The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 26, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1935
Page 4
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TiPTlbN DAILY TRIB1 NEED CERTIFICATES. Bidders on Public Work Most Agree to NRA Code Requirements. Auditor Joe Haltingly has received a letter from the State NRA headquarters calling attention to the fact that bidders on public work .should file a certi- cate of compliance with the code terms of the NRA. The communication states a supply of the certificates can be had by the county if any public work is being contracted. • - • .' .•'. |>r ; : V \[H >j;,;•••; JL:^f ]i'';^ ;i:V Tu;- : ^-p:f^;|V r --:" •• -i Tribune Want Ads Get Results. ARE vig&vt WIN YOU SHOP HERE 16c 12c 33c lOc 22c SUGAR Pure cane, cloth bag .... Corn Meal, fresh, per bag lOc Pineapple, sliced or crushed, No. 1 can 10c Pink Salmon, choice, 2 tall cans, 25c NAVY BEANS—Choice Michigan, 4 Ibs. ' TUNA—Van Camp's, per. can • BUTTER—Tipton creamery, per Ib P. & G. SOAP—Good price, 3 bars BLISS COFFEE—Vacuum pack, Ib 51c LARD 2p Z e 35c .17c Soda Crackers, large 2-lb. box Toilet Tissue, Sursoft, large, 4 rolls • Lima Beans, nice, 2-lb, pkg 19c Coffee, Maxwell House or Chase & Sanborn, Ib. 28c Corn, good quality, 3 for Raisins, 2-lb. pkg Powdered Sugar, 2-lb. pkg Flour, Sunbonnet, 5-lb. bas- ...... 15c 25c per I Luxr.Soap, 4 bars *" 4r25c BEEF ROAST Choice heifer, uer Ib 23c CUBED STEAKS No bone, no waste, Ib. .. BEEF BOIL Tender, 2 Ibs Mary McElroy Asks Goy- ernor to Spare Life of Condemned Man. HER FATHER HELPING! MADHOUSE. This Is Description of Washington by Jiin Watson. Fork Roast, shoulder cut, Ib 23c Perk Steak, Ib 25c Veal Steak, boneless, Ib 30c Veal Roast, boneless, Ib. 27c Swiss Steak, per Ib 25c Beef Liver, per Ib 17c Pure Ground Beef, per Ib 15c Jowl Bacon, per Ib 22c (Frankfurters, per Ib 17c Jewel Shortening, 1-lb. pkg 15c Fancy Peas, tender, 2 No. 2 cans 25c Hominy, Largest No. 21- Size, 3 Cans 22c Jefferson City, Mo., April 20.— A beautiful sad-eyed girl, victim of the first kidnaper in the United States to .be sentenced to death, came here today to plea;d with Gov. Guy B. Park for the life of her abductor. She was Mary McElroy, 27- year-old daughter of the politically powerful Judge H. F| McElroy, Kansas City's city manager. : The object of her intercession was Walter McGee, leader of four men who two years ago kidnaped the socially prominent Kansas City girl and held her 29 days until the father paid a 530,000 ransom. | Miss McElroy was ^ accompanied by Judge McElroy, who promised her two months ago that he wduld second her appeal to ; Governor Park "when the time is; ripe" and do all he could to obtain a commutation of McGee's sentence to life imprisonment. McElroy is a close friend and the "right hand" of Tom Pendergast, Kansas City political loader whose power in recent!years has extended throughout the state. Pendergast's influence extends to the governor's office. ' Miss McElroy's plea; restored McGee's hope of life after one avenue to a less severe! judgment was closed. The Missouri supreme court yesterday affirmed his death sentence on-the grounds that the "proof sufficiently substantiates the verdict of guilty and the record proper discloses njo error." Today she said: : "It was my testimony that convicted those men. Their sentence? doubtless were just. Kidnaping is a. terrible -crime and niay merit death. But I have had nightmares about those men. I cannot forget them. I have visited j them iu prison. Something drives me to do this. I cannot let them go." Indianapolis,] April 26. •— Former United States Senator James E. Watson described the city of Washington as] "a madhouse" in a speech criticizing the j Democratic administration yesterday. "You have no idea lot thu strength and bureaucratic power in Washington; or the ! damage that is being jdone,'' he | told a meeting called,by Hoosier Republicans, Inc., a hew figure;ln Indiana politics. "It's a madhouse," he added. "We are in danger and it behooves generous-hearted men and women to get ljusy so we can save ourselves. It bbhooves us to take stock to perpetuate constitutional government 1 in the United States." ! Crystal Wedding Oats, 2 boxes .. 