The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 29, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1935
Page 2
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capital are rare and police, usual (police guard for was planned. May Day demonstrations ments for the day. Kansas City a demonstrations. ' Practically an institution in America— NAJIONAL AHBOW WEEK. . . The week to ond buy — the newest shirt colon — ihe newest shirt patterns — the newest shirt styles ! GERMAN SUBS. underwater listening, has tated. There were Come in and see what smart tailoring in a shirt means. See Arrow's new collar styles* See the new format Mitoga design. Sanforized-Shronk — your gnarantee against shrinkage. See how Arrow brings solid comfort to underwear with its Seamless Crotch shorts. Sanforized, too. So let's make it a date. April 29 to May 4 is the time. Young 6- Mason • -. ' '-. - - .';'«• •• i 1 i . ! ' • : j i THB U were an- leration of th commun- h. Only the or parades meeting was ;ton. Cornin Franklin on square. ions in the police, as ial arrange- :ipated n'o rTRS! JD0. Pago 1. has facili- ises that rines which said Ger- build would g purposes ones were hat the dozes might be July, ireparing lo OMBR BOGUE . Former Besident at 1 ;;•:; Vjj '!!•" 1 :•-.••:!- ! : ' i TIPTONI JJAHiSV TRIBU OEAD. i tock Prairie Died at Elwood. ; Friends and relatives in the i - > Windfall community have received word of the death of Omer JF. Bogue which occurred Sunday evening at 4:00 o'clock at his home, in Elwood. He bad been ill for the past three years with kidney trouble and other complications. : Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the Rock Prairie church north of Tipton, with' Rov. Oraer McCoy of Greentown in cfiarge. Burial will be in the Albright cemetery south of Kpkomo. The body will lie in state until the hour of the friends may call. at the home services and [ Omer F. Bogue was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Riley Bogue, and was born April 14, 1870 in Rush county. Some years later the family removed to Tiptoni county, and when a young man. JMr. Bogue married Miss Maude Bradley of the Rock Prairie community. They went to housejkeeping :in that neighborhood where they re- THE Federal Grt ! Kidn (By : Tucson , fedsrfil srfl h6flr Gvidfii year-old t old June R of a wealth Some of "G" men •! the jury a gathered d vestigation unsolved al The evid sent and t involved w< ture, but it would cons justice's c. Robson, for operator, w 000 bond, one of the The Uni formed th* evidence a Tucson cle have been writing wi THE BOBIJSS CASE. Solve Kidnaping Mystery. (By United Press). ' ., April 29.—A grand jury met today to that may solve the kidnaping of six-years, granddaughter men were to appear before present evidence No Doubt of Many Votes Going ito Administration in Next Election; Oscar H. the jury will hear was to commissioned late in July. ing to program as sided until several years ago when re-emergence as a they removed to Elwood. „ The government Surviving with the wife are was ready to consult the domin- four children. George JBogue, Mrs 18 John Davis, Mrs. Cecil Gootee and Commentators said that a Ger- Mrs. Clifford SbepphArd, of Elman naval spurt could soon place wood; twelve grandchildren; one Reval, Esthonia. and Riga. Lat- sister, Mrs. George Ellson of Ko- via, at the mercy of German nav- korno; two half-sisters, Mrs. Lou Ann Forsythe of Kokomo. and _ (j e - Mrs. Lottie Gardner ! of Elwood; velopmentT^t'was learned". Russia j and a half-brother. Max Bogue of already has made the defenses of Rushville. ] The deceased was a member; ot the Separate Baptist! church in Elwood and attended services whenever able. He j was well known in this county having al guns. In anticipation of such a FOXY MR. ROOSEVELT Washington, April 29. — Completion of President Roosevelt's work-relief 'organization which will allot and expend the Sl,880,000,000 appropriated by congress for emergency projects the first instance, and. the other to ; ;pay off the soldiers' bonus in bonds that can be leashed now. If these measures are enacted into law they will add billions of dollars to the financial obligation of the government at this' time.'Two Democratic senators. Senator Josiah W. Bailey, North Carolina,'and Alva'B. Adams, Colorado, said the national debt would amount to more than 540,000,000.000 by the time this session of congress adjourned and that the credit of the government was endangered seriously. The senate paid little heed to their arguments. T)KHBY DOPE. Whitney's Today Is Now Kstab- li.xhi-d as u'Favorite. <ny Unile'l rrcss). New York. April 29. - C. V. throughout the