The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 29, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Monday, April 29, 1935
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Entered as second claaa matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act ot March 6, 1879 YC&TJME XL, NO. 178. TIPTON,.INDIANA, MOXDAY EVENING, APRIL 29, 1035. Decisions of Importance to Administration Are to Come Soon. PLAN FURTHER TESTS Railroad Pension and Frazier-Lemke Acts Were Argued Weeks Ago. (By United Tress). Washington. April -'J. — The administration watched the supreme cojnt today for important decisions I affecting tlu> new deal while preparing to submit still further tests to the court. The court, sitting after a two weeks' recess, may hand down decisions today on validity of the railroad retirement pension act and tho Frazier-Lemke farm mortgage moratorium act. Donald K. Richherg, XRA chairman, and justice department attorneys, will appear before the court Thursday to open arguments on the Scheclfter Poultry i Corporal ion case involving valid-1 ity of major provisions of the: NRA. Wage and hour provisions of NRA were, held invalid by second circuit .court of appeals. Both the government and the Brooklyn poultry company agreed to rush the case before the supreme court. New deal attorneys consider tiie case the most important since the gold clause decision. The court is expected to render a decision in the case before it adjourns for the slimmer. The railroad act and the Frazier-Lemke law cases were-argued several weeks ago. The decisions in each may have an important \ew Vitamin .Discovered; Is Said to t'ure Anemia London.' April 29.—Discovery of a new vitamin, to be called K, is announced in the scientific weekly. Nature, by workers in the Biochemical Institute of Copenhagen university. It was found that chickens fed on a special diet developed deficiency disease, leading to changes in the gizzard and to anemia and hemorrhage, which was cured by a fat soluble vitamin occurring in hog liver, hemp seed and certain vegetables, such as tomatoes and kale and to less degree in many cereals. It is supposed the lack of vitamin K causes a decrease in the clotting and accelerating, component in blood: ON STATE OF U.S. FLEET PACIFIC Commission Ready to Take Over No. 213 Through County at Once. WANT RIG HT OF WAY bearing on deciding the course of the new deal. future The railroad labor case involves Sometime ago three representatives of the state highway commission' were here before the Board of Commissioners, asking action on the right of way for State Highway No. 213 through the county. The cost of securing the right of way through the country from a point on the county line north of Omega to the Howard county line will be in the neighborhood of $5,000. Almost ! 55 acres of land will be required I for the right of way wanted, I some of it being an entire new cut. James D. Adams, chairman of the state highway commission, pointed out that action is being awaited on approximately 300 miles of county highway in the state, which will relieve counties of the upkeep. Ed McLary and Ships Leave San Pedro Harbor for War Problems in New Waters. WILL RETURN JUNE 10 This "Battleground" Is Bigger Than the Entire United States. (By United Press). San Pedro, Calif., April 29. — America's greatest force of fighting craft ever concentrated in peacetime—150 wardogs of the sea—hoisted anchor at dawn tn- jday and plowed into the Pacific to demonstrate its efficiency to. the world. The giant armada steamed out of the harbor under secret orders to work out what is known in the navy's files as "fleet problem No. 1C." It will cover 5,000,000 square miles—a rough quarter of j the Pacific Ocean—between now and June 10 when it will return to California waters. ' The fleet will invade waters never before explored by any navy as it sweeps over the 1,300-mile "front" from San Diego to Puget Sound to go through the motions of war and attempt to determine how vulnerable that "front" may be> ^ , "The "battleground." in area, is larger than the entire United States. It reaches from California to mid-Pacific and from Hawaii to the sub-arctic Eleutians. Tucked away in the bellies of the fleet's giant aircraft carriers Hold Youth, 13, is "Firebug'' An amazing story of having set fire to 11 Chicago apartment buildings, resulting in the death of one person and thousands of dollars damage, was told by Edwdrd Malloy, 1<3, shown las he was questioned by Frank Kerny, assistant fire attorney, seated left; Dennis Aheam and Edward Haine, left to right, islanding, fire_ investigators,' the power of congress to regulate I his force are still working the commerce. It has been vigorously .contested by carriers. The District of Columbia' supreme court held the act unconstitutional. The pension act sets up a fund under federal supervision to retire workers after 30 years of service or at the age of 65. Railroads were required to contribute two-thirds of the fund set aside for that purpose. The' Frazier-Lemke law provides a system whereby farmers may have their debts scaled down by federal bankruptcy proceedings. It also permits the