Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 26, 1956 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1956
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1956 FARM - LIVESTOCK it TSoos — CATS — MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE " ~AhTici,i:s run \ TS COAL " COAL"— cokr. — WOOD SILK'S KENNELS JACKSON UANR GODFREY. ILL. Pbonr. S-M74 > ._ dom o< all brwds; also \ la season Individual stullf ; ind roils. Alr-rooled JconneK : "^UAlTATjNtJs'L'AirrKfs" — Every- j thing from puppies «o rnynflU birds ; •nd monitors. Tropical plants, tropical fish, aaimnnms and mo«t nil pet , •upptit* See our window* at Mntn and A il>y ___*«•» and_Garden Shop._ , JARREff KENNELS : Board your doRs. or rats. ,Mso female? j In season Holidays, weekend'. v». ! catton*. Individual houses rind runt For reservations r»ll 2-4074. ElMWOOiTKE N N ELS Boani your prts. vacation or week- USF.D 33" STEEL FURNACE—Com- p!rte_JPhonc 2-6621. MAICO HEARING AID for sale Cost $200. sell for S75. Phonr 4-R772 24'' "AMERICAN" STANDARD ~ steel furnace, like new. Complete with stoker. MM. Phone 2-:Cifll FOR SALE — Air compressor xvith hose and spr.'i>, :<0 nnl \vnter tank Tvilh monkey stove. Boy's 2fi" bicycle. \outh bod. dof bouse Will give awny smnll m.-ile dog Call 4-7SP."i. SMITH---Wood I^'ts of extras your end Also females m season. air conditioned runs East Road, 'i mile ea-1 of Alton 2-3721. ......... _________ „. Large f™ar Brick CTSTOM PICKING - And fhrlUnp : \vtth the 101 llarxrster Thresher A- Picker. We denionsttation ol this machine if > <»J ore intcic.ico tn onr , Wi"'d picker--me- ycfcrs old New Irtr.-i -onr row New ldrA-t\»o i f'\v HP Snapper — one row £M~ mounted 2—usrrl elr\:'1<ir t HEYEN IMPLEMENT CO Phone 14 Doicrr-Mrr, 111 TROW mounted IHC corn picker model 20 Year t"M Only picked 85 acres. Also 1H4R H tractor. Will fell together. Phone 25 R6. Dorchester. „ FiCKERS-lMS~lnV." 2 "ME P"'" 1 ; new No 4 OlU'er mounted for AMIS W D or Oliver 77-BH 1PSP model Ol'iver No. S 2 row pull: 1?M Oliver 1 row, picked 2J ^<t-res. Narmont Machlnery__Co . "r¥Enirj_iNp_ srKD* AbFAi;FA~HAY--i«t." 2nd. 3rd cut- tins. Paul Tltchonal, FosterhurR. 5 h. 2-4019. SHOP chine. I^'ts of extrss Call 2-H44. 2""TIGF.n SKIN' Rros—nenntlfully ninvked. in excellent condition, I •^fioo" 1 mounted head Rnrpnin. 103H N'orlh RodKers. 2-f>!«7. "DF.'MONST RAtoR-s" SET-' -Aiuniinum Weorever. Excellent condition. Reasonable. 4-3) IP. 2 HOSPITAL BEDS — 5 room gas hrnter. Phono 4-8266. PROTECT" YOV;R AilTco'NDitiON" EH - Drlivrrrd to your door. J*rotrrto Sales, 2-nt7J. SI'ITS ANU DRESSES? 7or "ale - I-ndles MTC 12. 2 pair* blur rlrnrjefl ehrap. <t-ft!7n. _ _ __ FOR SAUF - Benntirtil nssortmcnt of ri'liRiMU- A- miscellaneous Chrlst- ma« carrif. cift \vtnpp!nR?< and nov elites Price? range from SI.2ft up 2-MIH4 before 5 P M. Alter :> P M Car 3-8437 "WF~'sF.nv~icE "HooveT" and all""other nmkrs vacuum rlemirrs. Ph. 4-3H3R. Sellers Vacuum Cleaner Repair, 425 V/ood River Avc.. Wood River. III. MISC. FOR SALE 7« CLOTHING LEATHER JACKET. sl7C .18 or 40. $7.50. Boys' suit, sl?e IB, SlO. Girls' coat «el, fUe 5, $7.50. Boy Scout suit, size 10. $5. 