Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 16, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 6
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Local Spriicrmon Bach In (/. S. from (Germany S<H*iiil from llic EslIiorviUr / VICNI- Francis Oonlon l)i<-s Francis I'niiii-U ('.piilnn, 7(1. (<«• nici -ly of Ksthci villc. .Ij. <1 this morninf; iit Foil MMclison. I '"UIIIT.-I I fivranj^nnionts h:iV'- not I HHTI coiii- plPtPti as yit. To lload A^orii Chih Miss .lari't Huij;. ii:iiii;hli'i of Mr. iind Mrs K. H lJuii; of \V,iI' intfford, li.-is I MM^M I- I I^C I IM I inrsi tipnl (if thr A(,'Oi:i cluh .it M.i iiiiii;- .sldo roll't,"' SioiiN ('ily. A^oivi li the .'lll-C'olli'^r wonirn's ofu.'.tliZM tion (in (.Minim .-i. It .';| IICIM IU I .s iii f(").sl('i inj;" .'1 spit it of ImdiM siiifi. cooperation and SI I \ ic,' amoiii; wo ii;en on llio canipiis Iniiiiij; tli.' vcar At;oiii .-ponsois an ani;ii:'l loadci .--liip dinncf at wiiich :ilt i;ifh on campus wlio liavc iuld 'iflic.' in an orf;ani/.ation aii> invited, and a mothci-daiit;htci ljai-.i(iiri a; wliiili all Kirl.'> on campus aie inviti d to liiinp thoir niotluus as quests .Miss Burp is in her junioi \rai at Moip injr^idt' and is inajoiini: in l-^iii;lisli and clomcntaiy t. acliin. Word licen icccivcd hen lliat .Sfo, ri.iri-ld li, CaKi' recently stationed at U'drzlniiK. Oermany. arrived in New York. Sl'c. Oa^e h:\» lieen with lhi> liMth F. A. Bn., Mattery "C" since it wa.s activated in Septenilier, JitnO. He will jecoive his (liscliafKe oaily next ue, ]i iind then return to his home near i{inj;sted. Me is the son of Mr. and Mis. rion.ald Oaj;e of IlinKsled. Also airivint; in Now Yorlt with f'.aKc wen' M-Sgt. flon- ald )lill. .S^t. iJolland Shipley, and K K- I. Veile S.iswer. .'ill of Ksther- viiie, ' To Sc(»(cli-li(.' Hikes A limited nunilier of children may have si-otch-liie put on theii I'ikes .'it 10 a. m^ tomoiaow at the police station, city police announced fod.-iy. TODAY AND SATURDAY Suffers Fracdiml Arm I.estei I'eikin.i. of Kmmetslnirf. was rel.'.ised fiom Holy Family hospital tod.ay after he received fr.'ictures of both lames in the rii;ht foi earni yesterd.-iy. He ridini: e-n his motoi cycle at time of the accident. was tlio Lalies Brocliiirc Availal)l(' (^opies (if an Iowa Oroat I.«iki\s ssociation puhlication. Tlie Iowa luat l.ik'S. descrihintr the heaii- les ar.ii recreational advantages f Spirit Lake and the Okobojis, ri .ivai'-.ible at the Esthorville 0! (""omn-.erce office. In c;j;;!en to manv pictures and in. rr -.ata-r. on ;;-.e lakes, the bro- i'.xire cor.t.iir'.s sketches of citie.s -d ; wr.s ;r. ir.o (.Irea; I„akcs area Ciirl\ Bo>d Ht^n^ Sunday ; ".7 y, .^r.ii. Curly Boyd' r c f c.-.-ce t'.vr.d.- ar.d a r He ;^rz>t'.^red • . ro:e.' at the ; K P in thi« r.-.r.. r ."-.iF ^..-^uair.t- sr^'^k' Of :r.i '"'_r:yi i;;r.-rHr\' Conttnn«d from pM» f eiiterlniiied ilieir motiiers at .. tea and projiram _\csterda\ afteinoon at 2 :ir) o'clock' The piocram in which all pupils toolc part "ii.s m.ide up ot sl.>rles. songs and di am.iti.-atains taken from their icgular clas.iwvrk Following the piMcram the r.roup adjourned to the schoid kitchen where refreshments were served. Two student teacher;". HhodalvUo Hill and I.avcnne Smith presldtnl at the punch howl. Members of the first grade arc: Mary Brunsvold. Kvelyn (."li'iton. Dianne Hinkley. Fatricia Lando, Colleen ladke, Sharon Miller Fa- trlcia Moffit, Carmen Shaw, Quint Ann Ringham, Jame.s Betty. .7ohn Bishop, Jerry Burrell. Arnold (7'linton. Bonald Fay. Kugcne Fisher, Donald Goodwin. Pavid Huntsinger, Gary Peterson. Billy Thompson. Toney R>>dman. Ku.