Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 16, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 4
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('-ouiilrvsidr Foreigners in North Dakota !!> Sl>A.\ I K.\ Wo hiivc ]v,\(l i:iins lal.I\. 1.1. .is. il .mis, iinil 'li Kiowinp tl'.in^.s look fin.'. And timirrht th. sky k)v".ks Ilin'^il.'iimi; .IL^MJIV bi; it can't rain it'.-i pioni ni.L'ht Any other nipht l)iit this Arnold nnd I drovi- down t.. City. low., Tuesday niornin!; to ntti'iid Ih.' .Sioux ("ity Jouinal'.; Cinnufil Woman of Achicvfini'iit Pav. an .'\-nt w look forward to fiom on.' v.'ar li. th.. iii'xl Kiv" n.->v women (if arhiryini-nt have liem add.'d to th.' lis' since last y.-ai. .-.i.c! it was Liood to in. . t th.m an I to preet old friends. C'ho.^.-n a.-^ the \\i'nian "f a.-lii- "Voment for l!ir)2 was Miss M.aiy 'riii;lia if Simis City, renown.'d and wreath- lo\'.>cl htinianit.irian, THIS KVI'.VT WHICH l.rinL^s lOL -rtlier women o, four states, affords lis .in opportunity of visitine. and e.xciianL'inj.' id.'as .and .xperiences. \Vc t.ilK about cliick, ns. ^ard.'iis. new li.-ibi-s. trip.^. i)olitir.:, deaths, artlintis, flood i -ontrol. eats. .lo^s. ^vllat th • ladies' aid is doinf;. new ili .aperies, lious.'el.'anin;;. all the .subjects ari. dear to women's lie.aits. and which they n.'Vei s.^em lo tire .if talkinj;. Wo were ;;ues;.; of Mis. Kditha U'eiister. women's editor of tile Journal, and .-njo.N'ed our first outd.^oi supper of the year in hei beautiful b.aek yard, f;u • ing- the rolling hill country ..f low.a. And in the sh .i 'i time we wei-e in Sioux City, we Iii.'d t.i s.-e .as man^-I friends and flo ;is\ Ibit>>is .as possibly <mild, i \\i.i:\ i:isi;i.i; T 111.' flii'S Ir. S.I, ' X.^xt w.'ek li i li;;lit> of th.- nil. t.-Il \ou th- hii;l: IIKKK .\ CI.OTH euttinu' truk we .-Jaw th- .•tb.i li.ay III a s'.or. . H.>p.> w.. ar.- able to explain i' Inst.'ad of .iittini; a tliread and drawing it alon-; 111.' suifaii' of t|-.. elotb. and tie n euttinj.' the cloth •ilonu till' d•.^^eIl line with a scis.-ors. which is tedi- • lis. do tbis_ (.'III th.' draw it slightly, holdini: it in th. left l.;ind and cut alonu the side of th" dr.iwn timad wiih tb.e seissors. The thread is hel-J rp .'ind pulled ane the scissors, supported and puid- '•d by the sails richt alon.e and at the snnir time cuts a patii for the cuide thread. Does that sound eomplieat.d? If thi- thread should break, just st.'iit auain. It -o.s twice as fast a.s thi' old wa\' Think it is .. iir.i idc>a. TAI.KKI) TO A FRIK.ND who farms in Nortn Dakota. H. was saying- that the oil and mineral boom had ciitainly chantred the tempo of living in Ills state, -non't see anything but foreigners around nowadays." he added. "What kind?" we asked. "Oh, mostly Tex.aii.s.' replied he. C.-ii p is runnin;; now and trapping is going on in di-e<iL'.' ditches and ereiks about. This is the final, lonei.'f. ( vuiene.' that summer is nearly here. PON-TSXPECT Combining tne Vintticitor aad RepubHcma. PubUfihtii Kv*ry KvfB.n^ Kxc*p: Sunday and Uclitiays. Von .Arf-n't Playing With Children, You Know! Kct«c(i i.« jfcond c!a« matter 0«t. erv;:>. Ijwa. an<!er thM act of Martn 3. -.srs. 4 Fri., May 16, 1952 OwTjeo azd Publ:5li<d t)>-; Decmer Lee, i.>li:'>T iud PuWUher, Robert N. Ke. .^tfT«rtl «iCS Manager. Tte .