2-874H. REASONABLE RATES — Driveway rock sand, coal. dirt. GATE'S Truck Service. 4-2332. __ FIREPI/ACE stovewood and kindling cut to ymir order and tleliv<tred. 3-:W14. GENERAL ifAI'LlNH and klndllnK. load 5-nnnn. __ _ BOY'S SUIT * COAT—)2 to 14 DON'T BUY COAI. ; Girl's and ladles coat«, box toys, l^et n- comert 'our furnace to nil jjini 4-7866. or KB? Wlwman Plumhtnu A- Hfat- j inB Prompt Service For fret esti- CHILD'S POODLE Minium Insulated Tweed snow suit. CLOTH COAT— lining, si/r 10. size a. 2-7lW-t. MISC. FOR SALE HOUSEHOLD GOODS mate cali roller used derby twice. shoe $14. FOR SALE — Would make 4-97R6. Crocheted V^cdspread a lovely gift. Call j A-1 USED j 17" Admiral TV I Rr.fnReraior* ! nanues APPLIANCES .............. S7i, »2S up S:to up More heat when > ou need It, at less cost to vou. Clean, efficient. Perfect for fireplace. $1.50 do?.. 2-08P8. ,-iA ni-:M-:RAL HAM.INO ELECTROLUX SALES ft SERVICE Free demonstration. Wfilrl.> L. Phone 4-6762. 5ervel gas refricerator free/er across top. j A1TON REFRIGERATION | S50 F. Broadway | _ Phone 3-7722 cinrri",ATOR ~GAS~ HEATER— 20.1100 BTt; WO Ph. 5-I97B. HAIJY BF.D 4-4714. WARM MORNING" Call 2-82«n. S!)9 OIL HEATER—Two 50-gallon bar- 1 ri'K, u*ed one winter, S2.1. Also ' MiKill cnal hratlne stove, like new, i MO. 2-2323. i :: IIOATS * ACCESSORIES FOR SALE — Aluminum 14 ft. I-onestnr Corsair. lived 1 jeason. Ph Jetscyville 2-PR9W3. i 8 FT PLYWOOD BOAT—4fl" wide. j excellent for duck hunting, $:15. HEATER. SIS — ;;: DuRan Service. 12 FT. CEDAR STRIP BOAT— And trailiM, $I2S. Good shape. Dial FOR SALE— MO. Plume 1 GENERAL HAULING DONE- Also smiill kindling sold. $.1 load. Phone 2-5.15!). IF "YOU "WANT anything hauled, call 4-9471 Am veteran, have a family, desperately In need of work. JUNK. TRASH7 "hauied"away: haBe- ments and attiis cleaned; old Iron, discarded furniture; light hauling, reasonable. 2-IW67. iT'VbU WANT"c6Air"dirt~or""samlT or anything hauled, call JOHN EVEMAGE 2-6R1H. MISC. FOR SALE I ____ _ "\VANTED — Good green »"""" hay. Oats straw for sale. Call 5-9272. _ _ __ . _ gjf LIVESTOCK pifRlBRED~MEAf'"TYPF. Hampshtre boars. Vaccinated and tested. Vrnl Bros... Orrolllon. Hl.JTel. .%-«14 li6iJSTEIN~HF.lFERS --'Some fresh Henrj' Barhman, >, mile enst 01 Godfrey. _ •"i2"PIGS""FbR~SA"LE" --" Way Timpt. Straub€ Lsnc, Brishlon. Jil._ T"PUREBREb" Holstcin cows 4 fre-h and S fpringere. All SIHA daughters. Heavy milkers. Also i Jer«cy heiters to freshen in January, ".'mile west of Bunker Hill. Ralph Spencer. FOR SALE — Gentle cow» with cnlvef. Jersey - Guernsey breed. S1CH1 to *U5. 2-5645. OIL BURNING pot vrnrs old. 4-2241. "ROOT ELIM! N A TCW "for 1-vcar supply. S3.P5 type furnace. 