Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on March 16, 2004 · Page 17
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 17

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Page 17
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Editor; TIME OUT TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2004 - B-3 mat Puzzlers ACROSS 1 Diligent insect 4 Disfigure 8 Some 11 Mgmt. biggte 12 Dry the dishes 13 Gawk 15 CPR giver 16 Melodies 17 Fast sled 18 Grimy 20 "- the Barbarian" 21 Big Ten team 23 Take an oath 24 Skillfully 27 Give a big smile 29 Tie fabric 32 Murmurs 33 Water jug 34 Pollution control org. 35 Coal scuttle 36 Story 37 Spouted, as a whale 38 Chemical suffix 39 On the double! 40 Deli breads 41 Rubber-stamps 42 — Lanka 44 Places to store grain 47 Aims toward 51 Jazz's home 52 Not certain 55 Kind of neckline 56 Pierre's parent 57 Good soil 58 Tenet 59 Impractical 60 Like one Ranger 61 Do Christies Answer to Previous Puzzle DOWN 1 Handball points 2 Jules Verne captain 3 Dorothy's dog 4 Moves to and fro 5 LI doubled 6 Showery mo. 7 Legal thing 8 Tolerate 9 Sentence starter 10 Gentle exercise 14 Russell or Olin 19 Fun things STUMPED? Call for answers • Touch-tone or rotary phone 95c per minute (900) 226-4344 code 000 20 Deep unconsciousness 22 WWII subs (hyph.) 23 Parking attendants 24 Feel a twinge 25 Favor, old-style 26 Prospector's quest 28 Fitzgerald of jazz 29 Depend on 30 Fencing sword 31 Mice feet 36 Clucks 37 Crusty cheese 41 — and aahed 43 Verse 44 Grand total 45 Squib 46 Zhivago's beloved 48 Hertz rival 49 Student's need 50 18-wheeler 52 Feverish 53 Egg —yung 54 Ceiling fixture 3-16 © 2004 by NEA, Inc. THE LEARNING CHALLENGER by Robert Bamett DIRECTIONS: A. Using each "Chaos Grid" number with its letter one time, arrange the numbers with their letters for the "Order Grid" so each vertical column, horizontal row, and two diagonals each ADD to numbers inside thick lined cells. B. Some correct numbers with their letters have been put into the "Order Grid" to get you started. Also, above the "Order Grid" is a "Decoded Message" clue. C. After you have solved the "Order Grid" doing as direction "A" says, put the letters from horizontal rows, from left to right, under "Decoded Message" and make words to form the answer. CHAOS GRID 12 U -6 T -3 Y 15 A -1 L 15 A 15 P 21 L 12 N 3 A -4 E 15 F -1 L -3 A 21 N 5 N CLUE: MUSTARD ORDER GRID 29 3 A 29 12 N 29 15 F 15 P 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 3/16/2004 DECODED MESSAGE: ANSWERS IN NEXT EDITION © 2004 Robert Barnett Answers to Prev Learning Challen DANIEL AND DBA 14 D 11 E 8 D 6 D 5 A 9 L 10 O 15 I 5 N 8 A 12 B 14 A ous ger DIAH 15 I 11 N 9 A 4 H 3/15/2004 Run in papers of Tuesday, March 16, 2004 CELEBRITY CIPHER by Luis Campos Celebrity Cipher cryptograms arc oeated Irom quotations by lamoira people, past and present Each letter In the cipher stands lor another Today's due: P equals B " E 0 SY CA WAL VYXKEL LMY YRXLM LA VXACIBY PYRILF RWC U A F , EL SEGG EW LMY YWC WAL VXACIBY OAAC YELMYX." — U.S. JXILBM PREVIOUS SOLUTION - "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." — Tommy Lasorda (c) 2004 by NEA, Inc. 3-16 THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by Henri Arnold and Mike Argirlon Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. ANSPY 2004 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved. WYSON f \ \ ,/ ^^ s ^ VIRTED / \ ^ / ' S ^ /* The champ was the odds on favorite How could I lose? OSUREA f > ^ j / \ \ j Answer here: f \ \ } / s s ,/ ' S s, / WHEN THE TENNI5 CHAMP LOST TO THE AMATEUR, HE— Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Yesterday s (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: PILOT CHIDE CONVOY PONDER Answer: When the seer s services didn t sell at the charity auction, she became A NON-PROPHET Mother worries daughter-in-law's driking problem is affecting her grandchildren Dear Annie: My son and his wife have been married for 14 years, and they have three children. Within the first two years, it became obvious that "Lara" had a problem with alcohol. After she got into some legal trouble because