Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 17, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1952
Page 5
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—Local Morkfi.%— Soybeans Take Drop Of Penny Soybeans were a penny por hii- shcl lower for the only pricp change on the local Kfin and produre marketti. GRAIN Old com $1.68 New corn $1.64 Soyboan.s $2.70 Oata (36 lbs.) 76c Flax $3.85 Or«vea araln Company Oruver, Huntington. Maple RIU PRODUCE Sweet cream No. 1 ..: No. 2 . Henneries No. 1 No. 2 73c 71c ... 69c ... 30c ... 25c 22c Straight run 26c Hens, under 4% lbs 10c Hons, lbs. and over 13c Heavy cocks 10c Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ...Sc Sioux City Livestock Sloujc City, May 19 a'—Sioux City livestock market quotations: Cattle salable 600; calves 500; slaughter grades steady; bulk cattle and all calves made up of stock grades held for Monday. For the week: Most slaughter steers strong to 80 higher, some steers over 1,150 lbs. high choice and better dull, weights below 1,100 lbs. in best demand; heifers strong to 50 higher'; cows largely 25-60 higher; stockers and feeders strong to 60 higher; bulk choice fed steers $32-34.25, several loads 34.50-35.60, mostly prime 1,230 lb. beeves $36, commercial and good mainly $28$31; choice heifers 31.s0-33.75, few choice to prime 940 lb. weights 34,25, commercial and good 26.50$30; bulk utility and commercial cows $22-26.60, few $26-28.50; medium and good stocker and feeder steers mostly $28-$31, fleshy 800 lb. steers on feeder accounts 33.50, choice light stockers $37, choice steer calves $38. Hogs salable 400; 25-50 lower butchers under 240 lbs. $21-21.50, heavier butchers 18.75-20.75, sows $17-$20. For the week: Barrows and gilts 1.25-1.50 higher. Sows largely 1.50 higher . some big weights 1.75-$2 higher. Feeder and scrum pigs around 2.50-$3 higher. Top for the week $22 late. Choice 1 to 3 barrows and gilts around 190-270 lbs. closed $21-$22, 280-320 lbs. 20.25$21, some big weights $19-19.50. Good and choice 100-160 lbs. 20.5021.25 on feeder and serum account. Sows around 500 lbs. down $1820.25, big weights 17.50. Stags $13$17. Thin feeding aow.s ranged 17.60-19.5p. VF/rhRsinm; PTA Elects Officers for Coiiiinjj; Year BY .MR .S. .rOlIX WIF .SKl'S Tho r'otpr.<iburg I'TA nu-t .Monday ovpning al tho .school with Mr.s. L. C. AUon. vici- president prp.siding. Tho inlnutosi of the meeting wore read by the secretary, Mrs. Rueben Meyer, The Cull scout.s put on a clever nkit. Election of officers for tho coming year waif held. Elected were pre.sidont. Melvin R.n»muRaen; vice president, Jame.s Holmes; secretary-tronsurer, Mrs. B. A. Olson; and assistant secretarj-, Mrs. Wnrren Bute. A movie was then shown. Mr.M. Barbara Bishop, Girl Scout area director from Worth- inpton, gave a talk on Girl Scout work; It is hoped a troop may be organized in Petersburg. The meeting adjourned and lunch was served by Mrs. Rueben Meyer and Mrs. AKip Knut.son. Chicago Livestock Chicago, May 17 (,'P>—Hogs sold at nominally steady prices today at the end of tho sharpest and most 'sustained