3 | a II «• weri! delivered ' "'HUNTING ct-OT'ics — oame cau • tid records; duck blind heaters, charcoal and stove fuel. Shells, r;\ Ion string and decoy weights. See our unbreakable plastic decoys. CLARK BOAT i MOTORS Iliift Ensl Broadway. Phone lij-Bfl.iS SELLING OUT - Warehouse sur- phK stock of dlnlnc room pieces, odd buffets, china cupboards, tflbies and chairs. New and used. , r iO r v off. Buy I on convenient terms. No interest or j finnnce charpe- ! SLACK Fl'RMTl'HE CO. j 41fi Pinsn j FOR -Good condition: 1 month: priced ELECTRIC STOVE, pas hcnler, used rieht. 4-nR9B. ADDING MACHINE — Alun W'Hle.s. 8-coHinin electric: direct .subtrycl and viMblc lotn] \vindo\vs. t'om- pl*»ipjy rocnndltioned In AuKust. j Will Kunrnntee. Terms. 4-74KI. 2~6lL HEATERS~2 iieep~frecjcrii|~3 | rabbit hutches. 2-OH11 or 3-8.1R7. 10 FT. WARREN meat display case, ! f?ood condition, reasonable. 4-B.1:in. ' "DIVAN ,V" MifCHfNG~CHAIR^Good : condition, reasonable. :5-H477. 73 '~riuiLOl"NG" M AJU SF.F. I'S for the best, deal In Comb. Window.*. Awnings. Kitchen Cab inrts. Awning and Jalousie Win- dnws Kitchen Stove Canopy. Alum. Doors. _ LYN'-CO. SALES. j4-4B78. ___ "~FRiEE~ ESTIMATE on irwtailed roofing call 5-5511. No obligation. Sear*. Roebuck and Company. 309 Piasa. _Alton._lllinois. _____ FLOORING — ~2xfls. 2xOs, 2xlOs. 2x4s. Windows, doors and brick. 547 East Third _ "ll O M EflSipn'oVEMEN'T— Aluminum storm doors, storm windows, siding. Will do porch enclosures. Up to 36 months to pay. Call James Hodgers. slfOATiv— Z Jersey cows. Write Clyde Kerigan._3Iettlck._lll. ______ j?OR SALE^-Good registered Hereford bull, 15 months old. Graham Hereford farm, Houte 100, Graflon road. 2-8006. __ _ _ ___ _ ___ FOR SALE— 10 first calf heifers; your j choice or all. Wm. D. Bcrtels, Dor«cy, HI. Telephone Dudley 4-f>3B7. _ YEAR OLD" bak '"8 nens L _r h^aoM. ATTENTION HOME FREEZER OWNERS: An emptv freezer doesn't payl Fill yours now with choice home killed meals. Guaranteed to satisfy. We do custom processinc. curing, rendering and grinding. Food lockers for rent by the day or year. Give us a try and see the difference. EDWARDSVILLE FROZEN FOODS Phone 1477, Carl Brueggeman, Owner 24 r N. Main St., Edwardnvllle, 111. RADIANT HEATING The Hi'alin? of tile f'ulurfr Can Be (n Your Home — TODAY! Radiant Panel Heatinp — Completed Invisible. Requires No Room Space. Warmer Floors — Cleaner Heat — For Comfort. Health and Low Fue] Bills Get the FULL STORY BEFORE YOU DECIDE ON ANY HEATING SYSTEM—Call or Write: FRANCE HEATING & AIR-CONDITIONING CO. Robert G. Schwalb, 017 Grand Ave. Edwardsville, III. Phone 2040W DRYERS Demonstrators. RANGES Electric and gas ranges; crate-marred. Electric dryers. Re<>l bargain. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 E. Broadway Ph. 3-7722 R v '"x R" x 10' Concrete Blocks Ific 4" x 8" x lli* Concrete Blocks ..,.14c HATIO BLOCKS 4" Concrete Field Tile llic per Ft. PAVISH CONCRETE WORKS Mfl St. Louis Ave.. East Alton. 4-6334 ALUMINUM 'COMBINATION storm and screen windows, deluxe. All RIZCS up to 44"x72". double track, $1505. Triple track Slfl.ns. Deluxe heavy door, complete, S3;!.95. Payments low as $3 per month. Call UK, we deliver. HAHTFOHP LUMBER CO. 4-1821 4-3K2 COAL 74 BUSINESS EQUII'MENT CAiH~REGISTER for sale. Rings up to Sa.95. 2624 Judson. 