Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 27, 1956 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 27, 1956
Page 6
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PAGE si:; ALTON EVEMIsG TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1956 r»13.'< Still A? Experiment JEFFERSON. Ohio. & — Sheriff Tom Fasula of Ashtsbula County, acting fast Friday, busted up a; whiskey still that had .lust startod i CARROLLTON — Students of operating in a shark at the rear Carro] ,, on H i C h School chose of it, over's homr. M .^ ^^ ^^ ^ lR ^ r o( The distiller explained that to ^^ of E , d show hi? fnends he could make moonshine, he hnd produced "as rod. to reign as homecoming an rxprrimont." what the sheriff W™^ Thr coronation crremom later described as a pint of "top quality" whiskey. But after Fasula severely Coronation Concludes Homecoming Jeanie Dotson Carrollton Queen «'HS Friday night. This climaxed a three-day eel obration stjtrting with the school But after Fasula severely ro- •-»«»»'" .--•""», -"" • •»- .-—• pr.mandort him, he proclaimed: I'l«.v. "OonrtniRM My Fancy , a . . , , . , ,. , . , pop rallv. which was rained out "Im through with this whiskey ' '. ,•„,„„ r ,,j ; ,,^ u,,. u n ij through bus!n'"ss." It's iust as well. He's only 13. Courteous Calamity NORFOLK. Va. .T" — A Nor- stadium, hut held in the gymnasium, Thursday nitrht, and a parade Friday aft n noon preceded the coronation o[ thr quern Friday night after a 2fi-0 win over White Hall b\ ..,„.. folk man returned 1o a down-; the football team. tcrtvn parking lot to find thr fen- Eldred Grade School took der of his car badly dented and i home first place honors in the this unsigned note stuck behind i parade followed by Mt. Gilead the windshield wiper blade: "I ! PTA and the high school Dra- creased your fender." ' matics Club in third place. In SAFEWAY STEEL SCAFFOLDS RENTALS - SALES THE WORKSHOP Dial 2-1456 CARROLLTON CORONATION — Carrollton homecoming queen and her attendants photographed as student council president David Berlin crowned Jeanie Dotson Friday night. Left to right, seated are Patricia Young, Kay Koster, Karen Jones and Janet Koster. Standing are retiring queen Bonnie Turpin, David Berlin and Jeanie Dotson.—Staff Photo. fir** the bicycle division Mary Vailes headed the girls division and Charles Gerson won the title in the boys contest. A contest between the town's The retiring queen, Bonnie Turpin, escorted by Thomas Biddie chose a striking black lace crcaton over rusty pink satin. The matching sash bound her merchants in a window painting waist and tied in a large bow enterprise had the Tot Shop in i in the back. The former queen first place and Carmody Brothers in the second spot. The Coronation The queen and her attendants were introduced separately as they made their way onto the was presented wearing her crown and delivered it to student council president, David Borlin, who crowned the new queen. Members of the queen's court were Patricia Young and Thom- decorated state. Miss Dotson, | as Stone, Janet Koster and Ad- excorted by George Stewart, was in an evening dress of pale blue and white net over a full skirt. She carried a bouquet of gold colored mums with a gold football in the center. All her attendants had similar floral pieces in contrasting colors to their i ! formals. rian Varble, Kay Koster and James Tepen, and Karen Jones escourted by Kent Black. The Small Fry Flower girl for the coronation was Kathy Parker, daughter of Mrs. Estleen Parker and the gift bearer was Mike Gillingham, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gillingham Jr. Master of Ceremonies, Ronald Shelton, presented each of the couples as they entered the gymnasium and told of their achievements during their school careers. Soloist of 1he evening, singing two songs to the queen, was a former student at Cnr- rolllon High School Carroll Wayham. Olin Stead, superintendent of schools, presided at the pep rally Thursday night, Principal speakers, other than the superintendent, were head coach Thomas Kerrihard and assistant coaches John Goodwin and John Sappington. Ronny Klaus provided the dance music for the hundreds of students and alumni attending the coronation. Preparation Is Big Secret in Repairing Your Gutters; Do It Yourself 9 Soon BV MR. FIX If there are leaks in your home s roof drainage system, you are no doubt aware of them. Rain water which escapes through holes in the gutters instead of taking the downspout route may have made dirty streak's down the side of the house. Or, it may have been blown in behind siding at the eaves and caused wet spots on in?'de walls, or dribbled through walls into the basement. In slates where winters are severe, water dripping from gutter leaks turns to icicles during the cold months. Unable to support the added weight, gutter brackets may bend or break. The stress is likely to split the gutters at soldered seams and result in more leaks. You cart nip this chain reaction in the bud by soldering that one little bitty leak now. When you've found the hole, bare both sides of the metal with a piece of sa.ndpaper. "Bare"' means brightly shining, clean and free of rust. If care is not taken to make the metal gleam, solder will not hold. Next, apply paste-type solder flux to