\s9r-r.a:ed Pr<5j is enuued exclus* to -J:* a«« for reputi'.lcatkjn of all th* kca: r.e-w-j printed In this neira- pAf^.- «J »e;i u a ;i AP newi <11»- patciiflB. SUBSCRIPTION TERMS 3i sm: IE Emmet, 'iwnrii. Palo Alto, C-iy. Dicluji50D. Jackson and Martin counties: ozf >-ar J8: ttx nijotlis J4.23; tt--f- moE:>is $2.25: 5 weeks SI. By sja:: out^ abov€ ca mUes one year tlO: 9:.\ irv -2tiis $5.3b; three montha iZ.'Z-: one cr.'jcth al.OO. By U:::r .?^«r: per weeK 3&c; 'jce yea.' 114; six monlha S~.25; ihree raonths l3.Ti. Member of the Iowa Presa Ajsodatlon, I^»-a Dii:>- PreM Ajs-xiauoB. NaUoraJ Ed:tor;a! A»«o:;a-.;on aad ln:ajid Prtas Ajs-Kiatjon. P.J:PP.ESE.NTATI\-E3 E:ic!iiEfe. Omita: also Atlanta and Ge::»ral advtnljiEjr repre*mtatlTea; In- :ard .Ve'»rsr-ar-er Repreientauves. Inc, Wnitle:.- Bide, Chlcajo; 512 Filth Jwe., New York: Seciirity Bids.. St. Ixiuu; 1.012 Baltimore. Kanssj City. 42S Uralo Daliaa. Virgil Triichs In ISo-Hitter For Tippers By .lACK IIA.M) Associated rn>«.s Sp<lrt^ Writ>T Virsil Trucks' fir,- the covi -y of ni.'ij .jr b.i:;-;.- .-h-Jt' ruise the sam- <';d .iu.-st:.,n,- A:the pitch'Ts tl-.-it -.od" ... ti -.i- !. ;- iDrs that we.ik? Certainly. th.»i.- is no doubt that Truck.s' briUi.-.nt no-liit. .-...-lun game for n.-troit a .L '.' \\'ashinL,'- ton yest.-rdiiy was a supvrb .-ffort. He walk.'d only ..r..- and ;-truek .ju'. .seven. But the batt.'rs in both l.-a.:aies did littbv Th. eombirad battinu' average of both l.'ai-'u.-s lOi th.- .ia'. -.'.2s ri si.'r: l-JT K 'j' f r the Phila- ii-]r/r.:-i A - ;i>-r .;t 'u:s: azainst th ' S- V u;s Er.".-r;. ;' uould hav- KOIK Ol TIU. rar: ^ ^v, n /O'l's Tr Ph;N- V. :-.r. R-.bert; -.'•IS only -.vinn-r iii.-wini: a r 'jr. And h- ua\ -• up orAy or.- uhi!.- Tr^jck- }>.•: .ri.-.r'. -.ri: .f B.-s-; tor A!--\ K Kn-: - ' A's and ! Billy Lo -.-i E:.,..k;vns bonLis baby ! .11 M . r .k- d • h- .-*.!- r;;-.- If Mar .r.--r P. d F'..',;f- h.-id wtit-i ' •• r. th- ^.rii,;. th- T:;:- r- r.juldn't , n .-iv. arrani:--d fo.' a rrj r•• dra.Tiat- ' finish for T'.-,.i< ks' n.^hitte:. Tan- :u'b.l wit!-. B.-i^ FoM.'rfi.'ld m .'i s<oreli-ss s;ru--'i.: D.rtroit v.-enl : d..'.'.n to ti"..' la-t 'Mt t--for.- win- j nin;.' th- L'ame, l-o. With t'vo ?on,? I ir th.' last ..f tt'.- ninth. Vic W-rtz blast, d .-t •['.oni' tun into th- upper , ri^b.t fi, Id stands The no-hitt.n-. ! TiueVis' first win of th.* season, Th.- .'i.'-;-y .-,ir---j !d lighlhander Showing Friday and Saturday FIRST RUN IN ESTHERYILLE Richard BASEHART-Gene EVANS-Michael O'SHEA i'Jiijoy your movies under 11... stars—Show starts ut dusk. had a 0-2 record and had been rouphed for 13 hits in S 1-3 inninp.s in his Icust previou.s start againsi Chicago. :l: a ?»C .\KBOROr (;il blanked the Chicago White Sox. 1-0. as rookie T<d Lr-pcio's pay-off .fingle won for Hc.-ton in the fourth. Faye Throne- b.riy Sit up the run when he was walked, .stole second and went to thiid on Catcher Phil Masi's \vila pfg. L-pcio drove him home with one of the three Red Sox hits off loser Ken Holcombc. Lefty Kellner shut out the Browns for the Second time in eight day.^ with four hits in Philadelphia's 6-0 victor\-. Kellner had three of the 10 hits off Tommy Byrne driving in two runs and scoring a third. The St. Ixiuis and Chicago defeats enabled the idle New York •\'ankees to take over fourth place. The 'Vanks' final game at Cleveland wa.s postponed because of cold weather. « » » LOK.S, IN HIS first .start for BrfKjklyn, whipped Pittsburgh's f,;,-bl.