tkr«i»-wcck advance since February, 1947. Gains this week ranged from 1.75 to 2.25. In the 18 days sincn April 28 the upturn has amounted to $4 to 5.2S. piG TEN— Continued tiom page 4 third place with 6-3. Minnesota entertains Northwestern in a doubleheader today. Purdue invades Michigan fresh from yesterday's 7-5 conquest at Michigan State. The Spartans today are host to Indiana In a double-header. Northwestern's visit to Iowa yes-, terday. was cancelled because of wet grounds and today tho Hawk- eyes face Invading Wisconsin twice. Petersburg PerKonnls. Mr. and Mr.s. Wllllnm Cernock and family from Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Knutson and family were Mother's day dinner guests at the Albert Knutson homo. In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Sever Knutson and family called at the Knutson home. Mrs. Albert Knutson spent Wednesday In Fairmont at the William Cernock home. The annual Petor.sburg school board election will be held Tuesday evening. May 20. at the Petersburg school. All voters in the community arc urged to come and vote. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Van Dyke and family of Mankato, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Petersen and family. Ml', and Mrs. Richard Petersen and faniily enjoyed Mother's day dinner at the Arthur Petersen home in Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Petersen were Sunday dinner guests at the Claude Rasmusscn home. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lundall and daughter from Minneapolis spent the week end at the Henry LundiiU home. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Egcrtson had their infant daughter, Sar- vernc Lynn, baptized at the State Line church service Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Egcrt­ son were sponsors. Mr. and Mr.s. Malven Dorr and family, Mr. and Mr.s. Ray Rasmussen and Jerome, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Rasmussen and family •were Sunday atternopn and supper guests at tho Hans Rasmu.sson home in Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bronleowc, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Sather, Marione and Carole, Mrs. Marie Stanwick, Clarence Olson, all from Estherville, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stan- wfck were Sunday dinner guests at tho John Wicskus home. ARMSTRONG Week-end guests at the Andrew Johnson homo were Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Kirkwood and Jerome and Mrs. Bertha McKlnncy, Des Moines. Other guests on Sunday for dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Trees and family of Ringsted and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd John.son. Mr. and Mrs. John Moore visited Saturday and Sunday at Ricevlllo with tho Ray Kracht family. Mr. and Mrs. Paul GIblln and Greg of Williamsburg were weekend guests in the J. F. O'Neill homo. