Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 16, 1948 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 18
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• EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1943 Court Rules On Montgomery Vote " GOP Group Loses ---Case Against-Election . .ROCKVn.T.K—tfP) — The Montgomery County Circuit Court ruled that & special county council elec- ••-•aon on Jan, 6 would be legal. -^The- validity of the election was confessed by >our Republican county —commissioners, who contended .the Maryland constitution prohibits any county election before 1950. ' The r _.mnriHi is being set up under the clmrter form of county government ""kpprbved by the voters last month. -The- commissioners are expected to carry the case immediately the Maryland Court of Appeals. Judge Stedman Prescott, speakin for the Circuit Court, said that h and Judges Charles "W. Woodwar and Patrick J. Schnauffer decide to speed the case in which argu ments 'were heard last Thursday, i order to permit it to be taken u by the Appeals Court before Christmas recess. The Court of Appeals is expecte to receive briefs oil both s tomorrow, hear arguments Thurs day and probably render its ver diet Friday, That is the last da the Appeals, Court will sit until • a) ter the date of the scheduled elec tion. • .-• Meanwhile Mrs, Alma ' T.. Opal housewife, Takoma Park, an Sonieo W. Horad, negro .real estat broker, Silver- Spring, became th WC/4I PURCHASE 30 DENffR FIRST QUALITY TLONS NOW ONLY Pair W THIS SiASCm :> NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR SHADES! TowTI wait mqiy. Many point of tfctw exciting Phone 4600 For a WANT AD Taker eighth and ninth persons to qualify ss candidates in the proposed election. Both are Republicans. Ex-Convict Admits Burglary Charges Questioned yesterday in the State's Attorney's offlce, Joseph B. Davies, 3G, formerly of Carlos, admitted burglarizing; tvro places in the Frostburg urea three years ago. Hi is being held •' in County Jail to await trial in Circuit Court. Davies, ' a former sheetmeta worker and coal miner, -was released Monday Irom Indiana State Prison after 1 serving a three-year term for breaking and entering', in Indianapolis. He was returned ;to Cumberland, by county authorities. •State's Attorney Harris- said Davies admitted entering the home of Mr. and Mrs. 'JHarry Noel, Eclc- hart, in April, 1946, and taking a set of silverware . and a- 'man's yatch.' The prisoner also confessed le entered the Frostburg Moose Home in October, 1945, and took the jin container.from a, ' Asfced whether !he was fired upon as fte left the Moose' Home. Davies aid. he "thought" Frostburg Police Officer George' Tipping shot at him efore he left the. coin'box on the idewalk. and fled. Davies said he lad been "in trouble" in Indlan- polie, Colorado an Alabama. Da vies, who'ls njarjied and has ne child, was indicted in- absentia, or the two burglaries during the anuary, 19«, term 'of Circuit Court, le was not apprehended here in 945 but went to Indianapolis, where e was jailed for'a theft soon after, uthoritles' said. 00-Mile 'Laboratory' WOOSTER, O.—(INS)—Nineteen ollege of Wooster juniors have a boratory more than 100 miles uare. In thl« "laboratory," stu- ents learn all the' techniques of eld geology. 'The hilly, rugged •ea is Ideal for the tyrogeologist 141,400 Bail Set In Shooting Case Charge.Negro Wounded Two Baltimore Cops BALTIMORE — (fp) — Edward Grear, 42-year-old negro packing house worker, 'Is being held in bail totaling .