Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 9, 1953 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1953
Page 22
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22 The Daily Register-Mail Galesburg, 111. Friday, October 9, 1953 MARKET REPORTS TODAY MARKETS CLOSED MONDAY NEW YORK (AP)-Financlal and (Commodity markets throughout the Untied States will be closed Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 12. The U. S. Department of Agriculture will issue various livestock reports as usual. GALESBURG HOG MARKET Oaletburg Order Buyen C. B. & Q Stockyards Market active 25c lower. Top $20.75, 200-260 - $20.50-$20.75 270-300 $20.00-320.40 Packing Sows $17.25-$20.25 Overnight hogs delivered Galesburg by 4 a, m. sold 25c above these quotations. Wllion & Co., Santa Fa Yardi ' Market steady to 25c higher. Top $20.75. 180-200 $20.00-020.50 210-260 S20.50-$20.75 270-300 $20.00-$20.40 Sows 25c higher. 270-500 $17.25-$20.25 GALESBURG GRAIN MARKETS Comumer Grain at Supply (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.) CORN, No. 2 old $1.31 CORN, No. 2 new $1.30 OATS, No. 2 .67 SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2.44 DeForett Feed tt Seed Co. iGalesburg-Abincdon) (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.) WHEAT, No. 2 $1.77 CORN, No. 2 new $1.31 OATS No. 2 - .67 SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2.43 NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK (UP)-Stock mar kct midday prices: Alaska 2V4 Loews lOVi Aid Chcm 66 Marsh Fid 24% Aid St 37 </i Martin U a A Allis Chal 41 s s Maytag 17% Amerada 151 Msn Dvp lGVi ABC-Pmt 14VA Monsanto 83 2 cents higher, November $2fi4'i -|Amn Can 36 Mont Dak 19% and lard 17 cents lower to 15; Amn R&SS 12 % Mont W 57% a hundred pounds higher, Oc ' -- TOMORROW'S ESTIMATES CHICAGO (AP)-USDA— Estimated salable livestock receipts for Saturday: HOGS 300 CATTLE f00 SHEEP 100 Galesburg Soy Product! (Bids at 1 :30 p. m.) SOYBEANS, No. 2 yellow Co. $2.47 to Issuance of the regular monthly [government crop report. Oats, however, lagged and In the afternoon slipped under the previous close. Estimated carlot grain receipts at .Chicago: Wheat 16, corn 167, oats 3. [rye none, barley 14 and soybeans 44. Wh<*at closed Va-\'/i higher, December $1.02 corn M-lfc higher, December S-.43 1 o-$1.44, oats U lower to , ,'s higher. December 75'fc-75; rye 3 i-l«:, [higher, December $1.14',i-'/,, soybeans _ to 2 cents higher, November $264 1 i S2.64, - - - - • - . . cents .. .. tober $lfi.65-$I6.55. CHICAGO GRAIN RANGE CHICAGO W> — . Wheat BUSIINELL LIVESTOCK Estimated receipts 1,000 hogs. Market steady to 25 higher, top $21.25. Choice FINAL GRAIN REVIEW 210 to 240 $21 to $21.25. Sows steady CHICAGO fA Pl_Most grains end with Thursday closed, top $20 50. Cat-; on , hn nnard of TracIe todaj . lie usual Friday cleanup trade, most ^ sp]H cl|t down bids unevenly steady. Lambs, bidding 1 ' steady to weak. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (By THE ASSOCIAAED PRESS) Cash wheat: No. 1 red 1.91. Corn: No. I yellow 1.5fP.,: No. 2 1.4IR1: No. 3 1.48-49: No. 4 1.47: No. 5 1,4.'l r1 .'.