Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 15, 1952 · Page 7
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 7

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 7
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—Local Marld'iK- Iggs Down tiiother Cent; Soybeans Up Kggs look anotluM iK-nnv-pi'i- drop on the lotnl ptoduci nnrkct today. Soyboans wi-re a )onny hlKlior on the local Kvain i FOR nnrkct. Get Dough for Doodads-Sell What You No Longer Want Automotive ' FOIl SAI,K IMl Foul lialflon pickup. .Sl,0:irv (-.iioil sh.ip.-. .Tack M<>#1cinu)tl. Ph. 1198.1 1201 Ave. S. IXS-Sx-U Legd Notice Bus. Opportunity"! For Rent ifa ^iu* 9aU« tftimt. For Sole 13 For Sale (illAlN Jld corn -Sl.dT <c\v corn $1.6^. ^oyboan.s S2.7U 3atB (3(5 lbs.) 7h • Rax -^ Graves Urain Company Gruver, Huntington. Maple Hill VHOnVCK pwect cream <o. 1 >fo. 2 Icnnerlea <o. 1 flo. 2 Itraight run 73c 71c 69c 30c 25c 22c ...... 25n. Jena, under 4VJ lbs 10c JenK, 4\i lbs. and over 13c Icavy cocks 10c Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ....Sc SAFETY. Have u.s in.spcct brake sy.stcni tlioiouchlv . . . a<l- or ri'hnc the biakc.«. it necessary. THOMAS MOTORS 18H-.3-11 AUTO SKAT COVER SALE Ready-made plastic aiUo seat covi'i.s. Re>:iijar price $19.45. Priced to clear at $11.SS. Vaiie- ty of colors. Can fit nio.xl ears. MONTGOMERY WARD EstherviUc. Iowa lfW-3-11 fioux City Livestock Sioux City, May 15 iP—Sioux ( lity livestock market quotations; lattlc salable 2,500; calves 25; most laughter steers and heifers stca- y; some light weights high good nd better firm; most cows fully ^cady; stockors and feeders little liangcd; scattered sales choice fed Hocrs $32-$34; commercial and od $28-$31; limited sales choice elf era 31.60-32.26; few choice mixed leers and heifers 34.60; some commercial hellfci;8 around |26-$27; alk utility''and commercial cows !-t26; few26.60-$JJ6; most canncrs nd cutters *18.60-i21.60; few light anncrs undfer 16.60; odd lots me^um and good stock steer.") 27.5031; few light weights $33. I Hogs salable 6,700; barrows' and Its around 270 lbs. do\vn active; higher; heavier weights rather raggle, largely 25 higher; BOWS [illy 50 higher; choice 1 and 3 bar- pws and gilts 190-250 lbs. $21-21.50; ^ttor freely for choice light wci- nts by shippers and one -major acker; one load around 225 lb. i^eragcs 21.65; other major packs 21.25 down; choice 260-280 lbs. .50-$21; around 290-330 lbs. 15.90- i .50; .some around 370-400 lbs. 1.50-$19; sows around 400 lbs. )wn 18.50-19.60; choice light wei hta to 19.75^$20; 410-560 lbs. 18.50. \hicaeo Livestock Chicago, May 15 (JP) —Hog prices aped as much as $1.00 a hundred lunds In * vciy active market to- ly with on» SMHU lot brlnginir jl.75, the highest .selling price pee Oct. 1. weights and grades of cal- were slow and steady. The pep market also wns steady. [EETC [Is in the mile and medley. Shol|n is favored to cop the niodloy. the two sprint relays we have : Tigers down for a fourth in the and a fifth in the 880. They E ght do better than that but erokee and Spirit Lake both fig- to give the Midgets their stiff- competition in the sprint relay pnts. * « «! . ILL THIS figuring is purely by- ithetical and one of a host of entualitics • peculiar to track lets could throw the whole spec- ^tlon into 'a mess of mlscalcula- t»s reminiscent of the public |nian polls in the last prcsidcn- electlon. 