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Robinson spent Sunday and Monday in St. Paul and Mr. Robinson attended a clothier's convention. Mrs. Sena Turner of Fargo, N. D., Earl Gaarde of Modesto, Calif., and Grace Gaarde of Austin, Minn, are hero with relatives and visit each day with P. A. Gaarde, a patient at Holy Family hospital. Mrs. Turner is Mr. Gaardc's sister and Earl and Grace are his son and daughter. TODAY*S CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Previous Puzzle Arizona Amble HOBIZONTAL , J Ariiona is the l^.»'ii:_.Cpnyon • State" 6 Its state flower is the saguaro 12 Depends UCome 15 Incompetent 16 Parer ITGtfnus of frfttle • 18 Atternpt 20 Bowles ol 2lfj;mt,rol(tpry frame 24 It has extensive 3 Exclamation of sorrow 4 Bird beak SAUuvial deposits at mouths of rivers ^6 Head cover 7 Exist « Wave top I) Baked clay 10 Part of eye's iris 11 Weights of India 13 Native of Serbia c O w p> 1 O •s A R N o M o A R 1 A A U • B R 1 o R O N P B I. T S tM O p p 1 N a R a S B T S e R R s P • A K A R B A P O f* • N a S T 8 T R 1 P m L. A P P a R -, T A 1 U o R B « s p 1 e f* A R T » A P A U B •"I a H o o T a L. A M a P c O N m H T B P • R a A B s • R N B R 1 p R • a a B V e S a T 27 8hl|hone {v) Indian 28 Harden 31 AraJ)iain-gulf 32 Heavy blow 3S Silkworm 34 Legal point 35 Swine 36l>pe ofbomb 37 ConsvuM 38'Su(nx 38Exi>uii(e 42S £>Jhaine 45Make luce. edging' 46 Type V boat 49Havrni lobes .SlUnrufp^ 53 Cjiolce parts 94 Bartei'ed 85 The Petrified 24 Female horse 25 Notion 26 Bird's home 28 Caterpillar hair 29 God of love 30 Duration 19Arizona is the 32 French river state of 35 Freebooters the Union 36 Craft , 21 Number 39 Penetrates ',.22 Rputes (ab.) Prattle nSi^ (qontr.) *fl Direction 42 Musical character 43 One of a Chinese race 44 Red powder used at India 'i Holi festival 46 Load- 47 Meat dish 49 Scatters 50E#st (Fr.) 52 Bi^rrler In a river in.,. ^6 MerKsnsers nnfectl «i?» NevwU 1. I' r" r v r- 10 II It. y «• J rn f 8 w, r 1 • w k i h\ '# \ 1 5r m " m. *" fi •19 ! so Sfl 1 • IT (]iib.s Drop Giants lo Second Place .AMKRICAN I.E.\r.rK W. L. Pet OU Clevol.ind 18 10 ,643 . Washington IS 10 .eOO t'.- Boston 15 12 .5.Vi 2'v Now York l,-? 12 .920 ,1'. St. Loui.s H U .500 4 Chicago IS U .4.S1 4>... Philadelphia 10 14 .417 6 Detroit 7 19 .269 10 Friday 's KfsulU: New York .3 Detroit 2. St. Louis 2 Boston 1 (10 innings). Washington 2 Cleveland 0„ Philadelphia al Chieapo. poned, rain. Sunday's Schedule: I'hlUidelphla at Cleveland (2) 11:30 a. m. and 1:30 p. m., New York at St. Louis (2) 1230 p. m. and 2:30 p. m.. Washington at Chlcjago (2) 12:30 p. m. and 2:30 p. m.. Boston at Detroit l:.^ p. m. .NATIONAL I.EACIJK W. L. Pot GB Now York 17 7 .70R .. Brooklyn 17 7 .708 .... Chicago 18 11 597 2'-. Cincinnati 14 13 '.519 4'- Philadelphia 12 13 .480 5'.. St. Louis 12 15 .444 6'v Boston 11 14 .440 6'; Pittsburgh 6 24 .172 14',; Friday's RoNUlts: Brooklyn 6 Pittsburgh 4, Chicago 3-6 New York 2-4, Philadelphia 3 Cincinnati 2 (night, 10 innings), Boston 8 St. Louis 3. Sunday's Schedule: Pittsburgh at New York (2) 12:06 and 2 p. ni.. Chicago at Brooklyn 12:05 p. m, Cincinnati at Boston (2) 11:30 11. m. and 1:30 p. m.. St. Louis at Phil adelphia 11:30 a. m. WESTERN LEAGUE Yesterday's Kesults: Wichita 2 Sioux City 0, other games