- Pirates. 2-0. The 22-year-ola kid. who got J*22.0OO bonus for signing in IMS with Brooklyn had won thr.e in a row on relief. Brooklyn got to Murry Dickson for theii two runs in the first on singles by }'r-f Wee Reese, JackiL- Robinson and Hay Campanella, p walk and Duke .Snider's Ing fly. Jioberts lost a shutout when he Qished up a home run ball lo Joe Adcock of Cincinnati in the sixth inning. The 5-1 decision was Roberts' sixth straight for the Phils. Rain and cold weather knocked out lb.- scheduled Chicago at New York and .St. Louis at Bo.ston i:an;.'s. Flood Rvlief Fund Vp $10 The Kmmet county flood relief fund jumped another $10 with the 1 .ecipis of two JS contributions from local clubs. gifts are still being accepted at the Emmet County State bank and the Daily News office. I'revioasly reportcnl: $1,401.55 W. R, K. rlub 8.00 Center Coiuitrj' club 5,00 Today's total $1,411.55 A water molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen combined with one atom of oxygen. OWO/THE STUTTBKlSJftl /MAK) A <3AISJ.' WHAT PIC SOU THINK OP AW TV F'KO<5l?'AM? y Some whales are, more than a third as long as 'their mothers \shen they are born. Martin Krcnzko filled his position nicely for Bethany and as a result the Wolves • went down to di-feat 7-6 at Mankato ycsterdn.v. Krenzke hit a home run In the fifth to stretch Bethany's lead to e -.T and in the last half of the ninth inning after the Wolves had tied the score in the top half of the ninth, he hit his second home run of the afternoon to win the game for Bethany. Both blows come with nobody on base. The game was scoreless until Bethany scored two runs In the i.-Lst half of the third inning. An er- lor, a single, a stolen, and a. double accounted for the two runs The winners shut the Wolves out again the top of the fourth and they scored three times in the bottom of the fourth on two doubles, a single and a triple. « It IX THK TOP HALF of the fifth the Wolves rallied for three runs. Iverson started the inning by getting hit by a pitched ball. Burger ts-alked and Pemble got on on an error. Piggott then hit a double to right center scoring all three runs but he was thrown out at third trying to stretch it into a triple. Thompson struck out and Peterson filed out to end the inning. Bethany got one of these runs back in the last half of the fifth inning when Krenzke hit the first of his two homers over the left field fence. * * « THE WOLVES GOT lone runs in the seventh, eights and ninth to tie the score. Peterson homered after two were out • in the seventh for one run. In the eighth Oates led off and got on first .by way of an error. Fogarty walked and Iverson sacrificed thjm to second and third. Burger hit a fly' ball to the right fielder for the out, Oatri .scoring after the catch. In the ninth another error let Piggott'get on He stole second and scored all the way from second on a dropped throw at first on Duffy'.^ ground ball. This tied the score ac 6-all going into the last half of the i.inth. setting the stage for Krenzke's second home run and the end of the ball game. The next game for the Wolves is thiii last home gam.