Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 27, 1956 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1956
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN (Stations resrrvr the rich! »" make last mlnntr program ohnng es—J.N.3.) SATURDAY KVKXIX(S 6:(K>-<4) Annie Oakley - "Put- Jaw Brand". (51 Cartoon Time (36) The German Hour 6:15—(5) Parade of Mapir 6:25— (36) Football Score-board— Skip Envin 6:30—(4) Buccaneer* — Cap!. Dan Temprs! aivi his crew sail in search of a waxy substance j exprelled from whales that is used in making perfume. <5» People are Funiiv (36) Famous Film Festival: Donald Woods as host intnxluces Part One of the English movir "Col. Blimp" slan-iiiR Deborah Kerr and Roper Livesc-y. Story concerns Army espionage. 7;OQ_(4) Jackie Gleason - Re?- j gie Van Gleason III, the Mother Fletcher pitchman and the Loudmouth are portrayod by Gleason tonight. (5) Perry Como (COLOR) Frankie Ltine and film star Sheree North headline Perry's guest list tonight. 7:55—(4) (li) Political - Republican 8:00— (4) Oh. Susanna - It's after she poses as the Maharani ~olT Rajipur that Susanna learns there are two assassins aboard the ship to do away with the Maharani. (51 Saturday Spectacular (COLOR)—90 minute "Manhattan Tower" based on the album of the same name by Gordon Jenkins. Pete Marshall and Helen O'ConneU. star with Phil Harris, Cesar Romero, Ethel Waters, Edward Everett Horton and Hans Conreid. (36) Wrestling - Texas 8:30—(4) Hey Jeannie - Jeannie feeling that she is costing Al and Liz too much by living with them, goes to Greenwich Village to lind an apartment. 8:55—(36) Political - Republican 9:00—(4) Gunsmoke - A boy raised by a band of Cheyennes poses a problem for Marshal Matt Dillon. (36) TV Theater - Anne Farrer stars in "Back to Zero". A woman escaping from the police hides in the danger laden jungles around Zanzibar. 9:30—(4) Death Valley Days — Pat Garrett, famous sheriff of the old west is given the assignment to bring in "Billy the Kid". (5) Your Hit Parade — Dorothy Collins and Snooky Lan•on with the top tunes of the week. Raymond Scott and his orchestra. (36) High Finance — Dennis James mc's new quiz. 10:00-M4) First Run Theatre — Randolph Scott and Bill Williams star in the western "Fighting Man of the Plains". An escaped fugitive* becomes a town marshal. (5) Rosemary Cloohey — Johnny Mercer is guest. (36) Million Dollar Movie: Paul Carpenter and Rona Anderson star in the mystery "Shadow of a Man". English story of a man who goes to Eng land for a reunion with an old army buddy only to find him dead and the hint that it was murder. 10:30—(5) Sheriff of Cochise — John Bromfield stars as a. Sheriff of Cochise County, Ariz. 21:00—(5) Les Paul & Mary Ford 11:05—(5) Movie: Dorothy McGuire and George Brent are starred in the mystery "The Spiral Staircase". A mysterious HI LCD P TELEVISION Sain and Service. Service on all other TV Sets Al«o. MAJOR ELECTRIC CO. Thorn*! St.. Boxana Dial 4-5661 JL WE REPAIR Any Make of RADIOS, TVt, U AS1IKBS, DRYERS CAR and ELECTRIC RANGES. Fact »nd Dependable Service. We Arc Al Clou- AI lour Telephone. P1AL 8-1511 WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES »S01 STATE ST. ALTON Zenith H & W RADIO & TV BALES I SF.BVICK Pbooe *-sm 660 VI. Si. Luoii Avt.. P.iii Alton ELUON HENFON u. K. WILhON MEET THE GANG AT— Cafe RENDEZVOUS Restaurant Corn** CfcNTHAL and OAK»lt« ALUMINUM Storm Window», Door.. Air Ma»!tr TIH-O-Uatlo ALUMINUM JllooiU Door Hi" Thick J»ORL'H ENCLOSUKK Jalond* Doable Hunt VVIndowi. Prc* CdliuaUa ORNAMENTAL IKON RAIL4AG8—COLUftlNS AM'MIMW A\VM.N US N* Utwm i**yro*ol. »n Moa Cex'f Home Supply QP. Korlb Alt«o in lot H>die On TV! frit* John N. /one* killer is loose in an old New England home. H;15— i3fi) Weather - Mclntire ll:l'f>— (36i Film ll : 3(i — MI News - Ed Brown 11:40— 14) Weather - Dave Alien 31 :•!.