Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 16, 1948 · Page 29
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 29

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 29
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Takei EVENING'MIMES,' CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1948 TWENTY-NINE f..: Radio Roundup News And Notes On The Network* • Fibber McGee and Molly and Ed•ward Arnold join the brilliant parade of notables signing the Dorothy Lamour "Variety Theatre" ' guest lost when 'they appear on Dottie's show Thursday, December 16, at 9:30 p. m. EST, over the NBC net- wort. Bmbber and . Molley will take Dottie on a typical laugh-provoking trip to the mythical Wistful Vista home. Edward Arnold will join Dottie in a situation • comedy spot. Heeding .the requests of thousands of her movie fans, Dottie will sing another tropical love song, "Moon of Manakoora," as her song specialty. She will sing. "There'll Be Some Changes Made." When Helen' Hayes narrates the charming- Christmas story, "The Littlest Angel," on the Electric Theatre December 19, she'll be/he only member or the cast. Just Miss Hayes telling Charles Tazewell's lovely tale of Christmas. However, just about as important as the first l»dy will'be Vladimir' Selinsky, the ET's music director,, who. Is busy now working on the musical accompaniment " for. "The Littlest Angel." ' In the accepted tradition, Arlene Joyce of CBS' YOUNG DB..MALONE,.met her husband when both •were reading for a play. /'Although neither or us got the parts," says Arlene, "we got each other!" Cash Additions:. Joan-Lorlng who attained stardom 1ft Bette Davis' Him, "The Corn Is Green," • has joined the cast of CBS' BIG SISTER in the role of 12-year-old "Peggy Wilson." Ima • Phillips author of five' daytime serials including "THE GUIDING-LIGHT" Is credited'with, writing the equivalent of 40 full-length novels each year,'and reaching an audience of 20,000,000 annually. ,•.John K. M. McCafferj," encee of "WHAT MAKES YOU TICK?," is a three-way threat In;radio. He. is a performer, writer • and publicity man, having spent several years following each pursuit. An Eskimo lady appearing as a guest ,on' CBS newscaster Lowell Thomas' show told the world that the Eskimos not only don't mind their isolation from the rest of the world, but vastly prefer it. Cast Additions: Elspeth-Eric has taken over the role or '.'Beth Lambert" in NBC's Koad Of Life. . Morton Downey.offers, "You,You, You Are The One.". "I Love .-You So Much It Hurts," and "That Old Peeling," to open his "Songs By Morton Downey" broadcast over NBC at 11:15 p. m., EST, .Dec. 16. Downey win describe; what it's like in "A Winter' Wonderland," "In A Little .Spanish..Town" and "In A Market Place In Old'Mon- terey," Saturday, Dec. 18. Morton's other selections will be "More Than You know" and "You're All I Want For Christmas." Sing 1C Again, super qiU2, wjji uu\< uri^LC*. ivi_n^rvi .ao. v» V^Mj. J.J.. ^— move to Wednesdays, "as ha-d been years ago my first husband, Craig, announced, but will stay on Sat- sued for divorce when he'learned urdays. It will take a new time at we were having a child and I rc- 10, two-hours later than at present, r u sed to have on abortion. A year on-Christmas night. It leaves the 8 later, when the divorce was final, o'clock hour because Gene Autry is i lc W as committed