The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 25, 1947 · Page 4
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 4
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Transactions Lag On Stale Market THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME By JIMMY HATLO Most Shares Back In Losing Column Dealings Slowest for Full Session Since Last July 5 New York, March Stocks, with scattered returned to the losing day's market althoti 24 (/P) exceptions, side in toll pressure was lacking throughout and dealings the slowest in more than eight months. Sleepy tendencies were displayed by the ticker tape from the start. Slight irregularity ruled flntil midday. Trends then began to slip and many pivotals closed at or around the lows of the day with declines of fractions to better than 2 points. Transfers of 580,000 shares were a low for a full session since July 5. last, and compared with 710,000 Friday. . Aliis-Chelmers Common ended ii P iy fi at 36»£ : Goodyear % at 55%, Goodrich fi at G6 J /2, DuPont 3 at 1S7, and Listman Kodak l l / & at 24Ufc. Ahead wer« Equitable Office. Dome Mines, Detroit Edison and North American. Pullman v;is off 2\' z at 5G, Johns- Manville 2 :\ 122, Caterpillar Tractor 2 at 58»,4, Norfolk & Western l'/2 at 240, Chrysler 1% at 96, U. S. Steel 1 at 72VR and American Telephone 1 at 165 Vi. Closing Prices Stock Market (AP) — Stock 16 5 ',4 73% 38 V, '.H 21 J it V- New York, March 24 List—Today's close: American Rollins Mills American Tel. and Tel. American Tobacco' B..! Anaconda Copper .... Aviation Corp Baltimore and Ohio ... in Sieel .... Airplanes Celanc-se Chesapeake and 6'tilo".' Chrysler <j<; Continental Motors ...... 10 GurU.** Wright GT,; Douglas Aircraft r,?^ Dii I'otu i §7 Firestone '.'....'"'' z-z>. CJenoral Kleciric General Foods General Motors flood rich Hubber Goodyear iLubbe Keunecoit Copper -.'.'.'.'.'. it; Krofft"' Glenn 35% 42% 59% 57 '/. 31 19", 17^4 240 lO 5 ^ 6% 13% 26% 8% INVESTMENT SECURITIES Bought Joseph H. Dagenais It W. VTftnhlncton St. — Pko»« I1R We offer low cost HOME LOANS FIRST FEDERAL Savings A Loan Asm. 33 Jonathan St. Phone 1001 LOANS TO SALARIED PEOPLE Autc - Furniture - Signature. For Quick Confldentlil Service Phone Hag. 250. General Acceptance Corp. 49 Jonathan Street Martin Ward .... National Ilisoiiit National Distillers Now York Central Norfolk ami \Vestern . North American Aviation Packard .Motors Pan American Airways . Caramon nt Pennsylvania Railroad .. Plymouth Oil Pure Oil .-. , P^adio Corp ', Republic Steel ','.. Sear? Roebuck Socony Vacuum Souihcni Pacific . , v Staiulanl Urands Standard Oil NJ Studebalcer Twentieth Century ..... Union Carbide . ." United Aircraft United Carbon United Corp U. S. Rubber s?y; U. S. Steel '. 72^ U'arner Bros- 151; Vk'e.stinghouse Electric .' 25 J /; XK\V YORK EGGS New York. March 24 '(AP)—Egrgs (2 days receipts). 42,034. steady. New York spot quotations follow: (Based on wholesale sales by receivers to jobbers and large retailers). Whites: ex. fancy heavyweight 50•>0.;>; exs. 1 and 2 lar^e 48-49; exs. 1 and '2. medium 47-4S. .100 ' 74 »; . 33{, WOMM mnis On 'CtRTMN BAYS' rf ft**! If function*! montiilj- cauce you to surer n»nrou« at such time* — thU prc&t m*llcln« U famous to relieve such CHICAGO GHA1X Cliicag-o. March 24 (AP)— -There v\-as noi enough corn and barley at the Board or Trade- to meet the demand and corn advanced «[3.Vl Ma >: !•'»%: July 1 bcpt. 1.6C-1.«6%; Dec. 1.5 Barley: May 5 S Baltimore .March 24 (AP^~ \Vhcat vnc T-, Ue «., C ' iirll< V hy spot Jomestlo -i.JS bid. Wheat No. 2 Red Oarllckv «pot doniestlu March 2.98 bid. BALTIMOUC MVKSTOCK «jMr a l Ul r\ ore ' Mar< 24 <AP)—(United btaces Department of Agriculture) Cattle-1050. Truck lot choice fed steer:, around 1070 Ibs. 25 t>0 earlv top; truck lot around 1225 Ibs ^5 oo"' several loads and lots top "good average B ood short feds 20.00-2''75- S-fnn- e , ad .