Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 29, 1956 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 29, 1956
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, OCTOBER 29,1956 It's Vow Money Wife Can Cajole Spouse To Apph I Cub Pack At ! Meclora Meets Ry D. R. r.AI.I, \MIKR i II Null could si! ai oil' drsk rtiid open our mail, you would | soort reah/v nM hw n>;npli< i;| t- r.-l the whole Sen in] Security plan i« •- >r( hrw i arofull> ii «a>~ .".II 1 There N no end in til''- v;nr!> .'.%, and involvement "f the question*. Bi K<i! lor e\-ej-y niie--lion there i< nn ]-:, Tlxnicht (i/ ilv < oniplu .iti'in in .lite >'MI V III lie [:\ itv.: the oni |KI> amiiml Inif.xirliint (mint hv D H («;)ll;i^h' % r in hi« newly rrvi'-cii Snii.-il Security booklet !tii -luiliti!,- the Snrinl Security \nicn(inient of Atimxt lP."ifi Send .\'r in i-Dii) i no '-lamps i to SS Bunk Allnll I.vcnini: Te|ei;|-;iph. Bn\ SI-!, rinnid ('rn'i'al Staijun. : MI-".|X)r:.\ — Tile Cllt) p:.rk IIK't Frid.'i.v r\-e|iinc ."1! the M. thoiiist t'iiiirch h.isfni fi iil and Den 1 pie. 1 Si tiled a pnppi-t short-. "The Ani- 10 rn.-iK- H;illowr":i." and Den 1' pie: >'~nted a ?imu. "Thinea< Itidc'. ore explained ; Ac nn Boh Link of .Ifr^i \\ilir-, a sm^i c\» rut A (-. sp. 'ke. Aw:i|-i1s wci? «ivr-n h I..ury Si;unk. slivrr HJ T.ifip! r Shc'lri^. hear ha York iT, N. V. |QI ".My mother will bf fC> w.\t mnnlh, bill K/ilh'T won't lv tu inr throe year^. Mu>l Mother "Mil until K.-(- 1hrr is K!» hpfoiT >he call draw her Sm-i,-il Security from liis account? Pho lias no Security crodit« in her otwv rit'lil. He snys tlinf he will never anything so tliHt she can pet lier share. Jlr's bullhearicd and nipan." Name withheld for protection. (A> Your mother will not be riipible for lienefit? from your father's acrount until he is fi5 nnd is awarded benefits. After \oiir father IF awarded benefits, she would—jf she is still living v'.ith him—receive cheeks from his account regardless of his refusing to cooperate. He has the riRlit fo refuse to furnish certain information necessary for \oiir mother \Q he I nwardcd benefits from his ae-1 count, but it should br> possible j for her 1o arranee to furnish such information herself. However, there is no law com- j pellinc the old toy to apply for; benefits and so lone as he j doesn't, there is nothing your mother can do about the matter j other than operating on the old ; gentleman with a little soft soap. ; Being a man. T know that such an operation is always successful Foniirr Cilio.-lcrfiplfl Krsidoiit Succumb* CHKSTKHK1KIJ1 _ nolativos hero receiver) word Thursday ol the sudden death of Lindsey U'arlr, cif Slorni I,akr, lovvn. HP was a son of thr late Mr, nnrl Mrs. Lindsey W;ide, former Chrstrrfield residents, and attended the local school. He married Miss Fern Fearno 11 and they moved to Iowa to make their home several years He is survived by his wife; daughter. Barbara, and sons, Leslie and Warren, two grandchildren. ni;o. one two and Wilson. ?-ve;ir pin. Simlwain I'iirty MTIDOUA — Fomi<vii MT^HII d tho llalloui-m pai'ty Frid;t\ ,<[lct sciui'.l in the basement ( ,[ the H;i|itisl church. Mrs. U'ard .Spcncc; and Miss Syr. c.orhain UIIP in ch.irsi' of the party, (ianics were plasod and refreshments u e r «' served. Present were: Dennis and Dianno lliihbard, 1'aula (Jorham. Honny and Tern .Smith. Donna and .Shirley Roberts. Johnny Gaffney, Cathy Lowis, I'aity and Connie Speiif'r. Hirtlulny Party MKDOHA — Mi. and'Mrs-. Norton Sanders and son, Robert, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sanders attended a birthday supper Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T'nornas Melcalfe. Chesterfield, honoring their dauchter. Dianne. and Kenneth Sanders. Others present ivi'i-r Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Metcaife. I'ticli- Die* MI.DOKA - Mr. and Mrs. L. !