Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 10, 1953 · Page 1
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 1

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1953
Page 1
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Mostly Fair And Pleasant Tonight nnd Sunday THE DAILY fsfer-Mail VOLUME LXXII — 24(f A Beitfr Newspaper ^LESBURG,1LON^_£S;.'| \:\U)AY, 0CT0BEPTlO953" Community Chest Drive Opens Monday PRICE: FIVE CENTS Marines Alerted to Prevent PW Escape PANMUNJOM, Korea (UP) inspected sites for temporary use A ». • _ i of Communist "brain-washers" and Ainenean Marines manned found lhem suilablc for use until artillery pieces and lanks|the United Nations command completes construction of permanent structures. Guns in Position A semi • official spokesman for the Reds had indicated hours earl- pieccs near the south entrance to the war prisoners' stockades today to repulse any South Korean attempts to free 22,500 anti-Red captives. The leathernecks look up positions which, until Friday, had been occupied by lough South Korean Marines, who were in a .spot to lead ROK "Liberators" into Die troubled compounds. Talks Begin Monday As the Marines began their defense of the Indian - controlled prisoner camp, the Neutral Nations Repatriation Commission asked the Communists to begin 1 their "explanations" to anti - Red prisoners Monday. An observer for Ihc commission icr that the Communists might be ready Monday to start attempting to lure the reluctant prisoners back to their homelands. Marine cannoneers and lank men moved into their battle stations on the south bank of the Imjim River and placed their guns in a position for firing on any troops trying to enter the compounds. Churchill Pleads For East-West No-Agression Pact Confused Jury A wards Damages To Wrong Party OKLAffOMA CITY (AP) — V never happened In Oklahoma fx fore, so the judge hardly knev.^ what to do. Common Pleas Judge Carl Traui. was appalled Friday to find a jury had returned a "wron/?" damage suit verdict. The record showec a ruling for the plaintiff, wherea, t jurors actually voted for the de ' fendant. j The mixup came about, he ex : plained, through a wrong verdict: form being used by the foreman Rejecting pleas by both parlie to hand down a decision one way, or the other, Judge Traub played j it safe by ordering the case rc ' tried. Patrols Guard Florida Dikes; Floods Mount MIAMI (UP)— U. S. engineers alerted sandbag crews as floods meeting of the Big Four heads of state. Reviving his proposal for a non-aggression pact patterned after the 1925 treaty of Locarno, Churchill declared: —, •„ ,. "When xxx I spoke about the swollen by a tropical deluge spilled: mastcr thought of Locarno (in a across 10,000 square miles of l-lor-j spocch on May n) r mcant of Ida croplands today and threatened i coursc the plan of evcr ybody go to engulf canals. ling against the aggressor whoever forty-man, teams equipped with! he may be and helpin g thc vic . two-way radios patrolled miles ofj 0m large or smaII dikes guarding south Honda truck' Hall's Spending Spree Alerted j Cab Driver \ MARGATE, England (AP) — Prime Minister Churchill said today he had a "sure hope" that an American-backed PJast-West non-aggression pact would prevent a third world ST LOUIS Mo (UP)— A St. war. (Louis cab driver told today how Thc 78-year-old statesman, addressing the Conservative^ chauffcrcd kidnaper Carl Austin J ' n . •Mall on a wild spending spree, De- party conference, renewed his call for a secret, informal ; carne suspicious of him, and gave police information that led to Hall's; Yugoslavia Orders Troops Into Trieste; Offers Final Terms Tito Refuses U.S. Proposal farms from brimfull drainage canals in the wake of a tempest that already had dealt crops a $7,000,000 blow Friday. Army area engineer A. It. Broadfoot warned that "We'll have floods anywhere rains occur." Rain Predicted Weathermen predicted more U. S. Missing at Locarno "'That is no more than the United Nations was set up to do. "We are told that the Locarno treaty failed and did not prevent thc war. There was a very good reason for that. The United States was not in it. Had the United States taken showers over widely scatteredlj before the First World War or be parts of the state as storm "Hazel" churned northeastward across thc Atlantic, its near-hurricane force tween the wars the same interest and made the same exertions to preserve peace and