The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 30, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1935
Page 2
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?^*?r?f, !> >^v^^^ I :-..• ..•_'••:-; •• •- •••• ' y :•-: - -; - :• ' / ^V^V >-V ' ^ '^'{•'•• ''^ t:> \^ ? &;»% : ^ F f :%i>^ PAGE TWO ^ *35 / «?v "VV-\v XL*.'"- "vvjft.rA.vXvi',: j I* * \> ;< j ,K> % 9 --. - - , -} * r , • i. THC HIT PARADE over NBC Networks to9p.m. E.D.S.T TUNE IN-Luckies are on the air Saturdays, with THE HIT PARALIfc. ' ; |f : '> ; '^' : >F' : Wtiv";/ : jr' : :V 1 V:;; -i^/^irf" '••'<-'-'^vpr Modern School Bus Cam^ign morrow. It majrjbe announced as a fact In comimons Thursday. Th.e plan would ' require substantial, new appropriations. The Daily ;Herald,.organ of tha Latbr party,! asserted today that reports had reached Londo.n that Germany had six submarines, complete in every detail, fully'manned, in I the water off Wilhelmshaven realy for maneuvers. FAMJMT FEUD. Results in One Death and Four • Persons Wounded. 1 (By United Pressl. .Tyler, Tex., April 30.—A surprise assault on a two-family group chatting in the warm air ot a spring evening, in which one jman was fatally wounded and ifour other persons were injured. Six more submarines would bej^ crjtically - was blamed by O ffl- -the last of | cers t6day on a feud between two U " boat3 i rival filling station owners, which Germany is known to have afloat soon, it added- the dozen 250-ton "baby" planned. Two hours after he fired a fusillade of shots in the group seated on front'of the Cowboy filling •station last night, Jim Bryant • '—• '. walked into police headquarters Uunmi Over World Paid Trilnit-.- 1 XOTBU DAMK XIGHT. to Indiana School. (TJy Unil.-il I'ross). York. April 30. — Moix and said: "I've been in a one-way shooting scrape. Lock me up." New York. April 30. — Moix j Bryant,'who owns a station thaii 8,000 Notre Dame alumni i across the highway from the Cow- throughout the world paid horn- hoy. five miles from here, will b age to alma mater last night, prosecuted on a charge of mur- whk-h was designated as "univer-ider, officers safd. • 'sal Notre Dame night." j Four of his victims were mem- i Meetings were held ill principal jbers of the Ferguson family, whicl (cities of the United States as well: owns the rival station. Clint Feras in London, Paris. Rome. Ber- gusqn, 42. died early todav of lin, Madrid. Mexico City, Bogota.;shotgun wounds. Ira Ferguson Buenos Aires, Havana,-" Bombay. I 32.'his brother, was not expend 'shanghai and other foreign j es . cit-jto live. ! Tho others wounded n-i-re Mrs BOU.^ of two school busses shattered like cigar they smashed up nea'r Washington, Ind.. -recently, were killed. Improved construction is imperative. . boxes when Two girls i The alumni in the United States ! H. M. Ferguson. 62, mother o jwere linked by a nation-wide ru-iCliat and Ira; Mrs. Clint Fersu idio hookup that carried the a.d-ison, 37; Mrs. J; J. Hawkins. 54 dresses of he Rev. Father John-a neighbor, and Mary Hawkins Tnrti-inanolis April 29.—Action campaign for .-improved construe- j p . 0 . H ara," president of the uni-jl7. : Three others, among thei inu tit i , , „„.,:„„,,,.;,. o.ij -nnoroHnTi i\f i .. , „ , ~ -,T-..ti , ' u 'XT iTnr^tT^nii who wore iusid Br eat- of a special state committee cre-i tl ° 11 - lated this year in ordering im ^ fi s t possible safely for the 19G,75ii | ^ proved construction oji I» diana j children who . travel 23,000,000 ! mla school buses was commiended here: n ,n cs a year O n them. j club ncre . today as a move imperatively nee-j Bodies of school busses pur-| .. .1 !._.• l-\ 1.