Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 16, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 5
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m and Cmi Higher; Oats Down Corti aftd soybonna woi-o each up a penny per bushol on today's local grain jnkrket and oats were off two I produce p'r ccri^ a bU3hcl. Produce prices were unchanged from yesterday. OKAIN Old, corn $1.68 Ncw^corn $1.64 Soybeans $2.71 Oats (86 lbs.) 76c Flax $3.85 Graves Oraln Company Oruver, Huntington. Maple HU1 VRODVOE FIRE— Cflntlniied fmm p«R»« I 10 yo.Tr.t old. Thry lulded th.Tt tin' oe-ccntinllzation of industry from larger metropolitan areas to cities the size of EsthervUlr hn.s develop••d at a rapid pace in the past 10 years_ They sUBge.sted that slncr Esthervllle Is no different than other town .i -unles.s It has pro- sressed niore with Its Even Is Calendar Tonight VHHI Noble Grand*:. 8 p. m. Meet with Mis, Dennis Knudsen. Mrs, George Tomhavo and Grace McClure. assistant hostesses. Roll call to be answi -red by vacation plans. Daily News Want Ads Reach Over 10,000 Readers Personal Legal Notice j M »tMUt P«si« For Sale IB For Sole ID feed mills, I SftUtrdoy , packing plants. f!.h linr fnrto. v ' RumniaBo Sale, produce processing plants and other businesses—the statistics he presented might be obsolete. « « d Sweet cream _ 73c No. 1 — _ 71c No. 2 „... 69c Henneries 30c Na 1 26c No. 2 22c Straight run 26c Hens, under V,i lbs. lOo He^B,' 4% lbs. and over 13c Heavy cocks 10c Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ....8c ux City Livestock 'Slpiix city, May 16 (^)—Cattle salable 600; calves none; salable supply largely in small lots, most classes ' llttic changed; some cowb iind long haul stockers and feodcrs hot being shown; scattered soles commercial and good fed yearlings 27;P0-31.0b: few choice 32.80; odd lots, commercial and good hcifcra 26i00-30.00; few utility and com- tnercial cows 22.00-26.00; cannot s and cutters 17.00-21.00. Jioga salable 4,500; opening moderately active; barrows and gilts 2&-S0 higher; closed slow at the advance ^\'iih some late sales no more than filUy .steady compared with Thursday; sows very uneven, 26-75 higher; weightier kinds up most; choice 1 aHd 3 barrow.s and gilts around 190-260 lbs 21.60-22.00; latter on a selective basis by order buyers; packers 21.60 down; choice 260-280 lbs 20.75-21.60; heavier wei ghts scarce, around 300-370 Iba 19.00-20.76; sows around 400 lb..< down. 19.00-20.26; 400-500 lbs 18.0U- 19.25 th icago Livestock INDUSTKIAMHTS pointed out that they did not believe the new truck would he for their benefit lilone. If their plants burn down. It would throw hundreds of Esth­ ervllle residents out of work until they could rebuild. They added that the larger plants, which would profit most from the hydraulic ladder, also would be paying more for it than the average taxpayer. The council, mayor and business men decided to go to Mankato as one of the towns In their Investigation when Chief Kostel- Informed them that Mankato had found u need for a second hydraulic ladder truck. Their first truck had become somewhat obsolete and they had bought i^othcr machine such as that requested by the