>— (4) Movie - Charles Boyer and Hedy Lamarr star in the drama "Algiers". The Casbah is the setting for Pepe Le Moko notorious jewel thief whose safety is jeopardized by a beautiful Parisian tourist. 1J .V>— (,M Weather ]: Oii--i-!> Thought for the Day Sl'ND.AV. (XT. 28th A.M. 7:45 — i Til Film S:l>— (3) Mission at Mid-Century — "Challenge in the Sun". 8:30— (4) Protestant Pulpit S:l.V-ir)) Man to 'Ahn 9:00— (4) At Your Service (5i Metropolitan Church 9:30— (4) Faith of Our Fathers d) This is the Life — "Faithful Until Death". 10:00— (4) Christian Science Program - "Freedom from Aller gies". (5) Catholic Hour - "One Spirit" 10:15— (4) Way of Life 10:30— (5) The Christophers— "What One Person Can Do". 10:45— (4) Film — "Beef of the Future" 11:00— (4) Great Crusade (5) Operation Success 11:30— (4) Wild Bill Hickok— 'Ghost Rider" (5) Mr. Wizard SUNDAY P.M. 12:00—(4) Law in Your Life (5) Political - Republican 12: 30- (4) You Are There — "Sa lem Witch Trials" during the" month of August, 1692. Walter Cronkite and staff re porting. (5) News • Walt Williams 12:45— (5) Transatlantic Tele- views - "Our Jet Ago". (36) Film Feature 1:00— (4) Pro-Football - Washington Redskins play the Chicago Cardinals at Comiskey Park. (5) Lone Ranger - "The Return of Don Pedro O'Sullivan" (36) Pro Football - Pittsburgh Steelers meet the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland. 1:30— (5) Star Showcase. Guy Rennie stars in the drama "Off Season". 2:00— (5) Telephone Time - John Nesbilt's true story "Hatfield the Rainmaker" Charlie Hatfield in 1915 was credited with causing a disastrous storm that lasted 21 days in San Diego, California. 2:30— (5) Showcase — "Susie" starring Ann Sothern: "Live- wire". 3:00— (5) Wide-Wide-World A nationwide TV tour entitled "So Goes the Nation". Dave Garroway is the guide as the cameras check on what Americans are doing and saying nine days before the national elections. 3:15— (4) Sports - Carmichael 3:30-(4) Lassie - "The Hoax". (36) Movie - Mantan Moreland stars as Charlie Chan in the mystery "The Trap". 4:00— (4) Steve Donavan - West ern Marshal. "The Green Star" 4:30— (4) The Lone Wolf - Louis Hayward stars in the fictional adventurer. "Memo: Werewolf (5) Wyatt Earp — Hugh O'Brian stars as the fighting marshal. "So Long, Dora, So Long." (36) Oral Roberts 5:00— (4) Disneyland - From Ad- ventureland comes the story— "Behind the Cameras in Lapland" and "The Alaskan Eskimo". (5) Meet the Pi-ess. Guest today is Sen. John F. Kennedy (Dem.) from Mass. (36) Movie - Raymond Wai burn and Walter Catlett star in the comedy "Father Makes Good". 5:30— (5) Bengal Lancers (DE BUT) - Phil Carey and Warren Stevens star as Lieutenants of the 77th Bengal Lancers. Tonight "The Regiment". 'SUNDAY EVENING 6:00— (4) Mark Saber — Mystery Theatre - Tom Conway stars as Detective Lt. Mark Saber. (5) You Asked for it— Art Baker hosts this unusual request show. (36) Sermons in Science— "Engineers of Nature" 6:30— (4) Private Secretary — Ann Sothern and Don Porter star. "How to Handle the Boss". (5) Hallmark'Hall of Fame (RETURN) (COLOR) ''/Bornj Yesterday" stars Mary Martin as t h e scatlerbrain "Billie Dawn" and Paul Douglas as the big-business man "Harry Brock". Judy Holliday starred as "Billie" on the stage and in the movie of the same name. <36) Movie - Evelyn Ankers star in "Queen of Burlesque". 