The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on May 31, 1942 · Page 14
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 14

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 31, 1942
Page 14
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,;rw;it. SUNDAY, MAY 81. 1M2 'i '' , FOURTEEN A' AKRON BEACON JOURNAt EXPERIMENT PROVES SUGAR RATION TO BE SUFFICIENT ' sJMj1 VH S. If : - - I w Villi $ I'-, j "Is M ft or canned. serve ' " It i ' " ' M-.i! bl Si I" -:, : r -iMm-. ... I 4 brim f I "'''. A ' ' r Strawberry Festival Mold (Sugarless) 1 pk. strawberry-flavored gelatin. 1 pint hot water. Dissolve gelatin in hot water. Turn into mold. Chill until firm. Unmold. Garnish with fresh unhulled strawberries; then add to Mch serving a spoonful of mixed fruit, fresh plain or with cream. Serves 4. Three-Fourths Cup Left After First Two Weeks By OLENNA H. SNOW Huron Jnurnil Hum Einmlci E4Hnr WERE YOU RATIONAL with your first four weeks of sugar rationing T This rationing of sweets may. be the best thing that has rome to American cooks in a long time. Nutritionists claim we eat too much sugar anyway. Gourmets say we ought to learn not to mask fine flavors with oversweetness. We should learn to enjoy fruits in their own natural flavor. We conducted an experiment in our own kitchen with the beginning of sugar rationing. The results were interesting, and we thought you might like to know about them, We started off with the regular allotment, 1 pound per person for two weeks. Since there are three In the family, we had three pounds from May 7 to May 17. 4 We used the sugar for the foods we had always been used to using It for but "snitched" on some recipes. By. careful measuring we found that one cup equalled 16 tablespoonfula but by using a knife to level off these spoons we found we could get 22 tablespoonfula of sugar from one cup. Thus we "skimped" In one way, having 6 tablespoonfula left over from each cup. Too, we found that many recipes calling for 1-3 to 1 cup of sugar could be reduced in various amounts and the family didn't know the difference. We used sugar on cereal each morning for breakfast and for tea at the evening meal. It's surprising how little is needed for either of these. We found that we had used far more sugar than was necessary previously, covering the flavor of the cereal with too much sweetness. A substitute was used only in cup cakes which we baked and did not ice. They might have been made with cornalrup Icing which many find so tasty. At the end of the first two weeks we had consumed the same food which we usually enjoyed and had 3-4 cup sugar left. We had made enough tapioca pudding for six servings and enough ice cream for twelve servings to help on the next rationing period. Our conclusion was "the rationing allotment for the average family is sufficient." Sugar is a food and should be so treated. We advise against the use of saccharin as a regular substitute for sweetening. It is a coal tar derivative and has little food value. Saccharin is three to five times as sweet aa sugar. It is better to use sugar substitutes that we know have food value wnd whose reaction on the body has been proven. 7 7 , Aw- :: 4iiltlll;l Fraternities Tap Students rLEDOTNG Greek-letter groups Is a popular pastime among the students at Akron university. Alpha Sigma Omicron ia announcing the tapping of Lewis Helfrich, James Boughton, Donald Modesltt, Daniel Mltlch and Roy Fielder. Miss Jeanne Marie Klein, Miss Ruth Everly and Miss Mildred Custer have pledged Phi Mu. Theta Chi placed Its pin on Robert Bloom while Kappa Kappa Gamma chose Miss Jean Schwartz as a neophyte. Robert Staudt has been elected president of Thl Delta Theta fraternity. Frank Prentice Is reporter, William Leffler, treasurer; Horton French, secretary; William Hall, house manager; Charles Allen, steward: John Dye, warden; Andrew Kochman, historian; Jamea Fuchs, chaplain; Donnelly McMlllen, chorister, and William Campbell, librarian. Teen Ace Sueccsscs To Brighten