The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 25, 1947 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1947
Page 2
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Circus To Appear Here April 22nd Arrangements were completed Monday for the great James M. Cole Circus to exhibit on Willow Lane showgrounds—April 22. The Cole Circus is one of the larger traveling circuses and has about 00 head of trained and wild animals, 200 performers and working people. The show is presented under a mammoth new 100 percent flame- proofei' tent, with aerialists, acrobats, cowboys, cowgirls, Indians, and funny clowns galore. Cole's Circus will arrive here very early on show day and performances will begin at 3 p. m. and S p. m. with the doors open one hour earlier. II \] For prompt relief use world- known Cuticura. Fragrant, mildly medicated. 65 years| success. All druggists. Buyl! Ifi 1 SOAP, TALCUM OINTMENT I*STARLAND*i | ROLLER RINK | Security Road g 1 Block from Pangborn BX'd. | Skating Sessions 8-10:30 P.M. MONDAYS and THURSDAYS | RESERVED FOR PRIVATE PARTIES I Sunday Matinee 2-4 P.M. | JL, Special Ratei to Parties i NOW SHOWING CONT. SHOWS — 1 To 11 P. M. CLAAIDETTE COLBERT JUNE ^ALLYSON - -** 7ht inlimot* sxreh of an amazing toy* affair! M-G-M LIONEL BARRYMORE ROBERT STERLING MARSHALL THOMPSON J. ROBERT I LEONARD PRODUCTION Scret-i. fl,iv |»y WltltHcIrl Cook «ml Anne .Morri.soji Chnpm . tl:tsu<i Ut><>" an Orifrfnal Story mu! AclnjUation by Rose Franken and Will him Brown 3IeIone>-. UirecU-d hy ROR- LEO - v ^ l{ » • Produced hy H. KXOrF. A Metro-GoUl- -Mayer Picture. * LAST TIMES TODAY ' CONTINUOUS 1 To 11 P. M. Letter Box '' Lax Conditions at Schools Are Charged. Editor, Morning Herald: We hear a lot about juvooiJe delinquency these days, and I think if we had a few stricter rules at our high school, it would help to curb it some. ' I understand that children go out there in the morning long enough to he marked present,-and then hook it the rest of the day. Now tell me, where are all the teachers of the various classes, that they can't report a scholar absent from the particular classes? The children write their own excuses, and the teachers accept them, so why doesn't the principal of our high school ,get wise and crack down on these hooky players? Interested Citizen Writer Offers Some Food For Thought Editor Morning Herald: An eminent Jurist truly remarked that the "Power to tax is the Power to Destroy." ^ 1 respectfully submit that our Governor, the members of our Legislature, The P. T. A. and proponents of all modern and nobly sponsored methods of regimenting and improving us, would do well to ponder the old fashioned and disreputable virtues o£ economy and thrift (see poor Richard's almanac) and go easy on the destructive business of taxation. Yours truly, Geo. P. Lambert. License Renewals Behind Schedule Approximately 30 alcoholic beverage establishments in Washington county will either discontinue business after April 1 or will have to reapply for their licenses unless their renewal applications are made before that date. The office of the Washington County Board of License Commissioners reported Monday that of the 170 licensed establishments in the county, only 140 have applied for renewal of their license. Unless the applications are re- Good News For Folks Who Suffer From fr^ STOMACH 6AS ^SOIR FOOD TASTE I^ACID INDIGESTION Do you feel bloated and mJserabls alter ™ hl, m f v *"*' 80ur " bitwr rood ? » n,V f^!,K£ ow you may * et blc ««i re- uer from this nervous distress Everytlme food enters the stomach a vital gastric Juice must flow normally to ^ ;; UP r ertaln food P art l*«: else the i^^ 7 *f rmen t- Sour food, acid Indigestion and gas frequently cause a mor- UChy ' fretrul TOMORROW ONLY Brought Back to Thrill rou... GARY AND JEAN'S GRANDEST LOVE STORYi LAST TIMES TODAY Vic McLAGLEN "Captain Fury" lOMORROW & THURSDAY 4.J! 0 - eet real relier y° u must Increase thlflow or this vital gastric Juice. Medical, authorities. In Independent laboratory tests on human stomachs, have