postponed. TRACK— Continued from roge 4 Spirit Lake; 5. Storm Lake. Time: 46.9. Mile relay—1. Spencer (R. Freeburg, Disch, Erickson, Roggow): 2. E.stherville; 3. Sibley; 4. .Sheldon; 5. Cherokee. Time: 3:43.7. FIELD EVENTS Shot put—1. Wirskye, Sibley; 2. Weber, Estherville; 3. Jans, Spencer; 4. Gcnson, Spencer; 6. Rodger, Estherville. Distance: 44-3. Broad jump—-1. Newman, Sibley: 2. Plopcr, Estherville; 3. Erickson, Estherville; 4. Toay, Storm Lake; 6. Thorson, Spirit Lake. Distance: 19-lOH. Discus throw—1. Weber, Estherville; 2. Wirskye, Sibley; 3. Primus, Cherokee; 4. Rodger, Estherville; 5. Curry, Spencer. Distance: 137-1. (New conference record). Football throw—1. Weber, Estherville; 2. Heggcn, Esthervilli!; .". Omer, Sheldon; 4. Frye, Sibley; 5. Schneider, Sheldon. Distance: 1809',-:. (Conference record—first tim competition for distance alone.) High jump—1. Carpenter, Spencer; 2. Vandervelde, Emmetsburg; 3. Weber, Estherville; and Omer. Sheldon, tie; 6. Rosenfeld. Storm Lake; Hewlett, Sibley; Moffotr, Cherokee; Heggen, Estherville, all tied. Height: 5-8. Pole vault—1. Newman, Sibley; 2. BIrchard, Spencer; and Dorr. Cherokee, tie; 4. Klatt, Cherokee; and Waldo, Storm Lake, tie. Height: 10-10. JUNIOR HIGH 50 yard dash—1. O'Leary, Sibley, 2. Powers, Storm Lake; 3. Ellingson, Estherville; 4. Schuck, Sibley; 5. Tock, Cherokee. Time: 6.1. 440 yard relay—1. Sibley; 2. Spencer; 3. Cherokee; 4. Sheldon; 5. EiJthorville. Time: :52. 880 yard relay—1. Sibley; 2. Storm Lake; 3. Spencer; 4. Cherokee; 5. Estherville. Time: 1:48.4. Search for Body Of Drowning Victim Knoxville, la.. May 17 (JP) — Search was resumed this morning for the body of Robert (Bud) McDonald, 31, a Knoxville veterans hospital employe who drowned yesterday in the Des Moines river. McDonald and three companions were fishing when their boat capsized. The throe companions wore able to reach shore. McDonald was married and had three children. Daily News Want Ads Reach Over 10,000 Readers Automotive Bus. Opportunity ' FOR SAFETY Have u^ in.'«pect brake .^yjitem thoroughly . . . ad- Just or roline the brakes, if necoiwnrv. THOMAS MOTORS 1.S8-3-11 FOR SALE- 1938 Ford tudor. good condition. $75.00 Donald Fisher. 5 South 3rd St. 190-6x-ll Al'TO SEAT COVER SALE Ready-made plaftic .auto sent covens. Regular price S19.45. Priced to clear at $14.88. Variety of colors. Can tit most cars. .MONTGOMERY WARD Estherville, Iowa 188-3-11 LET US take care of your automo- tivo needs. Bumper to bumper service—all makec See us. Robinson Motors "Pontlac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll WE HAVE specialists, factory trained, for distributors, carburetors, ignition ayatcm, front ends and general overhauling. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 189-8-11 FOR SALE -1951 Ford half-ton pickup. $1,065. Good shape. Jack McDerniott. Ph. 1198J. 1201 1st Ave. S. 188-.3X-11 Help Wanted ' HELP WANTED—Married man for year-nround farm work. Modern tenant house. Write or call Ted Winters, Grnettlnger. 