Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 26, 1956 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1956
Page 21
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-ONE I, i -.,.-..—.-——^^n™™*- MISC. FOR SALE RIA TtXEVJSION SETS RCA 21" til "channel table model TV net, like new. One year warranty on picture tube, Bo days on small tubes and parts. No money down. Start payments "of $10.95 *.n December. WEBER'S TV ft APPLIANCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7511 Open Frl-Uy_NlRhU_Tlll_9_P. M. COMBINATION TELEVISION, RADIO AND RECORD I'LAYF.R — Blond console. A-l condition. 452 Prospect, Wood Hlver. 4--230B after 5 p.m. "oNLY ONE!—17" table nr.odcl television. UHF A VFIF. One year warranty on picture tube. No dc.wn payment. Payments only $(1.08 per mo. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2608 State. Next to Tri-Clty Phone 3-7588 BIG 24" Admiral Television. UHF 8r VHF, 1 year warranty on all parts. !io days free service. Only $lon.HR. No down payment. Pay only $9.73 per month. EBIU-ER ELECTRIC 2806 State. Next to Trl-Clty Phone 3-75B8 SEWING MACHINES _ SELLING OUT my house planls. Also Ifi-qunrt pressure cooker, $10. 2101) Locust. _ USED SEWINO~MACHINES—$7'!5b up." Completely reconditioned. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2(106 State. Next to TH-CHy Phone 3-758B ~~Sewing Machines Repaired CENTRAL SEWING MACHINE CO. 14 W. Broadway Phone 2-5214 g» FIREARMS Gt'NS, SCOPES, binoculars, financed. 10"7» down. Joe Brandt Hardware, 712 E. Broadway. 5-5213. ""LaPE'fiTE 204 East Broadway Just received shipment of guns, modern, antique. I/et's ftwap. "Hfl VKOETAH1.KS ft FIIV1T8 "PEARS FOR SALE '.. mile east brickyard office. East Delmar ltd "WILLOW TWIG APPLES—$2 bmhei. John Brady I13S W Delmar 2-1812. WANTED X7 \VANTl-:n TO BUY "WANTED-— 10" io 12" furnace biow- rr and glrl'i 20" to 24" birycle. Ph. 4-OH05. _ _ V'ANTEb—I'sed stoker. Harry Sin- clnir. Phone Jorseyvllle 29BS-WS. WANTED — 2-wheel trailer, reasonable. 2-flRCO "\VANTED TO BKY^Good used piano. Onll 4-2R95 after 5. 2-5243. Gordon WANTED 87 WANTED TO BUY WANTED — Water tank to be used on truck. 350 to 700 gal. capacity. Dial 5-l323_or_2-08M5. WANTEb~~~To"~BU Y~~^ Fur nTt iire, dishes, tools, anything i vnlne, Ph. 4-B2B(i. TOYS ~^ANY CONDmoT^'Tr/VROF, OR SMALU WILL BUY AND PICK up. 4-9210. _____ S!NKS^Bath .fixtures, furniture,~any- thlng of value bought, Bold and exchanged. VROMAN'S, 217 SI. Louis Ave., East Alton. 4-3932 or 4-22B7 JUN K~FURNACES~Bn~d~Tron bou(jhf ' Trash hauled. Joe Calthcr. a-. r i2<l3. '"WrWfED"T~SCRAP~lRbN Plrked up at home or ihop Neinon Mnrlmnn. Phone 2-7490. l7ADY~Bl7YS""FURNiTUHE — Dishes, bahy furniture, nnythlng from bnse- mcnt to attic. The Rc-Palc Shop. 4-H219, days of evenings. !lir;HEST~CASirpRICE" paid"7or used furnllure and appliances. Ph. 5-5441. TFlGIli-ST~CASH~"PRTcES"~p«ld for furniture, tools, dishes, appliances. Phone 3-3024. AUTOMOTIVE (II AUTOS—JARSENOF.R OARS if>54 FORD six cylinder, all accessories, reasonable. Call 4-5742 after 5 pm. 1!)4R FORD, private owner. Phone 4-J1307. fi3f> Ferguson. Wood River. ! TAKE OVER" PAYMENTS~on"ipSS ' Fnr-l Fnirlnne; rndio and henter, Kond tires. 430 Job St., East Alton. 4-4141. TflSfi FORD for sale Fully cnuipned. S3.1 California. _4-2040. Fb-TpALK - 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-Door. Very clean. Ph. 2-4637. "AUTOMOTIVE III AUTOS — PASSENGER CARS MtisT "sAchiFici&^rnso'Buicitr wilT consider trade or small amount cash and take over payments. 