2 ut one thing does figure certain t the 1052 conference meet uld be another closely contested ^aic from the first shot out of tor George Hick's pistol until ', last tape has been broken. tho last SO years more than bousand commercial varieties of )ts and nuts have been Intro- cd. FOR SALIC 1941 Chevrolet Club coupe. Excellent condition. Owner leaving for overseas duty. Call 1420. Eldic Mustard .Ir. 187-3.\-ll FOR SALE—1940 Buick Special. Newly overhauled motor. Body in good condition. $150.00. Ph. 1188\V. James Loewcnberg. 186-3X-11 FOR SALE>—1939 Chevrolet Tudor. First $100 takes it. See after 5 p. m. Ervln Rupe, 963 N. 12th. 186-3X-11 CAR TROUBLES? F:Dr carefree spring driving and gas saving top performance, bring your car to us for a spring checkup. HENAMA^f MOTOR CO. 183-6-11 LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper to bumptr service—all malice. Sec us. Robinson Motors "Pontlac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll Giants Hike Lead lo TMO Games NOTICK OF .AITOINTMKNT «)I AnMINISTKATUIN .X.' 27;.-.' Slat'' itt' b'\\;\. 1-Jmnifl »*t>unt>. s*^ .N'lilici' i.s lirM'l..\ L:IV'!i. tiial th • under.^ij^iieil has brcn duly ;<]i)ioint ed and (lualifted us Adniinisli at 11\ of the estate uf H.niy H. Slant;, land deceas(Hl, late of I'^tnniet rtUiM ty. All persons indelit'il to said es tale are requested to tnaUe inmi'-- (iate payment; and those liavln; claims against the same will pie sent them, duly authmtlcatril ti the undersigned for allowanct. nnu file in the office of tlie '.'l<'ik <>l !))< District Couit. Sadie Olson. Adnii.v. By Kenned.v & Kenneily, li lorneys. Dated May 14. Ruth Kemi.-i. Clerk District Court. By: Mary Peterson. Deputy (Mav 1.V22-29) ADDITIO.VAI. i;\CO.\!K Upcninh- in Ksthervil'c for man oi woman No selling. .•ihiTl bonis. pU'iis-.^nl work Wont intnfirr with pres- .nt job. Inconir op lo S.Vi.oO V eekly to stall S40t1 lo Sl.lW cash leijuired, s> eureil by e^juip- | ir.c-nt. (Jive .'uldress telephone , Write Bii\ •^TAS. care Daily | News. ISS-.-i-:?! , i $20000 MONTHLY SI'AUK TI.MK Will selec! repies. ntatixe to ;eiv- iee nierchaniiisin;; iiiinhlnes .No selling, must liav.' $0i1ti OtV ElKhl liciiis weekly «iil net $200.00 monthly. For interview, write write Unileil Dislril.utors. P O. Box 511. <'arthn;;e. Missouri. 187-2X-21 FOR liKM VOtll l.'.'.t^t 1 FOR P.KN r I lious. Ki 1 j;2fiw FOR UKNr apai! ini nl 2nd Av.v S IH,S Thiirv. Mav l.*>. l !).V2 I i\ 1. 1-11\ .It, I 'h. r. FOR So KKN r l2tli s; Two 1 Personal BRAISED BEEF tenderloin tips on toast. Hot salmon loaf with mushroom sauce. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 188-1-4 Indoor sports are all right if they go home at a reasonable hour. Buy three, one free, including trade in. First Lino Tires. WHITISH STANDARD SERVICE 418 Central Ave. 188-2-4 ALICE: I solemnly promise to have the car radio repaired at once. I'll call Steve at Esthcr- vllle Radio and it will bo done right. Bill. I87-.1-4 BEAT IT GIRLS—not your rugs to Martin Furniture for Flna Foam rug and upholstery cleaner. • 185-5-4 NATIONAL LKAGIJK W. L. Pet 17 G.B. New York 17 5 .773 ... Brooklyn 15 7 .682 2 Chicago 14 11 .560 4'^ Cincinnati 14 11 .560 4'; St. Louis 12 14 .462 7 Philadelphia 10 13 .435 Boston 10 14 .417 S Pittsburgh 5 22 .185 14':- Wodm-sday'.-i ICcsiilts: New Yoik 8 Cincinnati 3, St. I^ouis 5 Brooklyn 1, Boston 4 Piltslnugh 3 (10- innings), Philadolplua 9 Chicago 2. Friday's Schedule: Chicago at New York 11:30 a. in.. PiUsburKli at Brooklyn 11:30 a. in.. SI. Loui-s at Boston 6:30 p. m., Cincinnati a". Philadelphia 6 p. m. AINIKKICAN LKAGIIK \V. L. Pet tt.B. Cleveland 18 9 .667 Washington 14 9 .009 2 Boston 14 11 .560 3 Chicago 13 13 .500 41J St. Louis 13 13 .500 4>j New York 12 12 .500 4»j Philadelphia 9 14 .391 7 Detroit . 6 18 .250 lOV; Entertainment DOUBLE ADVENTURE Double thrills. See "The Sellout" and "Border Saddlemates,' Friday and Saturday at thi Grand theater. 188-2-1 » Orchestras every Saturday Marvin Damman's first appearance this season. Smorg.isbord every Sunday It's different. All homc>-cooked food. All you can eat for $1..'>0 Square Dancing evor.v Tuesday. Lis and I..i-/., professional singing callers. They teach and sing all numbers. It's lots of fun. Eveiyone welcome. Gay Parce Club Hand's Park 187-2-1 DISTRIBUTOR wanted by national brewery for gmxl market In northern Iowa. Write Box 57B, care Dallv News. 187-4X-21 FOR SALE—Hardware .store In N. W. Iowa. Bottled gas. appliances, plumbing, heating, radio, T. v.. etc. Good volume. Approximately $36,000 including flKtur- cs and slock at inventory. $15,000 will handle. Write Box 57KN. IS5-6X-21 NICE OPPORTUNITY! To start your own little proflt- al.le business. No experience is necessary. Yon can start with spare or full time to first feel your way and expand as earnings Justify. A reliable Dun and Bradslreel rated firm will select ;i responsible individual from this area to roprcsenl our products distributed through new automatic merchandising machines. An Investment of only $600.(>n in 20 Initial machines and merchandise is required to start you. When you ran see growing profits you can then add additional eqiiipnu'nt and inventory for expanding. One of our Items is a new chlorophyll Gum type product, which is receiving so much national publicily. This Is an oiiportiinity well worth your fullest invesligation. For personal Interview, write, giving your qualifications, name, address and phone nvimbiM- to Mr Wiggins. Pies., Interstate Vinding Corp oration, .W8 So. Main Street Carthage, Mo. 185-4-21 FOR RKXT At > u! 1' i. i goinl i:ai(bM\ ;;itnintl avaii.i! use. Liic.itnl ,M)i AV'' .N :r i 4 -t « It iwi ^ r t ;s7 I .'• ru'. <ii)« lie (•r *». ri? (>Iir "1 «VH Til J- (irf »'-r\( Til MtitinHin «.i • >,.! k . hn; f (. r . rcil' : f r X , r , u ,| r» ^1. fot V'.'f* hit ? > I ^ Nn*» nr.1 ^1. fot 7^<• tn r (i.iri;..J li AMIii 1. I'h 60 or 1S7 : FOR RENT M.