3-8975. ~v, obTxr^clmJr^'wooij Order "SAHARA WASHED COAL NOW! Be assured real comfort, economy durlnfi fold days ahead. Phone 3-ntl41, tell us your needs! Klinke Ice & Fuel Co., 1000 E. 6th, _AUon. LUMP COAL, SB.40. Stoker coal $8.25. Egg coal S8.25 in load lots. 3-3014. ONE PAIR ladies skates, size 4'i, 4-B184. FOR SALE — Man's grey topcoat sin 40 Child's pink snowsuit, s|/e 2. Both In excellent condition. Also spoil roots, dresses, skirts, sweaters J>honp jt-040fi._ BEAUTIFUL white formal. ?i7e 15. Also white satin cvcnlnR sandals. Phone 4-B415 or 4-BBOS after S p.m. 70 HOUSEHOLD GOODS CHROME;KytCHEN"sF7T—SIR." Phone 4-2fino, _ MATCHiN"blVAN' A CIlTilR, $25- n-7.'U7. __ R CU. FT. CROSLE"^ Shelvador re- frlRerator Premier Ras range Chrome dinette set. $1RO for all ROUND"6AK~blNINO"TABLE — (i chairs, library table, music cabinet, adaptable Ironing board, planter lamp dresser lamps, table lamp, electric toaster, 2 electric irons. Odd lot dishes and mirrors. 2-2324. "" _ CLOTHING GIRi/S BLUE " WOOLr~*~;nshmcre , ... -coat set. sl/e fix. $10 Ph 4-'>187 9 PIECES—YouiiRStown kitchen cabi nets; 5 piece '-'TWO LADY'S DRESSES and corduroy suit Si?e 14. Good condition 2-:iPH7. GIRL'S COAT, dresses, "and other clothing, size 12. Boy's sport jacket, slacks, si/e 8. 4-f>4J7 TWIN nylon yellow snow 1C months. Excellent Phone 5-1247. suits, size, condition. GRAY TOPCOAT _ Fingertip coat, brown, both like new. Hip boots S-9181. 1510 Washington. „„... ., „.-- breakfast set. Magic Chef stove, roll-away bed and mattress. 4-5632 or_4-323H. "WESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERATOR— Excellent condition, $tiO. 4-burner bottle gas range, $25. Extension kitchen table and 4 chairs, S10. Oak kitchen cabinet, $4. Oak wash stand S3' 4 poster bed complete, $10. End tables. chairs, dishes. 204 Mounter street 2-6556. 2 PIECE living room set. Coral, $50. Ph. 2-1393. FLOOR SAMPLES AND USED FURNITURE • fi pc. LivliiK Room Group. 12 matching chairs, Sofa Sleeps two, 2 Step Tables, Cocktail Tablei. All new $R7.BO j 0 2 PC. Bedroom Suite. Large TJress- I er. dovetail construction. Full size Bed $59^)5 • Quality Carpeting. Room size Rugs or Wall to Wall. Host of Decorator colors. Discontinued patterns. Sq. yd S7.P5 • Sectional Living Room Suite, excellent rover. Full spring construction. Reversible Cushions. Window Sample $11!).D5 • Large Kneeholr Desk. Ample drawer space, slightly damaged top : S34.30 • Electric Refrigerator, reconditioned, guaranteed $(> • Electric Washing Machine, rebuilt $.'14.75 • Large .- p ( .. Chrome Breakfast Set. Seats B. Heat rebislant. extension table, 4 heavily upholstered chairs $67.93 Gibson Furniture, Inc. 417 East Broadway Alton. Illinois Easy Terms. Phona 5-5541 REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE LIVE or DRESSED TURKEYS — We I Ib. on loot. Dressed, 55c. Delivery. Clarence Snider, 1104 Strieker, Jer- •eyville. Phone 702-R. MISC. FOR SALE ARTICLES FOR SALE_ cards. Ph. TOR SALE—Christmas _3-8J47. "KNEEHOLE DESK~8ToiATR—wamut bed, chifferobe and dresser. 2 pairs lined drapes, baby baskinette. stroller. girl't 26-inch bicycle. 