Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 17, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1952
Page 6
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Invest ill nione\-sa\- ing insurance ttJilav-. J i I L. £. Stockdule John M. Stockduio Phone 60 RillfMl by Sduients of JliKh School an(J Junior Colligo THE ESTHERVILLE PEPPER Voltiinc 30; NuinlM -r 31 Esthervillp, Iowa Saturday, ftlay 17, 1952 Big Question— The Future of The Seniors Now thrit anr>tliiT si'lionl \-i ;ir Is ilrawinj; to a C I CJSI' with the final papi's (Inftin- liy. we the undiT- clasHniin of F:. H. S ., In li.'V,' wi> ouuht. tfi pay any la.'it u-ell-dosery- cil tril.iit'S ui- ran to th" nu'ni- b.MS 'if our S. nior rlass. \V<- hop.' Ilia' tli.y ran ronir hark nr\t v.-ar to .1 (• . and liojjr that what- rv.T working fi'Kl th.'V take in )if. they will find surrrss, seriir- ilv and happinrss. I int. Tvi.w.'d a f.'W shimnKTinu s.-niors l.i >••••.• if thry h .id nta^le ,'iny dcfiniti' plans for the futur.-. or thr urrsrnt. what th.^y disliked leav- inf; thi' n-.ost. and how they felt about ;,-radiiatini: Ilonald Krutson lias decidi'd that his futuri' orrupation may be a niortirinn. This summer thouKh h.' plans to work as a rarpontrr. He feels indifferent to RPaduatinf,'- Miisir is the activity in the Estherville srhool sysleni he hat'.'s most to l.'ave. Ronald should, he Rot Division 1 in state contest on his vocal solo. He is ."i' 11" .ind ha.s always livid in Eslhcrvillr. VirKinia (VirRie) Hippie proposed that she would like to become a secretary. The thinps Virj,'''' dislikes leaving behind the most are al! those folk.s .still sufferin*,' in school. She ha.s always lived in Esthervillc. Hallelujah- i.s her reaction to pradu/ition. No plans for colleee enter her future. She plans to rest in the early P^vrt of this .summer and then pet n. job out of town. She'.s 5' 5';" tall. She is one of E. H. S.'s best piano players KettinR a I rating in the state music contest plu.s KivinK a whole piano recital recently. James (Jim) Welton plans to become a hiph school teacher. He is one of our finest athletes and we know he ran succeed in anythinfr. He says he will really miss Coach Kaley. Jim is 6' 2" tall and wei- Khs 210 lbs. He plan.s to attend either J. C. or Mornincside. Marcia Kay Alhert.son, president of Y-Teens. plans to take up nur- SH'S training some place in California, where she can he near her folks. As to the question. "What is it you hate leavinp most?" she answered. "Guess what." She felt a little sad, and yet happy over traduatinp. She has lived in Estherville. la., and South flate and San Marr.a-s, Calif. She is 5' 3" and plans to loaf in the California sun this summer. Crair; SifUrs. president of Student Council, isn't positive .-is to v.hat he wants to be I'n the future, but he says. "Whatever it is, I hope for some success.." I hope he pets it, too. Craip like.s the thOHtrht of Ki-adu;Uion but lie'll miss the school. He said the thinc.s he would nji.s.s were .iJ! the friend.s he had made. He's 5' 11" and has always lived in Estherville. This .summer he will work for MoUer and Jones and then next f.all possUdy college here in .1. C. I do I could tell you about more of the exciting seniors. I honestly hope each and every one find.-i the ripht path for him toward his Koal. Vah'dictoriaii Honors To iiurlaii Wilson Cherokee. la.. .May 17 (.V> Mark uj> some nfw honors for H.'irian Wilson. Chrrokri' hiirh • school spurts Hail.-iii \r,-is n.inied on Ihr .ill- •slale football and baskelball trams in the past year. And lod.-iv th.'V announr,.(| (he srholastlc honors at Chrroki-c. ['cpper's Outlook More Siipporl Tlir be^'innmK iif srliodl iirxt fall will bepin a new year for thr I'ip- prr and for that frrsh stait \vr will have Carol Darling' and I'onnir Kint as ro-editors. Tliis is terned after the Ho-Lo-fo .-^'f and is sincerely hoprtl ti.v all to lietlrr thr production of tlU' I 'l -ppi r. iln past yencs the l.