uphold free diminished to 45 to 55 miles Pcri^^j ^Zf VaKk God-she "is The whirlcr was watched by ships and a plane from Bermuda as it raced at about 28 miles per hour toward cooler water where it was believed likely to break up into milder squalls. Maryland Peer To Renounce US Citizenship UPPER FAIR MOUNT, Md. iffl— A Maryland man who became a baron was trying to sell his house today so he could go to Scotland and claim a crumbling mansion, among other things. The baronetcy 60-year-old Sir Adrian Ivor Dunbar inherited. in-|not'"cas'iiy""d'o "much"harm ."and eludes, in addition to the mansion, that ono good thing might lcad to some small farms and woodland. I another." How much it's worth thc wiryj '_ farmer and handyman doesn't! know. doing now, there might never have been a first war and there would certainly never have been a second. "With their mighty aid, I have sure hope there will not be a third." Churchill became ill shortly after this May 11 proposal and has been out of action since. Big Four Meet Needed Thc prime minister said: "Her majesty's government still believes we should persevere in seeking such a meeting between the heads; of governments." Declaring he had no glittering j or exciting hopes about Russia, Churchill said: "I thought that friendly, informal, personal talks between the leading figures in the countries involved might do good and could Troops Ease Peace Threat In Guiana capture. Hall confessed lo master-minding the kidnapping of six-year-old. Bobby Grecnlcase for $600,000 ransom. Bobby's battered and bullet- riddled body was found Wednes-l day buried in the yard of Hall's accomplice, Mrs. Bonnie Heady. John Hager, the taxi-driver, said he picked up Hall Monday after-; [noon and introduced him to prostitute Sandra O'Day when Hall said GEORGETOWN, British Guiana;he "wanted a woman." UNEASV TRIESTE—Map shows British-American zone of Trieste, from which the two powers announced they would withdraw their troops, and thc Yugoslav zone into which Marshal Tito ordered troops today in a bitter protest against the British-American decision to turn over their zone to Italy. (NEA Telephoto) UPi —With British troops and war ships maintaining order at stra- Ammo Vehicle s Explodes; 4 Dead Hall Gives Big Tip Hager said they visited a fewj tegic points, British Guiana re-jbars before he drove the coupl mained calm today despite Lon-jto a motel. He said Hall handed don's ouster of six ministers on I him $18 change from a $20 bill ,j Communist charges and suspen- one bar. sion of the colony's six-month-old j "I knew then I had a good-time OMAHA, Neb. (UP) — Army demolition crews gingerly Constitution. |Charh3y •' he said ..'removed live ammunition today from a half-mile area ! Ilappr sain that wnpn hp i**rt. U. S. Backs Britain Washington backed up Britain,!tel Hall gave him an envelope and cn md raked lhe countryside with exploding shells told him to relay it to another cab ji, , u , . j 7 \ ~ *. i driver for delivery. It was ad--* The owner of a nearby restaurant died of a heart attack dressed to a Mrs. Esther GranJSh. accomplice, later was arrested. expressing grave concern over the threat to Western Hemispheric security from a possible coup in this South American colony by the "international Communist conspiracy." The U. S. State department expressed gratification that the "British government is taking! firm action to meet the situation." Steps were taken to officially inform all Latin American governments of the U. S. stand. BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (UP) — President Tito moved troops and armored reinforcements into the Yugoslav sector of disputed Trieste today and served a virtual ultimatum on the United States and Britain to accept a new proposal 'for control of the disputed territory. j Tito warned the Western powers he never will accept the Anglo-American plan to hand over Zone A of Trieste to Italy. American and British tanks and troops drew into position just across the line di-| "* viding the two zones, to g uatd 'Fj CA11 l| niA/ « r tn all roads leading to the Yugo-;JLiIoCIIIIU WCI 1U slav-occupied area and as a| precaution against disorders. (V |fkrif| w\ ptlPpC ^ito's troops rolled in as 40,000,l'*CUU 1 OlllX/O Communist - led workers in the! Anglo-American zone of the terri- ¥ ¥"1 A torv staged a 24-hour protest strike! Ill 11 artll /irPil ^i against the partition plan. The*" * *** 1,1 1 " demonstrators, predominantly