Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 16, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 2
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^o<•id Newt Relieiftuf A nnouncements IT'S HERE MOW! May Breakfast at Country Club Estlierville KnowTi for Churches ANN DELAFIELD Reducing Plan V •,- i • • u •.• • - . / . .J., - j,.^, . , ,.(,• JC'^ y'ilh^ fiBTjciiT. preKidTTr-. ii' .V.f t'••••l•.(•.<l:^- v.- ( MKvt. r .i—••-iiif Sii' luiTiDUiiivt; tilt ru'-;". .J-.. . n.-n.i-T.: •.-••* viuri -wri] *M rj»'Jc Trvr ^CL • - . v'-' v'*"'-":'' " '*T jr' 'W Id" 111 iiTit ".ii^ mi*.::. Z^icii'.^ Z^v • (•." i' '"J:- u:i'-- -t 'l .'t ; :it' •.-.-.zr u-v.. -.i i-. t>-idf> I •nit nr »eiy»t p«-ss)r It tiH LI START TODAY! NOT k DSUGI » YOU Wm COUNT W0I9ES! • YOU DON! FEU STARVED! • ITS EASY-IT S FUNi Exclusive Agents for Ann Delafield's Reducmg Plan SUNDAY SPECIAL >prins Fried Chirken \ irsinia Baked Hani Roat ^t J^irJoiD of Beef Barbec«ed Ri}>?' $|.00 THET^DRUGSTOR Op*a from 5:00 a. ni. Ui IIJOO p. m. A£B CO-VDmONED PALACE CAFE ant '••il 1- •.: .11 - •-• Tluirsm;^ •A.—.' L i: • :T'- "S-Tilt [titi; '. OT • ;..;;T : -'t 5:!^ Kr- :?f X -tif >W-•IT!: "-:\.- - ;.- .s..--,iy [ "inr* rcfi"- v '::i'. : • V • \-ftl .li. lii- n-r-i -,t-r :T» -rurr- •.:-.r..: V!, iiii- SI u-.iK-r;- .: - • -11- ni^n^'-mirs v-!;f: Tllr" W: pnt XlTK ,r I,- ;.r- A>?. F—nni. T':i,.': LlTlC "T: J..iiimsm. -nimi. X: — ni-f Xti}~~i:<nz lint. MT* ID H "s i . u >.:i!';mnn-. Xrv Willui- :\Ii ':r I .:it. ain AmniL Auiit- "T ••r.u"i*:nr. ^.r. "^B."- -ijir" Ii"—' JtrrsmiF. mf- *.a "iEj -f Nn -\nTtnc 2«t!iift: XI — •lti--.i «T- iiHL SI .;; I X ?5 "idiL> unc Tii:tjli=r- • • > : -; 3xriiiiiDtr.ETr. 9 Vi] :.t :r: -.nt •^u{*r. Tci J,. c-t'-T. 2iln. -lacfe v,"tir ' -Uil ;-Ti v.'ur '. i.T ii' -.ii! -ummuE-f Bi-H Tu ;-' *.L I'' : Ui'. tliruTif ruDjT. *&» y •ir,- VL L •^•an'. coi>- r.r fii 'V'—i. •n'hi--* pin•- • n ur riTT-. • :r t^r;E.rrr of ti>« •. 'uDfC M-f F E Hn^- 111-! Will those Wedding Bells be ringing for you soon? •ill IVl or 3( ttf po fielp make your veddijn^ plan*- '•ur».'e»»'>.- ful with (ieautjfuiJ,^ df*-i »tri »'<J and rar*'- fuflj prialed annouoeemfnt- and in- \itiLtloa'». Thai} \^*»*^ crafUmeu takf pridf in doinji quality work that Mill make your Meddiu.;^ ^•tationery "ir -xtra -perial/* Stop in M >on, *»on*t you'f Estherville Daity News r. A Cnm>r 11 • If: TJi ir-.izrm Sumln-. "vcnm;: ni!>i'!* Thursdu' VSIOS *«TATE LLVK PfliTBbnrg. Mini.. R. JL 01w3i ' v.orEhip 8t 11. r »DUivt;r. Sundaj- BCbofi v\ 10 : clsr c-VKQinj; wili a l ^triito -t*!