-4f>; sample grade I.34'i-42; new: No. 2 jyellow 1.50: No. 3 1.44 *4: No. 4 1,37V,- 3!). Oats: No. 1 heavy white 7!)'j. Soybeans' No. 1 yellow 2.fif)'i: No. ' 2 a.fiO'i, holh Indiana origin I rack Chicago, Barley nominal: mailing 1.30-60; feed 'I2-1.10. Field seed nominal per 100 His: while clover (100-50: recltop 57.50- ."in.00; alsilte 15.50-16.50: timothy 11.0011.50; red clover 24.00-25.50. Dec Mar May Jly Corn Dec Mar May Jly Oats Dec Mar May Jly Rye Dec Mai- May Jly Amn Smelt 27 Vi Amn T&T 154% Amn Tob 75% Anaconda 30 Armour 9 Atchison 90Vi Bendix 58% Beth Stl 46% Borden 58Vi 1.47% 1.47% 1.47%-W 1.46% 1.47 1.46% CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (By THE ASSOCIAAED PRESS) HOGS—6.000 salable; most choice 200-260 lb. butchers S21.25-S21.50; most 170-190 lb. J20.35-S21.35: most 300-500 lb. sows S18.75-$20.50; good clearance. CATTLE—1,000 salable: calves —200 salable; few sales Rood and choice steers $!9-$24; utility to low-good grades $1?-$18; load high-choice 950 lb. heifers $24.50; utility and commercial cows $!).25-$13: canner and cutter $7.50$9.50; few utility bulls $11-811.50: few prime vealers $24; commercial to choice $15-823: cull and utility $9-$14. SHEEP—500 salable; most good and choice lambs S17-S1H; top $20 for choice and prime grades; cull to low-good $8- S16; cull to good slaughter ewes $4$5. PEORIA LIVESTOCK (Bv THE ASSOCIATED PRESSI HOGS—3,000 salable: active: butchers Cully steady to 25 higher; top $21.50; sows 75-S1 or more lower; best sows S20. Cattle, calves and sheep to few to make an adequate market test. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK Bv UNITED PRESS HOGS: 5,500; moderately active; barrows and gilts 15 to 25c higher: sowsi barely steady; bulk choice 190-250 lh.| $21.50-$21.75; most 150-180 lbs. $19.75-! $21.50; 170 lbs. $21.25. CATTLE: 1,200: calves 700. Steers and heifers little changed; commercial and earlier gams. iNoV The market's upturn was led by j . soybeans, responding to a sharp .iumpj l,an in price of crude soybean oil. Wheat Mar also was quite strong at times on an-|]\f a y oilier boost in government subsidy i-repayments, continued dry weather and expanded flour business. good S14-S20; cows steady; utility and commercial $9-$11.50; bulls unchanged; utility and commercial SM)-$12: vealers and calves $l-$2 lower: few prime $23; good and choice $14-820; utility and -Ommercial $9-$16: commercial and ?ood slaughter calves $11-814. SHEEP: 700; active: practical top $18; bulk choice to prime lambs S17-818: good and choice $16-816.50; utility to good $14-$14.50; slaughter ewes $384.50. Corn firmed on short covering prior Lard Oct Nov Dec Jan Mar May 1.93 '/4 1.91% 1.92V4 1.91i /4-% 1.96% 1 .95 1.96 1 .94%-% 1.97% 1.96 1.97% 1 .95%-% 1 .94% 1 .93V2 1 .94 1.92%-% Briggs 29% Burroughs 14% 1 .43% 1 .43% 1.43W-W Cal&Hec 7% 1.46% 1.40% 1.46 l /s - 1 /4 case 15% Catplr 46% Cclancsc 20 Celotex 16% Cerro 20% C&O 33% Chrysler 65 Colum Gas 13% Com Cop 35% Cont Can 55Vi Cont Oil 49 , r,o, -, i Corn procl 71 '^ 1.231s 1-22% | Curt Wr 7Vi 2.64% 2.62% iSSSf 2 .brlt 2.64!i-65: D gl s 6g 2.67Vi 2.65% 2.60','. 2.64%-6o; n .. p ont i 0 i 2.64% 2.63 2.63 ',i 2.62U-62 2.60 2.58 1 ,i 2.59% 2 .57% • 1.44% 1.47% 1.48% 1.47% .75% .75 Vi .73 ''4 .691 4 1.15 1.20% 1.22% 1.24 Soybeans 2.65% 2.67% .74% .74% .72% .68% 1.13% 1.18% 1.21 1.23% 2.64 2.66% .75% .74-% .73 .68% 1.14% 1.19% 1.21% .75%-% .75 .73-72% .69 1.13%-% 1.18% 1.20% Will Pay Cash! For 3 or 4 Bedroom House in Knoxville Write Box 615, % Regisier-Mail Dr. H. O. Conn OPTOMETRIST — Formerly of Monmouth — Now Located Room 407, Bondi Bldg. Galesburg, 111. PHONE 2360-8 TRASH HAULING Dont be overcharged. Call a permanent hauler. Howard Wesifall PHONE 7362-9 COAL Phone 4531 People's Fuel & Coke Co. CUSTOM WORK Baling with wire baler. Tractor mowing. Ditching for lewer, watar, gat and til*. Dirt moving of all kinds. Also hava tractors with loaders, scoops, blades, etc., for rent. DUESTERHAUSE IMPLEMENT