-adeisiiip w.i.s h"ld by one editor.) Of course th.Tr will br sonir nrw rei»nrrs from the sludr"': who are now eiphtn pradrrs but thrre will still be space for men who have not delved into thr field of journ.ali.sni before. U'ilh .i Kreat«'r v.ari''ty of rrpurtris. thrtr different typrs of wrilinu. .and a more thorough covrrapr or .articirs alonK with a greater v.arirty of them, our I'cpppr can be improved. Now I wish to hit a rather important point —the matter of support. DurinK the past the city of Estherville has .supported many up- ;ind-down teams, etc., but when it came to a downca.ot subject like our Pepper wa.s at times most .stu dents and many subscribers of thr Daily News merely laid it aside and forgot to help us by comments or other support. As I mentioned before. many new studenf.s will enter E. H. S. in the fall and alonp with them they will brine a curiosity for new or different tliinps such a.s llie Pepper or Ho-I,,o-Co. If iveryone will look upon our Pepper with a renewed interest like these new stii- dent.s, those who make up the staff alone with the co-<'ditorK will do their level best to keep your ciiri- csity up so that the Pepper will not earn Unbecomini;; nicknames. Sport Short.s Wi 'll readers of the '•Sport- Short" articles we want to wish you all a nice vacation as this is the liust edition of the Pepper. We will try and keep this column po- inR ne-<t year We want to conpratulair the members of the track tram for their fine showing at Cherokee in the District m.'et. Our eoncratrs KO.'S especially to Bob Wrbrr for his heavini; the football lf)3 fr. t for first place. Your reporter madi- a siiiviv of the senior tioys whfi played i.all for the Midpets l.-ist year to s .-i- where they are planning to go next year. .\fany of the boys were undecided. Only two c)f thr fellows interviewed had drfiniti' plans. They were Tom Hove who played in the backfield and who intends to take up pharmacy al Iowa L". and P.ob IlegLin. who also played on the varsity, plans to remain here and go to J. C. Boh Eriekson, who played such good defensive basketball for thr Midgets, plans to go here also. Boh Wrl.c, the Midgets center and point maker plans to go to Nebraska to college. Hook Welton, the center on the football squad and voted a member of the press team plans on going to Morningsidr rol- lege or here. Jim Bittner. a member of the football sriuad has plans of going to Iowa State or Nibiask.'i IJ. ne.xt year. Cr.-iig .Sidles, also a member of the ba.skrtball sf(uail plans to remain hrr to go tfj ,1. C. I-ee Hraiinian, a guard on thr (V/o(ball sc|uad is idthrr going hin- or to Ami 'S. John Creig is a little un- deci<lrd as to wlirrr he will go for his college work. '^ms <>k _ r Daily News photo and engraving), THKSK THKIOK K.STHKKVIM,!-; high school seniors were honored with awards this spring for Hcholastic achievement, cxtra-cuvricular .utilities and citizcn.shlp. Richard Oleson, left, will get the Iowa Trust and .Savings bank .scholarship to Estherville junior college for high school simior boys and Joli'in Eike, the same .scholarship for -senior girl.s. Bob Eriekson won the Elks scholar.ship award and also was chosen for the hank scholarship but doferrod to second ranking Oleson since he had already received the Elks award. Graduation Season Program Junior NCM'S Says Good-bye To Seniors Well, it won't be long now! Graduation'.s just around tho cornrr and wn'U bo thn "Honorable 8cnlor.<i"t We hope wc can follow In your foofstep.s, Class of '82. We'll try to uphold that "Senior Superiority' but it's going to seem odd, at first. Suppose we'll achieve It, though. Seems that rvory Senior class since our Freshman year has played tho part quite well. Speaking of Seniors, v!c thought your clo-ss -play. "Death Takes a Holiday," was super! At every other week a small section of this article ha-S been devoted to "Razzing" those cocky characters popularly called "Seniors." The Senior article has more than gotten oven with us on several occasions and Insults ha,vc flown thick und fast. But It's been fun. The competition at Pep meetings, the rambling Senior article, even tho insults have been a part of E. H. S. the paat year. All joking aside—we'll miss jrou when you're gone, Seniors. So whether In college, the armed forces, or working—loads of luck from us to the Class of '52! P. S. We hope you'll like t|ie Prom! ' May 1ft. Award day; May 2,'i, Junior-Senior Banquet und Prom; May 25. Baccalaureate address, the Rev. T. G. Melton; .May 29. Commenco- nient address. Dr. Jesse P. Bogue; May 30, Class day—Promotion. Senior roll, 19.')2: Marcia Kay Albertson*, Lois Jean Athey, James R. Ayers, Donna Jean Barfoot. Dixie jane Bartlcnian, Loyce Edna Baumann*. Lee C. Beauman, Lois K.ilhryn Behrens, Donald Eugeni' Brrgeson, Mary Barbara Biery. James R. Bittner, Lawrence L. Boggrss, Diiane Brown, Victor Paul Brubacker, Shirley J. Brutch, Henry Allen Butler, Marvel Jean Frirsnrr. Thomas R. Garrelts, David T. fleorge. Marlrne Gilkison, John Morse Grrig'. Eugene .Merle Hanson, Robert L. H.'ggen', Jtv hann.". K Heidke. CIrora Helen Heinrichs. ftichard Wayne