- !.nd church Bforicf; at n i lar^'d Pilgriai" M tbp t ^ntker. Thf Gw>fl«-iU InSuinrj- truck | ZJOE Bociet.r XDe«^ Tocada^ aj viKK mi! t-JCiEitv Monduv. Mm 2€ ' MmcKm sJ ISO at tl»* <^nirt}i Hl.vTI><.rO> A>"I> UOLLIVKK MCTHODI!*! C E HudniiT. HuriunjnoT. Chxirrh K-tTio t: r.i.-i-nmf jt. rr^ s Ti. Thif vil; bt- s ^•T-m sr 'T-'.-iM jr nhsfrrvKnrr of TUiT». l.!t! Slind«> SinulR' jtchno. nnc Biiili nluiaif* if 1{ K tr. .'imin: cliniT rehi-uTToi: fttciirdBV mm-Tittit: *C Vi'SS' i. Tr. nmrfnTimrinTi CIBS^ Sasurdttj" ninrniii!: s: 111:^*? t. it. Sfniiin chnir mhi3i:rsa: TimrsdE.v limnKnuR} laitticrKT. cxi«nfif E GOSFEL MISSOX l^-w-r»-i )Cf F. Our* Saturday nijrist Klr«-r H o'clock. BradET SCllOKi f-^E Morning -worfihij. 10:45. ScrXDOr: \ GBCVCB rBfaSBTTSSUUii H. C. MclQcKB 30 a m Snads.r acboel 11 a, m. WoTBhip aenSot-. Our t«adb«xr fihotfld bear Mif,; L/ens SmiUi al th? Prert)S%«ria» Itfcurch in Eslhcn-ffl? Weftaeaftat^ , ^ - ' ijJt^moon al S o'tiock aafl at imr- Evmlnp hour . :4S^ , j^^^ jj ^.^ ^ Lodia. pravw FcrT-.r. , „ „^ TtaiTBtiny nipfe', Bibii f:lud> sJio j .^.^.^ ^ cswming ttedkms. rrayRT 7:45. ; -BTe axe pteimiaK ."or tbe-pa£a«or B;Wr vcr^e -DrEAT ni^rfc rc^ U,.icK,T to bEgiii M«m«8r. Jtne i one Hr dra^r nipt it you. - j ^-^ «.open>a«. erf ^ th- jBinef4:S ! parentr,. IDS. SrElt, A-it. Soatii Kenn«lh Popctajnr Sundiif riertricefi Sundcj snhiwD IP E_ m Mtiminc •wnrBiiiji a, m Tounf F'ftTplr'f ucmr.f 7 ji m. E-t.-annBliBtit Rcrvicr f -p. Tr_ Tuesdey BiWf srudy onfi p::ajTci CHBZsiu>' sci3e;3;cx: RcprQar BcrviCPF ar* held each . BinidBx at 11 8, m. Sunday ecbool ctnn-cncB a: 10 a. m. JCd-TPf ek Kcrrices are bdd on the first and third TTtancBdaj- of ] -each month f p. xn. "MortxdE and Iminarta;^'' wSi be tbp subject Df the ieBaast-Bermm cm Muy IE. in all OmrshcE of caniBt. ScienxiBt. The -Qnadcn tcr jnot jaos »6 -eod. BiR re «re not ir Friday: Fer.t^rsbip Berrtt«- Sp.m. j'^*^ ^ ^^"^ ^ ^ Tnourht fo.- ' JH v~=k: Mak* not ^ SjuM of God *<rei: m prpviBion for the Qesb ID fulfil] " OH (Bnn^ _ ^ I AH arc oorfliBliy inrTtad to attend 1 IhEse BcrrjccB. !HE-.F Ihcrenl. lor God it morinp in I thew dB?T *y HIF spirit P'CT all tii : i "firth a. n. yprth gBxth StrtiOt WtSaoB P. HexiBike IJrrine seniccs t-.tS azid 11 Sundaj- Bcfaoctl H) a. m. 7^ AticiBdlla c^sft) v91 mer! Scndaf ereoans at B. Tb* Josior cboftr ^prfD ateet Wed ncBdar at t p. XB, TDe 'WsltlMS' leaeac 'wSl' meet Wednesday at S fL m. Tbf SosdaT- Bcbool teacsben BK»t ThBTsftaj- at 8 JI. m. nUESn-TEKlA-V Tl-itTaM G MtihiJjs SuiiCiiy Suridty hcnao; I*.31' E m r>:Tiii> -B-crrEliip. "Thf Ai«t;t:ndt:d ; Cr.riKl." 11 a m Kradty 7;3C. Boj- Scout* of Am- eri'^ai, Jtr uronrmaFt*.': Jtr. , F.'-ft.'