Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 16, 1948 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 13
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, .DECEMBER 16.. 1948 . THIRTEEN Unusual Meat Seasonings Stews, pot-roasts, and meat pies are all the better lor a bit of celery or parsley flavor. Celery leaves are often used fresh, or.dry them by placing on a baking sheet on top of the oven .until crisp and- crumbly. Store in air-tight jars, 'then use liberally in your favorite meat dishes. ' • MARTHA LOGAN Serves For Better Gravy N The richer the juice, the better e gravy! In other words, use soup :>cks, vegetable liquids and other ivorful liquids to supplement meat drippings in gravy making. You'l! jind goodness you never dreamed possible. Queen - City Dairy'i Homogenized MILK |j fortified with — ' Vitex Vitomin ."D" tnJ Is tht BEST For Your Family QUEEN CITY DAIRY, INC. 313 $. Mechanic St. Phone 699 Cumberland Seafood Market Fresh Seafood . In Season Fr*« Delivery Service 212 Greene Street . Phone 2343-W DICED MEAT DIP • Forecast of a good-meal to come is always a, clever and tasty appetizer. This'"dunker bowl" fits the bill perfectly. A diced meat dip is served in a bowl set on the base of an. old-fashioned :cake ... plate turned upside down. The underside of the "'cake : plate, which .becomes the base, . is' arranged ..with crackers, olives, and parsley.' .'The Idea is that the guests, dip the crackers • into the spread making their own appetizers. Tomato juice goes' with it. Diced Meat Dip • ' Tclelfl: 1 tup 1 5-ounce can diced meat for -juniors, U cup cream, whipped, 'A cup . chopped pimiento olives,' H teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. . Remove meat from can and drain. Combine all ingredients and chill. Party JDessert Easily Fixed Bridge dessert? Children's party? jlub refreshments? There is always an occasion when hostess or committee is faced with the problem of simple refreshments other than the traditional ice cream and cake. The following dessert is quickly made in arge or small quantities. Its varia- jons are legion. Its popularity is assured. Call'It Cereal Marshmallow Dessert or Angels' Delight—but serve it once and you'll serve It often.: Cereal Marshmallow Dessert 14 butter or margarine, *~ pound inarshmallows, 'A teaspoon vanilla. 1 package over-popped rice cereal (5V£ oz.) Coot butter and inarshmallows over hot water until syrupy. Add vanilla; beat thoroughly. Put cereal ill greased large bowl and pour on marsbmallow mixture, stirring briskly. Ice Cream Sandwiches — Spread | mixture very thin in. greased shal-j low pans or trays. Cut into 3-inch; squares and put together in two's | with a slice of ice cream between.' Specal Party Dessert — Cut in desired, wrap in cellophane or decorate with faces, if desired. Skewers may be placed in balls before they harden. Holidays and Special Occasions— Cut in "fancy shapes to suit the holiday, 'i.e., Christmas trees and stars tor Christens, rabbits and chickens for Easter, etc. Decorate as desired. Variations Chocolate and Marshmallow—Stir in 4 ounces melted semi-sweet or 2 ounces' melted unsweetened \ chocolate into marshmallow mixture j just before pouring over cereal. Peanut Butter and Marshmallow —Stir 2 tablespoons peanut butter into marshmallow mixture just before pouring over cereal. ; Breakfasts With Interest Fondant may be flavored -with almond extract and rolled in blanched, toasted, finely chopped almonds; serve this way or use as a stuffing 'for dates. Ever notice how much better yo'J feel throughout the morning when you'.ve eaten a hearty breakfast? It's worth • pulling yourself out of a cozy bed for a breakfast which gives you vim for the morning's work at home or office. The most tempting and satisfying. of break-fasts include meat. Crisp slices of bacon add undeniable, glamor. to the morning wheat cakes—tender brown sausage links glorify the breakfast eggs — fried ham slices make exciting eating for that leisurely