4-B219. COAlPHEATEB—2 oil burners. Sill East 4th. *ELECTROL.UX vacuum cleaner, complete with attachments; also tmall carry around G. E. Tidy with attachments. Phone 4-3938. CLEAN and in very good condition. Full size birch baby bed. and mattress, $20. Phone 4-7819. KI3 Mad- iton. Wood River. "AMERICAN FLYER electric train, like new. Used 2 hours. Radio, flyer wagon, sled. Will trade for 2 wheel trailer or sell. 2-98fiO. FOR SALE ized, pipe- - 700 ft. new 2" galvan- 5-5137. FOR SALE SPECIALS 6300 5 ROOM Duo Therm oil heater with blower. Phone 5-5304. 2 TWIN BEDS complete, good condition. 2-6491. TANK TYPE compact vacuum cleaner with all attachments including floor polisher, praetienlly new. Ph. 4-7494. 20 ACRES with 4-room si-mi-modern house and screened porch. Well fenced 80 ACHES—Most all good tillnhlo land. 7-room modern house, good burn, machine shed, (fraiiiiry, garage, **SQ nfifi big corn crib. Lund in high stale of cultivation fcOjUUU 1'i ACRES on the highway, nhont one mile of $O I Ofl town, 5-room house. C'nn be, bought on a contract <* • UU 200 ACRES with 100 in cultivation unimproved. Tillable. land in high state of cultivation, $ I C M\f\ balance in good pasture I WfUUll Mourning Realty Co. 106 East Pearl Street Jerseyville, HI. Phone I79W Salesmen: Charlie Chappel, Hubert Mourning, Virgil Myers 24" FURNACE &• BLOWER — Complete, $75. Phone 2-8534 TOER*r~pa~rlo~h~c"ater5b76oo B T U. 4 radiant doors, front and Hide spot heating. Tank and barrel. 4-2042. Prac tically new, used 2 months. Latest design. Selling because of ill health. As unit only. Phone 4-2772. BO selling out my house plants. 2101* Locust. "2 BURNER electric p!at~Like~new. Also bottle sterilizer. 4-0760. DIVAN with Blip cover. 30- gal water tank with bide-urin heater. Phone 5-5203, TAPE KECORDER^W'ileox-Gay 2~ •peed deluxe push button control. Co«t J150, Will take $75. j-a444. _ BUSINESS" SERVICE A Name That Means: RELIABLE SERVICE and QUALITY MERCHANDISE SHELL PREMIUM OIL CITY FUEL & SUPPLY CO. 3-3544 ENlPLOYMENf" TEACHER WANTED Qualified to leach Elementary Classroom Music in S«hool Unit 9, Piasa, III. Cojilact G, W. FOUTS Brighton or J, W. GHOLSON Cottage HilU HOUSE AUCTION SATURDAY, OCT. 27, 1956 10 A.M. (D.S.T.) To Be Held One Mile West of North Alton on Old Jerseyville Road, Route 100, at Entrance to D'Adrian Gardens 1—Five Room House with Almost New Furnace. 1—Two Room House - Perfect for Club House. Can be Easily Moved. Houses to Be Sold Separately and Must Be Moved oil Present Site REAL ESTATE NOT TO BE SOLD This is An Opportunity to Buy A House or Club House at Your Price BERT RITCHEY-Auctioneer TERMS: CASH, DAY OP SALE Not UrspuiiMhle for Ai-cUlrnIs Announcement To All My Friends and Clients: I Have reopened my office of my former address, 2511 STATE ST.