Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 16, 1952 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 8
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BUIUHNG SUPPLOIENT Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa, Friday, May 16, 1952 SECTION TWO Building Hits Two Million Dollar Mark Here in 1951 Record Year For Home Construction 154 Building Permits Issued The year 1951 may well have been the banner year for home building in all of Estherville's history with approximately a million and quarter dollars spent here on construction of new homes and remodeling and building additions to other houses, according to estimates and city build- injj permit applications. A total of 154 building permits wore insuod by thi? rity in 1951 for home construction including additions and rcmod'ling. sliRht- ly fewer than in 1950 when 163 permits were issued for the same purposes. However, the dollar valuation of the construction in 1951 was upwards of $150,000 greater than In 1950 estimates show, and there were a few more new homes built the past year than in 1950. • • • I-AST YEAB saw several suN diviokms, that were getting a good start toward development in 1950, become dotted with new hom«a and become valuable new additions to the city's residential area. The Paul.son and F;jir- viow fourth additions werf site.s (:•: tremcndo'j=i»t):. Mafil-- f'ffst ha.s s'^'.'^r.'xl r.- w ho.'n'-i=. n*-\v hc^Ttf^H hnv- bf'irur. to app-nr in :r.-' R*TSs .-i.n.I F*i''r«.'r. artiiltif>n-' inj now on'-:' h:iv r-.-n .-i.lti-d t.'.'- recrntiy op*^r.''l W..vao'l To date m I&52 biuUlini- p.rni:-.^ >,:ive l>er.-. :ssu*:'d for honif.^ and r modri.T.^- :<.^(;i!;on;' amoun- tmst to ••i;yri.\:rr..,<. .:• Sl'tO.OOO •Aorth of ron.-r r;:r'ion .•\ r,* v.- 'ihdiv':si</n, ^"*a.r.^ i.^ r.^-^'^ ri 'tivity to fi-ii-- : •- M;. p-T-mit.-! h:i\- •. • n i.-- .• 1 - A horn,' ror-'.'*;or. T':\i< bu^TT yc.'ir o5 hon'.r buildir.:: m E-nhervillp • * « Bunj>p«r, PEforrrs and th.- subdivisocs for which th^y wrrt>' i.viued in the caj* of new home.i i for 1981 :nchid.> Wilham Hennirk. j ear«xe: Shaw Construction Co.; Paulson addition; Ralph Louch. j Miirlh.1 Lough addition: Leon W Mo«r»'. fr:-,<Mr\, U"::;.am O An- d«'r»«jn. V.'fifAcod addition, John Kronch. csrac : K<r.r.ith Kau 'i Wei»twco*l. Rov S -A -,-\]vf-, iijarac.: K F Vote*. Mapl'^r-- It ronrt rt.idrt>on: B^n IVKock. Mar'-- rrrxU ~r.'. Ar.,lr'-« Px.:- •yn. iSf.:.--: *r. < J-.r.'-i. Fs'.r-. !-;ird adf!:-:. - S'. •;. r ^r.A j.-.r.-. M«pWr-\<v r-." P.'r'<:.r .Mi;:-• T^: }i.-»ro:d H-^rr.i-.r, K^.;r- vl-^" 4tr. iidii*\Cir 0!i-. «-r AA .i -*,y a<1dition •.> hr:;«. >• • ,4-'. .-.T'. »-.n. V\ P... -r- n B.v-;<;,.. I-»ai»r.r. <^ir: .«,;:.-.- ;• i: } , m m m MOM ri: \Nn • - ? -u-i : . r «•/ , ' »•- ; Vm IVr r- - . ; «w L> r .r i,i ;!;.'>r. ir..' ^i'-.,;. I 'lry AEil<'r«<-.r. ?-t .,.>..n S!o;:.-r Jan--* 5'''tir%;*-» M'j .ir : xna Jar.^t KirtirV JrJ i! JoOF* ijtrxz'- <:U!'. ;l..s-_;r.«u jl*«rr««!. A P. Kton. ei«ri«- ftav ' MarVy c»r»«f A .-S 'ir 'Tr H-ind---; isiad, B*r*x'r-Aii«t-y »iJ«S.tion, ilr» ! Wm. I>»uith Sad, MoH -r »ad Jor. nn. TraKxie!; FniLk Wa.'.'. rf--r. >!• fl, Woodrow £k>ex'*< r»rnixlri l» W. I*ler»i»ji, tfcrr* hamrm la Piitrtm a4dntoo' t ^**trr R£»fa- b<e»y. P^aljoo; EJ S^ftubart, iBOdW: a L. rwr«. rtrnxxl*!. Jafta Ebnal^lL. KQM, MatWr »Ad Ju&et. THIS NE\V SCHOOL, built by St. Patricks Catholic church, will be completed and ready for occupancy next fall. It is a grade school (Daily News photo and engraving) and will include all eight grades. The building was started in 1951. It is located on Central avenue at Ninth street. THE WAVXE fRIM FAMILY in thM tractlv.