Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 26, 1956 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1956
Page 19
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE RENTALS 2 ROOM modern furnished apt. St. Ambrose Drive, North Alton. 4-2733 evenings^ ___ _ "EA¥T~ALTON.— Modern 2-room furnished apt. Close to shopping center. Steam heat, limits. water Included. Adults. ?35. Frank Yoder, Realtor 4-9113. yard. Hnvm Wood 41 HOUSES FOR RENT MILTON AREA— 4 room house. Inlaid, blinds, automatic ''eat. Watei , heat furnished. $85. 2-:nnr>. b"HboiM" MODERN — With " Fruit and grapes. chicken Block garage. Loniled on AVI-., Cottage Hills. Phone River 4-WW2. _ _ __ __ FOP. ~BENT— Newly redecorated 4 room house. Phone 4-in97 1 _ ___ "7 HOOM~"HbUSE— Modern, Upper Alton. Double garaire. Close to schools & bus. $HO. 2-6730. __ _ EAST ALTON— Five room modern house. Adults. Call lo to 5. Phone 4-48»5._ __ _ _____ N FAT "TWO ROOM HOUSE — New floor coverings. lights wnd water. furnished. ___ Phone 4-4503. __ __________ 5 ROOM HOUSE — Hunter's Court. AduUs only. $40. WOOD RIVER — 2 modern. Close In. p\a 1_^ II7 JJ''__ bedroom f'uplex. Phone 2-(i.-i«7. _ ^Jcwly clenorated, all modern. .l-DZilZ. H HOOM modern house. .1 bedrooms, garage, full basement. Venetian liltmls on bun, clone to town. Industry snd schools. Adults. Phone Be- thallo, Dudley 4-4.182. FOR RENT — Farm home. Garden, electricity, telephone and all weather road. Alvin Ablscher, BrlRhton, Illinois. _ UNFURNISHED two beilroom brick. Automatic gas heat. Nice nelghbor- hootl_Ea«t Alton. $90. 4-M4a. fl ROOM ail modern home, one acre ground. Hi miles from North Alton on Levin Lane. Phone 5-J.192. '(-HOOM HOUSE - Running water, gam furnace, no bath. $45 month. Gas furnished. 4-574I IBl South Oak. rear. Cottage Hills. __ 7 ~HOOM HOUSF/— Completely modern. Ga« furnace. Heferniecu required. Inquire 512 sry ville. '.( "UNFURN'lSlWD~ IjiKhti und water furnished. 3-n327. 41 " HOOM HOUSB—Couple only. Gas heat wired for electric «nd Stale. Write Box Telegraph. - . North Clay, Jer- SHUT. 7th 5!iO. care REAL ESTATE SALEiREAL ESTATE SALE ""HOUSES"FOR SALE 57 FARM AND LAND 280 ACRE STOCK fARM — New fence, "W5rter, pond nnd creek. floor! tmprovementf, electricity, water in barnyard, hog lot nnd bnrn. 5 miles from Cnrlinvllle nnd half mile C'nr- linvllle Lake. Good hunting nnd fishing. Limn 1 has been well fertilized. T Approximately 130 acre*: In eiiltlvatlon. Priced" very chenp. Close enough to Altot$ to commute. Bob Finn, phone I7SJ Greenfield. FARM FOR S.At,F, or TRADE for 8 room .house ,*X'Hh targe yard near WooU "'friWr. Farm is 11 nereis. ' bouse*.' fi rooms nnd bath, 3 rooms. Deep well, fruit trees. On Highway fiO. School bus and mnll route S miles west of Rolla, Mo. Phone Wood River 4-IW02. TuiTJrFOR WILSHIRF. AREA LOT—nt ft. front. S10SO. Ph. Dickenn 4-R213, Colllns- vllle. __ ALANDALE SUBDIVISION CHOICE restricted lots, 75 and BO ft. fronlages, up to 213 ft. deep. Eler- tric, Alton elt.v water. Bell telephone. Located just out of North Alton at Smnmcrfleld School, off Rt. 100. JOHN BERIGAN, Realtor 4.(ini4 — Residence — 4O2G.I 2nn \V. Main St., F.asl Alton, 111. WILSHIHE VILLAGE ARF.A—Larjie lot 70x140. Sewer, water, KIIS. $2250 Frank Voder, Realtor 4-!HI3 or i _4j.4C27_. __ _^ BEAUTIFUL residential lot, lOOxlOo ft. Excellent for split level building. Most desirable section Rosewood HelRhts. Buyer must build suitable home for this restricted area. Price »2500. 4-Dlllil, LOT FOR~SALE— Large wooded Restricted to brick homes. Oak Orlve. Bast A»on, Phone 4-B55U or 4-5031. NORTH nOXANA. by owner, newly painted, 8 room modern. 5 rooms and '.. bath first floor 3 rooms and bath 2nd floor. Venetian bllndi, storm windows. ln«n- latert. screened • In front porch, cln-wd-in hnck porch, full base ment. fj»rngr. Only ...$11,500 Phone Wood River 4-B777. - Off Rt. 100. acres. Piasa 4-rrn Creek 7»FURN1 SITED HOrSES THREE~RbbM HOUSE—Furnished for llcht houjekeeplnR No objection to \mM children. M5 per month. '-HO Mill Street. _ JIOSEWbOD HEIGHTS — 3 bedroom new home. Four room modern. Fur- nulled. 726 Ro«ed«!e. 4-81)00. _ TWO POOM'MODERN-lltilulcs paid. 2!»42 llillcreft. Phone 2-514.V liOXANA — 3!i room furnished modern house. No basemeni. Two adults only. 4-2:(48 __ __ "J-BOOM FUK.N'ISIIKO — Motlern "WOOD itIVER — A room furnished. clean modern. G»» heat Apply |7:« Seminary. Alton_ sHARTnTARGE~HOME with employ- "ffd woman. All convenience, and privacy Suburbs, ten minutes from lower Alton hut need car Reference. exrh«n«ed. Ideal Mr right person. Writ*. Box 630, care • Tele- izraph, ^ 'ri'R-NISHED 3 bedroom hous* In Roxana. Phone 4-4778. _ _ (T ROOM modern furnished home. Full TWO ROOM Furnlnhrd House modern. Phone 4-;a«l. — All usI''"/ properly on Elm .tree^oirjrBdejror farm. 2-90..3 rbRTiENT or I-KASE-Offir^ or .tore space. imj-im^roao^jU^J^Ml- bFRCTTOR RENT—Former!y occupied by Dr. A. Don Stocker, Grand Theater Building. Phone 3-_6732. FoTTRlRT-OffW space Id\al Joc.- tion tn pro<re«lve bu«inr» dUtrlct- Rea«on«bl» rent. - tv 3-7931. EAST WOOD SUBDIVISION City of Wood River, City Sewer, City Pollrc and Fire protection. Electricity and gas. Close to schools. Terms EMMET HOWARD. Realtor Ph._4-9532 S9 HOC sis TorTs ALE 7"ROOM"HOUSE—Water."ijTrRe" lot, barn and KBraKe. Clou* to sihiml anil business district, $4. r tOO. Phone Shipman 8tll. r6l'ivBOOM"~FRAME — Two year*i old Very nice. Oil furnace, »torm windows and screens. l/ot« of cabinets and closetn. Full basement. 22ii!( Orchnril Blvd S15IKI down Price $10.900. Phone 4-0508 or _4-5Mfl. _ OTTERViLLE—S room "liouse. '2 lot?, S.:7.(KHj. Write Clyde KcrlgDn. llet- Jick. 111., or cajl Alton 2-8022,^-711:15. FOR 'SALE—5 room modern house with bath, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen and living room, HWF. full painted basement, attached caraije Only three year* old. Close to school and churches. Located on very ed«e of t-'ty limits. Price sin,3m. F.dwin C.'Diielm, Bunker Hill. Jll. _ __ wobn UIVEH—By owner, one 2-bed- rooin modpro home, full basement, automatic lieat. floor roverinx on all floor*, Venetian blinds, plenty cah- inr/;&, Raratie, concrete driveway, Sturm windows and »crecns. 