Heyer, Virginia M. Hij)ple, Thomas M. Hoye, Raymond L. Jensen. Gerald A. .lohnson, Joanne Kristine Johnson, Lawvynce James Jones, Mary Ann Payne, David G. Pullen, Marilyn Rogene Query, Gl.idy.s n. Recher. C.irol Jean Rrf- sell, James E. Reuland, Patricia Lynne Riley, J.inice D. Roliinson', Marlene Kay Rodgers', F. S. Ro.s- rndahl. John A. Rosenow. Lucille Catherine Schacherer, Murcia Leigh Schultz, William Oliver Shonk- wilrr. Craig W. Sidlrs', Robert Harold Stearns. f.r.slb' O. f;arson*, Rodney B. (?ase, Lora Christiansen, James M. Coll.', John I'. Croner, N_anc,y O Jo Ditsworth, Joleen Ruth EikC, Robert C. Eriekson*, Betty Lou Farmer, Elnerine M. ForsscU, Mary Jean Keogh, Virginia D, Klinefelter, Ronald G. Knutson, Nolan R. Mason, .Marvin L. Muklebuat, Lola Elaine Nauss. Maxine Jean Nelson. Richard D. Oleson*. Dwayne G. Olson, Shirley Anne Olson*, Wilma Ann Partello, Marlon D. Stearns, Marilyn Jean Stoddard, Beverly Jean Syverson, Dorothy JoAnn Valen, Donnabelle Lydia Vandevantcr, William D, Van Valkenburg, John Joseph Waldron, Robert D. Weber, James L. Welton, and Dorothy Frances Woodyard. • National Honor Society. President, Marcia Schultz; vice president. Tom Hoye; secrotary- tre.'isurcr. Virgin Hippie. Sponsors: Minniu Sage, Wallace Rees, Ruth Smith. Class motto: "Aim High, Shoot Far; Your Aim tho Sky, Your Goal, p. Star," Class flower: Orchid. Class colors: Pink and Purple. ICsthervllle .lunior Colli-go Pre'sident, Russell Davis; vice president, Lavonno Smith; secretary-treasurer, Margery Butler; representative, Norman Waters, Sponsors: Jeannetto Watson, Amn(>y Wood and Arvil Parka. Class motto: "Through Effort, Not Chance." Class flower: Yellow Rose. Class colors: Green und Silver. This Is Last Edition Of Pepper for tliis Year The issue of the I'epiier this week for this year must bring a great relief to it's editor, Les Cur- .son. Through tho year hi- hits brought our Popper through thick or thin. It h,a .Hn 't b.'en fun. He has had to worry about it from week lo week. He has h/ifl to tlir staff down to get their articles (lone and in, Wv has had to train the future editors for Ihr coming year. Which. I might add.nmsl have hren a job. Besides all this ther.' was niucli niore he had to do to make the Pi'pper what it is. Today, at the weekly meeting, Les explained how much he had enjoyed working with tho staff. Little does ho know how much we appreciate him and how much wp will wish he were coming back again :iext year. During the coming .year tho now editors will tr.v to improve the Pepper even more than Les did. This will be hard to do, for Les has doni' a good job. At this time Les and tho whole HliUt wotild like to thank you for slicking by us during tho year, and wo hope io see you next your. Weber, Eriekson Snre Prospects For State Meet The Midgets took fourth in tlie district meet held at Cherokee last Friday. They placed fourth with 32 1-5 points right behind Spencer with 36. points. Tyo Sioux City teams, East and Central, took first and second at the meet having 91 and 81 points respectively. This meet, like many others held last week end, was to find out who will go to the state meet being held next week end. To qualify for tho state moot one must get a first, second, or a third that beat someone taking first in another meet: Estherville has two boys that are sum to go to the state meet and m.-iybc a relay team. These qualifying are Bob Weber in the football throw and Bob Eriekson in the broad jump. Coach Hosklns thinks tho mile relay team composed - of W. Brown, D. Rodgers, B. Eriek­ son and D. Martins will go, too. Estherville Is this week end holding tho Lakes Conference moot. This meet Is going to be especially good because Spencer, Estherville, Cherokee, and Sibley are very close. Spencer has gained more points than any other Conference team In the meets this year and thus is favored to win this one. Estherville will be without the help of F. Mahan, pole vaultcr and high hurdler, who has the mumps. Since this is the last week for tho Popper, I sincerely congratulate tho Seniors for their participation In track and tho other sport." and hope they can do as well if they go to college. Seniors Honored By Y-Teen Picnic On Monday, evening, May 12, the Y-Teens hold their annual picnic honoring senior members of tho organization. A bus loft the school at 5:30 carrying the girls to Ft, Defiance where, the picnic was hold. There a delicious menu of goulash, baked beans, salad, relishes, cake and orange drink was served. Senior Writer Attempts To Tell