«- .s'ell l^eed. Dennis Thorsoii. Larry Wee, Charles Hassell and Paul Vos.'?. • .Alan Harris rrespnte*! In Heeital by Tt>aoht>r Alan Harris, .son of Mr. and Mr.<. I'verett Harris, was presented in !• piano recital Wednesday < vening at the home of his teacher. Mr.*. O. F. Manthp. He was nssistiHl hy his sister. June who sang stvera! numbers. About 40 friends were present to hiuir the following program: Six Ecossaisos. Beethoven: Siciliano, Bach; Sonata - E minor. I Presto Movement 1. Hayhn. hy Al an Harris. The Cradles. Faure: The Wind In the South. Scott, by June Harris. On Wings Of Song. Mendelsshon: Five Ecossaises, Schubert; Song o.' the Suitor. Greig; Dance from Jol- ster, Greig, by Alan Harris. In the Time of Rosfs. Reichardt; Open Thy Blue Eye.<. Ma.ssenet. by June Harris. Monkeyshines I. McDonald: Barcarolle, Scharwenka: Caprice. Re- ^er. Alan Harris. • Good Che ^T CountTj- Club Hears Vacation Trip DescribwL An account of a vacation trip and a book review comprised the proprain of the Good Cheer Coun- trc club when the%- met yesterday at the home of Xfrs. Mack Ellis w.:h Mrs Frank Hutchinson as &s.' hoste5 .s Dunne the business meeting it vott -d to send a birthday box -.0 Giriid Gilbert who is in ser\-ice .^r.d .ed in Texas at this Fo ;;o -.\-:nE the busine -is meeting \ FriT .k Hutchinson gave I ^ yomin^^ Co-ed Still I ncojicinus V;:v .r.... A ivb :.-^r. 24 -y. ;..r-c.;-i Cor'^'•n 'I.!' cuiU^c ,rr:!(iua;.- who i "-iis found b-u:;,;:v • iitr-n !a=t •MS L.\ST rilAPTKK PIKATES IIAKBOH" FIRSr CHAPTKK OF TlIKII.LINti "KING KONG" . ur .(i:t'- r .ni.-.;n -:i ur ;ror.>..:oU5 a'• thoUL-h .-h.- St;:.- r ..-t :-rs!:, and \ mutt.i - .11 ;inv .M ]s.- .\r!.b :.-on. :•. L 'r.:v .-r of I \Vyi ,:!un;: c. .liu..-- "^-.u.i- r .t ;r. I Eni;ii,-ii, st.ii!-.! r. r ^fth day of ur.i c-n.-' '.ou^n' :r. t I -'iiami- hor: lutal a:*.' I t • in:: round on a lonely ; piii:ri. r.c,r;h of h. r- She disap- ipini'd Frid^iv af'-r l-aving the hot. i ">;•;. sh- •.'•ork-d as a ' pii: tim. v .-a'.-,! • rs .^u'.hori!;- s -:-.;d th-v s-iil are iv.ithou'. t;u. - tut k'• p a d ^-puty ^ <h .-r ;ff m t>.. your.s; -.vuman's^ :oom ..•.e:,;tir .u fo; a than.-, m h -'-r con- ^dUion vh.i h n-i^ht i-i\'. th^r:. some -ciint !• to r a -^s- SUNDAY and MONDAY WMHER BROS, BRIHG W THE Scmn ALL THE him AM HAmfmm. THE GLmous Cm THE FLQODIHG Fm oFmoF Himrs MOST STmm CALLS TO CALLAm! WHENTMrMVIirRlglf OF DAKOTA RAMnkCEO OUTOfTHIBlACKHIUSf I'LIS: COLOR CARTOON SPORT -MR. BASKBAIJ/' LATEST FAKAMOLNT NEWS TUESDAY. MAY 20th FOR 3 BIG DAYS Mr? interestir.g account of their winter v3 .:ation trip to Oklahonia City, j Okla. Di:;v <-r. C?"»o., and on to; California She C'-scrifc^d in par- I t;--ular vh« Cirl-'tai Cavem5 of, V.:^ Ge -C'rpe L^ujlVsen then pre-' a U-ck review -Pl-iu-^iht V .ii;.:.- ty Lou;s EromlKld. th-' clof-v of The sT'Cial hoiir '. Mrs Ell -.f and Mrs. Hutchinson: served a tray lunch on which w -re ^ little May basket favors. • Three jrjests Wvie weicorhed by ; n-.-n -.-rs yestfrday Thev- we:'-, M:-F Don Kirchnei. Mrs. V.'iley Van : Eman and Mrs. Aadre N'ss, | Member' present were Mrs. E'-n ; Eraband. Mrs. OlaJ Gilb«r.. Mrs. ' Larr.y-ert }-: e.