4-11H7. ~1!IS1~N ASH ""RAMBLER— Convertible. Radio A heater, white walls, continental tire, one owner, low mllraKc. 2-204n after 5 p.m. '.OSS OLUSMOBILE ~"M"~ "— ~ 4 door, completely power equipped, autron- Ic eye. Immaculnte condition. $23?iO. Sim-lair Station, flth fc Edwards- vllle Road. Wood River. "TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 1950 Chevrolet 4-Door, Midstate Loan 626 E. Broadway 1B54 FOtJIVDOOR HUDSON WASP— 1R.OOO actual miles. For sale or will tr»de. Phonej*-B8G8 until •• RE/TSON7.BLE BANK R/TES for puichase of new or used cars. INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPARTMENT. FIRST NATIONAL BANK 3RD & BELLED STS. IF volt're wanting a car financed see EASY JIM at HEACON FINANCE, 1703 E. Broadway or phone 2-B27R. ..AUTOMOTIVE _ 9IA __J__TRAn.ERS ^ 1954 28-.t. house trailer, modern. Call 2-99HW4. .tc.rsej'vlMe. »2 AUTO TRUCKS 1951 CHEVROLET — l,mi R wheelhase stake, 2 ton. Bargain. Call 4-7512. Ifl47 Studehaker Truck, >_ ton, (rood shnpe. cheap 1943 Chevrolet. A-l. New tires. Tliese cars can be finnnced Vw any reliable person. Thouc Bethalto, Dudley 4-62(52. 98 AtCfCI.fift * MOTORCTCUiS __ HIGHLAND BICYCLE SHOP- Bought, sold and repaired Open evenings. Free pick - up & delivery. 3302 HiRhland. S-1B47. ACCESSORIES AUTOMOT!VE REBUILT BATTERIES - Guaranteed $150 exr-hnngp no Used tlr«. Maul Used Auto parts. 1103 Belle. Alton 2-4721 LINCOLN MOTOR and tr,tnsmls*lnn, Konrl r.hape, rhcnp. BOB State slrret, I fll Wnnd River. 4-5f>Gfl. BIC YC! .RS^Snl d ~nnfT~rppn i r erf Ru b^ her tires, nil kinds. 2624 Judson (renri 3-8(175. S cTl'wTN NBICYCLES—New~7nd used Repsif ana Darts Norslde B cycle 81114 State St. 3-7135 AUTOMOTIVE __TRA1LERS /EH ronvorlnd lo livinK t)unf 1ers - 8'x2fl'. Ideal for club house. SI.VI. Located at Illllview, 111 Arthur Bradford. Tssi M"SYSTEM~TRAILER - 4 roimis. 3n-ft. long. Shady Lane Trailer C(»iJil._Phone 4-2. 1 ilfi_ lnri3 HOUSE TRAILER — 3 rooms, modern. Will finance. $1495. Colllns- vlllr, III. Phone Dlckens^4-820B. " GUARANTEED MOTOR TRANSMISSIONS Fit HE rowing •:i7 trade. CONVERTIBLE ojHe o 1(114 Central, Alton. After 5 1!I4H I'l.ACK "Bfi" 4 dtmr Oldsmoblle. Very clean. One owner. Ph. 2-.'<3Gfi. AUTO M OlTv E _SchAPIRON— N.rf up itffrvlce. Phons KubrnMrln, AUTOMOTIVE vSPECIALi ]950 CADILLAC tONVKKTJBLK Loaded With equipment. All the powpr. radio, lleatvr, uhitewflll tires. Soliil black. Ucnilliftil MQQR nutomohilp ... *t3uU CARTER LINCOLN-MERCURY SALES 1430 E. Broadway 2-0041 H 11152 I - ttnnr, RnJIo. llralcr. Stanri.rd Transmission Truly »n E\rrptlnnallv t'lran C»r. W 1 fl.-iii Oldsnicibile Ilnrdtop. Powtr Slrfr- Inlt. sr«l A % Indou i. lUitlo. Ilrxtrf, Hvdramatlr. Wall). MOTOR SALES 2301 E. BKOADWAY 1'hone 2-0221 MOTOREXCHANGE SI6 Bolle 5.1022 10,000 Mile Guarantee Cheaper than Overhaul \Ve Instiill or Do tt Yourself NO MONEY DOWN Retail and ,Whole««le tires, nil sires, n ft 12 vnlt rebuilt batteries, EARL'S, 3005 Belle. AUTOMOnVE REXROAT MOTORS 2625 E. Bdwy. Dial 3-7778 SPECIALS 1953 Chrysler New Yorker Club Coupe. Power steer^>"y $ 1095 equipped ...... • www 1953 Chrysler New Yorker 4-Door. Fully equipped. 1954 Plymouth Club Sedan. Very clean, low mileage. 1954 Plymouth 4-Door 1955 Plymouth 4-Door Sedan... CMRAOE — RF.I'AIRINO Complete Hydramatic Work • Overhaul • Exchange • No Down Payment LEIMBACH AUTO SERVICE 517 Marsh Ph. 2-3938 AUTOMOTIVE JJ^^^^^^^J"-™^^J^^^^^^^^^^^FJ- ^^^-•••-••.^^••••••^•.