CO. Knoxville Road, Galesburg, III. Phone 4779 Poultry and Eggs A better year yound market for your farm produce. GALESBURG POULTRY & EGG CO. 340 S. Kellogg St. Phone 3132-6, Galesburg, III. CULLING AND PICK-UP SERVICE ON YOUR FARM. WANTED To save you money on all your long distance moving both in the state of Illinois and io any other state, or Canada, Never make a long distance move until you get at least 2 estimates because all the rates are not the same. We will have space available for part loads of household goods to and from Chicago or any point enroute, Oct. 9, 10, 11. Storage space available now. Call 5659-6. NuWay Movers GARAGES BUILT ON YOUR LOT See one at 440 S. Whitesboro St. 14'x22', 4" Concrete Floor— $800.00 Phone 6251-6 or 1340-0 16.85 14.50 13.40 12.40 12.30 16.45 14.10 13.00 12.05 12.15 16.65 14.15 13.15 12.27 12.30 12.20 16.50 14.25 13.15 12.27 12.30 12.12 Eric 17% Flintkt 25% Gen El 75% Gen Ftls 55% Gen Mtrs 57% Gootlvoar 48% Glim I'g 1% Gt Wst Su 17% Nash Kelv 18 Nat Bis 35% Nat Dairy 61% Nat Dist 17% Nat Ld 3?.% NYC 19% Nor Amn 20% Nor Pac 54% NVV Airl 9% Chio Oil 50% Otis El 38% Ovens 111 74 Packard 4Vfe Pan Amn 8% Penney 72% Penn RR 19% Pepsi Cola 12% Phelps Dge 30% Philco 29% Phil Mor 51% Phil Pet 49% P&Gam 64 RCA 24 Rem Rand 14% Rep Stl 43 Reyn Tob 47% Safeway 38% Schenley 22% Sears 56% Sinclair 32% Socony. 31% Sou Pac 38 Std Bds 27% S.O. Cal 49% S.O. Ind. 67% S.O. N.J. 68% S.O. Ohio 31% FOR SALE Extra Good ALLIS-CHALMERS TRACTOR W.C., with W.D. steering, pulley, cultivator, P.T.O. Priced at S200. WAYNE CARLSON G miles north of Williamsfield on Route 180 FOR SALE Hampshire Spring Boars Eligible to register. Vaccinated and tested. New blood lines. Also few open gilts. Carrol Oaks 3 Miles North and 2 East MONMOUTH, ILL. Private Sale Holstein, Guernsey, Brown Swiss Young Cows & Heifers Extra large, good color. Fresh, close- up. Any number. See. anytime. J. E. Minleer & Sons 5 Miles North of Aledo, Route 94 WELDERS Every farmer needs a Forney. The only complete farm repair unit. Heats, cuts, welds, drills, brazes, solders, ihaws waier pipes, charges batteries and can be used as a booster io start cars, trucks and tractors, using either 6 or 12 volts. This equipment carries an UNCONDITIONAL 2-year guarantee. For more Information call or see your Forney Farm Welder Dealer GENE SULLINS 530 S. Cedar — Phone 7213-3 SPRING BAKERS FRIES — Free Delivery — HUNT'S POULTRY 81254 883 Monmouth Blvd. SALESMAN WANTED! SALESMAN, resident of Galesburg and .surrounding counties. .Reliable, sincere, neat appearing, 21-55 years, married, who has the ability of self - supervision and appreciate pleasant, dignified sates work. Car necessary. We offer the finest sales training program to insure even an inexperienced man success, if accepted. No high pressure selling. Our 100-year success patterns offer one of America's finest opportunities for promotion to a confident hard working man. Our business has no off seasons, provides good security regardless of general business 1 conditions, offers exclusive territory with steady repeat business each year. Full earnings paid weekly. No traveling. Average salesman earnings of entire organization for past year was $83 for a week. Above average men earned S172. Many ranged up to $250 for a week. For persona] Interview phone MR. LEICH, CUSTER HOTEL 9 a. m. to .,9 p. m. October 12 and 13 VADIE BAKER'S ANNUAL PUBLIC SALE Of Stocker & Feeder Cattle I will sell at public auction on my farm, 1 mile south of Monticello, Mo., 5 miles east of