Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 19, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 2
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Social Newi Mothers Day Theme tor Ixikeshore Club Meeting Gen. HarriMjii WilJ Suctet'd Admiral Jov ACCIDENT^ Estbrr%illr. Iowa. DaiJj »w» Mon., 5Iay 19. 1952 2 X < Events C^alendar Tonight A =•-.:•>-! .-X"-; S-i-n li--!. Hi-— E^r: Tuesdcn :• -=-5^ -L-z-.:-I'-:, •••..i.' iC-f L .'-v /^i""-•-••---x* Mr! .- :-.i.-x' ^ z -f —--•-tj '?.i_r ^-r. itrr. ;i=z-* -^-^j.zr^rj^. xz.-. •pHLZ-c. VLn Fr'-d Hi— J £r« "Pru- ;.i='Hi.-r»7 i^i. C -ci^ Mr- PJ-.*-- • Mr». Eo^i* Boxus. K.-f &xr:-.i -'--r -.-'-l ?.i:r. .Kz-r. l£.-i 3fii-.-: >.i.-'- soo- *ci,>-.: _« 'Z.'.l-^zs Mo.'.-. Mr ".Vi.- —c-^i i^i'- X:=r-irl i^-; T-r- Mr- Si;;;*/ Dw, M.-» ilar-.-r Mr-! I>~> V/i-.^r! Mrr B--".:^ V.-i-,^r5 il.-! I>^-i ir::i! ani Mr; A S•y. Mr- V.i.-»- .V^TT 1=-. Hn .4tUzul H>d<lia« of Nppbeir in >Uiui«apoiit- Mr. and Mrs O .\ S-JIX-OCJ/;-.:. AXar. acd •h';;r •ia..;;:;-.:<r. Mrj. Haci Tved:--. drc-.. -.c. Mirir.tipotu •Mrs. Soisr-c.-.-or-'i r.epr.'-ir. Ricisri C/^mba. Th 'r,- -K-er-T joined ir. M~-: n»ap<j!i! by ar.c'.h^r daushttr. Shirley, -.vho :a a 5 -ud«r.'. a', '^.'il- dorf coiJcgi; a: Fores-. Ciry Mr Ci-vrr.t.! a.-.d Mari'r.x. r;;..--.. quiit. daujhUr of thf- R'?-. ace Mr^. J O. Gi-»^lquiy. of Minn'ip-| ohs. icrf niarried Friday <:v»r.;ar at 8 o'clock at S". Paul a Lutheran church Tr.'- Rfrv J O. Gi«!^k|Uift. ' fatr.'--.'^ of •.r.r z-Af a.-.d IP '.; Vcr.o-'irr. in Es-hrrv;;:-. off.c;\--.-d at -.h* cererr.c-ny .Soio 'jt.'* -*--TP t^ro ' th«^r3 of tr.r brid' Mr Comb" has -orr.p.-•.'>> his second year at • Ljthcr •c-r.- inary Thrf- ciasj.-natf?! actfd a-« hi!" atterda.-.t.i Mrs. Ccmbs •'..-.s hor.or.d r-'- itlg chosen ' Br;d- of tl-..' if-^^ br Daytor/8 Deport.n;. r.- • Birtfada> Crk-bratrd A4 SioUT City Dorothy S-Ac-r, a ;d. rt nur»e at Si ;o«<.[.h." hospital :r. Siou-x City, ciltbr.ited her l'>th li--' thday yif.erdiy r,.Td •A .ir.ted T comi^ home for o.:.-i .aio .i t.j-, had 10 loTf-K'j th' trip du- to ;.t'< ing part in '.h- ita;. f.^tr.a; -vhir:. w|ui held at tr.- .'•.or 'pita: \.-.«t (;da alternoon .-nd • v. nins Howev-r , her parent.'. Mr and Mi.s Fred Swan and tL-ter.". Leta L-iU ; ar »d Donna Jean arran^'ed for he; to have a happ\ day even though i she couldn't come home , They packed a hig pimic dinner, including a t^irthday cake, rind' drove to Sioux City. At noon they ; in company -.vith D-.tothy and, .some of her tnir.d.s. Lorett.-i Har- %ey. Palsy Clare. G:iil Graeitmse: Mary and Jo Ann Cummins rmd! Anne Darling all gathered .^t th- ' park in Rivervi. »• .Vei, outside of Sioux City and Btaped n birthday celebratxr. In the .-ift.-rnoon they attended the May fu? at the hospita; (iurinp which one ot the studen' . nurses is crowned Queen of th-| May. Dorothy took part in the ev- nine ccremonie.-; but due to th- long drive and •venini; chores her part-nts and sistii.s were unable t.>' Rtoy for that part of the program ARMSTRONG M.-^iT frrT :V~ tf ^ - A--= JCi -.r :•!• - r.;,L Mi Z-'.-i.- iZ'-.- -.J^--- .ZS Z--:—i.r. iC' l^--—• Mr- r. K. Zr-.-..:- i.- ZJ: K-.. -^-^ 5 .1 -••'T'-.'t'.. S;.--" . C J;^>>-^J_ ?5 .r.j-- J E-f-.z.^^ Usf ." E -ir 'r'>: r. Mr! >u= 5-: ••:=.: r.!.