Esther­ vllle fire department. The Mankato fire chief stated that such new equipment was Indispensable at the time of a bad fire, said Koster, and that Is the reason Mankato is willing to buy another such truck even though they already own one truck of this type. 4 # « UONKYiMKAD incorporated and Golden Sun Milling company representatives pointed out that they would like to use n sprinkling system to give added protection to their plants. Corcoran and Russell Peterson, city superintendent of public works, advised that water pressure in Esthervllle would not be adequate for this type of system. Tobln Packing plant has built a water tower to supply pressure for its sprinkling system. Corcoran then suggested a dry pipe system which could hook up to the fire department tanks In case of a fire and the fire department would supply the pressure. However the dry-pipe system would not reduce insurance rates to make It profitable for them to Invest In such a system, they said. Chicago, May 16 (JPl—A. slim, very active hog market today pushed prices as much as $1.25 higher to a top of $22.85, the highest since Aug. 20, When butchers topped at $22.90. All classes of I cattld were very light In supply i and steady In view of only 600 i head received. There were hardly f enough sheep to make a market. 3puth Quad Men Pass Hal For Cun-ier Girls Iowa QKv, May 16 (i^l— Stu- dehta • of the South quadrangle, men's dormitory at the State Unl- jVersltyof Iowa, passed the hat last nights ^nd collected $44 and an assortment of lingerie "as their share • of' the cost" of Tuesday flight's raid on a women's dormitory. |v«Tho South quadrangle, which hoiiscs 136 men students, will turn the money, and clothing over to L. Dale' Faunco, dean of students. Alph^ ^Vith the $44, the students turned up five bras, five pair of Itanties, one corset and one set of falslds. In a letter to Dean Faunce, the nibn of the South quadrangle said that although they ,do not take full rpsponsibiUty for the raid, they understand' that some girls lost their entire wardrobe and feel that ttjls .contribution Is their share of the cost. There are three other men's dormltprlCB . at the university. No action. Has been taken by them. NICHOLAS— Continued from page 1 lie speaking from outside Insti-uc- tors. The lieutenant-governor In get- acquainted talks, has stressed "economy, individual Initiative and free enterprise" in government, and promised "an administration based on honesty and integrity." His first major speech, delivered at Waukon early this month, was devoted entirely to the Iowa road program. He took a firm stand in favor of a road bond issue to raise $500,000,000 for an "immediate" program for improvement of primary roads. His two opponents have since come out against the issuance of road bonds. Nicholas, however, asserts that "Iowa needs a safe, adequate highway system and needs it now, not 20 years from now." He contends the work can be completed In "four to five years." Ho was the first candidate to publicly favor "streamlining" the present highway commission. * « * ON SCHOOLS, Nicholas favors a "homo rule" plan. He has said that he is not against school reorganization but feels that "parents must have a voice In where their schools are located and how they are being operated." Ho maintains that "schools belong to the community in which they are located." His platform Includes adequate state aid for schools; adequate appropriations for the state 's institutions of higher learning; creation of a state legislative council; an Iowa public utilities commission, 9:00 a. m. On the band stand north of the courthouse. Hot dogs and pop for sale too. Anyone may call 1632J or 1421 for pickup of articles. Women pf the Moose Rummage and Bake Sale. 9:00 a. m.-l p. m. In the Moose hall lobby. L.C.R. of the KKthervllle Lutheran Church. 2 p. m. At the church. Mother's day program. All mothers Invited. Okamanpado Chapter of D.A.K. 2:30 p. m. At the home of Mrs. John Grelg. Business meeting and election of officers. Guest speaker, ArvU W. Parks. Assisting hostesses, Mrs. W. W. Wilson, Mrs. F. R. Everds and Miss Amney Wood. Sunday Order of Rainbow Girls. 1:30 p. m. Open Installation of officers. At the Masonic hall. Monday St Margaret's Circle of tho Altar and Ronary Society. 1:30 p. m. Dessert luncheon at the homo of Mrs. John Harvey, Mrs. Mary Miller, assistant hostess. Order of Rainbow Olrls. 4 p. m. Regular meeting. Joint MoeUng or the Girl Scout Leaders and tho Scout Council 8 p. m. At the home of Mrs. Herman Jensen. Election of officers All members urged to be present. St. Francis Circle. 8 p. m. At the homo of Mrs. Earl Bagan, Mrs. Harry Bundy, assistant hostess. Tuesday Mission Circles of the Ksthervlllr Lutheran W.M.K. 2:30 p. m. Lydla, Eleanor Johnson; Anna. Mrs. Martin Natterstad, Mrs. Oscar Myhre assisting; Deborah, Mrs. Lawrence Jensen, Mrs. E. M. Ivorson. a.s- slstlng; Elizabeth, Mrs. Lars Sa- verelde, Mrs. T. O. Fossell, assisting; Esther, Mrs. E. J. Enerson. Mrs. Sam Sblmonson, asalating; Hannah, Mrs. Elmer Wogen; Judith, Mrs. Nels Walen, Mrs. Ed Higgs, assisting; Martha, Mrs. OInf Twedt; Mary, Mrs. Charles Foster; Naomi, Mrs. Soren Agerbeck, Mrl. Severt Loe. assisting; Rebecca, Mrs. Carl Shaw. Mrs. Nels Sunde. assisting. St. Mary's C;irele. 8 p. m. At the home of Mrs. W. D. Kane. Members please brlnj; one-half circle dues. Indoor sports are all right if they go home ni a reasonable hoxir. Buy three, onv free. Inchiding trade In. First Line Tires. WHITISH STANDARD SERVICE 418 Central Ave. TOp4^$ CRmsWKD • PVZZLE Aniwtr to Previoui Puzile Gin the Farm HORIZONTAL 1 Farm milk . . .j>ri*Iuc«r i Pork Pfoducers S Hbm« for r^rm animals 12 $xcUmati(^n I30peratic,(olo VtKTiCAl 1 Blft Iowa fa'rlm crop 2 Midwestern state SrirM parts royered with tnts • . 4 FVench capital ' sheigrMi side «PJ»ngent spice 24 Remove WRivl^p) 'Sorry 25Agiw l6^hortjK>«ms 20Plabi a&ain a.lSpaRi«h article 22 Goes astray H Beloved 20 A farm is usually in a rural 27 Small j ^^jjplosion Hwningway 32 Take long st#pi' ... '- 94CUmbthiit9 the haymow 99 Maker of m«n!» clothes. SfWjirin • 97iinmer«et atJlole 40Paihtr 41 rVench piural article 42 Ditetoarge a gun • 49Sl |Uicd.. . wilafore. 