weekend breakfast or brunch. To keep them interesting, breakfasts need not -only meat in ttyj menu,'but also variety in the'other items served. To avoid monotony in the breakfast toast, vary' the kind of bread. Rye, raisin, or whole wheat breads make nice changes. To bring sparkle to the eye of the UUUJt.JiJiUl-Ji uili-k-u -- ~~~T or toasted English muSins -with Jain. Serve orange juice often, but also :lude fresh fruits in season. Melon Bacon Baskets For Eggs ; Ever heard' of bacon' baskets for poacHed eggs? Make them from shredded wheat'biscuits, by topping split ''biscuits with ..bacon, • and then broiling. Top with poached eggs. These are extra good because the bacon drippings soat down through the crusty wheat giving added flavor. . Bacon-Spinach. Salad Ray spinach with crisp bacon bits and a sharp .French dressing make a good salad. Sliced hard-cooked eggs may be added if you desire. Tongue a; la Garlic • Give-• tongue a garlic flavor by adding finely minced garlic w 'the i">/-\r\\rlnrr JimTirf T***"* " . cooking liquid. ie at its tender bis... MAKE ALBERT'S YOUR XMAS FOOD HEADQUARTERS Plllsbury Bent FLOUR 25 £ '1.95 5c SALE Chose & Sor.born COFFEE rej. ior • wle jar 39c 5c r 44e Domino. SUGAR 25 £ ? 2.09 10 t 87c Morning Bracer COFFEE •3 £1.15 Plantation Sliced Pineapple No.,2>4 OC- can y«^C CRISCO OR SPRY 3 can 1.09 3-:nch squares, top ' with a scoop of ice cream' and your favorite fruit or flavored 'sundae sauce. Party Pies — Place small amount of mixture in greased muffin pans. Shape to form tart shells. Just before serving fill with ice cream or fresh ' fruit topped with, whipped cream. Full size pie shells may also be made, . filled and cut into wedges for serving. slowly so it will- Balls or Lollipops -Shape warm t mixture quickly into any size balls Pitted Cherries . . OMM Spray'Cranbtrry Sauce .., 2 18 M ^ s 35c J*kion Qwlity Pumpkin...... 2 N ° : ™ *- 25c PHik BM«ty Fancy Pink Salmon ..... .** can 57c Trl-Valky Pear Halves ' No ' ** ^ 37c Cock 0' The Walk Peach Halves 2 No 2Vi cans 49c Nestle's Homogenized Milk ....-,.4> u cans 55c CANADA DRY WATER ORDER YOUR TURKEY NOW Bt ensured a fresh killed full dressed Turkey jittt the vay you wont it. All turkeys will be selected from this year's crop and guaranteed to b« young ond tender. JUST PHONE 900 , CHRISTMAS TREES TO FIT YOTJE HOME 3 ft. to 12 ft. 99e BLACK ' WALNUT KERNELS 79c lb POPULAR BRANDS Cig'rettes 1 47 Carton A«*t* PLUS SID. SAIES. TAX Farm FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLS Extra Large Iceberg Lettuce ........head I7c Large Green Pascal Celery ...... —bun. 2(c Large Florida Oranges doz. 29c Sweet Juicy Tangerines doz, 33c Texas Seedless Grapefruit .6 for 29c Large Eureka Walnuts Mb. 43c Eatmore Cranberries ..." Mb. bag 25c U, S. No. I Ohio Potatoes ......... !5-lb.peck55c MEAT DEPARTMENT SPECIALS PORK 1.0IX ROAST *» -b. 39c KKESU POHK SAUSAGE ........ ...Ib, 43c Fresh Ground BEEF . Ib. 49c PLATE BOIL . ..... ..Ib. 35c KKAKV TO BAT PICNIC .HAMS . ..... Ib. 4lc LOHGHORH CHEESE Ib. 57c PHENIX MARGARINE 2 lbs.65c HONEY BRAND KEADY TO EAT HAMS Whole or String Half 6k lb. PARKAY OR BLUE BONNET', Margarine . In The Bag , 39c lb. DELIVERY AT LOW COST — JUST PHONE 900 Nothing eould be f in«r than these famous beverages by Canada Dry. No other ginger ale made by the Famed Lloyd Liquid Ginger Process. No other club soda with longer-lasting Pin-Point Carbonation. Both bear the Canada Dry shield -the symbol of the finest, purest, most delicious beverages money can buy. CANADASSDRY GINGER ALE AND WATER McCRORY'S Butter Cream Mixture Ib. 30c Assorted Hard Candy Ib. 3Qc Christmas Mix ib. 39 C Noel Cream Mix • ib: 40c Assorted Milk Chocolates Ib. 50c Mix them as you like—choose from Walnut Creams, Vonilla, Nougats, -Cocoanut and Caramels "Rose Mary" Boxed Chocolates Old fashioned assorted milk clio-o!ates llb Box ."Ramona" Boxed Chocolates Light iind drtrl" cliocolntes 1 lb 89e Box VVV SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON CANDY TO ALL CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS S • 10 AND 25t STORE 110-112-114 BALTIMORE, STREET THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY We Have The Weil-Known Brondi Not Something — Just As Good and strawberries both are licbTJBt Vitamin C. i~~'~~" The American Red Cross ---w««- founded May 21. 