-'. Wilton h;ue received word ot th" death of his uncle. Rollo Palmer. Troy. Kims.. Oc-t. .'1. He was the- la«t of Ins family and was S9 \e;irs old. Hi-; jiai'ent« \\ere thr late Ml. ;ind Mi's. Daniel Palmer of Mediira. When a voting man he \\ent to Kansas, where he had sincr resided. He had visited here a number of times and Mr. and Mrs. Wilton visited him at his Kansas home throe years aeo. lie is survived by one son, Orville. of PrAvhattan. Kans. .Mrifnni \otes MKDORA Mr. and Mr?. Milford Bennett nnd family, Washington. Iowa, spent the weekend here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bennett. | Mr. and Mrs. Ixiuan Pruitl and ; daughter, Bonnie, and Mr. and I Mrs. Thomas Pruitt. Harvey, Til., ' visited Friday evening with Mr. : and Mrs. Roy Pimtt. | Miss Kleanor Ann Turner, Al' Ion. spent the weekend with her i niece, Carol .lean Turner, at the ' borne of Harry I/u^an. : Mr. and Mrs. Cliflotd Turner , returned home Thursday nipht j from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hempen. Tulsa. Okla. i Mr. and Mis. Norton Sanders lucre in ("arlinville Friday. • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Manns. '• Altun. were visitors Friday with Put This Sunny Poultice on Sore Muscle Pain Now—fnster relief because new, , moriern-lorrmila Musterole rom- j bines amaxing pain reliever GM-7 ; (glycol monosalicylntel with the stiinulating poultice action of oil ' of mustard. Hub it nn for deeper "bakert heal" comfort for stiff, •ore muscles, arhing back, strains. 3 strengths. Regular. Extra Strong, Child'i Mild. Get Musterole now. her sisters, Mrs. Bertha fchoads and Mrs. Edith Rhoads. ! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pratt ! and daughter, Miss Carol. \Vag- j goner, spent Sunday with the Scharfenberg families. i Mr. and Mrs. Owen Rhoads, Wood River, visited Saturday ; with Mrs. Kdith Rhoads. \\finl Ads "CLICK" i Is She Kltlrn? ! i MEMPHIS & — A woman! ! called Radio Station WlilXi and| ! commended the sf.ition for i broadcasting the Southern Association baseball playoff e.imi'*. | "You understand." s!ie c\- I plained to the announcer. Cli;ir- I lie Sullivan, "f don't like to • listen to baseball myself but my Insects and disease destroy more trees than fire. It's Here CROWN IMPERIAL for '57 KKXKOAT MOi'OKSlnr. Vent fhrvtrr Impirlal-Plrmnnlh Ilruli-r •Jli-;.-, K. ltrmiil\v:i.v .'I-77TS Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort fASTEETH, * ple»«a,ht tlknltn* (nofi-ftcttf) powder, holds f»l«e t**th mart firmly. To tat and talk in fnori comfort, Just sprinkle a little PAS- TEETH nn your plater No gumjnT, gooey, p«-ity taste or feeling. Ohecii« ••pinto odor" (tienture breath), cut FASTEETH at ftnv dni(c «mm«. Henry the first Knox was appointed V'.S. secretarv of war on September K', 17K!I. N. E, MARY Upholstering, Slip Covers Or»pprlr» nnd Comolft* Lint ot r'uhrk'i OVEn .