farmers affected to remain in possession of his lands for five years, during which he has an option of redeeming it. The law has been upheld by the federal courts in Kentucky and held invalid by the Maryland federal courts. The appeal was from the decision of the Louisville, Ky., court. Reported Very HI. Mrs. Loren Cottingham of North East street who was seriously ill with heart trouble for gome time and was improving, is reported to again be very sick. Sunday her condition was reported as very bad. It was stated Mrs. Cotttngham will have to undergo an operation before her trouble at& be removed. Windfall Pike and other roads required for route of 213 through the county and are hoping some means can be devised.for having the road taken over. When the council was in session last week the subject was mentioned hut there are no .funds available for an appropriation, it was stated, although the amount needed is expended many times over in the upkeep. Mr. Adams states that counties which do not act to secure the necessary right-of-way are not only losing an opportunity of lessening their own highway upkeep costs but are also losing the opportunity of securing .better roads. In the majority of counties where an offer has Tjeen 1 made to take over the roads, the offer has been quickly accepted and the right-of-way secured, but Tipton and twenty-eight other counties have "been slow to act. It is possible the matter will Continued on Page 2. are 460 sea hawks demonstrale their which will effecliveness Ft. Wayne Conference May Reduce Number From. Six to Four. AN ECONOMY MEASURE against an imaginary enemy during the maneuvers. The aircraft attack and defense will be the most spectacular maneuvers of the "war games." The cumbersome aircraft carriers, Lexington, Langley, Saratoga and Ranger, will launch 150 more planes from their flat-topped decks than ever have been carried to sea before. Leading the armada is Admiral Joseph M. Reever, tight-lipped, bearded pioneer of naval warfare. Although no information has leaked through the navy's personnel, it is expected the maneuvers will close with a great sham battle, probably in the area between the Aleutian Islands, to test the final problem of defense. A Likely Story. (By United Press). Chicago, April 29. — When police raided Kitty Davis' tavern at 3:55 a. m. for violation of the closing law the place was filled with plummera, carpenters and decorators—many in full dress. The men, all escorting lady friends, were there to redecorate the place, explained ^Citty. first woman liquor dealer in Chicago. Treasury Has Sumbitted a plan to Pay the Bonus Out of Two Tax Levies I» Improved. Is some Improvement in mdltton of Mrs. L. L. Thomp- ijsturned to her home on Friday after spending in the Metho- Indianapolis nn- jand treatment. : .from nervous Washington, April 29. — Outlines of Secretary Morgenthau'a inheritance and gift tax program which he said would be' necessary to finance any pre-payment ot the veterans' bonus have been made public. He estimated that such a system would yield $300,000,000 additional revenue for the fiscal year 1936, and possibly $600,000,000 annually thereafter. The Harrison compromise bonus plan, according to present estimates would.cost nearly^$600,- ip the 000,000 In immediate financing. His proposal was contaln'ed in a letter to Mr. Harrison,, which read as follows: "1°. From the standpoint of immediate feasibility no less than that of our fundamental objectives, the best source ot additional revenue at this juncture would be a system of taxes* on the receipt of inheritances and gifts. '•:. The program that is her* suggested, would., $*, relatively (By United Press). Fort Wayne,' April 29. — The ninety-second annual convention of the Northern i Indiana conference of the .Methodist church will open here tomorrow and continue until May G. ! One of the most important matters to be discussed is a proposal for a realignment of the boundaries of the six divisions, into which the conference is divided, into four divisions as an econom- omy measure. • CIRCUIT COURT NOTES Action* Against Jefferson School Township to Be Taken From County. ITEMS OF INTEREST Monday in circuit court an affi- European Labor Day Is Expected to Pass Without Much Trouble. POLICE ARE INCREASED En New York and Chicago Communists Will Be Care'^ fully Watched. \ (By United Press).' Paris, April 29.—Police of many nations prepared- for trouble today as Socialists .and Communists made their plans to celebrate May Day—the ' European Labor Day—Wednesday. Austria, France and Spain were the principal centers of possible disturbances. In three countries, Austria, Bulgaria and Jugoslavia, left wing demonstrations of any sort were officially forbidden and police were ready-to enforce orders ruthlessly. Hundreds of thousands of civilians and millions of soldiers will march in all Russian towns, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, in Demonstrations to show the might not only of Russian labor but of the Red army, the world's largest. •Socialism and Communism has been officially suppressed in Aus- t.ria, Germany and Italy. Italy celebrated its Fascist Labor Day yesterday. In Austria and Germany the day will be celebrated May 1, davit was filed by David N. Kemp. But w|th demonstrations ot th e who has action pendintr asainst __,,„__.'