The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on December 31, 1966 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1966
Page 4
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IWI *» J1, ^^^^V IW HUMSOLDTf HINTING COMf AMY , MM*j, J, e*d eMefea* •• tee«*e' Act •*•*••* e,t CHASt tttlAUONLIN ..... ....................... £41** »"gf r»*4»rt»»r HAUVtY ZtMAH ....... ........... - ................................. -*•»• WHO* JIM UROtNt ...... — ............... . ..... - ......... A****)*., MoMfgf MVA fNOCKSOH ................ - ..... -------- ...... ............ -..Jo«Aio«*»r SHARON ZEMAM ................... - ...... — .... ..................... J«*.ert»t»««» DtLMAR OESMtDt. ..... ................ ............................... - ..... F**mn JEltt SOUENStN— ........... - .......... ................ - .............. ...... Pr*«f»* MAVIS GREttfcSfN .......... - ........................................... HOMO* tURTON .............. ..... - ............. ........ FAT JOHNSOH ...... . ....... -— ................................ Ci SUBSCRIPTION RATES HUHBOLDT AHO ADJOINING COUMTltS Ttw HvtkWUt Ro»»fcl*»n, Ofto Beth to Che Y«*r ------- ....... M.OO M-00 SS.OO ELSEWHERE m KWA , Ona Y»»f M.50 Befti fcr OM Y«»r —- M-50 ELSEWHERE IN UNITED SYATES ft«r>i for On* Y*«r ADVERTISING RATES P»r I***, M»»»»i«Va« w Ropakiinn R*»v»}le«tt SS.OO M.OO *, Mtal*M«SO«, Per*** •» Tlwalw 0.04 '-00 *%*%*•* •r CAea* VM a baity storm tor the first oat of the winter. Stoe* movtaj to HaratoUt sad speed- iaf tvo vtatera la aa apartment, I am to* asssmiaf •»« saovel- lat duties tor the first time. 1 no* no* *fey there are so many streets in HomboWt with- oat sMewalks-to keep from shoreline snow. Rav. Adam CUytoe Powell is reported villlaf to comply with the eoart order directing him to start payment of $164,000 da- tamation Jodrment anmst him. Aad veil be m%tit be. For ooe HUnf. six fears of lecal vrtotUof has Jas« aboot exhausted his judicial recourses. In addition, there's tbe coort- ordered payment plan ItseU-a mere $«0 a Let the* cry Residents of North Vietnam must b« owore there's a war going on. Red waits about claimed United States bombing of areas north of fhe 18th parallel, including the capital of Hanoi, sewn a bit inconsistent when terrorist bombings in Saigon and raids on countless villages are not mentioned. Up to now very little of the war has been carried north. Letting North Vietnam feel more of the war will hasten a settlement. Certainly that will do more than pleas for peace, every on* of which is taken as assurance. by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese government that America is too timid to seek a military success. Such views are enhanced by organizations such as the National Council of Churches, assumed to be speaking for some poncng n Our adversary in the conflict is not a member of the UK. That organization has found it most difficult to secure troops far military action in places like Cyprus and the Congo. Petroling a truce zone in Palestine is on* thing, but putting troops where actual firing is going on is onoaSer, as troop pu I louts in the past have shown. This is the second costly conflict from a standpoint of both men and money we have been in. We gave up a military victory in the first, only to see South Korea invaded in five years. We should not fail to win a military victory this time against communism. Fort«tt)a| interest for tbe