« VKARS IN ALTON S:>,U A LBV S'l - KH if the woman uses the right] brand. I'm Riving away some of the j secrets of the trade, but this i approach generally gets the job done: you and your mother get the old codger to feeling like he is the smartest, best-looking man in town, the best husband, the |T best father, with the meanest j wife nnd family anv man ever had. Marvel at the way he handles all the people who arc jealous of him on account of his outstanding ability in all avenues of life. Tell him how proud you are of having a father and husband who bears all the cares of living without jumping off the nearest tall building 'which he probably should do). But don't say those last words out loud, just keep 'em a secret. REPAIRS REMODEL NOW! •••i* Home Improvement Loans a Specialty Here! First National Bank & TRUST COMPANY in Alton Third and Belle Streets • Alton, Illinois MKMBKlt FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Your savings earn more At our last dividend date, June 30, 1956, 3'/2 7, annual dividends were earned on the optional and paid-up stock of this association. Savings received by the I Oth of the month receive dividends from the first. In addition / to this unuMinl hiph dividend paid by Piasa Building ant] Loan Association, each account is insured up to SlO.fWO by the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation. PHONE 3-3931 PIASA BUILDING and LOAN ASS'N. Third and State Sts., Alton, 111. Alton's Oldest Association Since 1887 R . egulor eye examination can make sure your eyesight has not outgrown your glasses. FIRST SEE YOUR EYE PHYSICIAN (M.D.) Then for Your Glasses See OPTICAL SERVICE 603 B. Broadway Phone 2-5382 Home Owned and Operated Wearing hrr beaming irmle, and I'unysng MJII, ),i-r the fjminiis ..ccn-r i<.-i-i|je tot the wiirlU'a rnon /amoiu imncaltt'*, Aunt Jemima i, making a personal vim co town ibis week She will |H- ;,t VV.-n.incr «, Satui'clny wfuT« khe will .serve paiicuket from tl o'clock until .->. f. FOR PEACE PROSPERITY - PROGRESS Vote for EVERETT M. DIRKSEN U. S. SENATOR and the Candidates they Recommend VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN When all the words are spoken and written—you can add them all together and they spell d belter, peaceful country for you and your family if you re-elect Ike and Dick—and the candidates they recommend, WILLIAM G. STRATTON OOVEBNOR OF ILLINOIS JOHN WM. CHAPMAN IT. GOVEINOI CHARltS F. CAHPENTIER of run IATHAM CASTIE AT1OINCY GENftAL flBERT %. SMITH AUDITOt MRS. EARLl B. SEARCY ciw* of mt suntMt coini IIMER J. HOFFMAN RUSUIE* Hollingjwofth — Otm. S. H. Gwyer —Sec Blinoh Republican Stale Central Committee, Springfield, Illinois Vote REPUBLICAN in ILLINOIS-Nov. 6 » When someone's counting on you... you can count on life insurance American families are now receiving an average of about $10,000 every minute of every day in benefits from their life insurance policies. It's money they can count on ... for family security, for children's education, to pay off the mortgage, for their own retirement, to meet emergencies. Of course, no two families have exactly the same needs for life insurance. That is why it's so important to plan rout family's program carefully. The be^t person to help you do this is your own life insurance agent. You will also find helpful suggestions in the new booklet, 'Tour Life Insurance — and How to Use //, which we have prepared as a service for America's policyholders. Your free copy will be mailed promptly; simply send your name and address on a postcard to Dept. B. Institute of Life Insurance Central Source of Information About Life Insurance 488 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YOHK 22, N. Y, 1 '"^^^^^•••••••••••••••••i VITA 'W • I J^k W I I J^m If You Like Milk, We think You Will Like VITA Better.. J Available at Stores and From the DRESSEL-YOUNG and ELM A Delightful All Weather Drink. (Serve It As You Like It) • DAIRY Milkman a * Slightly Less than Milk Prices. 0 The name VITA U our RefUtered Trad* Mark and may be Died only with our perminsion. PHONE TRI-CITY 6-6085 DRESSEL-YOUNG DAIRY PHONE ELM DAIRY 2-2921

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