Lewistown, Mo., 30 miles northwest of Quincy, 111., and 40 miles southwest of Keokuk, la., on Highway 16, the following, beginning promptly at 11 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 15, 1953 2,200 HEAD OF CATTLE Terms upon approved securities. Lunch served. VADIE L. BAKER Don't Dig Up Your Sewer kOTO-ROOTER FOR CLOGGED SEWERS A DRAINS PHONE 7789-6 IF NO ANSWER. CALL 5716 -8 WILL LEASE Food establishment in Galesburg, has finest equipment, good money-maker for right person, suitable for man and wife operation. Ad replies confidential. Write Box 618, care of Register-Mail, giving name, address and phone number. Public Sale OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS at Walter Tobin residence at Maquon, Illinois, on Sat., Oct. 10th Starting at 1:00 p.m. Heating stove, hand coal burner; No. 1 Kerosene stove, Washing machine, ABC Spinner; buffet; sewing machine; dining room table; 4 chairs; day bed; writing desk; electric lamp; bedding on day bed; bed and lots of bedding; rug; dresser; 2 rocking chairs; bed and clothing; lots of linens; 1 marble stand; 1 dresser; 1 small dresser; some antique dishes and antique furniture. F. F. DENNIS, Auctioneer FOR THE BEST IN READY-MIXED CONCRETE CALL 1050 Monmouth " Blvd. Phone 1050-6 REGISTERED SPOTTED POLAND CHINA HOG SALE CARL SEILER, ONEIDA, ILLINOIS -40- BOARS -10- GILTS FASHION ACE All pigs vaccinated for cholera and erysipelas. All bangs tested. Bangs Free. Plenty of new blood for old customers. Have just purchased the 1953 Gra^" 1 Champion Boar of Iowa, Missouri and Spencer, Iowa, Fairs. See him sale night! Tuesday Eve., Oct. 13 1953 . SALE STARTS AT 8:00 P. M. . . 1953 Held al KNOXVILLE SALES BARN, Knoxville, Illinois Auctioneers-Luke Gaule (Springfield, III.) Rolland Lindsey, (Woodhull, HI.) Clerk - Loren Johnson (Oneida, III.) Write For Caralogue Lunch by Youth Fellowship of Ontario Congregational Church. Cnim Air 21*fc Homestake 34Vi ( Howe Snd 10V4 Hudson ll^ 111 Cent' 6!M , inland SU 39 Vi 'int Harv 25% Int. Nick 38Vi> Int Paper S2V* lnt T&T 14'/s Johns Man 60V4 Kcnnecott 62Vz Keysl 21'i Kresgc 34Vi Kroger 41 7 's Lockhd 24 Vi Studebaker 23 Swift 38 Texaco 51% Tran Am 24 7 /& Un Carb 66V4 Un Oil 39V& Un Pac 101% Utd Corp 5 Utd Airl 22 fl /i U.S. Stl 34Ts West Un 44 Wcstghse El 44Vi Wilson 9Vf. Woohvorth 43V<s Yng Sh&T 35% Zenith 71 Swiss A 44-48: B 42-43: C SO-40. BUTTER: 751,828 lbs. Steadier. ©3 iscore SB'Mc lb.; 92 score 66; 90 score |63','a: R9 score 62'A. Carlots: 90 score 64 V,; 89 score 62 *4. EGGS: S.237 cases. Firm. White large extras 60-60.9 per cent A nnd over |64c doz.; mixed large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 63: mediums 60- i69.9 per cent A and over 51; standards 53-55; current receipts 45; dirties 42; 'checks 40. CHICAGO PRODUCE Bv UNITED PRESS LIVE POULTRY: Steady. 16 trucks MO " price changes. ' criEESE: Single daisies 40-41Vic lb. longlinrns 41-42: processed loaf 39-41%: I WANTED Man io Operate Portable Hammer Mill. Schwilck Milling Service 1416 W. IOSEY ST. —Call After 3 P. M.— FOR SALE 1949 2-ROW OLIVER CORN PICKER Excellent condition. F. W. MORLING phone 8041-4—Galesburg, III. TELEPHONE BILLS a;» now due. They era payable at tha Company Office. 