Wardrobes TV we i if v JUJ? Ml ! m fjmimm ' . f'f' .inai'i -'n . ;i 'ii i ' ' !!!. M 7, ,lill ma K im 0162 Ulji J fi AT m V&ZZM I tl If K I yr 21 I ri IT I I i rf is i s m i i; i 'AUV. . i iii i i THERE'S not a girl in the land (that we have heard of) who doesn't crave a slack suit. In Pattern No. S169 is a model with many practical featurea and a sophisticated air of smartness For these overalls can be worn for sunexposure or may be slipped on over a contrasting blouse. Complete with the attractive mv lrro they are a slick sports suit which will win you many friends! Note the smart way they button In back and the placement of the hip pocket. rattern No. MB la in to 16 years. Size 10 suit takes 3 1-2 yards 35-Inch material. Growing girls appreciate the simplicity and good taste of the classic shirtwslst dress lust ss much as older women do. Psttern No, 8162 brings you a button' front version of this popular fash ion Just in time to pe made tip in checked gingham, cool cnamhray, crisp poplin and any other smart rottona you care to name. Thus It will be a summertime wsah able which you'll repeatedly turn to Just the right dress for pic nics, to wear down town to the movies -to loaf In during long summer days. Pattern No. 8162 is in sizes 6 to 14 yesrs. Size 8 years with short sleeves takes 2 3-4 yards 3fl-lnch material. Two separate patterns. 15c for each pattern plus lc postage for each pattern ordered. New Summer Fashion book 15c. For these attractive patterns send l.V plus lc for postage for each In coins, your name, address. pattern numbers and wanted Ice Cream (This we made twice. Once at the beginning of the first period and again at the end so that It would carry over Into our second rationing period.) 3-4 cup- sugar originally 2 cups milk called for 1 cup 2 teaspoonfuls 1-4 tcaspoonful salt vanilla extract , 1 teaapnonful lemon extract 1 quart coffee cream Beat egga until light and foamy, add sugar and beat again, add salt and flavoring. Beat cream until foamy; add milk to egg mixture then combine the two. Put in freezing trays (it will fill two) and allow to freeze partially. Remove from tray and beat with either electric or Dover beater until smooth. Refill trays and freeze. This amount makes two quarts of delicious cream with no cooking. Refrigerator Rolls 1 cake compressed yeast 2 cups lukewarm water 1-3 cup sugar recipe 2 eggs- called for 1-2 cup if family needs them 1 teaspoonful salt 6 to 7 cups flour 4 tablespoonfuls soft fat Mix the yeast and sugar well. Add salt and water. Beat eggs and add to first mixture. Add 4 cups flour, beat well. Add soft fat, beat again. Add enough more flour to make a sticky dough. Beat until smooth. Cover and let rise until double in bulk. This is best done in a warm room. Work down and set In refrigerator. Shape and make rolla aa needed. Allow 1 teaspoonful sugar for each sweet roll that you make, mixing the sugar with a little cinnamon before spreading it on the dough for the rolls. Strawberry Honey Use this for a sauce for the above made Ice cream. 1-4 cup sugar 1 cup strawberries 1-2 cup light com sirup 1-2 teaspoonful lemon Juice Dissolve sugar in corn sirup and boil 4 minutes. Add strawberries and boil 3 minutes. Cool. Add lemon Juice. Serve as a sauce over ice cream or bits of sponge cake. Cocoa (We made 2 quarts of this beverage having the first serving for lunch hot, while the remslnder was put in the refrigerator and served cold the next aay.) 2 quarts milk 6 tablespoonfuls cocoa 3 tablespoonfuls sugar 1-2 cup water Mix cocoa and sugar and water together. Cook over hot fire until well blended, then add milk and allow to Just come to a boll. Beat with Dover egg beater to break up scum. Serve hot or cold. Sugarless Chocolate Chip Cake 2 teaspoonfuls grated orange rind 1 cup milk 3 egg whites 2-3 cup semi-sweet chocolatebroken in bits 3 cups sifted cake flour 3 teaspoonfuls baking powder 1-2 teaspoonful salt 1-2 cup margarine 1 1-2 cups light corn sirup 3 egg yolks Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Cream