Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 16, 1948 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 15
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Phone '4GOO for • WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 1C. FIFTEEN Here's A Luscious Fir Tree Cake To Top Your Christmas Party With Success Here is a luscious Christmas-cake, a downy-light fir tree cake,, 'to help make the holiday menus real triumphs. It is perfect for dinner dessert on Christmas Eve or for refreshments at a Christmas week or New Year's party., .'' : I The best thins: about it, of course, is its rich chocolate flavor, and the delicntc texture assured by the use of coke flour. It's made by^ [the mix-cnsy method, too, so that you needn't linger long in the, kitchen. There won't bt n biff mess of utensils to wash — just ono bowl, measuring spoons and cup, and a mixing spoon. ' Decorate the cake, after it is frosted, with tiny Christmas trees cut from sliced citron and colored green, with 'vegetable coloring; orj with tree-ihaped gumdrops.- • . ( £££ Fir Tr*e Cake ions;* Havt the shortening at room temperature. Lina bottoms of two deep 0-inch layer pans with paper; grease. Start oven for moderate heatJSSO'F.)..,, Sift flour once. VMeasure into sifter: V2 cups sifted cak'a floBT_ , .1 teaspoon soda*'"'.- .. "* I/teaspoon saIt<Ts_'. ____ ' . 1% cups granulated (ugar^o t l^fr cupi finely packed*- brtwn supar.. •*. .-.. * iMwsure into mixing bowfcj '•\V4cupshorteningai', •; i Measure into cup: •• ^ { *Milk (see below for amount);• \ 1 teaspoon vanilla , Have ready: .'• -2 eegs,, unbeatenX^ ' 3 squarei unsw«et*ned choco-V - late, mclUd/ /•With butter*marcnrin<C or lard, ««« %.-«up.' milk. With , or any other shortening, use 1 cup milk; (Mix by hand or at a low *peed of -electric mixer.) .Stir shortening just to soften. Sift in dry ingredients. Add % cup of the milk Kid mix until all. flour is dampened. Then beat 2 minutes. Add eggs, melted chocolate, and remaining milk and beat 1 minute longer. (Count only actual beating time. Or count beating strokes. Allow, about 150 full strokes "per minute. Scrape bowl and spoon often.) .< | Baking. Turn batter into pansl Bake in moderate oven (350*F.)| ifcbout 30. minutes. Spread seven-minute frosting between layers and) •o top and sides of cake. Tasy Lamb Sandwich., For »-"tasty lamb sandwich for the; make «, spread of softr ened butter, a, bit ol lemon Juice and » dash of curry powder. Here's lamb curry In a. hurry, and carry- \rtse. too!' Chiquita Sausage Hot sausage patties served 'with toasty bananas Is a good choice for a winter brunch. Cut the bananas into quarters, dip Into lemon Juice and brown In sausage drippings Serve piping hot. Week End DEVIL FOOD LOVER HIKE Delicious D*vll rood L»yer Calto nudff ' ths Cneit Insrfdlenta and covered '• with »• losclOTS Cannae! Icing that li top». Get this extra 'ini Cuke from • your;. friendly Independent lood storo. A.geacr- <ras s!» tor- only PICK UP A LOAF OF BUMPER BREAD Base Menus On Seasonal Foods . ' ' ; iS • •' • . 'To be able to serve /hearty meals and still keep within a budget, the American horr.emaker today must study .her food markets first, then >lan her menus. Seasonal foods, as rell as foods locally • abundant, should play'a large part in her meals. The following, menus mil suggest many more good nieals, all jased on abundant foods: li-onchcon: ' Open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches, mixed green salad, lemon • dressing, grapes, tea, milk. Dinner:; Tomato.-juice, shepherd's pie, hot pickled beets, bread, butter, or fortified margarine, coffee Spanish .cream,. coffee, milk. - tunchcorii'Hot Potato salnd and marinated ' vegetables,, chocolate Wafers, tea, nilllc. Dinner: Baked mackerel With tar- tare siiuce, green peppers with stuffed noodles,' sauteed onions, tossed jreeri" salad,.pumpkin custard, coffee', milk. /-: - •. Luncheon: Vegetable soup, peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches, fruit gelatin, tea, milk. Dinner: Frankfurter and lima jean casserole (dried lima beans), pickled beet salad, bread, butter or rortified margarine, applesauce with lot gingerbread squares, coffee, milk. Luncheon: Baked beans in tomato sauce, dart bread, butter