- lots cholce fed heif ' er s ^.i.uo .medium and good 15.00-!" 00sprinkling: good young heifers"type beer cows 17.00-18.00; common and l%n U ^-n COW * 0£ dalry Breeding iTftft a ° : tol> m «dium cows 10 Jt/.oo; manners and cutters 9.00-11 00- good beef bulls 17.00-JS.OO; odd head la.^o, medium and good weijrhtv sausage bulls 15.00-16.50: IIJh t and medmm wcifirhw 12.00-J4.50; good l'?.00-20°00 C Weighty feeder 8t «era Calves—325. Mixed lots good and ^nft° e l? 0 ', 2 ^ Ibs. largely 200024.00, strictly choice 25.00; common * edlUm S -°°- 15 - 00; culls B'UT SHE CAN JUGGLE FIFTEEN BINGO CARDS AT ONETIME WITHOUT EVER MISSING A NUMBER, BOTH AND TWO BUTTONS OFF SHIGT WHERE? DIDN'T THEM AT LOOKED THEM CVER CAREFULLY BEFORE At HOME THE MISSUS NEVER SEEMS ABLE TO SEE AST/THING^ CHUCK DOUBLET 1040! E.JEFFERSON, DETROrr,MlCH. CO?K. l»«7. KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, iMd. SEVEN TncafJajr, Mflrrh 2S, 11)47. Hogs'—1600. Prfi.ct.ioa! top 2700- grood and choice r.'O-HO lb.«. 2^5- oS^- 4 ^ 16 ?^ 13 ^^ 5 ^ 5 ' 50 '- J60-1 SO Ibs. Jh.20-50; 1SO-220 Ibs. 2725-50; 220-~ -- " )S- 28.75-27.00: 250-3u(>' Tbs£••>. ia-26.00; 300-350 Ibs. 24 7;>-''5 00- :<oO Ibs. i>,) 23.75-24.00; Rood" and choice yows 21.75-22.00, with beavv sou-s selling considerably lower " Sheep—23. Good and choice wool- ed lambs quotable from 25.50 down- f 00 d a " choice slau e^ter ewes A SATISFYING DRINK OF MOOERAT»OH Report Is Given On Smoke Causes Mudi of Hagerstown's smoke problem is caused by the use of high volatile coal, according to a preliminary report made to Mayor Richard H. Sweeney by Harold G. Bun-ell, of the engineering firm of Bun-ell and Wynn. Mayor Sweeney said the firm has been employed by the city to survey the smoke problem and make recommendations to the Mayor and Council in connection with proposed ordinances for smoke control. The Mayor said Mr. Burreli reported that not only is high volatile coal being used in various industrial establishments, but in churches and homes here. No action will be taken by the council until reports have been completed. The ice cap on Greenland is more than a mile and a half thick. PIMPLES Disappeared Overnight Blacktwads too. N« waiting Yd. ll li true, there ii * »»te, Immtrj*. medicated liquid railed KtCCRCX that drie. up pimple* rrrnighi ai it acU to loo*en and remove ugly biackheads. Those who followed *iro- plr directions and applied _KI»»r»x upon r';tirine were amazingly surprised when ttiry foun-1 their pi tnplet arid blackheads had disappeared. Tlfiic users enthusiastically przi»c KU«r*x and claim they are no longer e,mbnrr»»»ed ONLY and are now happy with their clfnt v " complexion*. DM Kl«*r*x. If one at>- plication does not «a(i:fv, you ^ r t doubl* your morvty back. Ask tor Kl««r»x today, sure. Runvs RK.VAr.r, DRUG f»n<l iJrujr Stores everywhere Creek Bottom TOP SOIL For Sale — 3,000 Truck Load* Phone 446-W-1 BRAYDEN STINE Kxmvattnjr <t G ratlin}; Contractor LOCAL QUOTATIONS d m-«-r« Local Prlco 1'nirt HA.CEHSTOW.N lijc Kline ftrotker») wheat (at barn) .............. 2.7S Price* rail! Fnrmm LOCAL I'KODL'CB trices vary sliphtly every few _ days) S? un , l P' Butter ............ ib. 60c Shoulder .................... i b 40c keres ............... doz 37 Country Ham (old) .......... ib 75 .................. ib.' 20 lb 25 • ---- section 25 per bu. 51.2 ................... b. $3.50 •Potatoes .............. K,O Ibs. $2.25 Country Br.con .............. lb. 35c LIVESTOCK MARKET HAGERSTOWN Every Wednesday At 1 P. M. 5-15 Yesterday's Answer 31. Native of Denmark 32. Antarctic explorer 34. Ever Cpoet.) 