margarine, add 1 cup corn sirup gradually and cream until fluffy. Add egg-yolks one st a time and beat well. Add sifted ingredients alternately with milk, stirring well after each addition. Add grated orange rind. Add the semi-sweet chocolate pieces. Beat egg whites until stiff, add remsinlng i-j cup of corn sirup gradually, beating until mixture atands in stiff peaks. Fold Into batter until well blended. Rake In 2 greased 9-inch layer rake pans in a moderate oven (375) for 25 to 30 minutes. Cool. Frost if desired with a frosting made by beating 2 egg whites and 1 cup of light colored corn sirup together until they hold a peak. Thla may be cooked In the top of the double boiler aa it Is beaten, Some prefer the cooked frosting, but the uncooked Is also very good. ICE CREAM, the rationing period such as is shown in the second picture from the left, was made twice during at the beginning and at the end. This gave a carryover into the second period. The recipe for tapioca pudding, third from left, called for one-third cup or sugar, out Glenna Snow found that it could be made with Just one-fourth cup. mis savea some augur lor ine nexi rationing period and also in case of emergency. Quick custard pie, right, can alao have its sugar content sliced down. Instead of using the regulation half cup, a third of a cup will suffice. . . At the end of the first rationing period, ascording to the experiment conducted by the home economics editor, three-fourths cup of sugar was remaining. This is shown in the lower left photo. The supply is kept in a glass jar so that the entire family can see Just how much sugar is on hand, Thia helps keep them from wasting the supply. Quick Custard Pie 3 cups milk 1-3 cup sugar recipe called 3 eggs for 1-2 cup 1-4 teaspoonful salt Pie shell unbaked Put pie shell in oven and bake for 15 minutes while milk is being scalded. Be sure it has been pricked so that it does not blister. Scald milk. Beat eggs lightly without separating them. Add salt and sugar. Pour scalding milk over eggs and sugar. Mix well, pour into pie shell. Sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg. Bake 5 minutes at 350 degrees. This fills a large pie pan. If your pan is small, then pour the excess custard into custard cups and bake. Use for another day's serving. Tapioca Pudding 3 tablespoonfuls 2 cups milk quick cooking tapioca 1 teaspoonful flavoring 1-4 teaspoonful salt . 1-4 cup sugar recipe calls 2 eggs for 1-3 cup Put milk and tapioca In top of double boiler and cook until tapioca ia cler. Separate eggs, beat yolks with sugar and salt. Add to hot mixture and cook until a smooth custard is formed. ' Add whites of eggs beaten, blend well. Add flavoring and set in refrigerator until cold before serving. Strawberry Gelatin (No sugar required) Dissolve one package of strawberry flavored gelatin in 2 cups of hot water. Cool but do not chill. Clean 1 quart of strawberries. Slice into cooled gelatin, then set in refrigerator to harden. May be used either as salad, served on lettuce, or ss dessert with a little whipped cresm. Church Guild Sponsors Party THE ST. MONICA guild wtll hold a business session on Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Martin Sarlouis will preside. Plans will be completed for a card party to be sponsored by the guild on Thursday at 8 p. m. in St. Mary's parish auditorium. Mrs. Henrietta Brooks will be chairman and Mrs. William J. Kirke, co-chairman. Assisting hostesses will be Mrs. Nellie Wehh, Mrs. John D. Carlson and Mrs. John A. Dunn. Assisting by serving the re-freshmen ts will be Miss Colletl a. Hofacker, Miss Winifred Kouri, Miss Helen Cramer, Miss Delores Engler, Miss Rosemary Webb and Miss Mary Madigan. Fraternal News Akron chapter, No. 254, Women of the Moose, will hold election of officers on Monday at 8 p. m. Names placed in nomination in clude Mrs. Gertrude Atwater, Mrs. Jean Vernotzy and Mrs. Julia Baker, senior regent; Ms. Viola Cadmus, Mrs. Esther Fulton and Mrs. Marion Cooney, Junior