.__ ' .... „ . . has action pending against Jefferson school township, asking that the venue of the case be changed from the county. Mr. Kemp, a. former school teacher in the JeifeVson township schools, Is suing the township for wages alleged to bo due him under the teachers' tenure law. he having been denied a school, although he alleges he had taught in the township for years. Proponents of the plan believe I j udf?e , FranU B .; Russell grant . ed tho change and submitted that four district 1 superintendents can do the work which is now assigned to six. : Ministerial assignments for the coming church year will be announced on the closing day of tho convention. j BLOODY ILLINOIS WAR. Police Called Onti to Protect Pickets at Mines. (By Unite)! Press). Springfleld. I11L, April 29. •Police and deputies broke up heavy picket lineis of Progressive miners today as United Mino Workers armed jwith clubs prepared to attack the pickets in a renewal of the bloody Illinois mine union war. i The.'pickets attempted to tie up diggings under c U. M. W. A. ntract with the Remain In Jail. Jesse Lawhorn and John Roush, who have been! in jail for f;he past week on petit larceny charges, re Btill prisoners. Neither man has made any headwi.y in the matter of giving bond f )r their jappear- ance in court wien his 'case is called.: : • ! ' 'The officers jhare the p'alr separated while they continue; their Investigations. , LaOoardla Lafayette, praise I for 'Ma of Praised. 89. -h,HUdK Florello H. liaf _»-•-, i ' names qf counties; to attorneys from which to choose a county for trial. At the present time Mr. Kemp is. employed in the state school for feeble-minded at Fort Wayne. - .. j In the divorce 1 proceedings of Aftori Bogue against Francis M. Bogue. in which it was charged the defendant had not complied with an; order of the court made at the t)me the wife was granted a divorc^. the court heard some of the evidence and continued . the hearing ;to May 3. ; ;' In the action filed by Ora E. Edwards: against Edward Edwards and others.a plea in abatement hajs heen filed and will be argued at a date fixed by | the court, i ; I A chetlule and lamdavlt for fixing the Inheritance tax, if any in the estate of the late Nannie Echolds wasj filed by William Beholds, showingjthe property left to be of the valuje of $2,081.46. Harryi O. Henderson, inheritance tax appraised,, filed his '• ap- prataemejht of the i estate left by Mrs. Mary J. Young, widow of Seneca G. Young, showing It to be valued at 129,50.63. A hearing will be held May 22. Russe 1 S. Martin, receiver! for the Jam9s E. Decker real estate in Mad I ion county 1 . solidarity of Austrian Fascists and German Nazis, and the glorification of the "20th Century" state. Paris authorities forbade all Crown Prince of Denmark Will Get Bigger Allowance Copenhagen, April 29—Premier Theodor Staunding has conferred with party leaders concerning the forthcoming wedding of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Princess Ingrid of Sweden. The date of the wedding is expected to be -May 24. When he starts _, his own household, the crown prince will receive an increase in his allowance, which-will rise from 48.000 kroner to 120,000 kro- 'ner yearly ($25,920 at the current exchange). According to age-old tradition, 10 per cent of the allowance will be reserved for the future queen's "needle money." A REVP OF POLilieSl THIS Sift? Farm Bloc Is Seeking Tax Relief and Wants Special Session. NO McNUTT PROMISE BE LUTES! TIPE Banners Willing to iGo in With Merchants for a State I Sales Tax. Formidable Sea Weapons j^" a 'j Possible With Newly ' Developed Power. NEED NO BATTERIES (Dy United Press). Indianapolis, April 29. — Louis !Taylor, head! of the Indiana Farm" Bureau!, largest and most aggressive bloc of voters in Indiana, is expecting Governor .Paul, McNutt to call a special ses- |sion of the legislature to read- i just the tax code and lift the bur-|den from farm property, but he has no definite promise from the governor that an extra session will be conducted. A question ' has arisen as to. whether the governor actually assured a committee of farm bloc members of the house that a ses- security program in which the states would be asked to Federa , funds for o , d age London, April 29. — Germany, jsion would be! called in the event v which was revealed today as plan-'congress approved the Roosevelt ning a revolutionary submarine building program, including submarines with a cruising radius; assistance of 6.000 'miles, capable of Infill-j Shortly before the house voted encrng the balance of sea. power. |on the senate amendments to the: approached. Great Britain, with a ;state administration's liquor en- program for an Anglo-German j forcement code, the governor con- riaval conference. ] ferred with farm bloc representa- Capt. Erwin Wassner, German | lives, including John Napier Dyer, naval attache, visited Admiral Sir j Viucennes; Hardin Linke, Colum- Ernle Chatfield and submitted I bus. chairman