9»inatat«s 99 S«a.eagle 94 Cheat bone 990ft up 9«l4wka%t Ii«ir$rages iONftwork II Wbere hens 17 Pi ^nUng ' mistakes 19 Ventured 23 Reposes 26 Of an anchor raised Just to clear bottom 27 Square pillars 44 Individuals 28 Scent 46 Smooth and 38 Pie 40 Sheriff's force 41 Loads 42 Cicatrix 43 Pueblo Indian 29 Impudent SIStaid 33 What farm crops should do unaspirated 47 Iroquoian Indian 48 Obligation 50 Born ALICE: I solemnly promise to! have the car radio repaired at once. I'll call Steve at Esther­ vllle Radio and it will be done right. Bill. 187-3-4 OFFIflAI. NOTU'K HKl-ORK THK IOWA ST.\T.K COMMKMtK COMM1S.MON TO THE CITIZKNS OF EM MKT nUMvINSON AND fLAY COfNTlKS • Notice i!« In rtliy K I V< ii Ihiit I Metlc Fiiulk aiul Mnurlcv Olseti. 188-2-4 H * O Trnnsf.-r. Kot h.-rvlU.-. Iowa, has ntnilr application to the 189 Frl ^MnT m^i KDI*r«tt t«c^««t clwM matter IVI «, >t Ik* D^Mtotnc* kl ' Ttli*. Urn*. ua.l«r tH* «r« of Martv* 1. Il7t BE:AT IT GlRLS-not your rugs - j to Martin Furniture for Fina Foam rug and upholstery cleaner. 185-8-4 Automotive 11 necessary. THOMAS MOTORS 188-3-11 AUTO SEAT COVER SALE Ready-made plastic auto scat covers. Regular price $19.45. Priced to clear at $14.88. Variety of colors. Csn fit most cars. MONTGOMERY WARD Esthervllle, Iowa 188-3-11 LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper to bumper service—all makes. See us. Robinson Motors "Pontiac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll CHICKEN A LA KINf}. maahed potatoes, 80c. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 189-1-11 WE HAVE specialists, factory trained, for dtstributoirs, carburetors, ignition system, front ends and general ovorhauilng. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 189-6-11 FOR SALE—1961 Fold half-ton pickup. $1,065. Good shape. Jack McDermott. Ph. 1198J. 1201 1st Ave. S. 188 -3X -11 FOR SAFETY. Have us Inspect brake system thoroughly . . . adjust or rellno the brakes, if Help Wanted HELP WANTED -Married man for year-around farm work. Modern tenant house. < Write or call Ted Winters, Oraettlnger. 189-6X-2 vindir avithorltv of Chaptrr r!25. the Codi' 1950, as anunded. for n Cer- tiflcati- of Convenii -nei- and Necessity to opi^rnte «s a motor carrier of freight between KslhervlUe. Spirit Lake. Okoboji, Arnolds Park. Mllford. Kostorla and Spencer, in Emmi »t. Dickinson and Clay Counties. Iowa. The purpose of this appUontion Is to transport freight to and from points and plnees now served under authority held to and from the points and places n«me<l above. The Commission flxi'd Mondaj'. June 16. 1952. ten (10:00> o'clock A. M.. at the office of the Dickinson County Auditor. Spirit Lake, lown, as time and place for public hearing on this appllralion IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Carl W. Reed, Chairman David B. l^>ng. Commissioner Frank B. Means, Commissioner ATTEST: Geo. L. McCnughnn. Secretary. Dated at Dea Moines, Iowa, May 9, 1952, Docket No. H -4 .129. (May 10, 23> Tt tft trora t« tm ll« ItM- ouM '»« f»r wow 3t p*r wi»^ lUtM at* ptt vl MRM »4. CAKII WltH Bus. Opportunity" ADDITIONAL INCOME -Opening In Esthervllle for man or womnji. No si 'lllng. short hours, pleasant work. Won't Interfere with present Job. Income up to $60.00 weekly to start. $400 to $1,200 cash required, secured by equipment. Give address, telephone. Write Box 67AS, care Dally News. IR8-3-21 