regent; Mrs. Bessie rerrillo, Mrs. Irene Hamlin, Mrs. Anna Babb and Mrs. Julia Jackson, chaplain; Mrs. Lue Wille, recorder; Mrs. Helen Vernotzy and Mrs. Betty Rudney, treasurer. Dolly Madison council No. 204, D. of A., will hold election of officers on Monday at 7:30 p. m. at 507 W. Market St. The Past Councilors club will meet the same day at 4 p. m. New officers will preside for the first time at the regular meeting of Court Laetare, No. 1171, C. D. of A., on Monday at 8 p. m. In the Mayflower hotel, Miss Ger- aldlne McGuckln Is grant regent. Installation of officers will take place at the social meeting on June 15. Mrs. Ed Cardarelli has been named general chairman of that meeting with Miss Eloise Reid as cochalrman. Election of officers will take place when the Cuyahoga Falls Knights of Columhus meet on Monday at 8 p. m. in the Ragles hall. George Bender is unopposed for grand knight and Harry Baker for deputy grand knight. Evening Star camp, No. 2242, Royal Neighbors of America, will hold memorial services on Wednesday In the Pythian temple, 34 8. High st. Officers In charge wtll wear white. The meeting will be called to order at 7:30 p. m. Puritan Camp, No. 1476. Royal Neighbors of America, will start Its meeting Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. with memorial services at headquarters, 317 S. Main st. A business meeting will follow the ceremony. Mrs. Joseph 8utter and Mrs. Emil Krill will be hostesses when the Order of St. Martha meets on Tuesday at 2 p. m. in the St. Bernard clubrooms. . A meeting of the Third Order of St. Dominic will be held at 3:15 p. m Sunday in St. Joseph church, Cuyahoga Falls. You'll Need A Special Hairdo For graduation; Try one of thete! 3 Announce Betrothal Of F ormer Resident Announcement la being made of the engagement of Miss Matie Ethclyn Huffman, Cleveland, daughter of Mrs. J. C. Huffman, 562 Hnllihaugh av. She is affianced to Pvt. Ernest Faul Ekelman, son of Mrs. Margaret Ekelman, Cleveland. Private Ekelman is now serving with the U. S. army at Camp Perry, O. No date has been set for the wedding. a kEcor;onr$i .95 Permonent Ware With Shampoo and Ret Reg. Jt.T.OO 4f5k "Blue Ribbon" $lO).95 rermanenr Wave io si MO.V., TI ES., WED. SHAMPOO RINSE FINGERWAVE Army Corps Nuic Captain Is Speaker District, No. 1. Ohio Nurse' association, will meet on Monday at 8 p. m. in the Idabelle Firestone Nurses home. The guests will to the Akron Beacon Journal To- hear Miss Mildred P. Canter, R.N. day's Pattern Service. W Seventh i captain of the army nurse corps Avenue. New York, N. Y. ' stationed at Fort Hayes. SOUFFLE Clrantitiff Oram Souffle has never been offered at this prtre. Frankly, we want to tempt you with Marie Earle'i newest cream, and only by trying It ran you discover how different Souffle really I. Fluffy, ailky, light, smooth a Messing to powder-laden skin! Limited supply, please hurry 1 $2.75 list 7 M -oi. Almort M-lh. 5pWtl foe l.imilri Timn mutt MiOH-fwrntu norm POLSKY'S 1 .95 DRESS UP every room with NEW 1942 WALLPAPER Our selection in the largest in Akron and embracf hundreds of colors, patlema and design. Vtllpiptr CtarKss 71' Papen u Lows u dingle Ron ':fi Border ami CriUng Prlrri Arntrltiigly Stfrl nsjflt Wond-Slm Vrnrtim BiW VnrfVuy PrireH U ood-SInt Venrtinn Rlindt Vrnfrsffv Prlrrd igkW. D.TURNER WALLPAPER COMPANY Akron, 171 $, Main St. . PR-im larberten, 219 N. Second St. SH-S016 I, Ill I r . U jxt ti y 1 , J js; v nn Sttktrs tn Mui ntt n,r Mn." turn mat? I Im'i, IhP new stvlM are rxtrrmcly versatile, fhey look rnsp and chin for playtime, efficient and smart tor office, romantic on Mar-spnnRled nights. tprrMit, In Inprring th, hair tit th length moil llllerit fr ,, -w m tulnh fMf Mnhn )ur npimlnlmml thli treefc for fitur gradua tion nrrmnnrnt. GOLDEN OIL $3.00 PERMANENT 3 Ftathtr Cut 75c Other Wovti Complete $50 .. dm up U LAC It Qll VCD BEAUTY " lalV SHOPS Tm.(s IIE.3323 j SIIOI7 VlOLtT BROWN BETTY BAUER . ETHEL SCH0ON0VE

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