-^ i Rose Bushes Shrubs We are cleaning up our stock at bargaiii price's. Your choice of 18 varieties, each in individual box— 29C 12 Years Ago equipment and operation of j ver ^ ty> a nd'Frank C. Walker. ,i|H.'M. Ferguson, who were inside new dealer. They were!the station, wera not wounJf.d. speakers at the aii-j Officers said the feud between dinner of the Notre Dame, essary in a Ol-T OF I'KISOX. statementj by U. F.: chased in the future must be of; Mitfcner, secretary of Indiana Mo-1 steel or substantial wood con-j tor Traffic' Association,! Inc. jslruction. and! under specifications | Tllo \yiilow of Stavisky leased on Bail. The association is conducting u|adopted by the state committee. Bryant and the- Fergusons started •a year ago. when Bryant's station jwas dynamited. Bryant blamed ! Clint Ferguson. Last Friday ! night a station which Bryant op- Is K<> orated in Tyler was set O'l fire. He ; accused Ira Ferguson ; Bryant toldi County Attorney GERMANY SEEKS. AAA SEES HALT. with Hopkins. "The situation is desperate, with our unemployed facing real hunger." "I hope the assembly will act," Homer added. "If it does, I will call Mr. Hopkins Wednesday Conaivjied from Pago 1. liork and beans, rice, dried Lima beans, raisins, canned green beans, molasses and tea. Showing larger increases were ! night and he will send us money meats and a few winter vegeta- | immediately. bles cabhage. onion?, sweet po- ! "If not. almost all our relict tatoes spinach, carrots and eel- j distributing agencies must close cry Cabbage advance 114 per i within a day or two. But I am cent and onions 61 per cent. [sure the legislature won't let peo- Somo meat showed a 20 to 40 j pie starve." . ,-per cent increase in prices. No change 'since December occurred in the price ow ^vhite | ~ om Page j. bread, rye bread, whole wheat ^ ^^.^ ^ ^^ MM bread, white potatoes, canned \ ^^ and ^..^ U]al ^^ pineapple, prunes, canned toma-l. toes, navy beans and wheat cereal, i C, OF C. REPORI is mm oth Good and Bad, Sound and Unsound in Recovery Program. Continued from Pago I. the North Sea: and Great Britain. Sylt is the; chief island of the North Frisian group. It • is 27< miles long. It lies parallel to the German and southern Danish coasts. A irailrnad runs the ITALY IS HUMMING. are encamped near the Austrian border warn- iiug irrendentists on this side of i the frontier as well as Nazi agi: tators or. the other. j Furthermore, large groups of fortes were unable to muster a ; tec hm c i a ns—engineers, chemists, two-thirds majority on the same'; doctors> former artillery officers. | interference of government in th- 1 j i affairs of business, as oxomplifm.l j AT NATIONAL MEETING j - m somc features of the XRA. the AAA and thc TVA; of it he growth ->f our debt and luxes: of the ever- growing number of those on re- REAL CRISIS. _'.- Continued from Pago 1. bills. | etc. — have been detached from i their regular occupations to assist 30. — Gov. j iu thc concentration of national Washington, April Henry Homer carried his appeal j f orces . directly to President Roosevelt | - •-»« - — today for Federal relief funds to DONKEY BASEBALL. avert a "desperate situation" among Illinois needy. Continued from-Page 1. ije decided upon that course | ball player, having helped the after Relief Administrator Harry Washington Senators win the first L. Hopkins flatly turned down hid plea: for aid because the state lature failed to appropriate a month to augment world's championship ever cap- lured by that city, the series whci Walter Johnson, as a relie pitcher, hurled scoreless bal \IU,U«U <1 IIll.nll.ll m «« 0 .. i . ... $9 000.000 contributed every from the Oth to the 12th inning- **,,vwv, _ ,__;j:.._. nnmrt TnpiHpll- 30 days hy the government. "I will go as tar as I can at in the deciding game. Incidentally it was Ralph Miller who J. Will EUil&lii*** 3 *^' - 1 .the White House." Homer said made the final play in that dec.d- after his unsuccessful conference'irrg game in win the series Public Auction! Starting at 1:00 P. M. and Continuing All Day Everything in the Store Must Be Sold Saturday, May 4th NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, BUT WE NEED TfcE CASH - OUR LOSS IS YOUR GAIN. Bed room suites; living room suites; odd wers, beds, springs, mattresses, Oongoleum s, coal and oil stoves; in «^.