present, that means a parmeat of oalr $3.110 a rear. At that rate it voold take PoveO about S3 rears to make payment. On the other hand, were he pariaf interest on the Judcment- uke a smaQ taxpayer in arrears to Uncle Sam on an income tax obUcattoD-Powen wouW be foias more deephr Wo debt each year with Ms >60 i week payment. At six percent, his interest payment alone vooM be nearly $10.000 a year or almost $190 a week. Powell seems to hare discovered the ideal answer to the "tight money" problem -a Judgment with no interest and pay- meat extended until be is wen orer 100 years old. As for the widow the Harlem congressman called a "bag Toman" - the 1960 incident thai triggered the de&mation suit she apparently win be left, so to •peakTholding the bag. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kuhn of llaryrfflc, Missouri; Mr. and Mrs. D«*jlas Camming* and Dooglas, Jr., of Bloomiagton, Indiana; Mr. and Mrs. Conrad KlMpa and auntty of EagVi Grove; and Mr. amd Mrs. Dick Boyle. Dt*M» aad Tlmmy of Homboldt. nirlrt^tt ere gveats at the Wane* Mot BOMM *•» Jlr* aad Mr*. Charier Mason. aad< son of (Mar Rapids, km, Mr. and Mrs. Uwislcltwint and Mr. and Mrs. Lods Schwint Jr. and am- Oy of Homtoktt. dar goetfs at the hoie were Mr. Okirvd tMrth lar o< Mr. sad Mrs. flat BoaaU Kraft hone ware Mr. aad Mrs. Howard MeCradyof CaQea- Mr. aad Mrs. BoaaU Kraft Uwlt SeawM aad Mrs. Loais Sehwiat Jr. and tuaOy of BomboUt, Mr. and Mr*. Warren R«ts aad family of Dakota Car, aad Mr. and Mrs. Caartoy Mason and son of Cedar RapMs, krwa. Christmas goeats at the Clifford HanUns home were their chQdrea, Mr. sad Mrs. Gary Hafitia* aad family of DM Moiaas. Miss Marilyn HanUns of Das Moiaas, and Mr. and Mrs. Wflliam Davis of Owatooaa, dsjr at As aoaat of asr daaxh- ter aad epe-ke-lsw, Mr. aad Mrs. Bffl of Uvenaore. iVttt aad of lay at tts DoaaU Pederese hosne • Dakota dty. Mr. aad Mrs, Doaald Pedar- Tiattors at las laHardy. Dele Krsssar Miss Saaroa Caristatts eve at ft* OaroW ffcaslai eere sssaaay y"**^ Claroase Meyers sosss Mr. aad Mrs. Dak aad awfly aad Mb Mr. aad Mrs. Lloyd Harris spsat Christmas at the Rnssal Harris home at Laxreas. stnrkts lor Hiroy Woho •t Ctdir Ripids LU VTHNE-BaroW Wotto. 42, of Cedar RajAls died Suddenly of a heart attack Thnrday moraw a December 22, three moaths three days after his brother. Mttoa, of Cedar Rapids, passed Mr. Woito leaves his wile aad (area chOdren, Bob of San Francisco, Calif.. BID of Cedar Hap- Special Christmas offering to aid Brazilian hospital r' Hospitalized after county line accident Dr. and Mrs. R. D. Brainerd were injured to a car-truck accident three miles east of Lu- Verne at 8:45 a.m.. Wednesday, December 88. According to Koa- suth County Sheriff Ralph Llnd- borst, who investigated with the aid of Iowa Highway Patrolman Tom Codgall of Algona, Dr. and Mrs, Brainerd were on their way to the Brltt Hospital where the Doctor was scheduled toper- form a tonsflectomy. The couple was taken to the Britt Hospital in an ambulance furnished by Blake's Funeral Home of la Verne. He was admitted with a serious knee injury and was later transferred to the Mason City hospital. Tbe accident occurred as las Brainerds were proceeding east on tbe blacktop road thatdhride* Homboldt and Kossuth counties) and a cream truck drivenby Robert Maass, 19, of La Verne, was attempting to cross the blacktop while proceeding norm on a county gravel road. Maasa was not