Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 10, 1953 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1953
Page 7
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California Boys Carry Yodels to Switzerland By ROBERT RICHARDS NKA Special (Correspondent CAUX, Swilzerlnnd (NEA)— There's a yodel ringing out in Switzerland these days that has everyone listening and smiling— from Robert Schuman, ex-premier of France, to thousands of so- called little people from all over the world. But this is no Swiss yodel. It comes from the good old U.S.A., right out of Los Angeles, imported into Switzerland by three young men who bill themselves as the Colwcll Brothers. The brothers are Paul, 18; Steve, 20, and Ralph, 16. They arc the sons of Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Colwell of Los Angeles. Colwcll Sr. is a food broker. Paul plays the mandolin and banjo. Steve plays the guitar. Ralph, who is smallest, plays the big bass fiddle. And they sing mountain music. "Wc were doing well back in California," said Paul. "And we were very ambitious to do better. For the past two years wc have YANKKK YODLERS IN SWITZERLAND: Left to right, Paul, Ralph and Steve Colwcll. New Windsor Sunriity School Teaching Staff Re-eleclcd NEW WINDSOR — Plans for the program by the Sunday School performed on radio and TV in j children at Christmas were dis- L.A. Wc also make records. Butjcusscd by the Lutheran Sunday a Moral Rc-Armament team came School staff, meeting Wednesday to Los Angeles. Wc met them evening in the home of Mrs. John and wc believed in the thingsiNclson. Mrs. Oliver Lcif was as- they're teaching, so wc decided toisisting hostess, give up records, radio and TVi The presiding officers were ream! to come here lo Caux to sing'elected as follows: Mrs. John Ncl- and play for MKA." .son, assistant superintendent; Miss Mountain House, at Caux, «ver-'M a rg«rcl Carlson, secretary; Mrs. looking Lake Geneva, is world i jC if, treasurer; Carl Nelson and headquarters for Moral Rc-Anna- Nc . a i Larson, librarians; Marilyn mcnt, which teaches the people j 5 |j ck) pianist; Dorothy Sotterdahl, who accr-pl it that if they will re- assistant pianist; Margaret Carl- form within themselves they can son primary department pianist. Present Program at Ophicm \'u] Meeting OIMIIKM Steven Briggs sang, accompanied by Mrs. Ada Anderson; Ilmbara Larson .sang and was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Morris Larson; Mrs. Reuben Klundt, 0, and Mrs. Otis Peterson nave readings and the Rev. A. •1. Andei -on gave a word of welcome to Mis. Lydia Peterson of Kscanaba, formerly ot Ophicm, at the Willing Aid Society Thursday afternoon. The annual congregational Thanksgiving dinner was set for Tuesday, Nov. 24, at fS p. rn. The following menu committee volunteered: Mrs. Almeda Samuclson, Mrs. oth Peterson, Mrs. Pat Swanson, Mrs. Ben Byram, Mrs. K. H. Ossifin, Mrs. Duane Rehn, Mrs. Ada Anderson. Mr< Erie Street!, The Daily Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111. Saturday, October 10, 1953 7 Mrs. Vinnie Peterson and Mrs. Lavern Johnson. Twelve dollars was realized from a bake sale, under the supervision of Mrs. Eric Streed and Mrs. Alice Mattson. Plan Monday Meeting At Altona Church ALTON A—The Women's Association of the Altona Presbyterian Church met Wednesday afternoon I The Rev. and Mrs. Gustaf Lund at the church with 26 members at|and children, Paul, Carl, Margie tending. The early part of the |Ann and Mark Peter, also Mrs. afternoon was spent in sewing on Lydia Peterson returned to Esca- the assigned quota for the year, naba, Mich., Friday after a few Mrs. Keith Main led the devo- days visit at the Walter Peterson tional and missionary pr0 gram ^Richard Peterson, son of Mr.! usin * ,hc thomo "Together We and Mrs. Walter Peterson, has^eck To Be Victors." been absent from school a week, ! Mrs. Edward Stuckey conducted 'because of a headache and is un-:the business: meeting, in the ab- der a doctor's care. sencc of the president, Mrs. Merrill Boland. Employers. Before you hire Announcement was made of new workers, consider hiring ca!fall Prcsbyterial meeting to be pable and reliable handicappcdheld Friday at Elmira. An execu- workers. ilive committee meeting was called for Monday flight at I o'clock at the church. A tray lunch was served by th« October social committee, Mrs. William Colllnsoh, chairman, Mtt. Harry McGaan, Mrs. Cora Runkle, Mrs. Ray Abernethy, Mrs. Dala Perry, Mrs. Forrest Hammerlund, Mrs. Dale Keener and Mrs. Hughit Andrews. » To Present Flag COLDBROOK — Mrs. James Gladfelter, patriotic instructor of the Woman's Relief Corps, will present a flag to the Coldbrook School Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Members and friends ar« invited. Handicapped workers want to work out their own destiny—and prove they can do a job. reform the world. There have been 8000 people from all over the world at MRA's International As- Roy Sunday School teacher the past 12 scmbly this summer—from Europe, M 01 ?!, ^ friCa '' fr ° rn . ^ ia V £° m sislant for Mrs. John Anderson's North America—and all of them years. She will continue as an as- about the Colwcll are crazy brothers. The brothers use mountain . r . music to put across the ideas of, 2£ ' MRA and they dress as American' cowboys as they yodel. Thco Spocrri, rector of the Uni- class. A note of thanks was read acknowledging a gift Frances Anderson, a A gift was presented to Mrs. „, . a f"! J"^ >'car the American oy Peterson, who has been a i»!blc Society is sponsoring Worldwide Bible Reading from Thanksgiving lo Christmas. The readings listed below exemplify the Bible message of Hope — the theme of to Miss ; ' lhis year ' s P r °g ram former; This is the tenth year of World- Iwide Bible Reading, a non-sec- e November meeting will bc' laria " movement, supported by all held in the home of Mrs. GlennIclasscs and creeds and growing in Settcrdahl, the superintendent,iscopc each year, versity of Zurich, says, "I have ;Wltn AIai 'garet Ann Tornquist, as-'Nov. 26 Thanksgiving, Psalms 103 lived nil my life in Switzerland. sistin S hostess. |27 Psalms 23 When you say that to a man, he: — replies, 'Do you yodel?* I say, 'l'. The Griffin Ladies Aid realized do not yodel. But I have never,$17.80 from a silent auction held heard a Swiss who can yodel along at tneir regular meeting Wednos- with these Colwell brothers.' " ,day afternoon in the home of the 28 Psalms 43 29 Sunday Psalms 130 30 .Psalms 147 Dec. 1 Jeremiah 17:1-15 2 Luke 5:27-39 When Schuman came to Caux President, Mrs. Clarence Andcr-i 3 - Luke 6:1-26 several weeks ago, the boys wrote j; on. Mrs. Hayes Brown of Wood-! 4 Luke 6:27-49 B song especially for him. "He hull was the hostess. Devotions 5 Acts 2 must have liked it," said Paul, were conducted by Mrs. Ralph! 6 Sunday. Acts 26 He spoke only French, and so wci'fomlinson and Mrs. Charles 1 7 . Romans 5 couldn't say much to him, but he;Friichtcnicht was in charge of the! 8 "Romans 8 came over to us and shook hands topic. i n" ""R 0 mans 12 an wh^ e n Wa f S hp n,i r n nf' ,, n 1 u 1 ™ e ™etin R Oct. 28, wiJl bcjiol":::::::::::: Romans 15:'l-13 When the Colwcll brothers held in the home of Mrs. Frank n I Corinthians 13 come on the platform at Caux. Petric. jji —"Tc^rinthians 15 1-22 Germans, Indians, Russians, and _ !' 2 :,-. . I Corinthians w.l-u even British stomp their feet and Dr C M Linker iho n» „». : 3 V m \ CTSal Blbl £ , 11ft „ crv for more Most nf thnm n-,n't „ • unxer, the new vet-, Sunday .Psalms 119:41-56 SndeSand the words; of the sows inr" P " 8 "?. t0Wn ' ^° , s "«ceded:i 4 ......Psalms 119:105-120 but: hey seem ^olTiwhiu^thi\\ 8 ' has ™ Ved . bis su PP lies 'l5 Galatians 5 same J * J n r n'r'T"! { ro 7£ lh . c ?, ffice of ™ - Ephesians 4 The wife of Sibnath Bancrjcc of; son building nn w .Sf % I' . Jc » hn -|l*7 -I Thessalonians 5 India is a small, quiet woman withimcrly"'^^ rCC ,° r 18 Hebrews 11:1-16 solemn dark eyes. Banerjee him-lBodiL 's e ft shn^ Alfred ;19-- — -I John 3 ' J ~ «••- uoaeens g"t shop. 120 Sunday _. Isaiah 40 self is an impressive, silent fig-; urc. He is one of India's leaders! ,21 — John 1:1-18 Miss Viola Herington and the of -'oo Isaiah 9:1-7 loodb, "thf n erprX S£ s * 0C i at r ° f Winola , ^ or ^^'^^^^^' VA ^ fcooaoj. tnc interpreter said, School plan tQ attend the officcr'sigs Christmas Matthew 2:1-12 Isaiah 53 nnlA 3t the District quest. She wants to hear the Cot-; 1fl P ,, A „, /-.„„„,.„„ • .. vlmii hnvc h-fnr» ^ rnoc •• Mr, ! 10 ' 1 - H - A - at Oeneseo Wednesday. Who is more deserving of op^ portunity than the disabled veterans and the physically handicapped who wish to become use- well boys before she goes." Mrs _ Banerjee chose the tune too-'-Hi Laverne Plunkett, Mrs You Don t Love Your Neighbor, Emi] John Jo „„ Yf 'rh?° n rtei L.wc i, av ^on. Mrs. Adolph Dunlap and Mrs., , t . . f .„ J .rL* °S Ll« rKht o..f ofl L - L - Wallin represented Unit 80^1, producUvc members of so charmed the Swiss right out 01 . w „„iu„__ „» )V ,. „ K 'r ptv' the Alps with their American- of the Wa F .