^. i^.-^n_t.r H:i.--z.i_-. Un ilii - ~:-r-- F_.rr» Ki _-r.L Jf.- --:« T^ir.xzz- M.-t S-:-:- Ax>z ••'.•zi- i€rf. Se -TTT- L.:^ I-KKJ"_::.I ff- Jtarr'* OnAr. ? =. .4.-. -Jf? iiar.' i£-> cr-t> •&-»•-• •5- --LT; 1----: r:Z-rd rv-tr ."..r F:-:- :.i-f- --•.r !-;-_i. .-.-I.- ^C-ATS t*? h-'ix -^-j .-ra '-lit: Ar»o-it one-fouith of all crtjplani: i.'i .Vorth Carolina is pi9nt >d ». corn. .": Id " F-.,iiT ' t, ;i>."f THOr -l. I.V ;r.t „-j., :':..z>i.-.xiz ir- INSIST ON wheel balancing thai taktu out fh«... tr -n.-i. %:3!-i u: r-' Xari »sijc£:>€ir? -w-ir-f frrrct F-^ Rii"7 - ••,.z--'.'Z zz:i: ILZ :ifT..:-»r F::<i.j ztz-Hica -r-frt jj.isjstaiiie-'i - , -IT: I- T -riiii lut C-i<str Riraij SsiiaT ;»3cT»tr:x : irtti- T --_r -.. TH ;-3 E:JIX- a t^r-r-ir z-zChxizn. a: ti>' ::i3>rucc • • ?i-zzzxr.j:r:- zC t.^rr-g-J-r? £1 a ^T 'S 3J< i-i«r. T-*- rert '-L HArr-»<.-r - -jrc C .-ar* aj- TSM ?- irt Itrt. Vapa-a HrtMr. ;, ^t._^ ."•'7 ! t-iir. 1.,-. Crair trtir ^Ki-rr.zea.. 5;mi-ai. *. .aai G^asrpt • -• H. -iii-lKr, aX i>f T ^jcsiE. -aai Irrz -f t i;-,.;i-rr::3,v:- .-ij!^ I>«.ir tjf -Oi^w^a* S^-uc^ Cui© ~" " _ Til- ;^rc»- r jt-st r-K :.rrf!:r ••••s;<r -•-7. ^. VIJ V -r _t filj..i •r.^.- -UZ.i. IZ I1 "IJT-I.!.,T.' Tfi- I'-x- 1 -.1^^ Ti..!.! Z'-inj.. li rf- n.;.r r.? r.f i .L.! ti;-a rfiiartic 13; ^ — At tit-f Itijncjt i^;. 4 ti ; =. :-::ir£ ri:v'- ? I — A: tr:» ICC-r " r Vr. R.I.: M.-Z->r -pr^-r.,!:^ Er.- T. V ^W~_ f-.- M».--.r--i.. Ci- -.- :..?-:_«'- If" e<fn«t<i £r> O^r Liij *t Fatau a .r'>. M -T > 2 -'.ar IV. : - K: -.- • -it- r . - - ; M.-! H 1. i::H_i.r .-. ' -- i: :r- = - E^ai .V»i?iirt-r» «f .Va »»rvtA. V-rrW "Star ly^^t. :d -^--^ A: "r^ r-r:- ;f ii;. T-t -ri-'t:- f-.r'-- OT*^ of tlfc» WVrt^ »a »rtB* 9f -jfrwai^v • ; =1 P.^w^- =^-.r Thursday- Fr-?<:*r,ck!<w: Mr- p. =1. Ksrr.t-:rj'r h -oc3» cf p.'ar: \z.4. Clark. y-jr;- North star Lod^r .V». M7. .\. F. * A. >t T ? 31. Tcird aezr" •-•.1 ::' --i- ?-i_.r V Hr II- • Z t^-ir-zz iz C^Ki -r • 1 1: ftHBERSOH -S€HENCR -05 SZ - -it, ^ as w«il as fh«... <i*: •ctxr Mtfricf't •«r-iT «fc<n yow > c> M/iM . wr "Bctf" Bsi- Viae WVti Bt -'«.-xj .-»g M ritt o« Vi ^j^" u %ciX u !!^« "Bo^usce"' Uc £sil s«si« ceafect! DRIVE IN TODA Sheitren Master Service OPEX T:» .\. M. TO » P. M. SCTiTDATtf IXfXmiKD Industrial and A^^ricuJtural Machine Sbop ArmstroBg Tires — Bear Wheel ASg^memt Mobi%as and MobO Oil — Da Pont Spray G]axia« Asto C^re De Luxe. II South First, Estherville (On GDshmy 17 cvt-«ff) I.:r.t.i. iC^iie vr" t.i-i T'r - r--!'' i.-rt: K"' f>tr^B-r-ti- <_li..:. M' r- 1- B^r •it . ; rrj.i- i_r.; Young Bride Not Mis^sin^;. Juftt Miffed Dej Moia-.' May 15 JP Tr.-. rr..- of a yours brid-f «h <5*< h-ij- -iisd repor -*d her disapp-iaras^e to -Sar. Frar .cisco pcUce says sl-.e r. t missing—"They jtist had a iitt:-^ n^.:sund»r!tar.din5 and si* left." Mrs Vera MiUer of I>« Moire • -ild U.»t nigh'. ?h-- 'iZKed •»-ith h-r Oiughter. Mrs Jar.e* Todd '.ist Th-jr.-ida-.- and th- g:r; said i.-.- -K-,all right'ar.d 'till in ?ar. FTa.--.:«-:i Richard Todd. 3« w.-.oJ- pa.-.:r.-> !;ve in Coon Rupid" toi-i Sa.-. Francisco p-j'.:ce y-it.r-iay hi' ZVvear- o'.'i of ie*. a -.-e.-ir i-'-ft for s. Oe-.-jf. parlor V.i: 2 ir.i h-.d r.