189-6X-2 WANTED—Woman to rare for elderly lady. Mrs. Harry Baumnn Sr. 820 N. 6th St. 189-tf-2 WAITRESS WANTED—Apply in person at Pantry Cafe. 176-tf-2 WANTED—Oirl or woman to work in Coffco Shop. No oxper- lence needed. Wo teaoh you. Good wages plus meals and uniforms. Oardaton Coffee Shop. 124-tf-2 WANTED—Waitress. Palace Cafe. 103-tf-2 Personal FOR .MAKING yesterday pcrfi-ct from start to finish I wish to thank the high school singers, the gift committee, the PTA group which prepared the lunch, Wilbur Mickelson for tho flow- er.s. and thi> entire community for it.i generous gifts. Miss Elizabeth Colt. 190-1-4 KEN: For goodness sake, let's gM tho car radio re|)alrod bi'fore wo go on our vacation. Stove at Estherville Radio will fix It as good • us new. Mae. 19(^3-4 HOT HAM SANDWICH with mashed potatoes and gravy, 50c. DUTCH MAID LUNCH Political 24 For Sheriff Ro-cloct EMLET TVVITO Cnnilidale for re-election on thi- Republican ticket. Primaries, Monday, .luno 2. 190-12-24 MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, (Jependable, we]l-qualifl(Ki. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 177-26-24 Hid INCO.MK TAKINf: OI'.nKH.-^ E\nM \ ln>m>' a pro.»ipi-rt .ifc: re pout bii<lnes:« f>u I'attiik ,|vmlil\ lino <)( fainllv lUitliint; tir(rr,il nnly ilir.'Ol tniin (l>^-tl>nl•^ $6l><1 sample.'' furninho,! .) :i,'K.ot •*. ^*luek.''. Hhirts, bt>?*ioi\. <. \vi>rk olothmv;. t ivuis,-iunilri wnii. lint;rr^'. blankets, , biUI ron'.s j;.»rmi'nts, snowsiiii.^, ot,* Writ.' l>\il:is P.-i't IV I'lUiek l">uliith t";:(iiii"ni f!uiiuy. Imlutti Minn l:>ivi.:-'i ADniTlONAl. INCOMK (Iponin^- in Kslborvtllo foi man or woman No solbnjr, shi^rt homs jiU -.isant work. Wiint Inloifii, with pr,"- ont job Ineoni.- up lo wookly to stmt $l (X"i t.> S1.'J0<) ea.s)i roijvtiroil. soouroti liv etjiiip tuont f'.iv,' a>Ulri '!!M Vcl.plioiio Writo Box .'>TAS. c.ii.- \\\\\\ Now.s. IS,"* '.M DISTRIIUITOU want.-il hv i\alion al bri 'Wi 'i'v fi )r KIHU I niarkoi in northern lov.a Wiiio Ho\ RTH, care Daily Now;; 1S7 4\ -M -I'M) Sal!. \\x\\ 17. I !».V> .'i Knt*r»,J &• .1 .1 .ia »B tt^llff LVl «. IP.'^O »i tti» MM* *t r »th»r vtllr, l'>wai an.|«r th» %€\ .*f IK»rrR 3. mr* For Rent 1 .ir I d*r> Ktvr ijftyi On* «f»lt Kith MtMitl.^aj 4 A> Mtnimum ft<i .^(V 5< p*f Mm* a-f Vx^r. !;!" V i Si. ; • ^? ill 1-i ;>v-< > •'••> • t.n 1... < 1 jl.l- >,»rt. -A . i u ' •'.. nt ;•! I • It ' ••' • \\- '• N: '> FOR RALE Har.lw.uo sloro in N. W. Iowa. Uottbil .iiipll aneos. pliin>bin>:. h.alinii. i.uli,, T. V, otc, Coixl yiiliuu,'. .\iipii.\ imaloly S.W.OOO InoliKling fivtiii i>s and Ntook :it invontoiv $1^(>^X1 will hanillo. Wtili' I!,iy .'>7KN. l.HSflx :i Farm f.>r cnsltt ^\K s-\.^r%* \\ r»- arw la rhAriEv ^t If ft<i <-»rn*ji ft-uMM* naiM. lh*lr iiitr «riu*m *nti in >h# nr*t tit «u« tb#y *itp#»r ihml r *(*<r any •ft«-<r •! one* u rhi aiUtwKnrtt ran ^ ni *«1« ftftar ih« rirat W VUA Loans and Ins. " ~ MONEY IN Misrric.s C.ish hians of J.tO tn $.100 tn ri-,ir Kntii/o pavmonl.-* nf lo jiittlo t.ltl bills Hi 'pM>' octtvonitnt 1\. n,' .•otilltij; t,» ttlotimo. No otidori,- ors i'omi' In' IOWA I;IAUANTI:K , Inr I!*" .1 l,^ ^•<>K i;KNr T« m h. Lost and Found ' r I: \ \ I-' I' r< > \i \ !