DI8TR1BI;T0R wanted by national brewery for good market In northern Iowa. Write Box 57B, care Dally News. 187-4x-2l WANTED -Womiin to care for elderly ladv. Mrs, Harry Bauman Sr. 820 N. 6lh St. ia9-tf-2 and a state plan for rehabilitation of alcoholics. The Nicholas piogram Ineludi's this statement: 'I am emphatically opposed to a third term for governor for anyone, myself or any other man. I believe that the appointive power controlled by a throe-term governor is flot a healthy situation for the state. The feeling is In agreement with the 22nd amendment to the national constitution which limits the tenure of president to no more than two terms. The Nicholas's have three children, Idclla, field consultant for tho state department of special education for handicapped children; Bin, who manages the turkey farms, and Bonnie, a student at the University of Iowa. Leslie K. Hull, Waukon publisher, Is managing the Nicholas campaign. OVmELL Mother's Day FostivlUcs. Albln Carlson drove out to Sioux Foils, S. D., Saturday to join his wife and daughter, I&salie and family, for a Mother's day dinner. His wife has been- vIsitlHg tho EYod Besslcrs for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Chester O. Johnson and Christine of St. Peter drove to Dunncll Friday to be with Gram and Oranpa E. G. Swanson over Mother's day. Gustavians JoAnn Hcyman and Donald Jorgcnson came homo from college for tho Mother's day week en. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Brodberg and family were at Blue Earth Sunday to attend tho confirmation of their nephew, Roger, son of Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Brcdberg at tho Norwegian Lutheran church. They were dinner guests at the home of Roger's parents. WAITRESS WANTED Apply In person at Pantry Cafe. 178-tf-2 WANTED—Girl or woman to work in Coffee Shop. No exfrbri lenoe needed. We teach you. Good wages plus meals and uniforms. Gardston Coffee Shop. 124-tf-2 WANTED—Waitress. Palace Cafe. 1084t-2 Political 24 MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, dependable, FOR SALE Hardware store In N. W. Iowa. Bottled gas, appliances, plumbing, heating, radio. T. v.. etc. Good volume. Approximately $.15,000 Including fixtures and stock at Inventory. $15,000 will handle. Write Box 57KN. lt(6-6x-21 Jobs Wanted JOB WANTED Wash, ser. change u-intlox^'s. W'llliivi tcr Pli. 1051.r. i-n iiiid 1 Kitn I ar t 4ar* TtUM dftra On« wwk Rub Dldlltoaai dkr Kimmua ad 5»< er>B«*cutlT« inwniaM ClaMirstd *<l* sr* ORIlEn. n <«ilikM|>inii chkrt* t 11 for enMt ioe itfrlc* nlwrt* II r»- pllM *ra uk»n ky li*tlj> N >w« aM tft< u elur (*d If ad earrMt addiaH or ptioiw OHtBbfr tsii ooi a4v «MiMr> ClaM1f1 *d ad thalr MnniMSMau I D U M m»\ U MT appaar and rtpor*. aar arrut at oac« a< BO allowaBcaa «aa ka an«r U M nrat Want To Rent 14 WANT TO lUSNT Pnature land for seven head of cattle Ph. 11F6I Earl Farrls. l«9-3»x-14 Want To Buy 30 WILL PAY 17e lb for your No. I wool. A. Fisher, 1*8-2-20 WANT TO BUY Old litin safe between 300 and 400 lbs. A. FIsber. lM-3-20 Real Estate TOR SALE -Vacant lot, Mrnrr of 12th and 8th AXT. N. F. J. Kennedy. Ph. 121 or 584. l«9-lf« ACREAGES FOR HALE CAROL BROCKMAN, Realtor Ceylon, Minn. 189-3-H FOR RENT Commerelnl building. Central avenue. Contact Uldout Real Estate. Ph. 1650 or 1789 189-1-8 NEW 2 -BEDROOM home. L R . D. R.. kitchen and bath, full basement, with shower and stool, gas heal, hoi water henirr and softener. Good north location, 2 lots. Possession 2 weeks. RIDOL'T REAL ESTATE Ph 1650 or 1769 lHlt-:l-H MAY SAI.h: .sfK.'l M,.