-:- s--er. or heard irorr. h-r •icc Po:i.;--- • iid T..dd told th->-- -.L-.G r.:.' -a-.f. :ant» to ?.ir. Fr CO t--'.o* Ago fror-. D-* M .H. -*a.' -n-.p'.o-y , ; ::r.- .^.Ttp^ny and -n~ -'or/'d for ^ c a r. d y o m pa n y Todd said !h»y h;-. J not 'i'J<rTe;.-c and co-.ild give no f isor. f. r -i« •arifes disappearanc- He ,«a 5.-.left her purse and i.. r.'r ---.o-i. ings m their hot»-l ri>jm •wr.-.o *--.-left ' rr.orn;r.s; It Ad« ;u«t 1 -r.,j->r- --tandmg Mr' Mi;.--- - •.^.i:.-.--.: Mr -,r.t M-. M^i.-.:- dr-.-j- "Monthly Pains" stopped or omazingly relieved m 3 o«t of * ca»«« ..r docrca -Mraf • C .-J.-*-?-; are -z . z» For i.:-:.a. f". Pir-ci-.i.- : C:n- '-^^ ^- p:-;* or r :-i 'c:t; "^^- JJ T" relief frotr. d.t- -—, :r^-^ .tcf .cr/^ W L;. i.a ?-.:ixrA^-. -;<;t—. i-l ::4 .=.-. ret Ivdii E t.-j^. > tabi* C.:;rr4>-.;;rjd—--rr ^-r.-^c-.ti Tib.»t' s-.-.z. iC-itc. .-VW — taxT. :.'.z-i^z7. t.-.e—i-oesc; r-'-* r?:;ef ^--cr. t:---j«e sa-.iicr-ffs. T-i- —r.e.p -.o-- feel better z-'—.'f tsji. Or— ;r • i:r -r rrtcr. f „-..:-_•.r^. -r.ot r .i,-he:».' of "» of life ' titi e-^t ho.j •-.-.jr.d^r'-.; P :n..<:',«-^. t ti Ajr fAc! roo' Visiting around Iowa Mrs. Elmer Kesler is now at her j home following five weeks of. treatment and care at Holy p-am- ' ily hospital. She was visited dur- - ing the week end by Mr and Mrs WilHe Whitcsell and Mr. and Mrs. • Roland Whitesell of Hampton. The lortqer t« her brother. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Scheller and i family ot Wtndom, Minn.. <.vere i gtieata Sunday in the John Weis ! home. i SuUuric acid is consumed in the Vait«djSUitM ac the rate of about lifr pbtrndf per year for every man, woman aira child. . l/..ok at the '.I'*-- \ r.e. XT I-,wa map and toa'il »ee .-»ne r^as'-n for Iowa's grea-.<iess. Town* named Norway. Wale*, Helifein. Glastow, Oxford. I.ttx- emburg , . . Rne name* like that, •traicht from tlie old (ountrr. The pioneeri '»'ho named '.ho«» town.s have !onp since d-eparted. But their principles live on. Folks {roai many lands came here teekinjc .^mcriean deai»c- racjr. and they meant to make it work. The Germaa settlers had their wa .T of life . . . knt they didn't try to forre it •« their neifhiMr i-ltler* from Sweden . . . aar the Xorweriaas MI Ike 'iy) Joe Marsh Iowa's Foreign Names ' -r-rg ../,x Holla.'der». or an» •f (he others I' y.-'%. p---'---o.i ' \*i-r f../--'. - - -.. '• % -i* beer •r.t' •>...' • - .1- V'.-i .'. ti-;!'. -A »> :;. -• -r.';. if ^h*se rr i' -/ ta.stes . . -'re -,.ie.'f tolerance -ra-. r - •r,--i:-.eo e-.ery p«r- son's . r..,..-e. h'-i..' 1.1 ••a 6r:»nd of r.ere.o.-- rai- y. It'> one of onr Snesi hefita(<« . . . Mmethin« trtrj lowaa waais ta hold onto. Don't Be a Sucker! The Furnace Racket Can Cost You Money! Beware «rf the "inspeetor" who comes to check your fttmace, the so-caOed "expert" or ~eBS»eer~ who wants to deaa or reset yoar heatiB^ [daat, and the "branch office" salessan who seeks to sefl TOO a compktety new installation. Gyp famace .selfing Is an old racket — bvt it is practiced today as it has been for many years. Ifs the same old patten of triekery aMl price gouging, of nnethical hi^-pressure selling. These people may caB oa yon tomorrow — dont be another victim; know the true facts! Don't Let a Stranger Tear Your Furnace Apart It'a th<5 same old ston.'