country serv-d to | Whitney'., Today, winner of impress upon' politicians and po- otlier ransom note. Robson, arrested in . Phoenix shortly after June was found in a desert "torture grave" 19 days after her abduction, is the only person who :has been connected with the investigation publicly. •The Robles child was kidnaped by a "tall man who wore a cap 1 ' litical observers the political advantage that is likely to accrue to the administration that ha:; charge of this vast expenditure, the largest ever authorized by congress in peace times. President Roosevelt displayed his usual political acumen in acquainting the American public with the details of his ;work-relief set-up. Instead of incorporating all tin- details in one general announcement, he gave it out in broken Leningrad and Kronstadt impregnable and is preparing to speed up naval expansion. British-Russia naval talks are to be held after the British-German ones. LONDON is SCRUBBED. Continued from' Page 1. crosspiccc of the same color, sur•mounted by the lion and the crown in gold. From the crosspiece of each will hang long streamers of red, white and hlue from alternate masts. All the members of the royal family, including Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, will take part in the various processions to St. Paul's, and, for the first time since the coronation, the 2-^4 -ton state coach of the speaker of the house of commons will journey from Westminster for the| Thanksgiving service. This coach datr.s from 169S. It is planned to make May ti a great children's day. again protected by the whole peo pie's readiness for defense." In Great Britain, London wil have two May Day celebrations one by'Communists Wednesday, with their customary march to Hyde Park, and a second one by Labor Party Trades Union and co-operative men Sunday. In connection with tlie_ May Day plans, the Communist organ Daily Worker denounced the cele- (By United Press). Paris, April i29. — Francois Pietri, minister of marine, left for London today and it was said on reliable authority that, though his visit was ostensibly private, he would discuss Germany's submarine program with Sir Bolton Eyres-Monsell, British first lord of the admiralty. wide circle of friends and relatives in the Rock Prairie and Windfall communities to mourn his passing. REVIEW OF POLITICS. Continued from Page 1. Whether thi.s plan would rc- bration in honor of King George's : SH i t j,, j ne reduction of taxes on 25 years on the throne as wasteful. In Hungaria and Roumania, some Socialists will be permitted to hold small celebrations, but INDIANA RELIEF. This State Xecds 88,|>00,OOO Per Month McXutt Says. (By Unitoil Pi-cssl. Washington, April |29. — Indiana needs SS,500,000 a month from the government's $4,880,0:00,000 work-relief fund to reemploy 90,000 family heads Gov. Paul V. McNutt today informed Relief Administrator Harry L. as she left a 'public school. A let- doses, thereby emphasizing thi I ' ...... ter mailed from Chicago directed ; importance that each major dm- searchers to her "torture prison" ision of the organization future book of Ninv York com- t h e Kentucky CROC ft-Rose Bushes Shrubs • ; ' • m • We are cleaning up our stock at bargain prices. Your choice of! 18 varieties, each in individual box — 12 Yearsj Ago April IHHh. Wood Memorial at Jamaica Saturday, today was established as favorite in the Frank Shannon 'missioner, for Derby. Today takes preference over William Woodward's O in a h a, third behind Mrs. Payne Whitney's Plat Eye in the Wood Memorial, and last week established as Derby top choice, supplanting the early favorite. Chance Sun. While. Today gained followers in: the wood. Omaha's perform-j William T. Bower and family ance against the field of 12 Derby j moved from 521 North Indepeud- oli'gibles left him among the ont-j 01K . e street to the Ida Mitchell property on North East street- Judge Earl Stroup of Frankfort in a talk before the Kiwanis Club on Tolerance stated there was no room in America for the Ku Klux Klan. ; after efforts to make ransom con- play allotment and expend!- wm .j (1 i standing favorites, including Psy- '. ffhic tacts had failed. THKEE ESCAPE. Get Away From Illinois But Fourth; Was Left Behind. i ture of the funds, and keeping j public interest sustained fur s«v- Ir-ral days instead of limiting it in i a one-day sensation. Prison' TIle P° litieal si(I ° ot tllc n " St ' j work-relief program lias many .angles. If a majority of tlipn> ' work out successfully, it will eon- Fla Rid in the East and Nellie. , which beat Bluebeard and Chance Sun at Churchill Downs Saturday. At the Diana. City Unite,! PrcssV tribute much to the efforts to ulu "" 1 L "" 1 '" '. ' Joliet, 111.. April 29.