- of the season when they entertain Dr. Martin Luther of New Ulm next Wednesday afternoon. BOX SCORE Sport Slants Iowa State League Will Open Play with 5 Teams Esthenllle ab r h o a I'eterson, cf 5 I 1 1 0 Duffy, ss 5 0 1 0 2 Oat«-s, lb 3 1 0 12 0 Fogarty, p 3 0 0 0 6 Iverson, If -1 1 1 2 0 Burger, c •> 1 0 6 1 Pemble, 3b 4 1 0 I 2 Piggott, 2b 4 I 1 1 0 Thompson, rf 4 0 0 2 0 Totals 3« 6 4 23 11 Bethany ab r h o a Radke, cf 5 1 o 2 1 Mad-son, 'ib .... .. 5 I 2 0 1 •^'ohe, 3b 5 0 2 1 I Krenzke, If 5 2 2 3 0 Boehl, p 4 0 0 0 2 Urban, c 4 1 I 13 0 Larson, rf 4 0 0 3 0 Schoer, lb 4 I 1 6 0 Zltzman, ss 4 1 1 1 1 Totals 40 7 11 27 6 Summary: Errors, Oatos, I'emblc, Schoer, Zltzman 2, Yohe. RBI, Pet4'rson, Burger, Piggott 3, Radke 2, Yohe 2, Krenzkn 2, Schoer. SB, Madson, Piggott. 2B, Piggott, Vo- he. Urban, Schoer; 3B, Radke; IIB, Peterson, Krenzke 2. BB, Fogarty 0, Roehl 2; SO, Fogarty 7, Roehl 13. E»ther\llle 000 030 111—« 4 4 Betliany 002 310 001—7 11 4 B^- W The Iowa State league was expanded to five teams yesterday 'With the admission of Wall Lake and a new schedule was drawn lo include a 4S-game season instead of 42 as originally planned with the four-team circuit. Wall Lake is reputedly going to use an entire colored team to represent it in the 1952 campaign and counts on fielding a fast outfit. Storm Lake stuck by its guns to play wildcat ball this year, concentrating on barnstorming throughout western Iowa, southern Minnesota and Nebraska, playing no more than onco a week at home. It is doubtful that the White Caps will be booked by any of the ISL nines since the circuit schedule will keep them pretty well occupied. According to Red Sox officials. Manager Gus Freeman is scheduled to arrive in the city on Sunday and more players are expected to come to town later this month and the first week of June. Club prospects include Pat Dove, a catcher, v.ho has played in four organized leagues including the Georgia- Florida. Coastal Plains. South Eastern and Mountain States. Dove bats left and hit over the .325 mark last year for Harlan. Ky.. in the Mountain States loop. Others being considered are Gene Major, who pitched for Milwaukee last season in the American Association; Zeke Winkel. Bancroft's third baseman of two years ago; Bill Dudding. general handiman with the Lions last year; "iim Woltz, who has played hall in this area for several seasons; and John Ewaniak, the greatest slugger the league has ever seen when with the Red Sox in 1950, wants to give baseball another whirl after being seriously injured when hit in the head last year while playing with Faribault in the Southern Minny league. Sox officials are optimistic about prospects at this date for the 1952 Red Sox nine. More information will be forthcoming "when plans arc further jelled. * <• 4 Spencer's Cardinals seem to be angling for a return of several of the lads who played there last season including K. C. and Hugh Wise, Ron Unke. Al Horn. Don Blaha and Jim Gibbons. Tom Sheehan, as was expected ,has been named Carroll's manager for 1952. The firebrand pilot of the Merchants, who asks no quarter and gives none, i.