19c Vanilla Wafers, per Ib 15u Spinach, No. 2 can 10c Climax Paper Cleaner, 3 cans 25c Nutro Milk, tall, 3 cans 18c 'Shredded Wheat, 2 boxes 25c Ginger Snaps, large 2-lb. pkg. .. .19c Pinto Beans, 2-lb. pkg 19c Wilson's Milk, tall, 3 cans 21c Angel Food Cake, large 13-egg .. .39c Potatoes, U.S.No. 1, clean and white, per peck 15c Prunes, Del Monte, large 2 Ib. box 21c •Churngold Oleo, 2 Ibs 31c Climalene, large box 19c Peanut Butter, 24-oz. jar 25c Oxydol, large 21c Wheaties, per box lie Rice, fancy, 4 Ibs 19c Red Seal Lye, per can lOc Apple Butter, quart jar 15c Great Northern Beans, 3-lb. pkg., 21c Post Bran, per box He •Macaroni or Spaghetti, 4 boxes 17c Tomatoes, fancy 3 No. 2 cans 25c m Head Lettuce, large, crisp, 2 for .. 15c r.Srape Fruit, seedless, each 5c Navel Oranges, dozen ,, JNf*w Peas, 2 Ibs j Carrots, per bunch gQniojjs, No. 1 grad,e, per Ib. . ^Cauliflower, nice, large head Asparagus, 2 bunches 15c , bunch lOc Beans, per Ib. — lOc Our Garden Offers Fre^h Kale, 2 Ibs. Sweet Potatoes, 4 Ibs Bananas, 4 Ibs Radishes, button, bunch Green Onions, bunch Leaf Lettuce, Ib Fancy Winesap Apples, 4 Ibs. . Idaho Baking Potatoes, 15 Ibs. Strawberries, 2 qts ;..... Cucumbers, each' t •' • • Agency for Plunder's Tablets for Stomach 60c Mineral OiL pint New Oyster Toale Easy-to-takeTafckrtj I i "I fdt old before • rny time. No vi Tlon I OSTREX. 60c Syrup Pepsin Now I fetl nrX net I 20 years your""- " • — f. Breger, Many Men Are Getting Big- Iger Pay Envelope Than the President. LIST IS MADE PUBLIC AT DIVISION SIEETIXG. Tipton Sent Large Delegation to Kokoino Tliursday Evening. A large delegation from the Tipton Kiwanis club went to Kokomo Thursday evening to attend the third division meeting held at the Courtland hotel, j j The meeting opened ^with a banquet at 6:J30 o'clock after which the principal speaker was Brig. Gen. Wj K. Naylor, commanding officer of Fort \ Benjamin Harrison nearj Indianapolis. TKere werej large delegations present from the various clubs fn the division, and the loving cup for the largest attendance was awarded to the Crawfordsvilte club. The Noblesville organization was also given a prize of $5 for having the best attendance at their local meetings during the first quarter. { !' *' * ' ~ ' At the Diann. TWA PROJECT JHIT. Power Plant Program Is Held I'p by Federal Judge. Greenville. S. C., April 26. — Use of public works ixdministra- tion funds to set up a power plant in Greenwood county is barred in a ruling by Judge H. H. Watkfns in federal district court. The court granted an injunction to the Duke Power Company 'against the county and Secretary] Ickes as PWA administrator, {prohibiting use of such funds in the Buzzard's Roost electrical project on the Saluda river. j Judge Watkins held that the project in effect would be a proprietary and not a public enterprise, since its primary purpose was the development of power to be sold to private Interests. He ruled that the effect of the project would be to impair and destroy the business df the Duke Power Company. I Against the colorful background of the; Indiana farming country. Gene Stratton-Porter laiddie," a sage of American life that is listed bmong the ten best sellers of the |last sixty years. To the screen of ' the Diana theater this drama has been brought by RKO-Radio, with cast, direction, and all production angles stand- Ing lout in distinctive manner. The story surrounds the lives of farming folk, and of a noble family from England. The main romance lies i between Laddie, played by John Beal, and the "Princess," played by Gloria Stuart. The struggle of youth to win' his heart's desire is against the social order that puts aristocracy high above him. How he wins, is not only one of the finest love stories In all fiction, but has interwoven drama that combines vast humor with wondrous power. Xo\v Resident of Tipton. Mrs. Henry Michel, who had the great misfortune to lose her husband by heath in March of 1924, has purchased the Joe Hughes property at 326 Columbia Ave., and has moved in during the week. Mrs. Michel will make Tipton; her future home. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes have moved to Frpnkfort, ^Ir. Hughes being a conductor on -the Nickel Plate railroad. ; The sale Of this Tipton property was made through the L/W. Fuller agency. : Tipton Girls Delegates. .20c .25c . 5c .lOc .23c .15c ' .19c .21c . 5c . 