.;, aBiuBlant •>T«-aii<«dEy: Z:M Stias Lrfasa ' Snuti mt-ttf -wjlb tht Sunday »cb- ; teachsTE at the ciairch. I 01 : Dinner with MJES Smith and Sur.dKy BCbotJ teacherr at tine Gaj- rh--:>n hotel. AH rejriilar ai»d aBBO- c-atr teacherK are urpeS to attend T it. Cfcanc«l chorr practice. The Senior camp is June 16-21. A'j -srht' are planning; to iro rntiFt hfcvf^ thc'ij applications in tn- Wed- j ttesday noon. May 21. TD^ Junior Hi camp -trill be from ."urie 2S-2B. Tlieir blaixks muEt b:- lu.-nefl into the ufTice by W-edjaes- •Chy nocir.. May 21. Th«re -a-m Irt- L'niTjed serriC'.' c-^rix.^ •.be Kumiaer rorathr oi Jun" iZi'i Jul;- at ViSD a. a!_ Church and SunfiBj' Brbciol -sriE meft at tb«- Bin.t hour Imi-jn^ A-arufS.. -v-m itt- {ruvsr.f '.»; tb- Vetbcdim thurcr, tn* Tfjruisj <rEuirb wrvic' Si'-Jih Btb'.toi •B-ii; be held durins tb- f-jr: tvf veeiF in Jun» Tho.";'. :tite-: epteo = -.efcrnmr -n-ai p>-t^e 'h^j -.b* '.«;ri'.» Scbooi tt-ill be beid currr^: tbe njumirij cnly ITKST METBOmST Jc3x3a rwT.^wj a. m. SBBftar sdioal «f Ibc 1 (jtardi. C&ACE EPISCOPAI. i: a. ta Scrricca of •••cffahip. 6cr- E&oriz C. Bowycr j man theaje. "Thi* MetbtrfiEni Of SundBy. May Ih. Ropatjon San- ' OUTT'.' Anthem. "Ood I5 a Spirit." fiiy. Fifth Sunday after Eajster. j A2 are oortUallj- ia-riied. J- a. m, Ho}y cntninucion and ser j *-45 p. m. Senior ToiAb FeDow-. mon. 'Xife and CroTrth." caicrch' ^ap^ BCiioul nic{<i£ 4urjnjr the Berrice. MondBT. May Ih. Rt^stioD day. 7:30 a. xo. Holy coxonaumon. Tnesday. May Rocstion day. 7-.3D a. m. HoJy cannsBSJcm, S p. m. St- ABII'B Altar GoQfl mmrtF at the EuBseD PetcrBtai home. Wednesday. May 21. Rogation day. "i30 a. m. Holy CTntnmiinion. Thursday. May 22. 2 p. m. Grace church Guild meets at the bome of Mrs. J M. Fredcricksen.. Cbtidr practice on WedAcuday at '<.:30 p. m. Pttday. May 3. 1:15 p. m., at tie dmrch. tbe execstrve bbax4 trill meet for 9 dcseert tenCbeao aad cfQoen traisins sclKtoa. All old and jienr officers are orsed to be pffe*- esL rJK££ METHODIST Herbert J. BalLer E:15 a. m. Lastco to tbe 'Xoetr. ai>d life" bonr ert«r WMT, Cedar Kapdda. or avei tbe CBS i>e&<rati. at «:» a. m. }C a. m. Sunday wibool. CSaaee* for as agn. 11 a. m. WordJ^ serrice. 7 p. m. ToDsg pooplci cboros. 7:1S p. m. Prajrcr scnioe. 7:46 p m. Tou&r peogflee necs- iE.g. 8 p- m. EmngeliPtic f>ervit«. TTJ? m. Clara ART— CttotiinMid fr«iaa pace 1 V a^ inaoe by tbe cciidier of one prade -w-itb crayon .