= expected to assemble another young ball club. He specializes in hustling youngsters and Sheehan has done a remarkable job with them the past two seasons at Carroll. College coaches like to see their proteges spend a season with Sheehan. He has had good luck i.vith such youthful players as Dick Giedlin, Bobby Dolan, Johnny Blanchard and others who have broken into organized baseball while still in their teens or early 20s. Sheehan played In the American Association before coming to Carroll in 1950. He expects to have several of his last year's team back including Sammy Esposlto, Bobby Decker, Wayne Paige and Denny Rinaldi. * « » John Kurtt, the Wartburg college ace, who pitched for Mason City last year is going great guns this season. He rarely has allowed more than five hits in any of his starts this spring and has turned a brace of two-hitters and one-hit game. The 6-2 righthander is considered a prospect for the Legionnaires again this season. He'll win his share of ball games. * '» Pee Wee Wenger, the scattor- armed left who pitched for two seasons in the Iowa State league, won his first game in the Florida Now Showing fBStMOmim Through Saturday Wild BiU Elliot in "WACO" starting Sunday Continuous Siuidiiy from 1:00 p. m. <Mlf fOvl KULAH aOMM • CCNE UKKHMIT II. 1.. State league with Daytona Beach, hurling a fancy one-hitter and whiffing 19. johnny Blanchard with Joplin in the Western Association hit safely 11 times in his first 25 trips to the plate including five circuit swats and three two bag­ gers. Lou Rosin, pitcher for the Red Sox last year, got his lumps in a recent start for Keokuk in the Three I league, being blasted off the mound in the sixth inning in a five-run uprising turned in by Terre Haute. Rosin had held Terrc Haute to one run until the sixth. « * « The Fairmont Martinc under Jim McNulty lost their opener to the veteran Austin Packer nine. 8 to 4. The Martins got only si.x hits off Carl DeRose and two successors, Coombs and House. Austin rapped four Fairmont hurlers for nine safeties including a triple and a homer. Starter for the Martins was Lou Prumpas, who -was released by Omaha and placed on the voluntary retired list when ho balked at a deal that would have sent him to Lincoln. Prumpas was followed by- Bob Miller, a 6-3, 210 pounder from Millersport, O., Bob Hoffman of Wichita, Kans., and Bob Kanko- vich, the veteran Fairmont flinger. Sid Langston was the only ex-Sox to get a hit for the Martins, a single, but Sid also drove in a run with a long fly ball. McNulty pulled off a fielding gem, going into short right field to haul in a pop fly. Langston played at first base, Gwinn in center field and McNulty at second. * * « Ringsted will field a baseball team this season with Leo Rausch at the helm. The Ringsted club will compete in the fast Kossuth county loop and will open its season Sunday at Rodman. Teams in the league include Ringsted, Rodman, Algona KC's, Renwick, Bancroft VFW, Whittemore, St, Joe .and St. Benedict. Many of the players on the Ringsted club arc former members of the powerful Fenton Junior Legion club of a couple years back. Ninth Inning Homer Sinks Wolves Bethany Nips Locals By 7 to 6 Sluiloiits Order Of llie Dav 111 the Majors A-MEUICAN LEAOUE W. L. Pet. G.B. Radio Announcer Taken to Launtlry Mandan, N. D„ May 16 (.ff')—Radio announcer Jack Harris told his listeners ho would do the laundry lor whoever identified the author of the statement, "So much to do with so little time." Mrs. Henry Hoppe phoned to say the quotation was" that of Cecil John Rhodes, South Africa pioneer and the man whose will provided for Rhodes scholarships. Mrs. Hoppe then told Harris something about herself. She said she was laundrcs."