^-and om now doing business as an individual Real Estate Broker. For Quick Sale of Your Property Call or See Me Promptly. ROLLA H. HARRISON AGENCY 2511 State St. Phone 5-5368 ALTON PARK DRIVE—See this tastefully decorated 5 room home. Close to Glass Works and East End Business District. Plastered walls, HWF, full bath, full basement. Additional features are storm windows, V. blinds, plastic tile in kitchen, garage. Has large front porch and small screened back porch. A comfortable home conveniently located and moderately $i A CflA priced at only lUjtJWU EAST ALTON COBB ST.—Ideal investment or opportunity to have a home and income. Ten rooms divided into two five-room apartments. East apartment has 3 bedrooms, full bath, gas water heater, screens and HWF. S*~ — ~ ~~ Going at only | I HI* MM! ll| 7,900 WOOD RIVER SOUTH CENTRAL—Brick. 5 rooms. Has HWF, plastered walls, combination storm windows and screens, V. blinds, oil heat, awnings and is in A-l condition. The full basement is divided and has rumpus room $4 O Qflfjj and play room. Owner transferred I l«?vUU ROXANA EAST SIXTH—A very neat 4 room frame home. Has plastered walls, full bath and full basement, V. blinds, inlaid linoleum and carpeting. Fenced back yard. Can be purchased on contract with small down $^ CAA payment by reliable party for only I jwww ALTON EAST BROADWAY—5 room frame home. 3 bedrooms, stoker fired furnace. Very neat and clean. Walking distance to industries. May be sold $ on contract to responsible party at WOOD RIVER 909 LORENA—See this practically new 4 room brick home. Has HWF, plastered walls. Lots of cabinets in this large kitchen. Full basement with gas furnace and gas water heater. Attached garage. Close to busline. Owner transferred and house is 5-I M Cf)A now vacant. Asking 11 JvUU ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS CALIFORNIA AVE.—New 5 room brick home. 3 large bedrooms and large tiled kitchen, with plenty of cabinets, tile bath, living room carpeted, full basement, oil furnace and electric water heater. Has combination storm windows and screens, V. blinds. $•! O 4 A A Thoroughly insulated. Attached garage. I OjtUU ROXANA DOERR AVE.—3 bedroom brick home. Has HWF, plastered walls, 4 closets, V. blinds, combination storm windows and screens. Full basement with forced air gas heat. Concrete drive to garage. Nice lawn. Ideal location for family with school children as all schools are "just around the corner". $4 A See this I /M WOOD RIVER SOUTH 10TH ST.—A dandy 4 room frame home for working couple or small family. Has 5 closets, HWF, storm windows and screens. Gas heat. Full basement. Back yard is fenced and has lots of flowers and shade. FHA built and inspected. $• Going at only 10,100 ROXANA DOERR ST.—See this well-planned and well-located home. Has 5 rooms and screened porch. Plastered walls, HWF, V. blinds and combination storm windows and screens. Full basement with 90$ heat. Several trees and shrubs. Garage. Offered on contract' to responsible party with small $19 OAfl down payment for I AjwUv SOUTH ROXANA 500 OHIO—New. Beautiful permastone home. 3 large bedrooms. Extra large closets. HWF. Tastefully decorated throughout. Fireplace. Lots of cabinets in this, big enough, kitchen and has dining space in one end of the extra large living room. Full basement. Has forced air oil heat. Attached garage. Corner lot with 75 foot frontage in restricted area. $< E AAA Offered at I JjUUU WOOD RIVER SOUTH 13TH ST.