-m cloth. One Iiftb prade produced a large WAL.UXGFOBX> UCTHJSXAX C B. Gundeison IXTine serrices next Sunday j morning at S-.30 a. m. This irtn be i a special flerrioe in obserrasoe oi • Rstral Lflfe Sunday. Sunday Bchool and Bible classes | : nen Sunday at 30:45 Je »iKh MiBoos Boaety next Sun- i day aflemoon at 2:30 p. m. Pastor • ^ minted. ' P O Wee of LakeHeld -RTU be our i Wednesday S p. puest speaker Tb* Junior rboir i Mrt. W, Hasdtco! in cbargt. ! -win Binp. ; ThoESta lor tbe -week: "Whai ConfirmatiOE c-luar Saturdar 1 "^"^ require of iW. bat morcins at * a. m. ' ; ic do justly, and to lore mfr«y. and Junior cboii rebeajBaJ Saturday ' *° •«^alk Irumbly -with thj- 06dT" moraini; at SzSO a. m ' — Semior cbair rebearBal TburBday srPKKlOB .METHODIST e^-ening at 8 p. m. Hoirard Peterson ljuther L«B«ne social Wednes- SuiMlay echoed day eT-eniag. May 21. at 8 p. m Dt- \ Worap peroe*. MecfS8«e. i-otional program -vriH be in charge ' " of 3oan Jktbnson -vcitli X>na»e Syverson and PSulip Hemm is charge of the entertainment aiid Mr. and Mrs. Brsest SlLatlcte on tbe ; eplica oi a national cemetery i serring cnmmitt**. Kbowinp tbe tomb of tbe unknosrn i WaUingford Liotberan the chmcfa BOJdaer. Tbey also made scrap i a bcaity irelccni>e for every- booiki of their arr to be Bent by one. ' tbe Red CroBs to loreagn lands. — T-iro jrupilE -trbo Hke to draw bor- \ bet ea<ib bad a complete Bcra^ book j DUNI^EL/Li vi actior pictures of homee. ^ • * K m TH&KE - DXM£NSIOXAL -work included paper mache ralibrt* asd faster Kitadov boxes. I>ecorcCt;->-e landBcapes are prcib- ably tbe moat colorful of the picture! and tcacb iht pupIU epaoe di- TiBiou color harmnny and rhyOm of lint. Tbe adult etbibit also -wae inttr- wtinf and showed liai art can be ti Bourt* vi BaticIact.>on to person* -w-iit are nd lunger in Bcnool TD tbe an viaubit i-ieitoT. tbe display 'vrac a souixie of amaaeonent tiMti 60 many chBdrcn oosld ex- pruBT tbemseh** BO vcH in art. To< atiult showing -wa* ax inapira- 'nm Vv "try it yourself." Oriee trie dieabled I'Ws-aa"* fcac- ; nfice muant Bttcurity i'tr you. Wear i iiit Poppj on Poppy day. It no»i uujiUic s«jt:uri1y for hjim. Mr. and Mr*. WiD Rydell of Chicago Tinted at tbe Clarenoe CarV Bon bome Friday ajtd &tnrday. They -jrere en route bome from a t-a^moBti"* atay ia California. Sunday mM^iing eariy Mr. and Mra. Svren FenoB rode to Minneapolis iritb Mr. aod Mrs. Oscar Person, Ronald a»d Deloris of Fairmont. Tbey -arere guests at a llotber't day dmner at tbe bome of Mr. ajBd Mrs. Ken Dabtander. se« yimma Uou Person. Other gtMsBts at tbe taUe were Mr. and Mra. Galea Child» and son. Mrs. Onlds it tbe grandda.ughter of the Ewen Persons, remembered as ESin Person. , John Wesley. God's Sen-aat.' \ 1 p. m. Montgomery aiid Ssagna-- \ ioj Sunday school picnic at (Albert park. S p. m. Superior high Bcboa] ba£- cala:ureat« serrice. Messsec subject 'Tio-v Are Tour Eyes Ttoday?"* Friday. May IC lOb. Junlnr Fellowship meets at tbe cburcSi. Tuesday. May 28. 