^^^•.l Your Car Deserves The Best! Bring // to . . . HAM'C HKA UMII w TIKK sKin 904 W. 9rh 5-521 1 AND f'S <^Tirr< 1 nnr-irps AUTOMOTIVE Rend TeleRmph Want Atls Daily BIG SAVINGS 1956 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 2-Dr. V-8 Motor, Powerg.ide, 2-tone blue and Ivory, whlt« walls. My personal cor, has less than 4,000 miles. SEE MR. BRUEGGEMAN REILLEY BROS. 1025 E. Broadway Dial 2-8732 MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM Ph. 4-7058 Ph, 2-3251 NEW 1957 PLYMOUTH Now Is the time and these are the fellows to see. Come in today and get one of them to prove to you that Plymouth is still your best buy. STUART MOTOR CO. Phone 4-4351 PLYMOUTH-CHRYSLER AND IMPERIAL 315 E. Ferguson Ave., Wood River Open 'Til 9 P.M. If Pays to Know Your State Farm Agent Francis Ingram Boxuns Dial 4-93U John R. Bloomer 1S10 Washington, Alton Phon« 1-M17 Thomas Cox ... _, . .. 2713 W.BIankenship GtxUrcy Road Alton Phone 1-3413 pia4 YOU MAY SAVE UP $ TO 100 H. K. McConathy 1610 Edwardt Alton Phone 2-3540 WITH STATE FARM'S UNIQUE PLAN FIND OUT ABOUT OUR LOW COST BANK PLAN FINANCING BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR NEXT CAR. You can save as much as $100 or more on the purchase of a new or used ear when you use our State Farm "BANK PLAN". You save on financing through your nearhy hanU—at their low bank rates. This saving, plus your savin? on State Farm-Insurance amounts to some real money. And—we handle all arrangement* Tor you. Call today—we are only a phone call away. L. E. Williams East AltOD Phone 4-50^9 F. Strejcek Phone 126 Edwardtvllle E. E. Fourch R. L Cloussen Wood River Rethalto Phone 4-8021 Phone SS81 Bill Young Jersey vllle m. Maurice Stark Rosewood ilgtii. I'bone 4-0357 "THE WORD'S OUT! Our 1957 PLYMOUTHS Are Here Now" Come In, Place Your Order Today AT RI § Motors, inc. DESOTO-PLYMOUTK 200 W. Ferguson Ave. Wood River with these used car bargains! Be it a Ions "brook-away" run or a short drive that you plan, you'll iind these guaranteed used cars your best, bet. Mechanical Condition Warranted by NATIONAL Warrant/ insured throughout United States for pne year v from date of ; •..pur.cKake ^ ANY CAR ON OUR LOT WITH THIS EMBLEM GUARANTEED ONE FULL YEAR! 1955 Mercury 2-Door 1953 Plymouth 4-Door Ivory over dark green, lias overdrive, $< 7QC radio, covers. At a bargain price ,.. . If v w 2-tone blue. Has automatic transmission. Large heater, seal covers. A nice car at a fair price 1955 Buick4-Dr. Spec. Hardtop Chevrolet 4-Door Ivory over light blue, dynaflow, radio and heater, white walls. If you want a really beauti- Sflj ftC ful car at a low price, check this one .. £ I vw Standard transmission. Large heater. Nice clean car 1953 Buick Special Hardtop 1949 Plymouth 2-Door 2-tone, red and ivory, heater and radio, dyiiaflow. In excellent condition. Drasticallv reduced 1953 Plymouth 2-Door Standard transmission. Large radio and heater. Seat covers. Clean as a pin inside and out. An ideal lower priced car ......... *• 1951 Plymouth 2-Dr. Sedan 2-tone, Large heater. Runs nice 695 Nice and clean FOUR 1956 CHEVROLET DEMONSTRATORS - Big Savings 1025 E. Broadway Dial 2-8732 * 2 BIG LOTS 912 E. Broadway Dial 3-7787 the SWEETEST ... the and it's NO SISSY! SMOOTHEST SEE ONE OF THESE SALES SPECIALISTS: • KEN WHALEN • "POP" LUDDEKE • GEORGE EMBRY • LES BULL PAUL LAUGHLIN, Sales Manager WHY SETTLE FOR A FACE-LIFTED '56? -ACTION TEST THE "ALL NEW" '57 FORD Her* YOUR VOLUME FORD DEALER CARTER BROS., INC. 1400 E. BROADWAY PHONE 5-5531 PREVIEW... of Things to Come th ^^Hi^ ^^Hir ^_Hi 9Ht ^flBJP^^ ^^Bl^^ at the Dealer .. • . you've always come to , . , PHONE 5-5575

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