Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 16, 1948 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1948
Page 10
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TEN Stars and Stripes But Not Forever REDMOND, Ore.—(INS)—The girls at school imd practiced marching, and baton twirling three hours every afternoon.'They practiced to the tune of "Stars and Stripes Forever," the only phonograph record •with Just the "right tempo. After one vigorous session, the man who teas is charge of cement •work in the new gymnasium finally talked up to the instructor, plunked EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1945 Phone 4600 for * WANT AD Taker down an album of records, and toot "the Stars and Stripes" -off thc phonograph, saying: "You're driving 'me crazy. When I ivas In file army in Louisiana .1 woke up to that marcli every day for six months." The instructor considered, it' a good trade and drilled the next day with five new records. • She took them back to the foreman the next day and explained: "I'm sorry, we • can't seem to march to. these." The man replied: "I'm. sorry too, ladv. but I've busted that .'Stars and Stripes Forever' into little C ourl> Of Appeals pieces and mixed them into the • concrete." Church Service Listed Rev. John CaMci'On Taylor, pasmr of First Presbyterian Church. Prost- burg, will conduct tlic service at wa: Moffatt Memorial Mission, Barrelville, tonight at, 7:30. . • George Francis' Train was the first person to suggest to inventors erasers attached to pencils; perforations between postage stamps, and steps attached to carriages. Hears Local Case The appeal of the Western Maryland RaEway Company from a judgment of $5,000 in Circuit Court cf AlleRsuy county to Charles Edward Davidson, 22, fo 349 Williams Street, was taken under advisement yesterday by the Court of Appeals. Davidson, a B. and O. Railroad apprentice machinist, said lie stopped, looked and listened, but was hit by a 107-car freight train August 20, 194G, as ho drove across the Vlrgfaiin. Avenue railroad cross- ing. He said he was ui:cons:coi-s for three days wIUi head and shoulder injuries. The Court took this and another case under advisement after hearing oral arguments yesterday. The Court Is scheduled to leave Friday On its Christinas recess. It Is estimated that one out of every 200 people hns somo form Of epilepsy. The Philippine Island of Mindanao Is 36,000 miles square and has 2,000,000 Inhabitants. Tr.umaii Asked To Attend Baltimore^ Anniversary WASHINGTON — (>P) — Former Senator George Rndcllffe (D-Md) has invited President Truman to attend an anniversary celebration In Baltimore April 21. The occasion will be the 300th anniversary of enactment of Maryland's act of religious toleration. Badcllffe told White House newsmen rhat Mr. Truman would like to attend, but did not know at this time whether he will be able to do so. News Firm's Safe Robbed Of $3,000 BALTIMORE — C/P) — Police said burglars pried and battered their way into a safe at the Maryland News Company offices and stole an estimated S3.000 in cash. Another 54,000. in checks also was taken. Scattered around near 'the safe were a, maul, a crow bar, "two pinch bars and four heavy screwdrivers. Entrance was made through a second floor window police said, and they surmised that the thieves first scaled a telephone pole _ and thea walked across intervening roofs. A 1,500-pound 'vault surrounded by concrete in the safe had been chipped and'pried loose and. then, police believe, carted away" la a truck. . . ' Aaron Thosch, owner of 'newspaper and magazine dlstribunno company, made the estimate of she loss. ' . ' When.Mother Goose, who in private life was Mrs. Isaac Goose of Boston, wrote "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary" she had.Mary, Queen ol Scots, Jn mind. . . . . cv^v'*y^'£^°c^^ FOR THE I_JIJ SELF-SERVE DEEP CUT RATE Corner Baltimore and Centre Streets 8 LITE XMAS TREI LITE ^ SET *1 15 Regular $2.98 Yalut ELECTRIC , TOASTER y A K*«i <Mft Par H«r Box of XMAS CARDS' CONTAINS II CARDS A ft«f dor f*c **** 1 39 STUFFED ANIMALS . uiuitU luuty attnc- . MW «o«»bnM>li<» colon- .pe Christmas Tree Balls A R«o/ Gift to Irii»$ Horn*... R«S- ELECTRIC HEATER My «ppr«v«rf Yardtey Bond Street Toilet Witer.1 60 SHAVING BRUSHES Nyfwi aiwl bod««r brJrtUj il1 $ 10.00 ALARM CLOCKS lOc SERIES LIGHT BULBS-AM Colors ^ for Anniversary Special! ALL SOAP POWDERS each Anniversary Special! ASPIRIN TABLETS Bottle of 100 eirr TO Regular $2.98 Electric HOT ahmtiiiim «atMl PLATE Anniversary Special! Reg. 59c Household RUBBER 29* GLOVES TP* Anniversary Special! 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