4-7747. 6 KOOM all mortem home 4 rooms down. 2 up. Nice basement. JUarfie lot. Price . ??75(lO Phone Bunker Hill, Juniper 5-471 r FOB SAL£ — Five room houte. clofced-in porch. On two lot«. HiK own water system with electric pump, nink, two itoveu, and vent- tian blind*,. 3 room* Inlaid linoleum. Price J1500 DO.ME.VJC PEKA POTTO Phone VE-5-6619 Eaunrville. 111. 4 MII.F.S OI'T morlern. 5 :l '< frontnue. «"•»"" OUT SK.M1NAWY - 4 TDOITIF. fruit tree-!, z'n ncrc-i. . - S.-'W WY.SS RT fi-room. 3-roorn house in rear SfiOo down. Contract. S'iinn HAVVLEY ST 0-room modern fix- cellenl location. Term? S7.WO ,'i flOOMS OFF F,LM — SHOO down. LIBERTY ST — 5 rooms, low gtoker. Close in nOtJTE 100-:i miles out: B-rooms: carpeting, storm and screens, '"-acre BIEin, AGENCY 2-7722. 5-5777. 2-5522, 2-»227 GROCERY STORE Here Is your chance to own one ot the nlceM stores In Alton located in Mlddletown area excellent r/u-.- mess Larpe stock included in sale price. Dlus nil fixture^ ond eoulp menl which are In good condition For additional Information olease contact us Reduced for oulclt sale <7i«K) ALLEN * NIMMON? CO. REALTOR — 2-«24» REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE i REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE I REAL ESTATE SALE ~ ~' '" ' 39 HoUs£S~roS~SAt.v: ss HOI-SES FOP i SALE 4 ROOM FRAME on I oi>an. for rouple. A-l eondiiion Mftrthn or Gerry TLVGLEY RFAL ESTATE Ideal i Call ] Shea. 2-52nn. j FOI'R ROOM MODERN, full MILTON AREA HOUSES FOR SAI..K $600 DOWN «;fiq mo Ineliirl'v- fave>- AGr'.NCY F E. THOMPSON AGENCY j INCOME INVESTMENT ; WOOD RIVF.H F.ckhard Av 14- i room frnme. vacanl. 5 room? and | hath on first floor. Front porch en- ! closed. .1 rooms and bath on second i floor. Two 3-room apts. in basement i with sepiirate halhs Wall to wall | earpi-t over HWF in llvinr. and flin- ing room. All plastered walls, vene- tian blinds, wired for stove. EHS .heal, YounRslowo cabinets in kil'-h- e.n, ins\llnted, storm doors and win- I dowp Double RaraRc. tonl condition. Close to On biii line . . . . . ihed. Gontl I school, church. Sl.'i.OOO . GODFUF.Y — 4 r-uoni modern frnrne. ! only 2 years old. Plastered walls, tile j floors. 5 closets, btilll-ins. Electric : stove included. Storm saKh, Insulnt- • ed, electric water heater .-. . .$10,300 j DOLLIE BELIVEAI) . . 4-2010 R. B. RICH • -t-«'B ; F F. THOMPSON AtiF.NCY . 4-5514 I rncnt. fill hf-ni. ownfT will finanre. < dottn. halnnei- li'.<r rent Price ' . *11 .noti BRENTWOOD SIX HOOM mndcrn hi irk firenlacr full bn«emcnl. oil hi'M PI-ICJ. .*in.l«H' MILTON AREA FOUR ROOM MODERN, thre" room modern on liark of lot Clo-',<- f«' tchi-oi' and bmlinr Price S7H5D RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY 3879 Berkeley Ave. 2-2246 JOHN A. GREER, Realtor 1228 MILTON RD. Onen fill K.'M P M NORTH ALTON nil 6. I. clowns. ) DOOM roMdlllo full hnw nuirlf r n It. goorl In A-1 I valli. n. ne;n WOOD RIVER'S BEST LOCATION TIPTON AVE. —Large Ilvinc room with fireplace;! bedroom: tiled bath, tub and shower combination, tiled kitchen with lolf of cabinet* and dishwarher; dinette: larRe heated and air conditioned, all purpose room can be used ai play room, TV room or third bedroom; basement with new Has furnace and water heater, al- taclipd KnraRe; price _,.? 12 ' IRIy R. H. HESSENFLOW, REALTOR Dial 4-3893, Evenings 4-7748, 4-1959, 4-9550 160 ACHES - .''S miles from Alton M tillable. 80 timber, abundant water supply. New woven wire around entire farm Ideal ranch Good huntlnn and Sirlcll> modern lour room Full basement. Oil fur- Wired for electric stove. Larne ' gnraRe. barn, new scrcenei! patio. AJI weather road. ii'O.OOO ra«h or trade for nice home Alton vicinity for appointment contact owner." Harry E Seel. Rout* One. Box 7-B: Fleldon. IMmo'n. Phone Fieldon 3315. fence cattle fishing nace ~ ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS THREE BEDROOM with attached garage : Will take four or five room house in Wood River or East Alton as part payment. R.H.HESSENFLOW, Realtor 9 Wood River Ave., Dial 4-3893 Evenings 4-I959, 4-9550, 4-7748 MAURICE J. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY REALTOR INSURANCE DO YOU WANT A HOME IN UPPER ALTON? A-1 con- au- sn w)o i .7WI __ TEE~THiS EXTRA INCOME PROPERTY ON BROWN ST. fii>-rr>om modern In A-1 condition. 4', rooms on first floor. HWF. large living room with fireplace, modern kitchen and bath, also 2-room modern apartment on second floor with private entrance; full basement, oil heat. RaniRe. Only S13.7CW Call Kenneth Greer, 2-9755 After 6 P.M., 2-9884 F-U M. GREEK AGENCY _ H. HOWARD" Representing C. H. arter»30 ~6rncB_* _OE'HK_BOOJI_ DOWNTOWN OFFICE SPACE food for Prolf«*iona. WARREN Phone Z-8501. Auten._ Call_a _ _ 4~ROOM and ulllits-. Like new frame. Stephcnson ft.-cet. South Rox«na. *300 cash on contract, J7100. M. H. Harpole. 4-5321. ___ _ NK\V aRfck HOME — Rosewood Heights, Three bedrooms, gang? in full basement. Automatic gas heat. Consider contract for deed. Reduced. Phone 4-7847. BRICK HOME Beautiful Grounds with Barbecue 3 bedrooms, fireplace in living morn, plastered baicment with fireplace, plenty closets, automatic heat. Perfect condition. Everything complete in every detail $17,auu VERNA C. RIGGS 2-3239, .2-1742 Alton Realty Co., 2-2222 C room iiuHlfrn frame ... 4 room modern frame ....... BELMONT VILLAGE s room, :: bedroom brick . Two 3 room. :i bedroom bricks Slli.nuo \VOOD RIVER Off Ninth St. HI5I. 6 room modern frame ......... W,,W) 5 room mcidero frame, '.', Ixidrooms SIO.HOO "'NEAR' DOWNTOWN S room modern, 3 baths ..... SIS. "50 NORTH RODGERS AREA 5 room, 3 bedroom brick ..... S17.BOO Sis room. 3 bedroom brick. .. S1R.4OO 5 room, 3 bedroom brick .... S16.200 4 room modern frame ....... $10,000 WICK-MOR PLACE New ."i room. 3 bedroom brick Sl!i.!<00 NEAR OWENS-ILLINOIS 4 room modern frame, I 1 .