by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic la amazingly effective In Increasing this fiow when it Is too little or scanty due to a non-organic stomach disturbance. Th s Is due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains special and potent activating Ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic helps build-up non- organic. weak, watery blood In nutritional anemia— so with a good Sow of this gastric digestive juice, plus rich red- blood you should eat better, sleep better feel better, work better, play better Avoid punishing yourself with overdoses of soda and other alkalLzers to counteract gas and bloating when what you so dearly noed Is SSS Tonic to help you digest food for body strength and repair. Don't wait! Join the host of happy people SSS Tonic has helped, Millions of bottles sold. Get a bottle of SSS Tonic from your drug store today SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy H»*lth* ROLLAWAY COTS with innersprings $26.95 Metal Cabinet Bases with porcelain tops and drawers $12.95 CONGOWALL .... sq . ft. 12c Cotton Felt MATTRESSES ....... $16.95 Smith Furniture Co. 63 W. Franklin St. NOW SHOWING fM/7f 71 f FRANK JENKS SCOTTY BECKETT • DONAtD CURTIS RICHARD GAINES . ClARENCE KOtB Mat 20c - 35c — Nite 20c - 40c ceived within the next week, the proprietors of the establishments, if they wish to continue business, will be forced to reapply for licenses and obtain signers for the application. Daylight Savings Time To Be Aired The pros and con B of daylight savings tim e as proposed for the city of Hagerstown will be aired on a radio forum sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce ov^r station WJEJ at 8:30 on Thursday evening. It was announced that representatives of business, retailing, industry and farming will appear on the program to debate the merits of the proposal. For the first time since the series of forums was inaugurated several weeks ago, the public will be invited to attend the broadcait in the studios of the radio station. 1 •Book of The Week "Lost measures of Europe" (Pantheon, 1946) i s a photographic record of cathedrals, town halls, bridges, statues, paintings, and art objects of all Kinds which were destroyed or damaged beyond repair in the war. Information about the amount of destruction was obtained from Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives officers in the British 'and American armies, . and photographs were gathered from museums, universities, government records, and private collections. Edited by Henry LaFarge, the book contains 427 pictures, which are well chosen, comprehensive, and well reproduced. The accompanying commentary de•scribes the historical or artistic importance of the losses. Italy and Germany are treated at great length, having been damaged most badly, but th e book covers outstanding losses in England, France, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, and Russia. A most valuable book, containing the only record we have of irreplaceable originals. OFFICE CLOSED The office of the Maryland Veterans Commission, second block North Potomac street, will be closed all day today, Maryland Day. Apple Butter Buy APPLE DAN'S Brand Martin's Cold Storage Phone 4137 Washington Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON (Continued from Page 4) And, despite_the fact that Zervas was sabotaging the British, he is now serving with British blessing In the Greek Cabinet. The captured German document is titled "Military Situation Report From The German XXH Mountain Army Corps," and is dated August 1, 1944. Some of its most significant excerpts follow: "After a few days, he (Zervas) ceased these attacks and since then he has kept a neutral position and has not complied with any more of the Allied requests to resume his fighting against German troops. During this period of crisis, Zervas increased the territory under his control with the addition of the Tsaniouria section, so that at present, he holds all the coast between Preveza and Igu- menitsa. "At present, the relations between Zervas and the