7:00-(4) Kd Sullivan . Elvis "Rock n Roll" Presley mukes his second appearance tonight. Ventriloquist S e n o r Wunces, Joyce (Jrcnfcll and the Gaelic Singers round out Ed's guest list. 7:30-(.'i6) Pi-ess Conference 8:00— (4) G.E. Theater -Ronald Kciigan is host and introduces Hurl Ivcs starring in "The Second Stranger". (5) TV Playhouse (COLOR) "All Summer Long" stars I Raymond Masscy. A story of a midwi-st fl<x«l. (3Gi Omnibus • Part thivi; of "The Sill-lit World" is shown; A one-act jduy "My He-art's in the liigiiUui'V* and a ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27,1956 The Telegraph 9 * Daily Radio Chart svnmtuY (NBO) «SO HC BAOh (ABC) 8SO Kt RA10X (CBS* 1120 HC RWR (MBS) 1880 Kt M. 5 6 1 .00 .15 .M .48 8 9 10 11 Monitor Bill Cr*bl* News narr? Skip Caray rin» Fiv« News Newt, sport* Monitor News; Muile CD n't Happen Circuit Attorne* Roy Qu«*e Bob Burne» Dr. Thomas Dooley First riv» first riv« Newi Newt; Monitor Monitor Newt Wake Up St LOUU Jr. Town Meet Bob Goddtrd Orcheitn Spelling Bee Monitor Urand Ol» Oprr News: Danclnn Dancing Party Bob Goddard Pigskin Preview Hawks vs. Minn. Orch. tt Out** American Llvln* Newt: Monitor Monitor Dancing Party first Flv« H .. Newi; Sport* News Weather Monitor Danclni Party World News Harry Fender First fly* Melody Time Newi Newi: Musle Music Newt: Muile Music Dancing Party New*; Fender Harry Fender Rhythm Suit* Music SUNDAY A. ML 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 .00 .15 JO .45 P. M. 1 .00 .15 JO .45 2 M .15 JO .43 3 .00 .15 JO .41 M .15 JO .45 P. M. .IS JO .45 .00 ..It 7 .00 .15 JO .45 .00 .15 JO .45 9 M .15 JO .45 10 M .15 JO .45 11 Serenade Science Benfro Valley Sacred H»*rt Faith in Action Methodist Hour Pilgrimage M Oral Robert* Country Journal Ourk Varlell** Symphonic Concert New«, Weather Jewish Program Christian Science Art of Uvlnn Radio Bible Claw Light * L.II* Hour Ozark Varletle* Farm Story 4-H trader* New* Religious Reporter Protestant Pulpit Protestant Hour Nat'l Raillo Pulpit Dr BarnhouM Church Federation Frank & Ernest Church of th» Air M •» M .. learning Invitation Story Time Our rather'* Faith Newi Monitor Monitor News Monitor New World Voice of Prophecy it M »» New*: Muile Ton Music Top* Washington Week World Affair* raoernacle Catholic Info Ethical Society EUvlewrna sunn News: Monitor Monitor Word* We U»« By Newi: Musle Top* Music Top* News; Music Records Sun. Showcase Calendar Dave ROM Orch. Lutheran Hour NIIWH- Monitor Monitor New* Hollywood D»te New*; Music Tow Music Top* Cloud Club World New* Ask Frank Lane Best In Music Music Orchestra News Know Your Movie Newi: Monitor Monitor Catnollc Hour Cloud Club Best In Music Symphonstte Lawrence Welk Crime "'lie* News: Monitor Monitor Cloud Club Mostly Music City Editor Danger With Granger News; Monitor Monitor Monltoi Cloud Club Mostly Music i Big City It's A Crime News Monitor Cloud Club Top 90 Review «r *i i* Mostly Music Fort Laramle Lomhardo Land Bands for Bonds News; Monitor Monitor Meet the Pre« Top 39 Review FBI In Peace, War Gunsmoke Walter Wlncnell Headline* News Music; Sport* Nnw« Monitor Monitor New*; Top 30 Paul Harvey Greatest Story Jack Benny Juke Box Jury By the Peow Percy Faith News: Monitor Monitor Monitor Music Tops Indictment Mitch Miller Hawaii Call* .. M UN Talks News: Monitor Monitor Music Tops Musical Hour N. V. Symphony Reserve for You Variety Show Walter Wlnchcll Monitor Am. Forum Music Tops N. Y, Symphony Variety Show Family Theatre New* Music Billy Graham Music Tops World New* Investment Eyes of Faith Face the Nation It's Our Town Reserve Rhythm Orchestra Tim Amcche News Night Muile New* .Sign Off Music Hour Israel Message News; Music Quiet Music Smooth Sailing New* MONDAY A. M. 6 .00 .15 JO .45 7 JO' .45 8 .0* .15 JO .45 M JO .45 10 .00 OS JO .45 11 .00 .15 JO .45 12 .00 .15 JO .45 P. ML 1 .15 JO .43 3 .00 05 JO .49 John Roede) Art's Notebook Today's Almanac Early Show Weather Early Show Newi Country Journal SunriM Salute Ozark VarlttiW Weather Jack & Jerry Newi •Jack & Jerry