- baths SHS500 HUMBERT COURT 5 room, 3 bedroom brick ..... $14.800 RECREATIONAL AREA 2 acre lake, 40 acres woodland $6000 LOTS Choice, restricted building lots. AH prices. MAURICE J. WICKENHAUSER AGENCY Open all day Saturday Evenings and Sundays, call NEAR UPPER ALTON ;t 13F.DROOM nil modern brick in condition, full baiem'-nl. air tllfi'med. ehoice lornlion. fnr pii.nlment <"i'l olfirr. ABERDEEN AVE. 4 ROOM URICK Strlctlv morirrn throughout, plastered walls HWF aluminum storm doors and windows Metal awnlnes. lotf of cabinet* snd elocei ipace Full basement witn p.nMered wall* heat .In s rnstrlrt^d area Owner Inm-aem-d Call offire. MAVFTELD AVE — .1 room m «*-, r " frame, full basement, stoker. Hv-i 1 , pln'tcied walls, wiitcr heater. send locution. ne*r -.cliooU. will consider ,-iny reasonable offer. Only $7:>00. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS 4 room brick. InrRc floor plan, lot; df closet xpnr... HWF pla*U-ied i walls, h-autlltil uitrhen -irmnite- | ment I'll! ba.-'emrnt, ea" larr;e ! lut, A-klnK . $l.-).r,r,0j NORTH RODGERS \ />. VKHY ATTRACTIVF. :i bedroom j ranch type hrick. Garage attached, j (•as heat livine room carpeted. Very t larRe kitchen with lots of cabinet^, i Large corner lot 143' by ifiV. beautifully landscaped Near school Sell- | inf^ far below apnrai^^d value. For more Information alxmi thi? out- Ktandlng buy, call office. . NEAR GILLESPIE : A VERY ATTRACTIVE country • home. all modern. ^ rooni^ and j two basernent rooms, new barn and severs-1 other building*,, 3.1 acres, lot' of good timber, has lake frontage, all fenreri. on Korxi highway, near town, cnll office for information! 'NEAR BUNKER HILL F \HM-140 ACRES. 88 acres tillable, h n.v>m house, lari?e barn, on all weather ntad. asking $14,800. ' Plii-i ' aiifl 'i ?i-bedroom homes in nrustu-y UUAT ' ,'nn N inth St. Wf>od Hivfi Pis- play house open SlinilnV 2:"ii-l::Wi p rn 7-H VVednesdny cvrnint;^ RALPH H. LADD Phone fdwnrdsville :MW "Bnilrler of Nntlnnai Home' Trade-in*: Dsiinllv 'fir NiranK'il WE INVITE YOU ! To inspfict a new three bedroom home tn Holly Hills 2:00 - 5:00 P.M., SUNDAY, ! OCTOBER 28th. RAY TINGLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY There's Plenty of Space to Find Quiet, Peaceful Relaxation After a Hard Day in One of These 3 to 5-Bed-' room Homes, Priced From $10,600 to $26,500. •! nnn?.i Mclriei nj HOr.SF.S FOR SAI.K HOI'SF. nn tility, niimni l<il< of LIBERTY room, places; $26,500 ; onlv ;ith <.-'i'i;.o -1-474)' ALTON ST. -— Large seven ','•/ baths; 2 fire- newly painted and beautifully decorated. Will take small house as part payment R.H.HESSENFLOW, Realtor 9 Wood River Ave., Dial 4-3893 Evenings 2-0571, 4-7748 RAY TINGLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY RODGERS PARK: ! 4 NFW lie.-mlihll hrirk H..m. • ttOVSES FOR SAf.F, • T2fi $400 Down to Qualified G. I. UPPER ALTON 4-ROOM MOI1FRN HOME In ft crllcnt eonHillon Laree kitrhen with •s. nire livinK room. bntli have el'ithe'- •<•- IIWF Ihrniuthoiti nasemerit, henl anrl 'valer healer Attached iC" flose In bus Prirr S10.4HO Viola Tuetken 5-5095 York 4-8246 Poterip .... 2-9185 Nimmons Co. 2-9249;n Carl B George Allen & erkley MTLTOJ* AttBA plettiresqtiw B room fram», ill on .-me floor, Lnrge rooms, 3 year* cm. Choice neighborhood Nicely »r- rnnipA. Very nice kitchens With. hlrrh cabinet' Fencer) hack'ae lot . CI.OSF, TO fNDIJSTRIFS — I) tOti-m modern with 3 basement. rooinP: 41«.r» 3 room house on rear of Mt. Wlredi for stove, electric water heater, floor coverings, Venetian blind 1 * M C t» r schools ttnr! bus line CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY BETHALTO I'UOSF. TO TOWN Neat .', lllllily liame. Well Ins ,„.,,! ' Pri ,.e CLUB and road. ing. avaD Price HOL'SE— Area of Plas» creek l.^lsslppl Rh-er, on all wsather Suitable for tear round liv- Nicely furnished, elty water ble. Immediate possession. rnm»s uliilcd. ll mode lose to t .ev.Ti V. iff(1 in ..tnve ^7 2."it i If onh' "• ye;ir^ old .incl ha i. t hcdin'irnv and a '<'''<• All fait vi/e rnorm hut yon woiitcln'1 niif-* the number of room-, if von .in«i tirovr liy (hi 1 , home A home th.-tt I- dnirii'nntrd with lin<-r feature-'* Mich as 2 Tun hath-., both fenuriM tiled, 2 flrenlare* am! a healiMR svMrm fh.-tt i* endorsed by all S'-r this hr'n-k homp in Rodnei* Purk. KOHLER '. ROOMS sump fnnl STREET: lir SEMINARY STREET: S ROOMS—n bedroom--, oil Mill .-ell on cnritract sll.:t'« .NFU ; mi-lit. lured I.IKF nii'nl. d"or:- he»t. rll(i.-,n matic lilrie. lif.i. pl;,«ler. l/'vel lot Full have HWF. lev- Vf?;. nice isiiliilecl. nil rdunod lino ir- kitfli^n •vi-l |ut 7,'ixl ii i-iineh !>l.«.le i t f. lull l)ii'-e Hiiiiuni L -.torm ir oil • lari;e living Srhuol him nt "i Cllv water. S12.KIK) WORDEN, ILLINOIS OOOD fl ROOM HOME— Onraje. nir» Int. City water available $4,009 FOREST HOMES EXTRA NICE all modern frame hom« on lot tuo x 1.10. Full bn'ement, automatic uas radiant baseboard h««t, olaKterrd . electric water heater, wired for .'love. Aluminum storrn wimlnwi arid doors 1 . Nice yard. .17.300 COTTAGE HILLS 4 ROOM MODERN -On lot lOOxlOS. F'llll hiisemenl Brailtiful Interior Pi ire 4 ROfiM all modern. 2 years old. An tnrnaln' (T.'i ; ilonr furnace, city water. Price' . . $8300 $26,500 I I,'i i (je room- pin** a lar»! p h'-iitrd j bree/ew.'i.v llnr? K a 2-.vrar nld I hoiTif* that N ncclaiiTiPd bv ell 1ft be in top quality construction. Ovrr 1HOO srjunre I*»el of living Rp-ire | v-hirh riftr-.s not Include the idea) ipfsjOS ACRES' HOLLY HILLS: :t nV.DROOMS—KIcrllTf Uitflini.' gas ! heat, ilispcj~al. lurjie living room with | fireplare, 2-fiir u'iira«e. roinbiniiUon j srn-pns ;iml storm window this for . A commendable home hii'.hlv recommended for (inv- OTIC to see. A df'"lrnble neighbor- boofl in Nnrth Alton. i fi ROOMS mul HtiliH. Hn 4 ROOM A 1,1. MODF.RN— Attached tfiir»uc. hill basement, aulonialic oil tu'at. luirrUvnfid floors. in-'ulitted, pl,'reil. wiit;fl for *ln\?. •!<'., years old. llnhwiiy location il.1.ano VKKY NICF. 3 bedroom nvick. Large Int. full basement, carpeted MvliiR ronm with firepUce, F.xt.'a nt<-e kid-hen with rtiiiiliB area $23,900 HMSKWOOU r sears ol'l. irom ihe State. Carl Roberts Dorothea Hartnett Elsie Schwerdtfeger Homer Morris 4-5168 2-0:»4 2-627<> 4-3140 BETHALTO i | NEAR BETHALTO — 4 room .strict- j ly modern, barn nnd poultry house, i 8 acres, all fenced, near hixhway. , Asking 514,000 MAIN" ST.