1881,' •-• if Heinz Ketchup Ige btl. 25c , Heinz Cucumber Pickle jar 29c f Libby's Deep Brown Bearis 2 1-lb. cans 25c I f Luzianne Coffe Ib. 59c [ I Dur, Oxydol, Tide .... Ige box 33c f Simoniz Window Glaze pt. can 59c Swift's Premium Xmai Wrapped Sliced Bacon 73c, Taschenberg Real Sausage 69c Ib. Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens . Leave Your Order Now Assure Yourself Of the : Finest Poultry Obtainable At the Prevailing Price f Selected Swift's Beef Chuck Roost Ib. 59c f Ritz Cracker Igc. bx 29c f For Christmas—Miami Snow, Rey- f mert's Candy, Pop Cotton Balls, fHard Mixed Candy, Chocolate 'Drops, Mince Meats," Puddings, f Cranberries, Nuts, Hard Sause, f Cocktail Cherries, Mints, Ginger f Ale, Water, Etc." California Carrots 2 bchs. 17c Large Pascal Celery 25c Kraft Velreeta Cheese 2 Ib. box 98c RALPH FRANTZ MARKET I Self-Serve RIDGELEY, W. VA. Phono 879 or 4690 . A TRIANGLE FOOD STORI FRESH PRODUCE Iceberg, Lettuce 2 lanrc heads 29c Calif. Pascal Celery bunch 21e Home Grown Broccoli, bunch 25e Fancy Tomatoes .. Fresh Coconuts . - • each J 9 Italian Chestnuts lb. -. -29e Soft Shell Pecans ... lb.; Blue Goose Frosh Frozen Fordhoolc Limns .. • V*K- 3! Sunshine Hi-Ho Crackers lb. pkgr. 29c CARL MCINTYRE 436 Cumberlond St. Phone 3480 OPEN UNTIL 5 O'CLOCK NEXT WEDNESDAY FREE DELIVERY S-Ib. Box. VD. Clifton arid - Northwood Assorted Chocolorc Candy 2.69 FANCY MIATS Fresh Caujht OyuUri V ; • Sle-w 75 c ' jit Frying 85<? "*• SwifU Premium Wiener* — cello pack 55«f."** Swif U Branded Sirtoin Tender,.:'.'..'.:..'.:.-. 7 Swift's Branded Beef - Chnck'£ Roast -•••-• 5»<f' Jh -? : Tenderized Smoked Picnic BUiroo - 4 to 8 lb. avf. .'. 43* 1b -' Pure I*rd — 1 Ib. carton ORDER TOOK CHRISTMAS; 85o TURKEY NOW! Mo, lb. ALL FRESH DRESSED H>. LOCAL HERDS King Nut Oleo Lb. 29e OPEN TILL 8 P. M. FRIDAY — 6 P. M. SATURDAY;;; BE SURE TO READ OUR TRIANGLE STORES ADVERTISEMENT FOR MORE SAVINGS , NEW! tie Big BATH SIZE is Generous, Luxurious Lifebuoy with its GETS SKIN CLEANER * ,.' "^ STOPS B.O. as no other leading soap can! " IX. -; * •.-; «<- Top 24-hour protection from T***^ . your daily b;uh with Life- buoy! What's more, the new „„.-vous Bn(li Size Lifebuoy ' is io coni'tnitnt 10 use... gives ^'"ftw" you extra luxury. Enjoy Bath Size Lifebuoy every day! New BATH SIZE U so DOCTORS PROVED with 820 scientific test* , . -T.f- If the truth of this amazing statement... •;: The cleaner you get your skin, the doctors found, the safer you are from "B.O." (body odor). Apy soap, will remove all" the grime and perspiration you can see. But it's the "invis* ble dirt!' the doctors say, that may form a foothold for "B.Or. The doctors compared die effects of daily baths with dit ferent soaps. The results are.amazing! Actually you are clcamr, safer froii "B.O'.". when you take your daily bath whh'Ltfebuoy. After 820 scientific tests doctors say-Life- buoy's clean-smelJiog purifying ingredient makes the di£ ference. And this same purifying ingredient actually makes Lifebuoy wilder . .. safe even for n baby's tender skin!----So use Lifebuoy in^your dnily bath .. .because Lifebuoy gets skin cleaner, keeps you safer from "B.O."! Lifebuoy is made from a special oil blend that gives you such an abundant, refreshing Jather'. Remember: Lifebuoy gives you cleaner skin stops "B.O." as no other lending soap can! No happiness In tie world like being in love! Remember; your duily bath with Lifc- i 'buoy stops "B. O."-:kccp» you pleasant 10 be with al- u'fjyt. Now the convenient new Bath Size makes ever}' Lifebuoy bath even more luxurious . . .completely refreshing! ANOTHER.FINE LEVER PRODUCT

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