• v r \i 1' > - - >• 'in tv, Y : Want To Kent * \\Vt\ FMrl V^r-A- 14^ V ii • 1 For Sale HOO HOl'SKS FEEDF .ns Built to your order. Priced rii.'bt. ftuarantoed Kntlafnetory. Come in, glvo us tlio doilr.'d .llnirn- slons. Commander Elovntoin, Huntington. W. E. Soomnnn. manager. Phono 44W5. inn 17 FOR SALE Early Manobi. .soy­ boan.s. Ci'rnilnation 117 pot lont Ed Oprlt, Pb .-i ^WU. I '.iO.tx 7 Jobs Wanted ' .H1H WANTK .n Wash, s, r. ,n .-in.l ihani;,- wimlou.. WMIIani l-'iin Services Cl STtIM Hl-:c'OUPlN(! dono foi \-ti\jr spoolal '>.-, .asions I'lill CYK (" oliiiioli. 100 1'!l HHYlNt: A NEW CAIf Ask aliiml mil loan soiylio Monllih M'paynioi^l plan .siiMt-d to Inocime. IOWA TIU'ST & SAVINGS HANK 1 H!> 3 •! FOR SALE 1,', bii c, illfi.d nimk- hawk soyboan.s, ilS p,-i oonl tj.'r- minali.m. .lo.soph Iliown. 4 mi south of (^iiivor I'.iiiK 7 FOR SALE Rroo.lor h.iiiso $25 Ph. lOjr, Mack I 'rtoisnn.' " 1X'.),17 FOR RENT Pa.stiii WnllinKfoid. ro. Hill Kills. lHil-2\.7 PRODUCE AIAU KII CT. "woffoT- highest ca.Hh piieos for your poultry, cream and ogj-s. Flook culling servioi'. pii. it]. P. O, CRAY lK8-:i 7 FOR .SALE Thirl.'on black oa|y,.s Weight .'•,2,'i lbs I inilo ,.asl an.I '.i mllo south of Dunn.•11. 1, J Anderson. ISS 3\-7 lVj-2 H. P. HOE-TUAC CAHKEN TRACTOR. .Vspood drlv.' for power when you want II, sp.'.'d when vou need it. 4-(y.l.' ^•n^;il).• develops 2 H. V. nt .IfiOO Hl'.M. Easy-on hitch With tir.s JlTii.r.O Cultivator for Ho.-Trao. %2:\Si:< WARDS FARM STORE Esthervlllo, Iowa FOR SALE - 18 bii. (.'..niflod Blackhawk beans. Plum.- 5;!, City Airport. 1H7 (i 7 FOR YOUR NEEDS IN Now and Used Machinery VIKING MOrOUS Always a square deal at Viking • • . your Massoy-Harrls and Oliver dealer in Esthervlllo. 179.|f-7 Maurice Oleson For Supei'vi.sor First District Successful farmer, competent, qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 178-25-24 Tho American Logion auxiliary asks you to take a Poppy and'wear it proudly—in memory of one whu was dear to you. SIDE GLANCE T. M •••(. u. a. rn. OM. "Sam* thing I wa* thinking-~bud« on th« tr««s, birds tinging, ••9ft w*rm l»r««z»--gr«at w«ath«r for.bfMbilJJ!' CHICKS—1 to 3 weeks old at reasonable prices. Feeder males on timn; pay when you sell them. Bargains in Kozy brooder housed. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 173-tf-7 WE IK) contract paint work. Hen us for ostlmntn on exterior nnil interior painllng. Ph. 1680. Rays Paint Store. 10-tf 9 FOR TREE PICKUP and delivery. I'b. 4H. P « O Cioaners. 260-tf 0 BOTTLE UAS SALES HEKVICE InstnllHtlons RoKUlnttoni HILLS COR.NER, Ph. 4iU.'H lBltf-0 PETERSONS Radiator Borvica, Just east of Vnndy's, 1714 Central. Experienced in nil types radiator repair. llB-tfO I'A 1.1. IS KOIt Your Carpenter Work S I .' (IS fill- l''i..- ICstlinati ,1 on Hblni:llnn an.I sl.llni; Wilbur Clouse I 'llO.NK I7IJW IKK.-U.B BLESSED EVENT? Then src us for lilRTU A.\N()i;.\C'KMKN'i\S I'i()in|)t .Si'i-vici' ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS .N'orlliucst lowji's [-•irt;<'st I'riiitiim I'I JIII I IHM-.l u SCREENS Rcpaii'pd — VViro Ri '|)lafiv| NEW SCREENS painted and fitted if desired Window Glass Replaced Anderson-Schenck Phone 265 1 a«iiniili|.