—-8 room, modern, stoker. I Cnn b« u^ed as 3 or •! bedroom. On I sewer, near business section. Re- ' duced (or quick sole. £mall down I payment. Call office. < Rerjiu-i Only r M-ars ol'l. OW-nn ha- moved irom ihe State. Tflls fj-rnotii h"me \uis rtesiRiied for comforlible fiimily livinK. A well arranged brie!home with 2 (nil baths, one if off the large master bedronin A ,«oar- lous 24-loot living room A lurfie cfjiicreie porrh. A remote rnntrol electric c ystem for convenience. Lare** lot. in4x'J](i $18,500 6 iijun.i pKi' l'i tiled baths. Only 2 year- old '.• bath off master bedroom Endorsed heating system — radiant ceilinK heat and radiant heat in bn^ement lor clean, comfortable livme. Gai bill for coldest month w,i< only ilLB-'i. No mrssy r*?«istei^ Nicely locator! 1 ' block olf Godfrey road- ' $15,900 A ft IIP 4-iw-droorn hump in a t'iile locution m Middletown. Beautiful I remodeled larEe kitchen. 1 3 < l)ath.s- .''-car parHge Fully insulated. Storm windows and screens I-ik? new rorf. Large HvinK room with fireplace. End ol Liberty Street area. $17,500 Here is • S-rooni home in perfect condition. New furnace, hot wuter heat. Fully insulated. Storm windows and screens. House newly wired 2 full bath*. All painted wall*. Downstairs newly remodeled A vfeH-huill home iocaled in Middletown. EAST RANC'H ALTON—On k TVPF. BRICK—:-, ntt.iclieil gflraKC. I Drive: BLOOMFR R ROOMS-.I DRIVE: V>f tll'Onnt'- niT lol. - iie.ji. .*•!//.7.VI IrniTie- •V14.7IHI DIAMOND STREET: (i ROOM BRICK—3 bedrooms living room with firepUce diiite possessinn HOLLAND STREET: 7 ROOMS—.'i hedroorns. Newlv redecorated. Laree yard with beautiful shrubbery S15.2OO hirch cabinet' el'iset-: iittiichcH curauc l ROOM MOOF.nS — Full iiraue. ciiy -A.HI.T nnrl -e nl- :, ROOM T-'RAMF with full ba-einenl. City i-cv. ei anil '.vatc.r. full> in'-ulat- rd. Aluminum storm windows. Good loratimi. Only ^ yeal-f old S12.600 I •"I" of tlnm Full 4 ROOM HOMF tcimatu- hi'St on lot l.'.T v Price ! VERY M(*f all modern frams. on *T>- proxinintel.v 1 ;ic-re of ground. 4\ roonn and bath down, .1 room *pt. up. Hardwood floors, stoker, full b,i>eiineiit, attarVieil garage. Ptlc*» $12,00>» 7\ ROOM MODERN—Basement. «ute- rnatic oil heat. ."0 frull trees, i', »cr» grinind. aaratse. Eaiy tpvm'', Imm'd- iatr possession Price $7,50*1 MEADOWBROOK NEW K big rooms'. Frame, all modern. lri.inl.ited. On level lot ..... .110,004 BUILDING LOTS XVr IfAVK ,k choice election of build* ing ,ot>; in «.jpv*»ra.i aro;n. (-all offir* tnr p;u lirular-- CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY CALL OFFICE ANYTIME WOOD RIVER 4-0321 or BETHALTO DUDLEY 4-6331 BETHALTO ICURRAN - - - DUdley 4-7785 .PECK - - - DUdley 4-4772 McFADDEN - DUdley 4-5851 EAST SIXTEENTH:« ROOMS— 4 and hall first door. 4 bedrooms up. Hot water heat A nice home in the Mlddletown area. ............. . . . $l.-i,200 ROSEDALE, ILLINOIS: 2HO ACHES. —Improved. JERSEYVILLE, ILLINOIS: BUSINESS BUILDING. CALHOUN COUNTY: COMPLETELY FURNISHF.D — lakeside cottage. RAY TINGLEY i REAL ESTATE AGENCY j 2-Rfiaz REALTOR 2-7B9.'l "E" STHEET— 4 room*, in dition. Kas heat, garage near school A-1 con- attar-lied, . . $-8950. ALTON — 4'«-room frame home with full nanemcm. wsll-io-wall carpei- Ine in living room, tile throughout. Knotty pine cabinet*. $8500. Ph-me men, Will tion decorate Extcncion^*!'. ROOMS — Dow»- Oltic* or com- OF~FOUH would liKe IhrM- modern unfurnished hou« with basement. Phone 4-7311. ex- , change 45»t. I \VAVrnrib RENT or BUY. reason- ,W«™Htr to .ccommaclat.i family of ilx. Phon« Brl«hton_101-_R.___^. iRUTfitATE^M^' OWNER TRANSFERRED — l.»'B<: comfortable 6-room home. Ga*. heat A-! condition. Ideal location on Slate utrret. Termi- See by appoint- mrnt Phone 2-4280. __ j BY OV?KEH — Four room modern j frame. In excellent conditioo. On i Mavey In Upi>cr Alton. $9950. Ph. | 2-1214 __ _ ______ "NEAR ST. pATR'ick's SCHOOL — 6 ; room rriioence winch can be used ; us one or two family. Full basement [ with hot water heat. Corner lot. LarBe rooms Good location. Slate , roof. Immediate possmiion Smalt payment, balance like rent. Special for ........ SS.950 RF.AL ESTATE EXCHANGE Dial 2-9797 if OPEN HOUSES if WE HAVE a choice of 3 brick veneer 3 bedroom homes in the new Whitford SulvKvtfion, overlook me the river. Al»o several choice lou iar *.-.le Gcortfe BolwrUon, Hemphill ABCIIO, will b« in attendance from 2 until 5 p. m. for your con. venseno*. Saiurday afternoon Oct. 27 After office hours or Sunday. i ; — "ALTON heated sun heat. fem:t-d for deed. room, y J rd, S 1,OOO 4 ROOMS and basemen'., jza*, garage, contract down, price $7350. 3 ROOM BRICK, perfect for newlyweds or older couple, beautifully decorated, and excellent location. Price itiiSO. GODFREY ALJETS ADDITION— 4 room all modern, m excellent condition, cah- in?ts & Iniaids. car port. Urge corner lot. asking ... HOLLY HILLS CHOICE building lot, 30x125. for .split level house. Asking JOHN A. GREER, REALTOR Milton Rd. Office 2-8312 good 8 fenced. Will sel o trad, for cJt.v PW«V; NEAR" BETllALTO-S 'acre, with ',-ooin house, good wel . plu» » hoard fl. of > umber .-/ I r- Ce AiirWC ! Y CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY Ca!l»OHice Any Time Wood River 4-0321 or Bethalto Dudley 4-63jj__ BY OWN'ER — Logan ttreet. Five- room frame. Very good condition. Oil heal and automatic water bra ter._$l 1,500__Phone__ a-4.S9p. UPPER ALTON—Attractive 4 room all modern. Newly painted and redecorated. Full ba«menl. Corner lot, near »chooli and industry. Will sell | contract for deed. Price MwOO i Call 2-4295 Anytime i WM. R. NORRIS i with Glazebrook Agency | W66D""RIVER SIX ROOM HOUSE with garage: Will take four room house in Wood River as part payment. R.H.HESSENFLOW, Realtor 9 Wood River Ave., Dial 4-3893 Evenings 4-1959 or_4 : 7748_ ~ ~NbRTH~ALTCiN 5 ROOM BRICK—1 block from bus line, wall to wall carpeting in living room & dining room, HWT, nice size bedrooms, lot* of cabinets in kitchen, tiled bath, gal heat, electric waier healer. Immediate possession. S12.BOO CALL GEORGE CAMPBELL 2-7GOO fob Wuthenow Agency 6 ROOM BRICK. 