Ital-j ian, demanded that all Trieste! WASHINGTON (UP) — President territory be handed to Italy. It Eisenhower will hit the road next was feared riots might develop; week t0 ma ke a major speech and from the demonstrations. i , , • 3,000 Troops Already Stationed jseveral personal appearances in Tito ordered three armored div-the heart of the drought country isions into Trieste to reinforce the!where the GOP farm program has 3,000-man garrison already there.ijjeen under attack. Unde the terms of the previous' ~ ^ . m „, arrangement, Yugoslavia Js_ S n -l J^*^/ teaUon has madc ••*>-• The next mornmg Hager said he/~t • 1 1%/f , 1 _ J returned to the motel in the renledljirl ITIUI ClCl CQ car with the new luggage to picl up Sandra and Hall. ^ R e f U gi ng Hall told Hager "The plans havi been changed." He told Hager ti Britain cracked down on the col- j drop Sandra off in town and retun ony's government Friday, charg-'later. ing that Prime Minister Cheddi| Jagan and his five ousted associates were serving Moscow instead of Britain. Cash Is Short j Food Program for But he wants to go to Scotland 1?^^ riiiniiainr to claim the title and he's put up oeilliaiiy his house and most of his worldly I"*.,,, a • /"'I goods, hoping to raise thc cash for UrHWS lO v>lOSC lnc , trin - . , . BERLIN an— The United Slates It was last January that Dunbarjtoday ended its program to feed got word the 10th baron of Dunbar hungry East Germans-a humani- had died in London. Dunbar set to'tarian effort that proved to be one work and finally proved he was the legal heir. The title was cleared in July. The new baron plans to renounce his United States citizenship and go to Scotland. His two younger sons — 19 and 17—decided they wanted lo stay here and have joined the Army. Dunbar has another son, a 34-year-old engineer in Baltimore who is next in line for the title. Judge Upholds Wife's Right to Search Pockets -Watch out hus- tfl- of the most successful moves in the cold war against Communism. Since the program began last July 27, more than 5,500,000 "Eisenhower food packages" have been distributed to nearly one-third of the Communist-ruled residents of East Germany. Distribution of the seven-pound parcels cost about $7,000,000. The flow of millions of food-seekers to West Berlin distribution centers in the face of Communist threats and terrorism was considered by Western officials to be a great defeat for Communism. Suitor's Kiss RUSHVILLE, Neb. (UP) more than four hours after « TJ forces were only a few mile S | pluse and ^ drought. the crash late Friday night. ap J?."-, ,' , ' "' , ,. . Titos new plan for partition ofi The bodies were not re-1the territory which has been a 1 moved until early today. Dep-ibone of contention with Jtaly since' "^"""r"" " , . . uty Robert Brisby said <They|the end oi: W «*^\^^c2ZS^ =s S were burned to charcoal.' how well the issue is The blast occurred when . thef c trol . The mt f tne ^-square-- 1 - Sme^oTThe Election in the Balance Republican leaders admit the "After Sandra and I got on thti highway," Hager said. "Sand?' f 13 . year . old Karen Talbot, braska ordnance plant to Omaha, told me she had seen one of tte ^^„„„ A , „ 20 was found apparently crashed into the rear of - ~- ,,iuuuui. xiic iL-ji UL uiv. t^j^o^v.^.^ trin will nelD CIU1C jtruckcarying about 500 rounds of| miJe lerritory> Tito would make; £ ENT DISCC J nte nt. — ThC;io5-milimeter shells from thc Ne-; an au t 0 nomous area under Yugo- *\ P „ ci j„ nt „.: suitcases loaded with money. .sfen nssi ng since A,1 S said there must be a million da- in a shallow grave today lars in those bags." "That's when I got scared." "Sandy had a letter that HaJ gave her telling her to fly to Cat- a fornia and mail it there. I iad and a the car. One of the exploding shells land- ... The President will head for the Slav control. -^Midwest Thursday after quick Tito warned that Yugoshv a will £ celebrate ccept as "an act of aggression ; ^ birt hday-and to Defiance, nv move by Italian troops to;™,. . . „ a any .9-year-old youth admitted he p — - cc^ge ^"ne^ Soys move'^nto" the' ar'ea of Trieste thej 01 "^ la * a cornerstone, killed her because she refused him Town famed home for underprivi-:United states and Britain proposed. . lft " r . SsClay "'f 111 „ fte fw !" a ,„™^ leged voungsters, but caused only;to hand over to Italy. ;t he future Farmers of America at I 1 ? •i „„ vncmcinvis ho siiH rp>;prvpfl the Kansas City, Mo. In this he is disap-;minor damage.