-m-Mn. Mrs. G<org(? LKiVirit .--.n. Mrs. Of^car Maddux. Mrs. Harold Milkr. Mrs. J. A MiU- I r Mrs I>-onard Plut.h. Mrs. Marv' S.?hoeninp. Mrs. Ea:! Wikox and i Mr-^ Biid Williams. « MrKinlfn- Teacher*, Memben. of Motb»-r'i. Chonw BwHv*- Gift^. Gifts were presented to all the t.ache.'s and to t-ath mem >.er of the Mother's chorus of the McKin- by PTA yesterday afternoon when the organiz.ation h'-jd its meeting . lit the eJ ^hcKilhouse. ' Mrs. I> 0 Domek. president, prt- .'id^-d at the basinei>« meeting at : v.hich tim* the ^ift'-. were pr-'sent- ed. Th" kindergarten j/upils enter• tair.i-d their mothers and friends * ;. ••i.-igiRg two Kelt-ctions. They j aJicj-jrnpanied >.y th"ir teacher. I Ha^en. N<-rt on the program were two nurrit^eni eung hy the third grade Brownies ifter which the Esown- .. f o! th' fourth grade ali»o sang •wj r-i .-nbi;!" Mr E V.' JUjYAr.ion. president of Evt.';» r-.-ill<- board of education, '.•.owed a J.lm on the New England "ta-*., -/.hif. h wan taken on a le• • : • family trip, •/•••terdayn tea committee included M:> KranciH Solmonson, ilrn. Jo.'..-i Chaliberg, Mr*. Ted Smith, y.rr f;a;land Oage, Mrs. Morton K.arih. Mi>i Kurt Rockne and Ro- tarine Hagun. * Pupils of Mrik. Ferifuson To Be Prt-oj-nt'-d In B*^!!*! The pupiln of Mrx. \V. W. Fergu- -on will be pr<,'i«-nted in a muHical f'l'al al the city hall Hunday at- ii rnoon at 2:^) p. m. Trie program in uh foUowR: "My Hobby Horse" aj)d "Thb Funny Jiur .ny" by Huth Valen; "Spooky Hollow' by Ulta Feigunon; " J UH I I,ike Me" and "The Snake Dance" by Mi'hal Kitchen; "SwlnBlntC In a Hammock" by Miriam VaJen, • MariniK Hymn" and "Block Pl- iate«' by John Pow(r»; "The Pleasant PeaBanl" and "The Elevator " by Kaien KampuQni "The Football Game" and "The Cumpbella Arc Corning" by Ronny HampHon; "Mexican Clap Handii Hong" by Kay SurnpKon; "Oh Promlsn Me" by Dana Coflle; "My Wi-ddlng Day" by Ruilun OvKUod; "Ave Mu- iia" and 'Taruntellfc" by EHther Krahrner. A violin nolo by Jeanne Gunner will follow, called "Romance et Tyrollenne"; "Bong of Rumilu" by Verlyn Bradley; "Hawaiian l/>ve BonK" by Sharon Hill; "A Malden 'K Wlnh" and "Reuben and Rachel In Koelety" by Kathey WUley; "The Clock Store" and "Dangerous Joui ney" by Carol Johniton; "Garden "t Btttr»" and "Jenny LInd Polka" by Ruth Warburton; "Narclanuii" and "In an Eighteenth Century Flower Garden" by Eluo Ferguaon and ' The Kwan" and "Gertrud«'» Dream Waitz" by Matllyo Roger*. i The public U w«lcuin« to the ro- tilUL. Ccntor Country Club Contrihutos to Flood Uollcf The Flood Urliof fund was mndc richer by W ns the roault of the meeting: hold by the Center Country club Tuesday urtrrnoon at the home of Mrs. OcurKC Cnlhan. A short business moctlnK was held at which tlmo mombera an- sweretl roll cnll wltli "A tribute lo Mothers." At this lime It wns voted to donate $6 to the l<noo<: Relief fund. Mrs. Harold Howard had charge of the rntortalnment for the afternoon. Progn ^ssive blnpo was play- until four o'clock nt which time Mrs. Calhan served lunch to her ».u<s«t». Members prrsent were Mrs. Kenneth West. Mrs. Claude Willey, Mrs. Sadie Hartman. Mrs. Elmer Rogers, Mrs, Charles Brouse, Mis. Arthur West, Mrs. Vcrn Von Hagen, Mr.s. Harold Howard, Mrs. Nels Bardo and Mrs. Georgo Meiners, The next meeting- will be nt