- pi M • <. for p)f kup an.I (lollv.rv n.-rvio, <M1 nl-t- • .1 r r St "i.,^ . , i- , 1 . * A.iulii. .>iii\ s,.i \ „. i. .. -• , , s'li.l 11. • -.1 • 1. ,11 IT tv .-I Koi; r,l'\ V "I • ...•!)• i<' ' 11. . ..pi;'m .t \t iM.f \. . I '-'i Kois ui:\ r .;.•...! .... • i » f.M a r* I '-'l* ^t : . V'.lilV 1 Won. n. Ph..11. II 'ii 1* ! !( •' V^Mt UFNT Kuriii.h. .1 . i mfr. .1 apaitm.nt I 'h t'l.ii .•ni-o I 1 7.1 tt J FOR RENT N. A fr.nt npnrt motil (,ii n\ . mipl.- In qilirrr nt .Soron«.-n .^tii.lio IMIf a KTX>OR .^ANntNil Kqult>mont for trtit at Montceox- rry Wnrd Itofini»h y.nir fl.i.ii» nt low rout hv rmflnc this o<)i,lp mont and vislnj; Wurdfl btKh«iUi>l ity fliMir finldhos MONTOOMEUY WARP 14.1 tf ft Real Estate * K< >i: •A \r,t- \v I f.-- .1 •> " > •• ••- > . .)••• »...1. •* > • ! rC... ..1 ,., f I;, J .. ,1 . .n,l . .t. ..r .1, ,f,.. (. • •••• • .r. •: 1. - . • r. .. , , . ,1,,.., I M i Miu\ II I y u Mti.u .vttK I'x^ : III "H'» • boithday gift from th« goil friond!" HI'YER.^ WAlTlNi; JOI! 7 an.I n H.-.lii>.Mii 11 .1111. » E .sTn;:uvii.i.i-: IIKAI,T\ I'll,in.' I.Tlii lit" I S IMMEDIATE DELIVERY" 5«xS« htmKnlown. $.1,144, xrctdU un foundation or bnnomrnl home Other »l«o». •tyloji Ymir plnnn or oiiri. Frvo d.'llvory 10<) ml ."I'.nn. diird constru.tlon N .it tiref«b. Meiit dry lumber Vlall FnbnInR Huppl.v. Wnleri'lllo, ,\llnn l)p<>n h ."> . N .I Siii>.li'\ "I I'll « 1 "«)K BALK Va. ant l..t. ..f I2lh ,.n.l sih Av .N I' I K". " n.'.ly I 'll L 'l Ol riS( IS'i !f <» A <i!r .A <!i:s I'Oii HAi .i; CAROL nHOCKMAN, Ronllnr I'.^ Minn, .NEW •.'MKHHO O M I.••III. I. 1! I> U. kltoh.n an.I iHtli full 1ias lAt. v^Uti N U., W.M aiul ..t .tol liMH b. at. Il..t w It. 1 h, .1. I 11..1 •..ifl. Ii.'l l'......l II..Ml. In. alliiM» P.tMs.-n..lon 'J w.'.'k . IllDOt'T HKAL K.SIATK fti inrv.i ..r l7.t'i i«> n n KOK SAI.I''. :i '..'111 .i.iin III. 1. 1, in'. i.'o.i.l I...-ntl.'ii TlionriM 11. r. Ill I'll. 111.' IVIH.I li'i <l H KOIl SALE 'rwo 21... li.. .1111 li»ii s.n. I'll I(174U' 11)11 :ii.l -Vv. .\ Jt \V N. I»..n IH'i S FOR KAI.K l-oiii r(,..m lioii... 7'JO Kith SI Hay Ilui"! IKS *i H FOR HALE llonullful noi.-aK.' for »«lo All klnili of fruit unit nht iibs In a blKh ulnl.' of All'tn houj*.'. uarnK.' an.I l.arn Own.'r will K I V "- poanonnlon Hopt 1 l'f)H HALE Two room hninio and 1 nolo ^rounil on Eunl Lawn FOR HALE 180 nrr.- farm, rlo«o lo EdI liirvlllc. <xr.||onl l...ntloii. t'luiion noil VV H fl.ARK AdENfV I'liono hftO 1S7-4 H FOR HALE Two li i ..i «t' nnil lot It<iy Rr/wrn, 711 Ho 1Kb 11*7 If S FOR KALE Tw.i l,.,|i.,„t>i |,„m.- KaraKo. larR.' |..l, ,.-...,.1 !.i<-atloti Immediate iwum »il (in I'll r.M'iV.' 0»c<ir .Myhie inr, r^x n FOR HALE -Kmail. niodirn 2 t.o.l^ room home, on l»o loin Cnm boat. Iimrn (Uat .i |«j«(.<««l.,n Phono 15 )7( (f n FOR HALE- » riKim modem hou»« on N. 9th Ht. Clone In Ri.ft»on- •biy priced. B «e N. J. Ijeo. 120-tf II Entertainment WE CANT KELP HIT III.OW \S.|.- n.) pr...ii| I.. pi,.«.i,t Hi i;!. 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