100 If. Charry. of si the For Lowest Prices on Used Furniture Slop at Coffey Auction Company! We have lots of good used furniture. We also give Complete Auction Service on any kind of sale. COFFEY AUCTION COMPANY 771 West Main Street Phone 1591 -8 Chickens'. Yes, that's our business. We buy and sell every day. If you are doing either, give us a call and you be the judge. HARLEY EIKER 573 E. First St. Phone 6787-6 — Free Delivery on Dressed Chickens — OPPORTUNITY IN FEED SALES Men to train as possible Territory Managers for rapidly expanding Formula Feed Division of a well established company. Job offers unusual advancement possibilities. Background in sales, nutrition, or farm management desirable. Mr. Clyde Thompson will be available for interview at Custer Hotel, 1 to 5 p. m. Wednesday, October 14. A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. DECATUR, ILLINOIS Feeder Calves & Yearlings Available our yards—350 strictly good to choice Whiteface steers •and Heifer calves, 350 to 500 lbs. Loading points. Northeast New Mexico and Nebraska Sand Hills. This is an outstanding shipment'of highly bred calves, priced so you will want to buy them. All calves double treated with serum and blackleg. Also 3 cars of good to choice Whiteface yearling steers, weight 600 to 700 Lbs. On pasture in feeder flesh 75 head of Whiteface steers weighing 750 to 800 Lbs. GEORGE BRUINGTON STOCKER & FEEDER (0. C.B.&Q. Stock Yards Monmouth, III. FRYERS, ROASTERS, STEWING HENS Lb. 35 e LIVE WEIGHT FRESH CHICKEN LIVERS AND GIZZARDS when available. 7 FREE DELIVERY 7- PHONE 6032-8 HELLER & WELLS POULTRY 1271 Monmouth Blvd. — Across from Brown Specialty Weavers Apple House 5 Miles East of Waiaga on Victoria hard road and 1 Mile North STARRING RED DELICIOUS GRIMES GOLDEN - ROME BEAUTY STAYMEN WINESAP - Last Week on Jonathan $2oo PER BU. AND UP Sweet Delicious Cider Gal. 60c Open Daily 8 to 5 — Sunday 12 to 5 Bring Your Containers and Save Deposit! HOTTLE'S ANNUAL FALL POLAND CHINA BOAR AND GILT SALE Will be held at the farm, 1 mile north and 2Vi miles west of Little York, III., on Highway 94, or 13 miles south of Aledo and 21 /2 miles west on Route 94, on Wed. Night, Oct. 14, 1953 Starting at 7:30 P. M. 90 HEAD — 60 Open Gilts • 30 Boars ALL MARCH FARROWED PIGS — ALL FROM GOOD UTTERS BIG, WELL GROWN AND READY FOR SERVICE The firm meat-type with plenty of length, clean heads, good straight feel and leg*/ smooth wide tops, good hams, and all sound. All Bang's tested within 30 days and 100% clean. WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND OUR SALE Terms—Cash Write for Catalog Cholera Immune JIM HOTTLE — Little York .Illinois Auctioneers: Col. 4. N. Frank, Floyd Clark, Roy Damp Clerk: Squire Greer, Sealon Bank. Fieldmen: C. W. Mitchen, Poland China World; Les Stone, The Times Record, Aledo, III. Furniture Auction Saturday, Oct. 10 - 1:30 P.M. 484 Maple Ave. Al w. have fold our home, Coffev Auction Co. will Mil our furniture sn follows: Kroler llvlncj room suite, coffee table, several occasional fables, (-way floor lamp, 2 matching table lamps, end tables, child's rocker, 2 occasional chairs, knaehol. desk and chair, sawing rocker, smoking stand, S-pc. Br. sei, china cabinet, 3 chests ol drawers, card fable, whit. 4 -burner tabletop Detroit Jewel gas stove like new, Crosley Shelvador refrigerator 4 years old (perfect), 4 folding chairs and table io match, maple davenport, bookcase, 2 rockers, 2 matching wicker chairs, bunk bed complete, RCA radio, child's desk and chair, commode, cedar chesi, 2 beds complete. General Electric washer, 2 tubs on stands, Jap rifle, lots of child's toys, train set, sled, rubber-tired lawn mower, stepladd.r, garden hose, some tools and lots of miscellaneous articles too numerous to mention. This is a nice sale, so don't miss It, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coupland, Owner