the home of Mrs. Nels Bardo. * \Ve.»leya«i Servloo Guild Klci -lji »w Officers We.sle.vun Service Guild of the Methodist church met Monday ni ght at the home of Mrs. George Kibbee with 23 members In attendance. Maude Hamilton and Mrs. C. M. Gronstal were ivssistanl hostesses. "Choose Ye This Dnj-" was the topic upon which the study le.saon and devotions were based. Mrf Hattic Osmundsen had charge ot the devotional seivice and Ivadell Ross presented the lesson. In connection with the studies of Japan and Africa Miss Ross showed a series of slides. Election of officers was hold during the business meeting. New officers for the coming year are president. Fern Carlson; vice president, Mrs. Eugene Knepper: secretary, Mrs. Uoyd Oriffee and treasurer. Mrs. Grace Stanton. Dessert and coffee were served liy the hostesses at the conclusion of the evening. • .\_\.r.\V. Branch Ends Vear with Picnic The American Association of University Women ended its year informally last night at a picnic in the shelter house at Fort Defiance ^tate park. Supu N. E. Dcmoney gave a short talk during the picnic supper on the forthcoming school election May 26 when Esthorville voters will vote on a two and one-half mill levy for future building pui- ]>oses. Entertainment for the evenin;; wias furnished by Mrs. Zell Berryhill and Margaret Clark. During .'^upt. Demoney's talk. Mis. Berryhill pressed the nozzle of a can of Reddi-Whip for her cake. The Ked- di-Whip jetted out with unexpected force across the table, splattering Mis- Clark smack in the face until she looked good enough to eat. In charge of the food were Mrs Horace Soper. Mrs. Kenneth Kautz a-nd Maye Case. I*resent were Mrs. Homer Harvey. Mrs. R. V. McKibban, Ruth M>ii, Shirley Northey, Frances Simonsen, Bernice Schumacher, Mrs. y.'-n Berrjhill. Margaret Clark. M:^. Waj-ne Crim, Mrs. Roland Fagre, Mr.';. P.. H. Harder, Lillian Holnws, Mrs. K. L. Kautz, Mis. R. .S. Knight. Mrs. Percy I ..ar8en, Ann Ljebst, Adelaide Lloyd, Mrs. Hoyt Luithly. Mrs. T. C. Mann, Mrs. Donald Meyer. Mrs. Horace Soper, Mrs. Ray Steele, Mrs. Donald Weir tnd Mrs. Stanley Fagre, who i.= transferring her membership here from Emmetsburg. Kny I.OU OtaHnnpp Colebmtes .VInth Blrlhdn.v Kay Lou. diiiighter of Mr. iind Mr .M. Alvin Gliusniipp, celebrated her ninth blrthdiiy Thursday by enterluining her third grade class- miili's of the HIng.sted school nt her home. Mr.«. Gliisniii)p had deconilrd th.' home in kec>ping with a little gill's; birthd .Ty and she had also plimned the entertiilnment which consisted of games. Two tenoher.-f. Miss Weber nnd Mrs. Holte joined the 21 children for' an hour of fun. Eva Johnson w .is iilso pre.-jent for the Iiarty. After the games Mrs. Olnsnapp served lunch, the feature of which was a large, decorated birthday cake which she had made for Kay Lou. The (.'roup joined in singing "Halipy Birthday" to the honoree. In the evening, grandparents of Kay Lou. Mr. and Mia. Nels Chri.<- tensen of Ringsted nnd Mr. nnd Afrs. Vernon Olnsnapp and famll.v, Mr. and .Mrs. Cecil Longman nnd Marcia and Eva Johnson nil helped her to celebrate. All were served lunch nnd shared her birthday cake. Linda Glasnnpp stayed overnight with Kny Lou. • >lrs. .MeKihhnn Will Head Pan-Hellenic Mrs. R. V. McKibban was reelected president of Pun-Hellcnic Wi 'dnesda.v evening when the group met at the lake home of Mrs. H. L. McMillan. Assistant liostesses were Mrs. Delbert Hinsch. Mrs. Vance Crim and .Mrs. F. n. Evords. The group gathered at 7 o'clock lor a dessert supper after which ti short business meeting nnd election of officers was held. Elected to a.ssist Mrs. McKihbnn were Mrs. F. C. Ingram, vice president; Mi>: V.ance Crim, secrctar.v, and Mrs. R. S. Crim, treasurer. Committee he.