Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 27, 1956 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1956
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27,195t R!H BEN BOLT John CuMcn Mnrphy RIVETS W&".-. . m«;^ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs MkSMT BFCALIEDA PlAlFCTfC 8AITFD BY" SOCirATFS fOC tfl$ WO£TW MISS WAW<?, WOULD VOU TTU1IS HOW SOCEATTTS TPSSTS MIS TPAP7 BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin VOU'RE fcU- VOUR. OWES TWE, UV\,CIV=M THE SMITH FA3HLY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith OM.J. HWV*. THE MO&T WoKPERFliL LHTLt GIRLS \NTHE WHOLE WORLP/ WUtCW PEARE.ST,X =»WE.tTE6T, LITTLE N ANGEL LOYE9 MOM THE _ MOST-3 rtLVf&SHmfl ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin WELL, HOVV'D YOU AND THE/DID YOU MIZOOLIAM ( CATCH SFOOVC MAKE ) 'IM A OUT? ..—\ FISH? i' fa. 10-27 VEH...I THINK HE'S HAD ENOUGH TO HOLD 'IM FOR QUITE SPELL... OUB BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE ffrfj^ (MERE i SIT CHILLED IM A }'' ESAD/5AD 15 THE LOT 0^1^^!^^ ?A(X YARD, < DOMESTICATED /HAM.'-IF X\%LAPPlNfa£MELLY PA |*T HAP ,N!0 HOME TIES TO BlMDH°^jJSH & ,^' S f^ L& IE, I MIGHT WELL g£ ( : > T A IM?^™ ^,,v ^ITTlMG irJ A \s'Ae\\Y4 TAL&NTb THAT £ ASlty ^U.l'H^jn^.^yn V-\ COULD VJlrt rtOBEL PRIZES, OSCAR'S,, AVEDAL6 fOG. , STUDIO PAt^TINS A DUCHE55 OK. A OP FKOIT UO'J CCOLO BE 5'JTA\I$$.AMERICA = OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams J OME OK), OPEM UP-- I'M ^V WELL, IP I &OT JSIW PATIEWCE.' VDU KNOW ) TO GO THRU A DU'VE 6OT TO TAKE THIS / OR.DEAL VOL1 AEPICIME.' VOU'RE MAKIW' \ MIGHT AS WELL — AM ORDEAL OUT 1 <3O THRU IT WITH ME. THE WOKR.V WART ...., M.S.:.;. ,., 10 -n FKECKLES AND HIS "FRIENDS' By Merrill Blosser WITH THAT eons CHARACTER A6AIM, i DAISY ? HE 5 EVEN [ PEAU-V? I PIPNT TMIWK HE \VAS THL- QUIET TYPE" AT ALL/ <=> IS . — • WHAT STAMPS? COIMS? ^*^Y\\\ By George Sixta New Combination .#- THE BERRYS By Carl Griibert PETER. 1 S WHAT ARE , 11L . VOJ DOlN&eJf UH ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT TAKING A MAP ON MV NEW SLIP COVER WITH VOUR r-l SHOES ON s > GOOD.' THEN YOU CAN COME DOWN HERE AND HELP ME CLEAN UP r- THE BASEMENT/ _-> SHE S GETS ME COMING AND f Gy DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney WELL WELL...LOCXB voj < CAT KITTENS/. E OF W, I'VE NEVEI? SEEN\/OH.\ CUTEK KlTTENJS.'jp=3 >'OU'KS V OH,NO/I'AO (u ELL,IN THAT 1 TM£ VE«X ^-^ f CASE... ) SiNCEffE ryPE/ ) ^T_ZlV IT"" *^"$& K' •-£? •*~r HENRY By Carl Anderson ll O O o £, — 0-1J •TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT FOR: JUNIOR 9 EDITORS O CABXIVAL By Dick Turner THE AGE OF CHIVALRY - 6 A Wizard In olden days people believed In magic and most castles had a wizard. He was a wise old man, sometimes good, sometimes bad, who thought he could foretell the future by gazing into a crystal ball. He lived in a dark room in the caatle where the corners were full of cobwebs and bats and there were shelves of dried herbs and volumes of ancient spells. The king believed his wizard could help him to win battles by brewing a spell or muttering a few magic words. Here is a wizard seated In his carved dragon chair. Color the picture with your crayons and then paste It down on cardboard. Cut out the parts carefully. Fold back the end of the desk on the dotted line so It will stand. Cut the slit In the top of the jar with a face on It,' Cut out the atar at the top —or use a silver star sold In stationery stores — and paste It on the end of a toothpick painted red. Put it Into the Jar by the desk. This is the wizard's wand, ready to use when he wants to cast a spell. (First to contribute this Idea was QuIda Veale, Birmingham, Ala. If you send a usable Idea in care of this newspaper you may win the Junior Editors $10 award. Violet Moore Hlgginfl;AP Newsfeaturea), 10-27 Next Week: A Halloween Witch Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" FUNNY BUSINESS N EASY VEAW N060PY WENT IN OR Oil I BUT THAT noo*c- NOSEP euv.' AND HE CAfAE OUT THEN YOU'VE BEEN PORCH evfc» SINCE OPENEP UP? VOU'P hAvi ANYONE THAT WSNT t UATfcR? BurTotc you i WAS OO'NC f-OK THE.POliCt By Utslie Turner By Hershbcrger YEAH. AFTSR l r'ELlEPAT YOU, ?AL.' 1JUSTKAP YOUR WORP POR THAT.' WE HAVE ONLY \ I'LL VOUCH FOk I VOUR V.OKP THAI THAT ' JOt CM"I I YOU WEktHERC /UAYE IlUHlfc ALL THE TJWE.'