- n*-'.> hom.- buiit on highway 9 ju«t out- sid.- th<- east city iimif -'t of Estht r-> ;I1<- The ."luditor* p:at. RusAe!! E l^-i^^^r . m M u JOHN KOSTKR. I. ; - ,r H L Bow.n fAO tara^>^-, J: Bothwll. Px'dUon: Fr;i-. .< M 1:.;.^ .,d. I'p. .:*or M-,-,;, • ~. > U.- TAU:-;-. V.' r. ?i>r t .rA.vJi: H'.,-r. Ar.l-r-','. , ,i rxi;* 'ir. i r.- * f-i..--, v 4th K r^:;.: .^«r.^.. iiN-r- .-r --^-.R ^.n^. if ^ -1-...;. M'k;.••A.; i.ij \! Kr* d'r-,<-ic«-n addition lu,*^ ; ; N!'> • iir I j'.r.. • •:. :>• r HA.- M .J, ••»4;...<.,r-.. « e • JOHN T t AMI-SKM. ! » . «. r. L *t' i ':^r«- r.. J*;'r?rf-,r, K iC ' Rockn' rv::-.-xt<-i- L tV J*i^f»cr. i i I»irr»-.r. John Hcr-.".:<-ii, U ! I. Rr>r.oid« l^iulion: Tr..j.-r_ai p. j Cr»»fcrd. F'jiaUor.. I^uyd Ij ! Hill«rrr«t MoU«T aod Jerk's K»ir- . ' \>'lr ii .'i H W N'IBOB. Nii-ft5;*', •Jlditioc, W. H il^toa. Lf>«»- ' r^»f^. fcddiiton; Vtolicr atd Jcivr*. | four fcsa*r» in FtUrvurm «U>: O HK AM> HI:- ( I.\Kt N« r I. J T»o<«ro«. B*T»i;<-, if a'«»cn^r^n, r^n-'.-',^'. Aai*-;.* lvr.o«, garage: LK:V.'«.iOc IX>U4;V ty, Bcmu; L^atr Ar,4«.'*or^ gik- frniad»l; O*:* Waw]< tr3 -.odel .i2na: tijrytj Alltn. car p«r! It A. C VV. N«vta<v x»nm(c. L U CUfk. UJUkqr, rctootUl; KraAcas ISili^'Tura U p««* IVJk. CAJOOUI R 0 IU:KT K-NOX . ll-.-aU. NVai icr B. Zittrtiich. Ar^t^^c Kiit*t». renwtcl: Sft^Woa ft;frl». $200,000 Catholic School Built Cily Finishes Disposal Plant New construction in Estherville hit close to inc two million dollar mark In 1951 with a million and half dollars worth of home construction including new homes, remodeling and additions to homes and another half-million In commercial and public v.ulldin;; construction, according to building permit figures from the city clerk's office. Headlining the rommerelal and public building con.itruction for 1951 is the new parochial school being built by St. Patiick's Catr- ollc church l,ut started last y^ar. Cost of this new building is in excess of $200,000. THE CITY also completed its sewage disposal plant with tha erection of a (35,000 screen house. New major commercial buildings in the city are the Sorenson studio. Council Oaks grocery and market. Golden Sun storage building and warehouse, Tobin Packing company grease separation building, Flr.lngwarth and Ftll- Ingwarth offices and apartment and J. E. H*-rl)rand»on offlr<- and .storage tmildin^ and iipiirtni<nti<. • « • OTHER < OM.MEKf lAL ,i:l<l- iri;.' p'-rrriit.H v. nt tf» fiK'^t-'tr^t J^it- t'ftch ;vir:t;;'' <';riM.-n Hun .Ntii;- l.'f!. .lofip H' k '.'-r r*'ri;--'I*-> ir;;.- h .r^::- ' ''.r;*!'- i-- l--.r. (' for • J ; M : f, M T- " t'-r -'^.r wtr.- :«.-. Kr - r:.T -'or^..;- ^iold- ' ri Sin T-: "'.•••r\.''- f* !i h'.tkK '.'.r *:,'.r:^' • r :^ K < y . OJ , 1'••'.•f'fiX. for i:ri Ti .-• •'.'t :i•• Hf .^J :.• OM.V TllflfK ' ri-f . f p:ar <r y*^ thU '/•"•«r. Th?- Hit* '!iv;«ion of s;"!!":,- f>il Co wiil • r *•< t r ,ff.. .-F, nr.l uliC ••or-tir»r pi;in? for pmp^r*- ifm» at iin '••rti- tr-nl'-fX cost of to ViOfm 7h'= thf***- r''-rrr.;t)i i-Ru ^d to I r. i-:j;r x'.n;. s^r., Vtlt'-y for .-J-:.'j-^r. .V r ' *r.J M Jl. Oil Rub K»ej>H A ladder Slr<»nf» i-id fl«iK.i»- »r;d .'.••ir-i ..r.'^^i , •.'» ,^•.^.•-nt f r f-'.-ri. ».,-,•/_• «T ; ?.>-..ri r-- j.-^ s*,---l ^r.'-- :J ir -wi'-i '^r.»: or ^ • • r • . • . .i • :i. - ' - . 1 : IT * i'.'. .-» •".. >l«r»- llonic (>«n «T» T:* -r,? ar.'.' rr.Ord h iffitf OWTlf-'* than rT'ir* In th« t 'nite«l H '-.-.^t. Hcr^ than 53 ptr ttM ot »M ooefartij il**tUAjpi onmar &e<^;»l«<l. la IMC enty tlue« fiBUliM la cicbt «wnMt UKU u «m faeaoaa.

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