of it, she joined AA. We assumed she was attending meetings and things were relatively normal. Last week, we learned that Lara is drinking again, and .worse, she is driving the children while drunk. There also has been neglect, since Lara goes away for days when she's bingeing. I am trying to stay out of their business and keep my mouth shut, although I did tell my son we are aware of what's going on and that we are here for him if he needs us. My son informed his wife that we talked about her drinking, and now we have been pushed out of their lives. My son is an enabler and is in a serious state of denial. This dysfunctional behavior is now being taught to my grandchildren, and it sick- By Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar ens me. What can I do? - Distraught Grandmother Dear Grandmother: Call Al-Anon. ( or check your phone book) and ask for help. Meanwhile, do whatever you need to in order to get back in your son's good graces so you can keep an eye on the situation. If you see Lara driving drunk or know that she has left the children unattended, call the police. Some people need to be hit over the head before they will get the help they need. Dear Annie: I have a friend, "Jane," and we are both in middle school. When Jane and I are together at my house or hers, she is very nice TUESDAY EVENING 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 and polite. The problem is, when we are at school, Jane pushes me, shoves me, calls me names and so on. I have no idea why. One of my other friends said she wants to see me fall and get hurt. Please give me some advice here. Confused in California Dear Confused: Jane sounds like a troubled young woman. She may be jealous of your other friendships at school, or she may believe that ridiculing you in front of others will make her more popular. This is not a true friendship. Tell Jane that you will no longer tolerate her unkind behavior. If she pushes you or calls you names, walk away and don't look back. Also suggest to Jane that she speak to the school counselor about her hostility and how to manage it. Then tell your parents about her bullying behavior in case it needs to be reported. Dear Annie: I am finally writing this letter after being stuck numerous times with other people's bar bills. My husband and I don't drink, but when we go out with friends who do imbibe, we end up paying half of whatever alcohol they drink. We recently went out with a couple that drank over $150 worth of alcohol, and when the check came, I heard the husband tell the waiter to split it in half. When we have asked for separate checks, the waiter has given us a dirty look. The times we've pointed out to our friends that we didn't have anything to drink, one couple called us "cheap." We have declined dinner invitations with couples we know are heavy drinkers. I know we can't be alone in this uncomfortable situation, so please print this so the drinkers will see themselves. - Tired of Paying in Virginia Beach, Va. Dear Virginia: These are friends? No true friend would expect a non-drinker to pay half of the bar bill. In spite of the dirty looks, ask the waiter for separate checks, saying to your friends, "Since we don't drink, I'm sure you will want to pay for the liquor." Full Service • Precious Metals • Jewelry • Coins 468-0640 "Since 1980" 303 'A' Talmage Rd., Ukiah • c • c •c •c • c • c • c •c •c . f PVC RAIL CYCLONE, STEEL. ETC. , . RETAINING WALLS I IRON GATES * ; [ DECKS, STAIRS, ETC. ] [ Complete Construction & Repairs I \ " Fully Bonded And Inwred j ! 3 • Visit Us At: edge WIRELESS Us On-litt& g. v ^ —« ,^-^r. ~' ^ T£"^^ J^^ " ' - ^ ~ ^^ '•""" '" X ' ^ ikiahdaily) our Golden State Fencing Fencing Contractor •C C Golden State Landscaping General Landscaping Contractor COMPLETE LANDSCAPING FROM DESIGN, EXCAVATION, LAYOUT & MAINTENANCE) Fully Bonded And Insured Lie. #3949 Cell (7O7) 489-5903 Pager (7O7) 264-3094 Evening (7O7) 263*0560 3 • ) j > \ j| '. j '. ) ) • ) ) 33- 3- The Ukiah URNAL Over 18,000 Readers Mendoclno County's Local Newspaper uklahdally|Qurn*Uorn

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