3 lovely bedroom*, j 2-" ft. living room with dining area, j marble Mils, fireplace, brich cabi- ; net*, dividrtl ba>-*-riient with fire- j place, 2 car atuiched K*> ra Kc. be^ut- . Rtil lot. I 5 ROOM BRICK, wall to wall carpet- i ing. 23 ft. kitchen with lols of | birch cabinet«., tile bath with dress- Bob Timpe . . John Shamblin 11 Plummer . Paul Haitery . John Greer .. ,. $15,500 ; 3 rooms plu? a large upstair, sleep- j ing porch. I'? baths. A fine family! home on a large corner lot con- ; veniently located near downtown : at the corner of Sth and Eas-ton | - _ StrecU. ! $8750 ! ! : $10,600 ; Ideal i A large homp nicely located on Col- ! $1350. i lege Ayer.ue near the Square. 9'i I ' rooms pin* 2 full baths. This should j give someone plenty of bedrooms j with rooms left over for income.] In fairly good condition. Forced hct-air heat. If you want the most house for your money then don't fail to consider this home. Also a 2-car gaeage. Only SlOoo down payment. 2liO.'i State Street Mrs. M. H. Hewitt Mrs. T. M. Jones . Mrs. Jerome Shea . T. M. Jones Jerome Shea ...,., Ray Tingley Alton. Illino^ 2-.-.20H 5-5814 2-320U .'1-7S35 NEW HOME—You can move rijriit in. Beantilll) ranch style trainc \vith attached garacc. lull bateinent. many extra nice leatnrep. Very stood con- strnctirm. Be sure to si'i» thiR one 3 BFDtlOOM all modern honw in | chiiU-c location. InaulatciJ. lurdwood j floni-s, wired for stnve, city sewer! :ind water. Lot. 30 x 1.10 1&3IJO j 4 LARGE ROOMS ami utility, all ' iniKti-rn. Newly decorated, iiuiriMutic. I li.iv tu'rnace. Close to i'i>nter__of town. Price S"iOO NEW AND SICE "i ROOM all modern. : Ciu water and sewer, insulated. : very wi'll built, pvtra nic» teaturefi •• InuiiediHte pos.-.cvsion. Terms. SditOO j ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS i NEW 3 bedroom frame, completely modern. G. E. cabinets, tiled walls j in kitchen and bath, inlaids, HWF. i plastered, full basement .automatic j jjas furnace with blower. Inimed- | iate posnei'sion. Price ,*il-*,:;OU i 2-7110 3-62<16 4-2002 3-7281 Bethalto Office DUdley 4-3581 i Bill Mattery ... i Bethalto DUdley 4-6522; ing table. (JOHN BERIGAN, REALTOR MORO By -*'ner. 8 room hou*e. wired for ttove. Also S room unfinished house, both only $5»00. $1,000 down, *50 month Will consider -wiling separate. Henry Dooley, bcthalto, Dudley BRIGHTON AREA ,«n ATRE FARM — About 120 acre« 'JJ carnation? good .oil. with « I room home. Price $25,000 EDWARDSVILLE ROAD 3 room house and uubdivided. Price .• ............ »5»50 31, ACRES with garage. Can be CALL RICHARD BEUTTEL 2-0078, after 5: 3-8130 Ell M. Greer Agency Close to McAdams way, 4-5J I 52. _ __ __ __ _ ____ "lOo"ACRE~i ? ARM-60 tillable. •, acre like. 5 room house, modern conveniences. 10 miles from Alton. Good road. .813,600. 8-9073. ___ _ ___ FARMS FARMS FARMS ALTAMONT SUBDIVISION Bv owner — 2 befiroora brick, large living room, kitchen and dinette. Full basement, gas heat, garage attached. Front porch, large lot, $14.!)50. __3^ i ! )U 2. __ _ _____ __ ST. MATTHEW'S 3 bedroom near St. Matthew's and Murk Twain. 22 ft. living room. Kris heat. Level lot. 5 years old. Si:i,M>0 HUGH H. HAYES - 2-0247 Rolla 11. Harriton Agency __ FOR~SALE Dy owner, Milton area. 5 room house. Glassed-in front porch. Immediate potseKlon. a-j779. __ UPPER ALTON Lovely Z bedroom white frame, new root, gas heat, basement, 2 blocks East Jr., B blocks Hi-School. HUGH H. HAYES - 2-0247 Rolla H. Harrison Agency $14,700 Nothing more precious than a sisc- roon. brick home in a refined, de- Ivghttul neighborhood in Mlddletown. A fireplace and built-in bookcases that dress up the good-sizf living room. Third bedroom with a closet or ideal M a den located off living room. Full bath up and stool down; abundant in cabinets and closets. Gas heat. A home glowing with warmth and comfort; something not felt in every home. Also a captivating screened porch. A sturdy, older home appealing to the pocketbook as well as the eye. CLEM NOLL AGENCY A Realtor Office Ph. 3-HG21 Evenings Please Call DICKMANK 2-84.14 GRENZEBACK 2-47M 5 ACRES: IMPROVED with twautiful 5 room brick home, double t*™*** ""f '*- ment shed, hard road location L Just out of Upper Alton ......... *-16,300 JERSEY COUNTY: 116 ACRES-BO in cultivation, now in corn & bean*. 3-»cr« lake wllh large oak trees «round It. County road on one tide «nd hard road In ftoni. Ideal for tmbdivUlon. Improved with very modern 7-room house, in good repair. 147 ACRES: 10 MILES FROM ALTON-Also Improved with «"°<» J - J " udln|( t^,-ii acres bottom ground. Farm l™Ple- nieuts Included .............. Wa,500 4 ACRES: MODERN COLONIAL HOMB — Con- t,ii,t ing of living room 30xH, dining 12x14* kitchen 19*H, 4 large bed- roomi and bath up. Basement, stoker h«at, automatic hot water heat. plenty water, mce breezeway, double garBge, beautiful "ttlng among wimt fine old trees. About 380 foot frontage on State Ht. 67A. ZZ miles from North Alton. Reduced for quick sale. Will consider contract. $10^00 20 ACRES: CLOSE TO Bethalto High .School. 8 acren In cultivation, balance wooded pasture. A good place to bu Id. Priced to sell at only ........ W.OOO TED PRICE REAL ESTATE REALTOR 6I3a E. Broadway Phone 5-1313 or 5-1323 Ntwton ............... 3-BWa Hendrlcki ............. a-«M« nuncan ........ ,,.. Du-4-4463 Grlxzl* ,,,. ........... Z-70U4 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS— 4 room modern. Large corner lot. S450 down. Contract for deed | PENNING- AVE., Wood River. 3 large rooms, modern, full babement, furnace heat. Close lo downtown Wood River. $500 down, contract (or deed ............ ' .................. S4»50 j 3 BEDROOM HOUSE—Less than one year old. Kitchen dinette, living room and bath, garage in basement. Automatic gas heat. Lot 60x200. Concrete block building 20x;iO in rear For appointment phone Ed- •warusville 2451, I MICHIGAN AVE.—South Roxana. S FOR SALE—New four room completely modern home. 32' x 38' basement, brcezeway and garage, 5 acres level land. Located Shipman, Illinois. 5-8348. 4 ROOM HOUSE — Mptitty modern, $3950. Located 3303V, Come-In PI. 3-8203. . IDEAi. 3-KOOM Htft'SE-With bath & utility. Extra 40-ft. lot. 206 Went Sth, Hartford. 705 UNION—Three 3-room apartments. One large room on first floor. All decorated. 5-5910, READY TO BUY? SEE FOUR NEW BRICK HOMES W RODGERS PARK Sunday -afternoon 2:00 . 