Futures Halo, fans. Yes It's true. Tho senior somcthing-or-other Is back for another try. They tell mc that this Is tho last article tor the year, but It's really about ,thft first, I'm a little ruaty at thU sort of thing but we'll, manage, sbnicl^ow. This is such a busy time W year that It's hard to^ find time to do the things that need to be done. It seems that the members of our fair class are literally working their heads off to have the last few days here at E. H. S, pleasant ones. With the committees for this and that, the class play, sending out announcements, and trying to convince the old man that you will take good care of his car prom night (a problem also encountered by the juniors so I hear). I stoled a peak at the class will and prophecy and was surprised to j.flnd that tho results were unusual in that they seemed so accurate. For Instance most of the seniors are going to work after they graduate. To bo sui:e a large share will do nothing but have their faces In ads In Life magazitic as men of distinction, or sell ' apples on a street corner, but a few will rise on occasion and attend either Emmet County U. or some other fine institution. Our share of a.ssorted athletes will go down in history the same as thn others have. Our hamlets or young actors will go down too. After that play the other night I don't know where, but they were good, especially in tho first, second and last acts. Read in the paper tlie other day about the accident down at Hampton after their prom. It made me a little peeved to see how they played up the fact that teen-agers were involved. The first articles concerned about it made It appear that K was tho fault of the younger driver but %vhon the whole story came to light. It turned out that tho adults were drinking and had passed on a hill. In any case It seems to me that the radio and newspapers play up the words "Teen-agers" and "Hot Rod" unnecessarily. I took the trouble to do some research on this and found that In accidents where youths under 21 are Involved 80 per cent of the headlines have one of those words In them. This seems an Injustice only when if an adult is Involved In an accident nothing is said as to their age. The term hot rod doesn't mean any car driven fast and as if It were apparently the only car on the road. It Is in reality a type of automobile redesigned by its owner for the sake of streamlining or speed, with safety ii major feature. Do the adults realize what true hot rod- dlng has done where the law works hand In hand with It? ,3trlcter laws aren't the answer. Bettor Instruction, a little bit more effort on the part of adults to set a decent example and some consideration to those "teen-agers" involved In accidents are the solution. That's the sermon for this week, give It some thought, Now'd be a good time to reminisce the year's bitter memories but somebody else can do that In some other column. I've got other things to do. Win sorta miss the Saturday mornings when wo just remembered that we didn't write an article and Its too late. It brings tears to my eyes to think who'll write the senior news next year, an ox-Junior! Oh! tho mortification of it! She'll do a good Job though and so dear fans and whatever else la necessary to draw this to a close. Esthcr\illc, Iowa, Dally Ncirs Sat., May 17, 1952 6 DS Arc you fjjllinfi; nuirriiMl soon und looking for a place lo live? If yon are an«l are pianniiijo; lo hny, check throngh the Heal K.siatj; rlas.sificalion — or if you are looking for a place lo rent svv llie many apartments uvailuhle now. And rememher, if you are planning on ,selling, buying, r«Miling, hiring., you can do it easily and economically through the Daily iNews classified section. HO(;sB (or wto ar wil. • mint WANT ADS Cllji. Iim'ii. Estherville Daily News 'Con* In and odmir* Id flow* Iku aeed I m I u. Ill foMlnoHng t _ •l*d (•rm and dMp tanti bMwty will btawtlfy yew tabia lar ' yaan and ytari, $i-nKs sHVKf re* • $49.7S f AitH-Umtth CkaK IMIUM •Ttade-mitlu ol iS<Si This is only one of many beautiful patterns available at our store. For a large selection of china, glassware and silver, shop at G. W. Robinson Notes tor Business Men: HOW TO PROFIT FROM Job Printing Business Cards When you visit a client what does he see first? Your business card, of course! To make that first impression tho best it is only natural to use a card tha^ Is in good taste. Let us show you our quality samples! Estherville Daily News J<»l» I'rIiilliDf l)i.,mrtm«nt

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