36. Gazelle (Tibet) PLEASE BRING LIVESTOCK IN EARLY BUY anil SELL Tiirn Vour Local Yards BREWING CO 4-STATE LIVESTOCK SALES, Inc. VELOCIPEDES 12" front wheels, sturdy frames, h'vy rubber tires W. T. GRANT CO. 60 Weit Washington St. We are set up to serve your every need intelligently, courteously and promptly. You can depend on the feeds we recommend to produce the results you expect. That's why we suggest B-B Chick Starter to assure healthy vigorous growth of (above average) chicks. Charles R. Sanbower 350 S. Mulberry St. 'Hageratown Phone 2712 Finest Food and Meats Served ID Our Restaurant Phone 812 1st Street and B. & 0. R R WHV-W-WW, I GUESS SO. E.'/ IM SOME COUNTRIES, AT TEN -EVEN WHY'WWAT PUT THAT TWATS ABOUr ALL^y QlttL EVER 7HWKS ABOUT/ you KNOW Of2EAM5 ABOUT A 1-JOME *W$& I WAS A SUC^K tJ $3$MTO COME OUT ALONE SOU 7WINK O-D ENOUGH MAUGANSVILLE HES STARTING TO Siiicr NOW TO GIVE HIM A LITTLE E OLD JEALOUSY ELEVATOR & LUMBER COMPANY Maugansville, Md. ABDUCTOR NOTE, SANDRA. IF WE CALL THE AUTHORITIES, MY DEAR BROTHER WILL KILLED. BARRY CIVILIAN HANDLE BARRY KENT- KNEW HIM IN NEW YORK YEARS AGO. HE WILL HELP US FIND MR BARRY KENT CHAN. BRING WHAT/ I'LL TRY TO FIND WHO LEFT HIM-OR HER TRY TO STOP IT--FROM CRYING/ HOW DO I KNOW? AMUSE IT—MAKE IT LAUGH. SEE-ME TEAR THICK 800K" THIS TINY -BABY—ON L DOORSTEP- LOTrUR,Wr!0 RANG THE-DOORBELL--? Bf(PAi LOOK SET IS DBEKIE! ME tfOT SEE 1OUFOR LOfc! f AWED FOR rr!--r GOT IT! SCHOOL A H H T TH AT' ECSTASY SAOCE'VJAS OUT OF THIS AS PRESIDENT, AND GRAND EXALTED TASTER OF THE GOURMETS' CLUB, I APPROVE OF CANDIDATE RCXJNDHEELS DlSH.'. r BRING IN THE QCNIUS NATURALLY.''.'' if HE (Sosfj WAS / - ZE'ECSTASY S SAUCE".1 r . ALAS, M'SIEU DROOLS3Y V-YOU MEAN THAT ROUMDHEELS HIMSELF — EGAD;.' HE WAS A MAN] OF GOOD TASTE. r (Sf1ACK. r ) I WILL AWARD HIM A POSTHUMOUS -AN'ZOSE VOKUMS.V.'HOM EET WAS NECESSARY TO DESTROY, TO GET ZE HAM- MEMBERSHIP IN THE JMUS ALABArmUS GOURMETS' CLUB S ~^EY TOO c HE DESERVES ITS j ^os.^GAVE j" HE GAVE. ^ -^ '' ' " - -BUT THAT MAKES MY SrrUATlOM 19 STILL QSPiCt OF YOU EH?->£gr PASTEL 6-B-BUT 1 THOUGHT—YOU- THE "POTIS FOR PATRICIA- TILL VOUP HAND W6JI&TGQT A HARD T&1P WE'&f DID YOU TELL / 60 OUT PARTY P/GCMCr UP WAUT6. TO NIGHTCLUB 60Ltyj TWE4E LOC4L OFF, I 6L'£<-$ voyE /VUM - OLD MAH WHAT? OPEN DAT £( AW6H. 1 DAILY CROSSWORD 1. ACROSS . Bend the head in greeting 4. Strike 7. Lose color 5. River lEur.) 10. Port 11. Slumber 13. Abounding in ore 14. Fellow worker 16. Accomplish 17. River (It.) 18. Forbids 19. Charge for services 20. Deep, flat- bottomed boat 21. Thrash 22. Not strong 2;t. Verbal 24. Food 25. Box scientifically 26. Anoint 27. Duplicate 28. Radium (sym.) 30. King of Bashan 31. Sour in manner .12. Crib 33. Cut, as wool 35. Kingdom. N. E. Africa 37. To serve 38. Painful spot 39. Property (L.) 40. Unhappy ' DOWN 1. A shade of blue 2. Poem 3. Kingdom (N. W. Eur.) 4. Throngs 5. Not working 6. Letter T 7. Game of chance 9. To deal again 10. Airplane flight 12. Writer of poetry 15. Some IS. Water vessel 19. To be afraid 20. Apportion 21. Cry of a mule 22. Heaviness 23. Weigh heavily upon 24. Cries, as a cow 25. Coin (Fr.) 27. Strings 28. Mature 29.Insect How Dr. Ed wards Helps Constipated Folks! i For years Dr. Edwards relieved j patients bothered by constipation j with his famous Dr. Edwards' Olive i Tablets—now sold by all drugstores. { Olive Tablets are mild, gentle but oh ! —so thorough! Olive Tablets act en BOTH upper and lower bowels to produce more natural-like movements. No griping. Just complete satisfaction. Follow label directions. 15{, 30p. NEW & UNREDEEMED Diamond* ~ Jewelry Military Watche* Luggage — Binocular* Silver « Sporting Good* Musical instrument* TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT Harry's Loan Office 65 North Jonathan Street

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