5:00 P. M: ' , RAY TINGLEY REA ESATE AGENCY _ NEW— 4 rooms & bath. West 19th. $1000 to $16oo down. Price $8500. Ph. 8-8073. DOUGLAS STREET Nice 3 bedroom home, excellent location. Urge living* room, big kitchen with built-lini and break fa«t nook, full bath, one bedroom on first floor and <t bedroom* up. full basement, gas heat. Other ieatures include attached liaruije, st-rccned-ln patio, HWr, plastered walls, Insulated storm wludowti and werns (HI3.600 ALLEN & NIMMONS CO. REALTOR ' 2-9249 rooms up, 2 lartfe finished basement rooms down, semi-modern. S250 down, contract for deed $3750 Pleace Call KENNETH C. KU.LEBREW 4-7462 MILTON AREA FULLERTON AVE. — Reduced price of $0500 on this 5 room modern In A-1 condition. Cabinets end Inlaid* in kitchen, and bath. Venetian blinds, aluminum storm sash, full basement, stoker heat, garage Priced to sell, only *6SOO CALL JIM GREER 2-0078 or 2-9/55 After 6 P.M. •— 2-6728 ELI M. GBEER WILSHIRE VILLAGE The center of activity, clow to schools, churches, hospital, ne shopping center. Several New Brick Homes Now being built.' Ranch or contemporary, 2 or 3 bedrooms, some with inthikeller basement. Some with fireplaces'. Custom 'built kitchen Intllt-ln oven ami burners. Gas heat Many extras. Completed to sui buyer. Reasonably Priced At low 64 $1250 down. Be sure to u!e them.' FRANK YODER, Realtor 4-8113 or 4-4627 . WQOD RIVER'S BEST LOCATION TIPTON--6 rooms with 3 bedrooms & dining room, basement with gas heat breezt*wuy and 2 garages, ven. bllndt> awnings, aluminum storm windows insuUitet], Hens? only a tew year old and in perfect condition. Sullin Ipr . SI3.90 WE RECOMMEND YOU SEE THIS ONE R. H. HESSENFLOW, Realto 4-3883 or 4-7748 Evening.. dUI H. L. McAlistor Z-0571 BETHALTO I -OVELY li ROOM home on corner lot. large room*. full ba>ement, close to Catholic Church & schools. Price $16,800. MARIE THOMPSON REAL ESTATE 5-1413 Office open until B WOOD RIVER 73 S 6TH — 6 room?, 3 bedrooms, 2 H;Uhi>. nice kitchen, ga» heat, double garage. Quick possession. RICK ST. — NEW - E room. 3 bedrooms, nice kitchen, plenty of cab- ineti, full basement, oil heat, fully Insiiinttd. comb alum. *creen» »nd storm flash. n area restricted to Briek Homes. Less than one year old. Brick, atone front, 3 bedrooms, knotty Dine kitchen, electric oven and range built in. garbage disposal, wall to wall carpeting in living room, dln- ing ell. hall and I bedroom. Georgia stone fireplace, attic fan. plenty < f large closets, fully insulated. Full b.-^omcnt with floor tiled, shovvt-r and stool. Attached garage. Owner leaving town. LONGFELLOW — 4 room frame, modern, full basement, wired tor electric stove, garage. Priced right. PENNING AVE— 3 bedroom, frame, full basement, gas heat, insulated, «.:reei.t and ttorrn sash, garage, corner lot, quick WOOD RIVER AVE. — Income prop. erly U rooms. 3 »pts. Full basement 3 garages. SOUTH 0'1'H ST.—Large 9 room older home. Hot water heat, stoker fired Large corner, lot lOtt ft front- Worth asking urice, WH1TE1WVW AVE. — Close to town, school* and but 5 room frame. Large attic, hot water neat, stoker fired, furafi*. 30-day possession S'lATK St — Basement House, fur- nlihed, heated with circulalmg oil healer. Large lot 75x1 US. PAST ALTON WOOD RIVER AVE. — 4 room, full basement. g»s heat, alum comb, screen* and storm sash, nice corner lot, Priced right. PRICE ST. — Home and income. 3 family. 3 bedrooms each side 2 furnaces end 3 baths, no basement ROXANA e 6TH ST. - 4 room, lull basement, stoker heat, very guud condition, garage. 147 E 6TH ST—Large 4 room, part bttsement uu> furnace, combination •creens. corner lot caract. WANDA LARGk. a BfcLWOON - Kull basement oil heat. Insulated Guraie. Large lot. big trees good garden ipoi Clean cool living WOODLAND DRIVE COOL) OLKAW - rwo Dedroom bre«i>tw«> and garage full baie- m*ni oil not *tr n,e«t Clone to ichool bua. Large lot 73x886 Priced for quick sale Will consider trade (or houn In Wood River or Ea'il Alton , SOUTH ROXANA ROSE AVIS—*S raoma, 2 bedroonu modern, full baiement., heat, in- iUluted screens and titorm sa>.n. EMM^T HOWARD Realtpr & Insurance New Location 130 Whitelaw 4-9532 Dinwiddi* 4-7726 BRIGHTON EXTRA SPECIAL — Large 5 room modern design, fireplace, air conditioned. Carport. Owner willing to sacrifice. Located Georgcne Acres. • •••••• MEADOWBROOK NEW — 4 room frame, modern design. full bath and utility, tile floors. Just north of Baptist Church. $950 down. $30 Der month. Price ST. 950 • •••••• UPPER ALTON 2453 SEMINARY— Lovely tour room modern white frame. Good sii.e rooms. Plenty of cabinets & closets. InlaiH In kitchen & bath. Screens and sjorm windows. Full basement. Warm air furnace with stoker. Automatic hot water. Combination garace & workshop. All in excellent state of repair. Lot 75'x208'. Special at S9950 CLEM NOLL AGENCY REALTOR. Office Phone 3-S621 After 5 P.M. Please Call: DICKMANN .. 2-8454 GRENZEBACK . 2-4788 if ELI M. GREER, Realtor"* AND INSURANCE OPEN TILL 8:30 P.M. ALTON 9TH 4: LIBERTY ST. — 6-room brick. plastered walls, 3 ropms and bath on first floor, cabinets in kitchen. 3 rooms with '?-bath on second floor. 2 screened porches. Only S5900 SERIXG AVE. — 8-room modern. in good condition. 5-room .modern on first floor, tile bath, cabinets and inlairts in kitchen, also 3-room apartment on second floor for rental. full basement, sa* heat, only SI0.950 EAST ALTON — INCOME PROPERTY $1.000 DOWN— 10 room modern house with 3 room modern house on rear 1 of lot. Owner has s rooms and bath down. 2 apts. and bath up. Income I S120 month. Only ......... $12.600; $500 DOWN TO G.I. WOOD RIVER— 318 Picker | f,ear schools and bus line. Very nice | i 5 room frame. 2 large bedrooms , knotty pine sun room, could be 3rd , bedroom. 