Newi Newt Weather Tuneup rime Bruce Haywerd Weather Bruce Hayward World New» Rex Davli Clockwatcher Sport* Newi Ed, Wllion Newi News Sporti News Art's Notebi Bruce Hayward World Newi Clockwatcher Ed W! M Newi Bandstand Breakfa/rt Club Arthur Godlrw Ed Wilson Bandstand True Story Girl MarrlM Whtiperlng Streeti Arthur Oodfr«7 Kitchen Club Howard Miller Newi' WllWB Ed Wilson Gil Newiome News: Heattcr Carl Mclntire Art's Notebook Carl Mclntire Top Thirty Wendy Warren Backstage Wife Helen Trent Songs; News News Gil Newsome Newsi Frencn News: Weather Playh"use Party Bruce Hayward M M News; Headline! Ma Perkins Or. Malone Our Gal Sunday Jack & Jerry Newi Playhouse Party Queen (or 8 Day Bruce Hayward Right to Happlnew 2nd Mrs. Burton Nora Drake Entertainment Jack 'n Jerry 5-Star Matinee Hilltop House Young'i Family Woman In House Mary McBrlde Carl Mclntire Bruce Eayward Strike It Rich House Party Phil Steveni News "Ed~~WH«on Newi Ballroom Phil Steveni If M Matinee Ed Wilson News Carl Mclntire Ballroom Art'i Notebook Carl Mclntire Matinee News; Matinee Matinee Newi i'V* * about racehorses is seen. 8:30—(4) Alfred Hitchcock Pre sents: "None Are So Blind" star ring Hurd Hatfield and Mildrec Dunnock. 9; 00—(4) $64,000 Challenge (5) Loretta Young Show- Miss Young and Lee Goodma: star in "The Great Divide".. 9;30—(4) What's My Line - Dal; (5) Sunday with Sorkin— Dan Sorkin is me. Cab Callowaj is guest on this pop'music show • (36) Faith lor Today 10:00— (4) Dr. Christian — Mac donald Gary stars as young Dr Mark Christian. (5) Lawrence Welk (36) Million Dollar Movie— Rona Anderson and Paul Carpen ter star in the English movi "Shadow of a Man", 10:30—(4) The Pendulum — Mystery series on film "The Pric of Vanity". (5) Amateur Hour — Te Mack. 11:00—(4) News - Ed Keath Il:10—t4) Weather - Dace Allen Sports - Carmichael (3G) Film Feature KWK-TV Theatre — Aurora tiautisla stars in tlu; for eign made film "The Siege". 11:30—< 5) Movie - Allan June stars in the musical coined} "The Boys from Syracuse". 12:00-15) Big Picture • "Tin Atom Soldier", 12:30—(4) Thought for the Day 12:59—(5) Weather MONDAY, OCT. 29th A. M. 7.00—(4) Good Morning — Will Rogers, Jr. (5) Today • Garroway 7:55-(4) News 8:00—(4) Capt. Kangaroo 8:55—(4) News 9:00—(4) Garry Moore (5) Ding Dong School (9) In School Programing starts at 9 a.m. thru 3:30 p.m. 9:30—(4) Arthur Godfrey (5) Bandstand 10:00—(5) Home 10:30—(4) Strike It Rich 11:00—(4) Valiant Lady (5) Tic Tac Dough 11:15—(4) Love of Life 11:30—(4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You H:4. r >-(4) Guiding Light MONDAY AFTKKNOON Noon—(4) Recallit & Win (5) Charlotte Peters 12:30—(5) As the World Turns 12:50—(4) Community Album 12:45—(4) News 1:00—(4) Our Miss Brooks (5) Homemaking 1:30—(4) House Party (5) Tennessee Ernie (COLOR). 2:00—(4) Big Payoff (5) Matinee Theatre: (COLOR) • In "Shake the Stars Down" a young housewife who is helping her husband earn his Pli. D. accepts a modeling job for a cosmetic firm. 2:30-(4) Bob Crosby 4V 2:55—(4) Political - Democratic 3:00—(4) Brighter Day (5) Queen for a Day 3:15—(4) Secret Storm 3:30—(4) Edge of Night 3:45—(5) Modern Romances 4:00— (4) Gil Newsome (5) Russ David Sh ow 4:30— (4) Fred Moegle (5) Playhouse - "Those Who Wait". 4:50— (4) Look, Listen, Learn 5:00— (4) Mickey Mouse Club (5) Wrangler's Club (36) Movie • Tex Ritte stars in "Enemy of the Law" 5:30—(5) Superman • "The Bui ly of Dry Gulch". 'Hobbies' Topic Of Brighton Civic League BRIGHTON — The October meeting of Brighton Civic Leagu will be Wednesday at 2 p. m. a the home of the president, Mrs William D. Bates. Mrs, Bates is chairman of th October program. Her commit tee has chosen the progran theme, "Your Hubbies". Muvtw to Vow Home BRIGHTON -- Mr. and Mrs Harold Bruns and children mov ed this week into their new home in Farm View Acres. The Bruns formerly lived on North Str TO REPAIR TOYS—Bunker Hill firemen gather to discarded toys for Christmas distribution. Ulan in white hief of the department.