>i I, >r<t<'!\ tu^*- •« tv. tc i^v fr t»i M l..:<«n rt>.lli« ti.!i:<-..l (icni t."i (>• HVn Vai-mim U^l It. •< SI ^.^ vAlii. f.-i .M," (•.,»-. p!e!. |<> |i|,-c.- fmhlni; .utfH U> p 114 (>0 now 1(V HAMIUUCKISS >\i Ti ^l.i < Btikiry Open .•*nUiii),is iilEbti until mlilnitlit I'T 1 \(\ \iA^ t't:.><ri', AS. V VI.IK ^•tUK.•^ro^•K .^TOHKI I'M.S ID 1I\ If I'AI.M- FtlU SAl.K iHuinil «piinK fil--« n IHitinil I\i\n S> lln i R 11 . I « < 'urn ni >ri«i. t I- j^.ltnl f.>r Niltii- e .«-.|i. i'h.,r>.. HWS t»nil «' .S ,.n J 1H7 .Ix III i SALE OV DI.SiONTIMKD Ct)U>H.»< tiK INTKUIOIl PAINT ?0 jM-r cent .llncount on n Uriti' lot of fnninu> <'iH >k» paints V\.\\. semt-glrtss. enamel, «"oi<>e JOYCE Ll'MBKR CO i Ktlll < leam nt i j,^ o> »-n Wh. I>A\ HATTTIDVY' Tixnti: i I '.H t« i Sift A\ K «Ui'r \IU. H,ir<l > It. [»r>wlnis f.>r p(l«.»' Hi]iuU-<t« nf nioney-^vtv mi; v-jlif |.rter.l \.«Iiir« thn^UKh out ilore C^^t ^\i• In and <lr»»' ItoKi.i.i for prl»«-» r..HTi I KRV It .1 .K nAHr>u'An»: ASK FOR Sander. I your favorite wtore SANDKHH ICE CI1KA.M CO !.M If. REFRIGERATOR HPKCIA: New. 8-foot regrlgerator. Sped- nllv priced n( $199 00 HEIDKK ELECTRIC CO. 177 tf-lO RAWLEIOH Raumann. PRODUCTS. E T. l>h. 274J. JO-tf-tO RUMMAGE AND HAKE SALE Snt\irda,v. May 17. 0 » ni to I p m. H|>on »uriHl by Women of the, Miioae. Palo will be held In the Mooae halt lobby tHA^O-lO Loans and Ins. " PERSONAL LOANS. Are vou making too many payments'* We can show you how a lonn win rut payments, ulve you f\- trn cash Ask about It IOWA GUARANTEE. In. 1R7 .1-15 Farm FOR ph. SALF, Brooder lious.-. 19JB. Mack Peterson. $25, lRfl-ri-7 FOR RENT -Pasture Walllngford. Kill Ellis. 1H9 -2X -7 PRODUCE MARKET. We offer highest cnah prices for your poultry, cream and eggs. Flock culling service. Ph. 01. P. O. GRAY lHH-;i-7 WARRITRTON HOME Atlrnetlve well-kept home on double lot. .1 bedrnoniK. tiuiie living room, dining room ami kitchen. $12,000. E STH ERVIM. H K A LT V Ph. 1240 or ItiSH.I T'OU SALE ."l-liediooni luoderii home, j:oiid lni-:ill(in 'Phonii*'' Her. Ill, I'hoii.' r -'f >4J IMIfl H FOR SALE Two '2- I XM I I'OIIIII houses Ph lfi74W 1(114 .'lid Ave .NB W. N .lsoM lH!t fix-« For Rent 5-UOOM HOPSIC to •iil.l.-t June 1 to Aug, 15 Two-wheeled lialht lor sale H J Kublsrn, UtWW FOR RK.N'T Sander and e,lKer at vour Coast to ("oust store SAI.K MonlB-tnery W^ir .l eleetrle slove fWjuM** I'j \e«r« old K»i-<»(t>-nl v"ondltl«in Sfltton Mi *d«<'n. Phnnis* RtnK»te,| IM l>^»^ to vmK THK nniDR Klectrlr nppllanera Nu (<in<< door rhime* Te'ethntn clo*l«» All Ihoae houarkcopinc n«>re««l. lle» she'll ne«l and want OIJION KI.K<TRIC MBHVKK in .H «lh S« 10 Ot'TDOOIl <iY.