-.bin :tio,.rn un i furnishi (1 first floor apartm.nt i Adults only Sin> N Stii St rele j 893.T Bessie I.iin IS7 4\ .'> FOR RENT — 3-iooni (lownstuus npartment OI:if Tweill Pl> <>:!.^ 1^: ti ^ n»tn# lTI»Mllu.i t.l Ml! ».l%trt'>«r » !in !' I 'm; • 11. • • Ml VI \ ' I •h-nikl u*#rt tri#ir «tUrrtUrtr,>ni« IR IJ}« fir«t IMU* Vt,.;. Pill. I r l'"-:» 1 luisnj.. W i ;s IKKN ,\rrii ,\'--^<(>i ,^ 1 Hill' Want To Buy 2il FOR RK.NT I'pslMii- f'.iinl^-h. .1 apartment at I'J'.n l^l A\. S,. E.ithci vllle C.ill Foil I-I .-^iiws Graetlini^er 1S7 'Js WU.l. PAY A 47.' II Fish. t-.n N>>',ir No \ i ISS 1' .'!> I FOIt RENT Gooil sle,; room I for a nentlrinaa. Mis IClni r Wopen, Phone IKiti l.'i.-itf,%i WAN r Pl) llfY t>i .l iron sia • !>• Iw.-i II .'till aiul 4iK) lli .H A I'lfthei 1 .<<.•( z •:ci Want To Rent u FOR RI::NT Apaitnient in P.ohil.- Bullding. Phone 771 179 I2^-^ FOR RENT Furnished or iinfur nishcd apartment. Ph. "IHW Clarence (7olIa n .^t If 5 FOR RENT New front apart mcnt for married couple. Inquire .It Sorensen Studio. 165-tf 5 FLOOR SANDING Equipment for rent nl Montgomery Ward. Reflnish your floors at low cost by renting this equli)- inent and using Wards high-quality floor finishes. MONTGOMERY WARD 143-tf 6 Loans and Ins. 19 WANT r<^ UKNT Pastille lan<l foi s( \', o heaii of eatth Ph Ill-Hi I':ail Farrls IK7-;i\ II s.M .r oi i>i.';- O.N 1 I \! i I ' iMi.iii;.--; tu' I'.' riT.h'i; i-,\r. i ;?l^ 1-,-) t-t -|>1 .1 l-^> .MO-.'- V \-v. lot I'f fitmtMlt t',,*i,« ^ tlet^ 111' ceini j;!"^'' i n.ur.. 1 I 'n i-.- lovi'K i.rsu'.i:!! <'i' 1-.% «. to HI-;I'1:1I;F.KATOH .-oivtA New. .S fi.ot KK-Mi-'i;il, r Si-.-.-l. nllv pil.-r.l nl S.P.i'.i'^'S IIKIDKK F.I.Ki'TIUi <0 177 If 10 I 111.!" M.I i M I I .1.; 1 ! •« I t «• I .'1 1'' ,! .(,.,,, I,>.f Wit \;. 1 K >• \>l->'.M \M «llh.iu! I',' o( j.,-.- Afi'if r*on !».« -• 10 RAWLF.IGII Hnuninnn. PUOIifi'TS Pb V74.I i: T no If 111 •> \ti:i!('HANiM."*f: .- ST .VI lo »10 M <•::% .V- !.. 132 M ii-«.'-i !ii--i. in 1 ^t\t\ ', h r- .... S.l r»1 2 im .1 t if rifc i»ir« .a.ll I; AMi'.t.i--,H Farm PRODfCK MAU<<ET W.- lilghesi cn.-fb piii-i's for poultry, v'rram and e^fjs. eullini; service Pli til P I!. CRAY offer voiir Flo. k p«s-;i.7 FOR SAl.F, TlUiteen lilack lalv.-N WeiClil ;i2,'V ll.B 1 mile east and '. iiilh south of Diiniii-ll 1. .1 IR>* :iN7 Help Wanted SUBSTITUTE wanted lo carry WAITRESS WANTED—Apply In person at Pantry Cafe. 176-tf-2 WANTED—Girl or woman to work in Coffee Shop. No experience needed. We teach you. Good wages plus meals and uniforms. Gardston Coffee Shop. 124-tf-2 1_ FKDERAI. LAND BA.NK 4', LOANS National I'arm Lo.-in ASSIM-J;I tions for I'^miiiet county and J'alo Alto county. .Membi-i Federal Uinil Banl< Sviti-tii 1104 Broadwav l':miiietsl)iii(: H. E. BARRINCKU, Seev Treas i.HH i-ir. WANTED—Waitress. Palnco Cafe. 103-tf-2 Services AVednesday's Kesulis: New York 5 Cleveland 3, Detroit 3 Washington 2, Chicago 6 Boston 3 (called end 7th, rain), St. Louis 12 Philadelphia 7. Friday's Schedule: New York at Detroit 1:30 p. m., Washington at Cleveland 6:15 p. m., Philadelphia a(. Chicago 7:30 p. m., Boston at St. Louis 