8:00. Cboir practice. Wednesday. May 21. ItSft. Preschool Bible class; 3:30. Pi'laiUT fcllo-wship; 7^ Senior fe31oirabip. ThurBday. May 22. «:<». AiUIt Bible studj-. Upper Room devotionaj tfaovgfat lor the daj-: Faith in ChriEt a»d laboring for Him make life a spiritual success.—Floyd W. Woodcock < Delaware). Tbe ptaacl Mars is red in color. iSsthen-ffle. lowu, DaJljr News Friday, MMJ 16. 19S2 2 June Brides Come in for your BOUQUET OF Tour bridal trousseau woo't be coai|dete «-ith- out a B«nquet of Beaaty! For this rerj- «pe- eial booquel.. plock the btoasoms of v-out c*oice at our b«-anty saton . . . ... a flattering maBicorF to set off that rtog finger ... a hairdo stjied-to-tj-pf for jxHir brida] vdl or hat There are other eerriees jwi can cbeoae from, too. aooordiAs to your particttlar needs. Whatever, ywi *-ant in jwar Bouquet of Btmvty, yoa win flad It ia our liead'to.toe bridal 8«-vices. Boouty Shop Come to or ^ume us today for your bridal beauty OMuniliation! CHBISTIAS Clj-de C. Leeds 9:45 a. m. Church scbooL 10:&0 a. m. Morning worsbip aad communion serrice. Rural Ufe Sunday. Dedication serrice for tbe -God's Diridend Pledges." SecUoa of church officers at tbe ctoee tbe morning worship serrice. 6:S0 p. m. Christian To«Ui VH- lowship. 7:30 p. m. Evenime wMSbip serr­ ice. Congregational siRgiiV o** famUiar h>'mns. Mrs. C. P. MMKk •irill be In charge of the eveafas service In the absence of tlie pM- lor. Monday: 7:30 p. m. The eamBBH- tecs on e\aas«Uis9i and edQedOoe Trill meet at the church. Wedncsda)-; 7:30 p. m. Chotr r«- heiu^sal. Tfauriiday: 7:30 p. m. PJjiyier meeting and brief reriew of tbe IB- temational con\>cnUon of the Dte- eiples of Christ. £STlIER\aULE I .trrHEmAV U G. Aladeraker Sunday: 9:45 a. m. Suaday srfAol and Biblo cla«scs. II a. m. Mortttns, \\*orahip. 7:S0 p. m. The Junior Mid Senior Luther Icngups Inritc all piareata and friends to this special prc^^rua in which the Junior league senla the pag«ant. "The Cd«al>«aee of the Cross." after which the •«»- nd film. "PugltH, an Orphaa from Jl^ian." wUl be shown. .IN>Ilowia$ tbe prognktn rofroshmenls vrtll b* served by the Icaguei's. Saturday: »;S0 a. m. Junior WKI Senior confirmands, ^ 10:30 m. Junior choir rehearsal. S p. m.. The UC-H. Inritts *» ip«t^m and others lnter^<4 to the »pQCi«l pr<m;mn\ for moUten- Wednesday; 4):S0 lu m. Wtomen'< pray«r cwuB, 7:i;s p. m, 80},' Scouta. S p, m, Cbotr rchettrtat. . . ^ ThurMl«i<: 9:30 p. m. lAdle* A£I meet* wtt^ t.h« IMHnrinc lioM««»- ^ 9«StU«i^ J«ua«s Kymatt, Bl> ,JS i>.~M. SiW* nvAy KA4 i>my«t fellowmtik. • • »,ik<i;-V'J'"' ,\V«|9Mi» l« IBMhMviUe my-

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