12x24 carpeted living room i with dining 5 ROOM all modern frame. Hard- \vuod iloorh. raiiiaM baseboard heat, I beautiful Ronum brick fireplace with j i-leatilntor unit. Extra nice bath, • double basin Uvlnette. colored flx- lures. Verv nice kitchen, natural finish birch cabinets. Extra large 1 living rr.orn with 2 thermo-pane pic- j turc windows. Attached garage, i ; Shrubberj. Lot U~> x 230 ... S1B.200 ' I ALL MODERN BRICK -- 4'i largf i i rooms., full basement, automatic oil ; baseboard heat. Young-town kitchen, : ! aluminum storm door*, windows & : awnings. On lot 100 x 200. Very nice. ! Bt sure to see it 11:! K *' n «• HAZEI, DRIVE— Imme<4- iate DOSsession. Very nice 4 roora brick attached garage and carport. Beautiful shrubbery & trees. Aluminum awnings, storm windows arid doors. Insulated. OJas heat and •water heater, HWF. Venetian bllndi. rarpetjng In living room, metal cabinets in kitchen, tile bath. larg» closet, full basement finished in knotty Dine. 2 baths. Owner will consider tradf or reasonable financing can be arranged. Call to *rr*« thta lovely home. HALE REALTY CO., REALTOR E.i«t Alton—i-niln - 4-6aB.1 After S P. M.—4-7454 - 4-3209 • MILTON • HOLLYWOOD AVE. PTVE ROOM BRICK. Insulated. New- Aluminum combination doors »n4 windows, gas heat, gas fireplace. plenty of storage space, all utilities on one floor, city sewer, lovely lot. in nice neighborhood. Owner leaving *tute. This home is in th« very best, condition throughout including carpeting in living room and bedrooms. Priced »t .. J14.90U. • J. P. CRANE REALTY • OFFICE a-onis NAOMI HUFF S-39'i* EDITH SIMPSON S-19or> RESORTS — COfTAGBS WOOD RIVER I •, ROOMS ii. BATH—Half-uasement, hand fired coal furnace, insulated, plastered. Venetian blinds, sewer, cilv wuter. Immediate possession S5750 6(1 _ CLUB HOUSE—-3 rooms i screenrd porch. Gratton, III. Phone 733* Highland, 111. after S p.m. area. Deep basement: with gas furnace and water heater j 4 no OM all modern. Full basement. —• " ' Priced right : a |,miinum sidine. well insulated. Garage. at Will sell G.I. $K9i)fl ! aluminum siding. City gas. large garage and nice lot $6950 BETHALTO 4 LARGE ROOMS— Exceptionally well built, about 4 years old. Cabinets, closets, full basement, warm air furnace, automatic hot water heater Attached garage. Nice shade trees. Located at M-t Centra! Price S10.SUO • •••••• ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS EXCEPTIONALLY NICE - 4 large rooms. Less than year old. Fully modern. Wall to wall carpet in living room and drapes Nice cabinets, tile floors in kitchen and bath, HWF. full basement, automatic gas heat and hot water heater Combination aluminum screens, storm windows and doors. Carport with storage fcpaee. Very near grade school. Finance K^IA or conventional. Price ...................... $12,900 • •••••• WOOD RIVER 854 SOUTH EIGHTH (Sotier Pl.i — 4 room modern. Good state of repair Closets .cabinets. Level tot 93x153 Some shrubs. Immediate pu;iKes*ion. $750 down. Price reduced . Sli950 ROXANA 217 ELM ST — 4 room modern. HWF full basement, automatic heat and hot water Large front oorch. Garage. Level lot House completely redecorated. Price . $7950 • •••••• BETHALTO 5 ROOM BRICK - Large floor plan About 1 vear old. Automatic neat and hot u-ater Cabinets, tile floors Well located In recent subdivision on south side of highway Terms *2000 down balance SflS oer month or finance J--HA. Price Sl° 500 ALTON—400 E. Fourteenth 1 APTS DOWN 3 UP - Automatic hot water heat Lurar lot nice s,n«de trees S rooms down vacant Consider contract for cii-ert 01 small n.iuSfAfor trade Being redecorated Contract or G.'I. Price . S10.900 EAST ALTON DUPLEX — 4 rooms and bath on each side. Good state of repair, divided basement. St'ixuiue furnaces. Large enclosed front porch. £aratfe. 200 Grand $8950 WOOD RIVER 3 BEDROOM, full basement, furnace and stoker, automatic hot water. About 4 y«nrii old. 604 State Itreet $9850 COTTAGE HILLS NORTH WILLIAMS STREET — U room modern, exceptionally well built end improved, full basement. Holland'* best oil furnacf. one year old. Lot 73x300. shrub*, shade tret*, fruit Jren*. barbecue pit. »-o»r K«rage, chicken house. Exceptional buy S-1.000 JOHN BERIGAN, REALTOR 4-UW4 — He»ld*iice: 3-12(53 '200 W. M*ln St., East Alton, III. WASHINGTON' AVE., I'pper Alton— 5-room modern. Newly decorated. modern kitchen with new cabinets anil inlalds . Ceramic tile In full basement. J1200 down. bath. Price $9950 DOROTHY ST.—Just i.i block off Brown street, close to bus, schools and churches. S-room modern. Large floor plan, in A-1 condition. Plaster walls. HWF, aluminum storm windows and screens, inclosed porch, insulated. Venetian blinds, full basement, gas heat, garage. See this •home before you buy. Only. $11.800 SACRIFICE PRICE of $8.950 on this 4 rwm modern, only I year old. Large floor plan. HWF. Venetian blinds, modern kitchen and bath. Full basement, oil furnace, garage. Only S8.950. Just off State St. $1000 DOWN ' NORTH A L'I UN—Davit St , close to business section and school 5 room modern in good condition Large floor plan, plastered walls, full basement. g«« heat, garage. Nice shady lot. Price $9.450 WOOD RIVER SOUTH 9TH ST. — 5-room modern in good condition. Plastered walls. large floor plan, tile bath. Venetian blinds, summer porch, full basement, gas heat, garage. $1500 down. Pi-Ice 58900 MADISON AVK. — 5-room modern brick. Large floor plan, newly decorated. 3 bedrooms. V blinds, garbage disposal, full basement, stoker hent. garage. Only $9.500 NORTH ROXANA EAST 6T11 ST.—Income property. 8 room modern. 4 rooms and bath on first floor, also 4 rooms and bath o i second floor. Venetian blinds, storm windows and screens, screen- ed-ln front porch, full basement, garage. See this extra income property, only . . $10,990 * ELI M. GREER, Realtor * 1106 Milton Rd. Off. 2-9755 625 E. Broadway .. 2-0078 After 6 p.m. Call: KENNETH GREER 2-B8H4 JIM GREEB 2-1.728 DALLAS M MEDHURST 3-8981 KICHARD BEUTTEL 3-81.% TOM GIBSON 2-4258 WOOD RIVER NICE 4 ROOM—Completely modern home. Carpet on living room floor, nice large kitchen, full basement, gas h«t. gas hot water heater Rath- gkeller in basement. Selling for only smH) EAST ALTON—BROADWAY S room modern Can be used a» 8 or 4 bedrooms Large kitc.ien, full basement, new gas furnace, and water beater Screened in front porch garage. Price * ii - 4 ' 1 ° EAST ALTON—306 East Main 6-ROOM MODERN - :s Dedroom.. large kitchen large bath, full basement. Bat: neat, knotty pine rjlass enclosed back porch. Priced for quick sale . - -•• S94;l0 EAST ALTON—Illinois Ave. 4 ROOM FRAME — Large kitchen. Nice basement. Ne-w oil turnace, shower and stool In basement. 