5c .15c .25c .45c .45c ..15c n Browo Sugar, soil & nice, 4 Ibs. 25c Florence Hosenthal, Jane Wert, Jane Heckenhauer, [and Betty Tatman went to Wabaah Friday as delegates from the Christian Endeavor 'society of ( the Presbyterian church to thej-young people's league of the Muncle presbytery. j The league is In session :for 'ls were an- two days, and theigi ticipating an interest joyable time. I Here From California, E. K. Rose, of Earning, CalU., is here visiting his iiarents IRey. and 'Mrs. O. W. Rose and j fcto brother Rev. f. W, R >se k and lam- ily. The " " J '~ "" fruit and vegetable' dustry in Calllor Uking ajhorti" ng and ! Opcmtcd Tliursday. Washington, April 26. — Upwards of 100 Americans draw-bigger salaries than the §75,000 annual pay check oC President Roosevelt. Reports on file with the securities and exchange commission today present an impressive array of big money executives. The depression may still be, riding the country but the sworn reports at the S. E. C., in addition to the really big salaries, show hundreds of corporation executives darwing salaries and remuneration ranging from $15,000 to $65,000 a year. The reports on file at the S. E. C. show that among others: E. R. Crawford, Pittsburgh, president McKeesport Tin Plate Co., last year drew $173,750. G. V. Parkins, vice-president of the same -concern, drew 5124,166. William B. Warner, New York, president McCall Corp., magazine publishers, drew 5135,553. Francis B ..Davis, chairman T". S. Rubber Co., was paid 5125,000. Edward G. Seubcrt. president Standard Oil Co.. of Indiana, got along on '$117.500. Drawing $100,000 a year each were: George Horace Lorimer. editor, the Saturday Evening Post. William E. Levis, president, Owens-Illinois Glass Co.. and Francis H. Brownell, chairman, American Smelting & Refining Co. Under the $100,000 mark but topping the president's pay wero: Hiram S. Rivitz, Cleveland, president Industrial Rayon Co., $96,441; Lessing J. Rosenwald. Chicago, chairman Sears Roehuck & Co., $85,139: Robert E. Wood. Chicago, president Sears Roebuc:; & Co., SS1.S1S; W. J. Quigley. New York, president Howe Sound Co., S77.S75; Alex Dow, president Detroit Edison Co., '575,715- During the five years ending last January George Gordon Crawford, former president of the Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.. Pittsburgh, drew $250.000 aa- j hually in a salary of 5100,000 a year and minimum annual bonuses of 5150,000.. • While these reports have been made public there are scores oT others to be filed later which are expected to bring the total to above 575,000 salaries to. 100. I The contrast between salaries in private business and the American government, the world's greatest business enterprise, is conspicuous. While the president draws 575.000 annually there is no oilier salary in the government higher than 520.500.' Few government ', salaries pass the $10,000 mark and most of them are between !$600 and $2,000 a year. The v government has nearly one million persons on its pay- Be a REAL Man. 20 years younger. I W. 168th St. New York. N. Y.' • '. Don't be old at 40 or 60. Get new youth S quick. Take new discovery, OSTREX. i Contains remarkable element found in I raw oysters. Doctors «ay this clement is ' I quickest gland invieorator. Also contains . blood-regenerating Iron and 2 ingredients I advised by American University- Doctor * - who says they prolong the prime of life. : osS*R/Y U 7 B (,l B ,' ay .^. OUn8 -r. G<?t P acka «!| 1 OSTREX tablets today. For men -awl • . *omen. Take at meals and bedtime. If not I delighted with quick results, maker refunds i I money you paid for this package. Value 91. ' LSPECIAL this week 79e.J $1.25 Greomulsion Cough Syrup $1.08 Rubber Gloyes Real Wear; All Sizes 25c i . Blue Front Drug Store 'OLD MOTHER HUBSARD. S BREAD FOR-fcuRCUPBaWti/ [ frs 6000 To rue VERY LASTCRUMB- ,*TwAS MADE 6* A MAKER ) A VERY,RNE BAKER Robert thd snn of Mr. and Mrs. Lcnnie Dellinger residing on route one Atlanta underwent n major operation at ^he Mercy hoBpital in Elwood Thursday and Is reported getting along nicely. -. I • •".* i • Wall paper, 8c to[ ?3 a double roll. Rexall Drug Store.. <! : I - if'"- c-tf Tonight and Saturday Shows 7:00 and 8^45 : Admission lOc and 20c In growing •W la .lere the DE. a W. GRnjSTEAP : Registered Podiatrist | FOOT AILMENTS Monday nnfl Mondaji Evenings 519 N. W&t'St: Phono 8341. Jraiiite ; JOHN WAYNE in "TEXAS TERROR'1 Another Big Western by Johnny! Full of Thrills and (Actipii Also Serial, "The Law of the Wild," and: ! Cartoon Comedy. i - ' OLP. I.ATE SATURDAY NIGHT SHOW ; : "SECRET OF CHATEAU" ; With rlaire Dodd, Alice White, Jack laRne and - <i<-orge E.'Stone | \" Shadows C-'oino to Life! . Traps Snare Women! . ' Trunks Swallow Men! ' i SUNDAY MONDAY, TUESDAY—3 BIG DAYSt ' SUNDAY MATINEE-3 O'CLOCK : Matinee, JOc and 15c — ADMISSION — Kights, lOc and ^i An Southeist Or _____ I A Santa, 0a/ ', lemorlols at the 1 MointaJi Co. Stonel H. CXPPOOK; 1 Evestrain wrinkle? make you LOOK life an ptticrab. . . head acs are ne. But our IX •**•• r «

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