Allied Military Mission are strained. This fact should be attributed, first, to the return of Zervas to his lawful (collaborationist) attitude toward the German occupation forces and, second, to the recurrence of the (Zervas') attacks against the Communist bands." The German report summarized Zervas' collaboration as follows: "Conclusions of the situation: The important factor in the above would be that the Allies might be able to force Zervas to give up his, until now, lawful (collaborationist) attitude, and use his troops PIN-WORMS NOW CAN BE BEATEN - w * Ly to deal "Kb this v» I** i ln " de the human kody- r-J • i ' JthJanks to * special, medically recognized dru e » hi E hly eff««ve tr«£ " t- POSsiblc ' drui D . J m * redlen t in P-W, the Pin-Worm the * caused by this ugly ar JAYNE ' S p - P-W means Pin^Worm relief 1 iiimim | Franklin Self Service ; 625 W. Franklin St. Ph. 4227-W | PLENTY OF I PARKING SPACE Out of the Congested Area Daily 9-6, Fri. &. Sat. 9-9 again for attacks against the German forces. We must also expect continuous activities from the Greek Communist bands in the entire sector of this corps if these 'forces are not checked by mopping- up operations, or if they are not distracted by attacks from the Zervas forces." Note—It is significant that when a British Intelligence Officer, Col. L. F. R. Shepherd, who posed as an UNRRA worker, was killed, in his belongings were found receipts from Zervas showing that Zervas was paid gold sovereigns by the British to start a Royalist attack against anti-Roya!ist Greeks.. In other words, Zervas has been on all sides of the fence but now is IF YOU HAVE A Minister of National Defense in the King's Cabinet. The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md. THREE TueMdny, Mtm»h 25, 1047, Hays Are Bustin Out All Over With Easter CANDIE Try Soldce. Feel how its scrong medication gets down into skin pores FAST to relax fcoZd-tight- ened muscles, dear the head and loosen phlegm. Ic rubs in completely. No matter what chert rubs you've ever nsed, just try Soltic*. i!" 1 iiiiiiiiiiiuiiiim iiimmmiiiititmiimiiiiiiiiuiim minim | Glass Coffee I Brewers 5 9- 75 up | Franklin Furniture Store 1 13 W. Antletam St. j r.iiiiiHimiHiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiimiiiiimmiiiiiiiii n , j Metal VENETIAN SHADES J. Ralph Fiery "The Wall Paper Man' 66 W Franklin St. 35 W. Washington St. Phone 3660 BIGGER THAN EVER . . . WARDS Spring Sale of House wares! Hurry! Do«n* and downs of Mg reductions on war«t (in addition to tho.« shown on this poge). Com. to thop for th« thing, you wan! ... you'll spy** 795 AUTOMATIC IRON Just dial the fabric for the correct heat when ironing. Chrome finish and plastic handle. AC only. PRESTO SAUCEPAN Thick sheet aluminum; for canning and cooking. Holds 4 pint jars; shows 5,-10 and 15 Ibs. pressure. TWIN-BURNER STOVE 990-watt and 660-walt burners, with individual snap switches White enamel with chrome trim. BRIGHT TEAKETTLE Gleaming chrome-plated i copper teakettle, the pride of your kitchen! 5-quart capacity. Hurry in! HAYS' 78th EASTER Come on folks — get your share of these good, fresh Candies: You'll find just about every kind you can think of! Big Life-Size ilk Chocolate at $4.49 Oh Boy, are they good eatin'! Famous Boxed Candies! Morris Candies All Varieties $1.25 to §3.50 BOX box Schrafft's Trinket Chest Chocolates $].25 Lovell & Covel Chocolate Almonds 'Lady Calvert" Ib. box $1.25 'Jane Louise" Chocolates lb. $1.65 "Susan Barry" Sweets "Jane Louise" Assorted Nuts lb. $1.50 "Lenox" Milk Chocolate Almonds 12 -° z - box $1.10 Ye Olde Colonial Peppermint Patties l-lb. box 79 C 12 oz box Decorated Cocoanut Easter Eggs i b . Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Kisses 39c Delicious 9 oz. box Chocolate Bars s 6c- d 10c See Our Big Display of Rust Craft and Gibson Easter Cards to *j.OQ eac h For Easter Fun! Paas and Hinkle's Easter Egg Colors 10c ~ 2 for 15c - 25cpkg. "The Store of a Million Gifts" R. M . Hays & Bros., Inc 28-30 West Washington Street

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