\l »KV Tulnitar Steel H pUv Rncliol RIdvr Um- ture t.13 50 WE«TKRN AITO Al»»0<- .HTOUB llO-tf-IO FOR SALK l»ro«t fftrnskin ladder and ono-wbral trailer, lira. «J W Hwansfin. Ph »78W •X)U HALK Habv buitity llO I'h, M6LW Mm Jamra Callahan lM-3 10 FUR HALE Rlightty uaett Vteior adding machine wllh rase Rajr FIMIar. Ph 17HIW IM-rntO FOR RICNT house Freil 1238W Mudirn four rnoni l.oesehen l'ht>ne FOR SA1,K N. nth .St. P 'oiii-riiiiin house, 730 Ray llurst. lftK-4x H well-quallfl REPUBLICAN June 2 ed. PRIMARY 177-26-24 Maurice Oleson For Supervisor First District Successful farmer, competent, qualified. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 178-2S-24 Notices Girl Scout Camp Benefit Rummage Sali Saturday, May 17' 9 a. m. Bandstand—North of CpurlhoUMo Hot Dogs -Pop served 188 -2X -6 FUNNY BUSINESS FOR gALE—Thirteen black calviM. Weight 328 lbs. 1 mile east and ',4 mile south of Dunnell. L, J, Anderson. 188-.1x-7 lW-2 H. P. HOE-TRAC GARDKN TRACTOR. 6-speed drive for power when you want it, speed when you need It. 4-cycle engine develops 2 W. P. at .leOO RPM. Easy-on hitch. With tires $170.60 CulUvator for Hoe-Trar. $23.98. WARDS FARM STORE Esthervllle, Iowa 18«-.'I-7 FOR SALE — 18 bu. Certified Blaokhairk beans. Phone 83, City Airport. 187-6-7 FOR SALBSr-i-apotlcd l>oar. 4 miles cast of Huntington on state line. J. D. Smith. 187 -3X -7 FOR YOUR NEEDS IN .New..and Used Machinery VIKINO MOTORS Always a square deal at Viking > . . you| Maaaoy-HarrU and Oliver dMter' In Esthervllle. 179-tf-7 OHICKS^l to 3 weeks old at reasonable prices. Feeder males on time; pay when you sell them. Bargains in Kozy brooder hous ea. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 178-tf-7 MR. FARMER CSip liipnt ri ^rcst you for proinpt removal of DOUJVIBR oRAarmNOBR WAU .mOF0RO ARMSTRONQ Phons 700 Phona 700 Phone 700 Phone 700 Phone 700 Phona TOO Esthgrville Rend#tng Service EABL TUTTLE, Driver «ecam« a atrflKht line In arehit««tur»)'i ftnictur* will app«ai t W Hici, it(Mitfn «ir* rrftim providtf FOR HALF Beautiful acreage for sale. All kinds of fruit and shrubs In a hlgb stale of eultlvntlon, Alt modern house, garage and barn. Owner will ulve |iossenslon Hept. 1. FOR HA LK Two-room house and 1 acre ground on East Lawn. FOR SALIC- 180 acre farm, close to Esthervllle, excellent location, Clarion soil, W, H, CLARK AGENCY Phone 850 187 -4 -8 FOR IlKNT I'nrttnlly fiiinlihrMl apHiliiunt, priviite entranei S15 2nd Ave S. I'll Ki'l 1*7-4 % lOll RKNT Ho 12th HI Itov t^iUll lUIUli ll..w.'n IH,- I *X)R SALIC Spring fr|e«, 1100. Carl Hftwver, Ph :3.)8t. R»»her vllle tM'3ii-tO MA.S'fi HTIO^' Cap free with raeh Five Hroia wnrh shirt Friday and Haturdny only Kni,KR8 VALUE HTOIIK 0 11*3 10 711 VQ\K UKN'I" Mullein :i i.p .mi on furnished flist Ilooi n|euliM.iil Adults onlv Sliir .N Mtlirtt T. 1. Kd.l.r He.nle I„H> FOR RKNT II|>nii men!. » .I I ooin Oliif Tw. iiiliili I (It I'll n^f, i is7 tt r. FOR RKNT for a Keiith nmn Wogen, Phone 1138 „M I H|i -4-f>lnc looiit .Mia KInier l((.VIf-8 FOR RENT- Furnished or unfur- nUhod apartment. Ph 218\V. Claroncn Oolla. 173-lf-O FOR RENT -New front apartment for married couple. Inquire at Sorenaen Studio. les -tt -s FOR SALE Two-bedroom house and lot. Roy Bowen, 711 So. 12th, 187-tf-8 FOR SALE— Two-bedroom home, garage, large lot. good location. Immediate possession. Ph. I24ew. OscJir Myhre. 