- ''nari comes in with a ""free" in- ?c<ect»r. sen-i-o?. or seekins a ciearJns or reset job. You let him into jiTiur fcasemcnt. and before you know it he's tearing things apa -Tt. 'Xirr.^ otjt -xith the stor>' that your present heating plan! is a -Arec.-: , ihat it A on* go thjxiugh another winter. He's r^ijl-- to sell and install a new furnace: If th-? ir'nr. were knoviTi. >o«jr ^Jmace quite frequently is ~i.~r.iy ir.^ o' mir^jv repairs or a good cleaning. This Story has been repeated time arid again throughout the -.--jur.-.r,-. I* has. rjiogeried before and »iIJ probably happen again .n £.«th>en-a;ie arid surrrjarxiins communities. These racketeers are '.zkin-g ?ho*Jsands of d<o;iars from home owners. YOL' may be one the .'-aexi •.i-rtims. Eer.ter a-jsirjess Bureaaa -.hrocghout the country are at'tempt- i.Tig to 9q»ielch these unet -hkal tactics for the 'oenefit of the home- owTTing pubSi? and the i.ndefiendenf warm air heating contractor vho is ATiXious to do an honest, worthwhile heating job. They ha%'e flat files oa some of these companies and are dcHi^ what they can to warn the pui>hc. Tbe Orurixmati Better Business Bureau recently issued a bullet!R describtng the furnace repair racket and bow it is worked in their tocaMiy. It stated that consuhatkm with qualified beating .fien in cases imest-igated res-eaJed that usually the furnaces condemned bj' so-called branch office engineers were in reasonabI>- good condition aiKi needed only ix)utuie and inexpensive repairs. The Better Business Bureau of Buffalo in a recent bulletin issued a warning against fuiTiace salesmen u^g high-press«re tactics. It cited the case of a homo owTicr who was told by a roan that he was from a government bureau to inspect faultj- furnaces. The home owTier eventually learned that this alleged govenunett inspector was none oUier than a "biixJ dog" or ad\'ance representative for a branch office furnace contractor. In another case, the Cleveland Bettor Business Bureau bulletin warned about a perennial offender in the furnace field. It toW how a good furnace, torn down for a rcsoal job, was left on the basement fkwr when the honio owner refused to authorize u»- needed. expensive repaii*s. •A Fort Wayne bulletin citini a typical case of how the puUk was being duped in that nivn by hlKh-pros-suiv sales tactics and "free" inspection service to the Iwiuo owner, which ovontuall>- cost him the price of a new fvirnnce, whore the old one could haw been repJaired for less than $100, Tlu» Ft)rt Wayne buivau cautioned the public about the "conu> on" conlruft whlrh allows the gyp contractor to get into the basomeni and sturt toarinK things apart. These are only a few o\Hinplt's , , , \vt« t -inild tell .mi of scores of others includiiig some In this oomiminlty, l\>n'| take chances of being g.\iiped. Phimiang and . Heating FrcMi Rodger Sears. Roebuck & Co. Lewis Scrtyers Stockkmd G. T. Tosfenson doude Rmdolph IMiunbliiK uiiil lloiithiK Plumbing and Heating Ptombiag and Heating Estherville Schildknecht & Sons Montgomery Word Kolomoioo IMuinhliiK nmt Plumbing and Heattag Plumbing and Heating rhiiubliiM itiiil ClOrk '''""II'I'IK '*•'•< llciilliiH Wogen's Applioncei Peoples Natural Gos Company

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