! for the Mandan state training school and Its 300 Inmates and employes. HEY FELLAS! stop in at Sidles and see the nifty, official Roy Rogers Gun and Holster set with Roy Rogers' picture some lucky boy or girl will win. The boy or girl bringing in the most Post's Cei*eal Box tops to our store before June 5th will be the lucky winner. See this swell gun and holster set in our store npw! Enjoy delicious Post'.s cereals often. Clover Farm Store Cleveland 18 9 .667 Washington 14 10 .583 2'.Boston 15 11 .577 210 New York 12 12 .500 4':, St. Louis 13 14 .481 5 Chicago 13 14 .481 5 Philadelphia 10 14 .417 6 v.. Detroit 7 18 .280 10 1 W-W-WOJ'T PAKE C-C'CALL VDU.VOuiU WAVE TO PM? AM IMTBRM-M-M WEIZMePIAKYjl I »UT WHO? . WAIT A MIWUTS/ ,'S <&OT AM IPSA/ Thursda.v's Results: Detroit 1 Washington 0. Boston 1 Chicago 0, Philadelphia 6 St. Louis 0, New •york at Cleveland, postponed, cold. Saturday's Schedule: Washington jit Cleveland 12 noon. New 'Vork at Detroit 1:30 p. m., Boston at St. Louis 1 p. m., Philadelphia at Chicago 12:30 p. m. .NATIONAI, LEAGUE New York Brooklyn Chicago Cincinnati St. Louis Philadelphia Boston Pittsburgh Thursday's Results: Brooklyn 2 Pittsburgh 0, Philadelphia 5 Cincinnati 1. Chicago at New York, postponed, rain, St. Louis at Boston, postponed, cold. Saturday's Schndule: Chicago at New York 11:30 a. ni., Pittsburgh at Brooklyn 11:30 a. m., St. Loui.s at Boston 12 noon, Cincinnati at Philadelphia 11:30 a. m. WESTERN LEAGUE Last Night's ResiiltN: Pueblo 4-'-> Dos Moines 1-4, Wichita 5 Omaha C, Colorado Sprlnga 9 Sioux City 0, Denver 17 Lincoln 1. W. L. Pet. G.B. 17 5 .773 16 7 .696 IVj 14 11 .560 4'.. 14 12 .538 5 12 14 .462 7 11 13 .458 7 10 14 .417 8 5 23 .179 15 Found Intoxicated In State Car Des Moines, May 16 </P) -- A state-owned car was found in a ditch here last night and a man in it was held for intoxication. Officers drove the car, which had been issued to the state labor commission, to the police station. The man gave his name as Stanley Stacheski, 30, of Sioux City, "Red" Rose Hurls Shutout For Sky Sox By THE ASSOCIATKD VBKSH Two shutouts and a one-hitter were pitched in the Western league, lust night. George Piktuzls, husky Dos Moines southpaw, gave up only one hit in hurling the Bruins to a 4-2 win ever Pueblo in the nightcap of a doubleheader. Pueblo won the opener, 4-1. Wichita shut out Omaha, 6-0, behind the throe-hit job of Pete Mesa and Colorado Springs ace "Red" Rose blanked Sioux City, 9-0. Denver went on a batting rampage to post a 17-1 decision over last place Lincoln. Colorado Springs salvaged th-s last of a three-game sertpa with thi Soos as Rose spaced seven slngle.s and didn't walit a man. BOUND BOOKS AT NO EXTRA COST KIIP YOUR MINTS 'IN ONE lOOKI BUY AND LEAVE FILM HERE I Esthei'ville Drug Co. "The Comer Dnig Store" Now it's here ... " The replacement for spws fiiillc thafs prqctical for form uti: $1275 60-lb. Box Main Office Phones 296—297 Farm Sorvloe Phorjo im OM.VCXJ'U. aURVIVE THiaAFF /MR 1 AU taSHT. I'M TH' ONE I BET THEYiLSHOOT B ^idlSHTJ BUTj fc ^T,^,ft<^-^

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