—-Fairly new 3 bedroom home. Ideally located for schools, park and playgrounds. Has 6 closets, HWF, combination storm windows and screens, V. blinds, is insulated and has forced air gas heat. $10 fill A Many other features. This you should see at I fcjvww ROXANA 425 MAPLE—See this beauty. 5 tastefully decorated rooms. Lots of closet space. Has storm windows and screens. V, blinds. Full basement. Gas heat. Large well, eared-far lawn. If you need a home and are looking for a bargain you should not buy without $| A 7AA first seeing this for only IUj/UU DORRIS REALTY CO, Roxana Office Realtor Phone 4.9641 relegraon Want Ads 'CLICK" MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE HOUSEHOLD GOODS FRIGIDAIRE 6 - foot refrigerator. SH7.50. Sec at 22(18 Krug Place 'back of LndlC!.' Home on Stntet._ FOR SALE— Oil heaters, $3, $25. Some with Mowers. Other us-ed furniture. Roger's Used Furniture, So. Main, Wood River. B CU. FT. NORGE refrigera it orTKen" more vacuum cleaner, blond cabinet model radio-phono. Brown re- I?:Sin5 cn!1 'I'_ 2-8388. DELUXE "GA"s~RANGBr~ 'iKpdTslx months: cost. $109 new, Will sac__ — RCA WHIRLPOOL Imperial electric dryer, like new. No money down, take over payments ...................... $9,25 mo. WEBER'S TV fc APPLIANCES 3.107 State. Phone 2-7511 Open Friday Nights Till fl P. M. Breakfast Set — Heavy crrome, red upholstered chairs, almost new. Less Jhanjiajf price. 4-5361. _ _ UslS~<3A""s~STOVE~— " LtkeTnew, $35. Phone_2-OI71. "THREE PIECE mahogany bedroom suite., practically new mattress and springs; also juli ->lze ' iron bed, dresser, buffet. Phone 5-SI31S after D p.m. FL6nAL~DRAPES " for "sale." 2 "pairs] Dial 4-3722._ __ BLANKFTS— Draperies, rugs, spreads, curtains, furniture covers. Convenient terms. Star Specialty. 2-6732. .10 MI1SICAI INSTRUMENTS »0 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS UPRIGHT PIANO. $20—Ph. 4-0286. TROMBONE anoT^caso. ~$6s!4-9075T TWO ACCOHDIONi—T20"bass. Never used. Half price. Ph. 4-2825. RECORD PLAYEHS at savings up "To 30%. Select, that Christmas record player now and we will hold in Lay-Away for small payn.ent. Com mimlty Music Center, 1636 Washington Ave. 2-6017. PIANO TUNING and Repair. Experienced. Make playing more nleasont. Call 2-4082. EVERYTHING MUSICAL Fender. Gibson, Martin Guitars. King, Olds, Artley and LeBlanc Band Instruments RCA Victor and Webcor HI-FI Phonographs. Records, Wur- IHzer Pianos. Sheet Musio, Teaching Studios. .Repair service. GOULD MUSIC CO. 551 G. Broadway Phone: 3-3213 Alton 81 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SPINET PIANOS — You can own a beautiful new Gulbransen Pinafore Spinet Pimm and we'll teach you to play for only $4.8.'! per week. Other models and finishes available. Buy your Christmas piano now and save up to S200. Community Music Center, 1636 Washington Ave. 2-6017. "~MlSC. FOR~~SALE FOR SALE — Electric refrigerator. _Cheap. 