—George E, Horton Photo. plan a project of repairing safety helmet is Ed Gerdes, HUNGARY REVOLT SPREADING — Map locates areas of spreading fighting in third day of Hungary's "freedom and independence" revolt. Soviet Army tanks and troops were reported in action against rebels in major cities of Gyoer, Szeged, Szolnok and Pecs. Farmers were reported to have revolted near Sopron. Returning traveler told of heavy casualties in town of Magyarovar when Russian troops fired on Hungarians atempting to tear down Soviet flag. Meanwhile, stret fighting was reported continuing in capital of Budapest. (AP Wire- photo) On Nov. 1 4 Oliii Mathieson Chemical Corp. Employes To Retire Ira Goodnight, Sophia Hermening, John Jones and Charles Wall will retire from the East Alton plants of Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. under the Em- ployes Retirement Plan on Nov. 1. Goodnight first came with the company as a laborer in the receiving department in 1942. The .following year he transferred to the brass mill, and in 1944 he started work in the brass mill boxshop as a handyman. In I. Goodnight 1950 he became a boxshop operator, the designation he currently holds. A veteran of World War I, Goodnight served with the 125th Infantry and saw action in the Argonne. He and his wife Beyerl, will remain at their present address, 332 Church St., East Alton, after his retirement. Goodnight plans to devote his time primarily to repairing and refinishing furniture, but they will also do a "little traveling." Sophia Hermening was first employed as a machine operator in metallic packing in 1942. In 1943 she transferred to metal- 1 i c loading where she worked until 1950, when she returned for a short time to metallic packing. After ap- proxim a t e 1 y S. Hermening three months in that department she was assigned to her present position as J. Jones an operator in metallic loading. A widow, Mrs. Hermening currently makes her home at 400 Church St., East Alton, but plans to move to the State of Washington upon her retirement to be near her son, Wilfred. Jones, a saw operator in the box shop, has been with the company since 1922, when he was employed as a laborer. By 1927 he had been designated a box nailer in the brass mill box shop, and in 1931 he became a saw operator in the same department. He was named a box shop operator in 1950, and in 1953 assumed his present duties. A World War I veteran, Jones served in France with the U.S. Army s Unmarried, he will continue to reside at his present home, 218 Hamilton St., Alton. Wall was first employed by the company in 1940 as a machinist in the mechan- i c a 1 department. In 1946 he was transferred to machine maintenance. In 1950 he was designated a general machinist, and from that C. Wall date worked as a machinist and a machine tool operator. He is currently employed as a general machinist. Wall is the father of two sons, A step-son, James McFarland, is employed in metallic manufacturing. The Walls plan to remain at their present home on Rt. 1, Alton. 