the bare metal on both sides of the gutter. If the leak is very small, a drop of solder may stop it. If the hole is larger, it should be patched with a piece of the same metal the gutter is made of. Cut the patch several inches larger than the hole and bend it to fit the contour of the gutter. Use sandpaper to clean and brighten both sides of the patch. An operation called "tinning" is the next step. Using a propane torch, heat the gutter around the hole just enough to melt wire solder. In contact with the hot metal, solder should "flow" out in a thin, smooth layer over the surface surrounding the hole. Use the same technique to "tin" the underside of the patch. Now, place the patch over the hole, Holding a strip of wire solder in your left hand and torch in your right, add more solder Succeeds Ann Morrow Jackie Middleton Greenfield Queen Mueller Climatrol fuel-thrifty oil furnaces give you more comfort at lower cost :*S$L:K&&V Jto get finer comfort, greater satisfaction, insist on a famous Mueller Climatrol when selecting oil heat for your home. Regardless of whether yours is a flew or old home, and no matter what the size — we have just the tight Mueller Climatrol to meet your needs and budget. Let os make an engineered beating survey of your home sod recommend the equipment best suited for you. There is no cost or obligation tor this service. Ask us about our convenient budget plan — no money down and up to •36 month* to pay. DIAL 4-4354 MODERN PLUMBING & HEATING SUPPLY GO, Serving The Area for Over 27 Years. 356 MAIN EAST ALTON GREENFIELD — Miss Jacquiline Middleton, daughter of Mr. I,; 1 and Mrs. William Middleton, was crowned homecoming queen of Greenfield High School in ceremonies at the school Friday night. The coronation, mid-way during a homecoming dance in the school gymnasium, climaxed the school's homecoming program. The school's queen tiara was surrendered to the new queen by Miss Ann Morrow, her predecessor. Maids of honor at the coronation ceremony were Linda Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lee of near Wrights, Judy Burkholder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Finice Doyle of Greenfield, and Sherry Sousley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sousley of Greenfield. Lois Camp, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Floyd Camp of Wrights, was special sophomore maid of honor. John Longmeyer, co-captain of the school's football team, was the new queen's escort, while Miss Morrow's escort during the ceremonies was Sam Geers, co- captain. Russell Naugle escorted Miss Camp; Richard Hutchinson, Miss Lee; Gary Price, Miss Burkholder; Gene Longmeyer, Miss Sousley. student council, presided at the JACKIE MIDDLETON was crowned Greenfield High School queen at the culmination of the school's homecoming festivities Friday night at the school gymnasium. —Staff Photo. MODERNIZE KITCHENS Planning to remodel your kitchen . . . planning to build a new home? L <S L Furniture and Appliance is the place to come to for help. We have experienced designers who offer their service to you . .. free. Let them help you plan that kitchen. They will design it to meet your wants and needs ... at a cost that will be within your budget. VISIT OUR SHOWROOM Come in ... see for yourself. We have a complete kitchen designed for modern living. We also have the appliances and furniture to go with it. Check our Pricing Policy Before You Buy OPEN MONDAY AMI FKIUAV • FREE ESTIMATES t FREE PLANNING FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE CO, Home' Owned f Home Operated Corner Plata and 4th St. 'TIL 9 P.M. student council, presdied at the coronation program, Doors Getting To Be Foolish Extravagances Doors in houses are getting ' to be foolish extravagances. I Of course, we need a front I door and a back door, but the j space used by swinging doors inside the house is a perpetually expensive item. It not only is costly Jo build, but it robs you of usable space for the rest of your life in that house. No doors in some places and sliding doors in others can give you much more house for your money. No man in his right mind would think of installing revolving doors for every bedroom, bathroom and closet in his house. However, to agree with that statement means we are all half crazy, because every time you swing an ordinary door all the way back against the wall you are taking up just about half the amount of space that would be used by a revolving door. Furthermore, space costs a lot of money when you build a house today. The man who gets a livable one-story house built for around $12 a square foot usually considers himself lucky. Still in most cases he wastes $300 or more of his building money on space nt'eded just to swing doors. About two square feet is needed for the full swing of the average door. Additional space required when you step back every time you swing that door makes that waste space even greater. Count the number of room doors and closet doors in your house and you can see why sliding doors are being used so widely in new house plans. So far, most sliding doors are used for closets. They make it possible to devote an entire SAND WELL around the edges of the patch. When this is done, heat the gutter from below. Ciiitter and patch will "sweat" together. Often leaks occur at seams of gutters and at joints with downspouts. Take a few minutes to re- solder them. Wire brush or sandpaper the spots, apply flux, then melt solder into the joints. To mend a seam which has come apart completely, it's necessary to take the gutter off the house. Melt old solder off the two connecting gutter sections, sand them bright and clean on both sides. Since the two will overlap about two inches, flux and "tin" the outside of the top section and the inside of thp bottom one where they will moot. Remember that the overlap should face the direction of water flow. After timing, temporarily lock the two sections together will 0- clamps for final soldering. Arid more solder to the inside of the joint and heat from below to "sweat" the sections together. A last word of caution: when working on your roof's drainage system, don't rest a ladder against Churches Of Nation To Mark Re-formation NEW YORK #—Sunday most of the nation's Protestant churches will observe the 439th anniversary of the Reformation. Reformation Sunday commemorates the date in 1517 when Martin Luiher, an Atigtistinian friar and university professor, posted his 95 theses against indulgences on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. The National Council of Churches is sponsor of the day. The Rev. Bcrlyn Farris. director of the council's department of evangelism, says tlie theme of the observance is "the continuity of l!n» Christian Church in the Protestant tradition." 20 Million Plane Landing?, Takeoffs WASHINGTON /P — The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said today there were 20.381000 aircraft bindings and takeoffs at the nation's nonmilitary airporti during the year ended last Jun« 30. The CAA said this was a record, exceeding the previous 12- month total by 1,583,000. Once again, Chicago's Midway Airport was busiest with 366.079 landings and takeoffs. Next cam* New York's La Guardia airport with 260.661 and Washington'* N*-. tional Airport with 237.590. Five Nobel Prizes, with »n the gutters. The stress might dam-i average value of $40.000 each. ape their supporting brackets. |are awarded annually. Pesky Problem Do You Know How To Stop Dripping Faucets? Here Are Some Tips To Help ing until the spindle can be lift-j don't reinstall the spindle i»ed out. sembly without examining th« BY MK. FIX Distributed by NBA Service The homeowner who hi)s nev- The washer will he found at! valve seat. remove the brass screw which rcp spindle, retains it and replace the old j "washer with a new one. But 1 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" wardrobes and hat box shelves. These doors are bypassing types —two doors, each equal to half of the overall width of the open^ ing, plus a little overlap. No more than half of such a door way is open at one time, Merrill estimates that about 90 per cent of all sliding doors in existing houses are used for closets, primarily in bedrooms. He thinks virtually every door inside a house should be a sliding door, in spite of the fact er had to repair a water faucet j the lower end of the spindle. If is a rare find indeed. Faucet, , he washer is worn or defective, fixing's one of the commonest household maintenance chores. When in need of repair, faucets let it be known with a demanding drip that has been; likened to the Chinese water torture. Not only hard on the nerves, it also hits the pocketbook by wasting water—and fuel, in the case of leaking hot- water faucets. There are three common causes of leaks in ordinary compression-type faucets: (1) deteriorated packing around the top of the stem, or a loose packing nut; (2) worn or defective washers; (3) worn or corroded valve seats. Taking them in order, here are some corrective measures: ! If water leaks out around the ' faucet s'em where it enters the packing nut, try tightening the nut. If the drip continues, shut off the water supply at the main ; valve in the basement or at any valve Between the faucet and the main valve. ; Next, lossen the packing nut by turning it counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench. Remove the handle and slip the packing nut off the stem. This exposes packing inside the nut and packing washers around the stem. Examine and replace both if worn or defective. Water dripping continually out of the faucet spout is evidence of fault in the washer or valve seat. To get at the source of trouble, loosen the packing nut anc turn the faucet handle as if to turn on the water. Keep turn- Be sure to flush small bitj of metal out of the faucet befor* the regular faucet DO IT YOURSELF SAVE % n oisis of yof«»ii. N° blo«'"K *, em _no mask.-no glov Plan no* to insulate your home Only ZONOLITE" offers you • Extra fir* protection. S« proof it tnufff out flam*. • Will not irritate yowr »Mn. to hondl*. • Pr»v»nti h«at kaU joitti. • Permanent. Will n«v*r w*ar out or deteriorate. * 2 • / Tt side or end of a room to generous that his firm makes door knobs ASPHALT PAVING "BETTER tnd CHEACEK" 0 Drlvawayi • Pl»jrfroon4» «tc 0 Lo»dln| Areai 9 l'»rkln| l.oti No Down 1'myment — Hfi Mo to Pa; ASPIIAI.I' PAVING COMPANY MARCAL ALTON, ILL. PU. Visit Our Hardware and Appliance Store Hours: B A.M. to 5 P.M. 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