102B East 7th. 7 FT. REFRIGERATOR. GOOD~AS NEW. H-YEAR GUARANTEE — WILL SACRIFICE. CALL AFTER B P^M. 4-nilB. ___ PHiICO~EL~ECTRfC All automatic. Light and timer across top. You can't, tell it from a new one. No money down. Take over payments $7.110 mo. WEBER'S TV & APPLIANCES 2507 State. Phone 2-7311 Open Friday Nights Till H P. M. MISC. FOR SALE >i "ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES COLDSPOT refrigerator In good condition with defrost attachment, $40. _Phone_2-4838. $269.95 ABC COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC WASHER — Demonstrator, selling at. *137. On easy terms, no Interest or carrying charges. SLACK FURNITURE 416_f > lasB_ PHILCO WASHER Sc DRYER—Porcelain top on both. Lifetime aluminum agitator on washer. Four drying xpeeds on dryer, Payments only $10.27 a month for both. EBBLEH ELECTRIC 2608 Stat?. Next to Trl-CHy Phone_ 3-7588 TwjPOSSESSED^lT'i cu. ft. 2 door Philco refrigerator. Automatic do- frost. New refrigerator warranty. Take over payments of only »10.40 per month. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2606 State. Next to Tfl-Clty Phone 3-7588 TELEVISION SETS USED TV RECONDITIONED 7 TO CHOOSE FROM From J39.BS up Motorola . . . Admiral . . . RCA B. F. GOODRICH 440 E. Broadway. Dial 3-7754 2l"~COLOR~CONSOLE PhTlco television. All channel. New set warranty. Take up payments of only $26.75 a month. EBBLER ELECTRIC 2006 Stale. Next to Tri-City Phone 3-7SB8 STOVE OIL FURNACE OIL PHILLIPS "66" 2-7941 - 5-5412 THOMKCZEK Oil, CO. Complete Venetian Blind Repair Service FOR Russell Venetian Mfg. Co, Blind 911 Milton Roa-1. Phone S-5D44 Buy Direct from Factory. »nd Save ' VENETIAN BLINDS Aluminum Storm Windows and Doors. Aluminum. Flberglas and Canvas Awnings. Siding and Insulation. Free entimntes. Steve Zlmmer 5-1632 or 3-5569 Carlinvllle S43-Y DIETZ & ZIMMER Home Improvement Co. 1113 MILTON ROAD . SPECIALIZING IN WALL and FLOOR TILE PLASTIC — RUBBER ASPHALT — LINOLEUM ,, Hnlail or Instnllod CROXTON BROS. TILE CO. 3-8356 1405KQDGEKS 3-3069 FOR SALE MISC. FOR SALE DtXtC Dog food a cootracc htto ic jjo tj of meat How fomr do* wtM lo«< «( Cubes or m«*6 — 1. 5, 25, 1OO fb. J. V. APPLE FEED STORE 125 E. Alton Ave. East Alton Phone 4-6412 AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE ALTON'S DEALERSHIP for IMPORTED CARS Mercedes-Benz Porsche Alfa-Romero D.K.W. Aston-Martin Mi Gi Renault THE ENTIRELY NEW The safest, fastest MG ever engineered ... New powei, new and larger brakes, new low center of gravity, new styling, new colors. Drive it today! Now on DISPLAY... 6 Cylinder Performance With Only . . . 3 CYLINDERS Rolls-Royoi Sunbeam Arnolt-Bristot Bentley Rlley MagnsttB Austin Austin-Healey CAR IMPORTS ALTON 2350 STATE ST. E. H. CORDES, Owner ALTON PHONE 2-9555 S. L. MEISTER, Sales Representative Alton US CRAIG MOTORS Dealer* HOEFERT BROS. REXROAT MOTORS, Inc Wood River GLOSS MOTOR., Inc. Dealers ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. STUART MOTOR CO. i- I

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