7:30 p. m. WESTERN LEAGUE Last Night's Results: Sioux City 2 Colorado Springs 1, Omaha 6 Wichita 5, Lincoln 4 Denver 1, Pueblo at Dea Moines postponed. Tho word "cattle" formerly meant any form of property and was similar in meaning to "chattel." WATS CROSSWORD PVZZLE //w L I u J 1/ • Previous Puzzle Wish I Had a Girl lORIZONTAL 1 Wonderland girl Day II Indian ( heroine i City in Illinois < Obstruct 6 Native state of India 16 Body of water 7 Xied VER-nCAL 1 Get up 2 Bemoan 3 Inlay in a pavement 4 Mine shaft hut — SWitliin (comb. lorm) 6 Finished R A T W A 1- Bt le 1 A T 1 C & V B R III R 0 8 1 R T B N A c 1 0 U & e 0 1 T 0 R 6 A S N e e C» 0 R E R 1 l>4 A" N tvj A X s A R T R 1 e • E B R. S N ^ R e p T U S S U .<•.•' e 9 A T B 1 T S V. B A 0 T 1 B » n e s M A N A s 6 e s T B A R 0 0 M M 0 u N T A 1 N g t R A 1 ft B C 0 T A R P L C» s «» A S S • l- V EAVE TROUGH iirotects the iu- veatmcnt in your home hy [iro- longing the life of foundation and siding. Various sizes and types in slock. SCHILDKNECHT & SONS 1737 E. Central Ave. Phone 500 187-2-9 OUR AFTER-HOURS depository is tor your convenience. Never risk leaving money where It will bo unprotected from fire or theft. When you lock your place of business at night make It a regular habit to the night depository at our hank. IOWA TRUST & SAVINGS BANK 185-3-!) WE DO contract paint work. Sco ua for cstimato on exterior and Interior painting. Ph. 1680. Ray's Paint Store. 16-tf-9 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 49. PAG Cloanors. 266-tf-9 BOTTLE GAS SALES-SEBVICB Installations — Regulations HILL'S CORNER. Ph. 4nJ61 161-tf-O PETERSON'S Radiator Service. Just eaat of Vandy'a. 1714 Central. Experienced In all typea radiator repair. ll&-tf-9 8 Roisterer . 9 Foray 10 Soothsayers 12 Go by aircraft 13 Moths 18 Ventilate ( 7 Papal cape 9 Rocky pinnacle 10 Covet ;2 Lubricant 13 Afternoon social events „ _ M Year between 21 Desires I 12 and 20 ^6 Impede 28 Eagle (comb, form) 30 Knock 31 College cheer 32 Diminutive ol Susan 33 Leased 38 Allowaiice for ' waste 391ndit(ip . 40Narroi^v»inlet 42 Abraham'* wile (Bib.) 4* Fourth month (ab.) 45 Girl's name 47 Second-best catd in pinochle 48Hent»» ,.v" 60 Silver 52 Feminine 'appellation SSC«rd game 84'Cubic mtter 23 Small candles 25 Tidy 27 Tense 29 Wright 33 Feel regret 34 Anger 35 Dilute (ab.) 37 Diners 38 Thirty (Fr.) 39Dhak tree 41 Wings 43 Poker stakes 45 Remove 46 Genus of moUusks 49 Weight of India SI Aeriform fuel i i 7 a 0 11 z u H IS » 17" i M JO™ i\ i h W ir lb 17 a If •» U i s ™ n ir ST i ¥> M 1 ir ' '§ W SO St -' r ' - 4 CALL US FOR Your Carpenter Work See us for Free Estimates on ahingling and siding. Wilbur Clouse l^HONE 1742-W 188-3X-9 BLESSED. EVENT? Then see tis for BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS Pi'ompt Sei'vico ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwest lowu's Printing Plant IMH-3-9 Men Wanted General Packinghouse Work Davis Packing Co. PERSONAL LOANS An. s..u making ton ni;iu>' |).i>'jMeii! . ' We cim .show you huu .-i 1.. i i will rut pnynieiilK, y .