to a mental hos- coming' in' at that hour instead of p it a i. i .understand that his dis- the previously announced 8:30 from order is not hereditary and that 7 p. m. Sundays, the future Jack j,e will be released soon. enny time. ±ie jasc saw our uuuu w,;iun 01^ The National Guard military ball was an infant and now she is five is to take over 8:30 p. m., the next and j us t starting to kindergarten. two weeks.' A previously announced xbe problem is how much past his- Saturday change moves Gang Bust- { Ory to tell her, and how convey ers' from ABC. to continue at 9 j t constructively. Also, whether to permit Craig to see her if lie asks: or -would that complicate matters? Three yearsvago I married again, very happily, Jim is a kind, tuition unm ine tnira wceti. ui oau- derstanding husbandi we are much uary. They expect to return under in ]ove anc i j,e has a devoted acr- network' auspices,' probably with a ma i father-daughter relationship Tuesday night series. Their sponsor ^^ Janei W ho returns his affec- replacement is definite as My Fav- tlojl an( } accepts him as her "real" orite Husband, effective January 7. *-.«.— Topics tonight: NBC—8 Henry ^ ^NETWORK PROGRAMS^ *T5me li ««tern ttjndird. Foretn- tral itandjrd subtract one hour, «or mountain itandard »ubtrxct -two hours. Some local »t*lion» ch»noe hour of rcljy local ichcdulei. L»it minute program ch»ngei cannot be included. - • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16 Iv*nln( • • SO—N*w» Report 1C Mln.—nbo N«w»cnjt Every Bay—obs' Network Silent Hour—abc-emt Klddlon. Hour (repeat)—n.bc-wcat Network Silent (1 hr.)—mbn-catit K<ddlei Hour (ropoftt)—mbs-weit • :15—Sports: Muslo Time—nbo You and Aviation—cbs t:45—Newscast by Threo—nbo Lowell Thomiui (repeat 11 >—cbi l':00—Supper Club—nbc-bulo . The BcuLlh Skit—ob» News anfl Commentary—nbo Pulton Lfl-wla, Jr.—mba 7il»—Mows and Comment—nbo Jack Smith Show—obs . Dally Commentary—abe • . ... • Dinner Date—mbs /30—Van Darome Quintet—nbo Bob Crosby Club—cbi Theater DSA—abo . New» Comment—mbi 7:45—Harkneas' Comment—n be News Broadcast—cbs Sport* Comment— mb» 1:00—Henry AJflrlch Skit—nbo F.B.L In Peace ima TV ar—cu« Abbott & Costollo—abo . N»»i> of Song Quli—mbi 1:30—Burns & Allen—nbc Mr. Keen's Drama—cbi Jo Suitord Show—»bc Better Half Quiz—mb» 8:55—By Georce HJek»—abo Hy GariJner Saj-a—mb« 1:00—Ai Jolson Show—nbo Suspense Dramu—obs P«r»onal Autocrn-ph—abo Gabriel Heatttr Comment—mb«- 9:15—News' Broadcast—mbs 9:30—Dot limour Show—nbo Crime Photographer—cbs Our Job Is Manhattan—abc Mysterious Traveler^—mbs »:!5—News tor B Minutes—mbi 10;00—The Screen Gullfl—nbo Hilton Playhouse—cbi Chlia'n Worlfl—abc The Thin Man—mbi 10:JO—Fred WarlriK Music—nbo Flr»t Nlghter Play—cb» "We Care Drama—abo Dane* Music—mbs 10:«—Xtwi Eroiaoait—abc 11:00—News, Variety, J hrs.—cbi Newi and Dance Band—abc ' ' News, Dane* Band 2 hrs.—mbi 11:1*—N«ws * Vnrlety'to 1—nbc 12-00—I*ncin f Contlnuefl-^bo-WMt "X" is the most frequently used small letter in- English, "S" is the most frequently used capital letter.. They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado TO HOLD HIM UP FOR fllS PAV. ENVELOPE TODAV, HERKIMER^ 'DISPLACED SUPERMAN COURAGE ~ HEKE'S fiis OFFICER.'M-EN HE TOUD ME 70 STICK- 'EM tlf? I HAULED OFF MO SOCKED HIM Of^ THE WHISKERS- SI Xry-S/XTV- SEOENTV-FOUR.' C'M'OM/ < THE- J FAIR./TALES.' FORK OVER. OTHE U'L ABNER