$41,400 on charges including the shooting of two policemen. One Of the officers, John Arnold, was reported in a critical condition at the Maryland General Hospital, with bullet wounds in his abdomen and thigh. Patrolman Norman Mike, who was with Patrolman Arnold when the gun light 'occurred, was wounded In the right knee and may be permanently disabled. Grcar pleaded innocent to charges of shooting with intent to kill the two policemen; to charges of assaulj; by pointing a .45-caliber revolver at two other officers who arrested him two hours later in a local railroad station; and to charges of assaulting and choking Mary "I. Alston, 23-year-old negro. He pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and carrying a deadly weapon. Arnold and Mike said they an-1 Member Of House Found Innocent Of Corruption BALTIMORE—(/P)—James J. Duffy, Sr., a member of the House o£ Delegates, was found Innocent 'by Judge Herman M. Moser In Criminal Court of corruption charges in connection with a Baltimore City Civil Service examination. Duffy has been a. city employe since 1935. . The judge said "I think this man cheated," but 'pointed out that apparently the only penalty under the law was to destroy the examination paper. He said -Duffy is now eligible to take other examinations. .Judge Moser suggested last wee that Duffy resign his seat in th Legislature. He said yesterday th suggestion was a mistake and tha Duffy's membership is a matter for the voters in his district to decide Educator Defines State In New Wav BALTIMORE — (#>) — Dr. Isaiah Bowman, 'retiring president o. Johns Hopkins University, come up a new definition of Maryland at a. testimonial dinner in his honor. He made reference in his speech to Ills chairmanship of ttie Commission on Natural Resources, which recently released its report. Dr. Bowman has. been a member of many such commissions. He said he found his work on the Natural Resources Commission interesting and that "I have discovered Maryland in the process xxx "Here is my definition: "Maryland is a large body o* water entirely surrounded by" in.. vestigating commissjons, voting if oyssermen, and educational institutions whose presidents are suckers tor ptmishmciyt." Pernicious Anemia NEW YORK—(INS)—The death rate from, pernicious anemia has been reduced by about four-fifths since the liver treatment was introduced in 1926. That is the finding of statisticians of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Maryland Farm Bureau Convention Dates Set BALTIMORE—£P) — The thirty- third annual Maryland. Farm Bureau convention here: next-, month wDl feature, "observations from, abroad" by Free State farmers made overseas tours during the past year. The convention will be held the' week of January 9. •• . .Participating in'the program wiU . be W. T. Myers, Howard county farm agent. Among out-of-town, speakers will be Mrs. R. C. P. Wageley, president 1 of the National- Associated .Women. swered a radio call Sunday morning ind found a man choking a womar In an-alley. When they attempted ;o interfere, they were fired -upon The man escaped, apparently tm- lurt in the exchange of bullets The woman was questioned at police headquarters and released. IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION:- i ft • Oil or Gas Conversion Burners • Gravity or Forced Air Furnaces • Hot Water or Steam Boilers PHONE 4440 American Home Modernizes, Inc. 43 N. Mechanic St. Open till 9 P. M. CRORY' Open till 9 P. M. PRICES • •*'*., ^ COYLE BROS. FURNITURE CO. AT 33 N. CENTRE ST. Wood Magazine Baskets Floor and Bridge Lamps, 7-way .'. 22-in. Decorator China Lamps .. „ End Tables, mahogany ........ Coffee and Cocktail Tables Heavy Metal Smokers Child's Table and'Chair Sets 2.95 and 3.68 ...... 10.95 up 7.95 and 8.95 .. 4.23 up 12.95 : up 5.95 13.95 up 135 Baltimore St. I* tlit btaitiful GLASS GIFT ,' MCANTER frvftx to each varitty. 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General $ft "TQ Electric bulbs '..: jfc./If Cath y.u c.i * $100 200 300 500 1000 MONT 30 MTTOft S 6.41 ,12.65 18.80 28,88 56.81 HLY PA 1} jH&OltS' S 8.08 15.98 23.80 37.47 73.66 rMENT.I '12 pajrmtr S 9.75 19.33 28.82 46.09 90.58 >IANI 6 poymtt S18.15 36.13 54.02 ..89.34 175.43 fo-/minu abtnt intiudi aists of ttie loan </ repaid on ichHlxlt. Charter en loans cbto't fJW an madt under till Indtulrial t'inartu Laa. Our charca on all ImJoncti of $300 or Uu art tubjtatuielly Ufi Man tfu full' rat ftrmUItt irr fc"B. No endorsers are required and our charge on loans of $300 or less is.substantially below the lawful maximum. 1878 • Oar 70th Anniversary • 1948 ' HOUSEHOLD FINANCE -<5H*s££5Sf' 1 -— —- Lib«rty Trust Co. 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