—Three i ulnuu - . i terest and emotional power. 1 , ... • ., ,., made by tbe administration nexi ,- • • _ ,_..„, „ A love story as thrilliug as a romantic dream come true, a drama that is rich in human in- com- convicts escaped from the old slate penitentiary here early to-' day,, leaving'behind'their 260- pound champion who broke both legs in dropping from a 25-foot wall. . ! The quartet, serving robbery TREASURY HAS PLAN. Continued from Page 1. qualifications, to subject all .inheritances and gifts to a system of rates similar to that of the federal income tax law. "3. Tbe result of this proposal would bo that gifts and inheritances would be taxed at progressive raten. and, under it, the con- could provide for the effective rates t"o vary with the taxpaying capacity of the recipients ofiibequests and gifts. On very lafjfe bequests or glfu during a siwjle year — $1,000,000 or more — If the existing income tax rates are applied, the total tax would approximate 60 per -cent. :"4. To prevent the necessity for hasty liquidation oft large properties in order to pay the tax, It might be provided that inheritance taxes be payable in a convenient number of installments. : ; "6. The preliminary estimate is such a tax would yield in ,1936 approximately $300,000.000 aid might range upward to $600.0.6.0,000 annually. Our present es~ • tate tax is estimated to yield some ..4190,000,000 in 1936. It may be .observed that, 'from estate and lii- .',t«ltance taxes, England, with a ^population of approximately one- that of the United States smaller per capita wealth income, collected' more than duties in year ended March 31, Communist demonstrations will not be permitted. Netherlands Socialists 4 will march in the streets of Amsterdam. There will be large scale, peaceable demonstrations in the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which have Socialist governments.' The premiers will be the principal speakers. New York, April 29.—Elaborate precautions to forestall disorderly demonstrations in May real estate is coming in for much j Hopkins. and forgery [terms, pried apart; the bars of their cell on the top! gallery of the prison diagnostic, hospital, clambered up a fire escape near a guard tower and i dropped over i the wall. Nearly a half hour after year to continue itself in power for another four years. In the first place, the president in perfecting his new organization, succeeded admirably in- keeping down dissension' within 'his own immediate official family. ody of the laughter-compelling variety, are the ' ingredients of KRO-Radio's "Laddie," hailed as a worthy successor to "Little Women," another masterpiece by the same producers. At the Diana Monday and Tuesday. .^ upon Gene Stratton- \vorld-famous siory, in the benefits. I.J •«"""« " ri " 5S tO th ° acronn °" C unlikely that each j of ! U " ; ^ realpst °. f a " «"»» nc «! of real life of fiction. As a mat- It is assumed each state and Based political subdivision in the conn- I ^ or er s senator and representative who i. . will ! ter of fact, the "Laddie ' n.mance Ul °-''* trllc - '» " r " S(!lltt>(1 ltt t!l ° 'up for reelection next year '', be judged by the amount of work- llioughtfi.l consideration by fa-m leaders. Unless substantial tax relief were obtained, t is regarded as .ikely that many -of the farm representatives would not be keen about a new tax code at tlrs t'lrH. Certain of the farm leaders fer.r The program, he projected, McNutt said, would endidirect relief in Indiana except for j persons unable to work. j McNutt said Indiana will be ready to go on the new program whenever the federal; government gets it under way. jHc named track elevation, road and high- that unless a retail sale.; tax is | way construction, sewers, grade enacted, their properties will be taxed further to enable the ."late lo match funds for the Roosevelt relief program. Farm Bureau economists and politicians are likely to have a program of their own if there is a special session. Probably the farm leaders would demand an increase in the gross Income tax to which the retailers object, and also would Day observance throughout the ptopose gpecial taxes hotll to country centered in the nation's meet , the RooseV clt program ami two largest cities today. Police officials in New York and to reduce the levies on real estate. Chicago . will mass uniformed fj or are t i, e f arm i ea ders ju- forces along routes of parading clined to permit any tampering Communists and Socialists. No. an- W ith the intangible lax law. un- xiety over disorders was pro-,(jer which the state board expects fessed, but police were prepared' to collect taxes on millions of dol- for any eventuality. lars' worth of securities held by Chicago's plans paralleled religious, fraternal, educational those of New York.