^^ ^_ ^ _ ^Yugosilavja^he^aid, resened the^ ected to ' defend his administra . kiss. Thc mystery of Karen's her to open the letter. It was appearance was solved when Duane- Inrntppt th P tipnee iUU "° lullu 1CI - UIU dressed to a St. Joseph attorney McLain, 1953 graduate of Rushville: glass window of the J^ 1 ^ Uie territory ihe will confer with the governors and was signed Carl. And, as I High School, pleaded guilty .in|aro tau ™^^ remember, it said: Things are not County Court to beating her with.highly, and emerged through a represented a mi — . Another crashed through a plate right to "use force of arms' tion's farm record. The next day Earth's Course Leads Through Comet's Tail ALBUQUERQUE UP) - The cosmos staged a not-quite-so-flashy „„ fta B , fc _ _ repeat performance last night. going as good as thev seem. Mav'a hammer and shooting her to rear wall. ... . , Earth whirled through thc tail have to leave the country bv ship death on a lonclv ranch the night Chet Daggerman, owner of the <the city of Trieste be international of a comet, Giacobini's, as it docs or nlanc ' " " of her disannearancc inn, suffered a fatal heart attackized and the rest of the area be_ . periodically, but the meteorite! Hager'said his suspicions were PP ; after the first blasts. | handed outright to Yugoslavia. isenhovyer will put in an appearance shower-the debris left by the dis-'really aroused bv^• this because Hall Youth placed in Hidin S '• The crash dead were identified! In a speech at Lcskovac, the ; at Sahna and visit his home town integrating comet-wasn't up to had told him his name was McLain was hurriedlv arraigned as Mrs. Hazel Paige, Omaha, AlissjYugoslav president said he would lOt ^AbUene^and^then^on^ Oct^ U P ar - /'Steve" not "Carl " after confessing the crime to Safe- Theo McClaskey, 72, and Laura Mc- Dr. Lincoln la Paz, director of; However. Haepr said h P rniumfd ty Patrol officers and Sheriff Claskey, 67. both of Geneva, 111. Previously he has demanded that Home Town Visit Mapped In neighboring Kansas, Mr. Ei- to had /'Steve" not "Carl Lincoln la Paz, director of; However, Hager said he returned ty rairoi oiuci-i-s <tm. >3»«»^ p,",!..., fin Frf.rnprmit New Mexico University's Institute^ the motel where Hall got into Wendell Hills at O'Neill, Neb., late Mrs. Helen MtClas60. ^d .permit of Meteoritics, the only one in thethe rented car with his two metal Friday night. The youth was monds, Vash was in sdtisfaC| control oi ^one ». Western world, said he was mildly suitcases. Hager said he rented an rushed out of town afterward, and tory" condition after treatment, ior disappointed. apartment for Hall, left thc car officers, did. not disclose where he burns ^^ ^ ^^^Y^HQQ KllleS never accept the Anglo-American,Jake off for New Orleans where plan to give Zone A to Italy and ^ w !^ rcvi _ ew , «_P a _ rad « CE J eb 5 a "The 1953 Giacobinian return with him and was told to return was being held, was definitely better than that of Tuesday night. Before he was whisked into 29, was burned on the hands and 1940," he said after a long night;' Hager reTii r n e d accompanied court, he led officers to the shallow face and suffered a sprained ankle, watch. "But it was much inferioriby police who arrested Hall and grave where the pretty girl's body,He was treated at Doctors nos- to the returns of 1933 and 1946."|broke the kidnap case was found. ipital and released. Lxtra Dividend COLUMBUS, Miss. (IP) — The thief who has entered Karl Wood 's service station three times in the last month has become more con^ siderate of his victim DETROIT bands: Circuit Judge Joseph A. Moynihan has held in effect that a wife has a riyht to go through her hub-. ,. . . by's pants pockets in search ofi. rhe ""t two times he left $5 moi) ey j in the cash register. Friday he Thc Judge Friday granted a di-i™ bbed r ? tation for ^ e th "" d voice to Mrs. Wanda Nalley of time and lcft » 7 Detroit, after she told him her husband, Albert S.," tucked his trousers in the mattress every night to keep her from going through the pockets. They were married July 2, 1951. Mail Order Bricks UTS.IOKI, Finland (UP)— The Rev. Y. A. Aittokallio wanted to build a new chapel in his parish in northern Finland. There are no roads into the Arctic Circle area and delivery was an acute problem. The minister instructed a brick factory to mail the bricks—one at « time. , Where