or fortified margarine, stewed pears, tea, milk. Dinner: Canned clam chowder, poached fish with parsley, rice and spinach ring, bread, butter or fortified margarine, gingerbread cup cakes, coffee, milk. Luncheon: liiverwursfc and grated vegetable sandwiches, baked"apples, cookies, tea, milk. ' Dinner:. Vegetable soup, .corned beef and tomato casserole, cole slaw, bread, butter or fortified margarine, creamed tapioca and sliced canned peaches, coffee, milk. Luncheon:.Welsh rarebit on toast, green pepper and radish relish, sliced Dananas with fruit "juice, tea, milk. Dinner: Kidney stew with, vegetables, combination salad with Bussian dressing, bread, butter or fortified margarine, baked custard, jffee, milk. Use Pork In Cold Weather Pork sausage meat and pork shoulder can fit Into the average budget even todny. Both of these pork items can be used deliclously in cold day meals. Sausaco Corn Bread (8 serving))) One pound pork sausage meat, % . cups cornmeal, *A cup sifted flour, % teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon soda, 1 Egg, 1 cup sour milk. Slice and break up pork sausage U&L , 2 tablespoons chopped onion, 1 can condensed cream, of tomato soup, % cup water, H. cup rice, l'/4 teaspoons salt, % teaspoon pepper, 8 large cabbage leaves. Cut pork in Mi-inch cubes, trimming off excess fat. Pry out trimmings in r skillet. Cook onions in drippings until golden brown. Pour off fat. Add tomato soup and water. Heat, Wash rice. Combine with meat and seasonings. Steam, cabbage leaves until limp, but not thor- mcat with a fork as it cooks. Brown thoroughly in heavy skillet (about 9 inches in diameter). Drain off drippings. Use 2 tablespoons for corn bread and save the rest for later cooldng uses. Sift, together cornmeal, flour, salt, baking powder and. soda. Combine egg and milk and beat until -well combined. Add 2 tablespoons cooked pork sausage 'drippings to milk and- egg mixture. Pour liquid into dry ingredients and stir Just until well mixed. Pour batter over pork sausage in heated & skillet. Bake In moderately hot oven (450'degrees P.) about 30 to 35 minutes or until well browned. Serve hot as main luncheon dish. Cabbage Bolls Three-quarters pound pork'SbouI- proxlmately Vs cup of rice nnd meat mixture. Fold 2 edges of cabbage leal' together. Roll loosely. Place In baking dish. Add tomato sauce. Cover. Bake in moderate oven (375 degrees P.) for 1% hours. Serve hot with any remaining tomato sauce. Sunday Night Supper Salad Bowl of. Greens, Eard- Cooked Eggs and Sardines,' Tomato Dressing, Buttered- Whole-Wheat Bread, Hot Apple Dumplings, Beverage.. Tomato Dressing Ingredients': One ten-and-one- half-ounce can condensed tomato soup, one. cup salad oil, one-hall cup cider 'vinegar, one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, one teaspoon sugar, one teaspoon mustard, one teaspoon salt, one 'peeled garlic clove, one tablespoon finely grated onion. ' Metliod: Put the condensed soup, .mind oil, elder vlnc(?nr, Woi'caiCor- Hlitre ffliuce) KUgnr uncl mustard Into a quart jar. Put salt and garlic clove on- a doublethick piece of waxed paper and mash', and crush with heavy wide, blade of a knife until garlic Is disintegrated. Add to dress- Ing along with onion. Shake well oughly cooked. Fill each with ap- and refrigerate. Sllnke thoroughly— lor several minutes—before ustag. Makes about two and three-fourth cups. Baked stuffed potatoes are particularly delicious when a little finely grated'ontonn is added to the stuffing along with butter or margarine, salt, freshly ground pepper, paprika and hot milk. When heating leftover lamb slices in'any of the remaining gravy pep up the. gravy by adding a little, finely grated onion; a dash, ol Worcestershire sauce and a few grains of sugar. ' / FresBi Fish and Oysters Boston Mackerel Ib. 39c Stacey's 51 N. Centre St. Tel. 66 Pillsbury (MIX HEADQUARTERS) brings you 2 New in the2 Flavors America Likes Best 42 N. Centre Street Phone 2195 Fresh Pork Sausage 3*. $1.00 large Link Sausagt ,, 49* Roll Sausage „ 45? Tiny Link Sausage ib. 55* CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE MIX Smooth, true chocolate flavor. Rich, chocolate-brown color. Makes two high, 8-inch layers. Tenderly moist and Juscious. Golden Maid Very Tasty .. Ib. 28c First Cut Chops Port Rib Roast Pork Steak Pure Lard :'. ib.24c Fresh Ground Beef 2 »*• 85c Lean Beef Ib. 37c Center Chuck Roast Choice Round Steak Choice Sirloin Steak a. 05* Creamery Ib. 68c Sliced Pork Liver ,39^ Skinless Wieners ,,49^ Fre*h Brains ,,20^ ' Slab Bacon 3 to 4 Ib. Ib. 55c Smoked Picnic . :..