DALE COFFEY, Auctioneer RALPH COFFEY, Clark In case of rain, sale will be held following Monday, Oct. 12. Mercer County (111.) Aberdeen Angus Breeders Assn. 40th Semi-Annual Sale VIOLA, ILLINOIS Saturday, October 17, 1953 5 BULLS - 127 HEAD • 122 FEMALES This offering has been selected as strictly desirable foundation material for herds that for over sixty years have proven profitable on Mercer county farms. Present values would seem to justify the founding of such type herds, end no effort has been made to create a high average. 5 BULLS suited for service In the better herds. 65 COWS, fifty with calves at foot. 57 HEIFERS with fifty bred to the county's better young herd sires. F.F.A. and 4-H steer and heifer calves selling both Individually and with their dams. Plan now to spend a profitable day in Mercer county. We expect them to sell at prices you expect to pay. Sale will be held in the Viola Sale Pavilion, on Route 17, six miles east of Aledo, and two miles west of Viola, Illinois. Write er call for catalogs. H. McWHORTER, SALE MANAGER — ALEDO, ILLINOIS Stackers, Feeders and Calves for Sale! - ON HAND - 150 good to choice Hereford Feeder Steers, weighing 800 to 1025 pounds. 350 good to choice Hereford and Angus yearling steers, weighing 600 to 750 pounds. 75 good to choice Hereford fleshy feeding heifers, weight 660 pounds. 100 Hereford steer calves, 370 to 450 pounds. ARRIVING WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 400 choice steer and heifer calves, weighing 375 pounds, from Raton, New Mexico. LOWELL WIER CATTLE CO. C. B. & Q. Stockyards Galesburg, Illinois Office Phone 2340-6 Collect-Night Phones 1281-4 or 6775-9 Collect. Get the Peak of Performance From Your Beef Cattle Dollar! Buy Polled Shorthorns! ILLINOIS POLLED SHORTHORN ' FALL SHOW AND SALE At the Illinois Normal University Farm NORMAL, ILLINOIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17,1953 22 BULLS — Every one ready for service. 34 FEMALES — All but five in production or at breeding age. Show at 9:00 A.M. (CST) - Sale aM2:30 P.M. Buyers from all over the nation come to these sales held under the auspices of the Illinois Polled Shorthorn Breeders' Association because they find good quality, good breeding, and all-round cordial cooperation in shipping. Polled Shorthorns make faster gains, are easier to handle and easier to sell. There is no better buy in beef cattle today. Catalogs available at the sale or write HAL LONGLEY, Sale Manager 16 South Locust St., Aurora, Illinois The place to buy your beef bull is "The Sale of Satisfied Buyers" Choice Scotch Shorthorn Cattle Friday, Oct.16,1953 in the Knoxville Community Sale Pavilion KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS 33 bulls, all but 4 ready for immediate service. 32 females, 10 cows with calves, 18 bred, all others at breeding age. The most profitable program the Cornbelt farmer can follow is to buy dependable, richly-bred Scotch Shorthorns — the world's greatest converters of grass and roughage. The calves mature early and attain greater weight. What better place to buy them than in a sale where over a million dollars have been paid by satisfied customers. The cattle in this sale are not pampered nor in extra high flesh. It's the place where your Shorthorn dollar goes farther. Sale starts promptly at 12 noon CST. Bulls will be sold first. Female sale starts about 1:30 P.M. HAL LONGLEY, Sale Manager 16 S. Locust St., Aurora, Illinois Read Register-Mail Want Ads

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