to Find It 2 SECTIONS 16 Pages Abingdon - 8 Bushuell 8 Churches —- 6,7 Classified Ads 14,15 Comics 11 Editorial 4 Galva 8 Knoxville 8 Markets — ,16 Monmouth 10 Obituary 8 Social - - 3 Sports 12,13 Theater 5 Weather --- 9 Authorities Switch Plans for Moving Kidnap Pair to Kansas City Prison Yugoslavia to remain in^Z. \ he sesquicentennial of the ^Louisiana Purchase and make a I speech. j The President will move on to jTexas the same day to spend a jday with Gov. Allan Shivers. JTexas, like Missouri and Kansas, 'was hard hit by the drought. Probable for Next Year ST. LOUIS, Mo. (UP) Federal authorities said WASHINGTON '(UP) — C o r njIUlllois 1 OWIl farmers are expected to be hit' n • y~i | /• with acreage allotments next yearlltaiSeS ^aSll lOI* when the administration attempts. 1 • to bring production of corn and if alllCliCSS lirOOtl other basic crops into line with demand. • FAIRFIELD 111. (UP) — Rest- A near harvest-time crop report'dents of this southern Illinois —estimating a 1953 corn crop^ of town have pitched in to help 15 whose father lay accident to-;3,196,101,000 bushels— eliminated; Michigan children ti,pv will k -ppn the heart- 1 the need for stiff marketing QUO-:' FC Y 1 P a pinfLin Rohhv tas on «>«>. h» w ever. They will ofwas killed m a h.ghw less kidnapeis of slain Bobby, bg ^ Jie( , (o whe . u an( , cot . nca r here. Greenlease in St. Louis until iton . Inspired by a Baptist minister, next week rather than fly! The corn crop forecast was down;the Kev. Harry Garrett towns- them across Missouri to Kan- 1 about 20,000,000 bushels from a peop e have poured nearly $1 000 U1U month earlier, chiefly due to a '"to the "Shelnut -Fund to aid the sas City. he announcement followed a 41 ' Kansas City authorities at nrs said unofficially that the confessed ttmDei kidnapers were being spirited there, . under heavy secrecy. Crowds gath-, / WH>S LlUlIliie — Icrcd at Kansas City's skyscraper ijai" drop in prospects in Indiana, lllin- family of Lonnie Shelnut, 48, who was killed Monday. and his wife, Lennie, 46, parents of 11 children took four foster children . o'thers b *also ded'incd during Sep- into their home in Hazel Park, l - • Mich. i UK »«»™'" —; - • i • was Kineu night of mystery concerning thesis and low a. shelnut ai ^Tr°1na Mrs'BSlead"^^ soybeans! Hall, 3., and Mrs. bonme «eaa>, hum grainj peanuts aml a few and also to PAll BhAKKUS CARRY KIDNAP VICTIM — General view shows pallbearers bringing Bobby Greenlease from St. Agnes Catholic Church in Kansas City Friday following funeral rites for W • '• •••V ;^\S; s% ' r " 5_ ••~j-.a4st3iBE4 the 6 year old youngster. Pallbearers were friends aud business associates of the wcatby father. Kiduap suspects vUl be taken to Kansas City next week. <NE£ Telepnoto) Mrs. Shelnut and three of the children—a 2 -year-old boy, a 14- year - old girl and a married daughter—were injured in the ac- Then. hours later, acting Kansas' *' ; fident. . City US. Marshal William Tatum 1 /^*//^ / ^ Caul a K lfnvesed a " d "«* n « said the pair was still in the St.|^ 0 '' P ^ 1D I^IUS found the family "was destitute." Louis jail, and would remain there 1 CHICAGO Lit-It looks like the^e" he learned of tie 12 other until at least "the middle of next price of a cup of coffee in most children at home he asked the week." j Chicago restaurants is going up -. local radio station, WFIW, to ap. Authorities hesitated to give a to about 15 cents. P eal * or " eJ P- reason for the apparently sudden! Chief factor in the expected * ~~~~ switch in plans. The only official]boost is the recent wholesale in- .. i a i crease of seven to nine cents a >°"*P" C4 " e< * Sale pound in the last month, said Don-! NEW YORK (UP)— Three of aid Kiesau, executive vice presi- New York's tallest buildings were dent of the Chicago Restaurant -old in a $52,000,000 real estate the U.S. was busy explanation was that marshal in St. Louis with other affairs. Harry Richards, U.S. attorney here, explained Tatum has ordered Assn. He also cited more pay for transaction Today those involved in the deal the transfer, but the time of the labor. Most restaurants now lftft it A move was left to the discretion oLeharge from 10 to 12 cents for a estimated it took 100 attorney* and 1st Louis Marshal Omar Schnat-cup of coffee which 10 years ago a tan of paper to co»pl«t« prep, meier. jcost a nickel. iarations for the saia. <

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