By Al Capf WAS ALL THAT COURAGE HIS MISSUS PUT ON ANOTHER LITTLE HOLDUP ACT OF HER. 1 OWAJ ? Year-End Changes Made In Schedules By ~C. E; BUTTEH.FIELD NEW YORK—(/PJ-^-Radio's changing scene, changing more than usual at the year end,"'includes these additional developments, all on CBS: Sing It Again, super quiz, will not Benny time. o'clock. vMivand Jane .Ace, who end their Friday night series at-8:30 Decem r ber 31, have decided to take a vacation until the third week in Jan- father. Child Thinks Second Aldrich Family;' 9 Al Jolson Show; jqr Mi -7 inn j /, "Father" 9:30'Fibber and Molly with Dorothy UUStiana IS ruiner Lamour; 10 Bob Hope in "Where There's Life." ' •• 'CBS—FBI in Peace and War; 8:30 Mr. Keen Tracing; 9 James Cagney in Suspense; .8:30 Crime Photographer; 10:30 First Nighter drama. ABC—7:30'Theater .USA, 1 Connee Boswell,and others; 8:30 Jo Stafford Show; 9:30 Our Job Is Manhattan;' 10 Child's World. ••-••' MBS—8 Name-.'of. the Song quiz; 8:30 Hollywood-'program, new time; 10 The Thin Man drama. go hg Jane, -incidentally, gets on well ^ with other children, has varied in- lov£ ang terests, both creative and boisterous, IamlIjV ,' ^ onrf oit-.-hnnn-Vi she has "off days, , „_. _„„,„ TVTBO HIGHLIGHTS . TODAY ... ... •1:00 Backstase wife .(NBC). 4:15 Stella Dallas (NBC), <;30 Lorenzo Jones (NBC). 4:45 Young Wlddor Brown 5:00 JIvc at rive. 5:30 News.' 5:45 The Old Chiaholm Trill. . 6:00 News. 6:15 John Cart Trio. 0:30 The Sportsman's Comer. 6:45 Excursions in Science. 7:00 The Supper Club (NBC). 7:15 News ot the World (NBC). 1:30 Adventure In Music (Allgy. Co. Schools). • 8:00 The Aldrich Family (NBC). 8:30 Burns 4: Allen (NBC). 0:00 The Music Hull (NBC). 0:30 Dorothy Lumour Variety Show (NBC). 10:00 Screen Guild (NBC). 10:30 Prcd Waring Show (NBC). 11:00 News. 11:15 Spngs by Morton Downey (NBC). 11:30 BooscvclC Grill Orchestr» (NBC). 12:00 Ntiwo (NBC), TOMOIinOW C-00 Breaklust on o. Flutter. 0:15 News. 6:20 Brcuklast on a platter. 7:30 ' News. .7:35 Breukfasti on a Platter, 8:00 World News Round-tip (NBC). 8:15 The Minute Parade." "8:45 Moraine Meditation. 9-00 Honeymoon In New York (NBC). '9:30 Music for Friday. o:55 News. • • 10-00 Prod Warlnc Show "(NBC), 10:30 Road Ol-Lirc (NBC).. 10:45 The Brlnhtcr Day (NBC). i 11:00 This is Nora Drake (NBC), 11:15. \Vo Lovo and Learn (NBC). 11:30 Jack Berch Show (NBC). 11:45 Muilc at Mid-Day. 12:15 Mid-Day News. 13:25 The Bandstand. 12:45, It P. D. ' 1:00 Concert Airs. 1:15 Wills Creek Hoe Down. 1:30 News. 1:35 Etudes In Black 1: White. 1:45 To be Announced. 5-00 Walter O'Kcele's Double or Nothing (NBC). . ' ::30 Today's Children (NBC). 2H5 Interludes. . 2:55 News. 3:00 Life Can Be Beautllul .(NBC). . 3:15 Ma Perkins (NBC). 3:30 Pepper Youns's Family (NBC). 3:45 Hlght, to Bnpplniiss (NBC). AUNT HEX By KOBEKT QUILLEN ••i love Jar.e and I I want you to be my he married Mommie _. a family and he's the _,,, about the best daddy in ..... world, we think, don't we (you may add).'And that's how it happens Janp has'three sets of grandparents—your parents, daddy's par-, ents, and.the other father's parents, •the one -who was too sick, to work all day. Thus related, maybe within ear- snot of Jim by advance arrangement, the salient facts should dawn on the child with the soothing drift of a' bedtime'yarn, which leave intact • the warm reality of Jim's explain aoouc -ner rciu j.awi«=A., "*— | father-relationship to her, yet lightly what reason should I give for his. presentS) with objective kindliness, leaving-us? I want'to tell t ne | tl]e dc j ault ing absentee sire. This truth, and yet -I dont thini she ., outtoe of history" should neither should ever know about cra -e s | confuse the, child nor rouse rnisgiv- mental illness. - - —i.