•****"£ rin the home. Prices are to be made by everything will selL rRHTEW MATTEBWKS FOE THIS SALE •- • ' ' --- '* -^ -^^^ I time since election of Mr. Roosevelt. On the credit side of his now deal ledger, he listed |a decrease in unemployment from.12.00n,01)0 to between 7.000,000 and S.OOfl,- 000; a 8400.000,000 increase in i dividends to investors in 19'M over the year before: j thfl sound j position'of the banks;; excellent : length of the island. j agricultural prospects; j slight dan- j,7er of this country being involved | in war. and a great, unfilled dc- i mand for goods and [service's. "But there arc also very substantial entries on the |debit side." lie continued. "Business i.s justly apprehensive .of the : incn asin;; April 30.—Mine. Arletur.lolm Lawlion he "only wanted to widow Paris, Stavisky. widow of Alexander settle a matter with that yaung ] Stavisky, the notorious swindler. ^ one (Ira); I'm sorry if I hurt ! whose financial collapse brought'anybody else." 1 about the fall of a French govern-1 "It was nothing less than • a I ment and fatal riotir.g in tho, slaughter," said Mrs. Hawkins streets of Paris, was released from ! who, with the other wounded per: prison on bail today. |»ons. was taken to a Tyler hospi- ; Mme. Stavisky has bran in pris-. tal.. : "Wp were sitting there- chat! on for more than a year. The ac-'ting together when someone sud- As to reports that a large na- ! cusations court also released -denly opened fire upon us from i alr l, ;lse has been establishe-r Pierre Darius and the editor .across the i sue « meunde on the coast. A lake mil point Rostock and Warne-1 meunde. i Pained surprise was expressed , by officials at tho British an- inouiiccment of submarine build-. liiic. It had ibcon agreed, they XAKCOTir Sl'SPKCTS. Two AiTOsted for Allesetl Sales in Krunsvillc and Vicinity. a shot- jguii and left with the remark: ' : I 'am going to' settle this thing | right now." April 3Oth. Edwin Weismiller closed a successful term at the Bryan school with a program and dinner. * * * The Hobbs Methodist congregation gave a reception for their new pastor Rev. Mr. Parks. * * * The range line road from East Union to the Lake Erie railroad was closed and a large force of workmen were engaged in grad- Carl Angstandt, wife and daughter arrived from Eastland, Tex., being called here on account of the death of the former's brother Arthur Angstadt. » « tf County Nurse Miss Jessie Van Der Plaat had a lengthy article in the Tribune regarding care of diphtheria. * * * _ Omer Hoover was critically , ill in Indianapolis with pneumonia. * * * Lish Giles was engaged in moving a house which Cal Boldon had purchased from Jacob Dovers- berger. * * * John Wesley Browning died at his home in the Rock Prairie community. said. that nothing should be don Washington. April .10. — Tlie Jnited States Chamber of Com- nerce today found good and bud —sound and unsound—side by side in President Roosevelt's recovery program. Conservative. white - haired Henry I. Harriman. outgoing president, summed up thus tin- conclusions of the nation's leading industrialists at their 23rd annual meeting: "As I discuss with btisin n .;s men the measures comprisin;; lIn- new deal I am impressed with tin- fact that the chief oiijfcti'in is not to the basic principles iind'.-r- lying many of tbeso measures, lial to the extreme;; to which they have been carried. Til" new deal has attempted much that i.s K<«»1, hut it ha.i tried to do too much in too short a time. "It has forgotten that gradual growth and development is th" law of life and that great change.