'Double Time' Ends Sunday At Brighton BRIGHTON — The hectic month of October's "double time" for hnrrird and confused mothers and houswivcs ends Saturday night when thry rot ire and on arising Sunday morning everything will run on one time schedule-. This past month, with getting husbands off to work on Daylight Saving Time and the children to school on Standard Time, has brought plenty of confusion and mixups in Brighton area homes. Mothers will sigh with relief in setting their daylight saving time clocks back an hour and look forward to that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning. Cub I'nck Meeting BRIGHTON — The Cub Park will meet Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Junior High School gym. Builders ClasH BRIGHTON — The Builders Class of St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church Sunday School will meet Tuesday at the Church at 7:30 p. m. Brighton Cubs To Participate In Parade BRIGHTON — The cub pack executive committee rnet Wednesday evening at me grade school and plans were completed for a float the Cubs will enter in the Halloween Parade staged by the Brighton Picnic Association next Wednesday evening. The next meeting of the committee was advanced from Nov. 21 1o Nov. 14, with the "pack night" falling on the usual last Monday night, Nov. 26. The theme chosen for November if "Life in Puerto Rico". Those attending the October committee meeting were Marvin Stewart, Karl Orban, Merle Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Don Cravens, Mr. and Mrs. Guy North- cult, Mr. nnd Mrs. Burneil Mencham, Mrs James Bates, Mrs. Earl Lamport. Mrs. Otto Woods, Mrs. Everett Phillips, Mrs. Arthur Thaxton and Mr*. Harold Podge. Following the meeting refreshments were served by Mrs. Bates' and Mrs. Lamport. Harvest Sunday BRIGHTON — The Rev, Harvey Merkfessel, pastor of St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church, announces Sunday will be "Harvest Festival Sunday ami members of the church are i to bring canned fruit and fresh ! vegetables, which will be sent j to one of the Evangelical and ! Reformed Church institutions. On Petit Jury BRIGHTON — Mrs. Virginia Rose St. Cin, Walter Schmidt, and Ralph E. Haycraft have been called to serve on the Macoupin County Petit Jury Tuesday, Nov. 13, beginning at 10 a. m. Attend Game BRIGHTON — Dr. and Mrs. ' F. N. Orr and Dr. and Mrs. .J A. Murphy attended the University of Illinois-Michigan S t at « i University football game at I Champaign today. There they ! visited the Orrs' son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph i Si-hoeberle, both students at Illinois. It's Your Money Don't Lose Benef its Because of Ignorance By D. B. GALLAGHER There are more ins and outs in the new benefit age for women than you'll find in a busy parking lot. Look for complications like the case of Mrs. Bill and see that you don't lose benefits because you don't understand the rules. Mrs. Bill Is awarded monthly benefits from her own credits at the age of 62. Her 65-year- old monthly credit is $80, so at 62 she receives reduced checks o£ $64. Polio Immunization To Be Given in Calhoun Next Week HARD1N — Florence Buchanan, state nurse, has notified Calhoun County Schools that polio immunization for children will be pivcn Monday and Tuesday at Brussels, Hardin, and Kampsville. The poliq shots are available for all who have filed a request and who are between the ages of six months and twenty years. The serum will be free, but there will be a small charge for administering it. The schedule is as follows: Brussels, Monday at 9 a. m.; Hardin, Tuesday 9 a. m. and Kampsville, Tuesday, 1 p. m. Transportation as needed will be provided for those living in Unit 40 or in Brussels High School District. Huritin Notes HARDIN — Mrs. Porter Campbell and her mother, Mrs. Elsie \V o r t h y returned Thursday i night from Ohio, where they had j been visiting the Bruce Worthy j family. Mrs. Meta Mortland will have a public auction of farm machinery at the Mortland Farm, 5 miles south of Hardin Saturday afternoon, Nov. 3. New officers of the Calhoun Legion Council were installed in a meeting at Batchtown Thursday night. Elmer Held is the new county