-n,.45e Velvety soft, light and teader. Delicately fragrant. Stays moist and fresh longer. (Mar- •»eJoas for yellow and spice cakes, too.) A TRIUMPHANT CAKE with wnbeKevaMe ease and convenience (Youjust add milk) No wonder these two new Pillsbury Cake Mrw* are jnst about "the hottest things in the grocery store today. ^^ from the convenience angle ... you just add milk. .-:.••—.:.. From the time angle... ready for the oven in a matter of minutes. From the eating angle ... expect to serve your family a wonderful cake—as good as any they ever remember eating. All because these mixes arc packed through and through with the finest ingredients money can buy. Perhaps yon have tried Pillsbury Pie Crust Mix and/or Hot Roll Mix. If you have, you know that Pillsbury does have a way with muses. :l BEST Tastes fresh-off-the-eggbeater Dressing Comes.In'Ball* A good way. to serve extra dressing Is to form it into balls and bake alonside the roast. This Is "a good, idea for a meat accompaniment, too. Plan the dressing'balls,to take the place of- potatoes or rice. Burkey Brothers 166 N. Centre Street . Four Doors Above Bus Depot SELF-SERVE MARKET Phone 963—New Store Honrs 8 A. M. to 10 f. M. Sunday 8 A. M. to 1 P. M. Order Your Christmas Turkey -NOW Swift's LARD 2 ib, 47c It Will Be Cheaper To Buy a Ham . . . Swift's or Armour's Whole or String Half Ib. Select Beef, Chuck Ib. 59c Fresh Country Sausage ..... Ib. 49c 4 to 5 Ib. avg. Chickens ...... Ib. Sic Fresh Eggj doz.. 59c Fresh Ground Beef ......... Ib. 59c Calf Liver Ib. 75c Sliced Bacon Ib. 39c FRESH SEAFOOD Fresh Rock Bass (ready to fry) .. ..'.. Ib. 59c Deviled Crabs 2 for 45c Steamed Schrimp (ready to eat) ........ Ib. 1.45 Oysters - .• P' nf 73c FRESH VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS Crunchy toasted *»•.•».». ——— muffins lacud with chceso . ... jroiril got "ravci" on Una* every time!:. 2 tablespoons 1 cup itlteoUtonf melted, shortening ' 1 cgE, slightly beaten cup TnllV ' boWngi. % teaspoon"Mtt 1 cup grated Amcrlcaa- chceso All-Bran ,.-'-, 1. Combine uliortonlnff, om? and minti add All-Bran and. let Boat lor fiv« minutes. . S. Sift flour with baklne powder rod salt; add cheese. Add to flnt mil- tee and stir only until combined. 3. Fill greased muffin pans two-third* lull and bake In moderately not oven (400°P.) about 25 jalniMei. Yield: 9 muffins (2% Inch, ito). L IJrucc'i Grapefruit Sections 2 : P]ll3ljarj-'« New Choc. Fudge Cake Mix pkg. 37c wam Down or Sno Sheen Cake Flour .......... pkg.37c Out of Gift Suggestions? — who Wouldn't like d Food Basket; Ham, Turkey or ony Asst. of tho Fino Foods our market features — tho nice port obout it is you can spend just the amount you wish •— we'll make any basket or gift up to your order— Brncc's Unsweetened Orange Juice .. 2 lee - *-• caBS 47c Extra Fancy Ib. 39c Special 5c Sale Chase & Sanboros Instant COFFEE ^ 4-or.jars"t'*l l C Meadow Gold .Creamery Butter i b 75e CRISCO ^ or SPRY! 3 LBS. Ii09: G. E. MMdn 35 to 60 W 7B to 100 Lamp Globes »3c I6c Cream Polish jar 21c rtlljbury Pie Crust ....2 pkgs. 35c FRUITS & VEGETABLES Extra. Large Solid Iceberg Lettuce ,...nd, I7c Fresh Grccrt KolJy Wreaths each33c '\VItb Bright Artificial Berried, Salad Mix pkg. 25c, Idaho No. 1 Bak'nip Potatoes. 10 Ib. sack 59c) Julcj TWn Skin Fla. Oranges }gel76=izs doi.33c I 1 appreciate the difference of better q*»Iity meats on your table — we fcaturs •* «I1 only the beat prude ,mc»U. Tender Juicy Round or Swl«« STEAK Ib. 73c For A Fine Meal ~gon Can't Ee«t It Swift's Select Brand Stindlnj RIB ROAST Ib. 64e DeJJcJouK Jlomflmado HAM SALAD .... '/ 2 Ib. 35c Oar Own Mjtke — It'» Frcwh Taschcnber(f'« Bcul Country SAUSAGE fa CBSinB8 Ib, 69e Ttiore't None S« Good ABMOUB9 SKTNNEB ''TENDERED * HAMS lb.59c SmiII NM-^k. ytrt*rt Girl f«r FOOD MARKET tiW.lW •••DELIVMY Ftot S^ CORNER 151 £. 6PANDAVE* SO CUMBERLAND

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