\\t' sou ^'V Ira ciiwli. A •'. all..lit il IOWA Ct'AUANTKK. liu 1^ ' II P llOKTRAC f .AUni -.N' TKArrOU H|>er,l drlM (..i piiwi-i when \m\ wniit it. npr.d \^ hen \ ou neetl it. l-evrh i-nKt'If ii..vri.,|.s 2 II. 1' lit ;i(MHi m-M I'-'ii-n lui hileh U'lth Ihin J17!>.^l) (•iilllMitiii fi.i Hue True SVAltns FARM STOHF, Kfithtrville. liu\u IMS :i ; FOR SAl.F, tKll- Axminnl.i nit, imd dnveup.iit IMiiii II.Men I'll •.272\V l!v7 .'v 111 : RI'MMAtiK AM« HAKK Snluiil.i\ Mm 17 !i i m 111 S[><'ilf«iii'<l 111 \\ '111. ji Mon.i." .Sili- w 111 I., h. Ill M(»>»*e hfi!} loMn' 111 I |1 ; .,! 111. Ml Ih. I', M Kill! HAI.i: Hill, kliiiwli I'Uy Alr|Miil !!* Im I'.itifl. .1 tii-iiri'v I'hiine r»'I 1S7-I'. 7 FOU SAl.K SiN.ll. ,1 I., ' .isl of I lunt iM}:!iiii f'l I II Sinltl, •I mi;. • tall. Iin. Real Esfate FOlt SALK N. 13th St. i''(iLll I ii.ilil hiitl,.*! , Riiy lliiisi Ih-I: I''(>1; SAI.I'' .'I'lii l,.;-ti "Mi (Hill. I-. li w. . U< ..III S. Hill); 1 . I aiim ..| lii.'ilDi A) .. '.' Ill i.v li 'V .i' iiiil-nil, ill..11.1. 1 Iiiji|.ti ^. 'riie\ !ia\.. J'..I to nil U 1' Kn Sii |Mi I..I iH(i :iv r I'Olt .SAI.i:|;i t 'i .e In Iti- rlean.-ii. };i a Imiliel .li.lin 1. .JiihiiN 'Mi I'/. '.".>\\ , .•>•> .'•il'i; .lav 1 .ilN- IH'J 7 7 FOR SAl.K. Heautlful lielelli;!. foi Mali- All klndN of fruit iiiul MhruliH >ii i lligh sliite of eultlvalion All modern hoUKe, i;iirngi. iiml li ii ii Owner will give poHHeMiiKin Si'iit 1. FOR SALK 'I' li.<ii-. | und t nere >;round on Kant 1..IWM | FOR SALR -IfltVnere farm. r\,^^>- to Ealhervllle, exeellent iDealiDii Clitrion Holl. W. 8. CLARK AC.KNCY Phone MO 1H7-4 K 187-2-2 ROUTE SALESMAN Immediate opening on eslab- IKihed wholeHulc food products route out of EHthervllle. This Job offerH excellent guaranteed Biliary plus eommlHalon and IH II steady year-around job. We have an Incentive group Insurance plan for all employees and paid vacation after one year of service, All transportation and expenses paid. If you are intereslod In the sales field as a career and want to establish yourself with u reliable company ancl be home every night, call Mr. C. W. Buchanan, Gardston Hotel for personal interview. RKD DOT FOODS. INC 1710 Cinlral, Ksthervllle, Iowa 187-2-2 FOR SALE-Comnierilal Imililim:. .10.icfiO, lot .10x132. Central Ave. Priced to sell. RIDOUT REAL ESTATE Ph. 1650 or 1769 1K7-2-S FOR RENT OR SALIC Tlir".. room house on 6th Ave. No. V\las Uptagrirffl. Ph. 1787L.I iK7-:;-M FOR SALE—Two-bedro(ini h'niHe and lot, Roy Rnwen, 711 So 12lh iR7-lfH FOR SALE-Cotlage on Si.lril Lakn. Completely fiirnlBlieil, Modern. Winterized. Ineluden nil equipment—row bout wiin Johnson outboard motor, power la 'Wn mower and electrir boat carrier at bnthhouse. Iniinedliil.' possession. Terms if <liKiie<l Dr. W. L. McMillan, Pli. Arnoldfi Park 2-2243. 1H0-3-H FOR ^r)l•n N'i:i.:i>.-i ix .Nl w aiiil r«i li Ma. hiui I V \'li\l.\i; .M<)!III;M .Mw.'l'.s .1 laliril. ll. .il at VlltlllK \ mil M.a.'i... '.• M.( t f i.-i a ri'l Ohvi'i ll. al. r in l '>aii. rville, 17!l If 7 CIIK'KS 1 to ri wekK iilil lit ri.n NDimljIe prlii'H Foeiler m.'ilen on lime; pav Wllifl villi ni.ll them. HiirKiiliiH in Kn/.v IIIIHKIIT liutis- ea. HA.MII/rO.N' IIAI'CHKKY Hiineiofl, IDWH 173 tf 7 HEADQUARTERS FAILM (^in ;MI(AL.S •J, 'l-n DD'I" T.C.A. i-"iy .Sprays 1, 4 1) loi < (inl rolliiiK and klllliiK \s I 1 <!