commander. The retiring commander is John Dirksmeyer. A box supper for the benefit of the Hardin Youth Center will be sponsored by Calhoun Lodge IOOF at the high school gymnasium Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs, Lee Hanks went to Carbondale Saturday morning to visit their daughter 'and granddaughter. Don Eageriy, who was recently discharged from the Navy, will be associated with his father in operating the Hardin Locker Plant. Medora Thp first six-weeks' grades at the Southwestern high school were given out Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. John Quirk, Fred Roake, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Waltrip Jr., and family were supper guests Friday of Mr.' and Mrs. Arthur Maupin, Alton. The Sweet Sixteen Club and their families will have a Halloween party Saturday evening in the basement of the Catholic church. Mrs. Charlotte Kemper, Mrs. William Kemper and Mrs. Mary White were in Alton Thursday. Bloodmobile In Calhoun On Monday HARDIN — Bloodmobile Unit from Si. Louis will be in Calhoun County Monday. A simultaneous operation will be conducted in Hardin and Kampsville. The hours during which blood may be donated will be from noon till 6 p, m. at Hardin, and from 1 to 7 p. m. at Kampsville. These two stations are provided so that donors may choose the handiest location. It Ituins! HARDIN — A good shower fell on Calhoun County Thursday night. The rain totalled .66 inch at Hardin and was said to be heavier in the south and lighter to the north, This was the heaviest rain here since Aug. 3. Only four showers have amounted to more than a half inch since late July, October rainfall here now totals .78 inch. A few months later, Mrs. Bill dies. From her account there will be due a lump sum burial benefit of three times the 65- year-old credit, not three timei the reduced monthly amountv (Q) "Is a medical doctor eligible for Social Security coverage? If so, how dot-s he go about paying Social Security taxes?" M.L.D. (A) Medical doctors are not covered by Social Security if they are self-employed. A medical doctor to be covered by Social Security must be an em- ploye of an employer subject to payment of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (Social Security) tnx. Under such conditions the medical doctor is in the same position as nny other covered employe. His share of the tax is withheld and the employer also pays. (Q) "If a widow receives Social Security benefits from her deceased husband's Social Security account, and there Is an increase in the amount of benefits that would have been due the husband if living, will she have one-half of this increase added to her checks?" Mrs. C. H. (A) If there is a general Increase in the amount of Social Security bfnefits, most, likely a widow such as you mention will receive an increase in the amount of her benefits. However, nothing definite can be predicted, especially as there is no increase in sight at present. Many writers ask where their Social Security office Is. If there is no Social Security office listed in your phone hook under the heading of the United States Government, your postmaster can supply you with ths address. Important points are explained by D. B. Gallagher In his newly revised Social Security booklet including the Social Security Amendments of August, 1956. Send 25c in coin (no stamps) to SS Book, Alton Evening Telegraph, Box 344, Grand Central Station, New York 17, N. Y. CALL US FOB FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS AND ORCHID CORSAGES REXROAT FLOWER MART 3U01 E. Broadway Dial g-7480 Open Kveulnn 4> Sunday REFORMATION SERVICE * WOOP RIVER HIGH SCHOOL OCTOBER 28 10:30 A.M.

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