of the ways an<i orally Germany's proposals for ! means committee: P.aul Sturm, of he agenda of the conference. ! Dara, and Bennett H. Rockey of Strict secrecy was maintained : Sharpsville. ! about Gtrmany's building plan;;. Word was carried to the gov-. Usually well-informed sources, emor prior to the sine die ad- lowever, said they were based on; Journment Saturday,, that the outdoor demostrations and took "global" or tola! tonnage, which j farm bloc, comprising approxi- extratordinary precautions to sup-' wo "l'l "* allotted at Germany's mately a fourth of the house- discretion to any type of ship. I membership, would vote with the such as destroyers or submarines.l"dry" Republicans against con- Thry also were reported to in-jfirmation of the liquor code If he press any manifestation. The Paris garrison is being reinforced for the occasion and contingents of the crack mobile guards are being brought to the capital. elude five battleships between!did not promise a special session 25.000 and 30.000 tons each and | to consider taxation measures. Dispatches from" Vienna saidj" « ulBe « nf about'10.000 .tons j The farm bloc is reported to that hundreds of Socialists had,' each - ! have voted for i concurrence in the been arrested as a precautionary! measure and that by Wednesday j (senate amendments to the liquor, (By United Press). ! code on the assurance of Dyer and London. April 2!).—Germany'^ j others that the governor said an the number of those held for the j planned submarines will be of! ejrtra sesg ion wou ld be conduct- occasion probably would number; revolutionary design and capable i ed , since then i^mocratic lead'--: thousands. May 1 in Austria-will| of influencing the balance of seal ers have apprc ; v ed the movement be Constitution Day, in honor of powcri according to information(„„ the ground ! it mig ht t rt a l^aortlet nf\fr\f\fO titra ct a * a TXK_ _*• _.. *.. ^-. • t • ..:'.. the Fascist corporative state. Jobless men 1 and women ~wlll be ad- reaching naval intelligence cles today. milled free to theaters and cine-j It was. said that the submarines mas. All factories, offices and would use hydrogen combined crf ~ mental to party interests in Jjjj£. election next year. •'.'? shops will be closed. with fue j oil for surface propul- Spanish authorities decreed not! sio n and hydrogen and oxygen only that there must be no.dem- for submerged propulsion, there- meuts at Wa3h i ng ton without Taylor 3aid the governor Indl-; cated an extra Besslon mlgnt -. necegsary by reaaon , of onstrations but that the transport and other public services must be kept running and that hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, theaters and cinemas must operate as usual. ' The German May Day, by order of the ministry of propaganda by eliminating the weight heavy electric batteries. Their cruising radius will be 6,000 miles; . ' . 1 . It was reported also they would be 'capable ot [delivering attacks from unprecedented depths, out of reach of present anti-subma- nf | ing so far as to say a call -yt be issued. Taylor said he ho an extra session would be and that he didn't see how governor could avoid Issulj farm an ot the Connecticut in the case Mutual Insurance Company against Decker and others, make nkcessary barn anil other tnlldings on to erect permission repairs to to the the 20 rods of Wire the and public enlightenment, is . to jrine craft and their bombs — an be a day in honor of Adolf Hitler innovation which the hydroplane, and the army. The symbolic sig-i I perfected by the Germans for Contlnnprt onJPasri* 2 ,'[ rnnflrmon Pne« 2. London Is Scrubbed fjpfor Jubilee; I Silver Masts Will Decorate the City London, April 29. — Visitors! to London for the king's Jubilee! will see a .city looking : fresher; than, {for! centuries j : past.- After years!of work and an expenditure; running ilnto hundreds of thousands jot.I pounds, several of the| most-famous public'buildings. Including the houses of parliament and Iweatmlnster Abbey, have been so'jreatored! that they now appear ffljnch the same a»;they did - - with fresh-gilding and coloring. .The'grime oit more than seventy years has recently been 'washed from St. ;Paul'^ Cathedral, where the TtianKsgivIng' service, May 6, is to be held, j j Westminster j Abbey's spring cleaning is the first it has had for'•centuries. The-decorations ot the Mall and Constitution Hill'have now been decided npon and similar schemer are 'to he adopt ijity of ilpol decoration 1 " in " ,L. ,i I by Westminster indon. Tneprln.- y call for one. ] j •!The Farm Bureau i has;' the retail .merchants! and other minority jgroups ing an extra session,: but it ricultural group has tooVc ted itself, to a definite le program The farm | bloc ported to have agreed to an the demand of the chants for a 2 per cent : in return for the support-retailers in repealing: thefcj gency clause limiting! tate taxation to $1.5% a" and -rural tax on real* SI. Certain farm le they wouldn't bene sales tax should be.! able the state | to' funds for old: tentative plan'] tailers and, i for a 2 ppr per cent redttotfi come-

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