reported as injured. Maass stated that he stopped for the stop s%n at the Intersection. According to officers on the scene, he apparently did not see the Brainerd vehicle due to poor visibility. It was snowing at the time and the road* were partiallv snow covered. Tbe 1965 Dodge station wagon driven by the Brainerda was almost a total loss. The damages to the truck were estimated at $400-1500. Maass was charged with not having a chauffeur's Ikense and with a stop sign violation even though he did stop, atncv he did not allow traffic to pass. ids, and Betty, a student at Cedar Rapids. Also surviving are his mother, Mrs. Ella Woito, who is living in the American Nursing Home in Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Woito win be 88 in March and recently had a light stroke; and a sister, Mrs. Dale (Eleanor) Kltley of Hardy. Harold Woito was director of the Neighborhood Youth Corps in Cedar Rapids. Before assuming the post when the corps was formed In March, he was employed by AUis-Chalmers Company tor 24 years. Mr. Woito was a former chairman and member of the Civil Service Commission. He was the son of the former William Woito, long time druggist in Lu Verne. Services wOl he at 1:30 p.m, Saturday, at Turner Chapel East. Burial at CedarMemor- lal Cemetery. Good Will Club met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Carl Swanson with 13 members present. They had a pot-luck lunch, gift exchange and revealed their mystery sisters. Mrs. Dennis Carroll w«s hostess Friday afternoon to the Homemaker's Club of the Lo- Veme Township. ItwasaChrist- mas party with 10 members and two guests, Mrs. Donald Carroll aad Mrs. Tom Carroll, present. They also had a gift exchange. Mr. and Mrs. URoy Bins and family of Southland spent Wednesday through Friday at the home of bis mother, Mrs. Martha Bins, aad Mrs. LeRoy Rim's ststerTurs. Richard Gronbach. Liada Swanson arrived Thursday to visit her parents. Mr. aad Mrs. Carl Swanson. She is a teacher la Hawarden aad wffl return January 2. FfMrd services for Hoary Kibly to bo Satirday LU VERNE-Funeral services wffl be held at 2p.m., Saturday, December 31, at Lu Verne tor Henry Kubly, 90. who died Wednesday a? the Fort Dodge Mercy Hospital where be had been ad- mittedas a medical patient De- cember 6. The Blake Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Interment will be in the Lu- Verne Cemetery. Casket bearers will be Keith Kubly. Dak Kubly. Eldon Marty, Robert Marty, Arnie Qbert, and Jodean Weltha. Mr. Kubly was born at Monticello, Wis., October 7, 1878, the son of Henry Kubly ST. and the former Ursula Btom. Ha married EmOie Strelff at New Glarus. Wls., February 17,1903. They farmed in tbe La Verne area for 30 years, retiring and moving into Lu Verne durlni 1935. He was a member of the Evangelical United Brethren Church. Besides his wife, he is survived by a sot and a daughter, Elmer of La Verne, and Mrs. Edwin Marty of Renwick: six graadehlldrea; U great-grandchildren: a brother, W. F^ICubljl of Madella. Mlaa.; aad four sU? ters. Mrs. Anna Myers of Llv- tafsfoB, Mont, Mrs. Ursula Franta of Lu Verse, Mrs. Louisa Jutte of Das Molnes, and Mrs. Cora Burk of Renwick. In keepte| with the Christmas spirit, me Humboldt Seventh Day Adventist Church gave a special Christmas offering Saturday, December 24, to help support a Bratltlan hospital for victims of the Savage Fir* disease (Pemphigus). The offering was placed in small