-tds will be announced by Mrs. McKibban wiien meetings are re- .•••umed this fall. Bridge was played during the evening with Mrs. Francis Shadle and Mrs. Grimm as prize winners. Members present Wednesday evening were Mrs. William Bennett, Mrs. Arlene B. Clark, Mrs. Vance Crim. Mrs. .S. T. Egeitson, Mis. Leo Fitzgibbons, Mrs. V, A. Gibbs, Mrs. Grimm, Mrs. Ingram, Mr.s. Jack Kint, Mrs. J. B. Osher, Mrs Shadle. .Mrs. McKibban and Mrs' Sam Ray. John D. Rockefeller Undergoes Surgery New York, May 16 UP) —John D. Rockefeller Jr., 78-yoar-old philanthropist, was operated on today in New York hospital for a growth on the back of the necK. A spokesman said Rockefeller would bo able fo leave the hospital Liter to- aay or tomorrow. St. nifa's rircle Meotft With .>IrN. Aiinii Kiigan Mrs. Anna Bagan, Mi-s. E. H. McNully and Mrs. Roy Hood weie liostesses last night to members of the St. Rita's circle of the Altar and Rosary society at the home of .Mrs. Bagan. The meeting wns ojiened by Mrs. Maiy Biimiann with prnyer and after business was concluded Mrs. .lohn Erpelding led members in the recitation of the Rosar.v in closing. Mrs. H. L. Domlny was winner of the special prize. A social hour of court whist wns enjoyed with Mrs. Irwin Ricke us winner of high prize and Mrs. Bormann receiving the consolation award. Refreshments were served by the hostesses nt the conclusion of the evening's play. Members present other than those mentioned were Mrs. B. A. Burns, Mrs. Martin Chukker, Mrs. George Cnlhan, Mrs. John Donahue, Mrs. Marie Elce, Mrs. Ruy Kenned.v, Mrs. Norn Landme .'!Ber, Mrs. Henry Neppl, Mrs. William Quinn, Mrs. Mary Ricke, Mrs, Jack Stevens, Mrs. John Theesfeld and Mrs. Don Wnlz. Mrs. George Kor- llske was n guest of the circle. * V.F.W. Auxlliarj- Initiates Two Members Two new members, Mrs. Kenneth Thompson nnd Mrs. Richard Siock were initiated into the V.F. W. auxiliary nt the meeting held Wednesdn.v evening in the clUD room. Mrs. Elln Mao Myers presided nt the business meeting and initiation. Business for the evening consisted of donations of $5 to Ihe Veterans Hospitals to bo used for cigarettes nnd candy for parties; $10 to the Flood Relief fund and $10 to the U.S.O. fund. Plans were made for Memorial day and members listened to a report by Mrs. Tom Evenson on the sixth district meeting. Now district president is Mrs. Fanchon Sinn of Schleswig. Mrs. Gilbert Burgess of the local organization wns elected color bonrer No. 3 of the district. Mrs. John Bush gave the hospital report for the year which Included all donations mude to ho.s- pitals. Refreshments were served nt the conclusion of the meeting by a committee consisting of Mrs, F. G. Weir, Mrs. W. W. Weber, Mrs. M. J. Foley, Mr.s. Kuth Ellis, Mrs. John Aniundson, Mrs. Paul Gustuf. Mrs. Roy Huntley, Mrs. Dennis Knudsen and Mrs, Oliver Langmo. .Scclif* Fn>l Rale Hike in 35 Years l?;.stlicrvnic, lowtt, Dally News Friday, May 16, 1953 6 Cedar Rapids, la.. May 16 (.'Pi | The practice of burial In chur- Th.