- should come through tin; «volu- tion of human experience." Harriman opened the conv.'ii- tion with his carefully planned address in the magnificent great hall of- the chamber, where the banners of America's disoovero;'. flutter from the beamed ceiling He outlined for the 2.000 delegates the accomplishments am' the failures of the new deal checking the good against thr bad, so that apparently they bal anccd almost exactly. Other speakers were not so dispassionate. C. B. Amos, chair man of the Texas company, said the people wero tired of "llu bungling effort of Washington bu reaucracy to regiment" business. A. O. Dawson, president of thr Canadian Chamber of Commerce, indicated his membership dreaded a threatened spread of new deal policies to his majesty's government in the north. Other ppeakers attacked other- tangcnu if the recovery drive. Despite his qualma over such ,air " lief; of unsound labrni laws, such i as thc bill for a :tu-hour week.! nd the labor disputes bill;: oi i he incrcas-d burdens that will, udd3nly bo placed upon business! measures for the creation of ocial reserves, desirable in their dt-alism but unsound in soir.i; «;t j heir practical applications; of a; lestructive rather than regiila-i ory utility holding company bill, j ind of a fantastic schemo for th" sharing of wealth through ta::a (I3v United I'r.-ss). Indianapolis, April ' 30.—Aror said in a naval way until tho rest of two persons suspected of scheduled German-British naval [being the source of all narcotics XKA UL'UXlU. Ufjmitiiicnt Store in St. Wins a Point. Germany, spokesmen said, do nothing- talks. would continue thc say nothing policy. Adolf Hitler's next work on rc- ! . (Hy Knitf-il Press). i Washington. April 30. — NRA i today reversed .the national la- snld illegally in Evansville. was, announced hero today by Elmer Crews, federal narcotic agent. ,, or re 'i at ions board's finding that Suspects. Carl Kclley and hisi {he rignt to usc recovery insignia •lHUtlfel"- •-*-' «""- »i_r.«.i-"^ <-i armament may come tomorrow at ^common-law wife, Nell- Ward,| should he la ken away from Ely a Nazi celebration of May Day at jwere captured in Jackson, Mich..j & \Valker Dry Goods Co., of St. " Louis, for violation of Section 7-A. . Thc St. "Louis firm was notified this action was based on a show- in:: that certain contracts made the great Tempclliof air field near' and will be returned to Evansville here. LOST A BATTLE. Continued from Page 1. in Kokomo and active in all departments. Funeral services will be held at this church Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, and burial will likely be in the cemetery at that place. The body will lie in state at tho home 173i> West Mulberry street until the hour of the services and friends are invited to call. Vr.y ITnitf-il Press). London, April 30. — Cabinet leaders today prepared to reveal "'•"• j to the- country their policy on "Busiiipss hns a genuine fear | f ; ornlan naval rearmament, which .hat tho initiative of the Ameri- rj,-jtons regard as the gravest .•an prniil". and thc spirit of its threat in years to their national nstitutions for trial, Crews said. ! They ' recently escaped a stat(3 'police trap at Evansville; the [agent said. i — • •-»< :— PROGRAM FOR. subsequent to the board's ruling had disabled the company from Hoy Killed. Warsaw, April 30. — Donald Harmon, 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Harmon of near taking requested measure's of res- i At wood, was killed almost safety. Members Sllh ' sociation of Dr. H. B. Shoup of -— ..... -- - . . . a committee on foreign affairs dis- , Snai . psv jii 0- president; Dr. S. M. t hc: labor board decision," and de- cussed the revelation of German submarine construction plans, and formed the .basis for an outlino Tipton, which Ii'avc curried America so far on the march of inrnan progress, ar" to bo stifled by a mass of governmental restrictions and regulations." IIarrima:i explained in detail , i( .-i m uu m,. ; ..»