nylon net Christmas trees which were made for the occasion by a member of the congregation and distributed to each member of the church. The "trees" were gathered from the congregation by the cradle roll class members and hung on a large Christmas tree that stood at the front of the church while the choir sang Christmas carols. The first offering hung on the tree was sent from Vietnam by Specialist Fourth Class Jon Olson, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Olson of rural Humboldt, who is serving as a medical specialist with the United States Army 32 miles south of Saigon. Jon, who graduatedduring 1963 from Maplewood Academy near Hutchlnson, Minn., and spent a year and a half at Southern Missionary in Tennessee, entered the Army as a conscientious objector January 11, 1968. He received his bask military training and medical specialist training at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas, and left for Vietnam September 24, 1966. His present address is SP/4 Jon J. Olson MS 55 839 220, H.H.C. 3rd Batt. 2nd Inf., San Francisco, California, APO 96268. The Rev. Russell Johnson, pastor of the church, says that victims of Savage Fire are treated without charge with a cream that has a pitch base. All sheets in the hospital, though clean, are permanently stained from the black cream. After treatment with the coal- tar base cream and Cortisone, some patients recover completely. Two of the nurses at the hospital are former victims. The death rate was once about 40 percent, but is now down to about four percent. The face of persons affected with Savage Fire become swollen, their skin burns, Itches, becomes scaly, and. In advanced HOLT INSURANCE AGENCY A GLANCE A 7 THE PAST It we* 28 belew sere In HwpeeMt «n JcHwery 3, '•itn. The HereM DeGrwte 4ftrtc«ry It) Dekete City •sevee 1 re its new lecetien en Jrneery 12, 1947. • 'A new eiUltlen end newly roMeeUe' evertert were •»•*• te the eekllc et the Sissen NeraUff H«*e en Mey 22, I960. SEE US FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE HEEDS PHONE 332-M77 You are Cordially Invited to our Mrs. mie Kraater attta Boy km. J7 wrrii the tr pork free in the polk county federal garage, or moil yogr savings Your powbook or certificate will be returned w«t*» ** gift of your choice see the gifts ' mmlais «erve<| In Hit wsjlmrt ... When you open a pwibook savings account of $300 to $15,000, or a certificate wvings ctccoynt of $1,000 to $15,000, or odd ?h*sa amounts «o yoyr present account! 5 paw*«M !<••> fcHchen knife Ml 'weather ihow ' wpi-<v channel 5 ---- u fn. l«o!h»r clutch pun* by meeker 1 er 30' wewtlwrby bow tow !—.— ^r^S< ^^^^^*^r*J "J^PWy^w Aid to Braiil Shown above /< one of fhe Wetnameie bllli tenf fo fne Hvmbo/rff SevennN-Day Ai/venf/if Church by Jon Olion, 22, son of Mr. and Mr*. Stan/ey 0/*on or* rvral Humboldt, who /• ifaf/onec/ In V<efnom at a midlcal ip«clall»l with fhe U. 5. Army. The money, *ent home at a special ofltring In a home made Chrjsfmas free of nylon nef, will be usea* fo old an Ad- venf/sf tpontortd hotpltal In fhe sfofe of* Mafo Grotto, Until. The hospffa! »p«c/o//ie« (n fhe freofmenf of Ptmphiyut, commonly known In fhe areo as Savage F/re. The hotpltal has been ab/e fo cuf fhe mortality rofe of fhe aVieoie in fhe area from 40 fo four percenf. stages, falls in shreds when touched. Affected persons wear loose clothing to avoid Irritating the painful, open sores, which often