-.-- and although she has "off days, anajlc she is extremely well behaved as &j da<ldy rule, due'to the''fact that both Jim ^ !.', and I are rather strict .about obedience. But we also play -with her, include, her in >.our conversations and show her. that we love her dearly. Craig's mother, who lives nearby, sees Jans regularly and Jane calls her "grandmother," and Jim's parents and mine also live nearby, which' provides an excess of grandparents, and questions from Jane are bound to arise. So how can 1 explain about her real father, and Her cake' didn't surprise me. If a woman smiles easy and ..weighs as much 'as she does, you know she's a good cook. \ . National Coliori Week Mary Haworth's Mail Editor'« NotM Happily murrlod «ec- ond Lime, mother asks how .to explain to chi:d ol flrct mairlttgo that iathcr is Jnmate of mental hospital. DEAR. 'MARY HAWORTH: Six He last saw our child when, she Craig at Tiis proper significance, and yet' keep Jaith with' the spirit of truth, is to ring in a story-hour by announcing that tonight you'll tell the story of why Jane has three sets of grandparents, when most children only 'have two. The story might run: Once upon a time, when you were young, you got married and you were going to have a baby—the baby was Jane— but before she was born, the daddy went away, because he ielt too sick, to work aU day and take care of a family. So he went to a judge, and the judge said, "Sir, you're excused from being married," and then he went to a hospital -and there he stayed, trying to get well. And he is still in the hospital, but he may get well some day, • , Say that he is Grandmother Doe's son, and she thinks-he might come home pretty soon; but anyway, after Jane was bom, along came this other daddy, the one we've got now. Of course, at Uiat time he wasn't our daddv yet; but he said to himself, that's the little girl I want and I'll take, her Mommie, too, and both of us will take care of her. Accent Treasure, Not Old Tragedy Ilijai/C" iittii«uui What are the chances of her developing attitudes of "You're not my real father" towards Jim, when things are somewhat explained? And In the event Craig: doesn't wish to see her, is it likely that she will glorify him in her imagination?- I am greatly worried about the whole tiling, realizing that a poor presentation may have a very bod effect upon hw; so'please help me. C. S. Translate "History" Into Bedtime Story DEAR'C. S.: Since Jim is Jane's father to all intents and purposes, a conviction on Jane's part, that shouldn't be clouded, by anxious detailed instruction to the contrary, it seems to me the way to introduce ings about the lightness or solidarity of existing family ties. Notice the emphasis is .on Jane's emotional treasure. Keep .it that way; and keep the story sketchy. Don't labor details; parry- close questions, 11 any, with cheery vagueness. Enough said for now; so deftly switch to other favorite topics or play activities, and you will have prepared Jane for good psychological