189-0x-8 FOR SALE—Small, modern 2-t«Hl- room home, on two lots. Oaa heat. Immvdlata possession. Phone 18. 174-U.« FOR SALB>— «-room modem boui* on N. Vth 8t Close In. Reasonably priced. B«a N. J. LM. 120-U-* Entertainment DOUBLE ADVENTURE nouble thrills. See "The Hell- out" and "Border Saddlernates," Friday and Saturday at thn Urand theater. 188-2-1 Counfry Club Dining Room Oi^ENS SUNDAY Serving from 12 fo 2 p, ni. Frlt-d ChicJ<oii itoast Pork l^iione Reserviition.s by 10 p. m. Satuixlay Dining Room (>|x«n to mpmlKM-H evfry eveniiiK except Mondiiy. Sei-ving 6-9:.'Mi p. m. NO KEY T1.ME LOST DANCE Saturday NIKIU Blue Gordon orchtwlia New and Okt-tlme FLOOR SANDINQ Equipment for rant at Monlgom- ery Ward. Reflnlah your floora ai low cost by rnntlng tids cqnlp- ment and using Wards hlgh-^nal- Ity floor finishes. MONTOOMERY WAKD >48-tf-« FOR HALF. Old neWspaprm thervllle Dally Ne«« Offlee |M-tf« to FOR SAI.K Hiiiall dn.p leaf kit elien lnl>le, S burner sas plate. e\lrnil<>n lalile 5«"«M" without le.iven Mrs Diiiiite Andorson. n'<'i.I l*« 7 10 I'HKIi MKItfllANI'I.HK .Vli.nlle Mullus. 17 50 In 119 S^: i;»a iitnues. 133 50 lo SntMl; iisril ileelti. muturs. 16 and 'i h p, Voui eh'ilf.- t3 90, 1 n»vd irfrln- . iiilors. ^^^ so e»rh (IA.MHI.K.H !•» : ii) WHITE JKANH fllrli while Iwlll Jrnn> ZlpiK r idaekel HUm 10 lo IS, ^1- fH> Indira' pinatle raincoats »iUi h <M >d«. II M and 13 M. HltRI'LUH STORK ins..! ID Services UUYINO A NEW CART Ask about our loan service Monthly repayment plan suited to your Income. IOWA TRUST A KAVlNdH HANK WE DO contract paint work. B«a us for oaUmate on exterior and Interior palnUns. Ph. 1680. Ray's Paint Btora. lMf-» FOR FREE PIOKirP and dellvsry. Ph. 40. P * O a«an«rs. 3S«-tf-a BOTTLE OAS SALKS-BKRVICB Inatallatlona — lUgulatiotta HILL'S TORNKR, Ph. 4»J5t PBTBIUKWR lUdUtor BtnrtM^ lust taat of Vandy't. 1714 OmtnU. iexp«rltBO*d la all typM radiator rtpiUr. CALL UH FOR Your Carpenter Work See us fur Krie Estimates on shlncUng and tiding Wilbur Clouse MOTHH In your home' Slop th.^tr dnmake with Herlou. Odorl-*". stalnlrsa. guaranlvrd fur five years Sanborn Furniture IM .1 to WARr>S TOP Qt ?ALlTY PLUMm INO NEEDS-lN8TAlXEr> t..l oxp«rta Install plumbing needs at reduced prlc««i. nv$. 107.fM) Jet pump, now »J -V) Reg $124 ftl Cabinet sink, tilt 73 'tnsUltatlon «<ttra. On VM.\ terms, no nwiBey down, 3 yrirs lo pay MONTGOMERY WARK Rsthnrvtlls. Iowa iM -a rOR BALB-LlghtnlBK rwla, 77 yrs^ of satloflsd eiMtomora. Call co^ l«ct ISlTi. 603 E. 10th Bt.. Sp**car, la. Qua D. Italti. m-«OK-tl For Sale Toy TeiTicr I'uppU'h Ideal for Children Also swing for sale. Orvllle Sampson Fh. 16W15 i»» jiij FlIONK 1742 W l8A3i|.l> Skyline Club BLESSED EVENT? Then m for Binni A N N Ol • NCEM KNTS Pnimpt ServUi* ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwest Iowa'.s Ijirt'i»«t Piintin!' Plant tlWHI-l* Large Modern Home Cl«».. to Uu«tne <Mi UUlrU t tltut heat. Autom«tli- K«« w«t«r heater MiT*. AmbroNi' Conwny 4i« S. Mh Ph no* J IS7 3-11) Gifts lor Graduates at May Sale Prices Rytea Print While Hlatu.neiv I* an ar(*«pt,ible graduaiium Kirt .NOW liuubte ih» usual i|uan»ttv 200 sbiMta, too «nvdkip* • fttr only l »U> DAILY Nir\V«

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