^ 111 \oui v!i.iiii and corn til ill control i»f r li'ur I'Ht MiYV {ill iiior.l ed'Tlive . or-n I'"! 'I afid nth* Iniiil" T<).\AI'1I1:NK foi control of eul v.orliKi til .ill types of gfiiln a liil I (11 llf leldi^ T <• A fill (iiiiKi control ;ii 'loji 111 1 aw. Ill 111 laniln, tuiulMUli A. Will h ti.iiitis • ni.t M.Y SI'ltAY for Ihi ..pun WW of 1 atlli illlil ilulry lillllin MaMlMUill 1 ffirlilH ' FOR SALE Two-bedroom bonn .; garage, large lot, good loentlon j Immediate possession. I'h. llilflW Oscar Myhre. IKtt fix K j 1 . Nllll-.. |)IO(lU<t« Jobs Wanted JOB WANTED Ph. 1731LW. Baby Kitting. 183-6X-3 Political 24 Modern sealing wax has shellac, turpentine and veimiiliun In it t'ut no WBK. Guam is the (he largest of tho Mariana Islands unU ii< 1.500 mile- east ot Manila. MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, dependable, • uell-qnallfi^. REPl!BLICAN PRIMARY June 2 177-26 24 Maurice Oleson For Suixn visor Fii :t l.'i.'.tiiet Suecfssful farmer, compel."M, f|U!illficil. REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 2 QOOD MINNESOTA FARM BUYS CAROL BROCKMAN, Realtor Ceylon, Minn, 1K6:', (•( iMMANDER i;i.KVAT()RS I luiit iriglon (Mill Wl- FOR SALE -Small, mod.'rn L'-lieil \ room home, on two lots '".HH i heat. Immediate poHKeDilon Phon» 18. 174 tf 8 FOR SAI^E;—«-roora modern house ; on N, »th St, Close In. Reason- ' ably priced. Bee N. J. l^<- 120-tf S MR. FARMER Call our a^ent nearest you for prompt removal of (lead stocic. A++rac+ive Home IMii'driioiu house. la.r hviiii; room. iliniiu." looii) and kllcbiii Double lot .N'lri- neljjhboi hoo /l ESTHFIRVfLLE Phone 700 DOI,MVI,R Phone 7(» GRAETTINCRR Phonn TOO WAM.INriFORD Pbonn 700 Bi;i*i:i{IOK Phone 700 AKifSTRONO Pbons 700 Es+herville Estherville Realty Rendering Service EARL TUITLE. Driver Ph 1210 or lti:;»-.l Moe Dap+er 1 ..IS I,. Illi. Ilk-Ill t.-i'il Lull Al... Olson Electric Service 111 S I'.lli SI WMiri. IKA.N'S '."III.. ..(ill. IwlM I,..,!).. i^lpjuT l-lii U.l "lit.n 111 1.1 1«. 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I- ^I'l till i :i:\ ll.l.l-: MAI'.inVAiti tin 1 I r i,i;i iu'i!Ni.;ii DIT .Ill I, I..I'lit,. .* Iiouri 'I 1 . '.I |i lii Kiiiviliiy IIAII Gifts for Graduates at May Sale Prices HHOC iia^ « It'. I r I'lllil \\ hll. .111 ai I I't.t il.j. KI fill 1 ll • . % I'll. NOW Oiiulil. till i| nimiiiiil',- I'lK) Hhr, tj,, lllfl riiV. Ii,i.. H (OI ofilv %2 HI K.s'nii;i{vi!.i,i-, DAILY .M;\V.S l -riKKK llAKIIKU Ciii .s<<i(ii ('imp lJ»'iiefil Rummage Sale .Satiii'ii.iy, 'I May 17 1 in. n.iniiitm.l Ninth i>r ('nilr' hiiun' llol ll'itsU i*op »erveft Kil WIN A Daily News PRIZE Classified Ad Contest Wiitf a l.ttiT telling "What Daily News Classified Ads Have Done for Me" In Dbwfvaii'''' of NATIONAL WANT AD WEEK •May IH l(( Jl Isl I'li/.c Kyti 'X I'llnl-wrili' sl.iliont .'iy •JIM) slin'ts, ciivcldiH's printtHJ with name and aridii'ss. I'm! 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