^... — — the workings of the NRA and tho O f government policy to bo de- AAA. lie urged that congress per-;tided at a full cabinet meeting pctuato the workable, parts of' tomorrow. them, and discard the; rent. Y«t h'J! Then on .Thursday will come, ;aid Hie ponding NRA hill wasj; n the house of commons, one of were llie wec k cm i guests of Dalmoro complex and confusing than ! t h c mO st important debates of tha ihc present law. | session—a full dress'discussion of Ho took the agricultural ad- : foreign policy. justment administration to task | There were newspaper reports "or loaning farmers 12 cents a ] that the government would send pound on cotton and insisted,that, a note of protest to Germany on if congress must grant licensing 1 the submarine subject tomorrow. - I ;_i ! * __ i _- i J Continued from Page 1. [titutiou. gomery. Benlon and Tipton counties and officers of the district as-| wero not "entered into in had found these contracts stantly v.-hen he ran into the side of an automobile driven by C. S. Parker. Warsaw, on the Lincoln faith for tne 1)urpO se of avoiding Cotton, of Goldsmith vice presi-| ( . idc( j , lol to take away the Blue dent and Dr. R. L. Fitllerton of j Kagl(! rights. secretary-treasurer. | T |, c i au or board requested th? * * * | company to recognize the Whole- nowers to the secretary of agriculture, it modify theV drastically. | : : rontonding that t)ic |ultimate cost of President nqosevelt's social security program would be $4,000,000,00:0 he suggested - that the country woujd be|better off to xdopt a less ambffious scheme. He 3enounced the i pcndlngj legisUi- llon which would abollsl^ holding and that Germany not only had planned construction [ of submarines and had built j i parts for them, but actually j had them afloat, fully manned and ready to :ngage In maneuvers. These maneuvers held, it was! reported; ipmpanles; criticized •>f the proposed |iank ing with tho!federal many phases ng act, deal- tern, a'nd concluded. ? ith Mon from Llncdln's address. sc .It. reBprvej sys- a qjiota- Oettyaburg would be .not in thei ren on the Wilhelmsb^ —300-odd miles frpiri east coast. : Great Bri Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burkett and daughters, Connie and Mari- of Kalamazoo. Michigan. las Burkett and family. Don Burkett and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Johnson all of-this city. GOES THE PRICE OF SHAVING COMFORT sale House Workers' Union and negotiate with it as exclusive bar- gainiitg representative of em- ployes in the cooperage, parking, shipping and receiving departments. • .Since the ruling was issued, the Ely & Walker Co. turned the; functicma of .-.those departments over to an outside -company under -contract. NRA announced there has b^een no showing that Baltic Sea, for which Germany has intimated Itj wants ;tl|Bm, but! ottj Northj Seaj the British the- change faith. In bad PrJOBAK tain's | flr'sti reply to the. German rearmament bay be fur-; ther increase in 1ts|; 4Jr forcel [ It was l^arnedj that Lord ' ilfr, mlntaW • had pared lng of ! CIRCUIT COURT, : i ^Continued from Page 1. ;wa[i given a note due in 90 days : a44 bearing signatures of Parson, J JQttb Eaton and" E. C. McGraw. | ; fe ^Phl^cudder, trust officer for the " =i ' )n StjitejBank of , Wlndfallj Bert Leisure have been sub-, iluaed as witnesses for the de- which Js being conducted Illpnty^; Robert' ot Sway«ee[ .^...-,. J -, jAttornley Noel Purvis 'f. W. Mount tfceJsWe case, IM_ _,, ." highway, accident occurred when the boy was attempting' to cross the road near his home. last night. SALESMANSHIP TRAINED salesmen ate AT ||OME ahrays in demand, era- ** * V w Ing handsome salaries » and commission. Acquire training fa time. Free catalog. iKmatoaitGi dance Schools. Dept. 1381. Sontoo, Jack Cunningham, Rc^ese 1834 S. Adams St., Mariim, INVITIKG Paul Uttcrback, 718 i As a guest ol The Tipton Dally i Tribune at the New Rlt» Theatre to wltaesa " , ' "Vancssji: Her Iiove tWory""; Explanation: This Invl&lfon Is not transferable and is K<x>d only tor the party whose dress appear above. • TSis&pfcpty' named above, accom5T~ l! ^ u ' Iii ' ~ member ot his famfay! should present this '" 'the; Ritz door -the regular Admission, THB TIPTON Bntortcl •»' the

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