/SlSTEK COMfS AHYrtAV, Trtii CUV POtSM'T WAVE THE UXTf.' A/»P ME HAD NOtHftNCfc TO HIWE IT.' THE TMUO WU6TVE GOT IN SOME CH14EK WAV... OUT OF Y^UKCIOHT WEU SOON KINP OUT.' r 688 A now needle combination— tn;ikp.s (he prnlliest chair-set sei'ii! Crocheted basket is filled with gay embroidered flowers— lovely on a background of or- Kcindy, nylon, or other plain fabric. I'nllcrn tiSS: Citichet directions, tninsh'r: chair-set 1.2x18 inches. Send 25 rent*' In coin* for thin pultrrn—add five rent* for each pattern for flrst-clnsi mulling. Send to Alton Telpprnph, Rfl, Xri-dlccrafl Di-pt., I'.O. Box 161, Old riiclsen Station. New York II, \. V. I'rlnl plainly Patti-rn .Number, jour Name, and Ad- dri'ss. Our cift to you — t\vo wonderful patterns lor yourself. >"our home --printed in our Lnura Wheeler Needlccrnft Hook . . . Plus clo/- cns of otiier new designs to order —crochet, knitting, embroidery, iron-fins, novelties. Send 25 cent* for your copy of this hook now with gift patterns printed in it! .AcM Printed Pattern Easier—Faster More Accurate A : A /1'iii "Why, yes, Grayson, I DID have a different job in mind for you—with another firm!" True Life Adventures "lie's quite talented—used to juggle books, too!" THE <2Tr MULE DEER 6O MUU3H A> PEW2H AS IT & A CONNING TOWER <OV? 0B<SEI?VACriON POST FROM WHI<2M T^3 <5£AW TMB BA<5K «CJF THE MULE PEBR DUKK TO VISIT SOMK KMl'IKU OUTPOSTS During his present world cruise, Britain's Duke of'Edinburgh will make a remarkable Aeries of visits to the loneliest outposts of empire, Ixjndon reports. These will include the Chatham Islands, Deception Island in the South Shet- lands, the Valkland Islands, Tristen da Cunha, St. Helena (scene of Napoleon's exile) and Ascension Island, But Where In Texan OKLAHOMA CITY ffi - Mike Sabouri of Teheran, Iran has decided that he can't be classified as a foreign student at Oklahoma City University. to another OCU new acquaintance Introduced student, his asked where he was from. "Iran," replied Mike. "Oh," said the other student, "and what part of Texas is that 4693 9—17 PRINTED PATTERN Printed Pattern for Juniors — sew^asy, so very flattering! It'i the perfect "go everywhere" style— a smooth-fitting sheath to wear as a jumper with companion blouse, alone as a lovely dress! Printed Pattern 4693: Jr. Mis* Sizes 9, 11. 13, 15, 17. Size 13 juniper takes l»i yards 54-inch fabric; blouse 2 yards 35-inch. Directions printed on each tissue pattern pnrt. Easy-tx>-use, accurate, assures perfect fit. Send 35 runts In coins for this pattern— udd five cents lor each pattern fur (irst-cluss mulling. Send to AXNK ADAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dcpt., 218 W. 17th. St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly Name, Address, Size,, and Stylo 'Number. Somotimo.s tho people who coino up from nothing seem to have brought it with them. ©NEA* llllKAIl MUCK 8TAIU.E HUT U)AK IJUUTKH Eire's Government, anxious both to give the bakers a break and keep prices stable, has taken a slice off the standard loaf of bread. Thus the price of bread has risen in Dublin, but in a round-about way. You still pay the same for a two-pound ioul, but the baker, instead of sending out a loaf weighing two pounds one ounce, to allow fop shrinkage 1 , makes f.n ixact two- pound loaf. Bakery workers won a wage boost and bakers had demanded a price increase.

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