-Capt. Richard'and charitable institutions. Gill said between 600 and 700 j ,* * * uniformed men would be assigned' The name of Senator Fred Eich- to watch the May , Day parade.' horn of Gary, was added today tJ The marchers will start in two!the growing list ot prospective sections of the. city and converge]Democratic candidates for gov- on Grant Park, along Michigan: ernor. Bichhorn is Democratic j><I,epO,000 ta -•**- WOELD. r; ta-ito' be that are Boulevard.' • , At least 12 police to every block wlH'.assure no disorders,'officials believe. AB-an" added'."pre-, caution tear - gas has been •.installed in aqtwd cars for -.riot duty.. . San Francisco'Will permit Communists to' parade. A special; detail of police will he assigned .to keer> marchers from disorderly demonstrations. No other preqa>- tlons ' taken for pay. .police required i pft- I chairman ot Lak* county, which 'tried to withdraw from Indiana and form a new state at the recent session of the Legislature. The new state was to be known as Illlana, but If Elchhorn is a candidate he will have to run for governor of Indiana. The recent move to run Ewing Emisou of Vlncennes, as a Republican candidate for governor has been slowed down because Emlson says he doesn't care to become a candidate. Chairman (Don Irwln will call a crossings elimination and rural electrification as the; types of projc-cts best adapted jto his state. Indiana could "take very little advantage of the $900,000,000 construction fund because of tho bond moratorium and tax limitation laws," McNutt said. "Of course, we canj build some self liquidation projects and ;finance them with revenue bonds." McNutt said. j He informed Hopkins the state was raising $1.110.000' a month for relief which would go to -care for "unemployables" jwho cannot benefit from the bureau. rade;perj$ltf, but only one minor mBi ting of the Republican state pejrmit''.h4d',b«n Bought 'and committee for May 8, to consider organiiatton matter*. -Democratic editors ^grobably conduct tbeir summer meet- Thomas D. Taggart at violence wis <»ntibl- naud'.*i»<j »o extra precaution! planned.' ?/ ASKING ACTION. Continued from Page 1. be cared for in some inanner and it will be one of the; items of business coming before the Board of Commissioners at !their meet- Ing Monday, May 6th. The county will also have the same right-of-way proposition up for the" new 'state ro£d south to link, with the road out of Nobles- vine connecting withj Indlanapo-. lis. This route has befen surveyed and it Is the intention highway department over some -time this Is believed, providing buys the right of way state roads should h Every effort should; the money to Bay for the break was discovered searching rel|ef mon( ,; , )e SIICCOCded in . ol> . Kuise of fiction. For Ladd.e was a guards heard: moans and feeble! ta , nln fo / hjg state () ,. district . brptlusr of Gene Stratton-l orter. cries, in a clump of hushes out-| Hpncc U]C desjre of nlombors of and his story is the actual-narra- side the walli thev found Martin I ,.,.„„ ... *,„.„ „„ „„„,, ,„_,„. five of what happened years ago side the wall; they found (Big Six) Schroeder, both broken at the. ankles. Schroeder was serving a one to 10 year larceny sentence. The three who escaped were: Edward Martin, 30, one to 20 years for robbery. George Patterson. 45, one to 14 years for forgery. : William Kirkpatrick. 33, one to 20 years for robbery: ! congress to keep on good terms with the white hojj,se and with tin- intimate advisers of the president who are to aid him in distribution of the money. It affects not only the Demo- K. F. Clark, Albert Mitchell, Robert Stuart and C- E - Kritsch were at Indianapolis and drove back new Fords for" the,-Baldwin ' agency. * * * i Leino Dell, Virgil McMath, Maurice Smith and Claude Poole, Boxley students, were all badly hurt in an automobile accident. * * * Word was received that Miss Orpha Cole former County Home Economics demonstrator, was seriously ill at Deland, Fla. * * * The home of Ira Rice southwest of Atlanta was completely destroyed by fire. : * * * The home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Enneking was saddened by the death of their two-year-old daughter, Esther Frances. Card of Thanks. in Indiana. - One of the most interested mefmbers of the audience at the Djana Sunday night was J. -K. j Pontius of North Main street, well known Nickel Plate man. As i cratic members, but Republican I members as well. ' a youngster Mr. Pontius knew-. A DUllOXT DEAD. Descendant df Powder Plant Founder Dies in Florida. (By Unlt^l Press). Wilmingtonv Del., April 29.