52-gallon electric water heater Nice yard and garage i ' J:>u EAST ALTON—Goulding 5 ROOM FRAME—Insulated brick siding excellent condition. Aluminum combination storm windows and screens, aluminum awnings. ga« furnace eas water heater, new garage, overhead door. Priced at V8500 WOOD RIVER ACTON AVE.—Income property With over $300 per mo income. Two 3- room apts. down, basement apt., and 0 sleeping rooms second i-onstruction. gas heat, rage. Some furniture ror appointment, . . 4 ROOM modern frame. Located near i school, churches and business. A I" good buy for $7330 j IMMEDIATE POSSESSION — 5 room modern. Full basement, atoker heat, double garage. ', block to school $10,500 WANTED — KEAI. ESTATE WAlNlTTO" SETT" ~ YOUR PROPERTY? Call U.i for Appraisal.' ELI M. GREER, Realtor Phone 2-9753 or 2-0078 AUCTIONS 64B rUBtJCSAl,EIBECTORr 4 ROOM modern brick. Full ment, automatic gas furnace, aluminum storm windows and doors. Close to stores, grade school and high school $9500 SATURDAY. OCT. 27, 2 P. M. LOCATED IN DOW, ILLINOIS base- I I am breaking up housekeeping ar.4 moving in with son, so will sell mr household uoods and tools to thi highest bidder. Mrs. W. H. Spauldlng. owner. Art Long, Auctioneer. 2-5113 floor. Brick double ga- included. Call .. $31.000 ALTON—2329 STATE ST. 2 blocks from North Alton shopping district, 8 room duplex, 5 room and 3 room apt., full basement, playroom new oil furnace, 2 automatic water heater, a car (Saragc. Corner lot. A bargain for . ... $16.UOO EAST ALTON—OAK DRIVE A nice residential location, comfortable 5 room modem brick home, 2 bedrooms, large living room, with fireplace and picture window that ovo-looks the entire area. East Alton and Wood River. Garage. Gaa heal and gas hot water heater. This is a nice -home in a location that warrants the Investment of ....$17,900 HALE REALTY CO. Realtors East Alton. 4-5115. 4-6565 OFFICE OPEN TILL 9 P.M. FRIDAY For Your Convenience and until 5 p.m. SATURDAY. NEW HOWE — Wonderful locition. Bebt, of construction. 6 room all mortem brick. Built for beauty, quality and comfort. Price. $23,000 4 ROOM modern home on lot ,10x100. 3 room apt. on t>ame lot. 53,000 4 LARGE ROOMS—Breeztway and garage. 2 years old. Hardwood floors, nice cabinets. Corner lot Good location. Price , . . ( . S>10,500 0 ROOMS and enclosed sun porch. All modern. Plastered, insulated, full basement, automatic gas furnace. Lifetime aluminum siding. Excellent location. Terms. Price 410,900 4 ROOM FRAME—1 y*»- ol-l Very nice. I.artie rooms, inliiids in kitchen ami bath, hardwood floors, full basement, atoker heat. Price . .$n,500 EAST ALTON NEAT 4 room frame. Full basement, City xas wired for stove. Large barbecue pit, well shaded lot. Two blocks, to school, within walking illslance of Western $6350 4 HOOM MASONRY — A|l modern. Nicely decorated. Hardwood floors, aluminum storm doors and windows, aluminum awnings. Full basement. 4 blocks to school .... $7600 4 ROOM all modern frame Full basement ttarage. Very good condition ... 5I..OOO 61C AUCTIONS THE FOLLOWING personal properly of Mrs. Pat Knsley will be sold «t public auction, Saturday, Nov. S, 1036. 7 p.m., to satisfy warehouseman's lein. Tlie sal? will be held »t Jouetl Auction, Alton, III.— 1 bed. complete; biby bed, springs, mai- tress, vanity base bench, 6 kitchen chairs, suit case, chest, lamp tabl«, end table, coffee table, 2 tabl* lamps, Victrola, divan and chair; refrigerator, apt. gas stove, tabl*, sewing machine. kitchen tables. Smith Bros. Moving. 179 7th St., _Wood River. _ _ _____ "AUCTION SALE — Tuesday evening . 7:30 p.m. Jouett Auction Houne, 170« Washington Ave. New furniture. power tool*!, hardware, appliance. Christmas toys. John Morris, auctioneer. 4 ROOM ALTON FRAME—Modern. Garage, fenced yard, within 2 blocks of Alton High School, month. Price $750 down. S40 per . . $4750 HOME WITH INCOME — 11 rooma with 4 apartments. Lt apartments furnished. 2'j batlib, newly decorated inikic. newly painted exterior. Bringing income of S1UO per month. Located close lo industries. $8,000 CLOSE TO STEEL MIL!..— Industries and >hitpping. llonir, plus income property, ti room ull modern, full basement, stoker heat, plastered walls, iiibiilated, living room carpeted wail to wall. Plus 3 room all modern on same lot which rents for SnO per month. Live in one, rent the other. All for $9300 MILTON AREA—All modern 4 room frame. Kull basement, hardwood floors. A good buy, Easy terms $8800 as »OGS~— CATS — BRO~WN"SPIDEH "MONKEY" — wit h cage, for sale. $100. 3-1074 __ "HOME~for mother cut and half-grown kittens. Will separate. Dudley 4-34J1 iBethaltoi. __ ^ BEAGLE PUPS— Two months old. Pft. 2-4038. ________ BOSTON "BULL" PUPPIES— Not refit- tered. Price $33. Phone_4-9738. ________ "KEGIST¥RED' BEAGLES for aaie or _lrade. 4-239G. __________ . DACHSHUND" PUPPIES— AKC regu- tered. Phone_Jersej-vtUc_4MW. _____ __ CHIHuTHUA"pCpPIES for sale. Wm. Robinson. Call after 3. Phone ::S, CarroUton, Illinois. ______ BOXEK~PUPS — "Fawn vlth blaj:!f masks. $35 and $23. all -South 8th. Rosewood Heights. __ _ ________ "WJELlTTHAINED" ~BEACUES 'or ia5«. Phone_4-7609. ___ ________________ _ WGISTERKD ""BEAGLES — Rum.ui«. 2'j . 4 y«arsi_old. _PhoneJ^7BM._ __ GUAHANTEED baby parakeets. Easy to teach. $1.00 up. Sixth street. Forest Home. Phone 4-09B1. _____ AFTER 5 P.M. CALL: DON HAl-fc BUB HALB . JIM EARL rLOVD 'GOFORTH WALTER A. HALii. Jr. 4-3U-U 4-47S8 4-7454 4-448» 4-8200 (Cuulinucd ID Neil Coluutn) FfNANCTAL"" BOSTON TERRIER STUD SERVICE-; Sires »ii.aH tlashy puppies. AhC. reglstered^jaao PJW-«»j_Z i lJ?:!L 3r -. BABY PARAKEETS — Guaranteed tj talk. 40 E. Airline Drive, Rosewood Heights. 4-4006 : ^ _..., BOSTON TERRIER STUD'SERVICE;-- Sires small flashy puppies. AKC registered. Also puppies. Ph a-7137._ _ FINANCIAL BUSINESS SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE S I D I N G * Siding Windows LET GEORGE DO IT CANHAM'S HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. s i D I N G •s» Roofing t Insulation • Storm • Awnings • Free Estimates. 326 Degonhordt, Alton Dial 2-0386 WHEN YOU BUY— Buy at Home WHEN YOU FINANCE— Finance The 'Wedge Plan" Way

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