become ulcerated. According to Pastor Johnson, the Penflgo Hospital (the name is derived from the disease) began as a straw lean-to with bamboo outhouses during 1949. The present brick and tile building is deteriorating and must be replaced with a larger, more up to date structure. The Adventlst hospital In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the fastest growing industrial city In the World, will also benefit from the World wide offering. Bring your holiday snapshot film to us for quick & expert service. Black and white, color prints and slide films. SAUL STUDIO Spert Shorts Munshtp floor- id 18 point* *• Huraboldt d«- f»«tod Rookwall City J8-35 on r«bru*ry 4, mr. S«« Don Locu* for FIRESTONE TIRES LOGUE TEXACO Highway 1«» PS on. 332-9919 BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL HUMBOLDT O1TT OFFICIALS J«u> U. au*v*. Mayor B»rold 8olb«ok. City L. W. Dlokln»OD. Chl.f of Polio* CounallB«n BriM«t Cl«MB«on Robert Bold«n ChrUt*u«n B. 1. Newton NonuB M. UoAMhar JOHN EDWARDS •EAL ESTATE BBOKEB FABM MANAGEMENT PkesM US-1MI •esikeUij lewa JAQUA * MANSFIELD LAWYERS Jawa Blec. • tt« SusMr PheM Ut-tlM OLSON ABSTRACT CO. EsJ4 8. D«y Pheste UMSU HaaskeMl la. lnKi tiy Appointment Phun* IU-ITH S»H Sumner Humboldt nm. DAVIU w. HOVT CHIHOPMACTOM CompUl* Health H«rvlc« Hour* »-lt ».m. t:>0 tu ( p.m. •ILL HAFN£ft •OOMKKKPIMU A*D TAX •••VICSI M««t iiM •**, «s»<af*4 •EN MILLER COUNTY OFFICIALS Attorney, Rotwrt Baker Auditor, Ortn Nelaon Aaeeaeor, Marie Phllllpe Clerk o( Court, A. H. QoetUoh Enclneer. Vernon Mlllrr Reoorder, Betber J. Ruble Sheriff, Marvin Andereen Superintendent. Harold Granner Treaaurer, Phyllla Chrletenaen Coroner, Or, J. H. Coddlniton DAKOTA CITY TOWN OFFICIALS Orvllle Knudeon, Mayor Judy A. Tkompeon, Town Clerk Counollaen Dale Rhode* Jerry L, George Robert Myer* Marvin Berhow Robert Griffin CHURCH PASTORS Method!*! Chu/oh. Dr. W7 Morrl* Klldal Rev. 8. H. Ilawiaer Congretatlonat Rev. Fr*>aol* P. Burr Our Saviour'* Lutheran Kev. L. C. Jeaaon Rev. Arthur Montgomery St. Mary'* Catholic Mon*lgnot J. E. Tolan Seventh Day AdvenlUt Rua*ell Johnaon Zlon Lutheran Church Ml**ourl Synod 80S No. Tart anil Beaver Townehlp Rev. Larry Kudart Fifth Avenue BaptUt Rev. Carroll Erlokaon DN. HOVELAXD CHIHOPHACTOM Homrai. •«• mjm. I*»|I >« Ofltr* Heir* an D«r •' .1I««< Calle rric. rjj wa-iw. Via? HmikaMt. Uwn X-nr ••rvir* ri*«r om«« DR. E. P. HANSEN OPTOMEniST »:N le U;e» I:M U S:M PrMay Evcnlnf 7:e* to •:•• CloeeM Tkur**1sy AftenieeR PaoM IU-tsll HusnkoMt CIVIC AND 8RRVICE ORGANIZATIONS Chamber of Commerce T. P. Welch. Prealdent Rotary Club Maaoa Knight, Prealdeni KlwaaU Club Elnar Hanaen, President Lion* Club T. P. Weloh, Preeldent Jayoee* Charlee llaorahan, Ptea- dent The American Legion John Van Horn, Commander Aaterloao Legion Auxiliary Mta^Joha Sailer, Prealdent V*i*ra«* or rorelfca Ware Leontrd Collln*, Command*! V.r.W. Auxiliary Mre. Ouan* Saathoff Wa«»»'* Club Mr*. M. L. Northup. President Bualne**, Proleeilonal Women Mfg. Sulk aamu. Beta Slama J/k( • orerlty IU*d. SISSON NURSING HOME RegUlered Nurse In Charge Care of Aged. Convalescent and Ambulatory 24-Hour Nursing Service Phone JM-ISU Hu Seller Appliance Service Of fen You Complete Major Appliance Service—All Makes Pheee Ml MM HtMkelet C. E. Saloo * Service H. Smith. Broker MAL BSTATB • INfUtANCE M»ANI Aero** from Uumuta Ttteatr* DM. K. G. i

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