— Word of the 'death of Alfred I. Finally, there is always appar- tlte author of "Laddie" intimate- ont the probability that the glil ,i.j ly and recalls being held on her tude of the men and women who lap and listening to her tell stor- obtain employment on tho numerous projects, and of their dependents will reflect iUelf at tho polls in 19:i6. The president's work-relief program is intended primarily to take .T,500,6:00 mon and women off the relief rolls aad give them jobs. If it. proves successful, these men and women and tohir dependents will consti- ies when the families were neigh- bo^s, near Geneva. In Mrmoriam. DuPont, 70, i descendant of the tute a sizeable vote in tho wxt founder of thd DuPont Company, jsenoral olection. at Jacksonville Fla.. was received! The Republicans, still, disorganized and disheartened by overwhelming defeat in'1332. aiv here today. ; , He died at 3:30 a. m. DuPont suffered a heart attack last In loving memory of our be- lovnd mother and grandmother. Mrs. Josephine Plymire, who de- dei(artod this life one year ago, ApHi ;:o, 193-j. ' No one knows the silent heartaches. Only those who have lost can ; tell Of the grief that's bornn in silence. I wish to express my sincere • thanks and appreciation to our : many friends and neighbors for !the many kindnesses shown my I dear wife during the long sickness and after her death. I wish to personaly thank Rev. Norman Berry for his message of comfort; Mr. Leatherman and Mr. Norris, the funeral directors; Mr. William Leonard, Mrs. Winnie Wibe! and Mrs. Thurman Long, .accompanied by Mrs. ijois Hughes, for the excellent music, the caskeC bearers and flower bearers and all who expressed their love and sym- .pathy in the beautiful flowers. | ' - .MR. JASPER : LANE. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LEARN AT viewing tho situation with con- Thursday, but! his condition was 3 (sldorable anxiety. It is the main believed favorable until last treason why the loaders are oxpo- • ! 'rlencing so much dimculty in llioir efforts to arouse cnthu.ilasi:i night when he was again strick- His father Was Eleuthere DuPont. WAKE UP YOUR LIVEffBilJE- WMEL Oh; dearest Mother, how we miss i you! Tears in silence often (low, Meinory keeps yon ever near us. Though you di"d one year ago. Peaceful be thy sleep, dear Mother, upkeep cost will be sayed and ttjis expense will soon ( pay tial investment. " ;lel Raddle Kn« riding ^ajrd, ig- rins the .lanterns ot Warning it arc' Mae hung up jit the by cabjaet members and'.a ho .beHevje the. ||to, call a fait on rnment In' life we loved you dearly, Ih death we do the same. Yoti are gone, but not forgotten, tyor will you ever be, As' .long as life and memory last We shall remember thee. : J » .. . : A loving mother, so true and kind, on earth like lier we jailiong the rank and file ; of thej - it is swoct to breathe thy name; Iparty, and to obtain contributions - ' "* - '• • - • -.-..-•.. • jjwith which i to finance the preliminaries of the 1936 canipaign. Many rogarjT the situation as hopeless unless the work-relief 'program proves a flop, and 'no real 'progress Coward recovery 14 made during the next yoalr. | |« ::«•*.-; j .; i The $4.880,0,00,000 wqrk-reHuf ppropriation, Iwhile thefjlargest f the session,ijdoes not; bjagin to represent U»o amount of j monyy, congress wilj authorize fw emergency purposes j before the (session idjanrns. | ! r | The treasury! raiders sti,!! are In No ! friend ;! find. Forj all of us she did her best. May God grant her eternal rest. ' -; 1 . • ..•'.•••- Whpn the evening shades are fall- ng, 1 we are sitting all alone, our lujftrts thorq conies a long- il ln ?' ff'you; only could come home. " 'and 6ft our thoughts do wanr der, a grave not far away, fre wo laid our dearest Mother Ape ago today, y jmiased by Mr. i and Mrs. •iey Kelley; Mr. and Mrs. Gar- quail 8* " BECOME an electrical engineer by spare-time study of this course prepared by . modern experts. Free catalog; ' InternatUnkl Carrftoandtncft S*M«U 8m 1381. Scrantia. PJM*. . • risjsc teml full Information limit com* chirked: - ' '. OEIwtrinl Eoginwr C Pnttfc*! Btrtrleltt OPtnr HOUIB Elotlrie D Eletlrle Jack Cunningham, Representative S. Adains St«, Marion, Ind. I'aul Uttcrback, 715 As a guest of The Tribune at Ole Theatre to Explanation: not transferable -and Js tor the party wiose; dress appear above. named above, aceoin member of his famlljr should present thU the R|t» dopr the regular admission THTOlf

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