reactions to future developments in re Craig—and more exact explanations in later years. Limitations of space curtail my comments here. M.H. Mary Haworih counsels through her column, not by mall or personal interview, -write her In care ot The Evening Times. (Copyright, The Washin;ton . Post) (D!strltu:ed by King Features Syndicate) The Worry Clinic •Editor's Note: People can be slclc In mind but think they arc sick It/ body. Then the reverse 1$ often true, where they feel blue and dejected, but peri un- with proper medication for their anemia or low blood pressure and lilugslEh thyroid. There !s a. very tas- clnntlnc relationship between mind and body. Notice HUBO'S Intercstlnc ctise. CASE S-240: Hugo T., aged 47, an'art salesman who used to be in my "Business Psychology" class By Dr. George W. Cranes but .he was in debt, and seriously needed $200, "I have 1% acres of land about 10 miles east of Gary, Indiana, with a.4-room house on it," he said, "But I cannot borrow any money, for the bankers there say they will not lend such a - small sum, although my is worth 51 ' 500 - weat to several loan agencies . ^ y ^.^ w(Juld 005t; . "Dr. Crane, I wish, you'd give me a thorough physical examina'tion," lie said as he slumped down into a chair. "I'm all in. Ten years ago I was pronounced a diabetic. "My»mother died of diabetes in Norway, so I must have inherited it. I used insulin for awhile, but during the National Cotton Council. This ' carefully. "But now I. feel so rotten, I am afraid I 'can't last much longer. I can hardly drag myself around, and I'm not averaging $12-per week in commissions. , • Fear's Toll "So Dr.' Crane, -couM you give me a thorough examination today?" .Hugo certainly looked dejected and somewhat disheveled. He had g:ycn up, for he wns almost reconciled to the fact that death was 'just around the corner. Without a knowledge of medicine, one might have been tempted to agree- with Hugo. But his symptoms did not fit into the picture of the extreme acidosis of a sei'ions diabetic NEW YORK — (INS) — National condition. Cotton Week in 1949 will be. ob- j questioned .him further and served during the period May 9-14, found that he had none of the according to a joint announcement j classical symptoms.' by the Cotton-Textile Institute jand. These are' excessive 'hunger, exaggerated thirst .or polyuria. His. pulse and respiration were normal. "I'll run a bloTid sugar and urta- alysis on you," I finally' agreed, "but I am convinced that your trouble is not' with your pancreas but with your mind. "You don't have, a single symptom of diabetes now, and will doubtless live to a ripe old age if you arc temperate in your eating." , Defeatism and Frustration Then I began some psychological probing and found that Hugo not only was barely earning enough to pay for' a cheap room and meals. $50 to appraise the place and arrange for the loan, and they refused to put me to that expense for, such a small loan. "One 'Of the heads of the PHA told me it would "mean only $8 to him if he put the loan through, and it wasn't worth it. "Dr. Crane, where can a man go to borrow money when he has real estate that is admittedly valuable? My place is free from all encumbrances," Otir Financial Paradox It isn't my purpose todya to dwell upon the financial paradox of banks with money to lend, and modest wage earners who sorely need