraft-type Super Red Ram V-8 engine that's a spitfire in action! • // tames a tornado of iim/ne with a new TorqueFlite Push- Button Drive for the greatest get-away on the road! HOEFERT BROTHERS, INC. 827 E. Broadway, Alton Phone 5-5574 • // breaks through the vibration barrier with a revolutionary new rubber-mounted suspension system—Dodge Torsion-Aire— that features race car torsion-bars. You ride in a "Realm of Silence," isolated from vibration, noise and road shock. • // is swept-wing mastery of motion in a sleek, low-slung beauty barely 4Vi feet high that has no equal in the way it corners, handles and rides. You have never seen, felt or owned any car that compared with this new Swept-Wing Dodge. See and drive it today . . . now at your Dodge dealer's! i ON DISPLAY TODAY! GLOSS MOTOR GO., INC. 78 E, Lorena. Wood River Phone 4*3966

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