> Cedar Hnplds City council has | phes or churchyards was unknown ' advisement n request; to the carlost Christians. taken unde from the Iowa Electric Light and Power company for the firm's first rate Increase in 30 yenrs. A company spokesman .said Ihe boost would cost about cents a month additional to the nvernge residential consumer nnd would provide the money needed to continue the firm's expansion program. He said the company plans to spend about $30,000,000 In Cedar Rapids and eastern Iowa between now nnd The flukes of the tails of whales are horizontal; those of fishes vertical. Posts Hi.s "Ceiling" Prices New Humpton, la., May 16 i/P)— V. E. Messersmith, owi?er of the "Little Butch" cafe in New Hampton, took literally the office of price stabilization's order to post his ceiling prices. He posted them —on the ceiling. Bake<l in K8ther\IU« — Sold In UstliKrvllle by HAROLD'S PASTRY SHOP Fix the Radiator Please— That Constant Dripping Keeps Me Awake You would have awakened anyway mister . . . when you cracked your engine block, .scored your cylinder walls and blew a couple of gaskets. It's best to have your radiator fixed before it involves greater damage. Before hot weather have your radiator boiled out and, too, be sure that your radiator is well flushed out when antifreeze is removed. Estherville Radiator Service H. C. Iseminger Phone 109 Vo other car offers so much for only ^2248 • Flashing, high-compreasipn power from Hudson's famoii* high-output, L-head engines! • Exclusive "step-down" design for the most room and best ride in any car!. • World's greatest safety, with America's lowest center of gravity, all-steel, all-welded construction and Triple-Safe Brakes! • Monobili body-and-frame** for unmatched durability— Hudsons stay young longer! • Finger-tip control from Hudson's geometrically perfect Center-Point Steering! • Brilliant new body styling and interior that will stay fresh for years to come! • •Tndi -Birk pitiMt (iMlif Enjoy the most room, the best ride and the greatest safety in any car—axd/or less than H costt to biiy many smaller carsi Every Hudson offers you all the big advantages of Hudson's exclusive "step-down" design in the Monobilt body-and-frame** ... plus ^•''^^ the surging, eager power of Hudson's famous , high-compression engines! Try for yourself the many exclusive features only Hudson offers. Come in... drive a Hudson today ... or if more convenient, phone us and a Hudson will come to your door, without obligation to yoiu F»wr Or«al Huriitn ttrlti-tht fobuleui Hudian H«rnt», luxurlaui C«mm*d*r« Eight and Six, ipvclacular Hudian Waip and thrifty racvmakir, N*w OuaURang* Hydra> MalU Orlv* ar Ovcrdrlvt and Soltx Softly OI IH (tintid. onll-gUr*) art o|itlonol at Mlra on oil '52 Hudieni. 1^ Factory town ddlvorod prlca of th* Hudwn Paconwktr Twe> Door Irougham. Troniportatl^n CMlt and local taROi, If •ny. to b« addod. All prlcoi tvb|«ct to chtngo wlthwilnallco. lIDSO]V ^ . aundard trim (lid (lUirr iPMlIlcal^iu ind icriHiirlH (uUlKt If cliinit •Itlioul MtlM. . We need used cars—we will give you more for your present car than you would believe possible! . <m VIKING MOTORS iVi Blocks Wegt of Postoffke Phone 1376 Estherville, lowii MAKE SAFE DRIVING A HABIT... CHECK YOUR CAR... CHECK ACCIDENTS r

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