small j loans. The point of my column 'today is that when I reassured Hugo that j his trouble was not organic, andj told him to come back next week i when I'd try to ''put him in touch with a person who would take n mortgage on his real estate, hej perked up imediately. j The very next Saturday he re-1 turned, with "liis chin up, and full! ol pep. He had earned $47 in com-| missions that week, and felt like I a winner though I hadn't given him any medicine at all. The mind thus exerts a powerful influence for health as well as for happiness. You'.can make yourself sick negative thinking. So think positively! Live like a llor., instead of as a fearful sheep. Get 'a medical check-up once a year and then doa't fret over your health till the next check-up a year hence. (Copyright by The nopklni Syndicate, Inc.) Kanab, Utah, whose colorful- scenery makes it ideal for technicolor movie-making, has more than 1,500 experienced f'ilrn players on call in the region, including Paiutc unr' Navajo EIGHT DOLUVHS/7-THis ENTITLES VO'TO A PERFORMANCE FUM VJHICH AH MAY NEVER RECOVER.'!'' FUST, AH STRIPS T TH' WAIST AN' RASSLES TH' FOUR BIGGEST G!JESTS.'!''-AH FOLLYSTHET BY PLAYiNTTM' MINSTRELS RETURN FUM TH' WAR" ON MAH MOOSICAL COMB, V/IFOOT REMOVING MY UPPERS. 1 :'' BUT-THA5S ONLY TH' BEGINNiN, FOLKS.^-A EiGHT-DOLLAH WEDDIM' ENTITLES YO'T PLENTY MORE.?" NEXT-A FAST DEMONSTRATION O' HOW T'CHEAT YORE FRIENDS AT CARES — FOLLYED BY FOUR SMAPPY JOKES, GUARANTEED T EMBARRASS HAN CR BEAST.'?'—AN'THEM COMES TH' REAL. ACTION.'?'—AH CLIMBS UPTHET TREE, POURS GASOLINE ON MAH MAID, SETS MAHSELF AFIRE, AN' JUMPS- WHISTLIN*TH' WHILE AH IS IN MID-AIR, WEAKEYES YOKUM SHOOTS A APPLE. OPFA MAH HANG TH' EXPENSED GIVE'EM A EIGHT- DOLLAH WEDDIN; SAM//" YES-:; GOON'- SAMAH IS "- SCRAPOJ- 'SLIME PANSY -YO' IS LOSIN' YORE HAID-T" By Frank Godwin- RUSTY RILEY COME ON/LET'S SEE IP WE CAN "YES ! TKANK HEAVEN.' I NEVER THOUGHT HE WOULD. _...._. LIKELY QUICKSAND/ HIS WHEELS ARE ALMOST TOUCHINS. HAT /ywy HELP HIM PANCAKES, HE "JOT TUI2N OVER By Milt* i CaauH iTEVE CANYON I CANY IMAGINE Y JUS 5EFOEE WE FANCY DOING 1 MET KEPHEADEK, THAT... BUT WHAT / CHEETAH TELL OP PLACE 15 THIS ? jf, BEINS' PUT OUT OF EOOMS TOPAY... PLftCE? ES4NEW1-TWEN I'P I THREW ROC*. AT VOUC. EH7HEAPEC.— CHEETAH/ WHAT HAPPENED? WHERE'S ) HEET'YOU. 1 SHE MISS FANCY? WHERE/ 60T SCARES AN' AW I - - -+* EAN AW AY.' -SO PEAO-Rfl.— WAS 840 6ONE.'/ SHAME TO WAJCE—•SO PLACE.'/BETTER CALL CHEETAH ACCEPTED LOAM'fTOM YOUR POCKET! my Awx Raymond A FEW MOMENTS LATER ANOTHER SEARCHER SEIZES HIS OPPORTUNITY:. DES, THIS IS MY CHANCE! SO UP AND WATCH MRS. VAN DOOM WHILE T SEARCH HER STATEROOM...SAY T SENT MXJ TO HELP ME* WITH HER DOS... BUGS BUNNY By Edgar Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OM , vou vooa-.vooci mutel , HOV6 CAN! VOO By Lyman Young, TIM TYLER'S LUCK WAIT, TIM- WEVE GOT TO PLAN HOWTO- PLANNINC3 IN WE GO/ HELP/ HELP/ THE STARTING TO BURN. -I GAN HEAR THE PILOT CALLING FOR MELP- ..-««S^^SS* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS GIVE IT ) HEY.' WHOSE'ZITHER. DO TO ME ' J VOU TrJlMK YOU'RE ' GRASSING-?• By Dudley Fi»h*r NOW SHUT YOU!? EYES AND SAIL AWAY TO .// I DONT DREAMLAND. GOTO DP6AM- LAMD BLJTVOU ALWAYS WAVE SUCH BEAUTIFUL D2EAMS I SAW THE PREVIEW LAST NIGHT, I DON'T WANT "TO GOTO BED/ TDNCMT, I WONT/

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