^ ot ^, r . s at . lhe ob -s clety style yodels. Next they're going 1 *Hm^%4 lAvZLTZlS to try out mountain music on the ° f Un ' 34 > at Woodhull Wednes- ncoDle of Africa i day after "0° n An MRA team will go to Africa! M ,. r - andM Mr * <?j cnn . N « lson of in the spring. | Mo ,nc - S. s \ Cll£forfd n!Swa " son "And we'll be there with!" nd son, Rodney, of Rio, Mrs. them" says Paul itrancis Ryan and Oscar Swanson And it's almost a safe bet lo.* 0 ™ guests in the home of Mr. predict that the war drums of the:and Mrs. C. A. Swanson on jungle will be silent while the.Wednesday, men who play them listen to a I Mil Mr. and Mrs. sound of mountain music whichi Henderson brings with it the message of God. HENDERSON Vcnetia~n blinds may be dusted i C } a ' k , Spcnce and daughter, Viola weekly with a lamb's wool duster °! tolona, visited on Saturday with or a vacuum attachment. Tilt Mr - a « d Mrs - Huold Baker slats down and wipe with cloth' 0n Su , ndav Mr - and .Mrs. Harold or sponge wrung almost dry outj^ker drove to Morrison to visit of warm soapsuds. Repeat with!Mr. Baker's father. Then they slats turned up. When badly, w ent to Garden Plain to see Mrs. soiled, put in deep washtub orsBaker's father. Then to Fulton bathtub filled with detergent suds.jto visit other relatives. Scrub tapes with brush. Let blinds John Rogers of Galesburg spent hang free while drying to prevent;the weekend at the home of his tapes from shrinking. , sister, Mrs. Leroy Manhesmith. United SCIENCE Fund United INCOME Fund United ACCUMULATIVE Fund United CONTINENTAL Fund Profpcctvi on M«qu«(f WADDELL ft REED, INC. Prlnclpol Undirwrlltn A. B. Bryngelson 1339 N. Pnlri* Phon* 3910-3 Gilttburg, III. NATIONAL FOOD STORES SPECIALS • SATURDAY NITE SUNDAY and MONDAY Meat Department OPEN Every Sunday 63 N. Seminary St. - Open 9-9 - Sundays 9-6 i ©AN EXPERIMENT IM ?ELI(XION © if- We met a chemist some years ago who was planning to experiment with religion. "Some Sunday," he said, "I'm going to go to Church and see if it makes any difference in my life." "Doctor," we asked (for he had a number of degrees), "How does a chemist begin his experiments in a new field?" "With research," came the reply. "He studies the findings of other men in that field—determines what has been proven—what is unknown." "That's a good way to begin your experiment with religion" we suggested. "It would hardly be 'scientific' to judge Christianity, or your need for it, on the basis of one visit to Church. But a few months of faithful attendance, and many thoughtful evenings with the Bible will give you a clear understanding of what others have found in Christianity. You'll discover spiritual truths which centuries of experience have proven, and gain a faith that can bridge the Unknown." At last report, our chemist was making fine progress in his experiment. In fact, he no longer thinks of his religion as experimental! THE CHURCH FOR ALL... ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on •arth lor (he building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual value*. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sate. (3) For the sake o! his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and materia! support. Plan to go to church regularly and read your Bible daily. « , Book Monday... "***** I K'«t?l Tuesday Pialma WtdneadayAmoa Thursday Jonah Friday Jonah Saturday r uk « ' "** -Lulct Copyrifhl 196S. KtiBttr Ad» S«r*»r«. Slra'.bort. T». These Religious Messages are published under the auspices of Galesburg's Churches and are sponsored by Galesburg's Business Firms: BERG'S RADIO & APPLIANCES 2SI I. Simmons *t. PUCKETT BUICK CO. 149 W. Main Si. ERNIE'S TASTY GRILL 40 i. K«!io|s tl. CONSUMERS GRAIN & SUPPLY CO. 371 W. M»ln St. GALESBURG GAS SALES CO. 42) i. M«in St. PEOPLES FUEL & COKE CO. 434 f. Btrritn ft. GALESBURG FINANCE & THRIFT CO. 45 N. Priirit St. THE JEWEL SHOP 111 I. Main St. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 225 E. Main it. HAWKINSON MANUFACTURING CO. 151 C«d*r Avcnu* THE CONTINENTAL CLOTHING CO. 146 E. Main St. FIRST GALESBURG NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. 202 E. Main Si. CARLSON-GOETHE JEWELRY GIFT & BOOK SHOP 32S f. Main St. INTRA STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY 100 N. Cherry St. GALESBURG GLASS CO. 80 N. Iretd St. MUREEN HARDWARE CO. 42 N. Prairi* St. WESTERN ZERO LOCKER PLANT 454 E. South It. GOLDEN CREAM DAIRY 1/00 Grand — 40 N. K»llo fl8 NORTH SIDE DRUGS 1170 N. Stmintry St. HINCHLIFf & WILSON FUNERAL HOME 287 N. 8r««d ft.

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